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China's Foreign-Exchange Reserves Decline to $3.23 Trillion
'Sydney' 'ACC' 05:38 GMT 02/07/2016
China’s foreign-exchange reserves shrank to the smallest since 2012, indicating that the central bank sold dollars as the yuan’s retreat to a five-year low exacerbated depreciation pressure.
The world’s largest currency hoard declined by $99.5 billion in January to $3.23 trillion, according to a People’s Bank of China statement released on Sunday. The drop was less than a Bloomberg survey’s median estimate of a $120 billion loss.


My Monday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 04:10 GMT 02/07/2016  - My Profile
also due: FX reserves amount on the 8th

Four Highly Effective Trading Indicators Every Trader Should Know
Barlin 19:52 GMT 02/06/2016
Article Summary: When your forex trading adventure begins, you’ll likely be met with a swarm of different methods for trading. However, most trading opportunities can be easily identified with just one of four chart indicators.

My Monday Trades
GVI john 19:20 GMT 02/06/2016  - My Profile


8-Feb Monday
CN- Holiday
9-Feb Tuesday
CN- Holiday
10-Feb Wednesday
CN- Holiday
15:00 US- Yellen Testifies
11-Feb Thursday
CN- Holiday
JA- Holiday
13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
15:00 US- Yellen Testifies
12-Feb Friday
CN- Holiday
13:30 US- Retail Sales
15:00 US- University of Michigan (prelim)

Yellen Testimony Critical
'dc' 'CB' 18:36 GMT 02/06/2016
IF: Gold/Silver DOSEN'T get wacked this week --- as it has been for years like clockwork -- whenever Yellen appears for the Humphrey Hawkins and there is a simutaneous 10Y and 30Y Auction,

THEN: The game has really changed in that the CBs have Lost "HAND"

Yellen Testimony Critical
'dc' 'CB' 18:28 GMT 02/06/2016

Heard Wed or Thur...the future is Now!!

No Comment.
I plead the 5th.
You'll be sorry, really really really sorry if you decide to mess with the FED.

Fun with Covers
'dc' 'CB' 17:43 GMT 02/06/2016
not your average Panic Screamer, on one of the Most Panic Screaming sites on the Net.

20+ -year Barron’s Roundtable panelist, Felix Zulauf -
This year RT pt 2 Barron's 2 weeks ago. intv play

I always joke that Deutsche Bank has the right name because it will eventually be owned by the German public. I think several banks could eventually be nationalized because otherwise they will not survive, or the risk of not surviving and taking down the system is too big…

Felix Zulauf

Fun with Covers
'dc' 'CB' 17:17 GMT 02/06/2016
Ruh Roh


Yellen Testimony Critical
GVI john 17:09 GMT 02/06/2016  - My Profile
I doubt Yelen would ever admit an error of that type until after she retires and writes her memoirs. Admitting an error is not going to promote confidence. She is still trying to dig out of a hole.

Yellen Testimony Critical
'Mtl' 'JP' 16:38 GMT 02/06/2016  - My Profile
john // Think Janet would ever admit that her raising rate was done while the economy and financial markets were already pulling back was and is her / her gang's mistake ?

In light of recent market tumult some of her minions were claiming the FEDs are not concerning themselves with market's oscillations.

How credible is that assertion? It does look like the market is digging in its heels and now is telling the FEDs what it wants done rather than genuflecting to its so-called guidance . How will the FED prevent losing face - i,e lose credibility - and prevent the market from doing what the market wants to do ?

HK RF@ 13:40 GMT 02/06/2016

Daily bearish key reversal.

Probably on the way back to 0.6450.
Paper gold can continue rising, but physical demand in the jewelry industry is minimal, and will decline more upon price rise.

Just to remember!: Gold is a; "Price rise with no backing fundamentals.

Now a clear manipulation by big traders, waiting close to weekend close, then placing a big demand on thinning volume.
An attempt to attract fleeing money from Stox on background of negative rates.

Probably to test 1184 Res.

Jpy seems to strengthen against most currencies!
HK RF@ 13:25 GMT 02/06/2016

Looks like currency of choice relative to others.

