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02/07/15 8:28 A GB Construct PMI con: 56.5 pre: 55.9
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UK not happy with EUR/GBP levels
nw kw 08:04 GMT 07/02/2015
xjpy fast long u/j

UK not happy with EUR/GBP levels
london red 07:47 GMT 07/02/2015
time for brexit jitters will come and manifest themselves in eurgbp but not this year. construction since may election has certainly jumped but whether it shows up in the pmi survey is another matter. either way the survey which arent always indicative. in any case cable should see sup at 15567(fib) and 52(prev high) prior to data. sellers likely appear at prev low 15655 in event of beat, no doubt looking for an entry into nfp after yesterdays stellar adp. Asian Mid-session Update: NZD moves below $0.67 on expectation of more RBNZ easing;
GVI Forex Blog 07:02 GMT 07/02/2015  - My Profile

(AU) AUSTRALIA MAY TRADE BALANCE: -A$2.7B V -A$2.2BE; 14th straight deficit - (JP) JAPAN JUN MONETARY BASE Y/Y: 34.2% (2-year low) V 35.6% PRIOR; MONETARY BASE END OF PERIOD: ¥325T V ¥307.4T PRIOR - (NZ) NEW ZEALAND JUN QV HOUSE PRICES Y/Y: 9.3% V 9 Asian Mid-session Update: NZD moves below $0.67 on expectation of more RBNZ easing; Australia deficit tops consensus - Source

nw kw 06:58 GMT 07/02/2015
long eur/usa 77 stop 56

UK not happy with EUR/GBP levels
perth wtr 06:47 GMT 07/02/2015
better not looking too far ahead, 3-6 months are like forever, heck even to July 5 referendum is like forever
nowadays you never know what will come next session, let alone next week, next month, next quarter, next year

nw kw 06:41 GMT 07/02/2015
USDJPY move indicating good numbers will come

s&p can drop or what do you have lined up it go's in to what, gold

PAR 06:35 GMT 07/02/2015
Greek opinion poll put YES vote in the lead . Problem for Eurogroup is that nobody knows what a YES vote means as a new program needs to be written. General confusion.

PAR 06:28 GMT 07/02/2015
USDJPY move indicating good numbers will come . Dont forget some people know the numbers alraedy .

UK not happy with EUR/GBP levels
Barcelona Forexveda 06:28 GMT 07/02/2015
Entry: 0.7080 Target: 0.8080 Stop: 0.6980

I might have sounded crazy with my GBP/USD prediction of parity with USD in 3 to 4 years from now. UK is certainly not happy with falling EUR/GBP and the only reason why Euro rallied after bad news from Greece is because of recovery in EUR/GBP EUR was bought against GBP which gave a rally to EUR/USD too. If I am right with my EUR/GBP prediction, we could see a 2000 pips fall in GBP and 1000 pips fall in EUR in next 3 to 6 months.

PAR 06:27 GMT 07/02/2015
Greece . Hotels running out of food , US touroperators no longer send money to Greece.

Eurogroup :

1. No new negatiations till referendum.
2. General distrust of Greek govenment . Plan 2 expired so another plan has to be discussed.

NFP . Looking for very strong headline number . Could well be over 250.000. ¨Probably some window dressing in figures . Quality of Us economic data dismisal in this time of big data . USA still unable to come up with a really correct unemployment number.

Expect some cheerleading of strong Us economy after the figures making a september rate hike more likely .

After NFP everybody to the beach .

Tallinn Viies 06:26 GMT 07/02/2015
Sold euros at 1.1070. Stop at 1.1120
Target 1.0970

nw kw 06:25 GMT 07/02/2015
test short aud/usa at 33 stop ar 60

nw kw 06:22 GMT 07/02/2015
do you see aud trade tki

nw kw 06:15 GMT 07/02/2015
xaugbp on last legged support so will drop or revers or gold drops hm or eur/gbp from bade aud nzd might revers in day or to

perth wtr 05:57 GMT 07/02/2015
market in limbo, who is going to blink first
erratic price movements will be the new normal

perth wtr 04:29 GMT 07/02/2015
bought 1.5608, stop 1.5535

AceTrader Jul 2: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 02:03 GMT 07/02/2015
Update Time: 02 Jul 2015 01:21 GMT

EUR/USD - 1.1045
Euro's selloff after a brief rebound from 1.1095 to 1.1171 in Europe and then subsequent breach of Tuesday's low at 1.1113 signals correction from Monday's near 1-month trough at 1.0955 has ended the same day at 1.1279 and consolidation with downside bias remains.
However, only a breach of said support would confirm decline from June's peak at 1.1440 has resumed and extend weakness to 1.0900/10 later.

