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03/03/15 4:30 A AU Australia Reserve Bank con: 2.00% pre: 2.25%
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5000 wooo wooo
dc CB 22:16 GMT 03/02/2015
wink wink nudge nudge

Penta---Barrons for the more-than-well-off

5000 wooo wooo
dc CB 22:14 GMT 03/02/2015
'Doze "Existing Home Sales" ....De gonna be offffffff da charts come Summer....ah Garuuunnnnteeeeeeeeeee it ...Yasssss Sir

5000 wooo wooo
dc CB 22:12 GMT 03/02/2015
Take your NAZ 5000 Profits HERE:

BBVA Compass announced today the launch of its Home Ownership Made Easier, or HOME, program, which helps low- and moderate-income borrowers overcome one of the most significant barriers to homeownership — saving enough cash to cover down payment and closing costs.

HOME allows qualifying borrowers to finance up to 100 percent of a home's value, with the bank contributing up to $4,500 toward certain closing costs.

Borrowers can move into a new residence with as little as $500 of their own funds.

The HOME mortgage is also available to borrowers with higher incomes if they're financing properties in low- or moderate-income census tracts.

WTF! - $500 buys you a house (on massive leverage) AND rich people can fund 100% if the houses they are slumlording buying are in relatively poor areas.

"They're Back" - We Have Learned Nothing In 10 Years!!

GVI Forex john 22:09 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile

March 2, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: AU- RBA Decision, DE- Retail Sales. UK- Construction PMI, CA- GDP
  • Far East: AU- RBA Decision
  • Europe: DE- Retail Sales. UK- Construction PMI, EZ- PPI
  • North America: CA- GDP, US- Weekly Energy

5000 wooo wooo
dc CB 22:00 GMT 03/02/2015
watching CNBC non stop ..."it's different now"

"inflation adjusted the NAZ should be 6900 and we're no where near that"

Babes, who were cheerleaders at their HS Saturday football game, but now are "financial Broadcasters" say Yeh this NAZ is Different. Not like the NAZ in 2000

Time to rePost The Many DOHs of Home Simpson

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 21:48 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile

EUR Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables. Chart icon stores in browser tab.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

CHART POINTS- Free Forex Database
GVI Forex john 20:39 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

GVI Forex john 20:34 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Australian Interest rates. RBA expected to cut cash rate target by 25bps to 2.00% later. AUD weak.

GVI Forex john 20:15 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Weekly Trading Planner Top Items (GMT):  
    4:30 AU Australia Reserve Bank 25bp cut expected
    7:00 DE Retail Sales Consumer Demand
    9:28 GB Construct PMI Latest view on economy
    13:30 CA GDP
    21:30 US Weekly Energy
    0:30 AU GDP broadest view of economy
    8:50 FR SVC PMI fastest view on economy
    8:55 DE final SVC PMI Latest view on economy
    8:58 EZ SVC PMI Latest view on economy
    9:28 GB SVC PMI Latest view on economy
    10:00 EZ Retail Sls consumer demand
    12:00 US WK Mortgage Stats
    13:15 US ADP Jobs predictor of payrolls
    14:45 US final MKT SVC PMI Latest view on economy
    15:00 CA BOC Rates No Rate Change Expected
    15:00 US Factory Orders future production
    15:00 US ISM SVC PMI Latest view on economy
    15:30 US EIA Crude mn major price indicator
    19:00 USFRB Beige Book Fed Economic Report
    0:30 AU Trade A$bln External accounts
    0:30 AU Retail Sales External accounts
    7:00 DE Factory Orders future demand
    12:45 EZ Europe Cntl Bank NO rate Change Expected
    13:30 US Weekly Jobless weekly jobs data
    13:30 US Productivity Key to growth
    15:00 CA Ivey PMI Latest view on economy
    15:30 US Nat Gas bcf
    7:00 DE Ind Output yy output
    8:15 CH CPI SNB Target
    10:00 EZ GDP mm broadest view of economy
    10:00 EZ GDP yy broadest view of economy
    13:30 CA Trade C$bn external accounts
    13:30 US Unemployment % unemployment rate
    13:30 US Payrolls Key Jobs data
    13:30 US Trade external accounts
    20:30 US COT Report

calendarBe sure to refer daily to the Global-View Economic Calendar For key items (actual data, selected charts, etc.) as they are released.