Yellen Testimony Critical
GVI Forex Blog 12:19 GMT 02/06/2016  - My Profile

John M. Bland, MBA, CTA


My view last week that the Fed was in the process of resetting its monetary policy appeared to have been accurate

Yellen Testimony Critical

Phhleeeze say it is soooo
'Mtl' 'JP' 04:44 GMT 02/06/2016  - My Profile
Just to be clear : I do not share neither the view nor the desire of the washpost headline

Phhleeeze say it is soooo
'Mtl' 'JP' 04:36 GMT 02/06/2016  - My Profile
European leaders losing patience with UK and minded to 'let British quit EU' - Irish Independent

European leaders are so exasperated with Britain's demands that they are privately saying "If the Brits want to leave, let them leave", the President of the European Parliament has said.

Cameron woos ‘unhappy’ EU leaders on deal to avert ‘Brexit’ - The Nation

Brexit campaign surges ahead with 9-point lead in first poll since David Cameron's EU deal as the PM kick-starts his Euro charm offensive in Poland and Denmark - dailymail

The U.K. leaving the European Union could mean the end of both of them - washpost

Very bullish
HK Kwun 02:04 GMT 02/06/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1152 Target: Stop: 1142

my target is hit, win big this time, who challenging me got kick out closed at 1173!!!

'Mtl' 'JP' 21:01 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
well well not much enthusiasm from the BTFD crowd but at least SnP did not finish at a NEW LoD if only close to it

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 20:49 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile


Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Commitment Of Traders Report
GVI Forex john bland 20:43 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile

Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP

Net EUR JPY COT Positions

Click on chart for EUR COT Details

Click on chart forJPY COT Details

Net GBP and CHF COT Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Net AUD and CAD COT Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details


Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: CAD, AUD, Gold, Oil

Net Crude, Gold, S&P and 10-yr Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

'Mtl' 'JP' 20:41 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
dc CB see /smell rape-a-loser coming on into the close ?

GVI Data Calendar for 8 February 2016
GVI Forex Blog 20:20 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile

February 5, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, February 8, 2016. Trading News Calendar

  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: No Major Data
  • North America: No Major Data

8-Feb Monday
CN- Holiday
9-Feb Tuesday
CN- Holiday
10-Feb Wednesday
CN- Holiday
15:00 US- Yellen Testifies
11-Feb Thursday
CN- Holiday
JA- Holiday
13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
15:00 US- Yellen Testifies
12-Feb Friday
CN- Holiday
13:30 US- Retail Sales
15:00 US- University of Michigan (prelim)

GVI Data Calendar for 8 February 2016

'Mtl' 'JP' 20:19 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile

snp w/40 mins left
often BtfD bargain hunt time

GVI Forex john bland 19:49 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile

US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
Total (inc gas) U.S.: 571 vs 619 (-48) prev
US (oil): 467 vs. 498 (-31) prev

Canada 242 vs. 231 (+11) prev

TTN: Live News Special Offer

'Mtl' 'JP' 19:47 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile

with the gap talk I got inspired - and loaded a GapDetector
this one is set to 5 pips or more just to see if it works but it can be set to any number on any instrument
all it needs next is to play a sound alrt / send an e-mail

'Mtl' 'JP' 19:47 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile

with the gap talk I got inspired - and loaded a GapDetector
this one is set to 5 pips or more just to see if it works but it can be set to any number on any instrument
all it needs next is to play a sound alrt / send an e-mail

london red 19:32 GMT 02/05/2016
JP i dont mine data do backtesting but i notice that during regular trading hours get filled in a quick enough time frame to allow you decent r/r. sooner or later gap will be filled as they all do given time but realistically id say while above 1870 cash or last wks cash low 1858 holds youd expect it next wk (weekly chart is constructive for a st bottom for 1970/80). of course thats why i always suggest using calls to play this rather than futures as you dont need to worry about the drawdown so to speak. i bought 1900 calls today a couple points under the fig so while its gone much further down im just a few points down on the trade. some things dont go below zero ;)

'Livingston' 'nh' 18:49 GMT 02/05/2016
Jp- c'mon Hudson Bay Citrus Plantation

'Mtl' 'JP' 18:48 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
nh sorry about your pal :-(
better to leave that shovel alone - sun takes care
I am on the 45th parallel my yard is green
HAIL global warming

