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10/02/16 9:30 A GB Ind Output m con: -0.10% pre: -0.50%
10/02/16 9:30 A GB Mfg Output m con: 0.10% pre: -0.40%
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"So why in the world would a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it?'
HK RF@ 00:15 GMT 02/10/2016

I am familiar with this situation.


PREVIEW: Fed Chair Yellen Testimony This Week
'dc' 'CB' 00:07 GMT 02/10/2016
Pre Yellen

PropOganda NPR Marketplace Financial NEWZ for the Millenials(who have no money to invest.....SToX up and down today but just off a bit at the the semi happy muzic....Reasons - OIL, after all China was closed, Japan where is mention of Japan, with they mention Deutsche Bank..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................well until tomorow...cue hip music. it's cool baby have another toke, but only if you live where da good guys in guvmint sez it's legal...otherwise VodKA.

PREVIEW: Fed Chair Yellen Testimony This Week
'Mtl' 'JP' 23:59 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
GVI Forex Blog 19:39 // Will you be watching on Tele Janet deliver her testimony ?

Who\'s got Hand?
\'dc\' \'CB\' 22:26 GMT 02/09/2016
So why does this seem eerily .....Who Cuda Seen this one Knew what wud happen. Sept 2008....Feb. 9, 2016... The Day's the Music Stopped.

Economic Genius Award Ceremony...special catagory---The D'OH Award.
'The thing about this storm was that it was forecast for days.
"So why in the world would a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it?'

Captain Claus Andre Anderson and cruise director Abe Hughes posted a video to YouTube yesterday saying the storm was much more intense than originally predicted.

'I have never seen a low-pressure (storm) that was not forecast anything near like what we experienced.

'It developed so quickly. And that's the thing, it just became so intensified in eight or nine hours. It goes from being nothing to a full-blown storm,' Captain Anderson

Ryan Maue, a digital meteorologist for WeatherBell Analytics, told he couldn't believe that was true.

'The storm was well forecast by many different weather models from every agency.

'This situation is no different in practice to purposely sailing a vessel into the path of a rapidly developing Category one or two hurricane.

'This was not a surprise to anyone watching the weather on a daily basis"

The first warning was issued Saturday - the same day the ship left the New Jersey - for possible hurricane-force winds in the exact area the ship planned to sail through.

'The extreme impacts were also quite predictable. 'Waves of 30-feet-plus and wind gusts above 80 knots were experienced over a very large area of the Atlantic Ocean,'

Why did cruise ship set sail into monster storm when it had been forecast for days? Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter - DailyMail on Facebook

Who's got Hand?
'dc' 'CB' 21:53 GMT 02/09/2016
in Dec when everything was comin' up roses.
The 10Y was yeilding 2.25 - 2.35%

Today the 30Y settled at 2.55%

Tom's 10Y auction will have a tale to tell. vestigial or not.

but the results shud come after Madam Chair's session is done...
10 -1PM ? or will it go into overtime?

Seinfeld - Upper Hand

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Blog 21:48 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Technologies

'dc' 'CB' 21:43 GMT 02/09/2016
Cushing +715K
Gasoline Inventories +3.1MM

GVI Forex john 21:38 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

Weekly API Crude

Crude Oil: +2.357 vs. +3.900 exp

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 21:05 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
close prev short (+) and open long ~3944 ... nasdag fut ... also close 1Lot oil ~28,5 long from ~28 ... still in hold 4lots ... time for sleep ...

GVI john 20:52 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

Fed tells banks to "model" negative interest rates.
-- "purely hypothetical" and not a forecast.

GVI Data Calendar for 10 February 2016
GVI john 20:36 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

February 9, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Trading News Calendar

  • Far East: CN- Holiday
  • Europe: UK- Industrial & Manufacturing Output
  • North America: US- Mortgage Statistics, Yellen Testimony, Weekly Crude

10-Feb Wednesday
CN- Holiday
15:00 US- Yellen Testifies
11-Feb Thursday
CN- Holiday
JA- Holiday
13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
15:00 US- Yellen Testifies
12-Feb Friday
CN- Holiday
13:30 US- Retail Sales
15:00 US- University of Michigan (prelim)

GVI Data Calendar for 10 February 2016

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 20:34 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Please ... meet Corkow
'Mtl' 'JP' 20:13 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

Russian Hackers Moved Currency Rate With Malware, Group-IB Says
how COOL is that - as here we are trying to goad BoJ lol

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 20:09 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
'Livingston' 'nh' 19:52 GMT 02/09/2016
in fact, 50+% of my position are index / futures options but this is Fx/index blog, then there is no point to discuss it ...

and here we go, green all around ...

