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17/04/14 12:30 CA BOC CPI Feb y con: 1.30% pre: 1.20%
17/04/14 12:30 CA CPI mm con: 0.30% pre: 0.80%
17/04/14 12:30 CA CPI yy con: 1.40% pre: 1.10%
17/04/14 12:30 US Initial Claims con: 315 pre: 300
17/04/14 12:30 US Cont Claims con: 2.795 pre: 2.776
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GVI Forex Blog 05:26 GMT 04/17/2014  - My Profile
- (CN) CHINA MAR ACTUAL FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) YTD: 5.5% V 10.4% PRIOR (3-month low) >- (AU) AUSTRALIA Q1 NAB BUSINESS CONFIDENCE: 6 V 8 PRIOR - (AU) AUSTRALIA MAR RBA FX TRANSACTIONS MARKET Asian Market Update: High-profile Weibo IPO prices at bottom of range; China FDI slows further - Source

US financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks, for both sides
Syd 02:48 GMT 04/17/2014
US financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks, for both sides
The US Treasury faces a more formidable prey with Russia, the world's biggest producer of energy with a $2 trillion economy, superb scientists and a first-strike nuclear arsenal

The United States has constructed a financial neutron bomb. For the past 12 years an elite cell at the US Treasury has been sharpening the tools of economic warfare, designing ways to bring almost any country to its knees without firing a shot.

Uh Oh
dc CB 02:22 GMT 04/17/2014

ignore that me boy. there's a pot-o-gold to be had

pix via Daves' Daily ETF blog

AceTrader: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views USD/JPY
Hong Kong AceTrader 02:07 GMT 04/17/2014
Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views USD/JPY

17 Apr 2014 01:42GMT
USD/JPY - 102.04... Japan FinMin Aso says 'important Japan show resolve to restore gov't finance.'
BoJ's Kuroda says 'Japan's economy continues to recovery moderately; Japan's economy likely to continue recovering as a trend; Japan making steady progress in meeting BoJ's price target; BoJ will maintain its QE programme until needed to sustainably meet it price target; BoJ will adjust policy when needed, looking at upside, downside risks to economy, prices; Japan's financial system maintaining stability as a whole.'
Japan Pm Abe says 'we must make a success of Abenomics.'

China's Premier Li says 'China to keep, monetary policy stance unchanged; to make efforts to ensure meeting 2014 goals; China economic operation within reasonable range; growth around 7.5% within reasonable range; growth can be little higher or lower than 7.5% China not considering expanding deficit; China not considering strong stimulus now; reiterates development key to resolve all problems.'

Talks a Chance for Russia to Step Back on Ukraine
HK RF@ 02:02 GMT 04/17/2014

GENEVA — The high-level talks on Ukraine that are set to begin here on Thursday have emerged as a pivotal test of Russia’s intentions in the region before the United States and European nations decide whether to impose additional economic sanctions on Moscow, American officials said on Wednesday.

Probably these talks are time wasting.

The Russian side is winning against the Kiev Gov. without a fight.
No winner will give away his spoils just like that.

Nato, can't do much, but only risking that some Nato soldiers may defect to the insurgent side too.

So this will be the end of Nato!

The risk is only from the American side, which may push later for military escalation.

Your Best Trade of the Day
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 01:44 GMT 04/17/2014  - My Profile
For those trading on Thursday beware of thinning liquidity ahead of what will be 4 day weekends in many centers.

Putin risks upstaging talks on defusing Ukraine crisis
Mtl JP 01:42 GMT 04/17/2014  - My Profile
her is one sure to please (or not, haha) McCain % Co. Dozens of Ukrainian troops surrender APCs in Slavyansk, refuse to ‘shoot at own people’ ... nd another Ukraine Push Against Rebels Grinds to Halt

When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue
dc CB 01:38 GMT 04/17/2014
Might downloading a 50-cent coupon for Cheerios cost you legal rights?

General Mills, the maker of iconic cereals like Cheerios and Chex as well as brands like Bisquick and Betty Crocker, has quietly added language to its website to alert consumers that they give up their right to sue the company if they download coupons, “join” it in online communities like Facebook, enter a company-sponsored sweepstakes or contest or interact with it in a variety of other ways.

Instead, anyone who has received anything that could be construed as a benefit and who then has a dispute with the company over its products will have to use informal negotiation via email or go through arbitration to seek relief, according to the new terms posted on its site.

In language added on Tuesday after The New York Times contacted it about the changes, General Mills seemed to go even further, suggesting that buying its products would bind consumers to those terms.

General Mills seemed to go even further, suggesting that buying its products would bind consumers to those terms.

