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09/10/15 8:30 A GB Visible Trade con: -9.9 pre: -11.1
09/10/15 8:30 A GB Trade- Non-EU con: -3 pre: -3.5
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Maribor 06:15 GMT 10/09/2015
USDJPY finally hit upper edge at 120,13, so may go down now...
EUR first station expected from now is ~1,1265 (now 1,1283).
GBP and AUD still stronger than expected...

KL KL 04:31 GMT 10/09/2015
short EURUSD 1.12847 ...slow relentless but 1,000 times faster than the Fed talk of Raising 0.25% rate.....LOL

AceTrader Oct 9: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (USD/JPY)
Hong Kong 01:23 GMT 10/09/2015
09 Oct 2015 00:44GMT

USD/JPY - ...... The greenback continued to edge lower throughout Asia yesterday and hit session low at 119.63 in early European morning. Despite staging a recovery to 119.98, price spiked down to 119.68 in New York afternoon after the release of dovish FOMC minutes before rebounding again to 120.03. Dlr met renewed buying at 119.85 in Australia and trades with a firm undertone in Tokyo morning, helped by the initial rise in Nikkei-225 index.

Pay attention to the release of U.S. wholesale inventories and wholesale sales at 14:00GMT.
Street forecasts are 0.0% n -0.3% vs prev. readings of -0.1% n -0.3% respectively.

Bids are now seen at 119.70/80 and more below at 119.50/60 with stops building up below there whilst initial offers are noted at 120.30/40, suggesting upside bias would be seen till European open.

Thursday's Trading Thread
dc CB 23:48 GMT 10/08/2015
dc CB 20:40 GMT
What's really behind this SToX rally.......

"monster $53bn MMF inflows indicate monster risk rally driven by short-covering." - BofA

HFT 32 D'oh's in 15 Seconds

Ben Bernanke
dc CB 23:40 GMT 10/08/2015
We discuss the fact that, now that the statute of limitations for Global Financial Crisis banking crimes has passed, Ben Bernanke has his Come to Jesus moment.

Max Keiser

VIDEO: Forex Trading Tip in 60 Seconds: Trading Pattern Revealed Post Mortem
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 23:01 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile

This is a follow up and a happy post mortem to my latest forex trading tip where I revealed a trading pattern that was setup to be broken. As you will see in this latest trading tip video, the setup played out and the market traded a directional move as I suggested once this pattern was broken. It is a pattern that repeats itself often and one worth adding to your toolbox.  

VIDEO: Forex Trading Tip in 60 Seconds: Trading Pattern Revealed Post Mortem

Another Spoofer Busted by the SEC
dc CB 21:04 GMT 10/08/2015
So to summarize: a veteran NYSE specialist noticed manipulation in the NYSE market open Imbalance, loudly complained to the NYSE, was ignored, then decided to profit from said manipulation himself... and got busted.

Come to think of it, that almost exactly what happened to Nav Sarao.

But the third, and surely funniest, part of this whole story is that the name Eric Oscher is not new to this website, but one has to dig far back to track him down... all the way back to our September 2010 post explaining "Why Nobody Trades During Regular Hours Any More (And How Prop Funds Just Stop Trading When Volatility Spikes)." This is what we said over 5 years ago:

Spoofer Complains About Spoofing, Is Ignored, Starts Spoofing, Gets Busted, Will Have More Time For Golf

Thursday's Trading Thread
dc CB 20:40 GMT 10/08/2015
What's really behind this SToX rally.

We spent most of the summer being baited that the FED wud raise rates. They even threw in the Shemeta or whatever the F*&* they called that 7 year cycle....Christine LaGarde even played a part...remember that Weird talk about 7's.

So as a Result: Primed for a MAJOR SHORTS KILL. And the Gatling Gun is still cranking with no sign that the barrel is overheating

Short Interest

Global-View Trading Technologies
GVI Forex Blog 20:32 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables.

Global-View Trading Technologies

Are You Ready...
dc CB 20:30 GMT 10/08/2015
Just out and hour ago on Bloomberg. Surely this contributed to the strong ramp in SToX today.

(by the way, it was all Bush's Fault. My husband's administration had nothing to do with it. After all, all he did was Kill Glass Steigal. But your memories are Short and most of the people who will vote for me were in middle school....but I digress) MY PLAN - to Prevent the next Crash...hoping that you won't notice that I believe that there Will Be a Next Crash.

