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05/05/15 12:30 A CA Trade C$bn con: -0.85 pre: -0.98
05/05/15 12:30 A US Trade con: -39.8 pre: -35.4
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PAR 10:11 GMT 05/05/2015
YEN hurt buy last week Fitchs downgrade . More downgrades o follow .

tokyo ginko 10:05 GMT 05/05/2015
aud , take profit at your own time...though I am still seeing more upside

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 10:04 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:55 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 0.7422 0.7355
15 days avg range 0.7219 0.7133

Not trading it now
but IMO heading to 0.71 area

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:48 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
German Dax
earlier placed a short
Day Trade EQ 11704.3919 11506.5722
15 days avg range 11707.1346 11366.2308

today will cover with day trade level
worry about reentry next day

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:43 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 1.4299 1.4132
15 days avg range 1.4060 1.3855

Day Trade EQ 0.9402 0.9266
15 days avg range 0.9507 0.9392

Day Trade EQ 1.3552 1.3402
15 days avg range 1.3332 1.3171

Day Trade EQ 2.0171 1.9941
15 days avg range 2.0332 2.0084

Day Trade EQ 127.2022 124.6834
15 days avg range 131.7292 128.0921

Day Trade EQ 80.0572 78.4307
15 days avg range 81.2905 79.4842

london red 09:43 GMT 05/05/2015
i think we will be around 11150/90 zone ahead of nfp. this holds true while 11062 sup holds as below there itll go to the 200hma today. tomorrow the 200hma is likely to be close to todays low and that should form a base for tomorrows trade. under 11050 im wrong. in that case i dont think there would be too much downside, just the upside would then be limited and pre nfp might be around the flash high of 11062 but abv 110.

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:37 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 0.7587 0.7487
15 days avg range 0.7626 0.7538

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:35 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 60.4140 57.6928
15 days avg range 61.1737 59.8600

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:30 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 1.2159 1.2035
15 days avg range 1.2054 1.1950

Day Trade EQ 120.6186 119.6105
15 days avg range 120.0823 119.5053

PAR 09:27 GMT 05/05/2015
Looks like strong economic data will support USD this month . Comparison with very weak earlier figures make the figures look better than they are.

Singapore SGFXTrader 09:25 GMT 05/05/2015

Entry: Target: Stop:

Hi Red,

Thanks for sharing this quality analysis on eurusd trading.

I have managed to trigger a buy order at 1.10711 and another order at 1.10949.

I have also triggered a buy limit order at 1.11260 (set since yesterday midnight at GMT+8).

Kindly see attached my platform and the positions held. I have 3 different buy positions entered at those levels indicated above.

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:24 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 1.4869 1.4691
15 days avg range 1.4651 1.4455

Day Trade EQ 4509.1414 4451.2350
15 days avg range 4537.8575 4486.2061

Day Trade EQ 1197.8602 1179.4020
15 days avg range 1189.7569 1172.6889

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:22 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 0.7886 0.7789
15 days avg range 0.7965 0.7848

PAR 09:21 GMT 05/05/2015
In the EU, #GDP #growth is forecast to rise from 1.4% in 2014 to 1.8 % this year and to accelerate to 2.1% in 2016 @ecfin #ECForecast

EU and euro area #unemployment is expected to fall this year to 9.6% and 11.0% respectively. This trend should continue in 2016 #ECForecast

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:20 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Day Trade EQ 1.9393 1.9180
15 days avg range 1.9479 1.9247
That day trade Level is avg low
placed 12 hrs ago
went lower ...fine
to accumulate for 1.9480 (15 days)

2 parts Model
SaaR KaL 09:17 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
1) Under valued / Over Valued Model ( 15 days average range)
2) day Trade equations / Levels
when below 15 days avg...can start putting day trade levels on daily basis (Changes every day / Offset off the close)

Works easier
Day Trade EQ 1.1205 1.1074
15 days avg range 1.1112 1.0974
shorts at 1.1205 is placed

So when EURUSD is below 1.0974
can place the day trade equation levels to buy

Now cable
Day Trade EQ 1.5182 1.5047
15 days avg range 1.5396 1.5237

so i placed 1.5047 Buy order

U.K. Construction PMI Miss. Dollar Trading Higher in Mixed Risk Trading
GVI Forex Blog 09:06 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
TOP NEWS ITEMS: CA- Trade US- Trade, Markit Service PMI, ISM Service PMI

U.K. Construction PMI Miss. Dollar Trading Higher in Mixed Risk Trading

london red 09:04 GMT 05/05/2015
tks for kinds words singapore. rarely venture outside europe due to work/family commitments but thks for the offer all the same.

euro. sup zone is 62/76. ideally thats the range to have bought, but mkt may offer a further chance, although less profitable hammer candle formed now on hourly which suggests higher. nxt hours low after hammer might be the low of the prev hour c. 83. it really shouldnt go any lower than that if to rally further. that would be a good pt to re enter long as your stop must be well under the flash high of 11062, best under 50. initial gt would be 11114/24.

