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28/05/15 8:30 A GB GDP QQ con: 0.40% pre: 0.30%
28/05/15 8:30 A GB GDP YY con: 2.50% pre: 2.40%
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Mtl JP 01:56 GMT 05/28/2015  - My Profile
maybe some support at aud 7670-ish

Mtl JP 01:36 GMT 05/28/2015  - My Profile
breakdown of audusd's 61% fib working wonders

maybe goes to 753x

AceTrader May 28: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 01:31 GMT 05/28/2015
Update Time: 28 May 2015 01:09 GMT

EUR/USD - 1.0913
Euro's strong rebound from a fresh 1-month trough at 1.0819 on Wednesday due to optimism over Greek debt deal suggests a temporary low has been made and choppy trading with mild upside bias would be seen.
However, above 1.0959 (previous support, now resistance) needed to confirm this view and yield stronger retracement of decline from May's 3-month peak at 1.1467 towards 1.1008/10.

On the downside, below 1.0819 would extend aforesaid fall to retrace the entire rise from March's 12-year trough at 1.0457 towards 1.0740/50 but reckon 1.0700/10 would hold.

What is Driving the Dollar Higher?
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 23:45 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile

The dollar has staged sharp rebound since the EURUSD peaked on May 15 at 1.1467 with strong gains across-the-board. There was no obvious catalyst although the seemingly never ending debt/reforms negotiations with Greece appeared to have been a weight on the EUR. However, assuming a muddle through, face saving last minute agreement to stave off a default is still the consensus view, the Greek situation may be more of an excuse to explain the price action. This is not to downplay the risk of a default and a Grexit but to point out what would be the surprise. The EURUSD underperformance since May 15 may reflect the fact it had the most to give back after dollar selling ran out of steam and the market reversed course.  

What is Driving the Dollar Higher?

ECB might ease Greek restrictions if aid deal likely -source
GVI Forex 23:20 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
May 28 The European Central Bank might ease restrictions on how much short-term Greek government debt the country's banks can hold if becomes clear the euro zone will disburse long-awaited aid to Athens, a banking source said on Wednesday.

ECB might ease Greek restrictions if aid deal likely -source

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 22:16 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

GVI Forex john 22:09 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile

May 27, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, May 28, 2015. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: JP- Retail Sales, BOJ Minutes, EZ- consumer Confidence, CA- Current Account, US- Pending Homes Sales, Weekly Crude, 7-yr
  • Far East: JP- Retail Sales, BOJ Minutes
  • Europe: GB- GDP, EZ- Consumer Confidence
  • North America: CA- Current Account, US- Pending Homes Sales, Weekly Crude, 7-yr

Pray For Graccident
Mtl JP 21:55 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
It Will Trigger The Demise Of The ECB And The World’s Toxic Regime Of Keynesian Central Banking - David Stockman

It is probably why they ll keep feeding the Greek more loans to pay old loans. Until one fine day, somehow as if by magic when no-one is looking, those bad Greek loans will dis-appear into some bad bank and everyone will live fore-ever happily thereafter. Wishful thinking ?

GVI Forex john 21:37 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
Reports API Crude +1.27 mln vs -1.0 mln expected.

gc sf 21:35 GMT 05/27/2015
also if you look at some of the MA these things are watching

in EUR the MA are all around 1.0908/1.0909
in GBP the MA are 1.5382-84 .. same with AUD + YEN both about 50 pips away.

so it is just a little interesting whether price goes sideways and allows for these to adjust to the market and push the trend along -- or we go retracing.

gc sf 21:19 GMT 05/27/2015
GBP - a lot of stops @ 1.5383-87
YEN - a lot of stops @ 123.15-22
EUR - some stops @ 1.0935-38
AUD - some stops @ .7785

seems a lot of positions got put on overnight + so we are open to a bit of a clean out.... prior to another larger move coming

possibly Japanese Comments may allow a chance for a blip or 2.

USD/JPY - something freaky?
Paris ib 20:09 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
Test of 2007 high coming up, that is: 124.14. 125.00 is the real barrier where we may falter or pause.

S an P - After the Record
Paris ib 19:54 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
2126.06 Gap closed. JPY weakness suggests Nikkei will see gains overnight. So we may have strongish markets in Europe tomorrow.

