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12/02/16 7:00 A DE GDP yy con: 1.40% pre: 1.70%
12/02/16 7:00 A DE final HICP y con: 0.50% pre: 0.50%
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Tallinn viies 05:19 GMT 02/12/2016
joking. it is not so simple but in principle all charts look similar.

but about this european banks shares selling... it is very strange how quickly things may turn ugly just from nothing
I can not wait until monday. really love to see what china thinks about it.

Tallinn viies 05:09 GMT 02/12/2016
crude took out previous day high. now next target 200 hour sma. this also mean sp500 ready to take out previous day high and ready to move up to 1880.
also same applies to eurusd. ready to take out previous day low at 1.1270-75. and ready to move to 200 hours sma at
lets go now

The Hosers to the North
'dc' 'CB' 05:00 GMT 02/12/2016
OK... to get the joke.
For all the youngsters out there

Bob and Doug

The Hosers to the North
'dc' 'CB' 04:39 GMT 02/12/2016

Hey JP
WTF yur guys are really hosers, no joke eh!

“Canada’s gold reserves belong to the Government of Canada, and are held under the name of the Minister of Finance,” explained a spokesperson for the Bank of Canada on Wednesday. “Decisions relative to gold holdings are taken by the Minister of Finance.”

Canada Sells Nearly Half Of All Its Gold Reserves

bali sja 04:13 GMT 02/12/2016
is that it? Aso goes back to sleep?

bali sja 03:58 GMT 02/12/2016
yes, soon we will hear about 120 and 130 again once intervention spotted

AceTrader Feb 12: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views (USD/JPY)
Hong Kong 02:19 GMT 02/12/2016
12 Feb 2016 01:44GMT

USD/JPY - .... The Japanese yen took centre stage again in Asia today, not by its sharp price moves but by Japanese officials' rhetorics (see previous updates) who expressed dismay over this week's spectacular but unwelcome yen's ascent.

Although dlr briefly dipped to 111.91 when the Nikkei opened lower weakened by 4%, falling briefly below psychological 15,000 level, intra-day recovery in the N225 index plus comments by Japanese officials quickly lifted the pair to 112.60.

Looks like dlr would gain respite today n brings choppy trading above yesterday's fresh 15-month trough at 110.99. If Asian stocks pare recent losses, one can expect a modest bounce.

Bids are noted at 116.80-60 area and more below with stops below 110.90.
Offers are tipped at 112.60/70 with some stops above there, however, more selling interest is reported at 113.00/20 area. Pay attention to release of key U.S. retail sales at 13:30GMT.

HK RF@ 02:08 GMT 02/12/2016

Now Aso will become angry, and will intervene.

Tokyo B 01:17 GMT 02/12/2016
Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso stepped up his verbal intervention on Friday, saying he would take appropriate action as needed, but the yen hardly reacted. Reuters

'Livingston' 'nh' 00:30 GMT 02/12/2016
Nikkei down 4% - relentless so far

'dc' 'CB' 23:37 GMT 02/11/2016

the top Story ToNite Lead in Very First line
AmPb Radio Propo NEWZ for the Millenial(who have no money)

An OPEC ITEM .....

Legitimant Legit it's a NPR UR Broker Buy Oil....DE Said OPEC WILL CUT...(the NPR ---few as they are mostly Sentient (Meat based ) Rubes.

Hey will take their Money

'GVI 'Jay 23:33 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile

'dc' 'CB' 22:58 GMT 02/11/2016
the Capital City of the USA

Culling the Wannsee

For your own safety, please do not eat these fish from the Potomac

HK RF@ 22:52 GMT 02/11/2016

Few weeks ago I posted about negative prices for oil, if any remember.

Now that storage tanks are filling up, it's time for paying to remove the excess, away from storage depots.

ORRRR. Set the excess on fire, which may not be allowed.