AceTrader May 5: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views EUR/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 08:46 GMT 05/05/2015
Intra-day Market Moving News and Views
05 May 2015 08:24GMT

EUR/USD - ....... ECB's Noyer adds 'there is a risk that Greek banks may run out of collateral to obtain emergency ECB liquidity if the situation continues.' ....more on this, read earlier report.

Despite a brief bounce to 1.1147 at European open, renewed selling interest quickly emerged n knocked price down below Mon's low at 1.1122 to 1.1091.

Looks like consolidation with downside bias would be seen ahead of the release of euro zone's Producer Price reports at 09:00GMT and selling the euro on intra-day recovery is recommended.

Offers from various accounts are noted at 1.1115/20 and more at 1.1130-40 with a mixture of offers n stops located at 1.1150-60.
On the downside, bids are placed at 1.1060-50 and then 1.1045/40 with stops emerging just below 1.1020.

GVI Forex john 08:45 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
U.K. Construction PMI much weaker than forecast.

PAR 08:44 GMT 05/05/2015
It is simple . If the IMF cannot pay then constitutionally Germany can not pay either .

But maybe Lagarde can do a kind of Bernard Tapie construction.

GVI Forex john 08:36 GMT 05/05/2015
UK data miss GBP lower

GVI Forex john 08:34 GMT 05/05/2015
Construction PMI APRIL 2015
U.K. Charts


54.2 vs. 57.4 exp. vs. 57.8 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Singapore SGFXTrader 08:03 GMT 05/05/2015
Entry: Target: Stop:

Hi Red,

I am your big fan and thanks for your trade sharing on Eurusd. If you happen to pop by Singapore, let me know and I will gladly host you here.

What is your recommended level for 1st buy-in for Eurusd?

Is 1.1108x level a good level for buy?


Sydney ACC 07:23 GMT 05/05/2015
Every member subscribes capital to the IMF. All members from Sierra Leone through to US.

Bit much you'd agree to ask the citizens of Sierra Leone to contribute funds to a first world country - Greece.

london red 07:19 GMT 05/05/2015

you are a loan shark, the day you dont collect is the day word gets around that you dont need to be paid and you are finished. for the imf it would set a dangerous precedent.
but of course the end game id greece defaults its just a question of who doesnt get paid and when.

PAR 07:14 GMT 05/05/2015
Why can the IMF not write down part of its Greek debt ?

Germany on strike
PAR 07:11 GMT 05/05/2015
Rising financial and real estate prices fueled by Draghi s money printing are increasingly leading to severe wage conflicts .

The benefits of Draghi s policies go to the financial sector and the 1% while the rest of the population is left in the cold. This is creating serious problems like seen in the Weimar republic .

gc sf 06:51 GMT 05/05/2015
greece is done


* Greece is so far off course on its $US172bn bailout programme that it faces losing vital International Monetary Fund support unless European lenders write off significant amounts of its sovereign debt
* The warning from Poul Thomsen, head of the IMF's European department, raises the prospect that the IMF may hold back its portion of a €7.2bn tranche of bailout aid
* Half of the €7.2bn, which is the subject of intense negotiations between Athens and its creditors in Brussels-based talks that resumed on Monday, is due to come from the IMF. Without the funds, Greece is expected to run out of cash this month.

london red 06:09 GMT 05/05/2015
euro. broke 100hma overnight. selling retest london am should work for break of 11114/24 initially then 11062/76 with stop over 112. come nfp euro is likely to be about 80/100 pips off last weeks high, usually the cost of an option straddle. so youd want to buy that sup.

