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23/07/14 21:00 A NZ RBNZ Cash Rate con: 3.50% pre: 3.25%
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Global Markets News
dc CB 18:16 GMT 07/23/2014
which lie do you bet yo' money on??
Quote from Bloomberg artcl this morning

"The cost of living in the U.S. rose at a slower pace in June and home sales climbed to an eight-month high, showing the economy is generating little price pressure as growth accelerates.:

Risk On/Off Heat Map
dc CB 17:55 GMT 07/23/2014
POMO today
$2.774bln at 11:00AM

thurs: $2.00 - $2.50 billion

The Fix is in
dc CB 17:49 GMT 07/23/2014
ZH is pretty spot on about this:

Clearly, everyone understand that the only purpose behind implementing "gates" is to redirect the herd. And with some $2.6 trillion in assets, money markets can serve as a convenient source of "forced buying" now that QE is tapering if only for the time being. The only question is whether the herd will agree to this latest massive behavioral experiment by the Fed, and allocate their funds to a stock market which is now trading at a higher P/E multiple than during the last market peak.

And should this particular exercise in inflating stock bubbles fail, then gating bond funds, another "reform" which as we reported last month is in the works, should certainly force equities to unseen bubble proportions.

The "Gates" Are Closing: SEC Votes Through Money Market Reform

Global Markets News
dc CB 17:45 GMT 07/23/2014
it's because of the WEATHER.
Yes this is still being voiced. Now for retail sales, it's because of the "cooler tha normal" summer.
just keep saying the same line over and over and soon everyone is saying it. Even if it's the end of July.

In this month's Monthly Economic Review, Kleinhenz noted, “…one of the worst winters in recent memory kept shoppers home during the first quarter, and weak numbers for real estate, inventories and exports continued to hamper the economy through the second quarter

The Fix is in
GVI Forex john 17:42 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
I love these arrogant lawyers who feel they are smarter than everyone else and feel they can legislate financial security by making a rule or passing a law. I was around when Glass-Steagall was in place and we had major bank failures all the time. The reason why Greenspan agreed to the creation of mega-banks was to provide them with fortress balance sheets so they could not fail. We all know how that worked out!

A word to the wise, extending loans is an inherently risky business and no Harvard lawyer is going to be able to make that risk go away. Financial institutions have been failing forever. Get used to it. How does taking away the fixed pice value of a money market mutual fund make them safer?

Global Markets News
Livingston nh 17:32 GMT 07/23/2014
jp - IMF (like most) base their GDP figs on "real" (post inflation) estimates -- nominal is the more important - BUT since the US deflator does not exclude food and energy it is usually the place where inflation shows first (used to be the Fed's preferred and then CPI, and now PCE excluding everything) // rule of thumb q/q GDP deflator ~ 60% of CPI so "real" Q2 could be held down by even the "soft CPI" that analysts are calling yesterday's fig

The Fix is in
dc CB 17:28 GMT 07/23/2014
Regulators have voted by a narrow margin to end a longtime staple of the investment industry — the fixed $1 share price for money-market mutual funds — at least for some money funds used by big investors.

The idea is to minimize the risk of a mass withdrawal from the funds during a financial panic.

The Securities and Exchange Commission also is letting money funds block withdrawals when their assets fall below certain levels or impose fees for withdrawals.

The SEC action "will reduce the risk of runs in money-market funds and provide important new tools that will help further protect investors and the financial system in a crisis," SEC Chair Mary Jo White said.

Daniel Gallagher, a Republican SEC commissioner, said the regulators' action puts the industry and investors on notice that there won't be a government rescue of money-market funds.

"We are taking action to correct any impression of a federal backstop," Gallagher said. The SEC "can't bail out any firm or product."

S.E.C. Votes to End Fixed Share Price for Some Money Funds

Risk On/Off Heat Map
GVI Forex john 17:14 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
10-yr 2.451% -3ps on the day. Looks like continued political risk and a failure of the DJIA to hold onto early gains giving the 10-yr a bid.

Global Markets News
nw kw 16:40 GMT 07/23/2014
rand aud rush. are strong ?

but usa is so down it can snap back

GVI Forex john 16:39 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
extends ban on U.S. flights to israel for another 24 hours. Flights in the air yesterday were diverted to other destinations. The ban could be lifted at any time.

Global Markets News
Mtl JP 16:32 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
I am not holding my breath for the depth and breadth of Lady Ashton's delivery of her "extended Russian sanctions" tomorrow.

