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28/09/16 12:30 B US D/G ex-trans con: -0.50% pre: 1.50%
28/09/16 12:30 B US Dur Goods con: -1.40% pre: 4.40%
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Wednesday Trading
GVI Trading Room 11:45 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
"Draghi, Yellen to face lawmakers
European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is set to face some of his biggest critics today when he answers questions from lawmakers in the lower house of the German parliament. In the four years since Draghi last met German lawmakers, dissatisfaction with the ECB's easing policies has grown in Europe's largest economy, with the country's finance minister urging members of parliament to go tough on the ECB president.

At 10 a.m. ET, Fed Chair Janet Yellen is due to testify before the House Financial Services Committee, with speeches from regional Fed chiefs Charles Evans and James Bullard also planned."

from "Forward Guidance"

Things might blow up today
SaaR KaL 11:11 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
I wonder what excuse they will tag it with?

EURUSD Useless for till Mid Oct
SaaR KaL 11:03 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Forget trading is so flat for a while

Wednesday Trading
GVI Trading Room john bland 11:01 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
DAX +103
DJ +11
SP 0

10-yr 1.577% +1.9bp

Some easing of the flight-to-safety trade

Ahead of a barrage of Fedspeak- Fed Funds futures odds 50% on one rate hike by year-end (basis Tuesday close)

TSLA Reversal from today
SaaR KaL 10:55 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
I am placing longs to buy tsla today
194 to 191
TGT Next day 206
oct/07 219.06 210.06
good to buy calls

Gold Reversal is a 3 week one
SaaR KaL 10:46 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
IMO from today's Low of possible 1311 to 1306...there is a good 3 week north into as high as 1390 in Mid October

LONDON SFH 10:45 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Gone short WTI @ 45.00 Long Cable at 1.2990 Long Gold at 1324 and will short Dow at 18250...

USDJPY Reversal
SaaR KaL 10:18 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
I placed orders around these

friday close
101.90 99.9636
oct/07 range 100.28 97.9734

Turning bearish after today

Where Will the GBP Trade vs. the USD?
GVI Forex Blog 10:07 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile

GBPUSD has traded within a 1.2800-1.35 range since the vote to Brexit on June 23. Most of the trading has been between 1.29-1.34, which seems like a tight range unless you are trading and see the daily chop within it. The past 8 trading days has seen it trade in a whiplash fashion on both sides of 1.30 after holding above it since August 17.

One reason for the choppy trading is that

Where Will the GBP Trade vs. the USD?

Trump vs. Clinton: Who Will be the Next U.S. President?
haifa ac 10:07 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Let us hope in the next 2 debates Trump confronts Hillary on some of these subjects:

1. The Deplorables/irredeemables
2. Bengahzi/emails...
3. "what difference does it make?"
4. Her 250.000 dollar canned lectures--she was bought by those donors
5. Her letting her Husband f*&^%ing whole towns just to keep the "FAMILY PLAN" going
6.her collapsing on stairs and on way to vans.... this is not stamina, this is sickness.
7. her shenanigans all the way from the REFCO Live cattle 100k trade and other small gaffes
8. The fact that she is nothing but the SAME corrupt bureaucracy and America must stop DC corruption
9. 8 years of Obama which only made America less safe?
he should ask Americans if they feel safer in their malls, churches, streets today than they felt 8 years ago?
He should ask the Blacks if Obama made their life better
He should ask if they feel that ISIS should not be classified as ISLAMIC TERROR?
He should ask Americans --how many of them enjoyed the benefit of high flying stocks?
There are many subjects he can and should attack Hillary.

Trump vs. Clinton: Who Will be the Next U.S. President?
GVI Trading Room Jay Meisler 09:40 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile


The U.S. presidential election will impact all global markets so we are interested in the opinion of those both in and outside the U.S.

Voice your opinion by clicking below

Trump vs. Clinton: Who Will be the Next U.S. President?

Daily Company News by ForexMart
LONDON SFH 09:22 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile

Tuesday Trading
GVI Trading Room john bland 09:19 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
14:30 GMT Mario Draghi:
Researching the Macroeconomic Policies of the Future

Welcome address by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, 
at the first ECB Annual Research Conference, 
Frankfurt am Main, 28 September 2016

Tuesday Trading
GVI Trading Room john bland 09:19 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
14:30 GMT Mario Draghi:
Researching the Macroeconomic Policies of the Future

Welcome address by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, 
at the first ECB Annual Research Conference, 
Frankfurt am Main, 28 September 2016

Tuesday Trading
GVI Trading Room john bland 09:13 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Testimony--Chair Janet L. Yellen
Supervision and Regulation
Before the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives
10:00 a.m. ET