GVI Forex Blog 05:51 GMT 05/05/2015  - My Profile
Search tips Country codes Complete Headline View Credit/FX/Futures News Sector View Asian Macro European Macro Americas Macro Fixed Income/Forex TTN Tracking Tickers TTN Research Alert System Alert P Asian Mid-session Update: RBA cuts rate to record low; Australian trade deficit deteriorates - Source

DJ RBA Rate Cut Was Opportunistic, Says HSBC -
Syd 05:28 GMT 05/05/2015
Paul Bloxham, chief economist at HSBC in Sydney, says Australia's central bank likely had its back against the wall when it cut interest rates to a record-low 2% Tuesday. "The RBA is just being opportunistic because the inflation is low enough to allow them to do so," he says. "It won't do very much in the scheme of things for economic growth, but [the RBA] probably felt it needed to do something." Although the policy statement suggested the central bank was more worried about weak business investment than about soaring house prices, Bloxham says falling interest rates were exacerbating the risk of an overinflating housing market. (

DJ RBA Has Returned to a Neutral Bias on Rates: RBS --
Syd 05:25 GMT 05/05/2015
The Reserve Bank of Australia statement suggests rates are on hold for the foreseeable future, says Greg Gibbs, chief currency strategist at RBS. The RBA cut the cash rate 25 bps to 2.00%. "More cuts after this now appear in considerable doubt," he added. The fact that the RBA sees spare capacity still opens the door for additional cuts, but it appears to have upgraded its growth outlook to around trend ahead of this cut, and by cutting rates further today arguably it has edged the outlook slightly towards above trend growth," Gibbs added.

Breaking News... LOL
kl fs 05:03 GMT 05/05/2015
i think aud is a buy if can stay above 0.7850-60 in Asia

DJ AUD/USD up as RBA Outlook Less Downbeat Than Expected -- Market Talk
Syd 04:57 GMT 05/05/2015
he AUD/USD is higher following the RBA cutting the cash rate to 25 bps to 2.00% but providing a less downbeat statement than expected, says OM Financial Senior Client Advisor Stuart Ive. "There wasn't enough in the statement that makes them feel the RBA is going to go into a whole series of cuts at this time." The pair is currently trading at 0.7882 vs 0.7852 ahead of the statement. Ive puts support for the pair at 0.7795 with resistance coming in at 0.7795.

Breaking News... LOL
KL KL 04:40 GMT 05/05/2015
nope....Just sold again AUDUSD .7898....LOL

Got to be quick in these knee jerk...stop hunt sham.......don't worry ...come Friday...there is this NFP SHAM....this is like practice run for the real deal....LOL

Breaking News... LOL
kl fs 04:38 GMT 05/05/2015
buy aud now?

Breaking News... LOL
KL KL 04:36 GMT 05/05/2015
ha ha ha...

Long on that knee jerk was for USA to do more QE..... AUDUSD now .79??

covered 2/3 here .79...TQ RBA for that cut... I made money regardless of that flawed inside information......LOL...amazing 100+ pips move in 3 minutes...

Breaking News... LOL
gc sf 04:33 GMT 05/05/2015
"The Australian dollar has declined noticeably against a rising US dollar over the past year, though less so against a basket of currencies. Further depreciation seems both likely and necessary, particularly given the significant declines in key commodity prices.
At today's meeting, the Board judged that the inflation outlook provided the opportunity for monetary policy to be eased further, so as to reinforce recent encouraging trends in household demand."

from rba

Breaking News... LOL
KL KL 04:31 GMT 05/05/2015
LOL....Bang buy now more seriously .7782...

CUT comes the CRASH!!

AceTrader May 5: Intra-Day News and Views (GBP/USD) & data to be released today
Hong Kong AceTrader 04:12 GMT 05/05/2015

Intra-day Market Moving News and Views
05 May 2015 02:29GMT

GBP/USD - 1.5120... The British pound tracked euro's intra-day move closely on Monday. Despite staging a recovery after early intra-day's sell off from 1.5175 (Europe) to 1.5090 at NY open, price met renewed selling interest at 1.5149 and quickly weakened to 1.5099 on renewed usd's broad-based strength following upbeat U.S. factory orders before moving very narrowly in NY afternoon and as well as during Asian morning on Tuesday.

U.K. markets will return today after yesterday's Early May Day holiday The Markit research group will release its U.K. construction PMI index at 08:30GMT.
Market expects a slight drop in the index to 57.4 in Apr from 57.8 in previous month.

Expects sideways move above yesterday's low at 1.5090 to continue in subdued Asian trading but selling the British pound on intra-day recovery is recommended due to recent weakness in European ccys vs the usd.
At present, offers are noted at 1.5135/40, 1.5150-60 n more at 1.5170-80 with stops building up above 1.5180, whilst bids are placed at 1.5100-1.5090 with some stops below there.

