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31/05/16 6:00 A DE Retail Sales mm con: 1.00% pre: -1.10%
31/05/16 6:00 A DE Retail Sales yy con: 1.90% pre: 0.70%
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GVI Data Calendar for 31 May 2016
GVI Trading Room john 17:52 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile

07:55 DE- Employment
09:00 EZ- flash HICP
12:30 US- Core PCE Deflator
13:45 US- Chicago PMI
14:00 US- Consumer Confidence
00:30 AU- GDP
all day Global PMIs
18:00 US- Beige Book
11:45 EZ- ECB
12:15 US- ADP
12:30 US Weekly Jobless
15:00 US- Crude
all Day Global PMIs
12:30 US- Employment
12:30US/CA- Trade

GVI Data Calendar for 31 May 2016
GVI Forex Blog 17:49 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile

May 30, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

  • Far East: JP- unemployment
  • Europe: DE- Retail Sales, Employment
  • North America: CA- GDp, US- PCE, Personal Income, Chicago PMI, CB Confidence, Construction Spending

    GVI Data Calendar for 31 May 2016

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 17:05 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Brexit Poill Updates
GTA Brexit Poll 16:23 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile

We have just exceeded 5,000 submissions to our Brexit Poll

New and Exclusive!

Latest Brexit Poll Feedback from Survey Participants


Monday Trades
nw kw 16:13 GMT 05/30/2016
pit. cad and usa are using interest rates instead from cad to oil correlation.

Mtl JP 15:18 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
nh u r under-estimating the European princes.
they have rich genetic component and long history of nastiness

Livingston nh 15:12 GMT 05/30/2016
JP - as in most things EU that "sovereignty" issue (AKA enforcement) is still around to mess things up -- a peaceful surrender is much preferred

Mtl JP 15:08 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
nh / EU - with emphasis on "u"nion
I am on record claiming the EU is a bored European princes' modern-day castle to ensnare european plebs into behavior and economic control.

Check the the beauty (depending on your point of view) of
...."Article 7 TEU provides for special mechanisms with far-reaching sanctions in case a Member State does not respect the fundamental values referred to in Article 2 TEU, including the rule of law.".....
(heel or be beaten into submission)

Rule of Law Article 7 TEU

Monday Trades
nw kw 14:23 GMT 05/30/2016
for now eurjpy,chfjpy has orders long.

Livingston nh 14:12 GMT 05/30/2016
Always dangerous for an outsider opinion of election outcome BUT the form on Brexit is much less economic than socio-political //the forces are not aligned by Party affiliation but by social beliefs and demographic considerations -- the political alignment is diffcult to gauge because of the UK structure ( e.g., does SNP see an advantage in a Leave vote? or even some N. Ireland constituencies?)

One of the great risks because it is discounted to the level of NEVER is the EU and UK elites moving quickly after a STAY vote to avoid future situations through a tightening of the EU political controls on national veto and expanding the financial/economic control through a EUR adoption mandate

The Pound would be replaced by the EUR w/i three years and a General Election cycle -- a lot of weeping and gnashing, cries of betrayal BUT in politics and war there is ALWAYS a penalty for losing

Monday Trades
Mtl JP 14:04 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
keeping the theme of usd bid
dlryen tried busting 111.50, failed on first attempt.
usdyen = BoD while yellen threat to hike is alive
trgt = 113.50/114

Trade Off The Cretins Corner
nw kw 13:30 GMT 05/30/2016
lot looking for 1400 gold end year or support long for September in works /

Monday Trades
Mtl JP 13:06 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
1.3050 usdcad
- BoD against support at 20 and 50mas
- Trgt 100 and 200dma

pricepoints src.: gv chartpoints

Trade Off The Cretins Corner
Mtl JP 12:48 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
Gold circa 1200
pretending janet hikes rate:
after that Gold should be BoD

d u c it differently ?

Mtl JP 12:33 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
Canada's current account deficit (on a seasonally adjusted basis) increased $1.1 billion in the first quarter to $16.8 billion on a larger trade in goods deficit

The deficit on international trade in goods expanded $1.3 billion to $6.3 billion in the first quarter.