Daily Company News by ForexMart
ForexMart Luis 09:10 GMT 09/28/2016
Mexican Peso, Asian Stocks Surge as Clinton Comes Out Debate Winner for Investors

The Mexican peso as well as Asia-based shares experienced an upsurge last Tuesday after investors seem to pick out Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton as the winner of the first US Presidential Debate against Republican pick Donald Trump. South Koreaís .KS11 and Shanghaiís .SSEC increased its value, while MSCIíS index of Asia-Pacific shares (.MIAPJ0000US) went up by 0.2%. The USD decreased in relation to the JPY, going down from 100.74 to 100.08 JPY=. The Mexican peso also strengthened against the USD, with the USD weakening by 1.9% against the MXN after consecutive price lows on top of concerns that a possible Trump administration could become a threat to Mexican exports to the US.

Analysts are stating that this sudden increase in the Mexican peso as well as in Asian stocks are indicators that market players and investors are closely monitoring the financial market, especially now that the United States will soon be electing its new head of state.

Deutsche helps lift European stocks before Yellen, Draghi --
GVI Trading Room john bland 09:10 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
"A rise in Deutsche Bank shares helped push European stocks higher on Wednesday, easing concerns over Germany's financial sector that had hit equities in Asia and drove investors into safe-haven government bonds and the dollar.

Beyond banking sector worries, investors were looking ahead to U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's appearance before a Congressional committee, a speech by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and a meeting of oil producers in Algiers..."

Deutsche helps lift European stocks before Yellen, Draghi --

LONDON SFH 09:04 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
The piece states it is a worst-case scenario but clearly they have to have a contingency...

GVI Trading Room john bland 09:00 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Another press source denying the DB contingency plan.

Logic suggests that there MUST be a plan in place or at least being considered. Its understandable that the government would be putting pressure on the bank to sort this out for itself if it can.

LONDON SFH 08:54 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
It does highlight the seriousness of the situation... Despite Merkel saying there would be no public money for them...but do you want to be long bunds when the German Govt is supporting DB?

Daily Company News by ForexMart
ForexMart Luis 08:54 GMT 09/28/2016

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the construction of the coast for the liquefied natural gas (LNG).
After three years of regulatory approval, the LNG project were officially agreed. This is also the first major energy project of Trudeau ever since he was appointed less than a year ago. According to the Environment Minister of Canada, Catherine McKenna, the plan were granted after thorough reviews and series of conditions and that is to help lessen the greenhouse effect.
It is one of the biggest project that the country will uphold which will have an estimated cost CA$11.4bn ($8.6bn/£6.6bn). The terminal will be constructed in the northern coast of British Columbia. One of the leading oil company, Petronas will manage the energy project. This is also expected to subsidize CA$2.9 billion per year to Canada's GDP.

GVI Trading Room john bland 08:51 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Press Report -- German government preparing a plan to take a stake in DB in a "worst-case" scenario".

Source: TTN

Wednesday Trading
GVI Trading Room john bland 08:41 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile

28-Sep WED
12:30 US- Durable Goods
14:30 US- EIA Crude
29-Sep THU
07:55 DE- Employment
12:30 US- GDP
23:30 JP- CPI
30-Sep FRI
06:00 DE- Retail Sales
08:30 GB- GDP
12:30 US- PCE Deflator
14:00 US- final Univ of Mich

Trading Themes--
  • Key data from the U.S. today includes Durable Goods Orders and weekly EIA Crude inventories.

  • Some of the pressure has eased from Deutsche Bank after it announcd the sale of its Abbey Life insurance unit, freeing up some needed capital.

  • Equities are better and some of the flight-to-safety demand for sovereign debt has eased. the USD is up slightly.

  • The media spent all day Tuesday rehashing the first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The mainstream press have given Clinton the edge.

  • John M. Bland, MBA


Daily Company News by ForexMart
ForexMart Luis 08:37 GMT 09/28/2016
Bank of Japan to Work with PM Shinzo Abe in Order to Beat Deflation and Improve Economic Growth

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has told economic analysts on Wednesday that the government of Japan will be closely working with the country's central bank and will utilize all possible policy tools in order to combat rising deflation rates and bolster Japanís economic growth. The Bank of Japanís most recent shift was with the central bankís policy framework, whose goal was to hit the 2% ceiling inflation target, according to Abeís statement to Japan's upper parliament house.

GOLD 1333
Amman wfakhoury 08:17 GMT 09/28/2016
GOLD is moving up to 1333 if breaks 1325 .otherwise it is going down to 1319.70

The only one in the world who confirms the next level

bali sja 08:08 GMT 09/28/2016
cable saying byebye to 1.30??

