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30/11/14 23:30 A AU Mfg PMI con: n/a pre: 49.4
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Per my guess for a weaker sales on B.F
HK RF@ 23:58 GMT 11/28/2014

U.S. Black Friday shopping marked by thinner crowds, protests

U.S. Black Friday shopping marked by thinner crowds, protests

nw kw 19:40 GMT 11/28/2014
pressure the North American Natgas export price for contracts bids keep it soft,ya right well see?

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 19:04 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
stocks are now early-closed for trading

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex john 19:02 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

GVI Forex john 18:52 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile

28 November-- 18:45 GMT- Current Market Conditions
Markets are closing the week in a MIXED RISK posture after a holiday shortened U.S. session. There was some volatility around the Eurozone flash HICP for November, which came in line with estimates.  German November October Retail Sales data beat street estimates. The main focus remains on the OPEC decision  which appeared to be an attempt to drive prices lower and pressure the North American high cost  producers.

  • In forex, the USD closed mostly  higher. The EUR ended mixed on its major crosses  Gold was weaker and oil prices fell further. The Swiss gold referendum is on Sunday.
  • In the Far East, equities ended mixed.  In Japan,  JGB yields fell.
  • Key European bourses were up. 10-yr bund and UK Gilt yields are mixed. European peripheral bond yields closed mixed.
  • The U.S 10-yr note yield was sharply lower. U.S. equities closed mixed.

The heat map color scheme of interest rates reflects yields.

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 18:50 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
DRS2 18:28 used to be some folks were proud for having invented he concept of "zero" (persians, current-day Iranians)

maybe what we need is for crude to start to be priced in $5 increments, this 1-2 dollars per day seems like a waste of time in this free-market price-discovery process and to h3ll with Draghi and Co disinflationary concerns

gc sf 18:48 GMT 11/28/2014
should see one quick drop back to 30-35 where it is a buy for test 119.10

quite a bullish pattern now... out till wednesday .. gt.

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 18:42 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
just a buck above the nice n round 65 number

EURUSD big drop
dc CB 18:41 GMT 11/28/2014
Crash in the energy sector on tap for December???????

Fracking per barrel

EURUSD big drop
dc CB 18:37 GMT 11/28/2014

Fracking, anyone?

one of the 3 public companies that supplies sand to the Frackers

EURUSD big drop
dc CB 18:32 GMT 11/28/2014
That Keystone pipeline???
Unleaded briefly broke the 1.82 handle...

Yes folks let me tell you up front here. You'll never see $2.00 gasoline again.
Barack Obama

EURUSD big drop
Minneapolis DRS2 18:28 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Because those in the know know that price won't go all the way to zero.

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 18:16 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Keynes' theory says no one will be buy if they expect price to go down next day, so I am wondering why anyone is biding crude instead of just wait till it goes to zero and then bid a quarter

EURUSD big drop
dc CB 18:16 GMT 11/28/2014
well at least when they down tonight the HappyMusic will be playing on the BigScreen Propaganda Machine.

'cause Da DOW closed at a New Record.

Buying SOMA machines

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 18:11 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
crude plumbing sub 67

EURUSD big drop
dc CB 18:03 GMT 11/28/2014
this "sleepy" day after Thanksgiving really turned into a bigtime rout across the commodity landscape. The only thing green is wheat.

energy and metals still have 40mins left to trade. OUCH

GVI Forex john 17:42 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 17:36 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
wti new low 67.49

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 17:15 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
red 17:01 I was typing essentially same thing and changed my mind about posting it. I am thinking if something is going to move it will be SnP. To the downside. Players are soon going to start to worry about the thickness of the lining of their pockets and will be wearily eyeballing who is sneaking towards the exits with their cash .

Week Ahead
GVI Forex Blog 17:09 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
•Draghi to resist pressure for further policy loosening

•UK Autumn Statement to show further fiscal slippage, MPC on hold

•US payrolls set to indicate ongoing labour market tightening ECONOMIC DATA ANALYSIS - ECB TO RESIST MOUNTING PRESSURE FOR

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 17:09 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
earlier low 67.73

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 17:06 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
crude challenging the lows

GVI Forex Blog 17:02 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
November 28, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, December 1,2014. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: AU, JP, CN- PMIs, EZ, CH, GB- PMIs, US, CA- PMIs, COT

GVI Forex Data Outlook for December 1, 2014

EURUSD big drop
london red 17:01 GMT 11/28/2014
should be no more surprises today. as for that swiss vote, dont think much was wagered on a yes so probably not much of a reaction for eurchf on the other side of the weekend.

GVI Forex john 16:59 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile

November 28, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, December 1,2014. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

  • Far East: AU, JP, CN- PMIs
  • Europe: EZ, CH, GB- PMIs
  • North America: US, CA- PMIs, US- COT

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 16:43 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
red I amletting the eurodog rest now
The result of the Swiss vote is expected at 1 p.m. local time on Sunday (7 a.m. Eastern). Latest polls show support is fading for that “Save our Swiss Gold” campaign.