Above 1.1110/13 would prolong choppy trading but resistance at 1.1171 should remain intact.

Sydney ACC 00:02 GMT 07/02/2015
FT is carrying an article that mentions while the jobs figure is tipped to gain a net 230,000 jobs the underlying data is expected to show less positive side of the labour market.

Tallinn viies 23:31 GMT 07/01/2015
eurusd previous day low taken. I think we are going to test 1,0950-55 again. most likely already around NFP numbers on thursday.
Im very bearish on oil and also on eurusd. close today above 1,1090 may change the picture bit better for friday.
hard to leave stop loss order if to sell now. guess 1,1090 guite safe but personally would rather wait euro up to 1,1065 to sell and then stop to 1.1115. target 1.0965-70

Tallinn viies 22:44 GMT 07/01/2015
maybe 0.66 today?

Sydney ACC 22:27 GMT 07/01/2015
Having fallen five big figures in as many weeks thought it appropriate to look at NZD/USD historical averages.

Twenty-five year average 0.6409
High 0.8306 - 2014
Low 0.0.4205 - 2001

By way of comparison AUD/NZD
High 1.3665 - 1992
Low 1.05547 - 2015

KL KL 21:22 GMT 07/01/2015
More Greek Noise.....LOL

Pensioners have to take ticket and Q for $120 per week......soon Q for Petrol that is imported anyway.....Good luck in getting money back if bought in credit.....TIME to bring back Bicycle for Greece....ATM still down..... Sources are Scratchy at the moment...After Default....we can Speculate ANYTHING....because its as Usual....LOL.....Farmers are the Richest.....

Lets disrupt the banking Ponzi systems of IMF, World Bank, FED, Euro Zone....Lets Barter.....LOL...How to trade forex then...the end of GVI??....LOL

Tallinn viies 21:05 GMT 07/01/2015
I am so tired of Greece news.
it doesnt matter what happens with Greece.
in the end we all know within next 6 months euro will fall to new lows of the year. will it be 1.0169 or 1.0001 it actually doesnt matter.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex Blog 21:02 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Systems

GVI Forex john bland 20:58 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
Moodys cuts Greece to CAA3 from CAA2

on review for further downgrade


Thanks for the warning. Just in time!

Livingston nh 20:10 GMT 07/01/2015
ECB maintains 89 bio EUR ELA - no haircut on collateral -- no help here

Forex Trading Tip: The Hard Trade is Often the Right Trade
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 19:40 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile

>> Open Access - Highly Recommended<<

I walked into my office today to see EURUSD trading at 1.1105 in a day where the range had so far been 1.1095-1.1170. This left me looking at a market where the risk was pointing down but finding a good entry trade with a reasonable stop was hard to find. This got me thinking about one of my favorite forex trading tips, The Hard Trade is Often the Right Trade and a video I posted last year that is very timely for a day like today. I suggest giving it a good look as it is a key to trading.

Forex Trading Tip: The Hard Trade is Often the Right Trade

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 19:35 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

CDS Squared or (3)...West Side Story con't
dc CB 19:00 GMT 07/01/2015

bondholders are at risk as are the funds which hold Puerto Rican bonds and, more importantly, those who insure them in the derivatives market.

Dave Kranzler, from Investment Research Dynamics has warned that there are signs that the Puerto Rico situation may not remain a local crisis for much longer.

He points out that share prices of MBIA, the bond insurers have been plummeting. MBIA are valued at $3.9 billion whereas their exposure to Puerto Rican debt is around $4.5 billion. Kranzler reckons their exposure could even be multiples of that figure. A default could wipe them out.

He also points out that the firm’s largest shareholders are Warburg Pincus, the firm to which Timothy Geithner went after his stint as Treasury Secretary, when he helped paper over the chasms opening up in the financial system.

Geithner is, therefore, better placed than most to estimate the risks posed by various bond issuers. If it is Warburg Pincus who are shedding their MBIA stock it is likely that more trouble is brewing in Puerto Rico.

Global Debt Time Bomb Ticks – Puerto Rico Is Next

Wednesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 18:58 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
EURUSD breached our 1.1050 target (1.044 LOD)

Set Up For U.S. Jobs Thursday. Greece Saga Rolls On
GVI Forex Blog 18:55 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile

2  JULY 2015, 00:00 GMT >> LATEST FOREX NEWS  >> CN- PMIs steady >> JP PMI & Tankan better >> AU- PMI worse >> EZ- Final PMIs mostly steady >> GB- Mfg PMI >> US- PMIs mixed, ADP Jobs mixed


Set Up For U.S. Jobs Thursday. Greece Saga Rolls On

Pre-Blame-Game Begins
dc CB 18:34 GMT 07/01/2015
We warned previously that when (not if) the market crashes next, The Fed is going to need a scapegoat (other than British traders living at home with their parents) and judging by The Fed's Lael Brainard's comments today, high-frequency-traders (HFT) are in the crosshairs.

