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30/09/16 19:30 B US COT Report con: n/a pre: n/a
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dc CB 18:32 GMT 09/30/2016
by Mario


US Elections
Paris ib 18:29 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Don't matter: Hillary lost. Doesn't matter a thing what the press says.

"Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election. He had one thing to accomplish – being less scary – and he did it."

I don't agree with the first sentence but then who really cares who 'won' a debate?


US Elections
dc CB 18:22 GMT 09/30/2016
best take on last Mon's "debate" yet.

Ben Garrison Editorial cartoonist, not carried by any US paper

dc CB 18:13 GMT 09/30/2016
end of quarter RevRepo
over 400 Billion, from the NYFRB for window dressing


Paris ib 17:39 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
"Let’s restate Putin’s long term goal — a duplication of the oil cartel that was signed in Scotland some 90 years ago involving Exxon (then the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil), BP (then the Anglo-Persian Oil Co), Rothschild’s’ Shell and others."

Putin's Grand Plan

Paris ib 17:24 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
"Thanks to the blunders of the US in the Middle East, Putin saw a chance to establish a totally new order in the oil market.

The first step was to forge a combination of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria in the current Middle East war. We are now seeing that this combination has achieved a great deal of success, although there is a lot further to go."


Paris ib 17:12 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Paris ib 17:08 GMT February 17, 2016
crude oil : Reply

"Last night’s arrangements between Saudi Arabia and Russia will go down as a historic turning point in global affairs....

In itself, the Russian-Saudi deal does not change the depressed oil market significantly. All the two major producers have agreed to do is freeze output. And the deal does not include Iran, which is certainly going to increase output.

What is unusual about the deal is that Saudi Arabia and Russia are on opposite sides of the military conflict in Syria and the deal becomes a potential game changer when put into the context of the ambitious agenda of Russian President Vladimir Putin."

How much is the price of OIL up this year so far?

Paris ib 17:08 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
And OIL? Well hey defying on the gloom mongerers.

And with what is going on in the Middle East the whole U.S. strategy to get the OIL price down to hurt Russia - blah blah blah - is unravelling.

What Saudi - U.S. Alliance?

GVI Trading john bland 17:05 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Its pretty clear more production has been coming on.

GVI Trading john bland 17:04 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
US Weekly Baker-Hughes Rig Count
U.S. Data Charts

Total (inc gas) U.S.: 522 vs 511 (+11) prev
US (oil): 425 vs. 418 (+7) prev

Canada 162 vs. 140 (+22) prev

TTN: Live News Special Offer

US Fines
Paris ib 17:03 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
And there ain't a darn thing Janet - and her potential tinkering with overnight cash rates - can do about it.

They may have kept the stock market from imploding - that still won't win the election - but there's not a lot that can be done for the USD.

Oh I guess they could have Abe Economics Mark (what?) 10 - but hey here we are sitting just above 100. Hello people anybody watching what is actually going on?

Trump on Yellen

US Fines
Paris ib 16:52 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Yeah as usual. Confiscation, invasion, coercion.... all the usual tools. Oh and then they have the USD is an 'international reserve currency' so give us your money. I saw this chart recently which tracked all the money which is coming out of Europe (see the current account surplus) thanks to austerity and all that and heading where? Well guess. And in spite of that the EUR/USD is holding steady. So the potential for a reversal, which could be nasty, brutish and short (to quote Hobbes) is there. All we need is a trigger.

Remember BREXIT? Think U.S. election.

US Fines
PAR 16:42 GMT 09/30/2016
A transfer of wealth from Europe to USA .

GVI Data Calendar for 3 October 2016
GVI Forex Blog 16:19 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile

September 30, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, October 3, 2016.

  • Far East: CN- Holiday, CN, AU, JP- PMIs
  • Europe: CH/ EZ/GB- PMIs
  • North America: CA/US- PMIs, US- Construction Spending

3-Oct Mon
All Day PMIs
4-Oct Tues
03:30 AU- Reserve Bank of Australia Decision
08:30 GB- Construction PMI
5-Oct Wed
All Day Service PMIs
12:15 US- ADP Payrolls
14:30 US- EIA Crude
6-Oct Thu
06:15 CH- CPI
12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
7-Oct Fri
08:30 GB- Trade
12:30 CA/US- Employment

GVI Data Calendar for 3 October 2016

US Elections
Costa Rica Albert 16:06 GMT 09/30/2016
Einstein VS. Darwin - shows Darwin as winner by K/O

that survival warriors who can't feel victorious before seeing their own mind made enemies. Hiroshima and Nagasaki that's how every human settlement going to end. Darwinists managed to take hold on Einstein properties too. So, Hillary or Donald, is it really matters when Dijselboom allows himself to talk about US court rulings?

at least live before you...

