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27/03/15 12:30 A US GDP q/q con: 2.40% pre: 2.20%
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AceTrader Mar 27: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 01:58 GMT 03/27/2015

Update Time: 27 Mar 2015 01:05 GMT

Despite euro's rally to 1.1052 in Europe yesterday, price retreat after being capped below last Wednesday's post-FOMC high at 1.1062 and then tumbled to 1.0856 in New York.
This suggests further choppy trading inside recent broad range of 1.1062-1.0613 would continue and consolidation with downside bias is seen for weakness towards 1.0830/40 before prospect of a rebound.

On the upside, only above 1.0940/50 would indicate a low is possibly made and bring gain towards 1.1000.

Things Could Be Worse
dc CB 00:26 GMT 03/27/2015
"who could have seen this coming"
"stumping all the ANALists"
"economists shocked"
"we wouldn't have been positioned IF we knew this would happen"
"no one is at fault"
"bad actors"
"shitty deal"
"it's was that Frenchy guys fault"

Australia vs USA Wages
gc sf 00:21 GMT 03/27/2015
"I have to pay staff $45 an hour to make coffee"

we have penalty rates here for public holidays .. but even still normal wage for those employees is $22 an hour

Coffee Shop Workers

Things Could Be Worse
gc sf 00:13 GMT 03/27/2015
Huge asteroid to narrowly miss Earth

A massive asteroid, capable of wiping out an entire country, is on a near-collision route towards Earth............


Dear John at GlobalView
dc CB 23:56 GMT 03/26/2015
earlier this week you mentioned that "it made your head spin"

here it is from the Bezos' Mouth AKA the WAPO

and on Video for the reading-challenged.

It's the law... Don't Break It

Confused. It's not what you're smoking

Mtl JP 23:06 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
john why would Yellen exercise her gums if she had nothing relevant to communicate ?
- Fed’s Fischer speaks on “The Nonbank Financial Sector: Issues and Regulation” in Frankfurt at 1030 GMT
Stanley has yet to disturb the market in a significant way. He might do it this time.
Fed’s Yellen speaks on monetary policy in San Francisco at 3:45 p.m. EDT
The big Qtn is why... what does she think she mis-communicated to the market again that needs re-clarification ?

Long EURUSD....
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 22:35 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
KL, check your email, It's about time.

dc CB 22:09 GMT 03/26/2015
Just in Time

The Fog...only the Shadow Knows

It's On
KL KL 22:06 GMT 03/26/2015
Lol.... missing Lebenon...Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Boko Haram, Abu Sayaf, Sulu, Jemmiah Islamiah, Laskar Al toya, even China have some, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Phillipines and TONS of other Numerous Islamic names that it tickles me to hear Western Journos trying to Pronounce them like some Sri Lankans names.......LOL

Just Call these EVIL Islamic Cults from country, region, town, street, toilet... No need to be Romantics and promote their names.......

They are all trying to Fulfill a Prophecy of Islam a NEW Caliph.....If we Kill ALL White horses, their dream is shattered.....then again they will paint a Black horse white....and consider that a FULLFILLMENT of the Quranic Prophecy...we live in a world of Spin!!

It's On
dc CB 21:54 GMT 03/26/2015

pick your bracket

Long EURUSD....
KL KL 21:41 GMT 03/26/2015
...time to long EURUSD 1.0867....firing another account of my Diminished Armada to long and trade...leave the other bits to run down to test the Low in EURUSD

So hard to maintain many accounts with Financial Markets so unstable.....IMVHO...those on Negative balance still Fighting those Sham Brokers. All lies these SHAM Brokers Forgiving Negative balance.....says in good faith but not necessary ANYTHING CONCRETE...... like a time bomb OPEN to PURSUE YOU later when cash in bank lower or slowly in the Back door using Litigation to get you money....NOT ONE Broker have SAID FORGIVE 100%.......all 90-95% for marketing purpose and so that you don't TAKE OUT MONEY and run the Broker the point of collapse.....ALL A PLOY and SHAM to BUY time like the GFC by FED, Euro, IMF ....etc...BUT these Brokers are not Fed and there is a TIME BOMB ticking....the Point of Insolvent is like another minor FLASH something......

