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25/04/18 11:00 C US Mortgage Stats con: n/a pre: n/a
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The Soap Opera that is Amurika
dc CB 22:13 GMT 04/24/2018
$500K is not enough to Defend me from that vile Trump
Need More Money...New Fund
Send to: I DID IT FOR THE TEAM(cough)

McCabe Launches New Legal Defense Fund, May File Wrongful Termination Suit Against Trump

Not the Onion
dc CB 22:05 GMT 04/24/2018
Tonight Tonight the State Dinner is Tonight
Tonight there will be no morning star

WestSide Story
Writer(s): Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim

When you're a Jet
You're the swingest thing
Little boy you're a man
Little man you're a King

just kidding

Not the Onion
dc CB 21:42 GMT 04/24/2018
"which one will tip over backwards first when the heels sink. I had them water the lawn last nite., really good soaking"

Trade Off The Cretins Corner
Mtl JP 21:23 GMT 04/24/2018
Money: world of... and for


Wednesday Trading Checklist 25 April 2018
dc CB 20:33 GMT 04/24/2018
Crude: +1.099MM, Exp. -2.25MM
Gasoline: -2.724MM
Distillates: -1.911MM
Cushing: -0.930MM

Not the Onion
dc CB 20:28 GMT 04/24/2018

Not the Onion
Livingston nh 20:18 GMT 04/24/2018
"You're right. This was easier than firin' him."

Not the Onion
dc CB 20:03 GMT 04/24/2018
on the lawn

caption contest

Wednesday Trading Checklist 25 April 2018
GVI Trader john 19:58 GMT 04/24/2018  - My Profile

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This Week: 1.2181-1.2245
Tue: 1.2181-1.2225
Mon: 1.2197-1.2290
Fri: 1.2249-1.2354
Thu: 1.2328-1.2401

Spot EURUSD: 1.2240
Pivot Point: 1.2230

20-day avg: 1.2318
50-day avg: 1.2328
100-day avg: 1.2206
200-day avg: 1.2002

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Fed 25bp hike odds for Jun 13: 94% (94%)

10-yr Bonds
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Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 April 2018
GVI Forex Blog 19:12 GMT 04/24/2018  - My Profile

forex rate database image

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Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 April 2018

PAR 19:08 GMT 04/24/2018
Another miraculous rebound into the close . PPT doing great job. NO technical damage done . Trump is great and PPT is making Americas great again .

gc dd 18:59 GMT 04/24/2018

SR seem pretty easy to me.

Livingston nh 18:48 GMT 04/24/2018
sorry jp -- the one that nearly got filled ~ 2612 (4/9) and just below that ~2602 Friday before (4/6)

Breaking News
dc CB 18:47 GMT 04/24/2018
GVI Trader john 14:52 GMT
Crude popped higher for a moment on Trump Iran comment.


Oil Tumbles After Macron Proposes New Iran Deal

Mtl JP 18:33 GMT 04/24/2018
1 1/2hrs left in stox - an eternity

Mtl JP 18:25 GMT 04/24/2018

nh what price points 2 gaps - tia
my feed starting to pi$$me off

dc CB 18:25 GMT 04/24/2018
2s 5s 7s this week.

today ....not too good.
Treasury sold $32BN in 2Y paper - the biggest auction since April 2014 - at a yield of 2.498%, just shy of 2.50%, although tailing the When Issued 2.493% by 0.5bps and the highest since the 2.82% in July 2008.

Tailing 2Y Treasury Auction Prices At Highest Yield Since July 2008

Livingston nh 18:18 GMT 04/24/2018
two more gaps underneath SPX current level before 2600

lkwd jj 18:17 GMT 04/24/2018
814 point range avg 459

Mtl JP 18:15 GMT 04/24/2018
SnP 200day 2607.89

PAR 18:13 GMT 04/24/2018
PPT getting into action !

Wednesday Trading Checklist 25 April 2018
GVI Forex Blog 18:04 GMT 04/24/2018  - My Profile
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Wed 25 Apr 2018
AA 14:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 26 Apr 2018
AA 11:45 EZ- ECB Decision
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 27 Apr 2018
AA 03:00 JP- Bank of Japan
A 08:00 DE- Employment
A 08:30 GB- GDP
A 14:00 US- University of Michigan

John M. Bland, MBA
co-founding Partner,

Wednesday Trading Checklist 25 April 2018

Equities Mixed. 10-yr Yields Higher. FX: EUR And USD Mixed
Mtl JP 18:00 GMT 04/24/2018
NOT a prediction
Pivot 108.19
20 Day avg range: 71

just odds getting better

Equities Mixed. 10-yr Yields Higher. FX: EUR And USD Mixed
Mtl JP 17:33 GMT 04/24/2018
and the so-what...
USD rally looking taking a pause atm - actually on a few signals - and across some time frames - that are converging
which is not saying that pausing is stopping much less reversing
so risk of a dlr pop still present and real just odds of massive run uP appear low(er).

expecting some more uP n DOwn before a break-out run
I am biased:
favor eventual usd down

PAR 17:25 GMT 04/24/2018
Looks like Italy heading for new elections . ECB will keep financing the deficits .

