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28/10/16 14:00 A US final U of Mich con: 88.1 pre: 87.9
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FX,gold not impressed by this nice GDP. Good for elections propaganda(maybe).
Livingston nh 13:56 GMT 10/28/2016
SFH - Fed and NFP as always are tradeable events - Fed only talks but folks still watch payrolls for clues // see if yields move back to last year's pre-hike levels

FX,gold not impressed by this nice GDP. Good for elections propaganda(maybe).
NY JM 13:55 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
ib, the presidential election is done unless Trump can pull a rabbit out of a hat. The only uncertainty is whether Republicans hold the Senate. They should maintain control over the House.

FX,gold not impressed by this nice GDP. Good for elections propaganda(maybe).
Paris ib 13:55 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
SFH - it's a hard call. Up to you. Wondering if it's time to look at March S and P puts. I don't see economic data having any impact - unless it's absolutely HUGE - on markets in the run up to the election.

FX,gold not impressed by this nice GDP. Good for elections propaganda(maybe).
LONDON SFH 13:44 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile

Do we only trade on the election then? What happened to "it's the economy stupid!"

FX,gold not impressed by this nice GDP. Good for elections propaganda(maybe).
Paris ib 13:37 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
GDP numbers come out late, get revised anyhow and are subject to a lot of dodgy data collection problems. This number wasn't spectacular enough to get anyone excited either way especially with an election coming up in what? Nine days? And they aren't even all trading days. So we all go back into hibernation and wait for the outcome.

london red 13:36 GMT 10/28/2016
looks like euro stops need to be tripped to get mkt moving. abv 47 stops res 67-75 should settle towards 200hma by close.

FX,gold not impressed by this nice GDP. Good for elections propaganda(maybe).
HK RF@ 13:32 GMT 10/28/2016

Mkt say: It is all crap!!!

Paris ib 13:18 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Thanks for that nh. I was just looking at the official data. Before being adjusted for price changes (which is anything you want them to be) GDP increased 4.4 percent in the third quarter.

This number allows them NOT to rush to hike or at least not to talk about hiking. The deflator took the zing out of it.

The source

Amazing Trader in reral-Time
GVI Trading Jay Meisler 13:18 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile

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Gave a directional sign in EURUSD for a risk on the downside (see trendline) and note how it came very close to the Amazing Trader target.

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Livingston nh 13:15 GMT 10/28/2016
Impllicit Price Deflator Q1 0.5 / Q2 2.3 / Q3 1.5

Paris ib 13:11 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
I saw: GDP deflator 2.2% vs 1.8% exp. Prior 0.4%. Revised to 0.5%. Is that wrong? I haven't looked directly at official data.

Livingston nh 13:09 GMT 10/28/2016
GDP deflator (I thot maybe 2.5%) declined from Q2, only 1.5% vs 2.3% - so yields are not popping on GDP growth // the Employment Cost Index (ECI) increased 0.6% again with benefits still running hotter than wages

Exclusive: GBPUSD and USDCAD Patterns Revealed
GVI Trading Jay Meisler 12:49 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
USDCAD pattern repeats again today.

There is a GBPUSD trading pattern I have uncovered that is repeating daily and should continue to do so. There have only been three days that it did not repeat since the June 23 vote to Brexit.

There is a similar pattern in USDCAD that has repeated 89% of the days so far this year.

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london red 12:45 GMT 10/28/2016
consumer a bit soft although wages up, rest pretty gd. but spreads need to move otherwise usd wont budge vs yen, will weaken vs euro

GVI Forex Blog 12:44 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Headline 3Q16 GDP in line with estimates. Consumption misses.


Mtl JP 12:43 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
john gdp growth at fastest pace in two and a half years
z-got to be "good"

Paris ib 12:37 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
The GDP deflator was pretty darn huge. What's with that? Isn't that the smoking gun which influences the headline rate of GDP?

PAR 12:34 GMT 10/28/2016
Good for stocks and bonds . Perfect numbers before a long European weekend . Consumer a bit weak but basically nothing but good news .