How to a Trade in a Political Market
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 01:25 GMT 04/17/2014  - My Profile
This is a timely article and worth a read

How to a Trade in a Political Market

Putin risks upstaging talks on defusing Ukraine crisis
GVI Forex 01:21 GMT 04/17/2014  - My Profile
... Other U.S. officials said in Washington they did not anticipate a breakthrough in Geneva, adding that it was reasonable to assume that more sanctions would be imposed against Russia if there was no progress. Additional sanctions could come from Washington as soon as Friday....

Putin risks upstaging talks on defusing Ukraine crisis

Your Best Trade of the Day
GVI Forex 01:14 GMT 04/17/2014  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

Watch GBPUSD 1.6820 (just broken, new 2014 high) to see if it becomes support as that is what is needed for a strong BOD and expose 1.6850-1.7000

On downside, back below 1.6800-20 would be needed to neutralize the risk.

Forex News
GVI Forex Blog 00:51 GMT 04/17/2014  - My Profile
* Yen nurses broad but modest losses as global stocks rally

* Sterling boosted by upbeat local data

* Yellen stresses need for interest rates to stay low

* BOJ governor speech next in focus

FOREX-Yen grinds lower as global stocks rally, dollar holds steady

Uh Oh
GVI Forex 23:54 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
(Reuters) - Google Inc's first-quarter revenue fell short of Wall Street targets and margins narrowed as the price of its ads continued to decline, pushing its shares sharply lower.

Google first-quarter revenue misses Wall Street targets

It has Risen!!!
dc CB 23:05 GMT 04/16/2014
Crash? What crash?
"""Net proceeds from the offering will be used for general corporate purposes, including working capital and capital expenditure, Zoosk said in the filing.

The company's net loss narrowed to $2.62 million from $20.66 million for 2013.""""

Online Dating Website Zoosk Files for IPO of Up to $100 Million

It has Risen!!!
dc CB 22:42 GMT 04/16/2014
""that's all that is needed to take away thought of CRASH for the weekend and bring on thoughts of "I shudda bought da dip" LOL""""

As Nasdaq falls, buying opportunity arises

It has Risen!!!
dc CB 21:58 GMT 04/16/2014

I'm wondering how far it will sell off in futures after the 4PM cash close. Even if is flatlines in cash...that's all that is needed to take away thought of CRASH for the weekend and bring on thoughts of "I shudda bought da dip" LOL

By the way, the Flatner is reasserting itself.

Calendar -- Daily Forex Data News
GVI Forex john 21:49 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile

April 16, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Thursday, April 17. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: CA- CPI, US- Initial Claims, Philly Fed.
  • Far East: No Major Data.
  • Europe: No Major Data.
  • North America: CA- CPI, US- Initial Claims, Philly Fed, Natural Gas, Early Closes.

GVI Forex Blog 21:41 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
A mildly positive atmosphere, extended by Yellen. The Fed Chair's speech in NY about monetary policy and the economy contained few surprises but did have a dovish tilt, implying rate hikes may not start until 2016. US equities shrugged off a mixed bag of data to follow Yellen and a moderately upbeat Beige Book of regional economic anecdotes, the S&P500 currently up 0.9%.

Australia & NZ Morning Thoughts.

It has Risen!!!
Mtl JP 21:40 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
dc CB DJIA up 1% on the day just like the S&P (which, btw, is again in the + ytd even if barely)

I ll be watching curiously tom, if UP or Down, and it is not that I do not trust in your call.

It has Risen!!!
dc CB 21:15 GMT 04/16/2014

One more good push from Da Boys tomorrow

Cambridge Joe 20:53 GMT 04/16/2014
Yea CB ! According to this, that was a cat bounce... it has further to go. ATM 103.31 is a level to get past, then down like it means it.

104.05 is possibly a problem in the other direction...

If Kim Ill Junk decides to invade Harlem.... then who knows !

In the meantime.... GL & good night !

dc CB 20:43 GMT 04/16/2014
the Ukraine factor made for a wild ride...and it's still sticking there...otherwise that LARGE oversupply number would have tanked it back to 100.

when this warring shite stops...look out below

dc CB 20:43 GMT 04/16/2014
the Ukraine factor made for a wild ride...and it's still sticking there...otherwise that LARGE oversupply number would have tanked it back to 100.

when this warring shite stops...look out below

Cambridge Joe 20:29 GMT 04/16/2014
SnP looking like a roller-coaster move south from 00:00 GMT

Lock it or watch it evaporate, as they say.... IMO. GL

Cambridge Joe 19:59 GMT 04/16/2014
Looking for Cable selling approx 01:00 02:00 GMT. IMO. GL

