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30/11/15 13:00 A DE fl HICP yy con: 0.40% pre: 0.20%
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Syria and whole middle east covered by S400
dc CB 02:14 GMT 11/29/2015
which one is propaganda.
Your posted link to CNBC: Russian 'antique' falls to tricked-out F-16s

"First, I'd like to put this nicely but why mince words? A Russian SU-24 going up against an F-16 is like a Pop Warner football team taking on the New England Patriots. No contest. The F-16 is a far superior machine and Lockheed Martin also completed and delivered a $635 million upgrade to Turkey's F-16 fleet just seven months ago. One SU-24 going up against even a non-upgraded F-16 is still a mismatch. But an SU-24 going up against two upgraded F-16's is a laugher, especially since bombers don't usually have a chance against supersonic jet fighters of any kind. Is it possible this incident was the product of Turkish pilots who were just unable to resist their huge advantage in the skies? Someone will have to ask them."


Or Dr. Robert's speculation in this interview.

Dr Roberts

Monday's Trading Thread
nw kw 01:36 GMT 11/29/2015
usa bank layoffs are light so NFP will be strong for banks have a plan for if oil go's down that's bad for banks.

Monday's Trading Thread
nw kw 01:21 GMT 11/29/2015
cant see down side for eur from new trade deal can strengthen eur and market go's back to subsidized, as cad starting it for cad oil so wots next.

Monday's Trading Thread
nw kw 01:13 GMT 11/29/2015
GBP unevenly has been improving (lately looks from gbp and china deal with cheap eur funding for gbp to be fronted to china investments avoiding red tape and gbp sent tons gold to china last month and that will move gbp GDP as in the past but only crowded trade I see is usa 5y bonds??????????

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Mtl JP 23:18 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile
what is the eur/dlr parity target date ?

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GVI Forex john bland 23:11 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile
NH- I did not think about whether this was a unique case, but I must admit this situation has struck me as very strange.

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Livingston nh 22:45 GMT 11/28/2015
US rate hikes are usually undertaken coincident with or lagging other countries moving in the same direction - the context of the current direction change is unique // over the past year w/oil price dropping the Fed would have been cutting except it couldn't - different monetary regime (gold) but maybe the early '20s, or recently mid '90s of last century might be a comparable period to the Fed's current predicament

Monday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 22:25 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile
The other EUR cross relationship that has a significant influence on the forex market is the EURGBP. At this point in time, it appears that the BOE will be next in line (after the FED) to hike interest rates. The two-year yield in the U.K. is a lot more volatile than most others. Nevertheless, the bias over the last few months has been clear and the GBP unevenly has been improving (lately).

Syria and whole middle east covered by S400
Livingston nh 22:14 GMT 11/28/2015
The US and USSR don't fire missiles at each other - the chain of command and the ID location protocols make a mistake possible but unlikely - the fighter jocks are the risk as they play in the same airspace

Turkey rules of engagement are tailored to the locals (Iran, Iraq, Syria) - Russia is DIFFERENT you give them a lot of space -- Turkey's air force is now confined to it's borders (it had been operating w/ impunity in its war on the Kurds) - if it strays now, it dies // Both Russia and the US would immediately take out the base that fired upon its planes - Turkey can't so they are targets not threats

The risk in the area is that the air campaigns become strategic, rather than tactical -- more effective but less discriminating // Russia is more inclined to boots on the ground

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Mtl JP 22:04 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile
GVI Forex Blog 11:51 GMT 11/28/2015 John M. Bland // Higher U.S. interest rates while Eurozone rates are easing could set the stage for further price erosion of the EURUSD.
Getting closer to the Dec. 15-16 Fed rate hike - odds estimate at 77.5 - historically the USD does not do all that well as the power that be starts hiking rates. That is because players price it in. The thing is currently a matter of action vs words however, so assuming the Fed does raise and continues expect the usd to actually top out over the next 6-9-12 months (ref the dlr/x) .

Monday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 21:35 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile
Key cross relationship. Notice how the 2-yr spread (green line) is leading JPY stronger vs. the EUR.