Global Markets News
Mtl JP 19:27 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Presidents should be able to declare economic emergencies: Bernanke
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Presidents should get the power to declare economic emergencies along the lines to declare war, said former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Monday.

While the Fed retains the authority it needs to respond to another financial crisis, financial crises ‘tend to have a certain chaotic element to them,” that no one can predict, Bernanke said during a panel discussion sponsored by The Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy.

In light of this, it might make sense to give “the president some ability to declare emergencies or take extraordinary actions and not put that all on the Fed,” Bernanke said at a conference. “The constitution gives the president significant flexibility to respond to military situations,” in part because of they are chaotic, he noted.
"and not put that all on the Fed"
Translation: not be able to declare who is incompetent or societaly dangerous as an economic terrorist, name specific name(s) and string them from bridges and lamp-posts

PMIs Mixed to Weak. Later This Week- ECB Decision and U.S. Employment
GVI Forex Blog 19:27 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
TOP NEWS ITEMS: AU- RBA Decision, DE- Retail Sales. UK- Construction PMI, CA- GDP

PMIs Mixed to Weak. Later This Week- ECB Decision and U.S. Employment

GVI Forex john 18:23 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
I like the PMIs because in my mind they encapsulate the fundamentals in one number. I see them more as a current reading rather than predictive. In general, we want to be buying the strength and selling weakness. Of course you can overlay the PMIs with things like ECB QE, etc., but they are a good starting point.

New Record High on the DAX
SaaR KaL 18:02 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Dax seems to have a few days north to above 11500
probably a short from 12,100ish for 10,000 tgt

GVI Forex john 18:01 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
February Manufacturing PMIs:
China- in contraction
Australia- very weak
Japan-flash revised higher but soft
Swiss- very weak
EZ- flash revisions mixed
Canada - weak
U.S. Mixed

Lots of weak reports
Standouts for strength were U.K. and U.S.
Lets see what we see in the Service PMIs on Wednesday. I will be looking for confirmation.

New Record High on the DAX
Paris ib 17:52 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
JP - I don't agonize. I contemplate and then I come up with a strategy as far as I am able. But I have no illusion that the 'narrative' is anything but a total con job. And markets are manipulated. So it's not easy. You may have noticed. :-)

New Record High on the DAX
Mtl JP 17:46 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
ib you can not agonize over it (whatever the "it" is as you perceive it)
It is better to think of schemes to make personal profit from "it", if you think you have a good handle on the "it"s methods of operation and exploit it to finance your own aspirations.

In general for a week
SaaR KaL 17:45 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
USDJPY should south a little

New Record High on the DAX
Paris ib 17:31 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
And JP I personally think the powers-that-be are lying, corrupt and incompetent when they are not actually actively malevolent.

We have no democracy and no control of these deviants. And that, unfortunately, is a worldwide problem. And the press is controlled by the same clowns who control the governments and the mega corporations so no-one ever gets told what the real situation is. None of our problems are actually so opaque that we can't deal with them. But first you have to address the real problems and not some pseudo phantom issue.

New Record High on the DAX
Paris ib 17:27 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
JP - I think the focus on domestic stresses is misplaced. What we are seeing is the collapse in international capital flows which has been accompanied (of course) by a collapse in international trade. That's what happening IMVHO and none of the bubble heads are talking about it. The thing you have to ask yourself is: which currency areas are most vulnerable to a sudden exit of foreign capital. That is: which currency areas have the greatest level of foreign debt?

I personally think the economic analysis we are witnessing is about as half-arsed as you are likely to ever see. It's all the same crap repeated endlessly by bubble heads and it is totally missing what is actually going on. So bloody typical.

Baltic Dry Index

New Record High on the DAX
Mtl JP 17:20 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
ib I think I m detecting some indignation from you about what the powers that be are doing in and with the market.