Chart Points - Free FX Database
GVI Forex john 19:41 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

Chart Points -- Trading Points
GVI Forex john 19:00 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
Pre-Closing Trading Points...
many more chart points
About Moving Averages
About Bollinger Bands

U.S. Fed Beige Book
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 18:53 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
vs 119 in the prior Beige Book

U.S. Fed Beige Book
PAR 18:19 GMT 04/16/2014
" Weather " mentioned 103 times in Beige Book

Fed late to realise what is happening

U.S. Fed Beige Book
PAR 18:19 GMT 04/16/2014
" Weather " mentioned 103 times in Beige Book

Fed late to realise what is happening

Mixed U.S. data. UK Jobs Better. EZ Final HICP Steady to Lower. China GDP Better than Seen
GVI Forex Blog 18:04 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
HIGH IMPACT NEWS ITEMS: CA- CPI, US- Initial Claims, Philly Fed

Trading slowed late Wednesday as markets wound down ahead of the Easter break that starts as early as Thursday in some centers and can run through Monday for some. Thursday sees some important releases.

Mixed U.S. data. UK Jobs Better. EZ Final HICP Steady to Lower. China GDP Better than Seen

U.S. Fed Beige Book
GVI Forex john 18:02 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile

Economic activity improving with weather.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Direct links to primary data sources

PAR 17:38 GMT 04/16/2014
Clap along if you feel happy like a room without a roof

1 lower dollar boost Us exports

2 higher stock market boost bank and bankers capital

3 perpetual low rates protect $ 5 trillion fed bond portfolio

GVI Forex 17:21 GMT 04/16/2014
Finished. No big news.

Fixed Income Snapshot
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 17:16 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
Bottom line, no rush to raise rates but data dependent.

Fixed Income Snapshot
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 17:10 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
Yellen: Dovish but...

Better chance of an inflation undershoot than overshoot.

Confident that Fed has tools to tighten policy when it is appropriate.

Fixed Income Snapshot
Mtl JP 17:06 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
stox will not be liking more expensive and less accessible money

Fixed Income Snapshot
Mtl JP 16:58 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
according to Yellen: healthy economy within reach
time for taper to zero, 10-yr to 5%+ and disband the FED ?

Fixed Income Snapshot
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 16:56 GMT 04/16/2014
Yellen prepared text dovish but should not be a surprise.

Q&A is coming up and the main focus

Fixed Income Snapshot
Mtl JP 16:39 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
Yellen: Forward guidance will continue to evolve
Yellen: Forward guidance can serve as stabilizer
i.e trust bs at your own risk

Fixed Income Snapshot
GVI Forex john 16:32 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
Soothing comments from Yellen

Your Best Trade Today
Mtl JP 16:10 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
pretty amazing how choosing the euro/dlr as "Best Trade Today" pony is probably the worst choice one could have made over that last few days

Your Best Trade Today
GVI Forex john 15:54 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
Yellen Speech will have Q&A afterwards which will be carried live by CNBC. Her prepared text presumably will be released in advance on the wires. We assume that will be at 16:15 GMT.

Fixed Income Snapshot
GVI Forex john 15:51 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
Late in European trade, prices in prime fixed income markets are ending weaker in response the rally today in equities. The peripheral European bond prices are higher.

European bourses are closing higher. U.S. bourses are stronger. Far East stock markets closed up earlier. The U.S. 10-yr was last 2.64%, +2 bp.

Cambridge Joe 15:45 GMT 04/16/2014

'Cambridge Joe 09:27 GMT 04/16/2014
Sold oil 104.60. .... ! This time.. Aaamm eatin FOOOD tonite !'


Yess ! Thank you Mkt !

PAR 15:41 GMT 04/16/2014
Stops building in USDJPY above 102.50 could be rather big.

Tallinn viies 15:39 GMT 04/16/2014
DJ story - A so-called fat finger error has seen the EUR/CHF exchange rate pushing to 1.2209 Wednesday, before settling back to the previous level around 1.217. A fat finger error describes a mistake made by hitting the wrong key in an electronic keyboard and this was the cause of the glitch according to a senior trader. EUR/CHF has been trading quietly for some weeks now. "We broke above 1.2210 following the ECB as USD strength was expressed more significantly against the CHF than the EUR," says Neil Staines, head of trading at ECU Group, adding that since then, the consistent unwinding of EUR/CHF positions has taken the currencies to a low of just above 1.2140.

Your Best Trade Today
GVI Forex john 15:38 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile
10-yr last 2.643% +2bp

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