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27/02/15 13:30 A US GDP 4Q14 con: 2.10% pre: 2.60%
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Greek economy shrinks 0.4 per cent on quarter in Q4
HK RF@ 11:36 GMT 02/27/2015

This will not help for payments of debts.

March Newsletter
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 11:34 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile

In this issue:

- Slam Dunk Month for the Dollar?

- Video: Forex Trading Outlook for March

March Newsletter: Thoughts from the Trading Trenches

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 11:28 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables. Chart icon stores in browser tab.

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Global Markets News
GVI Forex Blog 11:24 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
The USD consolidated its recent strength in the session following the US core inflation reading on Thursday. The lower European yields helping to give the greenback an advantage ahead of the formal launch of the ECB's QE program EU Mid-Market Update: Various European inflation data comes in positive and above expectations

Greece admin. under inside heavy pressure.
perth wtr 11:23 GMT 02/27/2015
sell euro also 1.1238, stop above 1.1280

Greece admin. under inside heavy pressure.
manila tom 11:17 GMT 02/27/2015
seold euro 1.1238, stop 1.1267, target open

Greece admin. under inside heavy pressure.
GVI Forex john 11:12 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile

I don't think Greece is large enough to pull the EZ down.

It might have made sense years ago for the EZ to effectively forgive Greek its debt and put in structural reforms and provide assistance with performance strings attached. They could have kept the debt on the books but put off repayment for several decades

Greece admin. under inside heavy pressure.
HK RF@ 10:48 GMT 02/27/2015

Right!!!, And so big is the humiliation, resulting to violence in some sectors.

Time will tell the outcome.

And depends too on the police power of the Greek admin.

Greece admin. under inside heavy pressure.
GVI Forex john 10:44 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
It seems to me the new Greek government must have learned by now the Troika holds all the cards.

Greece admin. under inside heavy pressure.
HK RF@ 10:36 GMT 02/27/2015

A possibility the Greeks will walk away from the agreement should not be excluded!!!

ATHEN INDEX COMPOS (GD.AT) -Athens  Watchlist
867.98 Down 36.61(4.05%) 5:21AM EST

GVI Forex john 10:36 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
No Surprise. German Bundestag approves four month Greek debt extension.

USD Tone Positive into Month end; Thurs Gains Correct. Japan CPI Eases
GVI Forex Blog 10:33 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile

TOP NEWS ITEMS: US- GDP, Chicago PMI, University of Michigan Survey, Pending Homes Sales

USD Tone Positive into Month end; Thurs Gains Correct. Japan CPI Eases

GVI Forex john 10:28 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile

27 February-- 10:30 GMT- Current Market Conditions
CALENDAR: Moderately active monthend 

Japan- January/February CPI easing as tax increase starts to fall out
Germany- flash February HICP generally higher

FOREX-: EUR mixed USD modestly lower
EQUITIES- Asia/Europe mixed. U.S. futures down
FIXED INCOME- yields up EZ periphery down U.K up. US down
COMMODITIES- Gold down, Oil up, Commodity currencies up

Violence and instability in Greece may spill to all exchanges in Europe.
HK RF@ 10:25 GMT 02/27/2015

Buying Euro: A good idea?


871.64 Down 32.95(3.64%) 5:09AM EST

In general for a week
NY JM 10:15 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
I remember reading some time ago that the Bundesbank converts interest in GBP bonds back to EUR at month end. I have no clue if it is still true but could be a month end flow in EURGBP.

The old dog, adds more fuel to the fire. Watch out.
HK RF@ 10:06 GMT 02/27/2015

Mikis Theodorakis Criticizes Alexis Tsipras’ Policy on Bailout Deal

The internationally-known composer is an emblematic figure of the Greek Left and had criticized the new government debt negotiations earlier this week. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met with him on Tuesday to discuss the situation and the two men spoke for 90 minutes without making any comments after the meeting.

Yesterday, Theodorakis issued an open letter where he endorses Friday’s protest rally of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) against the policies of the new government and expresses his disappointment with SYRIZA.

Specifically, the composer endorses the KKE proposition to abolish all memorandums between Greece and creditors with a single law.

In his letter he says that even though SYRIZA is in power for one month now, there are three crucial points that haven’t changed. Namely, Greece is still under foreign rule, sovereign property is pawned, creditors have denied Greece to act on economic and foreign affair policies.

Theodorakis continues saying that the Greek people are slaves to the European Union, not proud, independent citizens.

“As a free Greek, I feel indignation and shame because the new parliament body tolerates the existence of memorandums that humiliate and degrade us internationally,” Theodorakis says, continuing that it is a shame after so many ancestors have given their lives for freedom.

The letter continues with a greeting to Friday’s KKE protest rally in front of the Greek Parliament for the abolition of memorandums, in the same place they were signed.

Theodorakis finally urges Greek people to continue the struggle concluding with the ancient Greek precept “He who dares wins.”


