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01/09/15 7:30 A CH PMI con: 49.8 pre: 48.7
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Tuesday's Trading Thread
Provo John 02:51 GMT 09/01/2015  - My Profile
Entry: 1.1266 Target: Open Stop: Above high

Well, taking a short term trade most likely just for the Asian session. With the poor Chinese data and Shanghai flirting with the psychological 3000 level again I am not sure how much I can get out of this. If there is more eur/cny unwinding then my trade is toast.

Also, as month end is over perhaps new euro shorts will be taken on.

Tuesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex 00:11 GMT 09/01/2015  - My Profile
Tuesday starting off where August left off, which is in a risk off mode with S&P lower.

Global-View Trading Technologies
Pasig evan 00:04 GMT 09/01/2015
Data provided was 6/30/2015

Livingston nh 22:17 GMT 08/31/2015
The Yuan may be moved back towards 6.50 BEFORE the Fed moves, maybe before the NFP -- it might be bad form to be seen moving the rate after a change in the status quo

Max McKegg's FX Forecast - USD/CHF Rallying toward .9760/.9800
GVI Forex Blog 21:31 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile

The Dollar’s price action over the past 5 months continues to trade within the confines of broad, contracting Triangle consolidation (refer Daily Chart below)

Max McKegg's FX Forecast - USD/CHF – Rallying toward .9760/.9800

Tuesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 20:55 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
Tuesday is the first day of the month and will see a slew of PMI reports from all over the globe. The Fed will be keeping a close eye on the U.S. PMIs for August. They are looking for a pretext to tighten policy.

I am expecting nothing from the RBA later..

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Blog 20:24 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Technologies

Monday's Trade
london red 20:20 GMT 08/31/2015
loonie. hourly channel running at 13080 up about a pip every hour. they are likely to buy initially even if its just to take profits. 12950/60 still stands as nxt multiday buy.

GVI Data Calendar for 1 September 2015
GVI Forex john bland 20:09 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile

August 31, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Tuesday, September 1, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: AU/CN/JP PMI's, AU- RBA meeting, DE- Employment, EZ/UK-PMIs, us- Construction Spending, PMIs, API Crude, CA- GDP, PMI
  • Far East: AU/ CN/JP PMI's, AU- RBA meeting
  • Europe: DE- Employment, EZ/UK-PMIs, EZ- Unemployment
  • North America: us- Construction Spending, PMIs, API Crude, CA- GDP, PMI

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 19:45 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Crude Oil Spikes Higher on a Number of Factors. Risk-Off into ECB And U.S. Jobs Data
dc CB 19:34 GMT 08/31/2015
Earlier today we were wondering how long it would take the big banks - many of whom are short the commodity - to jump in the path of the oil momentum train, and we didn't have long to wait for the answer.

Just before the NYMEX close, Bank of America revised its year end and 2016 oil forecasts lower, from $58 and $62 to $55 for 2015 and $61 for 2016. But the real downgrade came moments ago from Citi's Ed Morse who, together with Goldman, has been bearish on oil for a good part of the past year, just slammed today's crude breakout and doubled down on his double-dead cat skepticism, when he released a report titled "Another False Start…Time to Fade the Rally" whose punchline is that "Citi foresees that WTI and Brent prices should post another fresh leg lower—perhaps making new 2015 lows—before year-end."

Another False Start…Time to Fade the Rally

ISB XTR 19:32 GMT 08/31/2015
This played out like a champ..
GBPAUD 2 hr...

Think we surge some and then hit back lower.........

Monday's Trade
GVI Forex john bland 18:52 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
Equities selling off EURUSD slow to respond

Monday's Trade
nw kw 18:44 GMT 08/31/2015
short aud/cad see if ready to drop

Monday's Trade
nw kw 18:37 GMT 08/31/2015
short gbp/cad test/u/c needs stop hunt to go long

Tallinn viies 18:35 GMT 08/31/2015
sold brent at 54.07. will see

Crude Oil Spikes Higher on a Number of Factors. Risk-Off into ECB And U.S. Jobs Data
GVI Forex Blog 18:22 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile

31 AUGUST 2015, 08:55 GMT >> FOREX NEWS  >>, GB- Holiday>> DE- Retail Sales better than expected >> US- Chicago PMI in line  FOREX >> USD mixed,  EUR CROSSES: higher, COMMODITY CURRENCIES mixed >> EQUITIES: FAR EAST- mixed, EUROPE- mixed, U

Crude Oil Spikes Higher on a Number of Factors. Risk-Off into ECB And U.S. Jobs Data

Monday's Trade
london red 18:11 GMT 08/31/2015
plenty of seemingly uncorrelated moves not uncommon for an end of month day. not sure how far window dressing goes away from stox but some of that is poss. eurgbp monthly channel of broken downtrend is 7316, looks like they want to close it there. wti, business end 50% is still a buck and a half away (50.17), abv there its more than specs that will take note. if continues current rate then we get there today. below the 38.2 at 47.24 and we could be done. last months low is 46.69, so a close below there would be bearish despite the massive run up lately.

