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26/11/15 23:30 A JP Unemploy con: 3.40% pre: 3.40%
26/11/15 23:30 A JP core CPI con: -0.10% pre: -0.10%
26/11/15 23:30 A JP CPI con: 0.30% pre: 0.00%
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Mtl JP 14:05 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
In some ways Law's idea that money is just a convenient means of exchange rather than a measure of wealth is good. When monetary conditions after a crisis are tight and there is a shortage of physical gold specie and banks and citizens hoard what cash they have, money supply diminishes and the velocity of money goes into free fall. (Sound familiar?)

Law's belief was that paper money was preferable to gold or silver as money is highly portable. And fungible. At will. Does that sound familiar as well?
And that ... is paper money's Achillie's heel.

Bottom Line Lesson
The bigger the bubble, the bigger the subsequent bust.
M1 Money Stock
Earlier today Eurozone M3 money supply Oct yy +5.3% vs +4.9% exp
ez stoxx rallied.

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Israel Dil 13:52 GMT 11/26/2015
finally it's always about 'bad blood'

jesus, seen (face value of Christianity) by billions as direct son of God didn't manage with his dad's support to win a battle against money changers.

WWII brought IMF and here we are ;-)

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Turkey has yet to apologise or offer compensation for downing
HK RF@ 13:51 GMT 11/26/2015

Probably they will not apologize; It's like asking them to admit how stupid they are.


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Mtl JP 13:44 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
John Law was sentenced to death because he skewered a love-rival which had nothing to do with his banking shenanigans.
He died penniless in obscure exile (from France)

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Mtl JP 13:33 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
history teaching , meet Viscount Takahashi Korekiyo

this character essentially aped John Law with the alleged good intention of helping to pull Japan out of the Great Depression - via aggressive monetary stimulus (today parading as “quantitative easing”) and monster deficit spending (which initially he did). When Takahashi tried to take the punch bowl away he found out the hard way how f*cking with addicticts to free and easy money works: he was assassinated by a bunch of army types. Takahashi's successors became highly reluctant to cut off funding to the government.

Think Janet is ignorant of money printing and taking away of punch bowl history lessons ?

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Livingston nh 13:32 GMT 11/26/2015
LINK -- A little light reading about current conditions in money markets (from last week)

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PAR 13:28 GMT 11/26/2015
Speculation gave way to panic as people flooded the market with future shares trading as high as fifteen thousand livres per share. By May 1720, prices fell to 4,000 livres per share, a 73% decrease within a year. The rush to convert paper money to coins led to sporadic bank hours and riots. Squatters now occupied the square of Palace Louis-le-Grand and openly attacked the financiers that inhabited the area. It was under these circumstances and the guise of night that John Law fled Paris some seven months later.

When will Draghi flee Frankfurt ?

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Livingston nh 13:26 GMT 11/26/2015
Par - in a few years maybe the FOMC flees to Europe to escape angry mobs

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Mtl JP 13:19 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
PAR - John Law lives to this day. viz: John Law (baptised 21 April 1671 – 21 March 1729) was a Scottish economist who believed that money was only a means of exchange that did not constitute wealth in itself and that national wealth depended on trade. ... .. ... Though they failed, his theories ironically live on 300 years later and "captured many key conceptual points which are very much a part of modern monetary theorizing". - according to wiki

GVI Data Calendar for 27 November 2015
GVI Forex Blog 13:14 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile

November 26, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Friday, November 27, 2015. Trading News Calendar

  • Far East: JP- unemployment, CPI
  • Europe: GB- GDP
  • North America: US- Early Closes

23:30 JP- CPI
09:30 GB- GDP
US- Partial Holiday (early closes)

GVI Data Calendar for 27 November 2015

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PAR 13:06 GMT 11/26/2015
What happened to John Law ? Wasnt he chased from France and put into jail or led to the guillotine ?

Few trades
SaaR KaL 12:27 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Short GBPCHF tgt 1.53

Few trades
SaaR KaL 12:16 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Oil Bullish 42.5
tgt 44

Few trades
SaaR KaL 12:06 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
SP500 Still Bullish and adding
2120 is easy in 2 days

NDX the same
tgt 4750

Mtl JP 12:04 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Metals Jump as China Weighs Support Measures, Output Cuts

China regulators may be looking into short-selling of copper and other metals

Few trades
SaaR KaL 12:02 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Out of My dax Longs here
Relong at 11055

Few trades
SaaR KaL 11:51 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile

tgt 1.450

Few trades
SaaR KaL 11:49 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
IMO EURUSD range of 1.0650 to 1.0550 is good for next 2 trade days

Not yet Breaking News
Mtl JP 11:49 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Mario is channeling John Law who brought paper money to France in the mid- seventeen hundreds: hard to ignore that Stoxx Europe 600 SXXP, +0.75% rose 0.6% to 383.14, on track for its highest close since Aug. 18, according to FactSet data. A win Thursday would follow Wednesday’s 1.4% rally, launched after a report about the European Central Bank’s considerations for expanding eurozone stimulus measures.

euro EURUSD sitting around seven-month lows, buying $1.0613 compared with $1.0619 late Thursday
what is there not to like ?

