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09/02/16 15:00 B US JOLTS Survey mln con: 5.4 pre: 5.43
09/02/16 15:00 B US Wholesale Inventories con: -0.20% pre: -0.30%
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My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 13:41 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
usdyen S3 (3SD) 114.08

Paris ib 13:39 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
SPLAT.... is on. No bounce. No intervention. No nothing. gl gt

My Tuesday Trades
'Livingston' 'nh' 13:38 GMT 02/09/2016
Besides Yellen tomorrow the US enters the "serious" part of the Primary season -- after New Hampshire the pretenders fade and new candidates may join (Democrats are more prone to this late joining)

My Tuesday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 13:38 GMT 02/09/2016
preMkt on the NYSE ...AmDepositorys

DB Deutsch Bank $15.00
CS Credit Suisse $13.49

A message from John Cryan to Deutsche Bank employees

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 13:36 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
eur Res 2 1.1298

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 13:26 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
eur 1.1245 = two top and up against 61.8 fib
john look at 2yr eu/us spread
risk is too many folks trying to corner yellen (priing odds of rate hikes)
if Yellen will sound just a teeny bit defying the market ----- watch out long eurusd

Very Bullish
'HK' 'Kwun' 13:19 GMT 02/09/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1186 Target: Stop: 1176

TP at 1196 first

My Tuesday Trades
'GVI 'john 13:17 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
Risk-Off trade developing
S&P -15
US 10-yt 1.735% -1.6bp

My Tuesday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 13:17 GMT 02/09/2016
Yellen and Friends made a wimpy attempt to sell Gold druing the Thin Hours. Looking like back above 1200 again today. A close above will be a real stick-in-the-eye.

Too bad Ron Paul retired. Would've been great to see him waving around a gold coin as he questions Yellen about her debasement of the USD...nostalgia.

My Tuesday Trades
'Livingston' 'nh' 13:09 GMT 02/09/2016
Jp - Japan and the Yen should be the proof all of the CB professors need about the usefulness of negative interest rates -- throughout the "Escape From GFC" the script called for radical action and plots of New Normal

MAYBE(?) Yellen can pour cold water on the Heads on Fire types -- two years (Taper warning) for these whiney types to put their various credit positions in order and they kept dancing // the CBs kept the Punchbowl full for too long, of course, but they are just academics -- the Partygoers were supposed to be adults

The REAL problem arises if the Fed backs Down again

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 13:07 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
dealer shows 7-10 pips spread euryen

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 12:52 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
IF yen continues strengthening Aso may have to dispatch one / both of his numbnuts

My Tuesday Trades
'GVI 'john 12:51 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
wti $29.75 +0.50 ($30.61- $29.70)
back sub-$30, but not tanking.

Very Bullish
'HK' 'Kwun' 12:48 GMT 02/09/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1186 Target: Stop: 1176

winning 10 dollars now,

'Mtl' 'JP' 12:25 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
kl fs 10:43 odds r u ll see 1.4350ish first

My Tuesday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 12:17 GMT 02/09/2016
JPM lowers ECB deposit cut estimate from -0.4% to -0.5% in March. sees -0.7% in June

good reason to buy Euros lol

"got two twenties for a ten?"

My Tuesday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 12:14 GMT 02/09/2016

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 12:13 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
red 11:30 it seems that players are goading for yellen to push bak her rate normalization - it maybe players are setting themselves up for pain as yellen is now surrounded by hawks is she not ?

My Tuesday Trades
london red 11:30 GMT 02/09/2016
eurjpy may be best trade if yellen dovish on hikes. bonds likely supported so usdjpy doesnt get a boost there, only from risk on side with folk moving out of yen. euro should benefit from dovish yellen particularly if talk of hikes set back. so eurjpy long may be most profitable of all in that scenario an would stay so until euro c. 114.

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 11:26 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
john CNBC been reading GV Forum
JP 05:32
r u going long usdyen ?
or wait for janet moaning about pushing back the next rate hike = good for stocks = good for usdyen

My Tuesday Trades
PAR 11:10 GMT 02/09/2016
DJ Switch From Yen to Euros, Says Morgan Stanley -- Market Talk

1004 GMT Sharp yen gains makes verbal intervention by Japanese authorities "increasingly likely," Morgan Stanley analysts say. They advise buying euros as a safe haven rather than yen, switching from short USD/JPY into long EUR/USD. "In the short-term EUR/USD seems to offer upside potential to $1.1350/1.1400." EUR/USD trades flat at $1.1194, off an overnight peak around $1.1239. USD/JPY is down 0.6% at Y115.19, climbing from a 15-month low around Y114.21. Morgan Stanley says EUR/USD will benefit from risk aversion but would also rally should the U.S. Federal Reserve make any hint of monetary easing, which would hamper the USD. Fed Chair Janet Yellen testifies on Wednesday. (

My Tuesday Trades
GVI john 11:08 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
Japan Finance Minister calls yen moves "ROUGH" and says he will be "monitoring" the markets. Take this as a veiled threat to the markets that the government is preparing to do something to contain the value of the yen if continues to strengthen.

kl fs 10:43 GMT 02/09/2016
looks like this one heading to 1.46-1.48

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 10:25 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
apparently Lackluster profits and negative interest rates, have prompted investors to dump shares in the sector that was touted as one of the best investment ideas just a few months ago.

ďThe current environment for European banks is very, very bad. Over a full business cycle, I think itís very questionable whether banks on average are able to cover their cost of equity. And as a result that makes it an unattractive investment for long-term investors,Ē warned Peter Garnry, head of equity strategy at Saxo Bank.
ok - I am warned
so r u
BUT not sure about it an unattractive investment for long-term investors - sounds like BoD for long term

london red 10:16 GMT 02/09/2016
theres a large expiry at 115 today, shackles may come off after the cut.

