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24/04/14 9:00 EZ Draghi con: n/a pre: n/a
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Paris ib 08:46 GMT 04/24/2014
Doesn't matter what is happening in reality with prices, inflation is whatever the authorities decide it is. This is sooooooo ex Soviet Union.

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GVI Forex Jay Meisler 08:45 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
EIRUSD levels to watch as market awaits Draghi speech



German IFO Data Beats. Draghi Speaks Shortly. U.S. Data Due
GVI Forex Blog 08:41 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
HIGH IMPACT NEWS ITEMS: US- Durable Goods, Weekly Jobless

The key German IFO Survey saw a better than expected performance in its headline Business Climate Index. The other indices saw mixed results. The EUR has rallied on the report. German data recently have been positive and do not ague in favor of ECB policy ease.Be sure to refer daily to the Global-View Economic Calendar For key items (actual data, selected charts, etc.) as they are released.

German IFO Data Beats. Draghi Speaks Shortly. U.S. Data Due

Paris ib 08:40 GMT 04/24/2014
Got a taxi the other day in Monaco. Price increase: 50% in one hit. If prices are falling I haven't seen it yet.

Fixed Income Snapshot
GVI Forex john 08:26 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
Early in European trading hours, prices in prime fixed income markets are weaker after European equities got off to a stronger start following the post-closing rally in U.S. shares on FB and aapl earnings data. The peripheral European bond prices are mostly weaker. Equity markets in the Far East closed once again. U.S. equity futures are higher. The U.S. 10-yr is 2.71% +3bp.

How to Trade in a Low Volatility Market
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 08:12 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
I wrote this article this week and it is suggested reading as it gives some practical hints on trading in the current environment.

How to Trade in a Low Volatility Market

April 2014 German IFO Survey
GVI Forex john 08:10 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile

German Ifo data: Headline Business Sentiment a beat. Generally, another strong German report. EURUSD higher.

eu pat 08:09 GMT 04/24/2014
Italy Trade Balance non-EU (Mar) was splendid a minute ago...It looks not important data but market it watche closely ( especially south )...Everythinkg is in Draghis hands)))

April 2014 German IFO Survey
GVI Forex john 08:00 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile

Climate: 111.3 vs. 110.5 exp. vs. 110.7 prev.
Conditions:115.3 vs. 115.7 exp. vs. 115.2 prev.
Expectations: 107.3 vs. 105.9 exp. vs. 106.4 prev.

IFO Climate Survey

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Direct links to primary data sources

eu pat 07:51 GMT 04/24/2014

There is news that U.S company GE will buy France company Alstom ...Price is 13 bilions, They will change usd to eur...It lifted eur/usd.

TA looks good as well, next IFO (better?) and then U.S PMI (worse?)...I think Draghi will not say something important .

PAR 07:47 GMT 04/24/2014
And consumers are definitely seeing higher prices at the grocery store. 24/7 Wall St. compiled the top-10 fastest-rising food prices from January 2010 to March 2014.

Bacon +53%

Ground Beef +35%

Oranges +35%

Coffee +31%

Peanut Butter +30%

Margarine +30%

Wine +25%

Turkey +24%

Chicken +22%

Grapefruit +22%;_ylt=AwrBJR_JwFhTuhMA6IWTmYlQ

Next; German IFO
GVI Forex 07:44 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
Following yesterday’s stronger-than-expected ‘flash’ German PMIs, today’s IFO business survey will provide another assessment of business conditions in Germany. While the IFO and manufacturing PMI usually move together over the medium term, the short-term correlation is not always as tight. With other data, including elements of last week’s ZEW survey, pointing to some moderation in sentiment, we look for a modest drop in the business climate index in April to 110.5 from 110.7. Yet this would still be consistent with ongoing gradual recovery across the region. However, the pick-up in PMIs this month raises some upside risks.

Lloyds Bank Daily Economic Outlook

AceTrader April 24: Daily Outlook on Minor- NZD/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 07:26 GMT 04/24/2014
24 Apr 2014 05:11GMT

Kiwi's intra-day rally from 0.8580 to 0.8638 after
RBNZ's expected rate hike signals the 1st leg of
correction from 0.8746 has ended at 0.8556 on Mon.

Reckon 0.8673 (61.8% r) would cap upside and yield
retreat. Sell for 0.8585 but 0.8575/80 would hold.