Spengler on Deutsche Bank
Paris ib 15:58 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
"this is not a banking crisis like 2008, when most of the banks held toxic waste securities with 60:1 leverage. Today we have just a few banks (Deutsche, Credit Suisse and Barclay’s) who have a big off-balance-sheet derivatives book, and just a few banks (mainly the Italians ) who can’t work their way out of their bad loan problems."

Spengler again

Spengler on Deutsche Bank
Paris ib 15:56 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
FWIW "The catalyst for Deutsche’s price collapse was the American government’s demand for a $14 billion penalty for Deutsche’s alleged chicanery in mortgage-backed securities during the financial crisis. The bank would have to raise new capital at a fabulously expensive price in order to pay a fine of that size."

A new crisis? Or not.

US Elections
Paris ib 15:50 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Yeah it's getting that way for me. I gave up the FT because I couldn't stand all the 'opinions' when I just wanted the data. The NYT was OK, not great but doable, then we got this election and it went over the edge. Unreadable now.

"The choice, sadly, lies between an unlearned interloper with common sense and an Establishment whose policy response is predictable as the emergence of a gumball from a supermarket machine after a quarter is cranked in. They are mediocre ideologues incapable of learning from past failures, clinging to their careers because they are unsuited for honest work. Trump may not know much but he is capable of learning. That can’t be said for his detractors."

Spengler on Trump

US Department of Justice
PAR 15:47 GMT 09/30/2016
The latest power tool in trying to go for " World Dominance " . Those fines have become a political instrument and a way to reduce the US budget deficit .

Objective criteria no longer exist . It look like " Emperor Nero " is ruling that department .

US Elections
SaaR KaL 15:44 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
I have read any news paper for the last 15 years
Not watched Main Stream Media as well...
That stuff should be in the narcotics list...along with Meth, Heroin...etc

US Elections
Paris ib 15:42 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
The U.S. Election is the U.S.'s BREXIT moment.

All the 'right-thinking' self-appointed progressives will be horrified and they are going to just have to live with it.

The vitriol from the anti-BREXIT and anti-TRUMP camps is nuts. But it is also an indication of how little these people actually think and how quickly they are prone to violence and anger. They may as well be brown shirts.

US Elections
Paris ib 15:36 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
When you have to start reading the New York Post you know things are bad.

Fat Jokes

dc CB 15:35 GMT 09/30/2016
Reportedly nears $5.4B settlement with US officials over mortgage bonds - France press

you don't need a tinfoil hat to realize that the DOJ, would scotch the election, crashing the world markets with an onerous fine.

US Elections
Paris ib 15:32 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
The American press is unbelievable right now. Unbelievable and biased. I cancelled my subscription to the New York Times. I can't read that crap anymore. It's like wading columns of propaganda. And FWIW I think Trump walked all over Clinton. When he brought up NAFTA... that was enough. NOBODY in the press thought Trump won. Where the hell were they? You will get some women voting for Hillary and maybe some young people but seriously I can't see her carrying many votes.

US Elections
dc CB 15:25 GMT 09/30/2016
The New York Times, the so-called “paper of record,” has declared that the all-important swing state of Ohio is no longer an important battleground in the presidential election.
Earlier in September, the Times was declaring Ohio “an essential swing state,”
Now that Trump is winning the “must-win,” the Times has revised its view of Ohio’s importance: “After decades as one of America’s most reliable political bellwethers, an inevitable presidential battleground that closely mirrored the mood and makeup of the country, Ohio is suddenly fading in importance this year,” writes Jonathan Martin, who notes that Clinton has basically conceded the state.

US Elections
PAR 15:25 GMT 09/30/2016
Obama no longer is the president of all Americans . He became the teamleader of the Hilary campaign . That will come back like a boomerang . Obama should act like a president not as a cheerleader.

Livingston nh 15:24 GMT 09/30/2016
It never comes from the top anymore because of leaks and electronic recordings - surrogates express concern and possible solutions in media or over lunch -- BUT the hod carriers get the message, even if the message isn't signed

PAR 15:22 GMT 09/30/2016
$ 5.4 billion still much more than the $ 180 million Wells Fargo paid for worse crimes against consumers .

