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01/07/15 7:30 A CH PMI con: 50.4 pre: 50.2
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Why a referendum, is a reason to shut the banks?
HK RF@ 00:42 GMT 07/01/2015

Probably the next step, is a huge bail-in for all depositors.

So you don't bail-in before the referendum.

Mtl JP 00:23 GMT 07/01/2015  - My Profile
China’s central bank reveals its weak hand

and an even better question: "What else is beyond its control?"

Why a referendum, is a reason to shut the banks?
Mtl JP 23:55 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
the "creditors" can print any amount at will , it just fake money , credibility based. he-haw let them be pissed it is good entertainment while it lasts

Why a referendum, is a reason to shut the banks?
HK RF@ 23:48 GMT 06/30/2015

Can't they carry a referendum with open banks?

Now Tsipi, seems to pissoff the Greeks, not only the creditors.

At least one true sentence came out of his mouth this week: "The creditors want to get rid of me".

Now that he is so entangled in the mess he created, he will be forced to leave, and new elections may be declared.

Maybe another good reason to keep the banks closed...until elections.

The first time Greece defaulted was more than 2,000 years ago
Mtl JP 23:44 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
SYD - the key to profit from debt is in the front-loading of it. Like Goldman who charged almost a billion in fees to make a fake-report...

and the offload the risk of the debt to "those willing and able" to take it on , lol

The first time Greece defaulted was more than 2,000 years ago
Syd 23:13 GMT 06/30/2015
Greece has a history of financial troubles — the country’s first default occurred way back in the fourth century B.C.

Greece is almost five times as big as Massachusetts, but Massachusetts’ GDP is twice that of Greece.

In the modern era, Greece has defaulted a grand total of five times —

Mtl JP 22:55 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
if your dealer has not already then it is probably prudent to expect dealers to raise margin requirement... counter-party risk likely to dictate

Mtl JP 22:49 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Greece set to default on IMF loan despite new push for bailout
Greek debt crisis: Greece misses IMF payment, loses EU funds
market zzzs
for now

Mtl JP 22:37 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
It is impressive to see the so-called policy-maker "authorties" pretend and assume that they are bigger than the market

Mtl JP 22:29 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Fed’s Bullard: Over Time, Tighter Policy May Be Needed To Ward Off Bubbles - wsj

punch and judy show with Fischer ?

Mtl JP 22:24 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
sooo.. Greece formally loses bailout funds as midnight passes in Europe and IMF: Greece in arrears after missing $1.5 billion repayment

zzzzz... for now

Mtl JP 21:52 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
FED gang member and currently nonvoting hawk Bullard not only yaks but holds a Q/A in about 10 minutes.

Could elicit some market response from players

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex Blog 21:19 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile

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Most Greeks will vote Yes in make-or-break bail-out referendum, polls suggest
Livingston nh 21:12 GMT 06/30/2015
Recent polls have also predicted The Demise of David Cameron and the Twilight of the Conservative Party in a small island member of the EU

Mtl JP 20:57 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
that is one amazingly cynical comment towards market players from FED gang's Fischer

GVI Forex john bland 20:54 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
API crude reportedly +1.90mln vs -1.0mln bbd expected

Most Greeks will vote Yes in make-or-break bail-out referendum, polls suggest
NY JM 20:45 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Is a yes vote/Greek bailkout bearish for the EUR as it puts it back on as a funding currency and removes an obstacle to a Fed rate hike?

Most Greeks will vote Yes in make-or-break bail-out referendum, polls suggest
Triest Tom 19:59 GMT 06/30/2015
Ballot officials for each voting precinct must be also be called up, and polling stations set up in many remote islands. The last Greek referendum was when voters abolished the monarchy in 1974.

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 19:35 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

GVI Forex john bland 19:27 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Tsipras rolled the dice and now it looks like it has blown up in his face. I thought he had a plan but I guess not.

PAR 19:23 GMT 06/30/2015
The NO vote will not win in the referendum. Imho Tsipras will cancel the referendum , say they need more time, or find another excuse.

PAR 19:11 GMT 06/30/2015
Greece should stop sending new proposals and try to organise the referendum . Even that seems to be almost mission impossible.
What an incompetence.

GVI Forex john bland 18:42 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
CNBC saying Greece will present a new counter-proposal for discussion on Wednesday. Looks like they will be talking all the way up to the referendum.

GVI Forex john bland 18:26 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
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gc sf 18:26 GMT 06/30/2015
offers 39 41 43 45

the short term ma's its using are 122.48 122.51 122.59

20-55 range till Tokyo.

GVI Forex john bland 18:18 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Fed Vice Chair Fischer says FOMC will consider a rate hike at every meeting. Will raise rates when economy improves.


Pretty vague. They don't want to get nailed down yet.

