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12/02/16 15:00 B US Business Inventories con: 0.20% pre: -0.20%
12/02/16 15:00 A US prelim U of Mich con: 92.5 pre: 92
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My Friday Trades
GVI john 13:43 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Sentiment improving on solid data. Feeding on short-covering bias into weekend.

'Mtl' 'JP' 13:43 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
so lower energy costs are like tax kut
people blow the ekstra ash on teddy bears

more more lower oil !

Breaking News: U.S. Retail Sales Beat Estimates
GVI Forex Blog 13:40 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile

U.S. January Retail Sales Beat Estimates.

Breaking News: U.S. Retail Sales Beat Estimates

GVI john 13:33 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Retail Sales data better across the board.

GVI john 13:32 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
U.S. Import Prices January 2016
U.S. Data Charts

-1.10% vs. -1.50% exp. vs. -1.20% (r -1.10%) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI john 13:32 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
U.S. Advance Retail Sales January 2015
U.S. Data Charts

+0.20% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.10% (r +0.20%)

x-autos & gas +0.40% vs. +0.50% exp. vs. -0.30% (r.+0.10%)

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My Friday Trades
''''Singapore'''' ''''SGFXTrader'''' 13:17 GMT 02/12/2016
Thanks John for the sharing. Much appreciated.

Tips for you, USD going up i think!

GVI john 11:48 GMT 02/12/2016 - My Profile
I don't have their source but saw this on earlier

My Friday Trades
london red 12:22 GMT 02/12/2016
daily straddle euro yen about 55 and 60 pips respectively. so not much. i suspect they may bid usdjpy on dip to 112/11220 if retail sales a small miss. theres a good 11350 expiry which may draw later and you can build a nice straddle but taking on towards 112 and other side a bit higher up if draws. ready for any fireworks if 110.30 or 113.50/115 seen later.

My Friday Trades
london red 12:18 GMT 02/12/2016
intervention. if uncorodinated tends not to last more than a few hours or days if going against the trend/flows. however, as a last line of defence it may be required as a lesser evil than doing nothing. the CB intervening is naturally going to want to get biggest bang for buck and to hit speculators hardest...
back in the day the break between cme pit and globax left 45 min window to hit the market. today, friday, they can consider late US session when market is thinnest, many has clocked off. in the last hour they can do a lot of damage for relatively little money and technically "correct" some bad looking charts on the wkly close (115/116). do it earlier and they will fade, but that late on and everyone will be sent packing as nobody will hold lrg over long weekend and with china set to return.
ultimately you cant fight flows but if they want to slow things down and burn a few fingers, they can.

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 12:03 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
another 1/3 out from ~3917 long at ~4007 ... nasdag fut /NQ ... new stop ~ 3950

My Friday Trades
PAR 11:56 GMT 02/12/2016
Interest rates should be in line with GDP growth and not be used as a currency
manipulating tool. NIR should never be used
Power of central banks should be cut drastically.

My Friday Trades
GVI john 11:54 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
BTW- is a very reliable source for forex news as it happens.

Its a lot easier for traders to hear the news over a box while watching a chart and/or quotes over a screen.

My Friday Trades
GVI john 11:48 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
I don't have their source but saw this on earlier

"03:37 (JP) Japan ruling LDP party official Yamamoto: Japan needs to hold emergency economic summit and act in coordination with other central banks
-Japan should lead an international economic summit on market turbulence
-Japan should lead responsibility for global slowdown and market volatility
- Does not believe Abenomics is a failure.
**Yamamoto said to be one of the architects of Abenomics. - Source"

Also a number of other press comments out of Japan. When there is this much noise, something could be in the works. But the question arises, what can they do that will work? We could see some extreme volatility around any announcement. Whether it lasts or no might not matter to short-term traders.

My Friday Trades
'''Singapore''' '''SGFXTrader''' 11:33 GMT 02/12/2016
John can share the source?

My Friday Trades
HK RF@ 11:22 GMT 02/12/2016

1) If BOJ will try to intervene, it may help temporary.

2) If they will restore interest rates to zero. Yen will turn stronger.

3) If they will reduce interest rates lower, Stox will drop, and Yen will strengthen.

So what remain the most effective way?

Just keep on threatening action against Specs, but do nothing
(Or pray for general USD strength in the overall Mkt. to happen).

Like today price decline was arrested, just because of fear.

My Friday Trades
GVI john 11:03 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Warning there has been noise out of Tokyo about some sort of actions to contain the JPY. You never know if they are preparing to do something heading into next week, but they are obviously very concerned about the weakness of the Nikkei due to the strong JPY.

