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04/09/15 9:00 A EZ GDP qq con: 0.30% pre: 0.30%
04/09/15 9:00 A EZ GDP yy con: 1.20% pre: 1.20%
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This is NOT a Dress Rehearsal
Paris ib 07:36 GMT 09/04/2015  - My Profile
"The recent usage of certain REPO windows has been effective to disguise huge volume of bond purchases.... The USFed uses the Reverse REPO to hide some of its QE volume. It is concealed QE volume, part of the biggest lie in US financial history since the USFed has generated multiple $trillions in hidden channel support, massive gushers."


Hidden $Trillion QE

sell euro
london red 07:33 GMT 09/04/2015
euro. think they will sell 52/57 ahead of nfp. id have stops over 65 for that.

This is NOT a Dress Rehearsal
Paris ib 07:23 GMT 09/04/2015  - My Profile
"The world is heading into an unprecedented monetary deflation — with output and trade falling nearly everywhere. That implosion is already rumbling through Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, the Persian Gulf oil states and countless lesser economies in between. And at the center, of course, is the unraveling of the Great Red Ponzi of China."


What's with the Hysteria?
Paris ib 07:18 GMT 09/04/2015  - My Profile
I would like some feedback about some of the hysteria I am seeing out there. We have this guy talking Shemitah (currency reset or some other catastrophic financial event in September 2015), Damien McBride in the UK advising people to stock up on canned food, water and cash (oh really?), Rob Kirby talking mega doom and martial law in the U.S.A., not to mention all the people calling crashes in pretty much everything, FEMA camps... I could go on.

What is going on with people? I don't know whether to just ignore these people or take notice. The current economic environment is certainly bizarre, global trade has collapsed (not a bad thing in my opinion), the commodity price crash has a lot of positives... I am ambivalent. I do think that the previous Anglo-American economic system is due for a reset (I see that as a positive provided the military does not go bananas as a result) but this hysteria... Should we worry?

Rob Kirby

Paris ib 06:59 GMT 09/04/2015  - My Profile
"Cameron and Obama love to act the big brave boys on the global stage... They’ll order fighter jets and drones to rain down bombs on people’s heads. Yet when it comes to stopping little children dying.... the same two men have shown themselves to be little more than timid, callous cowards." Piers Morgan

More military action. Yeah the war mongers will love that. No doubt more bombing is exactly what they have planned. And more taxes to pay for more wars. And more surveillance to 'stop terrorism'.... a nice cosy police state and we pay for it.

Mr. Morgan

Sydney ACC 06:56 GMT 09/04/2015
War is the disease. Refugees ae the symptons.
You have to cure the disease to stem the refugees.
If Europe takes in 300k this yea thee'll be 500k more next year.

jkt abel 06:43 GMT 09/04/2015
more military intervention means more war and more refugees

prague viktor 06:37 GMT 09/04/2015
Entry: Target: Stop:

Par thats should happned long time ago at less in 2013 ..

BTW do u agreewith the euo long for todaz TIA

PAR 06:19 GMT 09/04/2015
More calls for military intervention in the Middle East to solve the European refugee crisis at the source and create a livable Iraq , Syria , Libia etc.

Easier said than done.

Christine Lagarde
PAR 06:13 GMT 09/04/2015
Madame Doom ?

sell euro
jkt abel 04:09 GMT 09/04/2015
euro is hot hot chicken poo
NFP beats then 1.0970 prints

AceTrader Sept 4: Intra-Day News and Views (USD/JPY) & data to be released today
Hong Kong 03:25 GMT 09/04/2015
04 Sep 2015 02:00GMT

USD/JPY - ..... The greenback continued to edge lower yesterday n fell sharply to 119.64 in NY morning after data showed U.S. jobless claims rose to a 3-week high. However, price pared its losses n briefly rebounded to 120.39 on release of upbeat U.S. services PMI b4 retreating again.
Dlr met renewed selling at 120.19 in Aust. n dropped to 119.70 on position adjustment ahead of today's crucial U.S. jobs report.

Mkt focus is now solely on the release of U.S. jobs report at 12:30GMT. Street forecast for the NFP is a slight increase to 220K fm 215K n the unemployment rate is expected to fall to 5.2% fm 5.3%.
An upbeat report would bolster the case for an interest rate hike by the Fed this month. Conversely a weak number would cloud the view for a Sept lift off.

Offers are now seen at 120.20/30 n more above at 120.40/50 with stops building up above there whilst initial bids are noted at 119.30/40, suggesting further choppy trading is envisaged ahead of European open.

Gartman: We may have already seen commodity bottom
Mtl JP 02:28 GMT 09/04/2015  - My Profile
what is nutz is bbc's claim about why the Russian is in Syria with boots

Yesterday's budget jam risks leaving the cupboard bare
Sydney ACC 02:17 GMT 09/04/2015
PAR you'll especially appreciate this article from the SMH.