Global Markets News
Mtl JP 16:26 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
reminder: aud is fiat
accessible physical Gold is everything as, for example, French King Charles VII found out when he was fighting the English.

IF it had not been for the "persuasive skills" of his mistress Agnes Sorel to convince French "noblemen" to help out with payroll for his army, France today might have been speaking English.

Global Markets News
Mtl JP 16:18 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
IMF snips U.S. 2014 growth forecast to 1.7 percent
Wed, 23rd Jul 2014 16:30

WASHINGTON, July 23 (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday said it expects the U.S. economy to grow even more slowly this year than it predicted a month ago due to weakness in the first quarter.

The IMF said the world's largest economy should grow 1.7 percent in 2014, below its June prediction of 2 percent growth. .../..

Global Markets News
nw kw 16:17 GMT 07/23/2014
JP it cant lift his big head//audgold spread increased to 25 from 10 aud strength will not stall

Risk On/Off Heat Map
GVI Forex john 16:09 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile

Into the European close, traders find themselves in a mixed risk position. Equities are still mostly higher but they are off peak levels. Word two Ukrainian jets were shot down earlier has seen yields on fixed income instruments fall.

  • Yields in prime Eurozone fixed income markets have broadly eased again  after having fallen sharply last week .Yields on the European periphery are mostly lower. .EZ 10-yr 1.15%, -3bp.
  • The U.K.10-yr gilt  yield is 2.56%  -3bp. A +25bp BOE rate hike is still expected by yearend, but will be future data-Dependant..
  • U.S.10-yr  yield  is 2.46%,  -1bp.
  • Equities closed mostly higher in the Far East. Bourses in Europe are ending up. U.S. shares are mixed.

    The heat map color scheme of interest rates reflects yields. This aligns all the colors in the chart to reflect risk-on (green) and risk-off(red).

Global Markets News
Mtl JP 16:07 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
sofar Vlad has not demanded payment in physical Gold for supplies of crude / nat gas from the gang that Lady Ashton thinks she represents. Vlad's Antonov 225 can lift +/- 250 tons

Global Markets News
Paris ib 16:05 GMT 07/23/2014
It's an open question IF there will in fact be 'more sanctions' placed on Russia. Or indeed if the basis for such demands are sound.

Global Markets News
NY JM 16:00 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Geopolitical concerns are a weight on the EUR => more sanctions would have potential for a greater impact on Europe, especially Germany due to the trade relationship with Russia.

Global Markets News
Paris ib 15:35 GMT 07/23/2014
"The situation in eastern Ukraine remains very tense this morning."

Indeed. There is a civil war underway.

Global Markets News
GVI Forex Blog 15:28 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
The situation in eastern Ukraine remains very tense this morning. Two more Ukrainian fighter jets have been shot down by the rebels, possibly from locations inside of Russia. Meanwhile there have been reports of Russian military exercises on Ukraine's northern border and of an emergency Duma meeting. Ukraine press sources suggest that Putin will instruct the Duma to demand an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine US Market Update: S&P500 Poised Just Shy of All-Time Highs

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:16 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Gotin, check your email

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Plovdiv Gotin 15:14 GMT 07/23/2014
BTW 1.3475 is the weakest sup in the area 1.34/1.35 leading to 1.3304(-171 pips)....1875.

Risk On/Off Heat Map
GVI Forex john 15:14 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
10-yr 2.460%-2bp after worries about the shoot-down of two Ukrainian jets fade. Equities are mixed and EURUSD is holding.

Calendar -- Daily Forex Data News
GVI Forex john 14:43 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Note Thursday has an exceptionally heavy data calendar.

GVI Forex Blog 14:41 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
July 23, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, July 24. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: NZ- RBNZ, JP- CPI, flash PMI, CN- flash HSBC PMI, FR, DE, EZ- flash PMIs. GB- Retail Sales, US- Weekly Jobless, flash PMI, New Homes Sales

GVI Forex Data Outlook for July 24, 2014

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
NY JM 14:39 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Sub-1.3475 maintains yesterday's breakout. 18 pip EURUSD range so far today.

Calendar -- Daily Forex Data News
GVI Forex john 14:38 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile

July 23, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, July 24. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: NZ- RBNZ, JP- CPI, flash PMI, CN- flash HSBC PMI, FR, DE, EZ- flash PMIs. GB- Retail Sales, US- Weekly Jobless, flash PMI, New Homes Sales
  • Far East: NZ- RBNZ, JP- CPI, flash PMI, CN- flash HSBC PMI.
  • Europe: FR, DE, EZ- flash PMIs. GB- Retail Sales.
  • North America: US- Weekly Jobless, flash PMI, New Homes Sales, Natural Gas.