Migrant crisis could destroy the euro, warns Juncker: Collapse of the Schengen zone means a single c
PAR 11:14 GMT 11/26/2015
De facto French borders are closed. You can not enter or leave France without being ckecked .

Few trades
SaaR KaL 11:09 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Longing AUDUSD for 0.7300

Few trades
SaaR KaL 11:03 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Cable will do a nice drop
from 1.5100 to 1.4970 IMO

EURGBP Longs for 0.7100 tgt

Longing NZDUSD with dips

Turkish goods under the microscope of Russian customs
HK RF@ 11:01 GMT 11/26/2015

Russian Agriculture Minister Aleksandr Tkachev said it wouldn’t be difficult to substitute Turkish fruit and vegetables with products from Morocco, Egypt, Iran, South Africa and Georgia. According to Tkachev, 15 percent of Turkish products don't meet Russian standards.

Turkish goods under the microscope of Russian customs

GVI Forex john bland 10:43 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
-- U.S. Markets are closed today (Thursday) for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
-- Most U.S. markets Friday will be open for a half-day session with skeletal staffing.
-- Back to normal on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex john bland 10:36 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Blog 10:32 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Technologies

Migrant crisis could destroy the euro, warns Juncker: Collapse of the Schengen zone means a single c
Syd 10:30 GMT 11/26/2015

The single currency will be jeopardised if Europe's passport-free Schengen zone collapses, Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.
The 26-member zone has come under immense pressure as hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa stream across the continent.
With Greece in particular struggling to contain the human tide, countries from Hungary in the south to Denmark in the north have put up temporary border controls to stem the flows, making passport-free travel harder than at any time in decades.
But the European Commission President said allowing the Schengen system to erode with member states reimposing border controls could have consequences for the euro.

Euro will be jeopardised if passport-free zone unravels, Juncker has said Schengen zone under pressure as migrants stream across the continent European Commission President said single currency 'makes no sense' if Schengen falls

AUDUSD 0.7272 confirmed
London Chip 10:21 GMT 11/26/2015
rather wait for lower and get it cheaper ..dailies unwinding a bit....

AUDUSD 0.7272 confirmed
kl shawn 10:08 GMT 11/26/2015
buy audusd 0.7221, stop under 0.7180, first target 0.7270

AUDUSD 0.7272 confirmed
Amman wfakhoury 09:08 GMT 11/26/2015
Gold 1069.39 confirmed 1072.60 return

hillegom purk 08:42 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
Well, well, 2,10 been hit from 2,00... now what. Range good. 2,13 or 2,05. Bottoms up?

perth wtr 07:23 GMT 11/26/2015
continuously adding to losing position with no clear exit strategy and stop loss is suicidal

AUDUSD 0.7272 confirmed
HK Kwun 06:41 GMT 11/26/2015
Entry: Target: Stop:

wfakhoury master, need your direction on gold pls

“I gave the order myself”
HK RF@ 04:31 GMT 11/26/2015

It is not if war will or not will breakout between Russia and Turkey, but the escalation of the situation, and a fear of possible war which matters.

Between war and the present situation, there may be lot of unnerving events which can influence markets.

I gave the order myself
Vancouver GA 04:24 GMT 11/26/2015

There will be no war between Russia and Turkey. I already explained why yesterday in this forum. Traders will find out that very soon. Even the Russian Foreign Minister said that today.
Turkish Lira went up a couple of months ago after the re-election of the current government. This government is good for economy. In 13 years in power, they tripled the GDP and almost tripled the average income.
But that is already factored in.
I wouldn't bit on/against the Turkish Lira because what is happening is just a media show. Fundamentals are the same, no war is expected. So I don't see any opportunity. I am not sure what traders think. But very soon they will find out nothing would happen.
I always prefer to trade Euro or Pound because I always get many chances to get out. Sometimes I trade gold, if I see an opportunity.

Better cut gold shorts. Gold may explode to 1100 on M.E. fundamentals.
HK RF@ 04:17 GMT 11/26/2015

For some conservative traders, though gold points to a lower target(1037), one may like to keep some gold for weekend in case if things deteriorate.

