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25/05/18 20:30 B US COT Report con: n/a pre: n/a
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Fed Signals A June 13 Rate Hike, While U.K. Inflation Data Disappoints
GVI Trader john 17:41 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile

John M. Bland, MBA, co-founder,

Dovish Tone of May 2 FOMC Minutes Disappoints USD Bulls The Fed indicated that the Fed Funds target could reach neutrality “before too long”. The day after the meeting, the Dallas Fed President Kaplan said for himself that a Funds target range of 2.50% to 2.75% would represent “neutrality. Perhaps he might have been speaking for others?...MORE

Fed Signals A June 13 Rate Hike, While U.K. Inflation Data Disappoints

Livingston nh 17:41 GMT 05/25/2018
WTI has been supported at the rising 21 wkma - the rising avg is now @65.10 (MACD starting to roll over)-- the current price is sitting on the daily 55 ema ~67.60 (MACD has rolled over)

The $56 critical level comes in just below the rising wkly 89 ema

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
london red 17:15 GMT 05/25/2018
wti 66.73 might be an area of sup for huge wick on monthly candle. we have had a good run since inverse shs back in low 50's.

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 17:09 GMT 05/25/2018
It should be elementary knowledge that forex trading success or failure depends to a huge degree on money management. As everyone (should) know, opening a trade = risk of losing money. Which makes making naked target calls irresponsible.
Not legally irresponsible; just morally.

GVI Trader john 17:07 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1059 vs. 1046 (+13) prev.
Oil: 859 vs. 844 (+15) prev.

Canada: 81 vs. 83 (-2)

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Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Bali Sja 16:58 GMT 05/25/2018
Euro bulls got slaughtered. Parity is not that far soon.

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 16:54 GMT 05/25/2018
CB how relevant to oil players is the 50dma at 67.54

The Real Risk --- Truth
dc CB 16:51 GMT 05/25/2018

Seven Days in May

The Real Risk --- Truth
dc CB 16:33 GMT 05/25/2018
Strassel has some advice on how to resolve this... Mr. Trump has an even quicker way to bring the hostility to an end.

He can - and should - declassify everything possible, letting Congress and the public see the truth.
That would put an end to the daily spin and conspiracy theories. It would puncture Democratic arguments that the administration is seeking to gain this information only for itself, to “undermine” an investigation.
And it would end the Justice Department’s campaign of secrecy, which has done such harm to its reputation with the public and with Congress.

WSJ Exposes The Real 'Constitutional Crisis'

Week's Checklist
dc CB 16:04 GMT 05/25/2018
read at your leisure...apt description of the Thru the Looking Glass World --- that is the staus quo....(this applies to Britian/London too. Goings on that the Rolling Stones, Kinks, et al wud never have stood for in silence).

You get to a certain age and you are fairly certain you have seen it all. For example, I have already witnessed a man walk on the moon, a president resign, America lose a war, the space shuttle explode, the Soviet Union collapse, a president impeached, a tied presidential race, the Twin Towers fall, and a billionaire real estate magnate elected president without a lick of political or military experience. But who would have thought we would live to see the day a Donald Trump could kill off the 1960s?

How Donald Trump Killed Off the 1960s

Week's Checklist
dc CB 15:51 GMT 05/25/2018
overhang of higher gas prices stalling the eCONomy ---- woooooo $90 oil soooooooon....there goe's Trump's tax cuts. $4 gasoline woooooooo.

Rates rocket above 3% on the 10er...bye by eCONomy....woooooo

hahahahahahahahahahah all gone in 5 days

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
dc CB 15:45 GMT 05/25/2018
6780 Crude longs crushed... 7290 11AM Tues May 22.

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 15:44 GMT 05/25/2018
triple bargain 4 ur money:
bostic along with evans and kaplan on yak deck

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
nw kw 15:38 GMT 05/25/2018
CN. rail chart busting resistance from mang, and gov. police allowing new rail car investments. xports up in April, may up 13%. cad gdp impacted.
WEED world stock shorts building. can be for world trade stress relieved for trump to nc.

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 15:31 GMT 05/25/2018
on a little longer than 5-60minute bar re President Trump's geo-politics

It would be naive to not think that away from MSM reporting there are no high level machinations between china SK and NK. It is my opinion (ie, no source) that china has enuff nukes that it does not need to support and feed NK anymore.

It appears to me as well orchestrated comedy where the director has lured the president of �Our military, which is by far the most powerful" into not just a spectator but actually a stage participant - little but like dunce made to entertain and make laugh the king.

When the comedy staring President Trump in main and Kim in supporting role will be over the winner will be china solidifying its regional hegemony and loser the US by way of its military out of china s backyard.

Long Eurusd for 50 pips profit
Singapore SGFXTrader 15:18 GMT 05/25/2018
Entry: 1.1656 Target: 1.1710 Stop: 1.1630


Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 15:15 GMT 05/25/2018
I would add that the circus-like style of President Trump's geo-politics and trade policy buffoonery is at best a short-term opportunistic trading which is adding nothing to a healthy dlr posi-sentiment.

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
london red 14:50 GMT 05/25/2018
get ur drift but take usdjpy its a bit of red herring given weakness there is geopolitical - we would be at 112 otherwise.
as for euro, while it keeps beating downside lvls traders wont pass up on trend. Needs 11685 close today otherwise clear downside all things equal.