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex john 19:53 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

Tallinn Viies 19:48 GMT 05/27/2015
Going short euro at 1,0905.
Stop and reverse at 1,0955.
Target 1,0825

Tallinn Viies 19:36 GMT 05/27/2015
From Fx news
The markets have not surprisingly responded positively to the headlines that Greece and its creditors have started to draw up some form of an agreement. There are no details at the moment, but Greek officials have indicated that the proposal will include a lower initial target for Greece's primary budget surplus than specified in the existing bail-out agreement, as well as no cuts in wages and pensions. On the face of it, that looks like a good deal for Greece.

But the experience of the last few months suggests that it would be wise to treat the reports with a healthy dose of caution. Not only has an EU official refused to confirm that a proposal is actually being drawn up, but the fact that it is being described as "staff level" suggests that it has not been approved - or perhaps even discussed - by the leaders of the so-called institutions - the EC, the ECB and the IMF.

"As we have long argued, nothing short of a major write-down will make a material difference to Greece's debt outlook and we very much doubt that the EC and ECB have signed up to such an outcome. As such, we maintain our position that any deal which emerges over the coming days is likely to be nothing more than a stop-gap and will not address the fundamental issue of Greece's contracting economy and expanding debt mountain." says Capital Economics

GVI Forex john 19:33 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
Weekly Trading Planner Top Items (GMT)
    23:50 JP Retail Sales yy
    23:50 JP BOJ Minutes
    8:30 GB GDP widest measure of economy
    12:30 CA Cur/Acct C$b
    14:00 US Pending Homes Predictor of Sales
    15:00 US EIA Crude mn major price indicator
    17:00 UST TRY 7-yr
    23:30 JP Unemploy jobs data
    23:30 JP CPI BOJ targets Inflation
    6:00 DE Retail Sales consumer demand measure
    12:30 CA GDP mm
    12:30 US GDP q/q widest measure of economy
    13:45 US Chicago PMI Regional PMI
    14:00 US final U of Mich Sentiment Survey

calendarBe sure to refer daily to the Global-View Economic Calendar for key items, such as consensus estimates, previous data and links to charts of recent data).

S an P - After the Record
Paris ib 19:24 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
FWIW "Arch (Crawford) is concerned by the US equities market, which is making 118 year highs on extremely low volume, which he thinks is a sign of manipulation."

Still need to close the 2126.06 gap. :-)

Corruption is everywhere

Paris ib 19:18 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
2126.06 closes the gap. So expect at least 2127. Maybe a bit more.

Geopolitics Lurking
Paris ib 19:05 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
"China has moved weaponry onto artificial islands that it is building in contested areas of the South China Sea, adding to the risks of a confrontation with the United States"

What fun: another confrontation

FIFA - Central Banks
PAR 18:55 GMT 05/27/2015
Fifa and Qatar donated to Clinton Foundation. Money laundering ?

Active Trade Wednesday With No Macro News. Bank Of Canada Kept Rates Steady
GVI Forex Blog 18:26 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
TOP NEWS ITEMS: JP- Retail Sales, BOJ Minutes, EZ- consumer Confidence, CA- Current Account, US- Pending Homes Sales, Weekly Crude

Active Trade Wednesday With No Macro News. Bank Of Canada Kept Rates Steady

PAR 18:22 GMT 05/27/2015
New record highs this week. Happy. Happy

Paris ib 17:32 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
S and P gap to fill at around 2125.

PAR 17:08 GMT 05/27/2015
Stocks move higher on good US auction and on good NY weather .

GVI Forex john 17:05 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
5-yr 1.56%
bid to cover 2.46 vs 2.56

ok auction

FIFA - Central Banks
PAR 17:03 GMT 05/27/2015
Rumors FBI investigating Eurovision Song Contest on multimillion euro corruption suspections .

Livingston nh 17:01 GMT 05/27/2015
Lunchtime rally anemic - fading the good news for two gaps below // it's all about bonds now

FIFA - Central Banks
dc CB 16:58 GMT 05/27/2015

The New Attorney Gen Makes Sum NEWZ

Geopolitics Lurking
Paris ib 16:50 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
"IS the world going mad? Military posturing is quietly reaching new extremes in Europe, the Mediterranean and the South China Sea. And the provocative bluster has just reached new heights."

War is a racket. Just ask Halliburton.


US Treasury Auction
PAR 16:47 GMT 05/27/2015
Expect 5 year US treasury auction to go unexpectedly well as the Yellen and Bernanke hedge funds seem to be huge buyers .