Trade Off The Cretins Corner
Mtl JP 12:20 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
more smoke signals painting yellen into a corner ?
Fed's Bullard says global markets seem well-prepared for summer rate hike - Reuters
"My sense is that markets are well-prepared for a possible rate increase globally, and that ...
That Rate Rise Is Coming: Fed's Bullard Says Everyone Seems Prepared - Forbes‎
Fed's Bullard: Markets 'well-prepared' for summer rate hike - Seeking Alpha‎
The So-What Bottom Line
current bias should favor BoD usd

Exclusive Brexit Poll Update: Is Brexit Dead?
GVI Forex Blog 11:52 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile

Is Brexit dead? This is the question many are asking as public phone polls and bookmaker odds point in that direction. However, online polls suggest a closer vote and our tracking poll, which is a voluntary online survey (as opposed to directly soliciting responses), continues to show a strong expectation for Brexit as it has since we started it nearly three months ago.

Exclusive Brexit Poll Update: Is Brexit Dead?

Mtl JP 11:24 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
the phantasy peddlers
side a) Economists overwhelmingly reject Brexit in boost for Cameron
Poll shows 88% of 600 experts fear long-term fall in GDP if UK leaves single market, and 82% are alarmed over impact on household income

the inconvenient truth teller
side b) We shouldn't trust the economists, says Tebbit: Tory grandee says have a history of getting it wrong after several hundred issued warnings over Brexit

Norman Tebbit said economists have history of getting projections 'wrong'

Memorial Day Thought USA
nw kw 10:28 GMT 05/30/2016
keep in mind world gold miners survived from stronger usd, so some funding in commodity market see its good to have strong usd if keeps importing and exporting new oil production, see a plan stable oil at 50

Memorial Day Thought USA
nw kw 10:13 GMT 05/30/2016
still on gbpcad still in range need it to brake for oil trade be out of heat box or short Brent long wit or revers this.// tracking usagbp and usacad with gbpcad.
cad gdp will be a mover this week, line it up.

Memorial Day Thought USA
nw kw 10:07 GMT 05/30/2016
im on rand gold started strong tern aggressively soft can have soft usd for to days orders. long aud for under 90 in xagaud.

gold is in no man zone
nw kw 09:20 GMT 05/30/2016
is there new bank funding market I cant fined it yet. , sods and

gold is in no man zone
nw kw 09:19 GMT 05/30/2016
is there new bank funding market I cant fined it yet. , sodes and

gold is in no man zone
nw kw 09:15 GMT 05/30/2016
gbp strong but cad some that was long oil support last time // russel and s&p are at brake out resistance, so all that gold went into stocks.

gold is in no man zone
tokyo joyya 09:11 GMT 05/30/2016
now no one like to short gbp right?hahaha

Gold wackage....see you at 1100...
nw kw 09:09 GMT 05/30/2016
usa gold cheap so suggested long gold in other countries so usa gold stops in e wave 1000 for last range 1200 to 1300 and still demand for soft china and china gold miners cant supply there home land,

Gold wackage....see you at 1100...
nw kw 08:57 GMT 05/30/2016
as for Alberta we hade had 2 towns lost no reason for timing, lost slave lake now fort.

gold is in no man zone
Mtl JP 08:50 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile
Shine fades on Scotiabank’s gold business as banks land in court over alleged price manipulation

The allegations at the heart of the proposed class action lawsuits, filed in New York and Ontario, are unproven, but they are serious.

gold is in no man zone
tokyo joyya 08:23 GMT 05/30/2016
usd and gbp should go gold euro...

German CPI
PAR 08:05 GMT 05/30/2016
DJ Upward Surprise Possible in German May CPI -- Market Talk

0801 GMT The risks are for an upward surprise in German inflation data for May, supported by a further increase in energy prices, says KBC Bank. On Monday six German states roll out inflation data for the month, to be followed by pan-German figures later in the day. Economists' forecast in The Wall Street Journal's survey point to a consumer price index of +0.3% on the month in May and +0.1% on the year, while the economists estimate the HICP, the CPI harmonized according to European Union standards, at +0.3% on the month and -0.1% on the year. (; @EmeseBartha)

gold is in no man zone
tokyo joyya 06:56 GMT 05/30/2016

Entry: 1203 Target: open Stop: 1183

ok...bought now...