'Mtl' 'JP' 10:10 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
whoopee! :)
Hail Abe-o-nomics !!!!
more phleeaaze moRE arrows !!!!!!
earlier numbnuts Abe was on wires spouting something about wanting for wages to rise for the lower casts

GVI john 09:57 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
NOte 5.5%+ decline in Nikkei today.

GVI john 09:54 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
SC- I'd be surprised if Japan was NOT intervening under the table or through its surrogates.

Global-View Trading Technologies
'GVI 'john 09:52 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Blog 09:43 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Technologies

nw kw 09:41 GMT 02/09/2016
long chfjpy117.11, last month cared jpy up

My Tuesday Trades
GVI Forex john bland 09:38 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
DAX +21
DJ +5
SP +1

US 1.749% -0.2bp
DE 0.236% +1.1
UK 1.400% +1.5
JP -0.010% -4.8

EUR mostly weaker. up vs AUD and NZD

wti $30.44 +0.73 ($30.61-29.84)

Mixed risk in equities early as markets consolidate Mon losses. 10-yr JGB yield goes negative. Otherwise bond markets are cautious as well. WTI holding the Psychological $30.00 level.

GVI ohn 09:32 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
UK Trade December 2016


Total: -9.90 vs. -10.40 exp. vs. -10.46 (r -11.5) prev.

Non-EU: -2.48 vs. -2.60 exp. vs. -2.45 (r -2.40)prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

CURRENT CONDITIONS: Mixed Markets Early in Europe
PAR 09:29 GMT 02/09/2016
The realisation that asset prices are once again out of line with the economic environment that reasonably can be expected in the next few years. Moreover, there is the feeling that central bankers, who were also the loyal servant of markets are out of bullets and ideas. The ECB experiments with negative rates, as if it is doing an innocent chemical experiment somewhere in the backyard during a BBQ. The Fedís dot plot with 4 rate hikes in 2016 looks comical. In the meantime, political and geopolitical risks are rising. In Europe, migration is fast unravelling the fundament of open frontiers. In the UK, Brexit may well end up with the country leaving the EU. Portugal is reversing its economic policy, Italy has to cope with its banks, Spain has no government and Catalonia is ever closer to independence. Not to mention GreeceÖ

In the US, there is the tail risk that the presidential elections will go between two outsiders with ideas that donít bode well for the role of the US and stability in the world. The oil war may become another war in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi. Finally, China faces a transition of its economy that few countries have succeeded in the past while EM firms drown in dollar debt. All this occurs in a context where the BIS admits that the regulation of the banking sector has inevitably affected the available liquidity in many markets.

jkt abel 09:29 GMT 02/09/2016
red, you'd fancy market testing them though?

london red 09:20 GMT 02/09/2016
if boj was in youd see pair a whole lot higher as mkt is pretty long jpy now. they just checked rates below 115, very much expected. they wont do much unless its crashing down under 115 as 115-125 has been the range for the last year.

london red 09:17 GMT 02/09/2016
yen. id cover here as no higher high.

European Banks
PAR 09:11 GMT 02/09/2016
Negative interest rates are a tax on European banks and an expropriation of savers revenues .

Draghi s aim is to devalue the Euro and to help hugely indebted governments finance gigantic budget deficits .
Negative rates are not going to acheve this if most European banks go bankrupt .

If you want to devalue the currency just tell it . Problem is that all the world thinks that devaluing their currency will solve their economic problems. In that sense monetary policy has become insane and counterproductive .

Draghi should be replaced asap . #ImpeachDraghi

Singapore SC 08:40 GMT 02/09/2016
Do you think that BOJ is in the market below 115?

jkt abel 08:35 GMT 02/09/2016
not today

london red 08:28 GMT 02/09/2016
yen. long usd 11490/11510 stop under 11460 for 11585/11630

Paris ib 08:27 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
Splat anyone?

Very Bullish
'HK' 'Kwun' 08:25 GMT 02/09/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1186 Target: Stop: 1176

told you, very bullish

Very Bullish
nw kw 08:11 GMT 02/09/2016
oil so short u/c.

Very Bullish
HK Kwun 08:04 GMT 02/09/2016
Buy Gold
Entry: 1186 Target: Stop: 1176

opportunity comes

nw kw 08:02 GMT 02/09/2016
long gbpjpy gl

nw kw 07:55 GMT 02/09/2016
do you have support on gold for its going in to jpy

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 07:51 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
If you read the mainstream press and wires you would be forgiven for thinking that the current melt down is: 1. Chinese and/or 2. European and anything else well it's just accidental spillover from the 'real problem'. The Aussie press even had a story out reporting that the AUD got hammered Friday because of 'resurgent' USD following a very good NFP report. Like what?

You gotta love these guys, they relentlessly stay 'on message'.

Fact check from Mr Lapthorne:

"Earnings have never been cut this dramatically outside a recession. The worst earnings momentum on the planet is not in Asia, it's not emerging markets, it's not in Europe. It's in the US." FT 16/17 January 2016

Not that you would expect 'the narrative' to change or anything.

Meanwhile back at the farm the world waits for Japan to do more to debauch its own currency in aid of the USD. Draghi is pretty much seen to be on the same team. The 'other side", if you will, is China and Russia and the U.S. strategy is to use geopolitics (wars and sanctions and bad press and the funding of internal dissent) to take them out. That strategy has worked before in other countries and regions but to work again it would take a confused China and Russia and we don't have that right now. China and Russia are on to the game.

USD outlook? On the one hand we have ugly fundamentals. On the other we have a willing team of currency debauchers working for the world's Central Banks. Take your pick.

FT Article

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CURRENT CONDITIONS: Mixed Markets Early In Europe

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