Options for Further Monetary Policy Stimulus
'Livingston' 'nh' 20:08 GMT 02/09/2016
No matter what the analysts at the Fed come up with any attempt by an agency in murky legal waters finds out pretty quick what limits apply -- it's called "buying a lawsuit"

Options for Further Monetary Policy Stimulus
'Mtl' 'JP' 19:52 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
not sure I v the right memo
Fed May Lack Legal Authority for Negative Rates: 2010 Memo

“There are several potentially substantial legal and practical constraints to implementing a negative IOER rate regime, some of which would be binding at any IOER rate below zero, even a rate just slightly below zero,” the authors wrote. “Most notably, it is not at all clear that the Federal Reserve Act permits negative IOER rates, and more staff analysis would be needed to establish the Federal Reserve’s authority in this area.”

Daily TA trade
'Livingston' 'nh' 19:52 GMT 02/09/2016
Index options (either side) are charging a dime for the privilege of picking up pennies in front of a steamroller -- this is like last Thurs

Daily TA trade
Belgrade TD 19:51 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
whatever happens, I'm going long NASDAQ fut. on US close ... still hold on same Short till next hour ... will close on some level or BE ...

Daily TA trade
london red 19:43 GMT 02/09/2016
s&p has that gap to close 71-72. nice n tidy if they do it today ahead of a noisy day tomo.

Daily TA trade
london red 19:41 GMT 02/09/2016
yup close abv 44 neck look in the bag. euro has sup 11252/46/35. there are many yards of expiries below mkt so downside will be tough going without a catalyst. on the upside there isnt much over next 2 weeks over 114 and air gets almost non existant abv 116. as for yen there is almost NOTHING below 115 except lrg around 11350 on friday but there is a cluster c 116 (fkg huge) on thursday. tomorrow zilch of note.

Options for Further Monetary Policy Stimulus
'Mtl' 'JP' 19:40 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

Date: August 5, 2010
To: Federal Open Market Committee
From: Brian Sack and William B. English
Subject: Options for Further Monetary Policy Stimulus

IOER rates below zero would also raise substantial legal and technical issues.

PREVIEW: Fed Chair Yellen Testimony This Week
GVI Forex Blog 19:39 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

As for Yellen's Testimony on Wednesday and Thursday, I don't expect the Fed Chair to be committal either way on policy

PREVIEW: Fed Chair Yellen Testimony This Week

Daily TA trade
'dc' 'CB' 19:37 GMT 02/09/2016
just like the afternoon prior to Obama's State of the Union speech sched for that eveing. Stocks "recovered" so not to embarrass he who went on to say....."........peddling fiction......." to any who dissed his miracle recovery storyline.

So to with Madam Chair in the hot seat for the next 2 days...stocks will not or tomorrow......and there goes gold

Daily TA trade
Belgrade TD 19:19 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile

16,000 -29 -0.18%
4,266 -19 -0.44%
S&P 500
1,849 -4 -0.24%

Daily TA trade
Belgrade TD 19:08 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
it appears that the stock goes green

Deutsche Bank
'Israel' 'Dil' 18:59 GMT 02/09/2016
Germany grantees deposits for 100% without limit to the amount. that may mean total collapse in case of DB collapse.

German deposits safety

My Tuesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 18:58 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
no banker wants loans repaid - none
only rolled over
and over

DB's "ransom demands"...pulling the Full Hank Paulson
PAR 18:58 GMT 02/09/2016
Low oil should be a huge positive for the world but by giving $ billions of risky loans to crooky oil companies banks turned it into an existential problem ?

Like in 2008 banks are the source of the problem and supervisors are blind.

KL KL 18:57 GMT 02/09/2016
covering remaining short Eurusd here 1.1293...the usual should have waited...oe Kwpt La Vi...such is life of take profit is King.....

now looking at gold waiting for break out 1207 to short again....or long crude lower than many to trade...why argue?? Just post your trade entry direction....otherwise all reasoning are just noise.... give an entry position with your noise too....LOL

DB's "ransom demands"...pulling the Full Hank Paulson
'dc' 'CB' 18:52 GMT 02/09/2016
my personnal fav is #6

On Negative Rates -- instead of making them punitive on the banks allow the banks to earn the spread, make them punitive to savers.. Cash shd be charged interest -- put the micro chip in large denom notes/tax cash withdrawals.. encourage spending not saving .