GVI Trading john bland 12:33 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
GDP a bit stronger than expected. Consumption misses. Stromg headline soft internals??

GVI Trading john bland 12:30 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
U.S. GDP 3Q16

U.S. Data Charts


+2.9% vs. +2.50% exp. vs. +1.40% prev.


TTN: Live News Special Offer

Bond Market Dummy Spit
Paris ib 12:28 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
And the spit continues. You might have noticed.

Paris ib 12:25 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
But you just wanted to take a shot using a selective quote. Give me a break.


Paris ib 15:45 GMT October 6, 2016
Bond Market Dummy Spit: Reply
I take it the view on the street is a bond dummy spit will be USD supportive because... well just because. Because a major sell off in a major financial market is just gonna suck in all this new foreign capital or something... foreign capital being attracted to markets which are taking a major hit. We're going with THAT narrative for the moment. You gotta laugh.

So we go with the narrative even though it's not gonna work long term.

Mtl JP 12:22 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
ib I do not think making posipips is idiotic.
I would gladly take posipips coming even out of elephants donkey.
and one day happily pay u a drink of your choice *-^
currently keeping a BoD usd bias

Friday Trading
london red 12:21 GMT 10/28/2016
if gdp beats well us 10 shud outperform bund to downside ie. bigger losses for the us. thats what will drive euro lower (also for yen). a miss shud maintain the bund outperformance and so sup euro. currently us 10 just making its move to downside over bund last few mins.

Paris ib 12:14 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
So you are having a go at me JP. Well it's Friday. Enjoy. Dear god. What I admire about you is your courage. Not.

Friday Trading
london red 12:12 GMT 10/28/2016
euro at 200hma for third time this week unable to close abv on either of the first two occasions. hourly close abv would suggest upside but stops over 10947 likely to be tripped before hourly close next res at 10967-75 then expect fades ahead of 11040. downside barriers at 10850 and 108 with sup also seen at 10810/20. those are the battle lines, mkt is complacent on most front so expect large ranges and moves to stick if gdp surprises up or dwn.

Mtl JP 12:11 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile

GVI Forex Blog 07:53 time to review Paris ib 16:28 GMT October 27 perhaps ?
such a sad sad story to leave good pips on the table

Friday Trading
london red 12:05 GMT 10/28/2016
little guy helping the little guy as it shud be JP

Friday Trading
Paris ib 12:00 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
You taking a shot at me JP? Please.

Friday Trading
Mtl JP 11:56 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
red 11:51 ur generosity, kindness and tolerance are remarkable

Friday Trading
london red 11:51 GMT 10/28/2016
said it yest ib, theres always end of month for that pair and gd sup to work off at that time

Friday Trading
london red 11:47 GMT 10/28/2016
gdp good or bad, one thing for certain them eod euro straddles are priced too low. either or (or maybe both) 10850 10967-75 guarandamnteed today. currently about 35 pips a steal.

Friday Trading
Paris ib 11:46 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Hindsight Harry red

Friday Trading
Livingston nh 11:45 GMT 10/28/2016
Today may be a good day for Housecleaning, especially if we see some spikes // next week will have a Fed/NFP combo so adjustment time seems today -- Cable below 1.21 again is attractive level to trim shorts for fear of a squeeze, Aussie coming back towards support in its recent range and oil may spike USD/CAD above 1.3450 // EM has been VERY sensitive to rising yields the past days so next week CBs and data could make this worse

Choppy stox this week has seen volume increasing each day -- my take on US GDP will be governed by Nominal GDP because the Deflator is still a good broad indicator of "lumpy" inflation (Treasurys reaction)

Friday Trading
london red 11:45 GMT 10/28/2016
ib time to buy eurgbp was yest, question for today is hold or sell? do we bust 9025 or not if yes then it will likely close abv there, if not its poss pair will lose all of todays gains.

A Message from your Leader
Paris ib 11:42 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Our campaign represents a true existential threat...

Dear Leader

Friday Trading
GVI Trading john bland 11:41 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile

GDP forecasts by the professional economists are all over the map. No result would surprise me. There are also technical reasons in the manner it is calculated that always can distort the data either way.

