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31/03/15 8:55 A DE Jobless con: -10 pre: -20
31/03/15 8:55 A DE Jobless % con: 6.50% pre: 6.50%
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GVI Forex john 15:35 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Interesting that higher equities are not driving bond yields higher. Equities and interest rates are in competition with one another, so bonds traditionally need higher yields to draw in investors.

GVI Forex john 15:30 GMT 03/30/2015

USDCAD at weekly R1
Dubai AD 14:55 GMT 03/30/2015
Entry: 1.2680 Target: 1.26 Stop: 1.2700

weekly R1 at 1.2684

Ben's New Blog
Livingston nh 14:31 GMT 03/30/2015
CB interesting chart Ben posts - the 10 yr and CPI - heh heh // textbook-y = wonky, I guess but highlights that he learned nothing about interest rates from Japan or from the various unconventional monetary policies he installed

Whe? Are we for another USD unexplained crash?
HK RF@ 14:29 GMT 03/30/2015

Wonder me:(

GVI Forex john 14:09 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Pending Homes Sales improves. Suggests Existing Homes Sales should increase.

GVI Forex john 14:03 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Big beat in Pending Homes Sales. implies Strong Existing Homes Sales next month.

GVI Forex john 14:02 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
U.S. Pending Homes Sales February 2015
U.S. Data Charts

+3.10% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +1.70% (r 1.20% prev.
RELEASE: Pending Home Sales

TTN: Live News Special Offer

AUD getting belted again
Paris ib 13:58 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
"The RBA did not restart the easing cycle intending to deliver a solitary 25bp rate cut and we see little benefit in delaying further action until the 1Q2015 CPI report is at hand (22 April). "

Goldman sees April rate cut

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 13:52 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
DJIA +260 end of quarter? However stox have three day settlement.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 13:50 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
not perfect, but on my 5min chart S&P futures trading with USDJPY. That old relationship is back after a brief hiatus of trading with EURUSD.

Sell USD
Chennai AMI 13:50 GMT 03/30/2015
USD/JPY sold

Ben's New Blog
dc CB 13:39 GMT 03/30/2015
When I was chairman, more than one legislator accused me and my colleagues on the Fed’s policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee of “throwing seniors under the bus” (to use the words of one senator) by keeping interest rates low. The legislators were concerned about retirees living off their savings and able to obtain only very low rates of return on those savings.

I was concerned about those seniors as well. But if the goal was for retirees to enjoy sustainably higher real returns, then the Fed’s raising interest rates prematurely would have been exactly the wrong thing to do.

Ben S. Bernanke - March 30, 2015 6:01am

Why are interest rates so low?

AUD getting belted again
GVI Forex john 13:34 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
RBA decision four weeks ago left the door open to policy ease in a week's time, but was noncommittal:

"...At today’s meeting the Board judged that, having eased monetary policy at the previous meeting, it was appropriate to hold interest rates steady for the time being. Further easing of policy may be appropriate over the period ahead, in order to foster sustainable growth in demand and inflation consistent with the target. The Board will further assess the case for such action at forthcoming meetings.'

AUD getting belted again
Paris ib 12:56 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Talk of more rate cuts from the RBA.

Paris ib 12:52 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Wolfgang Munchau is one of the doom and gloomers they roll out (regularly) whenever they are trying to make a case against Europe, the EuroZone, the sun coming up tomorrow etc. The man is a bore and a broken record: "If the eurozone were to crack...". Indeed 'if'. Endlessly posited, blah, blah, blah. Does wolfie have anything to add? No. How he manages to keep himself employed beats me.

GVI Forex john 12:35 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
U.S. CPI and Core PCE Deflator. Fed Targets PCE Deflator. Higher than expected.

GVI Forex john 12:31 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
U.S. Personal Income/PCE Deflator February 2015
U.S. Data Charts

Personal Income +0.40% vs. +0.30% exp v +0.30% (r +0.40%) pre
PCE Defl +1.40% vs. +1.30% exp. vs. +1.30% prev.

RELEASE: Personal Income

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Forex john 12:05 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
March German HICP higher. EZ flash HICP due Tuesday

Mtl JP 12:01 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Greek exit fears climb eurozone agenda - FT
Quantitative easing ‘artificially’ masks pain, says economist

The Real Eurozone Problems Are Hidden Under The Bonnet - FT
"life so unbearable for many Europeans"
sooo.. the d3vil is under the bonnet eh ?

