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'Livingston' 'nh' 19:55 GMT 02/10/2016
The 10 yr Treasury is now at 1.70 and inflation is 1.80 -- NORMAL would be 10 yr @ 3.50 // it's never different

Beijing Lawen 19:53 GMT 02/10/2016
Hi ZEUS, I have seen your many cool calls here, but have never seen any stops were put when you entered a trade. Cheers.

'Livingston' 'nh' 19:44 GMT 02/10/2016
Re; US debt -- Fed has 20% of fed debt that it will feed back to Gov't - so the deficit is hardly a problem -- it is one of the reasons the Fed is supporting a Fiscal tightening// government debt is MONEY and Fed's job in years past was to control the growth of currency

Crude Oil Currency
USA ZEUS 19:28 GMT 02/10/2016
Added WTI long at 27.27

USA ZEUS 19:25 GMT 02/10/2016
Added EUR/USD short at 1.1266


PAR 18:33 GMT 02/10/2016
Sounding rather pessimistic , especially about ballooning UD government debt . From $ 10 trillion to $ 20 trillion in less than 8 years . YES WE CAN

USA ZEUS 18:29 GMT 02/10/2016
Short EUR/USD at 1.1251

GVI john 18:15 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Yellen finished. She testifies again Thursday and will re-release the same prepared text. She will have an opportunity to correct anything said today they feel needs fixing, but nothing stands out to me.

'Belgrade' 'TD' 18:07 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Zeus is a legend, as well as Lahore and many others ... best call on this forum, that I followed, for fun, on a mini account, was Rama call ... eurjpy at ~ 132 he called 76 ... and just for fun, I open this position and leave ... it's mini account but the result, on the end, was 50+ dollars ... it was amazing ...

'Livingston' 'nh' 18:06 GMT 02/10/2016
The Great Philosopher was right

'GVI 'john 18:04 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
10yr auction yield 1.730%
bid-to-cover 2.56 vs 2.58
Strong Auction

Daily TA trade
'Livingston' 'nh' 17:56 GMT 02/10/2016
you might want to risk a leg in - buy a bit now and a bit on close - if the robots start to buy it will be earlier than the b/o lvl

USA ZEUS 17:54 GMT 02/10/2016
'Livingston' 'nh' 17:44 GMT 02/10/2016

Thanks mate. I was too close as an insider with a great realtime view of the implosion. Watched the shift in wirehouse bidding on mortgage tapes and margin calls on lender wholesale lines of credit....

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 17:49 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
IF spx manage to close 1h above 1885, am going long too ... right now 1870 (1h close) is upper limit for spx ...

USA ZEUS 17:49 GMT 02/10/2016
nh- Hi there. Perhaps it's a basket effort by NIRPs -Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Purk's The Netherlands...Or was it the more well heeled likes of Portugal, Spain, and Greece?

All the best,

'Livingston' 'nh' 17:44 GMT 02/10/2016
As long as Zeus is around - the best call he ever made in my experience was the sub-prime -- I looked at the numbers and figured this amount can be covered by the Fed in a month -- HE was right // Fed fked the pooch and the economy paid for it the past 8 years

'Livingston' 'nh' 17:35 GMT 02/10/2016
Hey Zeus - who's loaning DB the money to redeem certain bonds ?? Can you get me in on that ??

And all that do-gooder money for the poor immigrants ?? where's that coming from ??

'dc' 'CB' 17:32 GMT 02/10/2016
funny they way she keeps refering to the Finacial Crises...almost like it was last week, or last year at the most... it was 8 years ago you cow, and U and the Fed........

USA ZEUS 17:31 GMT 02/10/2016
EUR/USD at 1.1234. Is it about to crater? Something tells me that it is.


Daily TA trade
'Livingston' 'nh' 17:29 GMT 02/10/2016
Step right up -- there was a Great Philosopher who once opined that a certain type of homo sapiens was born every minute

'Mtl' 'JP' 17:28 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Yellen - financial conditions “have become less supportive to growth.”
to growth of what ?

Daily TA trade
'dc' 'CB' 17:27 GMT 02/10/2016
in about 30min we'll get to find out how many are willing to take a 10Y for 1.72.

'Livingston' 'nh' 17:25 GMT 02/10/2016
John - yellen v. Volcker(or Martin if you go that far back, hhahah?) -- market v. fed?

Daily TA trade
london red 17:24 GMT 02/10/2016
yes i noticed they did the 70's gap and back down. but now out of ideas it seems. gone stale 1830/1870.