Gold should move up this time, but...
SaaR KaL 08:06 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
USDCAD staying short for a week is a good idea
1.3260 shorts adding
Oct/07 range 1.3011 1.2756

Deutsche Bank
LONDON SFH 08:05 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Yes but they wont be paying a $14 bio fine,,,,

Deutsche Bank
PAR 08:02 GMT 09/28/2016
Every one percent rise in the US dollar is potentially costing Deutsche $ 140 millions in currency losses on its 14 billion fine . Unfortunately I think the US dollar can get much stronger .

Pretend no one remember? stupid ab...
HK Kwun 07:57 GMT 09/28/2016
hk ab 15:56 GMT 09/27/2016
time to fly.......

Gold should move up this time, but...
SaaR KaL 07:35 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
I am Buying from 1311 to 1306

Oct/07th range 1,381.980 1,351.224

Gold should move up this time, but...
HK RF@ 07:28 GMT 09/28/2016

Probably European banks liquidate for cash, moves prices down.

Euro/USD EUEXIT from EU? Next few hours may show bigger moves.
hk ab 07:24 GMT 09/28/2016
shouldn't it be "ITA/EXIT"?

hk ab 07:23 GMT 09/28/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: Kwun's Target: Kwun's sl Stop: Kwun's TP

very new signal to short 1325.......
XAG drags XAU down......

Adding positions
SaaR KaL 07:01 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
I am almost sure gbpjpy will do 4 big figures north

Adding positions
SaaR KaL 06:49 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Buying Cable from 1.2970 to 1.2920
tgt 1.32 max
will short it after today into friday for near 1.2800

Adding positions
SaaR KaL 05:06 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
AUDUSD seems ok short here
expecting it near 0.7550

Buy for short run
HK Kwun 04:55 GMT 09/28/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1325 Target: Stop: 1315

buy now

Day trading strategies on the company's shares J&J 27-09-07-
London AzaForex 04:55 GMT 09/28/2016

Entry: Target: Stop:

Day trading strategies on the company's shares J&J 27-09-07-2016 by AzaForex forex broker

Adding positions
SaaR KaL 03:38 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
Longing Nikki here and NZDUSD
Targets 16700, 0.7400
SOme EURCAD Shorts for 1.4700...bearish till next monday

Election 2016: Goes Full Throttle STUPID.
SaaR KaL 03:31 GMT 09/28/2016  - My Profile
I never hear him use words like Interest Rate, Inflation, Exports...or anything like that

Election 2016: Goes Full Throttle STUPID.
nw kw 02:59 GMT 09/28/2016
xaud on daily channel, last legged support and usdaud trend line from bigger charts leaves big aud market with audcad for oil moves day , tnt.nwes?

Election 2016: Goes Full Throttle STUPID.
dc CB 02:34 GMT 09/28/2016
If Trump had the smarts he would turn his attack on the Fed's low interest rates as Punishing Savers, stealing their due payment for the use of their hard earned captial, destroying pension funds, forcing granny to eat cat food, hed prob pick up a ton-o-votes.
But as a billionare RE mogul...he wouldn't be able to conceive that being an millions and millions of voters.

Election 2016: Goes Full Throttle STUPID.
dc CB 23:39 GMT 09/27/2016
Why did Cheryl Mills require criminal immunity?
This is the irksome question hanging over the FBI investigation into Hillary Clintonís home-brew server in the wake of news that Ms. Mills was granted immunity for her laptopís contents.

The Mills immunity, which we learned of on Friday, has unfortunately been overwhelmed by the first Trump-Clinton debate. But the week is still young. On Wednesday, Congress will have an opportunity to put the Mills questions to FBI director James Comey when he appears before the House Judiciary Committee.


Tuesday Trading
GVI Trading Room john bland 21:10 GMT 09/27/2016  - My Profile
FWIW- Fed Funds Futures Odds for one rate hike by year-end 50% vs 53% yesterday. Call it roughly a coin-toss.

dc CB 20:42 GMT 09/27/2016
Crude: -0.752mmbl
Distillates: -0.343mmbbl
Gasoline: -3.7mmbbl
Cushing: -0.832mmbbl

Election 2016: Goes Full Throttle STUPID.
dc CB 20:36 GMT 09/27/2016
Howard Dean(a washed out former Presidential candidate 2004) Stands By Tweet Accusing Trump Of Snorting Blow, Wants An Answer

The FT Goes Full Fearmonger: Electing Trump "Would Unravel The World"

2004: The scream that doomed Howard Dean

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    28-Sep WED
    12:30 US- Durable Goods
    14:30 US- EIA Crude
    29-Sep THU
    07:55 DE- Employment
    12:30 US- GDP
    23:30 JP- CPI
    30-Sep FRI
    06:00 DE- Retail Sales
    08:30 GB- GDP
    12:30 US- PCE Deflator
    14:00 US- final Univ of Mich

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