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03/09/15 7:50 A FR SVC PMI con: 51.8 pre: 51.8
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buy audusd
kl fs 03:02 GMT 09/03/2015
KL KL, are you relentlessly buying audusd below 0.7?
this should be your favourite market right now.

bali sja 02:34 GMT 09/03/2015
try some sell euro 1.1220, adding near 1.1240, stop above 1.1280, target open

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 01:04 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
Can't shake the equity correlation

Sanibel Island Sir Ignore 01:03 GMT 09/03/2015
trusting to manage a shore term things now..
so placing /putting 1.1220 stop limit on 1/2..of 1.1241 shorts .
the rest to BE...

can start buying audusd
singapore td 00:49 GMT 09/03/2015
Entry: Target: Stop:

audusd is about to make mid term bottom IMHO, start building below 0.70 preferably in 0.65-0.68, for 0.85-0.9

Mtl JP 00:34 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
dc CB / same Q as that to Syd ACC:
R U out of your f-ing mind ?!

the PTB will do anything to squash and kill any cockroach they deem dangerous

nw kw 00:13 GMT 09/03/2015
JP- see a trade test long g/j e/g moving this time day

Australian dollar forecast to hit US60 cents
nw kw 00:06 GMT 09/03/2015
that be ap usa gold 100,for xaud pushing its top so gold a sell

Mtl JP 23:56 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
dc CB / imho zh is at risk of chinese treason style treatment if things go as zh in general is forecasting

do u think not ?

dc CB 23:52 GMT 09/02/2015
(shud be taken with a grain of Murdock)

It is time for a comprehensive audit of Janet Yellen ’s Federal Reserve — and not just for the reasons presidential candidate Rand Paul and others have given.

The Fed needs to be audited to see if its ruling body has broken the law by manipulating financial markets that are outside its jurisdiction. A thorough investigation of the Fed will show once and for all if its former chief Ben Bernanke and current Chairwoman Yellen should go to jail.

Why the Federal Reserve should be audited

Australian dollar forecast to hit US60 cents
Mtl JP 23:52 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
Syd ACC AMP chief economist Shane Oliver's opinion that "It's on its way to 60 cents," is just that: an opion. One thing about opinions: thaye are ALL good. Untill proven otherwise.

Reminds me of former CIBC's chief economist Jeff Rubin forecasting crude to 200+ when it was 147-ish.

Syd ACC what I am confused about is what is your intention of posting links to other folks' opinions... do you not have one of your own .. do you think players are somehow influenced by such types as Shane Oliver ?

dc CB 23:49 GMT 09/02/2015
head macro strategist Nick Kounis said the he now sees "a much bigger risk that the ECB will step up QE as soon as this week’s meeting. We see this probability at around 40%, so it is an increasingly close call. The renewed drop in oil prices, which will keep headline inflation lower for longer is a key factor behind the rising risk of action in our view. This has also led to a sharp fall in inflation expectations, as measured by the 5y5y inflation swap, that ECB President Draghi has put a lot of weight on in the past"

ABN Amro Warns There Is A 40% Chance Mario Draghi Expands ECB QE "As Soon As This Week"

dc CB 23:45 GMT 09/02/2015
"Once foreign investors lose faith in Abenomics, foreign outflows are likely to trigger a Japanese equities meltdown" - BNP

so by all means necessary this thing's got to go much much higher before that happens, so a better price can be had.

dc CB 23:41 GMT 09/02/2015
so far Yen can't seem to punch thru 120.70.
But then the Rampolooza didn't happen last nite until Nik cash opened... 20 mins to go.
so another 70 pips to 121.20???
Seems symmetrical.

Australian dollar forecast to hit US60 cents
Sydney ACC 23:35 GMT 09/02/2015
Sorry forgot to link to article


Australian dollar forecast to hit US60 cents
Sydney ACC 23:34 GMT 09/02/2015
Few would have thought a year ago the Australian dollar, which was barely 5 cents from parity with the greenback, would be trading at US70˘ but on Wednesday it plunged lower to reach a six-year low.
The local currency has been sliding steadily for a year now, a trend that accelerated this year as China's slowing growth hit key Australian exports such as iron ore and coal.
"It's on its way to 60 cents," AMP chief economist Shane Oliver said.

I'd be wary of such predictions.
In July 2008 AUD/USD traded at 0.9850 by October it was 0.6030, January 2009 had recovered to 0.7050 and in November it was 0.9350.
Decline and recovery all linked to China.

Empoli ab 23:32 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
JP fully agree with you
(anyway think u know i am)

Mtl JP 23:17 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
Empoli ab re - My (ie. yours) Profile --- interesting what characters fx attracts. One thing about fx that I have mentioned before: fx is the most democratic trading environment on the Planet.
accoglienza e buona fortuna !

Empoli ab 23:07 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
thanks for comment appreciate it as usual

Mtl JP 23:04 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
nothing on the current Oz data calendar merits more than B- attention
i.e. less than +/- 30 pip player reaction

Empoli ab 23:01 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
ACC thks a lot, maybe here has been done a bit of confusion when retail sales have been posted togheter with GDP.

Sydney ACC 22:57 GMT 09/02/2015
AIG data released at 23:30 GMT (9:30am AEST)
Retail Sales and Trade Data 1;30 GMT (11:30 AEST)

Check at following site which posts economic data:

Empoli ab 22:51 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
SYDNEY ACC pls can u confirm me if now have to be realeased the following data from ur country :
AiG Performance of Service Index (for AUG)
retail sales (for JUL)
trade balance (for JUL)

as in GV CALENDAR i dotn find them but on other sites/mail them and i think cud be very important for aussie

tia for ur help

Sydney ACC 21:22 GMT 09/02/2015
Its my opinion that they could use the 25 bps increase to their advantage providing they are careful with the wording.
Using something along the lines of the US economy has shown continuing strength which justifies "lift-off" should help to placate the markets. We've had several months to digest the increase, if we have to wait until December it will only add to market volatility.