My Friday Trades
jkt abel 10:57 GMT 02/12/2016
would not be surprised to see occasional action by some funds to simulate BOJ

My Friday Trades
'GVI 'john 10:49 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
DAX +130
DJ +107
SP +15
Risk on or just pre-weekend position-squaring?
EURUSD to S&P (negative) was very close yesterday

US 1.682% +3.1bp
DE 0.210% +1.6
UK 1.345% +9.0
JA 0.830% +6.6
flight to safety demand for government bonds abating

wti $27.23 +1.02 ($27.77-23.96)
Is OPEC going to curtail production? I would not bet on it, but this is a political decision and therefore difficult to predict. Fundamental problem is that the cartel is no longer the swing producer.
-- correlation between oil and S&P yesterday was very tight.

EUR is broadly weaker on its crosses today. It is up only vs. the NZD. NZD is weaker vs. the USD as well.

cad/jpy LONGS longer term
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 10:29 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 19:50 GMT February 11, 2016
cad/jpy LONGS longer term: Reply
Right, another 1/4 out. 1/4 left. 80,01-80,62. Not bad, entries ok. last 1/4 at cost and trying to get more....
Last 1/4 out 80,01-80,96. Quit pair, nobody follows it, good for pips.

Did you short EURO? See you at 1.1450
'Singapore' 'SGFXTrader' 10:10 GMT 02/12/2016
Did anyone follow the call to short at 1.146-7x level?

Did you short EURO? See you at 1.1450
Singapore SGFXTrader 09:31 GMT 02/11/2016
Entry: Target: Stop:

Yes I have shorted Eurusd. Short now!

EXCLUSIVE: Eurozone 4Q15 GDP In Line With Estimates
GVI Forex Blog 10:10 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile

Eurozone 4Q15 GDP in line with forecasts.

EXCLUSIVE: Eurozone 4Q15 GDP In Line With Estimates

Yellen part II
Singapore SGFXTrader 10:08 GMT 02/12/2016
During Chinese New Year, we have the tradition of giving "Hong Bao" or Red packet. Did anyone follow my call yesterday to load USDJPY at the 111.x low level?

Yellen part II
''Singapore'' ''SGFXTrader'' 09:48 GMT 02/11/2016
fs and ib,

Yellen will save USD. Load now. Insider news!

'GVI 'john 10:03 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
EZ GDP in line, Big miss in industrial production.

GVI john 10:02 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Eurozone Industrial Output December 2015
EZ and German Charts

mm: -1.00% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. -0.70% (r -0.5%)prev.
yy: -1.30% vs. +0.70% exp. vs. +1.10% (r +1.40%)) prev.

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GVI john 10:00 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Eurozone GDP 4Q15
Global-VIew EZ and German Charts

Data News ALERT
qq: +0.30% vs +0.30% exp. vs. +0.30% (r ) prev.
yy:+1.50% vs. +1.50% exp. vs. +1.60% (r ) prev.

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Ma Barker is off the scene let's get down to it
'dc' 'CB' 09:45 GMT 02/12/2016
Gold---muppets....CNBC sed buy bu buy

Euro---Zeus is always early (deep pockets)


Ma Barker... Who the Fk knows...the Mary Barra of the FED --- cud go down in flames like Marissa Mayer....but way way way way less attractive...

Oh cud THIS make such a big mistake

Not Gammy Yellen

looks like 113 is not to be beaten
HK RF@ 09:32 GMT 02/12/2016

That's what the market makes us to believe(or not).

EXCLUSIVE: German GDP Mixed Vs. Forecasts
GVI Forex Blog 09:32 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile

EARLIER: German GDP mixed vs. forecasts.

EXCLUSIVE: German GDP Mixed Vs. Forecasts

SaaR KaL 09:27 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
only a few idiots would long it... learn from them and do the apposite.. :)

'GVI 'john 09:23 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
German GDP 4Q15

Earlier NEWS Release

yy: +1.30% vs. +1.40% exp vs. +1.70% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

CURRENT CONDITIONS: Mixed Markets Early in Europe
'GVI 'john 09:15 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Short-covering into the long weekend? Nikkei closes down and gains in European bourses at this hour are modest.

london red 09:10 GMT 02/12/2016
nothing major, some smalls around 113. they should buy dip 112/11220 with stops uner 11160. below there they will look for 11060/80 as nxt level to enter longs. euro will take cue from yen today. there is a small window of opportunity to do a lot of damage to spec jpy longs. a lot. if boj thinks hard, they can kill specs today, but im not sure they have the brains to do it. certainly i wouldnt expect any intervention this side of european close but i may be giving them too much credit.

bali sja 09:09 GMT 02/12/2016
sorry that was for usdjpy, looks like 113 is not to be beaten

bali sja 09:07 GMT 02/12/2016
still selling with 113 cap on

'Belgrade' 'Knez' 09:02 GMT 02/12/2016

london red

any worth mentioning expiry on EURUSD or GBPUSD please?

thank you.

