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AceTrader Nov 25: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (EUR/USD)
Hong Kong 03:48 GMT 11/25/2015
25 Nov 2015 02:36GMT
EUR/USD - ...... Euro finally cut its recent losing streak in Tuesday's session.
Price rebounded initially to 1.0645 in Asia and despite a retreat, euro then climbed to 1.0670 in Europe after upbeat German Ifo data. The pair later ratcheted higher to session top of 1.0673 in New York morning before falling back briefly back to 1.0628 following stronger-than-expected U.S/ GDP.

Another bout of buying emerged shortly after Asian open and euro briefly rose to 1.0676. There is talk of a mixture of selling interest and stops above 1.0700 and bids have been raised to 1.0650-40 and more below, so buying euro on dips is favoured.

Some minor EZ data are due out in Europe, these are French consumer confidence, Italy's industrial order and retail sales.

Turkey v Putin
Syd 03:41 GMT 11/25/2015
HK RF@ Putin will just turn off the Gas

Turkey v Putin
HK RF@ 03:23 GMT 11/25/2015

Please don't scare Putin, he might be afraid and leave Syria.

Turkey v Putin
Vancouver GA 03:10 GMT 11/25/2015
Putin won't do any military action against Turkey. It is just traders fear. Putin can't bomb Turkey for many reasons. First, it is an act of war that will make all his planes a legitimate target. Second, his troops in Syria have less than 40 planes, and Turkey has significantly bigger army. Putin won't be able to mobilize troops from Russia because it is a massive and a very expensive operation. Third, even if he did, NATO has no choice but to be part of the war, even if they are not happy about it; and that is what NATO countries are obligated to do. But there is no chance that Putin would declare war for just this. Turkey would never apologize either, because they warned the plane 10 times; which was confirmed by US military who heard the warnings.

Turkey v Putin
dc CB 02:58 GMT 11/25/2015
The US Media are jonesin' for Moar War and Moar Terror Attacks.

The three network evening newscasts had their biggest viewership in at least eight months with their coverage last week of the Paris terrorist attacks.

The three evening news anchors — NBC’s Lester Holt, ABC’s David Muir and CBS’s Scott Pelley — each anchored the newscasts from Paris for much of the week.

“NBC Nightly News” had an average of 9.6 million viewers per episode last week, its highest weekly viewership total since March. ABC’s “World News Tonight” was in second place with 9.1 million viewers, also the highest total since March, followed by “CBS Evening News” with 8 million, its biggest number since February.

In the 25-to-54 age group, the demographic that is important to advertisers for the evening newscasts, NBC had 2.5 million viewers compared with 2 million for ABC and 1.7 million for CBS. It was NBC’s highest rating in that demographic since February.

Coverage of Paris Terror Attacks Lifts Network News Ratings

Hey Obama, Hey Yellen, Hey ReCovery. WOW except that...
dc CB 02:51 GMT 11/25/2015
“The feeling among workers was that if you’re not going to get the money now when we are near the top of the market, you’re not going to ever get it,” said Kristin Dziczek, a labor analyst at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich.

But for automakers, the pay raises will add to the pressure to maintain profits and could spur a shift of less-profitable car production to Mexico from the United States.

Ford and Fiat Chrysler, for example, are considering moving some passenger car production to lower-wage factories in Mexico from American plants.

New U.A.W. Contracts Land Best Terms in Over a Decade

Turkey v Putin
HK RF@ 02:37 GMT 11/25/2015

Syd 02:27 GMT

I don't thing retaliation will take place in a rush.

The Russian should evacuate all their citizens from Turkey first, close their embassy... Then we shall see if anything happens.
One thing for sure; Turkey economy will go to the trash.

AceTrader Nov 25: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (USD/JPY)
Hong Kong 02:29 GMT 11/25/2015
25 Nov 2015 01:55GMT

USD/JPY - ........ The pair remains under pressure in Asia on renewed broad-based dlr's weakness in Asian morning. Despite staging a recovery from 122.36 to 122.64 in New York morning after upbeat Q3 U.S. GDP, price ratcheted lower on broad-based buying of yen following news of the downing of a Russian Jet by Turkish army near the Syrian border, dlr weakened to session low of 122.31 ahead of New York close before staging at rebound to 122.58 in Australia.

Dlr's intra-day weakness to 122.32 suggests near term downside bias remains, however, reports of bids at 122.25-00 area should contain downside and price should stage a rebound later.
On the upside, offers are noted at 122.55/65 and more above with stops above 123.00.