again this is my DFM..>DLTM..DYOR...LOL always

Livingston nh 21:29 GMT 03/26/2015
Away from the EURomania the AUD looks like it could resume its drop - the rate cut is still alive and well // the real estate issue can be resolved as the foreign buyers become the market and you NEVER want to BE the market

dc CB 21:28 GMT 03/26/2015
How the Bezos Wash Post views the rising USD. From Monday's Business Section

So even though the Fed really, really wants to raise rates—which it's told us that it does—it's really, really hard to justify that now. There's no inflation, no bubbly behavior, just no reason to increase rates anytime soon. And that would mean there isn't any more reason for the dollar to go up. Markets already know that rates are going to be super-low, negative even, in Europe, but if they're not going to be higher in the U.S., then half the story about why the dollar should continue rising against the euro would disappear.

Bad news for your travel plans is good news for the economy.

Book your tickets to Europe now because the dollar’s surge may be over

dc CB 21:10 GMT 03/26/2015
dc CB 15:25 GMT March 26, 2015
KC Fed: As one respondent noted, "we do not see the economy as being as strong as portrayed in the national media reports."

Which city has a booming RE Market? You decided. You must watch Both video reports to appreciate.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 20:51 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
Global-View Week ahead Planning Guide for Trading

ECB Policy is locked in for at least a year. EUR negative
Fed policy has unexpectedly turned more dovish. This calls into question the universal bull USD scenario. USD less positive

ECB Quantitative Ease (QE) is the dominant driver of fund flows.
Falling 2-yr German schatz driving EURUSD lower.

Fed policy is now data-dependent (inflation). Currently expansive.

Final revisions to 4Q14 GDP data are due. They should have little or no impact on the markets with the focus now on the current economic conditions.

We do not expect anything new from Fed Chair Yellen late on Friday, but she will have an opportunity, if she feels she needs it, to clarify market perceptions about policy. I do not expect anything new.

Tuesday 29 March 2015

The initial major piece of news next week is the Eurozone flash inflation data for March released on Tuesday. The flash estimate is not revised much when the final data are released. ECB monetary policy is currently locked in for another year or so. Global-VIew EZ and German Charts EZ flash HICP (CPI) higher than seen. Core steady. Well below ECB"just below 2.0%" target.


Early Wednesday sees the latest Bank of Japan quarterly Tankan survey. This is a closely-followed Japanese economic indicator.

Japan Charts

Over the day Wednesday sees a slew of final Manufacturing PMIs. I find them to be a useful representation of current economic conditions but not reliable predictors. Data are presumably comparable between economies and thus can be looked at together.

China Manufacturing PMIs


EZ, GE and FR flash Manufacturing PMIs

For Comparison: U.S. manufacturig PMI (flash estimate due)

BT Update
gc sf 20:47 GMT 03/26/2015

+ EUR 1.0710 t/p 1.1080 s/l 1.0800
+ AUD 7690 tp 8700 sl 7800
- $CHF .9910 s/l 9700 tp 9450

Floating P/L = +580 pips


- GBP 1.5000 s.l 1.5100 tp 1.4500
- $yen 120 sl 121.20 tp 115.50
+ $CAD 1.2200 tp 1.2800 sl 1.2100
- CADYEN 97.70 sl 101.60 tp 88.80

3 month P/L = +4579 pips

Short Eurusd ...relentless
Livingston nh 20:40 GMT 03/26/2015
Thanx John I have searched the ECB web site - it seems to me that the involvement of the NCBs complicates the issue of WHEN to buy (What to buy and How Much seem to be well detailed)

This has been helpful to me but no info on WHEN

I hate the thot of checking each NCB

GVI Forex john 20:33 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile

Short Eurusd ...relentless
GVI Forex john 20:28 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
I haven't seen one take a look at the ECB website . They have a lot of info..