Syria and whole middle east covered by S400
prague viktor 21:16 GMT 11/28/2015
dil shabat shalom putin is in a big problem in syria,,and as vagna said with vladimer started and with vladimer will finish,and dont think the europe will be safer with putin,,,regards to turky i dont belive they will dare to shot down the su24 without a green light from the usa,,once i heard when the amrican stop flying over syria thats meaning thats the surfce air missiles are on the ground with the rebels just waiting for the green light from the usa,,anyway tough time waiting for all the world ,

Paris ib 20:42 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile
"Sydney ACC 00:31 GMT 11/28/2015
It was explained on Bloomberg that In Belgium and France people have cut back on their use of public transport , are using their motor vehicles to travel. Are shopping nearby at more expensive shops rather than larger shopping centres. As a consequence consumers are spending more."

Ha. Ha. Yeah right. Believe that if you want to.

Anything to explain away positive data. What a laugh.

True. Until Proven Otherwise.
nw kw 18:55 GMT 11/28/2015
Chinakingpins that like to short market are disappearing giving copper new life line so keeping I on gold for rebound after this weeks played out, and rice drought so look out in new year,grub wars.

True. Until Proven Otherwise.
Mtl JP 16:29 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile
No US airstrikes in Syria since Russia deployed S-400 systems - rt

maybe that is why paper Gold is down

He is "saddened"
Israel Dil 15:20 GMT 11/28/2015

you have a point there

Syria and whole middle east covered by S400
Israel Dil 15:18 GMT 11/28/2015
the only answer to make Russia to fall into Afghanistan style warfare is a hidden hand to supply surface - air missiles to one of the groups fighting against the Russians.

that represents another step closer to full scale war. some will tell it's a golden chance for EU and NATO to get the current Turkish regime under full control for some decades.

He is "saddened"
Israel Dil 15:10 GMT 11/28/2015
S400 = none of the parties Russia declared as reasoning to enter Syria uses jet fighters. that means clearly that S400 set there for complete different reasons that are well foreseeable for some.

Erdogan's regime seems to collapse before Assad's and therefore it's a logic assessment to wait for a full scale war with Turkey's involvement (without NATO's support). the only question is against who and the wild card of all still there that Erdogan's regime will get down on its knees completely (not very likely).

white house silence says so much....

He is "saddened"
Livingston nh 14:17 GMT 11/28/2015
Erdogan has the refugee card to play with the EU but the US sees Turkey as a "problem" - Putin will probably put pressure on Turkey in a couple of indirect ways, e.g., much more military support for the Kurds // Putin can play an end game w/ the US because the President is in the twilight of his term - Iran/Turkey/Saudi Arabia all in competition

ISIS is a sideshow - convenient enemy, sometimes useful to all THREE // Russia and the US have nothing to lose in dealing w/ Erdogan -- it may be convenient for Both to trade (I'll give you Assad if you give me Erdogan)

On top of all of this is the PRICE of oil -- again, Turkey is odd man out as the only player with no chips

He is "saddened"
HK RF@ 13:45 GMT 11/28/2015

The emotionally unstable and abnormal Erdogan, changes his tune again.

Turkey's president has said he is "saddened" by the downing of a Russian combat jet by Turkish forces on the Syrian border last Tuesday.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he wished the incident had not happened and hoped it would not happen again.

He has so far refused to apologise to Russia, accusing Moscow of "playing with fire" in its Syria operations.

Anyway, per my suggestion(Prev. post) this will be a calm weekend, as no one out of Syria, flies above Syrian territory because of the S400 threat.
A calm weekend is secured. Gold may continue to sink
HK RF@ 11:09 GMT 11/27/2015

Upcoming: Decisive Week For Forex Markets
GVI Forex Blog 11:51 GMT 11/28/2015  - My Profile

John M. Bland

Busy Week In Store

The week ahead is shaping up to to be a critical one for the markets as it could see the resolution of major outstanding issues

Upcoming: Decisive Week For Forex Markets

Deep Thoughts
nw kw 07:08 GMT 11/28/2015
long etf for usd, or short gold

Deep Thoughts
nw kw 07:06 GMT 11/28/2015
cane forecasting bull for year.bnn

Deep Thoughts
dc CB 03:42 GMT 11/28/2015
Ineptitude? or Culling of the Herd?