Tuesday will see the release of Australia new home sales, exports, imports, trade balance, RBA rate decision, France budget balance, UK construction PMI, EU producer prices, Canada imports, exports, trade balance, U.S. trade balance, Redbook retail sales, ISM non-manufacturing and services PMI.

Australian Real Estate Prices Declining
Sydney ACC 03:38 GMT 05/05/2015
Suddenly, two governments are sending messages that many Chinese may interpret as meaning they are no longer welcome. If a few Chinese feel unwelcome and start selling properties, the message will get out that there are big losses.

In Melbourne, there is already a big difference between “off the plan prices” and the sale value of completed units. In Sydney, if Chinese buying turned into selling, the market would collapse and that collapse would affect values of a wide range of Sydney residential properties.

As we have seen so often in other markets, there is always a danger that the herd mentality that drove the buying will also drive the selling.

Victoria desperately needs those apartment developments to get it through a difficult economic period. If the apartment market cracks, it will spread to the inner suburbs and Chinese investment there.

Australian banks have over leveraged their loans on residential property.

David Murray’s warnings that extra capital is required are now terribly important given the dangerous game the Federal and Victorian governments are playing.

I hope my warnings prove to be false and anyone writing about what Chinese investors are going to do is in high-risk territory. That said, people I trust in the real estate sector are looking more nervous than I have seen them for a long time.

Breaking News... LOL
Sydney ACC 03:15 GMT 05/05/2015
There's an article published today penned by Robert Gottliebsen where he states the prices paid for apartments in Melbourne and Sydney are declining.
If the government's actions cause the Chinese to sell, the price decline will be catastrophic for both cities' property markets and the Australian economy.
The main item on Saturday night's news was the enforcing of foreign investment rules regarding property investment and the penalties for those who flout them.
Property prices have gone ballistic in Sydney and to a lesser degree Melbourne, in the rest of the country, however, things are a bit quieter. In Canberra for instance property prices have declined this year.

Breaking News... LOL
nw kw 02:54 GMT 05/05/2015
be no cut for aud consumer cant take the hit now and aud attempts to diversify from commodities / stats 8 for cut from 10 ap / let the games begin

Breaking News... LOL
KL KL 02:43 GMT 05/05/2015
Doomsh... Long AUDUSD .78412...

No rate rise.... leaked... so what if I got inside info and I have it ahead of the BIG Boys.... Why is the leaked to BIG Boyz more important than little fish??.....or are they just trying to look smart by being on the ball to catch who leaked information??? Its all a SCAM....Its just a gamble if you have inside info or not....just follow , take a punt or Do a Contarian trade..... one knows where traders are positioned ...if AUDUSD did a SNB and drop rates by 1%...then perhaps my account can be wiped with a 800 pips fall apart from that.... It a NO RATE DROP....unless Aussie wants to see a greater than USA style Property Rise and Collapse....key word GREATER.... people are so stressed that economist are underestimating another run on property proce would do....take for example..a property listed near where I frequent was selling $830,000 18 months April 2015 sold for $1.36 Million.... go figure what interes rate drop have done and what damage it will cause in a matter of months to the Aussie economy....servicing that loan alone is about assuming 20% deposit paid is about $75K interest only with Principle $83K a need $200K a year salary to have a nice buffer for the coming redundancy and job losses.......good luck Aussie RBA if you Dare drop the rate.... Ninja advice be smart....keep the powder dry and don't be a Ponzi like Japan, USA, Europe....

AceTrader May 5:: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
t hj 02:15 GMT 05/05/2015

Entry: Target: Stop:


AceTrader May 5:: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 01:47 GMT 05/05/2015
Update Time: 05 May 2015 00:59 GMT

EUR/USD - 1.1145
Despite euro's resumption of erratic up move from March's 12-year trough at 1.0457 to a fresh 2-month peak at 1.1290 last Friday, subsequent sell off to 1.1175 and then 1.1122 yesterday signals a temporary top has been made and consolidation with mild downside bias is seen for a retracement to 1.1072.
However, reckon 1.1062 (previous key resistance, now sup) would hold and bring rebound later.

On the upside, only above 1.1290 would extend aforesaid rise to retrace long-term downtrend has resumed and yield further gain to 1.1340/50.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 21:12 GMT 05/04/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

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