Short Eurusd ...relentless
Livingston nh 20:10 GMT 03/26/2015
Is there any schedule available for ECB QE purchases?

Paris ib 20:00 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
Quarter end. Liquidity issues. Geopolitics. Lots of fun. :-)

GVI Forex john 19:52 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
ib seems that way, but you never know. Remember this is quarter end, so we should see some big flows.

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex john 19:50 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

Paris ib 19:38 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
So nothing mega exciting for Friday then?

Short Eurusd ...relentless
nw kw 19:23 GMT 03/26/2015
Negative interest rates implemented by the Swiss National Bank two months ago would require more time before they succeed in weakening the franc, a member of the bank's governing board said on Thursday, adding that the currency remains "significantly overvalued

Short Eurusd ...relentless
KL KL 19:15 GMT 03/26/2015
la la la la la...

Wow slept like baby...woke up happy....covering again here 4/5 up another account to Long Relentless...

Note SAR and Long here 1.0874.....

all a game of chance.....leave the braggging to the Pros ..... I am just Relentless...or Restless....LOL......DYOR..>DFM..DLTM and imvho...

GVI Forex john 19:07 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
U.S. data Friday looks significant, but the GDP data are second and final revisions and Yellen speaks very late in the day. I can't imagine that she will have something major to say at this point in time.

GVI Forex john 19:04 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile

Weekly Trading Planner Top Items (GMT)r
    23:30 JP Unemploy jobs data
    23:30 JP CPI BOJ targets Inflation
    23:50 JP Retail Sales yy consumer demand
    12:30 US GDP q/q widest measure of economy
    13:45 US final U of Michigan Sentiment Survey
    19:45 USFRB Yellen

calendarBe sure to refer daily to the Global-View Economic Calendar for key items, such as consensus estimates, previous data and links to charts of recent data).

Mid-East Unrest Unsettles Markets. U.S. Data Beats
GVI Forex Blog 19:02 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
TOP NEWS ITEMS: JP- Unemployment, CPI, Retail Sales, US- GDP, University of Michigan Survey, Yellen

Mid-East Unrest Unsettles Markets. U.S. Data Beats

Livingston nh 17:59 GMT 03/26/2015
For believers in geo-political currency effects there is a potential for the Pound to be subjected to some specific movement if ME or Ukraine hots up // the effect will be subject to timing (before or after election) - if UK gets drawn into another Falklands defense because the crazy politicians in Argentina see an overstretched "enemy" the currency could be subject to swings in response and election needs

There are USD implications as well with Brazil, Venezuela and others if we stand by our ally - but w/ the current Prez that seems to be a crapshoot


Short Eurusd ...relentless
Paris ib 17:41 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
KL KL 08:37:27 GMT - 03/26/2015
In short EURUSD fast as the system can take my HFT fingers and as the screen refresh and in increasing mercy...the lies is upon us!! DYOR.>>DFM..DLTM..imvho

Very good call.

dc CB 17:20 GMT 03/26/2015
FMOC effect gone as Stox and Bonds have Round Tripped.
Lasted 6 trading days.

7year not well received, worse than yesterday's 5year Auction

Livingston nh 17:14 GMT 03/26/2015
Tomorrow GDP is Q4 - nothing to be seen there but there might be some concern as the ME degenerates (you need a scorecard to keep track of the "religious political" alliances) // Feb PCE is next week plus PMI and NFP

So far today SPX has just had a fade the open rally as Europe recovered a bit into the close - SPX 2065 is the topside level to watch (yesterday closing drop) -- choppy afternoon w/ 2050 close (?) // FI still giving up Fed sugar rush

GVI Forex john 16:57 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
Lots of red in equities but stocks trying to rebound?

GVI Forex john 16:57 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile

PAR 16:54 GMT 03/26/2015
Markets showing miraculous recovery from the lows . The correction seems to be over. No more sellers left .