NY JM 20:48 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
I believe Beige Book covers mid July to mid Aug period

dc CB 20:42 GMT 09/02/2015
Yen into 121xxx should ramp up Stox another 200 Dow, 20 SnP.
That worked on the Open in Japan last nite.

Wash Rise Repeat....Noooooooo China to muck it up. 3 day weekend coming....and to matter what the NFP is on Fri it's always better to Sell from a Higher Point.

Mr. Manny I Pulation

Thursday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 20:41 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
Thursday sees the release of a number of Service PMIs odds are they will not be market-moving releases but they will provide us with some insights intro the relative strengths of the economies.

The other event will be be the ECB meeting. There are signs that the EZ economy has has started to improve. However QE has done little to stimulate inflation. Other than words, do not expect much from the ECB anytime soon. There should be no policy changes.

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Blog 20:30 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Technologies

dc CB 20:07 GMT 09/02/2015
Rampo rampoloooooooza 98,000 Eminis 3:55 to 4:00(da Bell)

Livingston nh 19:55 GMT 09/02/2015
Beige Book gives no reason for Fed to wait on rate hike (a continuation of July's circumstances) and no mention of financial/equity upset into Aug 24

No reason to wait (they need an excuse from Now On) = rate hike

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 19:45 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile


Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

GVI Data Calendar for 3 September 2015
GVI Forex john bland 19:20 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile

September 2, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, September 3, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: EZ- Service PMIs, Retail Sales, ECB, US/cA- Trade, US- Weekly Jobless, Service PMIs
  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: EZ- Service PMIs, Retail Sales, ECB
  • North America: US/cA- Trade, US- Weekly Jobless, Service PMIs, Natural Gas

Forex Markets Cautious Heading Into ECB Meeting Thursday and U.S. Jobs Friday
GVI Forex Blog 18:43 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile

3  SEPTEMBER 2015, 00:00 GMT >> FOREX NEWS  >> AU- GDP weaker>> GB- Construction PMI misses>> US- ADP Jobs in line, Productivity strong, Weekly Crude build, Beige Book  FOREX >> USD up,  EUR CROSSES: mostly weaker, COMMODITY CURRENCIES mixed >> EQUITIES: FAR EAST- lower, EUROPE- up, U

Forex Markets Cautious Heading Into ECB Meeting Thursday and U.S. Jobs Friday

dc CB 18:15 GMT 09/02/2015
with China closed there is no one for the Financial Media to blame for falling stocks. ergo Stocks must go higher.

2:15 Index Express ??

GVI Forex john bland 18:05 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
Sounds cautious to me. Certainly does not knock my socks off. Unlikely to impact Fed decision either way.

GVI Forex john bland 18:01 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
U.S. Fed Beige Book
U.S. Data Charts

Modest to Moderate growth 11 of 12 districts
Labor Market Tightening

TTN: Live News Special Offer

london red 17:57 GMT 09/02/2015
wti/CB thatll be GS desperately closing shorts despite all the while releasing ultra bearish analysis.

dc CB 17:27 GMT 09/02/2015
Oil taking up the Tractor Beam for stocks. looks like it will go up at least 3 bucks off the DOE low. Now that's trading based on FunnyMentals.

China closed for the week. Algos gone wild. BTFD hahahahahah

Livingston nh 16:41 GMT 09/02/2015
SPX has been capped since the open by the declining 40 MA (15 Min chart) - MACD is rising and 21 MA is heading up to cross 40 MA // we should get a move higher in the next hour perhaps to opening level near 1940 (internals are positive)//
see if currency responds

Wednesday's Trading Thread
nw kw 16:34 GMT 09/02/2015
stingy market xaud testing support short gbp/aud last trade for now

Max McKegg's Forex Trade of the Year Potentially
GVI Forex Blog 16:28 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile

USD/JPY – Gigantic Sell-off may lie ahead

The Dollar’s recovery from last week’s 116.50 “panic low” (and my Target incidentally) appears merely corrective

Max McKegg's Forex Trade of the Year

Wednesday's Trading Thread
london red 16:18 GMT 09/02/2015
euro all noise until 59/64 then 81/83 business end. can do stops and maybe reach 200dma. abv more stops and then 200hma then 11364-67 cap ahead of nfp. plenty sellers on every blip higher setting up for nfp.

Wednesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 16:08 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
EURUSD pops through tough resistance in the 1 minute chart at 1.1240.

1.1250 next resistance.

Wednesday's Trading Thread
london red 16:07 GMT 09/02/2015
cable. hod now, prev low 15329. if can get thru this then 200dma at 58 is doable but expect sellers at/ahead. broken channel on dailies at 1540 today, shouldnt get beat unless s&p dwn 5%

Wednesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 16:05 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile
$43.55 -1.90

bearish day for CO weighing on S&P.

GVI Data Calendar for 3 September 2015
GVI Forex Blog 15:13 GMT 09/02/2015  - My Profile

September 2, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, September 3, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: EZ- Service PMIs, Retail Sales, ECB, US/CA- Trade, US- Weekly Jobless, Service PMIs

  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: EZ- Service PMIs, Retail Sales, ECB
  • North America: US/cA- Trade, US- Weekly Jobless, Service PMIs, Natural Gas

GVI Data Calendar for 3 September 2015

london red 14:54 GMT 09/02/2015
stox went under 1914 but didnt close below yest. 1914 is 50% of s&p spot off flash crash lows to high. has just filled gap, may rally a bit.

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