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PAR 18:53 GMT 02/11/2016
DJ Yellen: US Economy Behind Dollar's Strength -- Market Talk

12:55 ET - During her Senate Banking Committee testimony, Yellen offered some thoughts on the yawning gap between US monetary policy and that of some other advanced economies--which are slashing rates below zero. "We have a global economy in which there is considerable weakness in many parts of the world," singling out Europe and Japan. Although some countries are adopting expansionary monetary policies in order to boost inflation and to address weakness in their economies, Yellen noted the US is in a different position. "The US, with a 4.9% unemployment rate, is far-more advanced in that process of recovery--and the different cyclical positions of our different economies are a factor that is pushing up the dollar." She added the dollar's strength in part reflects "disproportionate" strength in the US economy. (; @HarrietTorry)

My Thursday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 18:51 GMT 02/11/2016
looking like not.
Odds rising that the 2:15 will be a Sell Express

Tallinn viies 18:46 GMT 02/11/2016
I really hope S&P bottom is done for the week but there is possibility that it is not so. US out on monday and on monday China is coming back from holidays. they have also some selling to be done.

My Thursday Trades
london red 18:45 GMT 02/11/2016
1790 is 23.6% fib of top to devils bottom. got close a couple of times but no touch yet. they have beaten last months low but not by much and currently hovering around there. lower is in so while 1790 is avoided then chart work done and can bounce.

My Thursday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 18:28 GMT 02/11/2016
is the bottom in for the week?
3 day Weekend Cash closed on Mon.

Emini Daily

My Thursday Trades
'GVI 'john 18:05 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
10-yr yield back up to 1.622% -5.9bp

My Thursday Trades
GVI john 18:04 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
30-yr 2.50%
bid to cover 2.09 vs, 2.28

PAR 18:02 GMT 02/11/2016
US is the strongest economy in the world and thats why the dollar has been rising. A rising dollar leads to lower commodity prices .

Bulls are not finished yet
'dc' 'CB' 17:24 GMT 02/11/2016
Bullion dealers report record sales as buyers "queue round the block" to purchase the precious metal

Investors 'go bananas' for gold bars as global stock markets tumble

cad/jpy LONGS longer term
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 17:08 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Right. 1/2 out at 80,33. Rest at b/e.

GVI Data Calendar for 12 February 2016
GVI Forex Blog 16:58 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile

February 11, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Friday, February 12, 2016. Trading News Calendar

  • Far East: CN- Holiday
  • Europe: DE- GDP, Final HICP, EZ- GDP, Ind Prod
  • North America: US- Retail Sales, import Prices, Business Inventories, Preliminary Univ of Michigan Survey, Rig Count, COT Report

12-Feb Friday
CN- Holiday
13:30 US- Retail Sales
15:00 US- University of Michigan (prelim)

15-Feb Monday
US- Holiday
16-Feb Tuesday
09:30 GB- CPI
10:00 DE- ZEW Survey
17-Feb Wednesday
13:30 US- PPI
13:30 US- Housing Starts/Permits
18-Feb Thursday
00:30 AU- Employment
13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
16:00 US- Weekly Crude
19-Feb Friday
09:30 GB- Retail Sales
13:30 CA- Retail Sales
13:30 US/CA- CPI

GVI Data Calendar for 12 February 2016

My Thursday Trades
'GVI 'john 16:56 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
This has been a more more revealing testimony from Yellen as opposed to yesterday. What she confirmed today is that the Fed tightening path had been premised on a growing economy and that premise might be in doubt. Furthermore, we also learned that the Fed is concerned about financial stability overseas and will be taking it into consideration when making policy.

EURUSD 11375 confirmed
Amman wfakhoury 16:52 GMT 02/11/2016

The only one in the world who confirms the next level

11375 reached

My Thursday Trades
GVI john 16:26 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
I thought I heard earlier today that 1.38% is the low for the yield on the 10-yr.

My Thursday Trades
GVI john 16:24 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
the yield on the 10-yr drifting back lower 1.577% -10.4 bp
on more clearly dovish tone of Yellen relative to yesterday.

EURUSD higher as a result.

Grilled Yellen
PAR 16:06 GMT 02/11/2016
Yellen looked into negative rates and decided it would not work well.

Grilled Yellen
PAR 16:04 GMT 02/11/2016
Since when is the echange rate a responsability of the FED ?

This central planning institution wants to control everything . A central planned hedge fund making profit for the American citizens ?

cad/jpy LONGS longer term
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 16:03 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Wow that was fast: 80,80-80..
Start to built up again. 80,01 in. rest is known... scaling adding, bla di bla.

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 16:02 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
open long ~3917 ... nasdag fut ... /NQ

Grilled Yellen
'GVI 'john 16:00 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Yes. She was indicating that the fall in oil and higher USD were why their inflation forecasts have been wrong. Draw your own conclusions!

Grilled Yellen
'dc' 'CB' 15:53 GMT 02/11/2016
Yes she said that and then continues to say

at 46:37....."never the less,the strenght of the dollar and the extent to which its moved up since mid 2014 is not something which we anticipated, um so yes we've been suprised in part by those developments" 46:56

'GVI 'john 15:50 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
That was the "planted" question I mentioned earlier. Yellen has just sent the dovish signal she did not send yesterday.

EURUSD rallied only slightly on her statement.

GVI john 15:46 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Yellen looking at developments in overseas markets and evaluating their likely impact on the balance of risks to the economy. Its premature to come to a decision today, but they are a consideration.