Trade Off The Cretins Corner
kl shawn 05:31 GMT 05/30/2016

1195 today?

kl shawn 10:37 GMT May 25, 2016
Trade Off The Cretins Corner: Reply
gold is very very scared of the Fed it seems

Kl Shawn 16:52 GMT May 24, 2016
Gold: Reply
Mammamia gold is saying Fed will hike

kl shawn 08:05 GMT May 24, 2016
Tuesday Trading: Reply
kw, do you see gold heading to 1195?

No the Onion: The Only Real Journalists Left on the Planet
dc CB 05:25 GMT 05/30/2016
Irene, wow. this paper is worth its weight in G...Yen(shorts)

Profits at 111...let the rest run Love U Llyod

gold is in no man zone
HK Kwun 04:54 GMT 05/30/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1203 Target: Stop: 1213

sell sell sell

Gold wackage....see you at 1100...
dc CB 04:09 GMT 05/30/2016
so kw, was the Alberta Fire SET...what is the local talk.

Gold wackage....see you at 1100...
nw kw 04:03 GMT 05/30/2016
gbp starts strong, out gate / big fall for support in xaugbp, Iball for gide and if runner. gl.

No the Onion: The Only Real Journalists Left on the Planet
dc CB 03:29 GMT 05/30/2016
oy, you mashugana, they told me last nite at Lloyd's house...sell the Yen, it's going to 111. So that's what me and the girls did.

Lloyd, he's such a nice boy. Really treats the help nice. Real nice.

No the Onion: The Only Real Journalists Left on the Planet
dc CB 03:03 GMT 05/30/2016
The Star, which was founded in 1885, remains a family-run publication.

They live at east end of Long Island

tokyo joyya 02:33 GMT 05/30/2016
i am short avg 110.5

Jkt Abel 02:27 GMT 05/30/2016
Joyya you go long usdjpy now?

tokyo joyya 01:54 GMT 05/30/2016
Entry: Target: Stop:

enough is enough time to add 110.82

Gold wackage....see you at 1100...
HK RF@ 01:50 GMT 05/30/2016

Suddenly all ZH geniuses with B.S. articles of gold to 10,000$/Oz disappeared.

Don't worry chaps, lot of CB are buying gold.

expecting a quiet Monday? Not so:(
tokyo joyya 01:49 GMT 05/30/2016
its valid monday morning...not quiet monday hahaha

expecting a quiet Monday? Not so:(
HK RF@ 01:44 GMT 05/30/2016

Special Update: Forex Trading Outlook
GVI Forex Blog 00:47 GMT 05/30/2016  - My Profile

There was a sea change in the market late Friday after Fed Chair Yellen signaled a rate hike in June or July. it was not what she said but how markets reacted that was significant. In this special update. I suggest a trading strategy for the period ahead, especially in this data filled week.  

Special Update: Forex Trading Outlook

tokyo joyya 00:24 GMT 05/30/2016
if 1st 1.5 then lol

hk ab 00:19 GMT 05/30/2016
moving towards 1.5 first? LOL.......

Memorial Day Thought USA
dc CB 23:53 GMT 05/29/2016
Remembering those who died, fighting against that which is rampant in around the world today.

All hail the Central Banks

Gold wackage....see you at 1100...

And for the "little people" DOW 18000

Monday Trades
GVI Trading Room john 21:41 GMT 05/29/2016  - My Profile

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11:45 EZ- ECB
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12:30 US Weekly Jobless
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12:30 US- Employment
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Trading Themes --
  • For once Fed Chair Yellen did not disappoint the markets. On Friday she said that a rate hike in "coming months" probably would be appropriate. I take "coming months" to mean June or July. Her statement gives her room to delay a hike should "Brexit" become an issue. Her comments came after many traders had given up hope for a policy statement.

  • The EURUSD has tested the psychological 1.1200 line early Friday, but then traded sharply lower close to the 1.1100 level after chair Yellen signalled a rate hike possibly as early as on June 15. There has been no doubt recently that the Fed wants to raise rates soon. Doubts only have been about timing.

  • Both Japanese National and Core CPI remain in contraction (-0.3% y/y) as of April. The latest data keep the pressure on the BOJ to take actions to lift the economy out of its persistent deflation.

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Fed's Yellen says rate hike likely appropriate in coming months --

Dollar Extends Gain After Yellen Remarks; Stocks Trim Advance

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BREAKING NEWS: U.S. University of Michigan Survey Revised Lower


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