STRATEGY : Sell at 0.8660

OBJECTIVE : 0.8585

STOP-LOSS : 0.8698

RES : 0.8649/0.8673/0.8707

SUP : 0.8605/0.8566/0.8556

Australia Dollar Avoids Sinkhole for Now -- Market Talk
Syd 07:19 GMT 04/24/2014
The Australia dollar, which fell sharply Wednesday after below-expectations consumer inflation data, has so far avoided falling into the Bollinger downtrend channel that could trigger more weakness in the near term. The Aussie needs to keep its head above 0.9262 to avoid the sinkhole of the bearish technical signal on the daily chart. If the 0.9262 support level holds up, AUD/USD could range between 0.9262-0.9321 in the near term. On the horizon next week, there is a chance that the U.S. dollar could get a boost and thereby send AUD/USD lower. The market may be factoring in the likelihood of a strong U.S. jobs report, which would boost expectations for an earlier U.S. interest rate hike and thereby lift the dollar. AUD/USD is now 0.9296 versus its Wednesday close of 0.9289.

New signal on Eur/Usd
London 07:16 GMT 04/24/2014
Entry: 1.38230 Target: 1.3965 Stop: 1.3695

EUR/USD hit the resistance of 1.3850 (R1) and then retreated. The pair continues its sideways path between the support of 1.3790 (S1) and the aforementioned resistance, thus I still see a neutral short-term picture. Both the moving averages are pointing sideways, while both the RSI and the MACD lie near their neutral levels, confirming the non-trending phase of the price action. A clear dip below the support of 1.3790 (S1) may have larger bearish implications and target the lows of 1.3695 (S2). On the upside, a clear move above 1.3850 (R1) could probably challenge the resistance bar of 1.3900 (R2).

Support: 1.3790 (S1), 1.3695 (S2), 1.3650 (S3).
Resistance: 1.3850 (R1), 1.3900 (R2), 1.3965 (R3)

Posted with permission of

autotrade forex signals

When the army refuses to fight, some one must do the dirty job.
HK RF@ 04:48 GMT 04/24/2014

Ukraine’s far-right leader moves HQ to the East, forms new squadron

Ukrainian radical neo-fascist Right Sector group has moved its main headquarters from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk to “closely monitor” the developments in the east, its leader said, announcing the formation of yet another paramilitary squadron in Ukraine.

“I moved my headquarters to Dnepropetrovsk. The purpose is to prevent the spread of the Kremlin infection,” Ukrainian presidential candidate and Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh announced at a press conference in Dnepropetrovsk.

He says the vital industrial city in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk provides a better platform to observe the situation in Donbass where pro-federalization protests are flourishing, after the coup in Kiev.

Yarosh, placed by Russia on an international most wanted terrorist list, also announced that he started forming a special squad of fighters called “Donbass.”

“We coordinate all of our actions with the leadership of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security service of Ukraine,” Yarosh said.

Local media reports that the unit will comprise about 800 fighters. Any military trained adults could volunteer to join the unit, as long as they meet the requirements.

The move follows a similar announcement in Dnepropetrovsk region, whose Kiev-appointed governor and oligarch Igor Kolomoysky recently formed a special battalion “Dnepr” formed of “local patriots of Ukraine.”
In response to Yarosh's announcement, the mayor of Slovyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev told Gazeta that formation of such a battalion “could lead to a fratricidal war.”

The leader of the Ukrainian radical group, Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh, was placed on an international wanted list in March and charged with inciting terrorism.

US gov spending - Drop!
Cbj Jake 04:28 GMT 04/24/2014
US Fed Gov - deepest spending drop, as share of national income, since WW2.(AEP)

GVI Forex Blog 04:15 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
LEADING ECONOMIC INDEX M/M: 1.2% V 0.9% PRIOR (4-month high) - (KR) SOUTH KOREA Q1 PRELIM GDP Q/Q: 0.9% V 0.8%E; Y/Y: 3.9% V 3.8%E - (KR) SOUTH KOREA Q1 FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) Y/Y: +49.1% V - Asian Market Update: RBNZ hikes rates as expected, raises GDP forecast; Tech titans Facebook, Apple, TI rally on strong earnings - Source

Which Way Ahead For The Australian Dollar?
Syd 03:42 GMT 04/24/2014
Analysts have some mixed views on the Australian dollar's outlook


AceTrader Apr 24: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views USD/JPY, NZD/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 02:57 GMT 04/24/2014
24 Apr 2014 02:14GMT

NZD/USD - 0.8630 ... New Zealand's central bank raised its benchmark cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.00 percent earlier today, as widely expected.
RBNZ said there would be further increases to keep on top of inflation pressures in the strongly-growing economy.

New Zealand dollar strengthened to as high as 0.8638 after hawkish statement by Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler.

24 Apr 2014 01:57GMT

USD/JPY - 102.45 ... Although the greenback has staged a rebound to 102.57 in Australian morning today after yesterday's cross-inspired retreat from 102.69 to 102.17 (Europe), renewed selling below 102.55/60 capped dlr's upside n more offers are tipped at 102.65/70 with stops only seen above 102.75.
Nikkei-225 index pared some of early losses n currently dropped by 16 points to 14530.