Grilled Yellen
'''Singapore''' '''SGFXTrader''' 15:44 GMT 02/11/2016
U make a mistake! Yellen said they anticipated the strength in the dollar!

dc' 'CB' 15:36 GMT 02/11/2016
Yellen: "the strength in the dollar, which we had not anticipated"

Grilled Yellen
'dc' 'CB' 15:36 GMT 02/11/2016
Yellen: "the strength in the dollar, which we had not anticipated"

'GVI 'john 15:30 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
US EIA Weekly Natural Gas Inventories (bcf)
U.S. Data Charts

-73 vs. -82 exp vs. -152 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Grilled Yellen
PAR 15:29 GMT 02/11/2016
Spooky Yellen

Yellen ! The Big Short II

Bulls are not finished yet
HK RF@ 15:14 GMT 02/11/2016

J. Cramer; Clearly represents his master voice.

All arguments raised by those interviewed, are like taken from an old broken disk.

And Cramer sounds like a mad fanatic.

'GVI 'john 15:12 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
WSJ Survey of economists
-- 3% next Fed move will be a cut
-- 9% see March hike
-- 13% see April hike
-- 60% see June hike

Grilled Yellen
'dc' 'CB' 15:06 GMT 02/11/2016
Sen Shelby now laying it out live

Senate channel

cad/jpy LONGS longer term
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 15:00 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Ok. 1/2 out at 80,800000000. Rest is at b/e.

Bulls are not finished yet
'dc' 'CB' 14:31 GMT 02/11/2016
the CNBC crowd led by Jim Cramer are pouring money into the gold market...which is a really really SMALL market in the US, with almost no participation --- as Cramer and CNBC and the Press in general have been extremely negative on Gold.

Even Wall Street Likes Gold Now: Jim Cramer, CNBC Nightly Business Report, Van Eck Global

Bulls are not finished yet
'HK' 'Kwun' 14:26 GMT 02/11/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1233 Target: Stop: 1213

enough for today, TP at 1243

'Hillegom' 'Purk' 14:25 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
If this is a normal day, than we should would, could, wish to see 1,14.

'dc' 'CB' 14:10 GMT 02/11/2016
(SARC ON) below $1.00 a gal gasoline will put an addtional $1000 in the pockets of Consumers this year. This will boost spending.
EconOmists said.

In other NEWZ, with the introduction of Negative 1% interest rates on bank deposts this week, it's estimated that $1000 per year will be deducted from the average Consumer's savings.(SARC OFF)

'dc' 'CB' 14:03 GMT 02/11/2016
The canary in the coalmine of an increasingly desperate energy industry just croaked. With "unusual timing" and at "distressed prices,"

Reuters reports that Phillips 66 - the major US refiner owned by Warren Buffett - dumped crude oil for immediate delivery into Cushing storage tonight. This sparked heavy selling of the front-month WTI contract (to a $26 handle) and crashed the 1st-2nd month spread to 5 year lows.

U.S. Energy Information Administration data on Wednesday showed inventories at the Cushing, Oklahoma delivery hub hit a record 64.7 million barrels last week - just 8 million barrels shy of its theoretical limit - stoking concerns that tanks may overflow in coming weeks.

"Bloodbath" In Black Gold - Buffett's Phillips 66 Dumps Oil In Cushing, Crashes Crude Spreads To 5 Year Lows

cad/jpy LONGS longer term
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 13:41 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Now 80,33. Starting to built up a position. Risk is like 72-77. Gain is 90-95.
Devide into multiple positions with scaling and bla bla bla.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Weekly Jobless Falls
GVI Forex Blog 13:36 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile

U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims fall modestly.

<Click on chart for over twelve-year history

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Weekly Jobless Falls

'Livingston' 'nh' 13:35 GMT 02/11/2016
Oil price caused concern about US banks but now the pressure appears to be coming from continued concern about the EU banks and the abandonment of all hope in Japan -- this sell-off may just have to burn itself out

again look at periphery sovvie bond yields

Bulls are not finished yet
'HK' 'Kwun' 13:35 GMT 02/11/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1233 Target: Stop: 1223

buy now

My Thursday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 13:32 GMT 02/11/2016
as noted earlier.

IF Gold dosen't get wacked this week, with Yellen's 2 day 6 hour grilling by lawmakers and the 10Y and the 30Y auction going off on those days...

THEN: CBs have lost control.

Today Trader Yellen faces the Senate Banking Committee, a bit more erudite and more secure in their positions...terms in the Senate 6 years -- the House 2 years, so there will be less political grandstanding. Their main constituency consists of corporations, big banks, and lobbyists, as opposed to the hoi polloi-voter that House Members must face bi-annually.

However, they and their constituents have so far this week taken a big hit to their portfolios, and self-interest was never considered anything but a virtue among this crowd. There is also surely some annoyance that the Presidential primaries are so far showing a strong anti-establishment bend, which can only be fueled by talk of Negative Interest Rates and Market turmoil pointing the finger of failure at Trader Yellen and the Federal Reserves 8 year long policy of Monetary Repression.

Several on the committee were never "friends of the court" either, esp Elizabeth Warren.

GVI john 13:30 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims
U.S. Data Charts


Initial Claims (000)
269K vs. 281K exp. vs. 285K prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

'GVI 'john 13:27 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Report Japan refuses to comment on any forex intervention.

-- TTN

'Belgrade' 'TD' 13:27 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile

My Thursday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 13:17 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Why? unless Janet brings in the pablum bottle stock players likely to see more losses
choose your side of the line in 12:52

My Thursday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 13:10 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
trade idea
GBPusd is a sell on pops against 1.4470

Did you short EURO? See you at 1.1450
HK RF@ 13:10 GMT 02/11/2016

My Thursday Trades
'GVI 'john 13:06 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
QE4? Why?

My Thursday Trades
'GVI 'john 13:04 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
10-yr 1.5377% What do they know?

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