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05/08/15 8:28 A GB SVC PMI con: 58 pre: 58.5
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EUR et al.
Maribor 08:15 GMT 08/05/2015
EURGBP lower edge of channel now at ~0,6963 and GBPCHF upper edge at ~1,5272. When hit, they may slowly change direction. As EURCHF is still going up - target 1,0685 now - and EUR already hit lower edge at 1,0855, solutions for EURGBP and GBPCHF to return to the other side of channel is GBP down (target 1,5498) or EUR up or little of both...

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UK JY 08:13 GMT 08/05/2015
Keep selling eirgbp rallies if any more come

UK is next in line to raise rates

BREAKING NEWS: EZ Final Services PMI Revisions Mixed
GVI Forex Blog 08:06 GMT 08/05/2015  - My Profile

Global-VIew EZ and German Charts

EZ, GE and FR final Service PMIs. Mixed minor revisions to data

BREAKING NEWS: EZ Final Services PMI Revisions Mixed

GVI Forex john bland 08:00 GMT 08/05/2015  - My Profile
Final Service PMI July 2015


EZ- Final Service PMI
54.0 vs. 53.8 exp. vs. 53.8 (flash)
52.0 vs. 52.0 exp. vs. 52.0 (flash)
53.8 vs. 53.7 exp. vs. 53.7 (flash)

Markit PMI Press Release

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Hello everyone
Stockholm 07:50 GMT 08/05/2015
Just wanted to pop by and say hi.
I'm just starting out trading and looking thru reviews of different traders.
So far looked at a review of tradexx, but I dont really know where to start.

Help anyone?

Best regards

Hillegom Purk 07:33 GMT 08/05/2015  - My Profile
hillegom purk 09:54 GMT July 24, 2015
Ozmond: Reply
hillegom purk 09:36 GMT July 10, 2015
Ozmond: Reply
Another little portion out of Ozmond. Please take it down again Percy so i can take under 74 again....

Yesterday was scaling, today is adding. Profit is far above loss already.
More interesting pairs: eur/gbp and Kiwi.

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UK JY 07:31 GMT 08/05/2015
Offers at 1.0880-95 me thinks and then 1.0905-20

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Brussels BR 07:10 GMT 08/05/2015
Sell levels anyone?

Fed's Lockhard Signals Fed Rate Hike in September. RBA Turns Less Dovish
Mtl JP 06:17 GMT 08/05/2015  - My Profile
zerohedge: Would be somewhat ironic if the Fed announces QE4 in September.

just sayin' ...

AceTrader Aug 5: Intra-day Market Moving News and Views (USD/JPY)
Hong Kong AceTrader 03:14 GMT 08/05/2015
05 Aug 2015 02:35GMT

USD/JPY - ...... Dlr rallied in NY afternoon session after comments from Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart who said 'Fed is "Close" to being ready to raise short-term rates'. Price rose to 124.41 in NY afternoon n then eased to 124.26 before climbing higher to 124.48 in Asian morning on Wednesday as renewed weakness in eur/usd led to broad-based usd's strength vs its major peers.

Earlier in Asian morning on Wednesday, data showed that Japanese services sector activity expanded in July at a slightly slower pace than the previous month, suggesting only a moderate rebound in the economy after an expected contraction in the second quarter. The Markit/Nikkei Japan Services PMI fell to a seasonally adjusted 51.2 in July from 51.8 in June.

In Asia and early Europe, dlr's intra-day firmness vs Japanese yen in Tokyo morning on Wednesday suggests consolidation with upside bias would be seen and buying the pair on dips is recommended.
However, sharp gain above last week's top at 124.58 is not envisaged and price should falter below 125.00 ahead of the release of a slew of U.S. eco. reports in NY morning, these include ADP employment, U.S. international trade balance, Markit services PMI and ISM-mfg PMI.