PAR 14:43 GMT 05/25/2018
Long 1.1660 . We 'll see.

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 14:41 GMT 05/25/2018
red 14:22 thx 4 sharing parameters
gut says players are not massively convinced about the power of usd rocket

current 94.12 DLRX would make 2x top with 94.19 from 12/12/2017
letsee into close of day who bags what

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
dc CB 14:40 GMT 05/25/2018
Crude eyes on 67XX

PAR 14:37 GMT 05/25/2018
Us stocks move higher .

Golden rule . Us stocks always close higher before a holiday weekend in order not to spoil the.holidays.of the mega rich..

Have a nice weekend . Off to the beach

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Final University Of Michigan Survey Revised Revised Down For May 2018
GVI Forex Blog 14:23 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
University of Michigan Sentiment Survey. Final May 2018 data revised lower. Data basically flat for a year. University of Michigan Survey Chart

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Final University Of Michigan Survey Revised Revised Down For May 2018

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
london red 14:22 GMT 05/25/2018
would need to see 11685 close on euro to signal a move higher (eventually) next wk. so could go str8 up or 115 then up to close 11685 or higher nxt friday. but close below 11685 means more downside 4 sure nxt wk.

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 14:17 GMT 05/25/2018
US 10-YR 2.93 %
odds getting better for bit of TP-ing on dlr rocket into the close of day

Friday Trading Checklist For 25 May 2018
Mtl JP 14:11 GMT 05/25/2018
fwiw next to yak is bostik at 1/4 to 12:NYT

GVI Trader john 14:01 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
University of Michigan Sentiment Index Final May 2018

98.0 vs. 98.8 exp. vs. 98.8 preliminary

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

TTN: Live News Special Offer

london red 13:57 GMT 05/25/2018
hey just be happy u got to sell 11685 from the blip. nxt sup 11625/35 maybe yet see 11665 to fade during nxt hr for that 25/35 tgt. a channel sits around 18 if overshoot.

Livingston nh 13:55 GMT 05/25/2018
The rising monthly 21 ma on EUR/USD is the next support @1.1460

dc CB 13:55 GMT 05/25/2018
10Y ---ZNM8 -10Y futures ---current 119'31

W/ $TYM8 break 119-18 on NK "news," targeting 27+, then 120-07. Move by Fri would put 91% of put expiries OOTM and 40% calls ITM.


GVI Trader Jay Meisler 13:53 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
Italy 10 year now 2.54% (Spain 1.504%) --> driving EUR lower

US and German yields are seeing the flight to safety as well as EURCHF and EURJPY

Mtl JP 13:38 GMT 05/25/2018
re in relative agreement:

"Our assessment will be based on three criteria for the inflation outlook: convergence, confidence and resilience." praet 29 January

GVI Trader Jay Meisler 13:35 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
This was a case where news algos reacted to the headline and details were less definitive.

The pop setup the new low that is probably dependent on 1.1650 holding to check the downside.

Next Amazing Trader target remains at 1.1552

The Amazing Trader

GVI Trader Jay Meisler 13:03 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
EURUSD popped on this:

08:54 (EU) ECB sources: ECB policymakers are in relative agreement over ending QE this year, despite slower growth and worries about Italy - press

- Pace of rate hikes could be affected by weaker growth; sluggish data raises the risk of delays in raises
- Could raise headline inflation forecast in June on higher oil prices and weaker Euro; growth seen cut and core inflation unchanged

- Source

Mtl JP 12:35 GMT 05/25/2018
10yr at 2.95 % but looks like folks running towards liquidity

GVI Trader john 12:31 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
Durable Goods Orders April 2018

Headline: -1.70% vs. -1.40% exp. vs. +2.60% (+2.70) prev.
Ex-Trans: +0.90% vs. +0.50% exp. vs. +0.10% prev(+0.40%).

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Livingston nh 12:27 GMT 05/25/2018
IMF popping up on radar screen in Argentina, Turkey - next look for banks and other holders of debt/currency to show up as scramble to get out begins

Strengthening dollar, rising rates and oil price are hitting EM despite Powell's complacent attitude

Erdogan likely to respond to domestic turmoil by blaming "outsiders" - see who he picks for the Donkey tail

GVI Trader Jay Meisler 12:12 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
08:04 (ES) Spain PM Rajoy: No intention to call for a snap election at this time; motion of no-confidence goes against Spain's political stability, economic recovery; based upon a falsehood
- Want his govt to complete it 4-year mandate
- No govt members was among the corruption convictions
- Recent budget approval gives the country stability

- Source

GVI Trader Jay Meisler 12:03 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile
TTN reporting that the Spanish PM is due to speak, presumably on the no confidence talk

Mtl JP 12:00 GMT 05/25/2018
USDX back N of 94
says where the bid is

UK JY 11:58 GMT 05/25/2018
Look at the EZ peripheral bonds

london red 11:53 GMT 05/25/2018
after top of hour shud be able to fade 11680/85 test with modest stop abv days high

Singapore SC 11:51 GMT 05/25/2018
Any news? out?

london red 11:50 GMT 05/25/2018
11635 now in play. only hourly close at/abv 11685 arrests this particular hit.

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GVI Trader Jay Meisler 11:40 GMT 05/25/2018  - My Profile

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