GVI Forex john 12:01 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
German HICP (CPI) Flsh March 2015

NEWS Alert
mm: +0.50% vs. +0.50% exp. vs. +1.00% prev.
yy: +0.30% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.10% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 11:54 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Bias down 1.4980 20-say avg

Pivot 1.4886 (HOD 1.4901)
S1 1.4778 (LOD 1.4777)
S2 1.4699

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 11:10 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Bias Lower 20-day avg 120.40

R2 120.29
R1 119.78 (HOD 119.81)
Pivot 119.05 (LOD 119.12)

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 11:05 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
Bias Neutral 20-day avg - 1.0832

Pivot 1.0932 (HOD 1.0896)
S1 1.0811 (LOD 1.0820)

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 11:02 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

Mtl JP 10:12 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
PBoC's Zhou , yakking over the week-end , making it clear China is well in the sending ccies into toilet war

AceTrader Mar 30: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (GBP/USD)
Hong Kong AceTrader 10:06 GMT 03/30/2015
Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views

30 Mar 2015 09:21GMT

GBP/USD - ...... Although the British pound opened slightly higher in NZ and gained to 1.4901 at Asian open, price fell to 1.4855 in Asian morning, then lower in tandem with euro to session low at 1.4802 in European morning. However, cable found some support there and rebounded to 1.4866 and continued to trade with a firm bias.

Bids are now seen at 1.4820/30 and more below at 1.4800/10 with stops building up above there whilst initial offers are noted at 1.4890/00, this suggests further choppy trading would be seen till NY open.

Gold and Silver
SaaR KaL 09:07 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
CADJPY On Menu to Long
2 weeks GTC placed
101.8144 92.3593
102.3771 91.6444
102.9399 90.9294
103.5026 90.2145

GVI Forex john 09:06 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile

GVI Forex Blog 08:57 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
TOP NEWS ITEMS: EZ- Unemployment, DE- flash HICP, US- Personal Income, PCE Deflator, Pending Homes Sales

Equity Markets in Risk On Posture to Start Holiday Shortened Week for Many

BT Update
gc sf 08:22 GMT 03/30/2015
MS make the following changes/orders

- AUD .7830 tp 7600 sl 7930
+ $CHF .9560 tp 1.01 sl 9460
+ $CAD 1.2510 sl 1.2410 tp 1.2800
- GBP 1.4900 sl 1.5000 tp 1.4500

((DD required))

Gold and Silver
SaaR KaL 07:48 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
South Bound baby

PAR 07:29 GMT 03/30/2015
Prospects of Chinese QE boosting financial assets .

GVI Forex Blog 06:56 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile
- (KR) South Korea Feb Final Department Store Sales y/y: 6.6% v 7.1% prelim; Discount store sales y/y: 24.5% v 30.5% prelim ***Index Snapshot (as of 02:30 GMT)***- Nikkei225 +0.5%, S&P/ASX -1.2%, Kosp Asian Mid-session Update: PBoC Gov Zhou warns over risks of deflation; Japan industrial production falls by a wider margin ***Economic Data*** - Source

HK RF@ 03:57 GMT 03/30/2015

One can add this article too: Investors fly away from U.S. stock funds at a rate last seen in 2009.

NEW YORK (MarketWatch)—Here’s more evidence that the leave-America-for-Europe trade is alive and well among stock investors—at least for now.

U.S. stock funds have seen $44 billion in outflows in the year-to-date for their worst start to a year since 2009, said Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategists in a note Thursday. Meanwhile, European equity funds have enjoyed $46.6 billion in inflows so far in 2015, as the table below shows.

Investors fly away from U.S. stock funds at a rate last seen in 2009

AceTrader Mar 30: Intra-Day News and Views (GBP/USD) & data to be released today
Hong Kong AceTrader 01:39 GMT 03/30/2015
Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views
30 Mar 2015 00:07GMT

GBP/USD - .... Cable briefly rebounded to intra-day high of 1.4901 ahead of Asian open on Monday on news of ruling Conservative party has a 4- point lead ahead of the Labour party.