EURUSD big drop
london red 16:37 GMT 11/28/2014
euro, JP 28/40 micro range. then 09 or 63

EURUSD big drop
london red 16:33 GMT 11/28/2014
Sorry my bad abbrevo. London fixing. As for EU, folk will probably give themselves a good xmas, but they still dont have the big bucks, or access to them (banks). We are still seeing cash based transactions dominating but prices have stabilised.

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 16:32 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
not impossible but not likely euro breaks out of bottom range at 1.2360 today

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 16:27 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
euro 1.2430 = pause

EURUSD big drop
Belgrade Knez 16:20 GMT 11/28/2014

london red,

excuse my ignorance, but what does "fix" stands for in your post?

also, what is your view of EU current situation please?

EURUSD big drop
Belgrade Knez 16:09 GMT 11/28/2014

understand, thanks ..... for now I hope it's going to go further down, as I am short on EU.

EURUSD big drop
Amman wfakhoury 16:07 GMT 11/28/2014
Belgrade Knez 15:42 GMT 11/28/2014

so if hourly close below 1.2420, then 1.2510 confirmation is void?
confirmed level will be reached when 1 hr close above return level even that takes time.

Empty on Black Friday
Mtl JP 15:59 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
RF@ 15:26 besides xBoxes, lots of stuff is shoveled out the door on 84month low payment deals: fridges, TVs, couches, cars...

It is a great time to be in the "rent to own" loaning business
(as long as the default rate is under 2%)

EURUSD big drop
london red 15:58 GMT 11/28/2014
usd having difficulty in keeping euro under the 63. if they cant do shortly after the fix its going to try higher again. 81/85. and once up there, favourite to run stops abv 125.

EURUSD big drop
Belgrade Knez 15:42 GMT 11/28/2014


so if hourly close below 1.2420, then 1.2510 confirmation is void?

EURUSD big drop
Amman wfakhoury 15:40 GMT 11/28/2014
12510 new confirmed level and 12478 the return.
Drop only occurs when 1 hr bar closed below 12420.keep an eye.

EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 15:35 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
Entry: 1.2012-ish Target: 1.2050, 1.21, 1.22 Stop: breakdown of 1.1950

play IF u r feeling friski

Black Friday: A drama or for real?
dc CB 15:33 GMT 11/28/2014

on the way to work. NYT

GVI Forex john 15:31 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
10-yr 2.202% -4.2bp
DE 0.708% 0.0 bp

Empty on Black Friday
HK RF@ 15:26 GMT 11/28/2014

OBAMA ERA: PC for every worker

Probably all US citizens are wealthy and sufficiently sophisticated to make it an online shopping day. Too cold for outing.
Best explanation for today empty stores:)

Black Friday: A drama or for real?
Mtl JP 15:21 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
RF@ 15:17 - in that comedy,
john is Yellen and Jay is Schiff

Drama in the trash can????
HK RF@ 15:20 GMT 11/28/2014

SnP making new record high

Probably part of an unfolding Black Friday drama.

EURUSD big drop
Belgrade Knez 15:19 GMT 11/28/2014

maybe Amman's 200-300 pips drop is on the way!?

Very black Friday.
Mtl JP 15:17 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
"We're sorry. is currently unavailable. Check back soon."
a rouse to get folks into their brick-front ?

Black Friday: A drama or for real?
HK RF@ 15:17 GMT 11/28/2014

So how do we close matters with such contradictory observations:)?

GVI Forex john 14:34 GMT : but everyone is saying this has been a strong day. You will find out when 4Q14 earnings are released in about three months.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:44 GMT : Stores opened Thursday evening and from what I am seeing they look . Empty on Black Friday.

Very black Friday.
Mtl JP 15:14 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
SnP making new record high

Very black Friday.
dc CB 15:01 GMT 11/28/2014
In Manchester, Iowa, Russell Marriott enlisted a babysitter and grandmother to watch his two children as he and his wife — both unemployed — trekked to Walmart at 3 a.m. He spent most of the day perched at the back corner of the store waiting for the $329 Xbox One Halo The Master Chief Collection Bundle; she waited in a separate line for an Xbox controller.

Saving money is important for them, he said, and his wife wanted the game.

“It makes a difference,” Mr. Marriott said.


EURUSD big drop
Mtl JP 14:58 GMT 11/28/2014  - My Profile
short euro should see a pause around 1.2430-ish on early profit-taking

Very black Friday.
jkt abel 14:54 GMT 11/28/2014
spendthrift culture, buy like there is no tomorrow, all financed by credit cards, then worry about debt later, refinancing, bankruptcy, blablabla

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