Gartman: We may have already seen commodity bottom
dc CB 02:16 GMT 09/04/2015
are you nuts...he's 95% wrong on every call he makes on CNBC
if you want real quality winning position "tips", pay $29 for his nuzletter and do the oppistite.

Gartman: We may have already seen commodity bottom
Sydney ACC 01:53 GMT 09/04/2015
While AUD/USD has been trading on the weak side this week it has never the less shown remarkable resiliance below 0.7000.
I count ten times now on the five minute chart its traded below 70 cents to recover back above that level.
Its curtrently though struggling to recover.

Gartman: We may have already seen commodity bottom
Mtl JP 01:46 GMT 09/04/2015  - My Profile
for a change Gartman has a decent odds shot of being right.

Now that the Russian has put boots on the ground in Syria - which to my mind has nothing to do with "It (Russia) is every bit as concerned by the rise of the murderous religious radicals of the so-called Islamic State (IS) movement as is the West" according to BBC - things could heat up fast and drag crude prices uP with it.

AceTrader Sept 4: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
Hong Kong 01:44 GMT 09/04/2015
Update Time: 04 Sep 2015 01:17 GMT

EUR/USD - 1.1129
Despite euro's rebound from last Friday's low at 1.1156 to 1.1332 on Tuesday, subsequent retreat ahead of ECB's rate decision today suggests further choppy trading below last Monday's 7-month peak at 1.1715 would continue with mild downside bias and weakness towards 1.1180 is envisaged, however, said support should hold on first testing and yield recovery later today or tomorrow.

On the upside, only above 1.1332 would confirm aforesaid correction has ended and turn outlook bullish for a stronger retracement towards 1.1396/00.e abovementioned pullback has ended and turn outlook bullish for a re-test of 121.74.

Gartman: We may have already seen commodity bottom
Syd 01:33 GMT 09/04/2015
bottom in commodity prices may come within the next few months, if it already hasn't passed, Dennis Gartman said Thursday.

"I do think that the worst is absolutely behind us

Kocherlakota: Labor Market Could Also Benefit from Maintaining Very Low Rates
Syd 01:26 GMT 09/04/2015

Fed's Kocherlakota: Raising Rates in 2015 Would Be 'Inappropriate'
Kocherlakota: Inflation Is, and Will Be, Too Low to Justify Raising Rates This Year
Kocherlakota: Labor Market Could Also Benefit from Maintaining Very Low Rates

Thursday's Trading Thread
nw kw 00:29 GMT 09/04/2015
same time jpy/aud

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 21:46 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
1.1108 = 100 day mva
1.1080 = 50 day mva

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex john bland 20:33 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
EURUSD 200-day average continues to work lower. Now 1.1282, sames as the 13-day.

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex john bland 20:30 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile

Hedge Funds
PAR 20:25 GMT 09/03/2015
Hedge funds leiding money in August as they talk too much to central bankers
Too much inside info becomes a problem.

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Blog 19:57 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Technologies

GVI Data Calendar for 4 September 2015
GVI Forex john bland 19:51 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile

September 3, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Friday, September 4, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: CN- Holiday. DE- Factory Orders, CH- CPI, EZ- GDP,cA- Employment, US- Employment, COT Report
  • Far East: CN- Holiday
  • Europe: DE- Factory Orders, CH- CPI, EZ- GDP
  • North America: cA- Employment, Ivey PMI, US- Employment, COT Report

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 19:44 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile


Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Canada dollar
nw kw 19:32 GMT 09/03/2015
bet they see chin.a doing more cuts, chin.a small cap stocks are not bad off.

Canada dollar
Mtl JP 19:19 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
Canada to keep interest rates on hold until 2017: Reuters poll

(Reuters) - The latest round of policy easing in Canada is probably over but interest rates are expected to stay low for longer as the central bank tries to lift the economy out of a mild recession, a Reuters poll of economists found.

Mtl JP 19:14 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
Livingston nh is the world of bonds prepared to digest an actual rate take-off ?

london red 18:54 GMT 09/03/2015
some looking for 0.4% ahe. personal income report for july showed 0.5% increase for wages v strong. you would think eventually job growth slows wages gain. are we there yet. jobs nr will cover tomorrow.
btw all idiots out there. rates are not stock correlated, at least not to the lightweight reaction we have see over past couple of weeks. 20-30% yes. 8%? no.

nw kw 18:35 GMT 09/03/2015
was report wages up a lot states suggesting demand for full-timers

PAR 18:28 GMT 09/03/2015
DJ Friday About Jobs And Market's Reaction -- Market Talk

14:23 EDT - Recent market swings has put the onus on economic data to provide definitively stronger signals to support the case for a Fed rate hike on Sept. 17. The weightiest of the releases is due tomorrow. But Citi's Steven Englander says it's not only about how many jobs are reported being created in August, but also how markets respond. "For example, if equity prices drop significantly on a strong number this would reduce the risk of a Fed hike," he says. Despite all the talk of August results being historically under-reported at first, Englander believes investors will take results at face value and see a weak number as a definitive no for September liftoff. Weak, he says, would be around 185k alongside downward revision to prior months. (; @cynthialin_dj)