Greece situation not very stable.
HK RF@ 10:00 GMT 02/27/2015

Athens Stock Exchange opens with loses on Friday morning

Athex Composite Share Price Index: 877.39 -27.20 (-3.01%)

GVI Forex john 09:55 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
Japan January 2015


Core yy
yy:2.20% vs. 2.30% exp. vs. 2.50% prev.

National yy:
2.4% vs. 2.40 exp. vs. 2.50% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

JA CPI... Japanese CPI. Data eases.

He must be insecure that guy.
HK RF@ 09:48 GMT 02/27/2015

Good for having a close stop, because if will not rebounding above 1.1550, expect a decline to 1.05

He must be insecure that guy.
kl fs 09:45 GMT 02/27/2015
buy euro 1.1229, stop 1.1209 for 1.1260

He must be insecure that guy.
HK RF@ 09:29 GMT 02/27/2015

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble urges parliament to approve extension of Greece's bailout - @Reuters

In general for a week
SaaR KaL 09:27 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
I doubt goes above 119.55 Into US Open
During us open seem that 120 is tops
Very likely 118.7 Next week

In general for a week
SaaR KaL 09:23 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
Thanks Red

Day Trade gold Long
from 1200 to 1195
tgt 1213 tops 1223

EURJPY Short till 134.00
TGT 133.10
Not into Shorting it...But!!

In general for a week
london red 09:13 GMT 02/27/2015
my euro thoughts earlier. as for eurgbp. 7255 lt fib almost got done and they took profits helped by end of month demand. res at 7304/7336. if for some reason does not hold, then mkt likely to close at 7370/75 or higher today. the 200 month ma. thats a big deal and means euro outperforms cable and it would ecrtainly means euro above 11262 today. its not a base scenario. euro can climb a bit on weaker us gdp but they should still be in the mood to sell and close under 11212. thats the base view.

In general for a week
SaaR KaL 09:08 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
Hi Red
Was waiting for a repose from you on EURUSD Day
1.1243 seems like it for the day
for below 1.1150...then Bullish Into 1.1350 Next week

from 183.4 to 182.8
TGT tops 185.4
IMP Bullish next week

In general for a week
london red 09:08 GMT 02/27/2015
looking like hicp up in the afta beats f/c to register around -0.2%y/y

In general for a week
london red 09:03 GMT 02/27/2015
now hesse and bavaria also beating.

Malaysia - what's going on there?
Paris ib 08:47 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
"By meeting a repayment deadline for the first time in months, Malaysia’s troubled sovereign wealth fund, 1Malaysia Development Berhad, seems to have staved off a debt crisis that threatened the country’s entire banking system."

Just saw this and wondered what the he.ll? Anyone know what is going on over there.... and financial market implications?

Banking System under Threat?

In general for a week
london red 08:03 GMT 02/27/2015
saxony cpi beats f/c sets up for a better german hicp later

In general for a week
london red 07:46 GMT 02/27/2015
stop abv 35/62 but i would prefer to wait for those resistances to set up any new possie.
weekly close below 11212 opens up ytd low and 108. a close abv 11262 today while doesnt alter lt tech, may mean we see 11320 test nxt week. but make no mistake euro going lower.

In general for a week
SaaR KaL 07:20 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
EURUSD SHort till 1.1137?
from 1.1216

In general for a week
SaaR KaL 07:11 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
Probabaly 1.1136 is lowest for US Open
Cable 1.5372

Sydney ACC 06:04 GMT 02/27/2015
Its my guess that the political leadership of this country might get resolved next week with Tony Abbott resigning over the weekend.
The Sydney Morning Herald, which is Sydney's flagship newspaper leads off with three articles that incorporate issues about his leadership:
1. Professor Gillian Triggs and the Human Rights Commission.
2. Two leading businessmen, one of whom is a well known supporter of Tony Abbott calling for the leadership issue to baid to rest.
3. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop asked by a NZ journalist whether she would stand against Malcolm Turnbull.
Whatever one's political allegiances the shadow hanging over Tony Abbott is having a deleterious impact on the Australian economy.
In the words of Oliver Cromwell to the Rump Parliament:
"You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

DXB GG 05:43 GMT 02/27/2015
Moved stop down to .7860 worse case scenario is that it pays for the previous Aussie trade stop out.

Looking at about .7765 as a profit take.


In general for a week
SaaR KaL 05:28 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
Seems like a buy at 0.7780
for 0.7879

In general for a week
SaaR KaL 05:02 GMT 02/27/2015  - My Profile
will long eurusd with dips today
1.1180 tgt 1.1360
cable with dips 1.54ish tgt 1.5550

Gold shorts from 1214 tgt 1180

I Like EURJPY Longs from 133.4 tgt 136

AceTrader Feb 27: Intra-Day News and Views (USD/JPY) & data to be released today
Hong Kong AceTrader 02:38 GMT 02/27/2015
Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
27 Feb 2015 02:37GMT

USD/JPY - ...... Despite yesterday's brief drop to 118.68 in European morning, the greenback rebounded strongly to 119.51 due to dlr's broad-based strength after hawkish comments Federal Reserve's James Bullard together with upbeat U.S. economic data.
Bids are now located at 119.20-15 and more at 119.05-00 with some stops seen below 119.00.
On the upside, offers are tipped at 119.50 and more at 119.70-80.