Daily TA trade
'Livingston' 'nh' 17:20 GMT 02/10/2016
red -spx filled the gap and backed off to the rising 21 ma (15min chart) - has to break free of the oil influence but seems the selling has burned out for a while -- gaps above and below tho

Daily TA trade
london red 17:15 GMT 02/10/2016
euro. if can clear 52/57 will get legs some res at 74 and 85 but they can tap 113 if yen has another leg. should be a fade at 113 stop abv high maybe on hourly close. s&p stubbornly firm is sideways, but enough to cause usd a death by thousand cuts rather than swift move. if stocks can fall off may get todays capitulation.

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 17:07 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
out of Long /NQ (NAS100) ~3994 and going Short on same ... earlier, oil, 1Lot was closed at PP and rest at BE ...

USA ZEUS 17:07 GMT 02/10/2016
Trippled position at 113.77

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
'Belgrade' 'TD' 17:02 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile

maybe there are more of BOJ but i remember this two days / chart

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
'Livingston' 'nh' 17:02 GMT 02/10/2016
seems to me that the yen move has hit every cross - this has nothing to do w/USD - it's specific to Japan

The EUR/USD is more telling but that has limits to the upside
From the USD position if the market is missing the Fed intent (one and done?) then there will be no place to hide when reality bites them (inflation is the key here becuz of the 10 yr which is not as influenced by the Fed)

Crude Oil Currency
USA ZEUS 17:01 GMT 02/10/2016
Long WTI at 27.77


Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:59 GMT 02/10/2016
just rolling over again. maybe another look at 11393-98 and if no under then can move to 11440/50/60 maybe. but if under then hv further to go.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:57 GMT 02/10/2016
114 is a pt for some folks from 119/120/123 trades. final pt is 110 on that particular bunch.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 16:53 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Personally I think we done a bit and take a rest here to reassess. Then we get some interesting asset allocation decisions.

The established narrative has been damaged. And I don't think there is a lot they can do about it. Moving to a less bullish USD persepective.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 16:50 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Late 90s... wasn't trading. I remember the stories around about Japan going bankrupt and so on at that time. Earlier that decade Japanese banks were having trouble with limits on interbank. I was in the market then and I remember no-one would trade with them following downgrading by ratings agencies. Sort of like the Euro crisis I guess. Would have been interesting before and after the Plaza accord...

GVI john 16:49 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
I think the take away from Yellen today is that she has presented the case for delaying the March rate hike, but is sticking to their intention to raise rates whenever they can justify such a policy move. I know that sounds like double talk, but clearly she does not want to be painted into a corner.

I think she is saying no rate hike in March, and the FOMC will decide later about June depending on future data. I guess this is supportive of stox.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:49 GMT 02/10/2016
i must admit the last two yen trades ive bought dollar dips c 114 i dont expect intervention as they tend not to fight trends especially when they are unfolding and we are barely under 115, but folks high up tend these days to be less smart than you expect them to be, hence prefer to use options for downside at present.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
'Belgrade' 'TD' 16:48 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
few years ago ... BOJ intervention ... if I remember correctly in a few hours huge drop than BOJ and hugeee up

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:46 GMT 02/10/2016
it may have been about 20 over the 2 days but fell a lot more than that during that move in the late 90's. carry trades got blown out of the water. you were sat there just watching a figure go, then another then another. so nothing surprises me in fx.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 16:41 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
I don't think I ever saw 30 yen in two days. When did that happen?

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 16:40 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
USD/JPY always leads... but the tone has been set. Blasting through now...

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:39 GMT 02/10/2016
30 yen in 2 days is big. this is nothing.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:38 GMT 02/10/2016
euro. looks like last attempt higher before some daily downside. fade rallies 113/11350. its just not making new highs on usdjpy lows. doesnt mean end of rally, can be a puse for a day.

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 16:38 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Or do the committed USD bulls start to panic?

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
Paris ib 16:37 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
right red... looks like we test them. FWIW only the BoJ stepping in looks like it will stop this move, which is beginning to look like a fundamental change in perspective. The whole economic recovery and rate hike narrative is up for grabs at this point. And the marked in 2015 was all USD positive. My only concern is that the move has been so big so far... do we take a breather?

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:35 GMT 02/10/2016
multiple sup at 113.28-33 lvl should bounce there at least like off this 23.6.

Paris ib 16:34 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
And the implications are USD bearish. The question is: how much is in the market already? Are we set up for a big dummy spit here?

Gotta love 'The Narrative'
london red 16:34 GMT 02/10/2016
11393-98 is 23.6 of 80/125. likely to harbour stops.

GVI john 16:33 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
I am not a big follower of Hilsenrath. I don't think he has the lines into that others do, but I think these observations are probably on the mark.

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