Wait and Die.

No Problem. ANY MORE

Ideas from the Land of OUT OF IDEAS.


Navigating the Takata Airbag Recall

Sydney ACC 00:31 GMT 11/28/2015
It was explained on Bloomberg that In Belgium and France people have cut back on their use of public transport , are using their motor vehicles to travel. Are shopping nearby at more expensive shops rather than larger shopping centres. As a consequence consumers are spending more.

HK RF@ 22:37 GMT 11/27/2015

Probably the most, is demoralization of people B4 Xmas, which can affect shopping, thus a decline in consumer index etc.

People may be even afraid to leave their houses in some places.

GVI Forex john bland 22:26 GMT 11/27/2015  - My Profile
I like to post these events in case they develop into something with broader implications. You never know initially!

HK RF@ 22:18 GMT 11/27/2015

Active shooter at Colorado Springs.....

Common US event; A no event.

GVI Forex john bland 19:13 GMT 11/27/2015  - My Profile
Report: Active shooter at Colorado Springs, Colorado Planned Parenthood facility.

Source: TTN

Heating up the Geopolitical Tension
Israel Dil 18:46 GMT 11/27/2015
so, what the US and Russia will make Turkey/Erdoğan to pay to get out this situation?

IF facts are as Russia claims then it's NATO as whole organisation to blame or Turkey acted as a rouge member within NATO.

gold, diamonds, only physical.... if you interested, I would love to supply you with the diamonds

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 18:02 GMT 11/27/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Friday's Trading Thread
london red 17:48 GMT 11/27/2015
euro. hourly wick in place and if closes around 95 then nxt hour close unlikely to be higher. cable looking v soft into close. some stops likely below wks low ahead of that 150 barrier. eurgbp likely to take the brunt of any cable fallout but given the st tech euro unlikely to sustain any gifts from cable.

Heating up the Geopolitical Tension
dc CB 17:43 GMT 11/27/2015
Bondarev also mentioned the memorandum of understanding regarding the campaign in Syria, signed by Moscow and Washington on October 26. In accordance with this agreement, the Russian side informed its American counterparts about the mission of the two bombers in the north of Syria on November 24, including the zones and heights of operation.

" We told our US partners in advance where, when at what altitudes our pilots were going to operate. The US-led coalition, which includes Turkey, was aware of the time and place where our planes would operate. And this is exactly where and when we were attacked. Why did we share this information with the Americans? Either they don't control their allies, or they just pass this information left and right without realizing what the consequences of such actions might be. We will have to have a serious talk with our US partners.

Bondarev called attention to the readiness of the Turkish media, which released a professionally-made video of the incident recorded from an area controlled by extremists a mere 1.5 hours after the Su-24 was downed.

Chief Of Russian Air Force Accuses Turkey Of Coordinated Ambush On Downed Jet

Friday's Trading Thread
dc CB 17:19 GMT 11/27/2015
online sales surpassed last years already

think that will be the case here in the US also. first the entire mid section of the country is in the midst of ice rain snow. Second, fear of going out into the matter what the O sez.

O's weekend address: said the Syrian Refugees are just like the Pilgrims.

Then there's this, which probably has the US Consumer Units thinking (link)....pallleeeezzzz...declare Martial Law and be done with it so we can have a Merry Christmas.

FBI using elite surveillance teams to track at least 48 high-risk ISIS suspects

Friday's Trading Thread
london red 17:10 GMT 11/27/2015
in the uk, store sales were a disappointment against expectations of bumper sales, but online sales surpassed last years already by the afternoon. there will be a trade in this for cable but now not the time.

GVI Forex Blog 17:09 GMT 11/27/2015  - My Profile

Friday 27 November 2015


ECB easing alongside US employment report gives scope for big currency moves

Macroprudential policy action could buy the BoE time before raising rates

Global activity trends a focus alongside geopolitical risks   WEEK AHEAD: ECONOMIC DATA ANALYSIS

Friday's Trading Thread
dc CB 17:04 GMT 11/27/2015
Cracks in the Plan??