Crucially, Brainard warns that HFT "may amplify market shocks," and The Fed is "studying possible changes in liquidity resilience." As Brainard hints, if liquidity is less resilient, that "could be significant" in times of stress if "it acted as an amplification mechanism, impeded price discovery, or interfered with market functioning."

Fed's Brainard Fingers HFT For "Amplifying Market Shocks"

Livingston nh 18:24 GMT 07/01/2015
Is ECB still in the Mix here?

Sanibel Island Sir Ignore 18:19 GMT 07/01/2015
choosing to sell euro at 1059

Solidarity with the Greek People
Paris ib 17:44 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
John - that seems to be the entire point. I think they want to screw the weakest members. First, to create an easily manipulated, vulnerable slave class and second, to scare everyone else into line. The whole thing absolutely stinks.

You know I don't even know what the terms of this new deal from the 'Troika' was.... why not? These guys too ashamed to come out and show us exactly what they are asking of the Greek people? Lots of high minded rhetoric out there but no cold hard facts about who and how the Greeks got into debt and then once into debt and with sky high interest rates taking the economy down, where that bail out money went.

Solidarity with the Greek People
Paris ib 17:39 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
Bit of drama from Paul Craig Roberts.

Roberts on Greece

Solidarity with the Greek People
GVI Forex john bland 17:38 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
ib- The whole system is corrupt. Taxpayers everywhere will be left holding the bag. Don't forget the U.S. is the largest shareholder in the IMF.

What really angers me is the "internal devaluation" strategy. Seems not to matter to the IMF that they screw the weakest members of society.

Solidarity with the Greek People
Paris ib 17:26 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
I just hope the Greek people don't get railroaded more than they already have.

The bail out money

Wednesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 17:19 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
EURUSD continues to trade heavily, just above their LOD (1.1059). Remember our 100-day average comes in at 1.1051.

Livingston nh 17:02 GMT 07/01/2015
The response by EU ministers to the current referendum by Greece is much different than the concerted effort to avoid the Papandreou proposal of a few years ago (similar response to Irish bailout referendum comments) -- EU needed to buy time to bail out banks // But now it seems there is resignation that there will be a referendum

GVI Forex john bland 16:45 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
CNBC: EU FinMin over. Apparently nothing new to report. They plan to meet next after the Greek referendum.

GVI Forex john bland 16:19 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
U.S. Independence Day (July 4) is a strange holiday this year. Financial markets are closed on Friday (July 3), but retail banks, post offices, etc. are open. Monday is a regular work day.

PAR 16:14 GMT 07/01/2015
Time -out till after the referendum . Lets enjoy the 4th of july . Before a long weekend US markets Always perform well .

GVI Forex john bland 16:14 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
Financial markets saying Greece crisis is fading:
-- equities are higher
-- bond yields are up
-- Greek yields are down a touch
-- USD is up but EUR is mixed on its majoe crosses

Livingston nh 15:36 GMT 07/01/2015
PAR - any news on ECB decision today?

GVI Data Calendar for 2 July 2015
GVI Forex Blog 15:33 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile

July 1, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, July 2, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: AU- Trade, GB- Construction PMI, EZ- PPI, ECB Minutes, US- Weekly Jobs, Employment, Factory Orders, CA- Markit PMI

  • Far East: AU- Trade
  • Europe: GB- Construction PMI, EZ- PPI, ECB Minutes
  • North America: US- Weekly Jobs, Employment, Factory Orders, Natural Gas, CA- Markit PMI

PAR 15:02 GMT 07/01/2015
ECB is a rules based institution .

PAR 14:59 GMT 07/01/2015

We have to wait . Waiting for Godot .

Forex Trading Tip: The Hard Trade is Often the Right Trade
GVI Forex Blog 14:56 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
>> Open Access <<

I walked into my office today to see EURUSD trading at 1

Forex Trading Tip: The Hard Trade is OIften the Right Trade

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Forex Trading Tip: The Hard Trade is Often the Right Trade

Why EURUSD Traded Higher Despite Greece?

Forex Brokers Tighten Trading Rules on Greek Fears

Forex Trading Outlook for the Week of June 29, 2015

Video: What Levels May Be Targeted on the EURUSD Downside


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