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28/11/14 10:00 A EZ FL HICP yy con: 0.30% pre: 0.40%
28/11/14 10:00 A EZ FL HICP core yy con: 0.70% pre: 0.70%
28/11/14 10:00 C EZ Unemployment % con: 11.50% pre: 11.50%
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EURUSD big drop
Amman wfakhoury 07:30 GMT 11/28/2014

The only one in the world who confirms the next level

EURUSD is ready to drop for 200-300 , if the price did not reach 12500 today ..if not reached change your buy into sell.

EURUSD big drop
gc sf 07:19 GMT 11/28/2014
I suppose the whole market boils down to one simple concept

if/when does $yen test 120

EURUSD big drop
Amman wfakhoury 06:32 GMT 11/28/2014
EURUSD is ready for big drop 200-300 pips...change buy into sell.

The only one in the world who confirms the next level

GVI Forex Blog 05:53 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
- (KR) South Korea Dec Business Survey Manufacturing: 75 v 74 Prior; Business Survey Non-Manufacturing: 70 v 67 Prior- (KR) SOUTH KOREA OCT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION M/M: -1.6% V 1.0%E ; Y/Y: -3.2% V -0.3 Asian Market Update: Shanghai Composite rallied to 40-month high; US Dollar stronger after OPEC decision toda - Source

Sydney ACC 04:53 GMT 11/28/2014
ANZ said fair value for the Australian dollar was about 79 US cents, down from 85.14 US cents

Read more:

EUR/JPY : Weekly Cycle Analysis
Melbourne Qindex 04:41 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

EUR/JPY : The weekly cycle pivot centres are positioning at 146.40 - 146.491 - 147.072.

... 141.933 - 142.678* - 143.422 - 143.794 // 144.167* - 144.539 - 144.911 - 145.283 - 145.656* - 146.028 - [146.400] - 146.772 - 147.145* - 147.517 - 147.889 - 148.261 - 148.634* // 149.006 - 149.378 - 150.123* - 150.867 ...

EUR/JPY : Monthly Cycle Charts

GBP/JPY : Weekly Cycle Analysis
Melbourne Qindex 04:39 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

GBP/JPY : The pivot centres are located at 183.342 - 184.286 - 185.244.

... 178.657 - 179.595* - 180.533 - 181.002 // 181.472* - 181.941 - 182.410 - 182.879 - 183.348* - 183.817 - [181.286] - 184.755 - 185.224 - 185.693 - 186.162 - 186.631 - 187.101* // 187.570 - 188.039 - 188.977* - 189.918 ...

GBP/JPY : Monthly Cycle Charts

CHF/JPY : Weekly Cycle Analysis
Melbourne Qindex 04:35 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

CHF/JPY : The pivot centers are positioning at 121.597 - 121.995 - 122.141.

... 119.145 - 119.644* - 120.144 - 120.393 // 120.643* - 1220.892 - 121.142 - 121.392 - 121.641* - 121.891 - [122.141] - 122.390 - 122.640* - 122.889 - 123.139 - 123.389 - 123.638* // 123.888 - 124.138 - 124.63* - 125.136 ...

CHF/JPY : Monthly Cycle Charts

USD/JPY : Weekly Cycle Analysis
Melbourne Qindex 04:32 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

USD/JPY : The privot centres are positioning at 116.781 - 117.274 - 118.045.

...113.796 - 114.376* - 114.955 - 115.245 // 115.535* - 115.825 - 116.115 - 116.405 - 116.694* - 116.984 - [117.274] - 117.564 - 117.854* - 118.144 - 118.433 - 118.723 - 119.023* // 119.303 - 119.593 - 120.172* - 120.752 ...

USD/JPY : Monthly Cycle Charts

Why we are all so cynical
dc CB 04:21 GMT 11/28/2014
happy thanksgiving Ya'll

stuff we all grew up watching

GVI Forex Blog 03:44 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
The falling Crude oil prices are good for equity markets, and the latest drop is yet to be factored

Morning Briefing : 28-Nov-2014 -0344 GMT

AceTrader Nov 28: Intra-Day News and Views (USD/JPY) & data to be released today
Hong Kong AceTrader 03:05 GMT 11/28/2014
Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
28 Nov 2014 02:41GMT

USD/JPY - ....... The greenback jumped above 118.00 level to 118.28 against the yen in Tokyo morning on Friday in reaction to rebound in the Nikkei after plunge in oil prices Thur when OPEC kept oil output unchanged (WTI crude oil price was last seen down $5.09 or 6.91% to $68.60, below $70.0 the first time since May 2010) which would benefit the Japanese economy as importer of energy.