Oct 8, 2015 3:05 PM EDT
By Hillary Clinton

Unfortunately, the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress largely ignored calls for reform. The result cost 9 million Americans their jobs, drove 5 million families out of their homes and wiped out more than $13 trillion in household wealth.

Thanks to President Obama’s leadership and the determination and sacrifice of the American people, we’ve worked our way out of that ditch and put our economy on sounder footing. Now we have to keep going.

My Plan to Prevent the Next Crash

Thursday's Trading Thread
Israel Dil 20:14 GMT 10/08/2015
Source is: MSOH (my sense of humour)

Thursday's Trading Thread
Mtl JP 20:13 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
Dil 20:04 is your source Debka ?

Thursday's Trading Thread
Israel Dil 20:04 GMT 10/08/2015
YES..... Iran said the missiles landed only for refuel and continued safely to Syria. I heard North Korea is busy to develop midair missile refuel missiles... maybe will be ready for the next Russian launch

Thursday's Trading Thread
KL KL 20:01 GMT 10/08/2015
did Iran say something in Arabic !@#$%^&*(@#$%^&*...Allah(!..??
..... ROLF

Thursday's Trading Thread
Israel Dil 19:54 GMT 10/08/2015

Russia's defence ministry has denied a claim by a US official that four Syria-bound Russian cruise missiles fired from the Caspian Sea crashed in Iran.

"Any professional knows that during these operations we always fix the target before and after impact. All our cruise missiles hit their target," ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement on Thursday.

The US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the missiles landed in Iran on Wednesday, but did not provide details about where they might have landed or whether they caused damages.

Thursday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 19:51 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
US 10-yr 2.111% +4.6bp

Quite a roller coaster ride today

usd/jpy and e/jpy
hillegom purk 19:50 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
hillegom purk 08:09 GMT September 30, 2015
usd/jpy and e/jpy: Reply
We are above 120 again. Keep an eye on the ranges to short. e/jpy reasonable safe to short above 135-137.
Good money makers....
Makes money day after day after day, etc.
Just keep an eye on the daily range and can easily take 30 pips a day...

Thursday's Trading Thread
Mtl JP 19:49 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
that would be from the unbiased but patriotic cnn trupet:

(CNN)A number of cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship and aimed at targets in Syria have crashed in Iran, two U.S. officials told CNN Thursday. ../..

GVI Data Calendar for 9 October 2015
GVI Forex john bland 19:48 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile

October 8, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Friday, October 9, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: GB- Trade, CA- Employment, US- Import Prices, Wholesale Inventories
  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: GB- Trade
  • North America: CA- Employment, US- Import Prices, Wholesale Inventories, COT Report

Thursday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 19:42 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
Hearing Russian Cruise Missiles sent to Syria from the Caspian Sea that landed in Iran partly to blame for WTI @ $50.00 level. Anything that happens in the Middle East impacts oil prices even if the connection is tenuous.

Mtl JP 19:36 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
Williams repeats Fed liftoff warranted later this year
he does not vote in 2016 fwiw

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 19:31 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Mtl JP 19:22 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
wonder how "Urban Outfitters asks salaried workers to ‘volunteer’ for a weekend shift" is going to manifest in BLS' data

FOMC Again
Livingston nh 19:10 GMT 10/08/2015
Another DUD - global conditions didn't get as much attention as Yellen presser indicated and the Members did not seem to be divided so "close call" is a bit

KL KL 19:07 GMT 10/08/2015
out remaining 25% eurusd short here 1.1277.....

Short DOW relentless 17042......>>>>>> going to the other side...looks like recovery until the FOMC moment.....LOL

Maribor 19:03 GMT 10/08/2015
GBPJPY close to upper edge at ~184,32 and GBP hit upper edge already at ~1,5362, so some correction may happen soon. And algos still want that ~120,1 on USDJPY before turning down...

hillegom purk 18:53 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
Closed the rest of the Above the 3,31 ones at 3,2730.
This was a very nice day. Still have a bunch of smaller possies. I would love to see a nice correction to add...

hillegom purk 18:41 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
Closed all at 11275. Ready for the day.

Understood Dil. MM.

hillegom purk 18:39 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
The half of 11315 is at s/p 113 now. Tired. Enough is enough...