Stupidity and absurd rule!
HK RF@ 22:45 GMT 02/11/2016

According to analysts, you better buy gold because gold has 0% interest rate, that compared to negative ones in some major currencies.

The fact is that those who owned Eur, Chf, Yen all bearing negative interest rates currencies, made very well compare to positive yielding ones like; NZD AUD USD GBP.

Those who sold their Neg. interest currencies for Stox, got already whacked, and probably the next will come from gold.

Regarding the effects those Neg. interest currencies cause, maybe one should own them rather than the positive yielding ones.

Gold rise this time is a mania only, and this is the only explanation(look at J. Cramer last nite), where in fact there is no demand for physical gold except by institutional, which will be more than happy to drop it on the head of the speculators.

'dc' 'CB' 22:41 GMT 02/11/2016
this comes from the Non Paddler

Gary Shilling: " Oil prices are headed for the $10 to $20 per barrel range

'dc' 'CB' 22:39 GMT 02/11/2016
"Oil prices are headed for the $10 to $20 per barrel range "

OnceUponATime the Wild Weekend to WVa wd cost $13

the really hillarious note about this is ...back in the "ought 2's when we were alll DeBating the merits of the Iraq and my paddling buddies wud say.....CHEAP we can drice to all those rivers we want to run without breaking our bank....We TAKE Iraq...WE Own the Oil.......$0.90gasOgallon... Cross Country River Tour.....but wait....but wait.....WTF $4 a gal....Hey Hey Hey it's all Bush's Fault.

Take Me to the River(copyright: TalkingHeads)

My Friday Trades
'GVI 'john 22:19 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
CME raising margins on Gold and some JPY pairs.

'Israel' 'Dil' 22:01 GMT 02/11/2016
that Harvard guy's wife, much before she knew him, she was driving to the beach and the road sign said "beach left" so she made a U-turn and drove back home (she is still blond and got 50% off everything he had when divorced before the crisis of 2008)

Daily TA trade
'dc' 'CB' 21:37 GMT 02/11/2016
that to

london red 20:52 GMT
not quite pulled the lot back but sp leaving a nice tail on daily strongly argues for 1870 or 1790 tom

Daily TA trade
'dc' 'CB' 21:35 GMT 02/11/2016
let me count the ways:

US Cash Stocks closed Mon.
China Re-Opens.
3 Days for US "Investors" to digest that NY sidewalk cart pretzel w/extra mustard, that was Yellen's Humphrey Hawkins Pt1 and Pt2 Testymonie.

Wild Card Tonite:
Bernie beats the crap out of Hillary .... despite the stacked odds of an all female ("there is a special place in He// for women who don't support (other women)" Madeline Albright, another former Secy of State).

PBS NZHR: produced by WETA, Wash DC, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, President and CEO ----Rock-e-Feller Rock-e-Feller.

(ps: All ALGOs are coded by Males)

Tune into the Games ToNite
'dc' 'CB' 21:15 GMT 02/11/2016
Tuff Tuff TuffTuff questions asked by the women of the PBS NEWZhour team.

Tonite----no commercial interruptions, ;cauz it's Public TeeVee.

Bernie --- the current champ
Hillary the Secy of State and Former First Lady

Turn on ... tune in...drop out.

DeBait the worm turns

'dc' 'CB' 21:09 GMT 02/11/2016
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the central bank was not to blame for the tumult that has engulfed financial markets this year and is unlikely to roll back its December interest-rate increase in response.

With the central bank already in Congress’s crosshairs on a variety of issues from regulatory policy to the transparency of its operations, the last thing it needs is to be blamed for making a monetary policy error by raising rates prematurely.

Don't Blame Fed for Turmoil, Yellen Says as Equity Rout Deepens

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 21:06 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
GVI, ... it was a really good week for me trading nasdaq ... at least so far :)

'dc' 'CB' 21:00 GMT 02/11/2016


Some Harvard guy says if you use a $100 bill you are a criminal

Daily TA trade
london red 20:52 GMT 02/11/2016
not quite pulled the lot back but sp leaving a nice tail on daily strongly argues for 1870 or 1790 tom

Daily TA trade
GVI 20:47 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
TD, you have had the hot equity hand!!