Pay attention to a slew of U.S. data later today ahead of a holiday-shortened week, this includes weekly jobless claims, core PCE price index, Markit services PMI, new home sales and U. of Michigan consumer confidence.

Turkey v Putin
Syd 02:27 GMT 11/25/2015
HK RF@ Putin in now rush to show his hand !! ... Turkey would not have shot down a US Military Jet.. ..

Turkey is now in a fear.
HK RF@ 02:02 GMT 11/25/2015

Probably they realize how stupid they are.

So at least from the side of Turkey no escalation, and even if the Russians will retaliate, probably they will not respond, and Nato will do nothing, and Obama for sure will do nothing.

The only option to resolve the issue, is an apology from Turkey for overacting.

Added AUD/USD aggressively short at .7243
HK RF@ 01:42 GMT 11/25/2015

Added AUD/USD aggressively short at .7243
HK RF@ 18:11 GMT 11/24/2015

The test will be at 0.7275(Res.) if/when reached.
Above that a price run.
Practically 0.7275 was reached(touched).
I suspect,,, that if this Res. will give way, the heads of the shorts will be given to them on a tray.

Just a simple truth:((((

Tallinn viies 00:52 GMT 11/25/2015
trying long euro one more time.
bought at 1.0656. stop n reverse at 1,0616.
target 1.08

USA ZEUS 23:53 GMT 11/24/2015
Starting off with a hefty USD/CAD long at 1.3304

All the best,

Embedded Meddlers in Society
Mtl JP 23:41 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
On one hand the banking geniuses gush about granting credit as good for economy growth and whine when borrowers don't borrow n spend (Draghi for example comes to mind).

On the other Consumer spending rise troubles Bank of England
Chief economist Andy Haldane says financial policy committee could look into recent rise in personal loans

The FPC, created after the financial crisis, is meant to prevent future crashes by allowing the Bank of England to take action to control particular markets.
Bank of England policymakers may need to take action to prevent a risky consumer borrowing binge as the economy recovers, the bank’s chief economist has warned. ...

so they micro meddle by way of "The Financial Policy Committee (FPC), created after the financial crisis, is meant to prevent a future crash by allowing the Bank to take action in particular markets without using the blunter tool of interest rates".

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
Mtl JP 23:26 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
Chip how time flies ! gv must have dumped those early days posts, I can't search the archive that far back.
re Chip 21:05 one cannot just proclaim ... buy gbp/usd now!
I could tolerate / consider trade it if it had an sl attached to it.
Price action with risk limit is sufficient for a fast as cobra-strike action trade; personally I do not need a dissertation for a trade alert that was already done by an esteemed poster.

Livingston nh 22:06 GMT 11/24/2015
John - there some folks who predict big swings in facts on the ground too LINK

GVI Forex john bland 21:59 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
Big swings in those squiggly lines!

Livingston nh 21:43 GMT 11/24/2015
oil - squiggly lines vs. facts on the ground - next stop backwardation

GVI Forex john bland 21:36 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
Oil prices fell at the bottom of the hour when subscribers got the data.

GVI Forex john bland 21:35 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
API Crude reportedly +2.600 m, vs +1.200mn expected

oily boily
hillegom purk 21:24 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
hillegom purk 15:13 GMT November 12, 2015
oily boily: Reply
Bought oily boily at 45,22 brent crude oil bla di bla

Sold half today. Rest stays at b/e.

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
SaaR KaL 21:18 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
EURAUD expecting a reversal...nothing yet though...could be from next week
I see 1.70 in 4 months

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
SaaR KaL 21:13 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
This week's range
0.7324 0.7121
I am Long now

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 21:12 GMT 11/24/2015
hopefull ??

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 21:12 GMT 11/24/2015
think it was .....jhb hopeful ... still got a lashing from the guys for using 'hopeful' ....haha

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
Mtl JP 21:09 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
Chip 19:37 it appears I mis-intrepreted the haha! - mebad.
pray tell your 1995 handle ?