Now that Greece is solved - ISIS
Paris ib 16:43 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
PAR you actually care about this? That in a corrupt world some corruption is OK and other corruption is deemed not OK? You care? Seriously? Do you have any idea just how corrupt things are at the moment? You want justice or honour or whatever and you practically have to join a monastery. There is not a lot left. Who gets away with what honestly doesn't bother me when everything is so pitiful. I am surprised you think there is a hierarchy. All there is is power. Some people have it and some people don't. The people who do do whatever they want all of the time. Till the power is wrested away from them.

Now that Greece is solved - ISIS
Paris ib 16:36 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
Yeah and all the referees will be crooks so as to encourage soccer in those countries that don't yet bother to watch it.

GVI Forex john 16:34 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
-equities up
bond yields rising
USD mixed.
EUR up on most major crosses

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 16:32 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
It is like a couple with irreconcilable differences fighting it out in the press.

12:11 (GR) Greece negotiator reportedly indicates Greece is now in side discussions with its creditors about a 3rd bailout agreement - Germany press

- Follow up: Germany official notes that the Govt was surprised by reports that the talks with Greece were making progress

- Source

Now that Greece is solved - ISIS
PAR 16:30 GMT 05/27/2015
I suppose the next world cup will be held in 2018 in America ?

Now that Greece is solved - ISIS
Paris ib 16:22 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
I know I wasn't supposed to laugh but I did. Our life as part of a farce.

Livingston nh 16:17 GMT 05/27/2015
This proposed "agreement" in the EU is a shell game much different than previous solutions -- there is no new money and the previous money to be released (7.2 bio EUR) has already been spent or allocated (IMF) - any agreement will be a repudiation of the earlier conditions, i.e. a "victory" for Greece -- but it may not be enough to keep the Greek coalition government intact and it will be opposed by the usual EU critics (Spain's election and Germany's populists will put additional political spin on whatever agreement) // Greece is in worse shape now and w/o new money the Game is OVER

Now that Greece is solved - ISIS
PAR 16:16 GMT 05/27/2015
Now attention turn to victory over ISIS .

PAR 15:50 GMT 05/27/2015
Greece market up 3.55% . More Ouzo please .

PAR 15:48 GMT 05/27/2015
How a small country like Greece can ad $ trillions to the world stock markets . Imho problems will start when the deal is actually signed .

FIFA - Central Banks
PAR 15:38 GMT 05/27/2015
Blatter . Ich habe es nicht gewusst . I cant remember .

GVI Forex 15:33 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
11:29 (GR) EU officials reportedly believe reaching a deal with Greece before the June 5th deadline would be challenging - financial press

- Source

QE is working
london red 15:32 GMT 05/27/2015
casino in ones home - the definition of the fx trader

I recognise myself
PAR 15:30 GMT 05/27/2015
Gross Calls Bet Against Bund Well-Timed, Poorly Executed

Gross, who runs the $1.52 billion Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, advised selling short the 10-year German bund on April 21, when it yielded about 10 basis points, or 0.1 percent. Over the next month, yields climbed to 64 basis points as prices fell, vindicating Gross’s prediction. Yet his Unconstrained fund lost 2.5 percent in that period as he wagered German bunds would trade in a narrow range instead of betting all-out against the debt, data posted on Janus’s website show.

QE is working
GVI Forex john 15:25 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
looks like a boondoggle. Although I have always dreamed of having a casino in my home. lol

I'd love to see what eventually happens to this.

Mtl JP 15:24 GMT 05/27/2015  - My Profile
BOE launches trial run for ‘Super Thursday’ schedule shift

The Bank of England starts a trial run on Wednesday of a shift in how it communicates monetary policy, as it tries to keep a lid on market speculation.

Later this summer, the central bank moves to a brand-new timetable for releasing rate decisions, minutes and inflation reports, which are currently sent out separately. The new communication strategy means the three major monetary-policy reports will all arrive on a single day — tagged “Super Thursday”, by some — rather than spread out over two weeks.

The move is aimed at eliminating the speculation that arises read more

QE is working
PAR 15:08 GMT 05/27/2015
California Dreaming: Record $500 Million Tag on L.A. Home

FIFA - Central Banks
PAR 15:02 GMT 05/27/2015
This is a joke . What about Olympics, American Football , Baseball, Golf tournaments , F1 etc .

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