'Mtl' 'JP' 18:44 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
red u thinking in what time frame / gap stretch for it to fill ? - tia
for spot I like opening gaps bigger than 20 pips wide when they stretch to 50+ usually a very decent play opp

'Livingston' 'nh' 18:40 GMT 02/05/2016
Broker chart is on trade computer (only access computer - noemail or other) - I use bigcharts 'causei t's clean but today my reg comms computer is off limits to me (she who must be obeyed forbids)

so trying to post on piece of ____ tablet after shoveling driveway and awiting family assembleage

my pal and neighbor died

My Friday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 18:35 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
gbpdlr 20 day 1.4468
currently arguing abot close

london red 18:33 GMT 02/05/2016
if u chart the index during trading hours (not futures) the gap nh is talking about is there. those usually get filled in a sideways mkt like this.

'Mtl' 'JP' 18:30 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile

tks / intersting
my dealer chart shows no gap
one is wrong

'dc' 'CB' 18:25 GMT 02/05/2016
'Mtl' 'JP' 17:16
if U want full on propaganda direct from The WH's Econimic Advisor.
watch this clip Jason Furman on the Jobs Number

ZH links to CNCB vid

EURUSD ready for big move
Pasig evan 18:25 GMT 02/05/2016
Entry: Target: Stop:

Targeting 140 and even 149 limit, good luck!

'Livingston' 'nh' 18:21 GMT 02/05/2016
15 min chart shows gap - I'm callson spx 1920 // pos tablet fit for a 6 yr old finger keys

'Livingston' 'nh' 18:19 GMT 02/05/2016

JP - away fro mr eg computer - see if above pic works

'Mtl' 'JP' 18:01 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
nh my chart shows no big gap still @~1935-40
how r u playing it ? if

'Livingston' 'nh' 17:48 GMT 02/05/2016
so far lunchtime rally too feeble -- dow still outperforming SPX (NDX FANGS bashed - CB)

big gap still @~1935-40

JPY, CNY and bad times
Livingston nh 17:42 GMT 02/05/2016
dil -sorry about delayed response -- my point about money going home is the Japanese have money coming home while in China the outflows represent money going home -- the two are customers and competitors

**Based on today's US trade figs we are still doing our best to support China

'Mtl' 'JP' 17:16 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
'dc' 'CB' 17:05 / re media
exactly my point: stokman not revolutionary in its propaganda use

EURUSD ready for big move
'Mtl' 'JP' 17:09 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
'Chennai' 'VM' The headwinds in the global economy are
1 - bankers holding more debt and hopped-for interest collectible than the economy's cashflow
2 - bankers' inability to peddle more new additional loans / debt
That is why you are seeing them make all sorts of unconventional statements and actions

'dc' 'CB' 17:05 GMT 02/05/2016
ps, when Stockman was in the Reagan admin, I pretty much thot he was an Ahole...funny how now all these Ex Reagonites have become "radical critics".

Another one is Paul Craig Robertsm, who wears his experience in Reagan's treasury as Red Badge of Courage...and he was at the WSJ too....but I guess it pays the bills...and if it weren't for the internet u'd never read/see/hear anything critical...the way the "media" is owned these days.

'dc' 'CB' 16:59 GMT 02/05/2016
I thot u might like his take on Brainard

EURUSD ready for big move
'Chennai' 'VM' 16:56 GMT 02/05/2016
The headwinds in the global economy are obvious and they have been well publicized in the media. Stock markets have been mostly volatile with a slowdown in China and a drop in commodity prices everywhere.
Interest rate projections in the U.S. are likely to be very optimistic according to several analysts.

'Mtl' 'JP' 16:53 GMT 02/05/2016  - My Profile
'dc' 'CB' 15:15 / Stockman is similar to the forum's Paris ib:
too intellectual but without a practical plan of and in action
probably more suitable for a salary job at an NGO or the UN
Revolutions require money, weapons and ruthless psychopath
and victims (aka heros)

EURUSD ready for big move
Pasig evan 16:48 GMT 02/05/2016
Entry: Target: Stop:

Think buying Euro/Yen around 130 have good upside potential.

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