Reuters reported Japanese households cut spending more than expected and retail sales fell for the first time in 7 months in Jan, data showed on Friday, a sign the central bank's radical stimulus has yet to convince consumers that inflation will take hold.

Factory output jumped in January as exports rebounded on solid U.S. and Asia demand, but manufactures see output rising only slightly in the current month and then slumping in March, adding to evidence of an uneven economic recovery.

The soft consumption is a headache for the BoJ, which hopes its aggressive money printing will fuel expectations that prices will rise ahead and prompt households to spend more now.

Data to be released on Friday:

Japan inflation, unemployment rate, retail sales, industrial output, housing starts, construction orders, UK consumer confidence, France producer prices, Swiss KOF indicator, Italy CPI, Germany CPI, import price index, U.S. GDP, Chicago PMI and pending home sales.

gc sf 00:45 GMT 02/27/2015
Tensions with Germany over 'greedy' Greece's debt

* Only 22% of Germans support Greece Bail-Out

* "No more billions for the greedy Greeks!" screamed mass daily Bild Thursday under a huge "Nein!" ("No!") headline.


kl fs 23:23 GMT 02/26/2015
anyone with usdcad position? looks like heading north?

gc sf 22:48 GMT 02/26/2015
Good Morning,

$yen is pretty interesting - I doubt it rises much past 119.90 no matter how bullish USD gets against the EUR

yesterday both the political side + BOJ side went out of their way to sooth over the press reports of friction between them -- so now is just not the time for massive $Yen movements.

given that AUD + NZD while being weaker may not get as weak as the EUR -- as this seems a more EUR move than anything else.

USD tightening back on the cards -- check .. but the onset of ECB QE that people mentioning more important in the short term.

As I understand it... this German Move basically says all collateral for Europe at the moment must be German .. other paper just doesn't cut it.

AUD @7800 seems more of a proper reflection of the recent data than 7900 + it also shows the fx mkt isn't thinking rate cut at next meeting but probably the one after ... if they were thinking cut we would be 7730-50.

Absolutely fascinating day ahead really.

ECB version of QE
Mtl JP 22:42 GMT 02/26/2015  - My Profile
nw kw / if english is not your language suggest to turn on the automatic corrector in your browser. your acronyms, respectfully, r - at least to me - garbage for which I don't have decipher time.
like that u might stop wasting your time, see?

ECB version of QE
nw kw 22:28 GMT 02/26/2015
last time Canadas gov dretly backeds home lending / hm- can eur do that?

ALBERT EDWARDS: 'We are at that stage in the cycle where I begin to doubt my own sanity'
HK RF@ 22:19 GMT 02/26/2015

Most US economic data missed expectations in February.

And that investors are sending stocks to all-time highs is making Societe Generale's Albert Edwards crazy.

In a note Thursday, Edwards wrote:

"With equity markets galore hitting record highs clearly I must be missing something big! We are at that stage in the cycle where I begin to doubt my own sanity. I’ve been here before though and know full well how this story ends and it doesn’t involve me being detained in a mental health establishment (usually)."


OIL What's Going On?
dc CB 21:46 GMT 02/26/2015
VLCCs are hard to come by these days as most are floating full. WTI has been in contago, with 6 months forward for delivery averaging $10 more that the front month. Buy now Store and sell later has been the game as crude has crumbled.

But today the Brent-WTI Spread was $11-12. The floating stock can be sold NOW and replenished NOW to get that $10/bl.

ECB version of QE
nw kw 21:44 GMT 02/26/2015
one pumped the dividend how can anything dump tsx will be a farce to

ECB version of QE
Mtl JP 21:39 GMT 02/26/2015  - My Profile
nw kw 18:39 that could be(come) a crimp to canadian banks

OIL What's Going On?
Mtl JP 21:37 GMT 02/26/2015  - My Profile
a VLCC cost approx 100-120 million. It carries say on average 2,000,000 barrels. What does it cost to hold each barrel per day - and how long before those barrels have to be unloaded before they go stale ? (they are organic matter after all)

Stagnant Pools
Mtl JP 21:27 GMT 02/26/2015  - My Profile
CB 18:45 - Recall what I call Janet's reason for getting and keeping her job: by her defined 3rd FED's mandate: can and must safeguard the banks. Those toxic MBS will never see daylight of market. I recall Ben saying - long time ago - the FED is willing to keep em on the books till they become good or eventually expire and get buried in the FEDs garbage heap - where no-one cares anymore.

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