US EIA Weekly Inventories
GVI Forex john 14:32 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile

Crude Oil: -3.970 vs. -2.500 exp vs. -7.500 prev.
Gasoline: +1.400 vs. +1.5 exp vs. +0.017 prev.
Distillates: +1.600 vs. +2.0 exp vs. +2.530 prev.
Cap/Util: 93.80% vs. 93.60% exp vs. 93.80% prev.
Weekly Petroleum Status Report

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Global Markets News
Paris ib 14:32 GMT 07/23/2014
New record high on the S and P - WWIII appears to be delayed.

Global Markets News
Paris ib 14:24 GMT 07/23/2014
I would expect nothing less for the European chinless deviant. While the Anglo-Saxon press has been frothing at the mouth about this incident (even though the U.K. continues to sell arms to Russia) the response on the continent is slightly less hysterical. After all there is money involved here, business with Russia is not peanuts. In addition, the Russians have started to provide evidence that contradicts the 'social media' based evidence that the United States has been promoting around the place. I have no idea what is going on but I find the hysterical nature of the Anglo-Saxon press a little off putting to say the least. And then we have the dunce Tony Abbott putting his two cents in (which doesn't add to the credibility of those supporting the Kiev establishment).

Question: what happens if it turns out that Kiev based fighter jets downed the airline? Do we then have calls for sanctions against the United States?

Trial by Social Media

The whole thing is starting to look like a debacle.

The Malaysian Plane incident

Global Markets News
Mtl JP 14:09 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Lady Ashton is supposed to present "extended Russian sanctions".
On Thursday.

July 2014 EZ Consumer Confidence prelim
GVI Forex john 14:00 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile

-8.4 vs. -7.5 vs. -7.4 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Direct links to primary data sources

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Mtl JP 13:51 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Gotin 13:46 until it happens it is a theoretical possibility

United Kingdom 2y vs BOE repo rate and GBPUSD
GVI Forex john 13:49 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
The chart below is based on daily information. The two year does not move much over the day. The EURUSD pair moves generally in the direction of the 2-yr, but it is not as sensitive to short-term swings.

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Plovdiv Gotin 13:46 GMT 07/23/2014
JP/ And if 1.3370 not hold....1.3295 right?

United Kingdom 2y vs BOE repo rate and GBPUSD
GVI Forex john 13:46 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Fundamentals for Trading. EXCLUSIVE CHART: 2y vs BOE refi rate and GBPUSD. 2y vs, BOE Repo Rate. 2yr is where the market is pricing where the Official target rate will AVERAGE over the next two years. The GBPUSD is reacting to the latest correction downward In UK rates.

These relationships tell you what you need to know about the GBPUSD. It will be increasingly sensitive

to U.K. economic data as the year wears 0n.

Mtl JP 13:44 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
why not look at the gv chartpoints brother (sister) ?
Res 3 0.9485
Pivot 0.9391

hk at 13:37 GMT 07/23/2014
Can someone suggest a resistance?

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
NY JM 13:35 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
That assumes 1.3475 holds on top.

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Plovdiv Gotin 13:21 GMT 07/23/2014

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Mtl JP 13:18 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Gotin - on short-term while under the Pivot, bias is down and some targets are:
Pivot 1.3486
Sup 1 1.3441
Sup 2 1.3415
Sup 3 1.3370

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Plovdiv Gotin 13:18 GMT 07/23/2014
o.k. understood. Somebody else, pls?TIA.

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:15 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Gotin, they are my video.

Risk On/Off Heat Map
GVI Forex john 13:12 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
10-yr 2.451%-3bp

Looks like risk-off but equites are higher. Mixed messages

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Plovdiv Gotin 13:10 GMT 07/23/2014
will U post some figures?

Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:06 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
I offered today's video - covers key levels and targets.

Request the Video

eur/usd Hi
Plovdiv Gotin 13:04 GMT 07/23/2014
What is the target from Hi=1.3475?tia.

May 2014 Canada: Retail Sales
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:01 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
It would be a lot more fun if the market reacted to these events.

May 2014 Canada: Retail Sales
sd sf 12:51 GMT 07/23/2014
the new plane/s shoot down probably takes all the speculation out of the market... now just some position adjustment.

May 2014 Canada: Retail Sales
GVI Forex john 12:37 GMT 07/23/2014  - My Profile
Canada: Retail Sales mixed. Prior data revised higher. CAD steady.

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