At the moment, bids from various accounts are noted in 124.20-124.00 region with stops below 123.80 whilst some offers are tipped at 124.50-60 and more above with stop touted above 124.80.

jkt abel 02:52 GMT 08/05/2015
looks like 1.5420-50 a good buy if seen

KL KL 02:48 GMT 08/05/2015
out 85% here 1.08637.....phew...heavy boat of euro profit and margin ac.....If dip to 1.066....I am never know what thin market cover and relax is best...DYOR..DFM..DLTM..imvho

KL KL 02:18 GMT 08/05/2015
Time to scalp...Long here 1.08512...relentless....cover when goes to 1.0860 or higher....or when 5-9 pips news...nothing....NFP Weak...$USD finish!!

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HK et 02:13 GMT 08/05/2015
Entry: 1.0880 Target: 1.0815 Stop: 1.0902

Target at S2

AceTrader Aug 5: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
NY JM 01:51 GMT 08/05/2015  - My Profile
See if 1.0850 holds...

GVI Forex 01:46 GMT 08/05/2015  - My Profile
* China Jul caixin services PMI increase to 53.8 vs. prev 51.8

AceTrader Aug 5: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
Hong Kong AceTrader 01:35 GMT 08/05/2015
Update Time: 05 Aug 2015 01:04 GMT

EUR/USD - 1.0875
Yesterday's breach of last week's low at 1.0894 ansd then daily close below there signals euro's correction from July's 12-week trough at 1.0808 has ended earlier at 1.1129 and consolidation with downside bias remains. However, break of 1.0808 needed to confirm MT decline from 1.1467 (May) has resumed and extend weakness to 1.0700 later in this month.

On the upside, a move back above 1.0988/96 would prolong choppy trading but price should falter well below resistance area a 1.1114-29 and yield another sell-off.

Currency War Update: RBA Declares a Truce on the AUD?
NY JM 01:28 GMT 08/05/2015  - My Profile
EURUSD downside the path of least resistance until 1.0800 - 1.0870+ needed to slow risk

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Miami JN 00:45 GMT 08/05/2015
Entry: 1.09+ if seen Target: Close before FOMC on Friday Stop:

Armed and ready

GVI Forex john bland 20:52 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
API crude said -2.400mn vs. -1.500mn expected

Currency War Update: RBA Declares a Truce on the AUD?
GVI Forex Blog 20:51 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile

This is a article all should read:

I published the following video late last year and it is as relevant today as it was then as the market has been following the path of least resistance by selling commodity currencies, at least until today

Currency War Update: RBA Declares a Truce on the AUD?

GVI Data Calendar for 5 August 2015
GVI Forex Blog 19:57 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile

August 4, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: EZ- Service PMI's, Retail Sales, CA/US- Trade, US- ADP Jobs, Service PMI's, Weekly Crude

  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: EZ- Service PMI's, Retail Sales
  • North America: CA/US- Trade, US- Mortgage Statistics, ADP Jobs, Service PMI's, Weekly Crude

GVI Data Calendar for 5 August 2015

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 19:32 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format. 


CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

dc CB 19:13 GMT 08/04/2015
APPL is not cooperating. Albatros

PAR 19:07 GMT 08/04/2015
Last hour rally has started . New York = Shanghai.

dc CB 18:49 GMT 08/04/2015
watching USD/JPY trying to get STOX to turn GREEN on the day

Fed's Lockhard Signals Fed Rate Hike in September. RBA Turns Less Dovish
GVI Forex Blog 18:33 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile

5 AUGUST 2015, 00:00 GMT >> FOREX NEWS  >> AU- RBA turns less dovish  >> AU-Retail Sales improve >> GB- Construction PMI misses >> US- Factory Orders inline >> FOREX >> USD up,  EUR CROSSES: down, COMMODITY CURRENCIES: mixed>> EQUITIES: FAR EAST- mixed, EUROPE- mixed, U

Fed's Lockhard Signals Fed Rate Hike in September. RBA Turns Less Dovish

NY JM 18:33 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
It would likely take a lousy ADP # to see 1.0950 again.

london red 18:12 GMT 08/04/2015
tomorrow mkt will look to sell 10950/65 as long as no close below 10894 it may get there.