Cousin in Sweden recently got hit with charges for keeping money in an account at a bank. So he decided to use his money to pay off the mortgage. That means one less performing asset on the bank's books and one less "liability" in the other column. No plans to spend on additional made-in-china teddy bears tho.

Here is a suggestion: expect that the more stresses show up, the bigger the stock market ramps. Until, on one fine day, they won't.

GVI Forex john 17:15 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile

Bond Market Avalanche
Paris ib 17:14 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
The 'Yellen impact' lasted a couple of days and now it's back to selling U.S. Treasuries. This is more important than the 'narrative' would have you believe. Higher bond yields mean more seller than buyers on the U.S. Treasury market. I continue to believe that geopolitics plays a role here and IMVHO it means that aggressive U.S. geopolitical strategies are impacting the willingness of foreigners to stump up the cash to finance the U.S. Government. Which is the same as saying foreigners are not so keen holding USDs as an international reserve currency.

Global Markets News
GVI Forex Blog 17:08 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
US equities are have an up day after a weak couple of sessions late last week. The Nasdaq Composite has climbed above 5,000 today for the first time since the dot-com bust of 2000-01, while the S&P500 is within points of hitting a new intraday high. US Mid-Session Update: Nasdaq Back at Dot-Bomb Highs

New Record High on the DAX
Paris ib 17:07 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
JP - seriously not fussed. I just think it's kinda hilarious that the DAX is at record highs while we have all the doom and gloomers out there. We have Draghi up this week so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. The Greek crisis is still festering. Though I do find the 'narrative' on that one interesting. The 'narrative' seems to be that the Greeks don't work and they have too many pensions and, occasionally someone brings up the role of the banks. The banks are always bad. You may have noticed. The entire idea of credit is getting constant bad press. So at some point I assume credit to the plebs (you, me, small business) will be removed entirely. Bubble heads will tell us why that is a good idea. It won't be. It will herald an era of a totally static economy. And semi rationing, saving bits of string and stuff like that. Think the civilian population in Britain during WWII. With regard to Greece no-one is talking about the bribery and corruption in the military and the military procurement industry in Greece - and especially not in Germany and France - which was such a huge part of foisting debt on the Greek people. So I guess military spending is not a target here.

From the tone of the 'narrative' we are going to end up with crushed private sector credit, big military budgets and a population that is told: you all have to work more and more for less and less. They call it productivity. What it really is is worse and worse working and living conditions. Pay attention to the narrative and you see where this is heading. Japan basically. Only with more military spending, more surveillance and more global military conflicts and terrorism to keep us all scared and above all COMPLIANT. The deviants like compliance.

According to Nouriel Roubini
Mtl JP 17:03 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Are you ready for negative interest rates?

..."Over time, of course, negative nominal and real returns may lead savers to save less and spend more. And that is precisely the goal of negative interest rates: In a world where supply outstrips demand and too much saving chases too few productive investments, the equilibrium interest rate is low, if not negative. Indeed, if the advanced economies were to suffer from secular stagnation, a world with negative interest rates on both short- and long-term bonds could become the new normal.

To avoid that, central banks and fiscal authorities need to pursue policies to jump-start growth and induce positive inflation. Paradoxically, that implies a period of negative interest rates to induce savers to save less and spend more. But it also requires fiscal stimulus, especially public investment in productive infrastructure projects, which yield higher returns than the bonds used to finance them. The longer such policies are postponed, the longer we may inhabit the inverted world of negative nominal interest rates."...
Consider yourself warned. Mtl JP

New Record High on the DAX
Mtl JP 16:52 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
ib 16:45 one disadvantage of pure text is that it betrays very little emotion. so I am not sure if you are agonizing or deliriously celebrating.
hope it is the latter

New Record High on the DAX
Paris ib 16:45 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
New record close on the DAX today. Another all time record high as well.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 16:40 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
10-yr 2.073% +7.7bp

GVI Forex john 16:19 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
We corrected our U.S. Markit final Mfg PMI below to 55.1 from 54.1.