Trading is likely to be thin today as investors are waiting for Friday's release of Tokyo CPI data, the first reading after the sales tax increase.
Besides, BOJ board members will set policy on April 30, when they will release their latest forecasts on inflation and economic growth.

Forex News
nw kw 01:25 GMT 04/24/2014
Kiwi rallies after RBNZ signals more rate hikes ahead

last week it had a bad print pos from last hike so he is going to crush it faster

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GVI Forex Jay Meisler 01:09 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
Two scenario

1) Draghi comments on current market which in this case means he will be dovish

2) Draghi sticks to topic and doesn't comment on the current situation which disappoints the EUR bears

Your Best Trade Today
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 00:53 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
Next key event risk

German IFO then Draghi speech

Market will be quiet until then.

Meanwhile this can be a great thread if you post trading ideas, your bias or just your view on the market .

But to make it work we need your participation.

So don't be shy. Step up and post.

Forex News
GVI Forex Blog 00:15 GMT 04/24/2014  - My Profile
* Kiwi rallies after RBNZ signals more rate hikes ahead

* Other major currencies remain stubbornly subdued

* Euro awaits speech by head of ECB

FOREX-Kiwi flies on hawkish RBNZ, euro eyes ECB speech

syd sf 23:56 GMT 04/23/2014
I can see $yen heading up to 75/78 in Asia today

downside probably solid at 35/38 for a bullish up move.

euryen as well to that 90-00 resistance point.

the only currency that seems to need any hedging - is the Aud.

euro I can understand there maybe some people about worried about Draghi - but the guy had not done anything to upset anyone drastically ... so moves maybe pretty muted there.

Draghi speaks on Thursday
GVI Forex 23:50 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Event: Keynote speech by the President at the conference "De Nederlandsche Bank 200 years: central banking in the next two decades" organised by De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Time: 11 a.m. CET

CET = GMT + 2 hours

Your Best Trade Today
GVI Forex john 21:29 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Note S&P e-mini futures gapped higher on FB and has been supported by aapl. Higher S&P futures have been supportive of a higher USDJPY. The correlation trade keeps on working.

DJ futures are up as well (+40pts). Not surprising. Higher stox prices tend to be USD supportive.

I keep tapping on my screen because the EURUSD price seems to be stuck (1.3815 last.) Thursday sees the key German IFO Survey. German data have recently been fairly consistently positive, but the ECB does not want it any higher. Also another potential market mover could be Draghi's Speech tomorrow in Amsterdam. Odds are he will not comment of policy, but there is always a chance so be forewarned.

Calendar -- Daily Forex Data News
GVI Forex john 21:18 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile

April 23, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, April 24. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: DE- IFO, EZ- Draghi, US- Durable Goods, Weekly Jobless
  • Far East: No Major Data.
  • Europe: DE- IFO, EZ- Draghi, GB- CBi Distributive Trades.
  • North America: US- Durable Goods, Weekly Jobless, Natural Gas, 7-yr.

Your Best Trade Today
GVI Forex john 21:14 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Note RBNZ is using a rising exchange rate as a monetary policy tool...

"...The speed and extent to which the OCR will be raised will depend on economic data and our continuing assessment of emerging inflationary pressures, including the extent to which the high exchange rate leads to lower inflationary pressure...

Monetary policy is a critical element in what drives exchange rates.

April 2014 Reserve Bank of New Zealand
GVI Forex john 21:09 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Headline inflation is moderate, but inflationary pressures are increasing and are expected to continue doing so over the next two years. In this environment it is important that inflation expectations remain contained. To achieve this it is necessary to raise interest rates towards a level at which they are no longer adding to demand. The speed and extent to which the OCR will be raised will depend on economic data and our continuing assessment of emerging inflationary pressures, including the extent to which the high exchange rate leads to lower inflationary pressure.

By increasing the OCR as needed to keep future average inflation near the 2 percent target mid-point, the Bank is seeking to ensure that the economic expansion can be sustained...

from RBNZ Statement

Apple Magic Stox afterhours
dc CB 21:08 GMT 04/23/2014
the kicker


Apple Magic Stox afterhours
dc CB 21:03 GMT 04/23/2014
to the moon tomorrow?

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GVI Forex john 19:42 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Here we go again. We are seeing a EURUSD close of 1.3816. It looked like we were going to see a higher close earlier. Hard to believe.