Breaking News
NY JM 18:08 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
Thin market blindsided by Lockhart

1.0892 -1.0870 - 1.0808 atr my key levels

Res now 1.0920-60

Livingston nh 18:03 GMT 08/04/2015
There will be a lot of this in the next few weeks -- markets will be like the dog with an Invisible Fence collar every time the Fed mopes speak

london red 18:02 GMT 08/04/2015
euro. 10876/72 then 10846. think the latter should hold ahead of nfp. 10876/72 will prob hold today if seen. if it doesnt then going sr8 to 10846.

london red 17:56 GMT 08/04/2015
john, in other words a LOT of pricing in to do particularly bonds.

GVI Forex john bland 17:55 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
I gather Lockhart gave the impression that the bar is set high for the Fed NOT to tighten in September. In other words, unless the economy suddenly starts to weaken sharply, the deed is done. Markets watch Lockhart because he is seen as a middle of the road Fed member and could be indicative of how the wind are blowing at the central bank.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 17:53 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
EURUSD 1.0913:

Woke up a slumbering market. Very thin and one way since the comments came out. My thanks to TTN for the assist.

Complacency can be a traders worst enemy.

GVI Forex 17:28 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
Dollar firms on this:

13:24 (US) Fed's Lockhart (moderate, FOMC voter): Could be appropriate to raise rates in Sept; are close to raising short term rates

- Any significant deterioration in the data lanscape may lead to a decision to delay the rate increase-

Reminder: 05/06 (US) Fed's Lockhart (moderate, FOMC voter): All meetings are in play for interest rate liftoff, April jobs report will say a lot about Q2 growth bounceback - comments to reporters - Source

dc CB 17:17 GMT 08/04/2015
they call them Unicorns

from the Economist

Legendary StartUps

dc CB 17:13 GMT 08/04/2015
GVI Forex john bland 14:01 GMT
Factory Orders June 2015

EX Trans

Consumer confidence ?
PAR 16:53 GMT 08/04/2015
GE Saves $3.3 Billion With Cuts to Retirees' Life, Health Benefits

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- General Electric (GE - Get Report) booked $3.3 billion in savings last quarter by widening retiree-benefit cuts from salaried positions to hourly production jobs, prompting a backlash from former employees who believed a career with the company would guarantee a comfortable retirement.

Tuesday's Trading Thread
GVI Forex john bland 16:31 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
US 2.184% +3.4bp
S&P -2

dc CB 15:10 GMT 08/04/2015

As Engadget reports, Apple has slipped to third place in China -behind Xiamoi and fast-growing rival Huawei..


EUR et al.
Maribor 14:51 GMT 08/04/2015
EURCHF target now at 1,0679.

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London Chris 14:29 GMT 08/04/2015
Looks like some crosses being closed. Maybe why eur and gbp are softer while aud stays firm and usdcad a touch lower.

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swiss frank 14:29 GMT 08/04/2015
I prefer to sell $/CAD around the 1.3155 today for a move back to 1.2800ish. Think a lot of the commodities collateral damage is/was over and done with with end of July selling. I have very stone age charts but looks like Monday was a gap higher on the daily chart. An undecided day today with close around 1.3160 leaves an evening star and possible island top (to the extent that FX can have islands). And lastly who do you know that isn't saying $/CAD is going higher ?

Stop ? When it doesn't feel right.

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GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:16 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile
1.3100-10 so far

GVI Data Calendar for 4 August 2015
GVI Forex Blog 14:15 GMT 08/04/2015  - My Profile

August 4, 2015 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Trading News Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: EZ- Service PMI's, Retail Sales, CA/US- Trade, US- ADP Jobs, Service PMI's, Weekly Crude

  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: EZ- Service PMI's, Retail Sales
  • North America: CA/US- Trade, US- Mortgage Statistics, ADP Jobs, Service PMI's, Weekly Crude

GVI Data Calendar for 4 August 2015

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Dubai CDT 14:14 GMT 08/04/2015
Buy level in usdcad?

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