FOMC Again
Israel Dil 18:38 GMT 10/08/2015
Purk.... a story for you.... Igor is a Russian man, loves to drink loads of Vodka, for living he serves in the Russian navy currently at the Caspian sea, responsible on missile squad. last mission were targets in Syria but somehow some of the missiles ended on Iranian soil killing some Iranians. you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand.....

about TRY.... gather information about the whereabouts of the President's son, very crucial for the coming few weeks and after the elections... 1st November 2015

about tight... some tight things are just fine, and you know as one of the best what to do when profit is on table even if it's 30 pips....

let the talk but when you count the money close the door so they will not disturb you....

london red 18:35 GMT 10/08/2015
under 05 so upside done for the day. now sup at 80 and 74 (imp on wkly close as well as today). really needs to hold abv at the close to have a crack at wkly triangle top tomorrow. if cannot hold then 11234 is initial tgt tomorrow with daily high 11280-11305.

Thursday's Trading Thread
Mtl JP 18:29 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
Williams scheduled to yak in an hour: on "outlook" w/q&a

hillegom purk 18:25 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
Half out 11315 out at 11298. Half stays at b/e target for rest is 11257

hillegom purk 18:22 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
What means Skirmish....?

hillegom purk 18:19 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
11325 OUT AT 11311. Rest stays and will try again.

london red 18:18 GMT 10/08/2015
another skirmish at the cloud top. needs to go under 11305 on this drop or will be a third skirmish and bears wont win that one.

hillegom purk 18:16 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile

london red 18:16 GMT 10/08/2015
cable. watch that 50% at 82. nxt would be 61.8 at 5447. we are a long way off worrying shorts (1.58+) but there will be stops over that 50%.

hillegom purk 18:15 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile

london red 18:13 GMT 10/08/2015
loonie. remember that channel at 12985 this week. had a couple bounces of sorts off it (low i think 68 on one occasion) but no daily close below yet. close below tgts 12862 prev high where could get a bounce again.

FOMC Again
hillegom purk 18:11 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
tight stop...

london red 18:08 GMT 10/08/2015
euro. reaction off 24 daily cloud top. if cannot stick then 35 55/66 break should be a bridge too far for todays close.

FOMC Again
Israel Dil 18:08 GMT 10/08/2015
Entry: 1.1320 Target: tomorrow's low Stop: 1.135x


Thursday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 18:07 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
10-yr 2.074% +0.8bp

GVI Forex john bland 18:04 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
U.S. Fed Policy Minutes
U.S. Data Charts

U.S. Fed Policy Minutes
-- Held off on rate increase amid worries about inflation
-- Expected conditions for rate hike by yearend
-- Labor market conditions close to goals
-- Risks to economy balanced

TTN: Live News Special Offer

FOMC Again
Livingston nh 17:59 GMT 10/08/2015
Redemption or Damnation for my one sided positions (CAD needs stronger USD thru lower oil, JPY needs stronger USD thru rate hike, Cable needs stronger USD vs. EUR to push EUR/GBP back into Danger Zone below 72 and s/t SPX needs to go back below 1980

Thursday's Trading Thread
Livingston nh 17:50 GMT 10/08/2015
CB - agree - the primary reason QE has failed everywhere - CBs buying up "best" assets (aka MONEY) - in Japan they made it worse with "sterilization" theory and in US we were "smart" enough to use DODD FRANK in conjunction w/ Fed purchases of Treasurys

BEN said "it wasn't me" the market dictated rates so he bought treasurys to reduce rates further

Thursday's Trading Thread
dc CB 17:38 GMT 10/08/2015
the difference between currency w/ a coupon AND currency IS the coupon --

the difference is that Tres are collateral and can be re-hypothecated. the need to do this roll over $100bln on a daily basis hints at stress at the TBTFs. It makes their "books" seem balanced riskwise.

"Who is eligible to participate in the operations?
Participation in the operations is open to the Federal Reserve’s primary dealers as well as its expanded RRP counterparties, which covers a wide range of entities including 2a-7 money market funds, banks, and government-sponsored enterprises (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Federal Home Loan Banks). Additional details on the RRP counterparties are available on the New York Fed’s website."

FAQs: Overnight Reverse Repos

FOMC Again
Mtl JP 17:30 GMT 10/08/2015  - My Profile
"Most FOMC participants, including myself, currently anticipate that achieving these conditions will likely entail an initial increase in the federal funds rate later this year, followed by a gradual pace of tightening thereafter. But if the economy surprises us, our judgments about appropriate monetary policy will change." Janet Sep 24 2015
So far the Fed is waffling. What will happen , if by order of gv's Trader's Advocate the Fed, on one fine day, speaks with a single firm voice ?

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