There is no other way to see this but as Repression...put a micro chip (YELLOW STAR) on lg denom notes. Line the Savers Up, make them kneel, hold a Luger to the back of their heads and Yell SPEND OR DIE, you filthy swine.

Daily TA trade
Belgrade TD 18:48 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
Long OIL here till US close ... ~28

Deutsche Bank
PAR 18:37 GMT 02/09/2016
A financial VW ?

Deutsche Bank
PAR 18:34 GMT 02/09/2016
Deutsche Bank ? A German Lehman brothers ?

How is this all possible ? So many derivatives in 2016 ?

Deutsche Bank
PAR 18:29 GMT 02/09/2016
Who has been responsible for supervising Deutsche Bank since 2008 . Again sleeping at the wheel ?

Every bureaucrat takes a nice salary and nobody is responsible. Thats a huge problem . Let the bank blow up .
Germany has known the Weimar republic before .

My Tuesday Trades
PAR 18:19 GMT 02/09/2016
Can USA ever repay its debt ? Can France ever repay its debt ?

Central bankers tell fairytales and everybody gets scared .

DB's "ransom demands"...pulling the Full Hank Paulson
'dc' 'CB' 18:17 GMT 02/09/2016
one of Deutsche Bank's most respected credit analysts, Dominic Konstam.....We have reposted his entire letter below, because it represents the most definitive blueprint of everything that is about to be unleashed

"It is not oil, it is not in the banks, it is a run on central bank liquidity, especially dollar based and there needs to be much more ($) liquidity."

The existential fear in Deutsche Bank's analyst is tangible, as is the implied threat: "don't do these things, and if Deutsche Bank and its $60 trillion in derivatives blow up, it will be on you."

Deutsche Bank Is Scared: "What Needs To Be Done" In Its Own Words

My Tuesday Trades
'GVI 'john 18:13 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
oil dragging equities lower.

My Tuesday Trades
'GVI 'john 18:12 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
oil prices working down fairly sharply
$28.36 -1.34 ($28.30- $30.61)

My Tuesday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 18:09 GMT 02/09/2016
not so hot
Indirects took just under $10bln Last month they took $15bln
The PrimeDealers took just under $10.5bln ---Last mo $6.6bln

not many wanted the 3s this time around

My Tuesday Trades
'GVI 'john 18:05 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
3-yr auction 0.844%
bid to cover 2.74 vs 2.94 previously
looks weak

KL KL 17:42 GMT 02/09/2016
ok covering 90% here first...the kind of trade I like.... out 1.13215 Huge relentless powerful entry above it higher and lower till 1.1334 and into profit of more than 14 pips x xxxxxxxxx lots = is happy need to think...just make take profit as King and no loser there!!...all other things are noise....LOL

Now wait same spot 1.1336 to short .again!!

PAR 17:34 GMT 02/09/2016
What if Yellen like her great predessor Bernanke sees another terrible US depression coming.

KL KL 17:28 GMT 02/09/2016
a Boomm....Top of the Asia Morning...

In Short Relentless EURUSD.... 1.13365..think later short first .....LOL

we shall see the out some in Asia and why later...LOL
sometimes less reasoning is better...Everything does not make sense!!
DYOR..DFM imvho and gl gt

PAR 17:26 GMT 02/09/2016
Oil is a problem for banks which lend $ billions to shaky shale oil companies . For the economy oil at $ 140 was no problem and oil at $ 20 will be no problem . Except in the sick mind of central bankers .

PAR 17:22 GMT 02/09/2016
Central bankers lost their magic . Negative rates are a joke .

'Livingston' 'nh' 17:20 GMT 02/09/2016
Oil calling the tune again break of 29? and stox march along

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 16:57 GMT 02/09/2016  - My Profile
"how soon will the Syrian army, its Hezbollah allies and the Russian air force set their course for the Isis “capital” of Raqqa?"...

Things are not going to plan in Syria it would seem. The geopolitical chessboard is not working out like our neocon planners had hoped.

The tables have turned...

What's going on
'Israel' 'Dil' 16:50 GMT 02/09/2016
you also can sell 30x your trade size, use the same stop and exit all with profit at 1.1285.... I mean, your question is not related to trading but just a wish to forecast market direction... trading is money ;-)

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10-Feb Wednesday
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15:00 US- Yellen Testifies
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13:30 US- Retail Sales

CURRENT CONDITIONS: Mixed Markets Late In New York

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Yellen Testimony Critical To Policy Outlook

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