Monday's Trade
london red 17:13 GMT 08/31/2015
loonie not really wanting to play ball. its off highs and in the red but barely. theres a channel at 12950/60 they may want to visit if it snowballs. may need lower low to get some folk throwing in towel. not an overcrowded trade but was getting there. would fancy the long at the channel if seen as initial tgt 13262 was already met and needs to coil spring again before another burst higher.

Monday's Trade
GVI Forex john bland 17:06 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
Bubblevision citing comments by Russia, OPEC and others about concerns about energy prices as a catalyst today in crude.

ISB XTR 16:54 GMT 08/31/2015
NZD tanked out.. GA showering big love.
2.1520-3X supp; and if can break we can be on our way down to lower 2.14XX perhaps by 2moro..

EJ is slow pacer......... 136.50 be still good if can happen.. 136 it needs to take out now..

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:40 GMT 08/31/2015
nw kw 14:19 GMT August 24, 2015
Monday's Trading Thread: Reply
Dil might long oil

gust oil hear

Monday's Trade
hillegom purk 16:38 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
Take some water dude.

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:34 GMT 08/31/2015
three times since the first $10 price

we have oil f them usd gov pay back just tray to crush usd never again by by amacan pie

Monday's Trade
Livingston nh 16:31 GMT 08/31/2015
kw - the marginal OPEC members will start to blow up - Russia will force a break in sanctions // $10 a barrel - we have been there three times since the first $10 price

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:29 GMT 08/31/2015
oil looking at usd/mxn neat brick out what do you see/ soft usd poss

Monday's Trade
Livingston nh 16:28 GMT 08/31/2015
It is a supply issue (demand is fairly inelastic) w/i the entire energy complex -- Iran is back, do gooders may not like COAL but at a price buyers might, nat gas (even Hydrogen is getting a look again) // Producers w/ product in the ground are still happy to sell futures - they'll get paid and maybe make a profit // you just don't know when the producers are going to sell but I suspect the time is closer

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:27 GMT 08/31/2015
and dill thinks Im lucky no I trade like li

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:25 GMT 08/31/2015
nh- how much is oil In a war/ give them a gun think take on the world

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:22 GMT 08/31/2015
ecb long oil?

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:20 GMT 08/31/2015
more supply// same as nat gas war ?

Monday's Trade
GVI Forex john bland 16:18 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
nh- I agree 100% higher prices will only draw out more supply. As a trader I am primarily focused on the very short term. Most of the oil producers need money badly and they have plenty of supply to go.

On the other hand, its my impression that the oil markets are not the "cleanest" in the world...

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:17 GMT 08/31/2015
cad building upgraders converted Montreal in to exporter north and usd can drowned them with upgraders thy don't have /to bad for tem

Monday's Trade
Livingston nh 16:11 GMT 08/31/2015
The Fundamentals of oil can't carry the price high enough to save OPEC producers because the new supply comes on too quickly now -- the rallies will just get shallower and shorter

Monday's Trade
GVI Forex john bland 16:08 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
Click on the chart and you will see the WTI longs have been steady. Its the SHORTS who have been increasing.

Monday's Trade
london red 16:07 GMT 08/31/2015
50% of the drop is 50.17. usually they reassess at 50%, as they can turn into fresh signals of prevailing trend, so they should give it more than a passing thought.

Monday's Trade
GVI Forex john bland 16:06 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
COT data from Friday (actual data about a week old)...

Click on chart for COT Details

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:05 GMT 08/31/2015
Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 18:05 GMT 08/28/2015
unbalanced retail side way over crowded from oil if oil staked in back munts see shift in dow

Monday's Trade
GVI Forex john bland 16:03 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
WTI $47.59 +2.38. That's +5.0% on the day!

I wonder of this is an EOM phenomena?

Hedgers/speculators caught heavily short?

this market can be brutal

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:03 GMT 08/31/2015
what do you profit target, on going school shopping

Monday's Trade
nw kw 16:02 GMT 08/31/2015
47.24 38.2 rebound test for miner support see restart one at time

Monday's Trade
nw kw 15:54 GMT 08/31/2015
off shore big fish need to slam oil down to 35 force in land oil to seal to them so fight on big fish after buffet and Mr. o/ bet on o for oil up

Monday's Trade
london red 15:51 GMT 08/31/2015
wti. 47.24 38.2 rebound of fall from 60 to lows. Last months low was 46.69, we did only 46.9 before today. on a roll.

Monday's Trade
Livingston nh 15:47 GMT 08/31/2015
Maybe some rebalancing - FI yields giving up fear trade following stox // USD/JPY may be one to watch as yen shorts were blown out last week

Monday's Trade
nw kw 15:43 GMT 08/31/2015
oil pivot are you long

Monday's Trade
GVI Forex john bland 15:41 GMT 08/31/2015  - My Profile
WTI spiking higher again. Positive for STOX?

negative EURUSD??

Last 46.58.

Monday's Trade
london red 15:12 GMT 08/31/2015
price action into fix is a combination of dollar buying but a more common feature, eurgbp buying. this happens end of most month, not always but most. trade has had a knock on effect on cable, its down to right shoulder of inverse shs. now that fix buying done in eurgbp, that might be all we see here and cable forms the right shoulder.

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