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21/11/14 20:30 US COT Report con: n/a pre: n/a
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dc CB 18:44 GMT 11/21/2014
so if you don't know already

Mike Nichols, Urbane Director Loved by Crowds and Critics, Dies at 83

Mike Nichols and Elaine May Sketches

Mtl JP 18:39 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
trading into Friday close is like playing with a Nagant M1895

dc CB 18:35 GMT 11/21/2014

2000+ Adv
980 Decl
Vol 36xx Up
10xx Dn

will ramp UP

london red 18:34 GMT 11/21/2014
i use the index itslef for tech. taking a trendline from 2 july to 18 sept. gives me 2050 today. possible bull trap if we go below. futs are 2 pts below index so thats about 2048. it would give a pretty big wick on the daily candle. but this isnt any old asset. fwiw i only buy dips as far as us stocks are concerned, not a seller as its proved unwise. and that once every few months as dips tend to be shallow. so JP imo if goes under 2050 its all set to move lower, but its the s&p and that for me rules out selling as im not smart enough and its just easier to buy the dips.

dc CB 18:27 GMT 11/21/2014

Where in the world is Carmen Segarra
dc CB 18:26 GMT 11/21/2014
I open my mouth and I get the yacht, the dock, the penthouse in Monaco

What's not to like. Baccarat anyone

Super Mario

Mtl JP 18:23 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile

hanging in a hairline, go with breakdown ?

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Mtl JP 18:16 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
snagged first long euro on 75
prepared to risk my long usdcad profits but not much more

sell usdjpy intraday
jkt abel 18:07 GMT 11/21/2014
looks like they are after stops above 118 and then slowly wind down to close around 117.90-118

Where in the world is Carmen Segarra
dc CB 17:55 GMT 11/21/2014
don't know if any here watched the Dudley grilling, but mealy-mouthed is being kind. Very much reminiceeent of Timmmaaayyy.
Like you needed to match the Thumb(Ferrit)print to get the Job.

Week Ahead
Mtl JP 17:55 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
so Lloyds too is amongst those who have swallowed Keynes' codswallop that prospects of lower prices will keep folks from making a purchase tomorrow and the day after that .

Hint at who profits in November 18 Bloomberg: Abe’s $1 Trillion Gift to Stock Market Shields Recession Gloom

Buy eurusd...sell to cover later
KL KL 17:28 GMT 11/21/2014
DFM - Don't Follow me

DLTM - Don't Listen to Me.....

its all a game of guessing and which time frame one each their own style and none are Universal!!... gt to you!!

Week Ahead
GVI Forex Blog 17:26 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
• Another decline in euro area inflation will heighten disinflationary concerns

• Ifo to provide a further gauge of the German economy after disappointing PMIs

• Q3 GDP growth in US and UK likely to be unchanged from initial estimates


Buy eurusd...sell to cover later
Mtl JP 17:25 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
pardon my ignorance
what is DFM, DLTM in plain eng ?

sell usdjpy intraday
jkt abel 17:21 GMT 11/21/2014
can sense lots of stops piling up 117.90 and above, sharks smell blood?

friki friday trade
london red 17:16 GMT 11/21/2014
Loonie thru 43 now needs to hold onto this and has chance to test fib 66. They havent closed below this so will draw plenty of blood if moves abv. Close c. 11288/11303 if gets beaten.

Buy eurusd...sell to cover later
KL KL 17:07 GMT 11/21/2014
Dooomsh....suprise I am awake.....LOL

Long Relentless EURUSD 1.2387.....hope to cover here at entry or 7-13 pips higher...lets see....into the close....DFM, DLTM, imvho and Good Morning from this part of the world where tomorrow have started ....LOL

sell euro, buy usdjpy
london red 17:05 GMT 11/21/2014
12377 38.2 fib stands in way of 12357 low then 200 month at 12230

sell usdjpy intraday
jkt abel 17:00 GMT 11/21/2014
hmm, 118 on the card by the close? let's see

sell usdjpy intraday
bali sja 16:57 GMT 11/21/2014
try some small usdjpy short also 117.72 adding near 117.90, while below 118 worth a try with stop 118.20ish

sell usdjpy intraday
kl shawn 16:54 GMT 11/21/2014
short usdjpy also 117.68, stop 118, i dont think 118 can be seen again today, if seen then i am completely wrong and thus the stop

sell usdjpy intraday
kl fs 16:52 GMT 11/21/2014
sell usdjpy 117.68, stop 117.92

buy euro
kl fs 16:46 GMT 11/21/2014
buy 1.2397, stop 1.2345

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Mtl JP 16:38 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
so what ... do we do with Triple bottom:
expect it to hold seeing as it has proven itself or
expect it to break next time around on expectation of having been weakened by multi-attacks ?

sell euro, buy usdjpy
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 16:36 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile

Triple bottom 117.35 (pointed this level out yesterday and again o/n)

HK Kevin 16:33 GMT 11/21/2014
HK Kevin 10:55 GMT 11/21/2014
China rate cute is a negative signal for AUD
AUD under 0.8670 will see 0.8635 very fast. However, not much downside for the pair and may test 0.8760 next Mon.

sell euro, buy usdjpy
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 16:28 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
EURJPY last 145.86 vs, 145.68 close last Friday and Thursday high at 149.14

sell euro, buy usdjpy
london red 16:27 GMT 11/21/2014
euro prev lows at 98 and 94, below there theyll be scrambling again as ytd low in focus nxt.