GVI Forex Blog 16:24 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: JP- Unemployment, CPI, Retail Sales, US- GDP, University of Michigan Survey, Yellen

GVI Forex Calendar for March 27, 2015

GVI Forex john 16:21 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile

March 26, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Friday, March 27, 2015. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: JP- Unemployment, CPI, Retail Sales, US- GDP, University of Michigan Survey, Yellen
  • Far East: JP- Unemployment, CPI, Retail Sales
  • Europe: No Major Data
  • North America: US- GDP, University of Michigan Survey, COT Report, Yellen

Paris ib 16:16 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
We're looking at a sea of red and you see risk on? I don't think so. Risk off - in a big way - is just around the corner. All we are doing here is waiting for the trigger. USD/JPY? Geopolitics? Crap economic data?

Global-View Trading Systems
Paris ib 16:12 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
John if pension funds are holding cash in banks then they shouldn't be in business. The story sounds like crap to me. What kind of pension fund holds cash? In banks? After what has happened to interest rates over the past five years!! Come on. Joke story. Doesn't stand serious examination at all. Pension funds hold bonds. If those bonds have now rallied to the point that the yield is negative then those pension funds are sitting on an unrealised capital gain on their paper and their yields are still positive. Only new money coming into funds creates new demand and a problem with what to buy. Buying USD? Could be. But to hold USD cash? Seriously?

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 16:07 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
We hear also from GVI sources that pension funds, central banks and others are not permitted to hold funds in deposit accounts (at banks) that "pay" negative interest rates. As a result they have been converting excess cash into USD, GBP etc. or are buying bunds that pay a positive interest rate (10-yr+).

Bottom-line, this requirement has been generating ongoing USD demand. Imagine where EURUSD would be without this requirement!

PAR 16:01 GMT 03/26/2015
Risk on . Full speed ahead. Buy any dip .

Paris ib 16:01 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
The way things are sitting Friday could be a significant day for technicals. Don't know if we all hunker down till then but it's starting to look like it.

Paris ib 15:58 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
SPX back in the black (just).

Mtl JP 15:58 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
This could be a dandy

Bundesbank hosting conference on financial stability - bundesbank

The Bdsbnk is playing host to top banking officials:

2015-03-27 09:00 AM Frankfurt
Conference on Debt and Financial Stability – Regulatory Challenges

Welcome speech held by Dr Jens Weidmann
Participation after registration. The speech will not be distributed.
Dr Jens Weidmann is not prepared to answer questions on an informal basis at the event.

2015-03-27 09:45 AM - Frankfurt/Main
Conference on Debt and Financial Stability – Regulatory Challenges

Panel discussion with Prof Dr Claudia M. Buch, title: "Financial Stability: Staying Afloat in a Sea of Debt"
Participation after registration. The speech will not be distributed.

2015-03-27 02:30 PM - Frankfurt/Main
Conference on Debt and Financial Stability – Regulatory Challenges

Panel discussion with Dr Andreas Dombret, title: "Trading Places: The State Saving the Banks"
Participation after registration. The speech will not be distributed.
BUT Nothing for public distribution.

Paris ib 15:56 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
Oh dear. Thanks for that. It wasn't on my radar. Didn't release we are headed for a car crash there. It will depend, of course, on the deflator. A suspiciously low deflator will help GDP growth (at least on the books). But then a too low deflator will see the likelihood of a rate hike fade even further (FWIW IMVHO no rate hike and no recovery). As it becomes clearer that the U.S. can't hike the USD will come under pressure. And despite all the gloom - and the forever delayed rate hike - Treasuries can't rally. Bad news all round. Is it really back to the bunker already? Feels like we just got out.

london red 15:47 GMT 03/26/2015
us gdp tomorrow paris, dont think anyone wants to be bullish ahead of that car crash.

PAR 15:46 GMT 03/26/2015
Egypt says air force, Navy join in Yemen intervention

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:35 GMT 03/26/2015  - My Profile
146 pip range and it holds S1

PAR 15:34 GMT 03/26/2015
PPT in full action . Yellen working the phones . US stocks will close into the green.

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