US Elections
Paris ib 15:20 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
To start with I thought the establishment had it sorted and Hillary would win. I don't think that anymore. Trump made a killer punch during the debate: NAFTA. No-one noticed in the press but I bet the voters did.

Hillary - and some members of the elite - keep going on about 'women' and paid child care leave and other crap. Hillary dropped this line while she slammed Trump for sexism: “this is a man who…has said women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men.”.... These people have lost the plot. They have no credibility.

Trump wins. So take your positions based on that.

Biggest risk: possibly U.S. Bonds. But wait and see. I don't think Trump is a moron and he's not an ideologue. So he's the best candidate the U.S. has got right now and I think that the American people can actually see that, despite the avalanche in the media. So yeah Trump and it's probably the best result we can now hope for. gl gt


PAR 15:18 GMT 09/30/2016
Department of justice joining PPT ? Did Merkel really called Obama ?

GVI Forex 15:13 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Reportedly nears $5.4B settlement with US officials over mortgage bonds - France press

- Source

Today is risk on due to DB's settled
HK Kwun 15:11 GMT 09/30/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1322 Target: Stop: 1332

sell now

Internet Control Transfered Oct 1 The 1st Amendment Dies
dc CB 15:06 GMT 09/30/2016
as seen:
You know, this election is as much about mainstream media influence being challenged by internet as it is about the obvious issues

SaaR KaL 15:05 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Intraday trade DJI
US Close range 18,275.95 18,033.12
shorting here near 18290
tgt 18150

Friday Trading
dc CB 14:38 GMT 09/30/2016
Next Friday


GVI Trading john bland 14:37 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
GDP slip sliding away. 2.0% a magnet?

GVI Trading 14:35 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Atlanta Fed latest 3Q16 GDP forecast 2.40% vs. 2.80% on Sep 28

Source: TTN

Friday Trading
dc CB 14:26 GMT 09/30/2016
What a scam!

As soon as the market drops, Yellen drops a bombshell, saying last night that: "The Federal Reserve might be able to help the U.S. economy in a future downturn if it could buy stocks and corporate bonds. It could be useful to be able to intervene directly in assets where the prices have a more direct link to spending decisions," she said, adding that buying equities and corporate bonds could have costs and benefits. Currently, the Fed does not have the power to buy equities directly – but they want it!


dc CB 14:20 GMT 09/30/2016
ZH weighs in on DB rumors - spike

"unverified handles on Twitter speculate the DoJ fine may be $5.4b, vs reports earlier this month the DoJ had sought $14b. Unverified handles including @fiatcurrency, @Fxmacro Tweet or retweet the speculation."

This Is The Rumor Causing The Spike In Deutsche Bank Shares

Doggy stupid ab
HK Kwun 14:19 GMT 09/30/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1325 Target: Stop: 1335

TP at 1318, already said i am so lucky today. LOL, stupid doggy's ab,

LONDON SFH 14:12 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
This place has gone to the dogs again thanks two these two kunts-signing out-have a good w/e

wallstreet bankster 14:11 GMT 09/30/2016
ab , dont you find this is not appropriate place to share your sexual fantasy ?

Doggy stupid ab
HK Kwun 14:10 GMT 09/30/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1325 Target: Stop: 1335

doggy stupid ab, i prefer to lick your mom or wife or gf's pussy, LOL, just keep posing your tiny fake/paper trade here, we all want to know

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. University of Michigan Survey Revised Higher
GVI Trading john bland 14:06 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
Refresh page to update chart below.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. University of Michigan Survey Revised Higher
GVI Forex Blog 14:04 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
University of Michigan Sentiment Survey. Final data revised higher.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. University of Michigan Survey Revised Higher

hk ab 14:01 GMT 09/30/2016
Kwun, lick your lucky dick.............from your wfakhoury master.....he feels sad now because you betrayed his 1333, THE ONE AND ONLY ONE signal.....

GVI Trading john bland 14:00 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
University of Michigan Sentiment Index Final September 2016
U.S. Data Charts

91.2 vs. 90.0 exp. vs. 89.8 preliminary

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

TTN: Live News Special Offer

LONDON SFH 13:51 GMT 09/30/2016  - My Profile
The rumoured number seems to have come from a JPM research piece so more likely is dyslexic readers are confusing DOJ with JPM.....

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