Greece Misses IMF Payment. Talks With EU Continue
GVI Forex Blog 18:11 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile

1 JULY 2015, 00:00 GMT >> LATEST FOREX NEWS  >> DE- Retail Sales Mixed, Jobs steady, GB- 1Q15 GDP revised higher >> EZ- flash  June HICP in line >> US- Chicago PMI sub-50 >> CB Sentiment  better than expected. FOREX: USD mixed EUR CROSSES: down  COMMODITY CURRENCIES: mixed... EQUITIES: FAR EAST- up... EUROPE- down... U.S.- up... BOND Yields: US- up; DE- down; PERIPHERY down... UK- down JA- up... COMMODITIES: Gold -down; Oil (Brent & WTI) up...

gc sf 18:09 GMT 06/30/2015
EA's have had enough in GBP - they are liquidating at moment.

very few new positions triggering.

Greece Apparently Has No Deal Late in the Day. Misses IMF Tranche
GVI Forex Blog 18:08 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile

1 JULY 2015, 00:00 GMT >> LATEST FOREX NEWS  >> DE- Retail Sales Mixed, Jobs steady, GB- 1Q15 GDP revised higher >> EZ- flash  June HICP in line >> US- Chicago PMI sub-50 >> CB Sentiment  better than expected
Greece Apparently Has No Deal Late in the Day. Misses IMF Tranche

S an P - After the Record
london red 17:50 GMT 06/30/2015
s&p trying a double tap at 2055.1 still a long way to 144ema, todays high

S an P - After the Record
Paris ib 17:43 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
So sell a bounce?

USD/JPY: another test of the downside?
london red 17:19 GMT 06/30/2015
yen. prev highs at 122.02 and 121.69 offer sup. big expiry today at 122 was a drag but no stops run under 122 which stopped at 121.92 dead on 38.2% od 115/125 rally. again close imp channel line at 122.42.

GVI Forex john bland 17:13 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
German Chancellor Merkel: there will be no last minute decisions on Greece.-- CNBC

USD/JPY: another test of the downside?
NY JM 17:01 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
122 is one of those pivotal levels that takes on added importance as a sentiment indicator with the daily chart showing minor support at 120.60 and key support at 118.50.

This is not a forecast, just a look at charts.

S an P - After the Record
dc CB 17:01 GMT 06/30/2015

as the day ended yesterday ...oversold and in an area the shud/wud bounce, give that it is Window Dressing day for the 1/4 and the FRBNY laid out $192bil in "party dress" RevRepos at 0.05% this morning at 10:AM( instead of the usual 1:00PM) so as to facilitate smooth market operations. (see my dc CB 14:30 GMT)

however there may be too many "sideshows that don't matter" -- Greece, Puerto Rico --- to allow the usual End of XXXX Ramp.

shud get some Juice in the next 3 hours tho in Stox as the Bonds have already been loaded. If playing plan to exit futures before Cash Stox close.

USD/JPY: another test of the downside?
Paris ib 16:44 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Let's see what they have around the 120 level. A break opens the way for a move towards 110, but first we have to sustain a break below.

GVI Forex john bland 16:34 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Actually a default is an official event which has to be declared by an agency whose name escapes my now. Only when they declare a default will default insurance payments be made. The IMF miss is not an event that they would deem a default.

An official default would trigger draconian actions by the ECB etc.

S an P - After the Record
Paris ib 16:29 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
So that's it then? Sell the rally.

PAR 16:26 GMT 06/30/2015
Lawyers like Lagarde can spin reality and non payments like they wont . No default , no credit event , no arrear, whatever

Basically it is a non payment a not fullfilling of an obligation to pay.

Marc Faber: Greece Is Basically Bankrupt
Paris ib 16:19 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
Bankruptcy, ponzi schemes which have run out of time.... and lots of Government bonds on sale to the highest bidder. As they say: buyer beware.

Greece's Tsipras Asks For Two-Year Rescue Deal
Triest Tom 16:13 GMT 06/30/2015

Marc Faber: Greece Is Basically Bankrupt
PAR 16:12 GMT 06/30/2015
A lot of countries are basically bankrupt .

GVI Forex john bland 16:11 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
I heard a short while ago that the non-payment of the IMF is not an official default. It is more like a "private loan. Its a non-payment on publicly-issued bonds that would constitute a default. Those payments come up in mid-July.

Marc Faber: Greece Is Basically Bankrupt
Triest Tom 16:10 GMT 06/30/2015
From 2001 at least, Marc!

jkt abel 16:09 GMT 06/30/2015
bought 1.1159, stop 150 below, tp 1.1422

Tuesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 16:06 GMT 06/30/2015  - My Profile
hearing official 200-day moving average is 2054. This is the key moving average for stox. Last 2061 +4. Look for where we close the day today (end of quarter).

PAR 16:06 GMT 06/30/2015
Greece proposal doesnt include the IMF . Without IMF no deal . Looks like Greek leaders dont listen to what they are being told . It is becoming ridiculous.

Grrek leaders should go to the beach and start a long meditation .

PAR 16:03 GMT 06/30/2015
Merkel says she won't discuss #Greece's new bailout proposal until Sunday referendum

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