PAR 17:17 GMT 04/24/2018
Macron thinking about Francexit and doing it all alone ? Superman ?

Mtl JP 17:12 GMT 04/24/2018
... be bad ... = emotional b/s
money... has two sides (even digital): bad for one = good for the party on the other side

"what does not hurt - maim - or kill u disappoints me"

PAR 17:10 GMT 04/24/2018
Macron is the president of France , not the president of Europe .

So I guess he is playing solo slim for France and France will pay the bill ?

PAR 16:42 GMT 04/24/2018
A close below 2600 would be bad . Guess PPT keeps an eye on that level .

Breaking News
PAR 16:40 GMT 04/24/2018
Trump doesn't like Merkel . Merkel visits to the USA always end bad .

Obama and GM .

Breaking News
Mtl JP 16:37 GMT 04/24/2018
who da german genius with a lower vision of GDP LoL

Breaking News
GVI 16:33 GMT 04/24/2018
Reportedly Germany to lower 2018 GDP growth outlook to 2.3% - press - Source

PAR 16:28 GMT 04/24/2018
After talking to Macron ,Trump says he could make deal on Iran .

He seems to have problems with his " short memory " as half an hour ago he sounded completely different .

FANG-landia Update
dc CB 15:40 GMT 04/24/2018
"Apple will likely slash iPhone guidance again next week, due to a higher-priced iPhoneX and softer demand from checks with Asian suppliers"

PAR 15:38 GMT 04/24/2018
VIX only goes down so stocks must go up .

Breaking News
dc CB 15:38 GMT 04/24/2018
Trump referred to the Iran deal as "insane and ridiculous" while reluctantly confirming that "we'll discuss it."

"We gave them $150 billion...we gave them $1.8 billion in cash, that's actual cash, barrels of cash, it's insane it's ridiculous it should've never been made."

Trade Off The Cretins Corner
Mtl JP 15:23 GMT 04/24/2018
fwiw mid - afternoon :
ECBs Villeroy, Knot and Lane yak

Breaking News
PAR 15:10 GMT 04/24/2018
Before we know it Trump will have a meeting with the Iranian president and call him a great leader .

US Consumer Confidence
PAR 15:07 GMT 04/24/2018
Close to 18 year high . Trump doing great job .

Breaking News
dc CB 15:00 GMT 04/24/2018
FYI---what they never talk about. from 2015

State Department: Iran Deal Is Not ‘Legally Binding’ and Iran Didn’t Sign It

Breaking News
GVI Trader john 14:52 GMT 04/24/2018  - My Profile
Crude popped higher for a moment on Trump Iran comment.

Breaking News
GVI 14:49 GMT 04/24/2018
Pres Trump: in meeting with French Pres Macron we will discuss the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord - Iran nuclear deal was insane and ridiculous - Iran will have big problems if it restarts its nuclear program, bigger problems than ever before- Asked if he would consider a pardon for his personal lawyer Cohen, Trump says "stupid question" - Source

FANG-landia Update
dc CB 14:30 GMT 04/24/2018
are the wheels coming off the Magic Bus?

GOOGL had good numbers, but turns out over 3Bln was from Securities Investments - mostly UBER.
FB rprts Wed, and the biggly AMZN on Thurs.

Breaking News
Oviedo fg 14:23 GMT 04/24/2018
US DOLLAR will plummet with Trump's demise. How much...research Lewinsky. Pullout now before too late

Breaking News
dc CB 14:20 GMT 04/24/2018
I left my heart in San Francisco

via Zero Hedge

TTN: Live News Special Offer
March 2018 New Homes Sales. Data beats big. Previous data revised higher.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. New Homes Sales For March 2018 Strong

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Mon 23 Apr 2018
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Wed 25 Apr 2018
AA 14:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 26 Apr 2018
AA 11:45 EZ- ECB Decision
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 27 Apr 2018
AA 03:00 JP- Bank of Japan
A 08:00 DE- Employment
A 08:30 GB- GDP
A 14:00 US- University of Michigan

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