As dlr's strong rebound from yesterday's low at 117.24 n the subsequent move back above 118.00 suggest correction from last Thursday's 7-year peak at 118.98 has ended there, buying dlr on dips is favoured as dlr may head towards 118.98 next week.

At present, bids are noted at 118.00-117.90 and around 117.70 with mixture of bids and stops located just below 117.50.
On the upside, offers are placed at 118.30-40 and then 118.50 with stops emerging further out 118.70.

Yesterday despite early brief dropped to an intra-day low of 117.25 in European morning due to the weakness in Nikkei-225 index which closed down by 135 points to 17249, The pair ratcheted higher on active short-covering anf rebounded to 117.79.

Friday will see the release of Japan's unemployment rate, CPI, prelimary industrial output, IP forecast, retails sales, New Zealand's NBNZ business outlook U.S. Gfk consumer confidence, Japan's construction orders, housing starts, Swiss KOF indicator, EU inflation and unemployment rate, Canada's GDP and producer prices.

Forex News
kl fs 02:26 GMT 11/28/2014
rf@, so usd all the way do you reckon?

EUR/USD : Critical Point 1.2348
Melbourne Qindex 02:23 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

EUR/USD : Weekly Cycle Analysis (Updated)

... 1.2067 - 1.2105* - 1.2143 - 1.2161 // 1.2180* - 1.2199 - 1.2218 - 1.2237 - 1.2256* - 1.2275 - [1.2293] - 1.2312 - 1.2331* - 1.2350 - 1.2369 - 1.2388 - 1.2407* // 1.2425 - 1.2444 - 1.2482* - 1.2520 ... 1.2557* - 1.2595 - 1.2633*


Melbourne Qindex 11:20 GMT November 26, 2014
EUR/USD : Critical Point 1.2348 : Reply
Entry: Target: Stop:

EUR/USD : The weekly cycle normal limits are positioning at 1.2520 - 1.2566 - 1.2778. The odds are in favour of maintaining a long position when the market is able to close above 1.2520 in the New York session.

Quantum Index Analysis

Forex News
HK RF@ 02:18 GMT 11/28/2014

What should worry most is the slide of the Ruble, which means more troubles in Europe.

The Euro may be found to be the biggest victim on the longer run, if peace and order will deteriorate.

Anyhow for the moment H&S for Euro on the hourly:(

Forex News
GVI Forex Blog 02:13 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
* Canadian dollar, Norwegian crown under pressure as oil slides

* OPEC decides against cutting output despite oversupply

* Euro eyes inflation data, Swiss franc watches "gold" vote

FOREX-Dollar firms as Canadian, Norwegian currencies slide on oil

GVI Forex john 01:41 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Japan October 2014


Core yy
yy: 2.90% vs. 2.90% exp. vs. n/a prev.

National yy:
2.90% vs. 3.00% exp. vs. n/a prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Forex john 01:34 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Japan Retail Sales October 2014

yy: -1.40% vs. -0.50% exp. vs. +2.70% (r +2.80% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

gc sf 00:56 GMT 11/28/2014
120 seems extreme for today .. but I suppose you just never know with this market.

once it gets above 118.35 should see some s/l up to 60-65

jkt abel 00:38 GMT 11/28/2014
make it 120

dk ky 00:37 GMT 11/28/2014


gc sf 00:33 GMT 11/28/2014
on the day I have a 118.60-64 target.

think there is enough news to push it up to there at some point.

Tallinn viies 22:42 GMT 11/27/2014
Saudi budget based on $45 oil price ‘ideal’ Friday, 28 November 2014 - 00:00 Saudi budget based on $45 oil price ‘ideal’
Saudi economists expect oil prices to decline further in the coming years if producing countries inside and outside the OPEC fail to reach an agreement to stop the downward trend.
They have also advised the government to peg the oil price between $45 and $50 while preparing the national budget for 2015.

“The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries alone cannot determine market prices now because it controls only 40 percent of the market and there are several players with conflicting interests,” Ehsan Buhulaiga, a prominent economist, told Arab News.