Reuters reported earlier British PM David Cameron's Conservatives have taken a 4 point lead over the opposition Labour Party on the eve of the start of official campaigning for a May 7 national election, a poll showed late on Sunday.

The poll, by ComRes for ITV News and the Daily Mail newspaper, gave the Conservatives their largest lead in the polling series since September 2010.

It put them on 36%, up 1 point from last week, Labour on 32%, down 3 points, the Liberal Democrats on 9%, UKIP on 12%, n the Greens on 5%.

Underlining how volatile the election is, an earlier poll on Sunday showed Labour Party has taken a 4 point lead over Cameron's Conservatives after the first TV encounter of the campaign.

This week will see the release of New Zealand Westpac consumer survey, German Buba monthly report, U.S. existing home sales and eurozone consumer confidence flash on Monday.

Australian CB leading index, China HSBC manufacturing PMI, German and eurozone Markit manufacturing and services PMI, U.K. CPI, PPI and RPI, U.K. DCLG house price, U.S. core CPI, Redbook, Markit manufacturing PMI and new home sales on Tuesday.

New Zealand trade balance, Swiss UBS consumer indicator, German Ifo business climate, U.S. durable goods and SNB quarterly bulletin on Wednesday.

German GfK consumer sentiment, U.K. retail sales and CBI distributive trades, U.S. jobless claims and Markit services PMI on Thursday.

Japan's household spending, CPI, unemployment rate and retail sales, U.K. Nationwide house price, Germany import price index, U.S. non-farm payrolls, unemployment rate, U.S. final GDP and University of Michigan consumer sentiment index on Friday.

the 5 Year Statute of Limitations Cuts Both Ways
dc CB 01:15 GMT 03/30/2015
a growing number of foreclosure cases filed when home prices collapsed during the financial crisis, lenders may never be able to seize the homes because the state statutes of limitations have been exceeded, according to interviews with housing lawyers and a review of state and federal court decisions.

Foreclosure to Home Free, as 5-Year Clock Expires

Forex Outlook for the Week Ahead: Expect Volatility
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 00:25 GMT 03/30/2015  - My Profile

>> Free Open Access <<

This is an event filled week but generally not one that sees big bets ahead of the long Easter break. This week also includes month.quarter end so one thing seems for sure, expect more volatility, Whether there will be follow through is another issue as we will have to wait until a thin Friday when the US March employment report is released. This comes in a market where the focus is on the timing of a Fed rate hike, which the central bank has indicated is data dependent.

Forex Outlook for the Week Ahead: Expect Volatility

dc CB 20:57 GMT 03/29/2015
This past Friday saw what many like myself can only describe as a blatant example of just what’s wrong with both the economy – as well as the markets.

At precisely 15 minutes before the closing bell on Wall Street the now Chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen gave a press conference detailing further insights into upcoming monetary policy. I guess two days worth of FOMC discussions, along with a press conference detailing all that was discussed immediately after, followed by a question and answer session about all those “insights and decisions” wasn’t enough. For the markets remained red for the week while losing all its post FOMC pop which in itself is an ominous sign.

I concluded: there was no other intent for this presser other than to signal the “In Crowd” – You better get the heck out of Dodge because we’ve painted ourselves so deep into a corner this is probably the last time you’ll have a chance as to “paint the tape” in any upcoming quarters. For we might actually have to do what we implied (e.g., raise rates) regardless – just to keep up the appearance that we’ll do what we say. Even if so doing means – creating turmoil. So don’t say “we didn’t warn you.” (i.e., We’ve changed the meaning of “data” so many times now even we can’t figure out what it means or, what we should do any longer!)

Did The Fed Just Whisper "Fire" In A Crowded Market?

Commitment of Traders Report
dc CB 20:30 GMT 03/29/2015
but that begs the question, is the Emini now the prefered trading vehicle...'dats what the HFT boys use.

ES --aka Mini S&P

Commitment of Traders Report
dc CB 20:26 GMT 03/29/2015
interesting Flip....sometime between Mar 17, the prior reporting period ------- OH That pesky FMOC----and the current.