Very bullish
Paris ib 08:56 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
" "China has a lot more gold than they declare," John LaForge, head of Wells Fargo's commodities team told CNN.

For the last six years Beijing has stayed secretive about its gold reserves. Last year the government finally revealed a nearly 60 percent growth in reserves since 2009. The country became the fifth largest holder of gold in the world, following the US, Germany, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Italy and France."

Gold Reserves

USD sell off PART II
Paris ib 08:34 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Looks like we are having a 'pause' day today.

USD sell off PART II
Paris ib 08:33 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
Don't know how I missed this but I did:

"According to the latest Fed data, after a drop of $12 billion in the first week of the year, another $34.5 billion in Treasuries held in custody was sold in the week ended January 13... the... most custody holdings "outflowing" start to the year in history."

The pundits are fixated on China but it could just as easily be Japan liquidating Treasury holdings.

Repatriation is part of the story

'Hillegom' 'Purk' 08:26 GMT 02/12/2016  - My Profile
It is called buy low, sell high.

PAR 08:08 GMT 02/12/2016
Crude oil up over 4 % . Thats ...INFLATION !

london red 08:05 GMT 02/12/2016
lrg expiry today at 11350 also prev sup 11328/33 now a res. expect a lot to fade there with stops over 115. wkly close below 115 confirms downside towards 110.3x

Correction today
HK Kwun 07:34 GMT 02/12/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1243 Target: Stop: 1253

sell now

The Hosers to the North
'dc' 'CB' 06:44 GMT 02/12/2016
ya there once was one

Obvious Criminal or Terrorist script

The Wilson

The Hosers to the North
'dc' 'CB' 06:42 GMT 02/12/2016
From the Still Embargoed FMOC 2015 meetings (leaked to someone by someone which we still can't put a Name on)

"The Canadian sell Gold Offer Botls n mice...will be studied, will that cost less than running the presses to ink all those Bens.

Who had the idea and When to eliminate the McKinley, the Franklin, the Madison, the Chase, the Wilson. "

I guess he's dead or retired in Hawaii Dammmm His grave


AceTrader Feb 12: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views- EUR/USD
Hong 06:32 GMT 02/12/2016
12 Feb 2016 03:10GMT

EUR/USD - ...... Euro pares yesterday's erratic rise to a fresh 3-1/2 month high of 1.1377 in New York session and retreated in Asian morning to 1.1302. Traders reported fairly good offers were noted at 1.1370/80, so intra-day retreat suggests choppy consolidation with downside bias is in store as market now test euro's downside and short-term specs may probe for euro's sup (stop hunting).

As a slew of important European data are due out, expect choppy price action after the release.
Pay attention to German inflation data at 07:00GMT and flash GDP, Italy will release GDP at 09:00GMT followed by EZ GDP and u=industrial production at 10:00GMT.

Offers are tipped at 1.1335/45 and more above with stops touted above 1.1400.
Some bids are noted at 1.1310-00 with some stops below there, more stops are touted below 1.1270.

The Hosers to the North
'dc' 'CB' 06:24 GMT 02/12/2016
In order to assuage the ill feelings generated by the selling off of OUR gold reserves the Government has issued the following statement.

Her Majesty's Government will distribute to each Canadian Citizen (Identity Proof of required-- 2 picture ID certified documents) 3 cases of empty beer bottles and 1 male and 3 female mice.

A manual and a link to an on-line video will be supplied with directions for the bottles and the mice.

More empty bottle cases plus pregnant female mice will be made available to each and every CitiZen who will take on a shovel and dig in the approproate areas as assigned.

Bob's yr Uncle

The Gold Sale Problem

bali sja 06:21 GMT 02/12/2016
RF@, it didnt work out last time, how can one expect the result to be different the second time?

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Verbal Intervention By Japan on JPY. Watching U.S. Retail Sales and Equity Closes into Long Weekend


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18-Feb Thursday
00:30 AU- Employment
13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
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19-Feb Friday
09:30 GB- Retail Sales
13:30 CA- Retail Sales
13:30 US/CA- CPI

CURRENT CONDITIONS: Mixed Risk Early In Europe

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EXCLUSIVE: Eurozone And German 4Q15 GDP In Line With Estimates

Yen on track for strongest week since late 2008, Japan steps up rhetoric --

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Asian shares slip as bank fears add to global gloom --

OPEC ready to cooperate on cut - UAE energy minister

Latest News On U.S. Presidential Primaries --

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