GVI Forex john 16:12 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
nh- do you have 55.1 ?

my number looks wrong. Lots of PMIs today!

Livingston nh 16:08 GMT 03/02/2015
John - re: MARKIT - I have different number for feb could you check

Mtl JP 16:03 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
what are the statistical odds for dlryen Res 2 (currently at 120.20) holding first approach ?

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:56 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
USDJPY above 120 -- note higher US bond yields (10-yr 2.05%)

Global-View Trading Systems
Paris ib 15:54 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Meanwhile the doom and gloomers have not given up. I can't help but think that all the analysts out there are lost. So doom and gloom while markets rally. :-)


Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 15:41 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
for the record NAS intra-day peak 5132.52
highest close 5048.62

Hear the Bell Toll for the Greek
Mtl JP 15:38 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Eurozone countries are in talks over a third bailout package for Greece, Spain Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said Monday, according to Reuters. The package would be worth between 30 billion to 50 billion euros ($34 billion to $56 billion) and would give Greece more flexible conditions, he said Monday at an event in Pamplona, according to the report. Greece's eurozone creditors in February agreed to a four-month extension of the country's existing bailout program after a multi-week standoff.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 15:35 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
fwiw S&P trading beautifully with USDJPY. 120.00 psychological line taken out, led by S&P.

10-yr 2.0450% +4bp.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 15:33 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
NASDAQ trades above 5000. I never thought we would see it again. BTW its MOSTLY Apple (equity weighted index).

The Hidden Danger of High Leverage
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:23 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile

This is an important article for all traders to read.

Most discussions of the negatives of high leverage offered by retail forex brokers center around traders taking too much risk by trading too large positions relative to their account balances. Offers of leverage as high as 100:1, 200:1 and 400:1 (I have even seen 500:1) are used as selling points to those looking to score big in the forex market. It works well when a trader is right but reality of using high leverage quickly sets in when a forex trade goes wrong. However, this is not where leverage can do the most harm as I will explain.

The Hidden Danger of High Leverage

GVI Forex Blog 15:18 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: AU- RBA Decision, DE- Retail Sales. UK- Construction PMI, CA- GDP

GVI Forex Data Outlook for March 3, 2014

GVI Forex john 15:14 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile

March 2, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: AU- RBA Decision, DE- Retail Sales. UK- Construction PMI, CA- GDP
  • Far East: AU- RBA Decision
  • Europe: DE- Retail Sales. UK- Construction PMI, EZ- PPI
  • North America: CA- GDP, US- Weekly Energy

GVI Forex john 15:08 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
U.S. data recently have been turning mixed. They are not falling off the table, but they certainly are not accelerating to the upside.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:07 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
If you trade CFDs, can you send me an EMAIL

We are doing some research and need some info on CFDs

GVI Forex john 15:06 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
ISM Mfg weaker than expected.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:04 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Abel, JP posted this earlier on GVI Forex and we handicapped 1.1240 as resistance. So selling against 1.1250 has worked a couple of times.

Monday's Trading Outlook
Mtl JP 11:38 GMT 03/02/2015 - My Profile
will try short euro on closer approach to 1.1250
tight sl

OIL What's Going On?
Mtl JP 15:02 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
and would that be a "tax break" to the plebs ?

OIL What's Going On?
Mtl JP 15:01 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
a $3 handle - how quickly ?

GVI Forex john 15:01 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
Construction Spending January 2015
U.S. Data Charts

-1.10% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.40% (r)prev. rev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Forex john 15:00 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
U.S. ISM Manufacturing PMI February 2015
U.S. Data Charts


52.9 vs. 53.2 exp. vs. 53.5 prev.
RELEASE: ISM Manufacturing PMI

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Forex john 14:45 GMT 03/02/2015  - My Profile
U.S. Markit FINAL Manufacting PMI February 2015
U.S. Data Charts


55.1 vs. 54.3 exp. vs. 54.3 prelim
Markit PMI Press Release

TTN: Live News Special Offer

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The Hidden Danger of High Leverage

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