sell usdjpy
perth wtr 16:15 GMT 11/21/2014
tom, it is friday, take what market has given you IMO, next week will offer more opportunities

sell usdjpy
london red 16:09 GMT 11/21/2014
just updated my hourly trendlines. now 11688 and 11625. upper channel now 11759 while below there the move below 11750 still on. needs to drop the 11735 prev low to accelerate downside.

sell usdjpy
Paris ib 16:07 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
Only people hoping to sell at 120.00. :-)

sell usdjpy
manila tom 16:06 GMT 11/21/2014
yes ib, feel more comfy going short usdjpy then entering new long, who wants to buy at 119 i dont know

sell usdjpy
Mtl JP 16:02 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
117.20 first support

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Paris ib 15:55 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
red - I disagree that it is rate differentials. It is always buying and selling and ultimately capital flows. If money doesn't flow out of Japan the speculative USD/JPY buying - which has already taken place - will have to exit positions. But like I said the election could be a shocker and provide specs with a second wind. For now I can't see anything pushing new money into this position so unwinds will hurt the trend.

sell usdjpy
manila tom 15:55 GMT 11/21/2014
we have seen the top for usdjpy, keep the short

sell euro, buy usdjpy
perth wtr 15:48 GMT 11/21/2014
closed my usdjpy with some gain, probably will close around 117.80-117.90, looking for opportunity to short again next week, have a nice weekend everyone

sell euro, buy usdjpy
london red 15:48 GMT 11/21/2014
ib, the exchange rate is an amalgamation of many things i wont question that. but for me, the rate divergence is what is going to drive the pair ultimately, as its what the market chooses to focus on longterm. some might say data is adjusted or manipulated, but you have to play to the markets tune to make money each week. and im just here to make money.

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Paris ib 15:39 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
red - yeah hindsight is a beautiful thing. For now pullback on USD/JPY.... there's not enough new information to keep the market buying more right now. The election might be crucial but that's a while away. As to EUR/USD... agnostic. It's Friday. Draghi just talked. So we go with Draghi for now.

sell euro, buy usdjpy
london red 15:34 GMT 11/21/2014
ib, think some pullback is due but not sure id say weve seen the high. if can go thru 11750 shortly, then maybe we can get to the 11706/11680 support zone. id be a buyer there into nxt week and look for a test of 11870/119.

sell usdjpy
manila tom 15:34 GMT 11/21/2014
yes, i think usdjpy is sell on rallies mode from now on

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Mtl JP 15:33 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
ib so what... are u targeting the 200dma with a short from here ?

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Paris ib 15:29 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
Looks to me like USD/JPY has entered 'sell the rally' territory. And maybe the Nikkei has topped out too. The feeding frenzy on European stock markets has a bit more to go - say 4% or so - but the U.S. market is now feeding on other people's leftovers. We got just a bit more than month to close the year so it's probably not worth getting too excited. Trends are unlikely to turn overnight, what with silly season coming. But I have never seem a market more frenzied on the back of so little.

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Mtl JP 15:23 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
so watch out for an alleged twittered rumor about some Weidmann gumflap

sell euro, buy usdjpy
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:17 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
I think Weidmann's speech where he did not make a reference to monetary policy as I took it as a signal that Draghi won the battle and is still driving the bus. As long as QE is on the table (as someone mentioned earlier), the EUR downside will be more exposed.

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Mtl JP 15:06 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
euro in a bit of a t/p pause here between 25/30
if it breaks out and uP, 1.2530 is not out of radar range

Where in the world is Carmen Segarra
dc CB 15:02 GMT 11/21/2014
Bill Dudley - the president of the NY Fed - will face a very skeptical Senate Banking Committee this morning investigating so-called "regulatory capture."

Of course, their eyes were finally opened after Carmen Segarra, a former employee, leaked 47.5 hours of taped conversation ...

Dudley's defense (not denial) so far: "We understand the risks of doing our job poorly and of becoming too close to the firms we supervise. Of course, we are not perfect. We sometimes make mistakes."

Bill Dudley Explains Why The New York Fed Is Not A Subsidiary Of Goldman Sachs - Live Webcast

sell euro, buy usdjpy
london red 14:55 GMT 11/21/2014
JP, nothing new was said but it was enough to flip mkt psychology from trying to run more topside stops to refocusing on downside. while thats fresh in the mkts mind you have to sell rally i think. res at 39/42 48 60 80 2502 15. if can reverse abv 60 by close then it might reach the upper res mon/tues nxt week. last months low was 12485 so i expect it to close nxt week below that by some way.

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Paris ib 14:55 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
So what? This is a talk fest. Have Japanese buyers shown up on foreign financial markets? No. No sign of capital outflow from Japan. But that doesn't matter, the market is front running the Japanese Pension Funds - and if they never turn up? Well we'll deal with that later. Slightly insane, but hey.

sell euro, buy usdjpy
Mtl JP 14:41 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
Looks like NY players are realizing that Mario - “ready to do whatever it takes”, “believe me, it will be enough” & “will do what we must” - Draghi actually didn't put anything tangible on the table beside paroles

PIVOT POINTS: Trading System
Mtl JP 14:29 GMT 11/21/2014  - My Profile
S&P Chartpoints
3 StdD 2103.33
2 StdD 2074.82
1 StdD 2046.30
20day 2017.79

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