Thursday's Trading Thread
nw kw 18:19 GMT 09/03/2015
August will be a remarkable month for SGE gold deliveries at 250 tonnes or more – around 90% of global newly mined gold output for the month. And remember this is physical gold, not paper gold!

chin.a might cut again for got gold before they cut again, timing hard, aud still at risk ,cad,nzd, eur

Thursday's Trading Thread
nw kw 18:12 GMT 09/03/2015
red tks for refinances got them marked in, hear cad info looking for 55 yearly range

Thursday's Trading Thread
Mtl JP 17:51 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
more , moRE MORE opinions

Panel of ex-Fed officials say no rate hike will come at September meeting

"The global economic situation has deteriorated and “not by a trivial amount ... .. ... “The Fed has cultivated this recovery so carefully, with such enormous effort, for over the last seven years — are you really going to take the risk in this environment with unstable global financial markets and real macroeconomic questions about the global outlook that are not just about volatility?” .../..

The irony of "The Fed has cultivated this recovery so carefully, with such enormous effort, for over the last seven years" is so f-n stupid more so that it does not seem to dawn on Julia Coronado, chief economist at Graham Capital Management

Thursday's Trading Thread
london red 17:45 GMT 09/03/2015
prev low will be tricky should see sellers 45/52/57. cant see abv there today. maybe they squeeze tomorrow briefly. only death of dow can ruin that trade.

PAR 17:33 GMT 09/03/2015
Coca Cola lowers the volume in a bottle but sell it a the same price . So do plenty of food companies. Hedonic inflation calculation should lead to inflation but it doesnt.

Inflation watchers dont catch it , consumers pay . Its a fantasy world with voodoo economists.

Mtl JP 17:26 GMT 09/03/2015  - My Profile
PAR / Central Bankers like Draghi have a different agenda from working folk when they talk about (price) "deflation risk".

Things like "When you raise the price of something then the quantity demanded will be lower than it would have been at a lower price." is not it.

To current central bankers debt, more debt and new debt is an all-trumping single issue. Anything that threatens that is their absolute nightmare.

Exposes his satisfaction and hapiness Mario thusly: "We have evidence our monetary policy works", says the Italian - citing money supply growth across the eurozone in recent months. This is proof that lending is picking up across the bloc and passing through to the real economy, particularly in hard-hit countries such as Spain, Italy and France.

To get an appreciation and to increase one's odds of correctly anticipating these characters' actions requires to get into their heads to get a handle on what drives them. Regardless if one agrees with them or not.

Job Cuts
PAR 17:26 GMT 09/03/2015
DJ Challenger Job-Cuts-Historical

Based information tracked through news reports and
public announcements of companies' job cut plans
by Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc.

Total % Chg From % Chg From
Month Index Month Ago Year Ago
-2015- YTD 434,555 ---- NA
Aug 15 41,186 -61.0 2.9
Jul 15 105,696 135.7 125.4
Jun 15 44,842 9.3 42.7
May 15 41,034 -33.4 -22.5
Apr 15 61,583 68.3 52.8
Mar 15 36,594 -27.6 6.4
Feb 15 50,579 -4.6 20.9
Jan 15 53,041 62.5 17.6
-2014- YTD 483,171 ---- NA
Dec 14 32,640 -93.6 -19.3
Nov 14 35,940 -29.8 -20.7
Oct 14 51,183 67.9 11.9
Sep 14 30,477 -23.8 -24.4
Aug 14 40,010 -14.7 -20.7
Jul 14 46,887 49.2 24.4
Jun 14 31,434 -40.6 -20.2
May 14 52,961 31.4 45.5
Apr 14 40,298 17.1 5.7
Mar 14 34,399 -17.8 -30.2
Feb 14 41,835 -7.3 -24.4
Jan 14 45,107 47.3 11.6

Thursday's Trading Thread
nw kw 17:19 GMT 09/03/2015
out e/u tks for atm help / platform to pricey for big plans gl

Thursday's Trading Thread
Sanibel Island Sir Ignore 17:15 GMT 09/03/2015
Entry: 1.1241 Target: Stop:

Closing out for the week..good luck .
1.1241 short closed 1.1131

Thursday's Trading Thread
nw kw 17:13 GMT 09/03/2015
Russell dropped market can run but might hold out oil tks for atm l

Thursday's Trading Thread
nw kw 17:05 GMT 09/03/2015
nh - tks give a short 47 for a test for day or 46 if cant hold

Thursday's Trading Thread
nw kw 16:43 GMT 09/03/2015
tks long e/u for 80 held , see if I get 50 for day

Impact of Russian sanctions
PAR 16:24 GMT 09/03/2015
Why should they . It is hurting Europe more than it is hurting Russia . It is even leading to DEFLATION .

If we may believe Draghi , DEFLATION is very dangerous .

Impact of Russian sanctions
Livingston nh 16:05 GMT 09/03/2015
Russia will break the sanctions before year end

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