Bottom line, the market is going to react to the headline announcement. but personally I have no confidence either way in anyone's forecast. They seem to range from an annualized +1.50% to 3.50%.

Friday Trading
Paris ib 11:37 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
So sell those bonds. If they get the growth they get the rate hike.

Friday Trading
Paris ib 11:36 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Ok red so do you buy or sell EURGBP here?

Friday Trading
PAR 11:35 GMT 10/28/2016
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) The U.S. economy could top 3% growth in the third quarter for the first time in two in a half years owing to stronger exports, steady consumer spending and an increase in restocking at warehouse shelves.

Friday Trading
london red 11:29 GMT 10/28/2016
never a better day than a friday to make a killing. id say more than 50% of my gains in dollar terms will have come on fridays. when panic sets in, folk dont think straight and thats when u shud thrive.

Friday Trading
london red 11:25 GMT 10/28/2016
usually when mkt breaks it will run stops other sider first. id like to see euro move a bit higher on german inflation and on a 3% gdp shud then finish that particular hour no higher than 10886. as re options there are 1.5 yards at both 108 and 10875-85 also nearly 1.5 at 10940-50 if number soft.

Friday Trading
Paris ib 11:22 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
If you're bored it might perk up your Friday. :-)

Friday Trading
Paris ib 11:21 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Yeah so buy EUR/GBP rather than sell the range. But it's Friday. I don't like the risk reward at all.

Friday Trading
london red 11:21 GMT 10/28/2016
regulations and hft means trading certain mkts no longer a banker for banks. hence the staff reductions and exits. it makes for more volatility which is good news for the patience and disciplined retail trader.

Friday Trading
Mtl JP 11:18 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Paris ib 11:14 for some / many it is exactly "high volatility situation" in which to trade.
market is going to trade with or without you.

Friday Trading
Paris ib 11:17 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
Which is why they are firing all their staff and closing down their proprietary trading desks. No, I don't think so.

Friday Trading
PAR 11:16 GMT 10/28/2016
Imho banks trading desks and trading computers are front running ECB and FED trading and getting plenty rich doing so. They no longer need customers they just make money trading on inside info from FED and ECB .

Friday Trading
Paris ib 11:14 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
You like risk you can sell it. But I wouldn't. We are entering a high volatility situation. Think about it. Geopolitics. Ugly stuff. U.S. election. Certainly not better. Brexit can go anywhere and nowhere. And then we have South China seas....

Paris ib 11:12 GMT 10/28/2016  - My Profile
red yes, but the longer term trend will be: rising rates. It has to be. There is literally nowhere to go the other end. And that will test the system. So while there will be ups and downs as we get there it will be very interesting to see who can hold together in a rising interest rate environment. Though I see little scope for a massive, sustained rise. This is not the 1970s or even 1980s. That era is over. Oh brave New World that hath such people in it.

A vote of confidence :-)

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  • Friday sees U.S. preliminary 3Q16 GDP. Following September Advance Trade data Wednesday, CNBC said its tracking of private GDP estimates (due Friday) have been raised substantially to 3%+ from about 2.5%. The latest Atlanta Fed GDPNow forecast for 3Q16 GDP Thursday was 2.10% from 2.00% on October 19.

  • Thursday saw the first estimate for 3Q16 UK GDP. This was first broad snapshot of how the economy has performed since the Brexit passage vote. GDP grew by +0.5% vs. estimates for +0.3%. This was another nail in the coffin for a BOE rate cut in the near term. Gilt yields closed at 1.257% +10.8bp.

  • Markets continue to try to reconcile the prospects for a Fed policy tightening in December with Yellen's new notion of a high-pressure economy. Odds are the Fed will hike rates before putting policy on hold again for most of 2017. Fed Funds futures have zeroed in on roughly 70% odds (69%) on a rate hike. It looks to me like the hawks and doves have reached a deal. The hawks get a December token rate hike in return for the doves getting a steady monetary policy next year.

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