He emphasized that the budget would not be affected as long as the price stays above $85 per barrel, adding that the country’s huge reserves would offset the budget. “The lack of solidarity and vision has weakened the OPEC,” he observed.

OPEC ministers are expected to reach a consensus during their meeting in Vienna on Thursday. Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Ali Al-Naimi believes the market would stabilize itself.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has failed to reach an agreement with Russia, Mexico and Venezuela to cut output.

Buhulaiga said the market is now determined by demand and supply. Producers are competing with one another, creating an over supply that has brought down crude prices by 32 percent since June.

Mohammed Salim Sabban, an oil expert and a former economic adviser to the minister of petroleum and mineral resources, predicted oil prices would continue to dip, despite OPEC’s efforts to stabilize market.

He also stated that oil prices would never cross $100 again. “It will be a thing of the past.”
Sabban said there was nothing surprising in the price plunge for those who follow international market developments as they see some countries adopting policies to reduce consumption. “Depression in Europe, China and some developing countries has brought down the demand for oil,” he pointed out.

He said efforts to push prices above $100 had two negative results. It encouraged consumers to think of alternative energy resources and producers to increase output. US shale oil output has reached 3.5 million barrels. Shale oil would remain in the market even if prices hit at $60, he said.
Source: Arab News

Tallinn viies 22:38 GMT 11/27/2014
audis block OPEC output cut, oil price sinks further Friday, 28 November 2014 - 00:00 Saudis block OPEC output cut, oil price sinks further
Saudi Arabia set the stage for more blood-letting on oil markets after blocking on Thursday calls from poorer members of the OPEC oil exporter group for output cuts to arrest a slide in crude prices.
Benchmark Brent oil fell more than $4 to $73.50 (46.74 pounds) a barrel on fears that the global oversupply will build up in coming months as Saudi Arabia kept silent about what would prompt it to consider production cuts.

With an OPEC statement making no mention of any extraordinary meeting or a need for members to stop overproducing, Thursday's decision represents a major shift in the group's policies away from its usual drive to defend prices.

The outcome effectively means a battle for market share between OPEC and non-OPEC countries as a boom in U.S. shale oil production and weaker economic growth in China and Europe have already sent crude prices down about a third since June.

"It was a great decision," Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said as he emerged smiling after around five hours of talks.

Asked whether OPEC had decided not to cut production and to roll over existing output policies, he replied: "That is right".

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez left the meeting visibly angry and declined to comment on the outcome.

Wealthy Gulf states have made clear they are ready to ride out the weak prices that have hurt the likes of Venezuela and Iran - OPEC members that pressed for output cuts to stabilise the market and ease pressure on their budgets, but cannot afford to make any themselves.

A price war will also seriously hurt top non-OPEC exporter Russia, which has clashed with Saudi Arabia over Moscow's support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia is already suffering from Western sanctions over its actions in Ukraine and needs oil prices of $100 per barrel to balance its budget.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries accounts for a third of global oil output.

If it were to cut exports without similar action by its competitors, it would lose further market share, including to North American shale oil producers.

Gulf producers could withstand for some time the market-share battle that could drive down prices further, thanks to their large foreign-currency reserves. Members without such a cushion would find it much more difficult.

Kuwaiti Oil Minister Ali Saleh al-Omair said OPEC would have to accept any market price of oil, whether it were $60, $80 or $100 a barrel. Iraq's oil minister, Adel Abdel Mehdi, said he saw a floor for oil prices at $65-70 per barrel.

A price war might make some future shale oil projects uncompetitive due to high production costs, easing competitive pressures on OPEC in the longer term.

"We interpret this as Saudi Arabia selling the idea that oil prices in the short term need to go lower, with a floor set at $60 per barrel, in order to have more stability in years ahead at $80 plus," said Olivier Jakob from Petromatrix consultancy.

"In other words, it should be in the interest of OPEC to live with lower prices for a little while in order to slow down development projects in the United States," he added.

The North American shale boom has taken many at OPEC by surprise.

"The U.S. is producing in a very, very bad manner. Shale oil, I mean it is a disaster from the point of view of climate change and the environment," Foreign Minister Ramirez, who represents Venezuela at OPEC, said.