“I gave the order myself”
Mtl JP 04:03 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile

I can trade the turk's lira against the usd (2.8835/2.8905), euro and gbp.
which might be the most volatile pair going forward ya think ?

Cheering for Putin! Puzzled
Vancouver GA 03:26 GMT 11/26/2015
I've been to Turkey. I've been to many European countries. Turkey is a modern country just like many European countries. Turkey is a democratic state. Oh, and by the way, the constitution is secular, more secular than many western countries. Just have a look at their constitution. Anyone still confused between Turkey and ISIS/ISL?? And cheers for Putin and his ayatollah's alliances who fight with him on the ground!

Cheering for Putin! Puzzled
Vancouver GA 03:15 GMT 11/26/2015
Do you know who fights side by side with the Russian?
Who are the ground soldiers?
Hezbullah with the leadership of bloody Hassan Nasrallah,
Iran and their Ayatollah "blessing",
and the bloody criminal Asaad.
Those are the Russian alliances, and unfortunately, France is joining in. Is this the alliance you're cheering for?

And by the way, this is not a retaliation. These bombs are in Syria. How is it a retaliation or escalation with Turkey? It is just a show for the Russian angry audience and people who cheer for Putin worldwide to have some excitement. But it means nothing to Turkey.

make the math: the missile speed was Mach4
Israel Dil 02:37 GMT 11/26/2015
Russian jet hit inside Syria after incursion into Turkey: U.S. official

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States believes that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace after a brief incursion into Turkish airspace, a U.S. official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The official said that assessment was based on detection of the heat signature of the jet.

“I gave the order myself”
HK RF@ 02:26 GMT 11/26/2015

Mtl JP 02:17

If you watched the last footage, it is clear that Russia is bullying Turkey to make a move which will give an excuse to hit Turkey directly.

If you believe in escalation; Buy gold
If you think Turkey will bite the bullet, stay on the sideline.

“I gave the order myself”
Mtl JP 02:17 GMT 11/26/2015  - My Profile
RF@ 00:44 and what about us... how would we make money off "if the Turks will appeal to the commission of human rights of the UN rather than taking any military action" ?

HK RF@ 02:16 GMT 11/26/2015

This is something very very serious view on link(today).

Witness the moment of the fall of the cluster rockets on the village of Cairo.

Russia bombard to scrap the village of Cairo in Syria(today).

If one likes may buy some gold.

Witness the moment of the fall of the cluster rockets on the village of Cairo.

AceTrader Nov 26: Intra-day Market Moving News and Views (USD/JPY)
Hong Kong 02:12 GMT 11/26/2015
26 Nov 2015 01:54GMT

USD/JPY - ....... Dlr pares yesterday's intra-day rally from European morning low of 122.26 to 122.94 in New York morning. Price traded with a soft bias in Asian morning as traders are on the sideline after yesterday's broad-based USD's swings.

With U.S. financial markets closed for Thanksgiving Day holiday, the pair is expected to move sideways initially today but as good buying interest was seen in Europe yesterday, consolidation with upside bias is expected.
Bids are noted at 122.60-50 with some stops below there, however, good buying interest is reported at 122.35-25.
Initial offers are noted at 122.75/80 and more above with stops touted above 123.10.

“I gave the order myself”
HK RF@ 00:44 GMT 11/26/2015

Now he is invited to send his tanks to help the helpless Turkmen being bombarded relentlessly by the Russians and Syrians.

If Putin was ready to sacrifice one plane to get control of that region, it could be regarded as a tactical bright move!!!

Now S-300/400 are waiting the Turkish Airforce, + a battleship in the Medit. to discipline any Turkish move.

It is better if the Turks will appeal to the commission of human rights of the UN rather than taking any military action:)))))

The form of the payback.
Israel Dil 00:42 GMT 11/26/2015
Hilderberg company (Royal Dutch Shell as an example) delivers their 'respectful' clients crude/petroleum through a company owned by NATO member state president's son... legitimate business transaction :-)

Putin may come out as the Russian Jefferson....

follow the money, it suddenly turns logic

mkt ideas from bc
hk ab 00:32 GMT 11/26/2015
bc, notice that you have been missed by forum for another year. Would you like to join the discussion on the current terrorist turmoil? chaotic investment situation?

The form of the payback.
Mtl JP 23:25 GMT 11/25/2015  - My Profile
“I gave the order myself” − Turkish PM on downing Russian plane - according to thinkpol
sounds like a rogue PM.. time will tell

The form of the payback.
HK RF@ 23:12 GMT 11/25/2015

Probably Russia is contented in grabbing a full control of the Turkmen region(rather than attacking Turkey) as a payback for downing their plane.

It goes into an ethnic cleansing mode, and let's see if Turkey will try to bully Russia again.

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