USDCAD will beat whatever they call Bullish
SaaR KaL 21:09 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
1.346 1.325 Longing this week for sure
we just might see 1.38 are with this bullish Leg

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 21:05 GMT 11/24/2015
and i think this is what it should be ... but one should not have to stick ones head out ... but rather state their case with supporting evidence ... if you have a difference of opinion ...state it with supporting evidence ... and we can all make up our own minds ...we all here to benefit ... learn ... and help each other !

one cannot just proclaim ... buy gbp/usd now!

there are those the follow and often loose without knowing why ...

we all have different strategies , one could only benefit to see how the other thinks ...

just my two cents

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
GVI Forex john bland 20:55 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
Chip- good points. If anything this business should teach traders humility. We greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to stick his/her neck out with an idea! We also appreciate your loyalty.

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 20:45 GMT 11/24/2015
AUDUSD 0.7264 confirmed will be reached.
Return level 0.7223

another one !!! yep going to follow you blindly !!! you the man !!!

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 20:44 GMT 11/24/2015
been on this forum 20 years since 95 ... trust me i know ! never put down others thoughts ... but read most ... the biggest problem i found was people trying to compete in different time frames and not making it clear ... e/usd could be bullish monthly but bearish daily
( hence ab and kwun)... and the guys are willing to go head to head about what's going to happen right now ... I don't need someone to tell my to buy or sell ... what id like to see is someone actually stating a reason for doing so... eg ...e/usd a buy because the macd has crossed over and blah bla blah .... so why you shorting e / usd .. show me your side and what you see?

GVI Data Calendar for 25 November 2015
GVI Forex john bland 20:35 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile

November 24, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Trading News Calendar

  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: No Major Data
  • North America: US- Personal Income, PCE Deflator, Durable Goods, Weekly Jobless, flash Service PMI, final University of Michgan Survey, New Homes Sales. Weekly Crude, 7-yr Auction, Discount Rate Minutes

13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
15:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan Survey
15:00 Us- New Homes Sales
US- Holiday
23:30 JP- CPI
US- Partial Holiday (early closes)
09:30 GB- GDP

GVI Data Calendar for 25 November 2015

AUDUSD .7264 confirmed
Amman wfakhoury 20:34 GMT 11/24/2015
AUDUSD 0.7264 confirmed will be reached.
Return level 0.7223

The only one in the world who confirms the next level

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 20:31 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
Livingston nh 20:27 GMT 11/24/2015
Chip - laughing is fine but ridicule is the problem sometimes

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
Livingston nh 20:25 GMT 11/24/2015
Well, let me be the first - AUD/USD sub .68 (maybe another run above .73) - still a China story

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 20:20 GMT 11/24/2015
never laugh at anyone ... trade what u think best...... posted my views with graphic explanations before the RBA minutes if you recall ... lots of other supporting evidence ... look at your w and d cci ... w and d macd ...monthly stochs ... and basic E wave and resistance... not saying anything carved in stone .... but .78 is do able ... nobody here mentioned anything sub .68 yet ??? dont do tick charts nor fundamental ...

Tuesday's Trading Thread
Mtl JP 20:13 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile

fwiw I programmed an alert system to warn me should Japanese traders suddenly become risk-averse so that I dont miss potential get filthy rich (haha) trades .

Tuesday's Trading Thread
london red 19:59 GMT 11/24/2015
yen. they broke 121.78/122. so its good enough to buy the dip to it. i doubt they do a daily close below there til fed.

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
Mtl JP 19:49 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
well good on you then for the time being as Stevens’ earlier nega yak has not caught player fancy but as an old saw says laughs best he who laughs last

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 19:37 GMT 11/24/2015
dont want it to tank .. making money here !!!haha

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
Mtl JP 19:36 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
what r u thinking Chip ?

Tuesday's Trading Thread
Mtl JP 19:36 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
and maybe it found it.
10 day 123.01
20 day 122.23
dlryen current trap bracket

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 19:35 GMT 11/24/2015
mtl jp ...maybe it doesnt

GVI Forex 19:35 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
TTN reporting hostage situation may be related to burglary.

Tuesday's Trading Thread
Mtl JP 19:30 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
DLRYEN coming down to see why 20 day should hold

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
Mtl JP 19:27 GMT 11/24/2015  - My Profile
maybe aud needs to be infused with risk-off sentiment in order to tank

AUD: Monthly Stoch. has turned up, with 0.7750 target:(
London Chip 19:25 GMT 11/24/2015
crossed over a month ago and you only letting me know now !!! UUrrrgggggg!!!

Tuesday's Trading Thread
dc CB 19:23 GMT 11/24/2015
with WTI up, will the API show another build...will the EIA confirm...will Crude continue to kill some more shorts regardless.

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