RampaLooza of the USD/JPY is having Zero effect on jamming the DOW into the green for a Postitive Thankgiving trading session.

The Always UP and Never Down super-low volume day looking like a bust....NEWZ reports will be forced to say "the MarkIT was mixed"

Will the November Windows get dressed on Monday?
Will the Chinese sell-off continue and give Yellen/Fisher/(Goldman) an excuse to not Hike.
Will no hike be seen this time as a Vote of No Confidence in the touted Recovery.

All questions the US Consumer Units will be thinking about this shopping weeked.

Onward to CyberMonday.

Never Let Crisis Go By
Mtl JP 16:53 GMT 11/27/2015  - My Profile
Hans-Werner Sinn, Professor of Economics and Public Finance at the University of Munich, is President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research and serves on the German economy ministry’s Advisory Council.

Can the Islamic State Unify Europe?

..."It is time for the EU to change its approach to integration. Instead of continuing to push for unbalanced fiscal integration, it must work to implement key elements of political union, including an integrated police force, common asylum laws, a single foreign policy, and, above all, a united army." .../.. emphasis added
Resistance is futile: united army is the cement.

Economic recovery? Thanksgiving shopping at stores ‘was a bust’
dc CB 16:42 GMT 11/27/2015
Not even refered to as a "family" anymore.

The US Consumer Unit

Friday's Trading Thread
london red 16:30 GMT 11/27/2015
euro. 23 28 stop over 43 tgts 106 10580
if seen. big if.

Economic recovery? Thanksgiving shopping at stores ‘was a bust’
HK RF@ 16:30 GMT 11/27/2015

Thanksgiving shopping at stores ‘was a bust’

Traffic at stores declined on Thanksgiving Day and into the wee hours of Black Friday analysts say, though executives at major retailers were pleased with the turnout.

“We believe Thanksgiving shopping was a bust,” said analysts at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey in a note. They conducted channel checks in the New York metro area, New England and the Southeast region starting on Thanksgiving Day and throughout the night into Black Friday.

SunTrust said specialty retail and apparel team members who went to malls “had no problem finding parking or navigating stores” and “there seemed to be more browsing than buying and less items purchased.”
“It doesn’t look much busier than an average Saturday morning,” said Yruma.

Friday's Trading Thread
london red 15:44 GMT 11/27/2015
friday ldn fixing showing its teeth.

GVI Data Calendar for 30 November 2015
GVI Forex Blog 15:36 GMT 11/27/2015  - My Profile

November 27, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, November 30, 2015. Trading News Calendar

  • Far East: no major data
  • Europe: DE- flash HICP
  • North America: US- Chicago PMI, Pending Homes Sales

15:00 US- Pending Homes Sales
01:00 CN- PMI
03:30 AU- RBA Decision
08:55 DE- Jobless
09:00 EZ- MFG PMI
09:30 GB- MFG PMI
07:00 DE- Retail Sales
10:00 EZ- flash HICP
13:15 US- ADP Payrolls
15:00 CA- BOC Decision
16:00 US- Yellen Speech
09:00 EZ- SVC PMI
09:30 GB- SVC PMI
12:45 EZ- ECB Decision
15:00 US- Yellen Testimony
15:00 US- SVC PMI
18:10 US- Vice chair Fischer
OPEC Meetings
13:30 US- Employment
13:30 US- Trade
13:30 CA- Employment
16:45 EZ Draghi NYC

GVI Data Calendar for 30 November 2015

GOLD Wkly CHART: It's a take or break
HK RF@ 15:27 GMT 11/27/2015


Germany in War
PAR 15:08 GMT 11/27/2015
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany will join the military campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria by deploying Tornado reconnaissance jets, refueling aircraft and a frigate to the region, after a direct appeal from close partner France for Berlin to do more.

The decision to commit military personnel and hardware is a shift for Germany, which has resisted such direct involvement in the conflict. It still has no plans to join France, the United States and Russia in conducting air strikes in Syria.

Friday's Trading Thread
Israel Dil 15:05 GMT 11/27/2015
EUR/USD major trend bottom happen roughly 12%-15% below the 200 DMA

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