GVI Forex john 20:25 GMT 03/29/2015  - My Profile
Weekly Trading Planner Top Items (GMT)r
    12:30 US PCE defl y Fed inflation target
    12:30 US Per Income Consumer spending power
    13:00 DE fl HICP yy ECB targets inflation
    14:00 US Pending Homes Predictor of Sales
    8:55 DE Jobless Employment data
    9:30 GB GDP QQ widest measure of economy
    10:00 EZ flash HICP y ECB targets inflation
    10:00 EZ fl core HICP y m ECB targets inflation
    12:30 CA GDP mm widest measure of economy
    13:45 US Chicago PMI construction
    14:00 US CB Cons Confidence Latest view on economy
    23:50 AU MFG PMI Latest view on economy
    23:50 JP Tankan Latest view on economy
    1:00 CN NBS PMI Latest view on economy
    1:35 JP final PMI Latest view on economy
    1:45 CN HSBC final PMI Latest view on economy
    7:30 CH PMI Latest view on economy
    8:50 FR MKT PMI fastest view on economy
    8:55 DE final MFG PMI Latest view on economy
    8:58 EZ MKT PMI Latest view on economy
    9:28 GB Mfg PMI Latest view on economy
    12:15 US ADP job's Employment data
    13:30 CA RBC-Markit PMI Latest view on economy
    13:45 US final MKT MFG PMI Latest view on economy
    14:00 US Construction Spend Latest view on economy
    14:00 US ISM MFG PMI building
    14:30 US EIA Crude mn price predictor
    0:30 AU Trade A$bln external economy
    7:00 DE Retail Sales mm consumer demand measure
    9:28 GB Construct PMI Latest view on economy
    12:30 CA Trade C$bn external economy
    12:30 US Weekly Jobless late view on jobs
    12:30 US Trade external Ac cunts
    13:00 USFRB Yellen speech
    13:30 EZ ECB Minutes speech
    14:00 US Factory Orders future production
    0:00 AU Holiday
    0:00 CA Holiday
    0:00 CH Holiday
    0:00 EZ Holiday
    0:00 GB Holiday
    0:00 NZ Holiday
    0:00 US Early Close
    12:30 US Unemployment % unemployment rate
    12:30 US Payrolls Key Jobs data

calendarBe sure to refer daily to the Global-View Economic Calendar for key items, such as consensus estimates, previous data and links to charts of recent data).

Active Week in Store for U.S. Data. PMI's and Key employment Figures
GVI Forex Blog 19:26 GMT 03/29/2015  - My Profile
TOP NEWS ITEMS: EZ- Unemployment, DE- flash HICP, US- Personal Income, PCE Deflator, Pending Homes Sales

Active Week in Store for U.S. Data. PMI's and Key employment Figures

BT Update
gc sf 19:10 GMT 03/29/2015
- $YEN 109.20 tp 115.50 sl 120.00

should be 119.20 i/o 109.20 obviously.

BT Update
gc sf 19:09 GMT 03/29/2015

- EUR 1.0920 t/p 1.0500 sl 1.1060
- $YEN 109.20 tp 115.50 sl 120.00

Floating Profit = +38 pips

- GBP 1.5100 sl 1.5100 tp 1.4500
+ $CAD 1.2200 t/p 1.2800 sl 1.2100

3 month rolling total = +5225 pips

dc CB 18:31 GMT 03/29/2015
keeping currency current

The Strip

PAR 16:30 GMT 03/29/2015
Chinese QE in the works .

Mtl JP 13:32 GMT 03/29/2015  - My Profile
China central bank governor calls for vigilance on deflation

"Inflation in China is also declining. We need to have vigilance if this can go further to reach some sort of deflation or not," Zhou via sunday Reuters
Another misguided and mis-informed CBanker about what people want. All the more impressive from a bureaucrat of a country that is a huge supplier to Wal-Mart, an outfit that understands what makes people spend and products move.

GVI Forex Blog 13:32 GMT 03/29/2015  - My Profile
Trading Guide for the Week of March 29. 2015

Global-View Week ahead Planning Guide for Trading

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Video: Forex Trading Outlook for the Week Ahead: Expect Volatility

So What Happened to Super-Dollar? -- March 29, 2015

Help: Class Action Forex Law Suits

A New Code Of Forex Market Conduct

Featured Chart of The Day: March German IFO Survey Stronger than Expected


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