Your Best Trade Today
Kaunas DP 19:40 GMT 04/23/2014
Entry: 1.3817 Target: 1.4320 Stop: 1.3717


time frame, - till SL or end of May 2014

Chart Points - Free FX Database
GVI Forex john 19:39 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

Chart Points -- Trading Points
GVI Forex john 19:27 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Pre-Closing Trading Points...
many more chart points
About Moving Averages
About Bollinger Bands

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GVI Forex Jay Meisler 19:25 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
... and EURUSD seems set to close again below 1.3820

Dismal U.S. Housing Data. Aus CPI soft. Mixed Flash PMIs for China, EZ and U.S.
GVI Forex Blog 19:17 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
HIGH IMPACT NEWS ITEMS: NZ- RBNZ, JP- CPI, DE- IFO, EZ- Draghi, US- Durable Goods, Weekly Jobless

Thursday features the major German IFO Survey results. U.K. Retail Sales data due Friday are always a key release. The final April University of Michigan Survey is also released on Friday. Next week will see a FOMC decision and the critical monthly U.S. employment reports.

Dismal U.S. Housing Data. Aus CPI soft. Mixed Flash PMIs for China, EZ and U.S.

Cambridge Joe 17:29 GMT 04/23/2014
USDX looking softer for the next several hours. IMO. GL

Fixed Income Snapshot
GVI Forex john 15:40 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Late in European trade, today has turned into a "risk-off" session which tends to favor the USD. Furthermore, The EURUSD is back at 1.3814 have been modest. Prices in prime fixed income markets are mostly higher as equities have fallen. The prices for the peripheral bond markets are higher.

European equities are closing lower. Far East equity markets closed mixed earlier. U.S. equities are down. The U.S. 10-yr was last 2.68%, -4 bp.

Your Best Trade Today
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:33 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
EURUSD is back into the 1.3790/00-20 7 day closing zone. See my video.

Global Markets News
GVI Forex Blog 15:23 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
New home sales tumbled to eight-month low in March, dropping 14.5% y/y. However the January and February totals were revised up 3% and 2%, respectively. Affordability is likely becoming a big factor for the market: US Market Update: Equities Pause after Six Up Sessions

GBPUSD 16759 confirmed
Amman wfakhoury 15:04 GMT 04/23/2014
16759 confirmed and will be reached.
any rise above 16801 will return to it

March 2014 U.S. New Home Sales
dc CB 15:04 GMT 04/23/2014
New Homes Sales have unexpectedly turned south. Unavailable mortgages, lack of Supply and affordability blamed

what no mention of the WEATHER???? LOL

Calendar -- Daily Forex Data News
GVI Forex john 15:03 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile

April 23, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, April 24. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: NZ- RBNZ, JP- CPI, Unemployment, DE- IFO, EZ- Draghi, US- Durable Goods, Weekly Jobless
  • Far East: NZ- RBNZ, JP- CPI, Unemployment.
  • Europe: DE- IFO, EZ- Draghi, GB- CBi Distributive Trades.
  • North America: US- Durable Goods, Weekly Jobless, Natural Gas, 7-yr.

Mr Wfakhoury
Amman wfakhoury 15:01 GMT 04/23/2014
EURUSD reached its high at 13855 ..we are heading down unless 1 hr bar closed above 13855 then 13880 will be seen.
if 1 hr bar closed below 13842 then first target 13825.
13825 reached
now the close of 1 hr bar above 13825 means 13842 is coming
the close below means 13795 is coming

Cambridge Joe 14:49 GMT 04/23/2014

Cambridge Joe 18:30 GMT April 22, 2014
Cable : Reply
Cable HOD in place. Now to travel South . 6800 / 6770 f0r starters.


6770 reached. Now some bounce . An SOB opportunity IMO. GL

US EIA Weekly Inventories
GVI Forex john 14:33 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile

Crude Oil: +3.520 vs. +2.500 exp vs. +10.000 prev.
Gasoline: +2.500 vs. -1.500 exp vs. +0.155 prev.
Distillates: +0.600 vs. -0.500 exp vs. -1.300 prev.
Cap/Util: 91.0% vs. 89.1%n/a exp vs. 88.80% prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

TTN: Live News Special Offer

March 2014 U.S. New Home Sales
GVI Forex john 14:16 GMT 04/23/2014  - My Profile
Sales of new single-family houses in March 2014 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 384,000, according to
estimates released jointly today by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This
is 14.5 percent (±12.9%) below the revised February rate of 449,000 and is 13.3 percent (±9.9%) below the March 2013
estimate of 443,000.

The median sales price of new houses sold in March 2014 was $290,000; the average sales price was $334,200. The seasonally adjusted estimate of new houses for sale at the end of March was 193,000. This represents a supply of 6.0 months at the current sales rate.

--U.S. Census Bureau

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