OPEC agreed to meet next on June 5, 2015.
Source: Reuters (By Alex Lawler and David Sheppard, Additional reporting by Amena Bakr, Rania El Gamal and Shadia Nasralla; Writing by Dmitry Zhdannikov; Editing by Dale Hudson and David Stamp)

HK RF@ 21:27 GMT 11/27/2014

To 23401 01 20:44 GMT

Ain't no dating forum here:(

23401 01 20:44 GMT 11/27/2014
Guys pls can I meet anyone here that can be giving me signals

nw kw 20:26 GMT 11/27/2014
I did see most commodities are priced in eurs so I hade to rethink big pitcher

GVI Forex john 19:30 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
Weekly Trading Planner Top Items (GMT):
    23:30 JP Core CPI Japan inflation
    23:50 JP Retail Sales  Consumer Demand
    23:50 JP Ind Out industrial activity
    7:00 DE Ret Sales Consumer Demand
    10:00 EZ FL HICP Key ECB Metric
    12:30 CA GDP  Widest Economic Measure
    16:0 0 US Markets Close Early

Mtl JP 18:14 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
dc CB 17:5 funny chart does not forecast $0.0 , much less negative

OPEC Output Kept Steady. Oil Prices Plummet. German Jobs Data Better than Seen
GVI Forex Blog 18:09 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
TOP NEWS ITEMS: JP- CPI, Retail Sales, Ind Out, DE- Retail Sales, EZ- flash HICP, Unemploy, CA- GDP, US- Early Close

OPEC Output Kept Steady. Oil Prices Plummet. German Jobs Data Better than Seen

dc CB 17:57 GMT 11/27/2014
twitter from enery analyst... posted yesterday


Chirichella How Low can it go

prague mark 17:56 GMT 11/27/2014
Entry: 1.2473 Target: 1.2533 Stop: 1.2433


Tallinn viies 17:27 GMT 11/27/2014
GVI Forex john 15:28 - I did not take it as a critics.
Im saying that oil started to go up on 2000-2001 from 25 usd barrel. eurusd was trading at 0.85 at that time. then oil went up to 145 usd barrel and eurusd was 1.6000. both are falling now. todays decision by Opec today gave permission to markets find a new floor where low price will force oil shut down part of the oil production. open thinks first US shale oil guys closing the business but I doubt about it.
other sure thing could be if oil is falling only way for russians can keep budget in order to let weak rouble to compansate lower oil price.

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex john 17:26 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

usd correction is over?
Mtl JP 17:22 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile

usd / rub
2x top

Mtl JP 17:16 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
“We are not sending any signal to anyone, we are just trying to have a fair price,” OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem El-Badri

GVI Forex john 17:15 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile

usd correction is over?
jkt abel 17:13 GMT 11/27/2014
happy thanksgiving! a nice gift for crude oil

dc CB 17:11 GMT 11/27/2014
punish Putin

a big part is still that Pipeline for NatGas that they want to build to reach the European market. Problamo numero uno still remains Syria - Assad - Russia backed. Break Russia = build pipeline.

The PipeDream from the hashish filled hooka.

usd correction is over?
jkt abel 17:03 GMT 11/27/2014
kl fs, just like my warning a few days ago, another surprise snap back rally in store re. cable IMHO, good luck

kl fs 16:57 GMT 11/27/2014
viies, so are you selling euro big here for 1.20? stop above 1.2550 will do?

kl fs 16:45 GMT 11/27/2014
now it seems oil is a renewable resource ;)

nw kw 16:42 GMT 11/27/2014
saudis preparing to trade gold in chin.a

Mtl JP 16:39 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
maybe ... maybe saudis preparing to drop asking dollar fiat for their crude ?

nw kw 16:34 GMT 11/27/2014
Saudis oil spread to usa oil reported a small oil war

Mtl JP 16:34 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
john 16:25 - re saudis ... to drive out the high cost (shale oil and tar sand) producers - and to think that Harper's Canada is fighting something called isis ...

kl fs 16:32 GMT 11/27/2014
plus to punish Putin?

usd correction is over?
Mtl JP 16:27 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
price moving faster than internet connection lol

GVI Forex john 16:25 GMT 11/27/2014  - My Profile
wti breaks below $70 LOD 69.11
seeing 69.49

I assume this is what they were intending, namely to drive out the high cost (shale oil and tar sand) producers...
CAD getting slammed.

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