Daily TA trade
'Belgrade' 'TD' 20:44 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
1/3 out from ~3917 long at 3975 ... nasdag fut ... /NQ ... new stop ~ 3930

'dc' 'CB' 20:44 GMT 02/11/2016
the biggie for the US was---

NEW YORK/HOUSTON (Reuters) - U.S. refiner Phillips 66 dumped crude for immediate delivery in Cushing, Oklahoma on Wednesday, sparking speculation that the move reflected advance warning of looming output cuts amid sluggish winter demand and record inventories.

(Warren Buffet's Phillips 66)


Tallinn viies 20:35 GMT 02/11/2016
I saw several news stories today that refineries starting to close down (reducing output) their operation for a better times. marging to refine is so bad and no demand. yoy -15% for disel for example.

so this would put crude oil even bigger pressure as it is still coming out of the ground but you have nowwhere to store it as storage is near full.

interesting times ahead. could oil fall to 10?

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database
GVI Forex Blog 20:33 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format

CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

'dc' 'CB' 20:32 GMT 02/11/2016

uncanny resemblence, is it not.
fred hickey ‏@htsfhickey 9m9 minutes ago

The OPEC story timed right as S&P was breaking thru 1812 critical support was highly suspicious.Who wants to go home long stocks after that?

zerohedge ‏@zerohedge 20m20 minutes ago

bogus OPEC headlines are more powerful than the Federal Reserve

My Thursday Trades
GVI john 20:17 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Two price levels reportedly being watched on the close are 15,666 in the DJIA and 1812 in the S&P lower closes would be bearish.

My Thursday Trades
'Sydney' 'ACC' 20:11 GMT 02/11/2016
Aussie has tended to be bought as a hedge against inflation. While on the week it hasn't moved much this has masked the degree of volatilty. On two separate days (Tuesday and Thrsday) the currency got hammered sank to below 70 USA cents (0.6985) but on each occasion on the day it rallied all the way back to 71 US cents.
I read that spot iron ore was quoted at USD 43.00 a tonne prior to the Lunar New Year, gold well need I say more and copper is clinging tenaciously to 200 cents a pound.
When mixed with the US earnings figures could this be the start?

My Thursday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 20:06 GMT 02/11/2016
yes Virginia. the Traders (both of them) on the floor of the NYSE are in a panic today. But they reacted swiftly to the OPEC headline, buying up a basket of stocks in record time.

it's all a blur to me

My Thursday Trades
'Livingston' 'nh' 19:54 GMT 02/11/2016
If we could just flush oil to a bottom and get thru Japan coming back tonight and China Monday we might be ok next week -- any whiff of inflation and these bond buyers will be toast

My Thursday Trades
'Israel' 'Dil' 19:52 GMT 02/11/2016
that guy been told it's possible to buy only 300 new Maybachs in place of the 500 he used to buy every week, so he replied "oh, what I have to do about it?"

My Thursday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 19:50 GMT 02/11/2016
but it works every time...algos traded 60K++ Eminis in 5 mins at its release...the last 5mn just did 70K

cad/jpy LONGS longer term
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 19:50 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
Right, another 1/4 out. 1/4 left. 80,01-80,62. Not bad, entries ok. last 1/4 at cost and trying to get more....

My Thursday Trades
'GVI 'john 19:48 GMT 02/11/2016  - My Profile
I've lost count of how many times we've seen this report

My Thursday Trades
'dc' 'CB' 19:44 GMT 02/11/2016
Just what the doctor ordered.
Save the Day Headline


'Israel' 'Dil' 19:43 GMT 02/11/2016
all Yellen and thr gang need is to listen to the tax payers at the present and let their blind admiration to Keynes stop harming the world. which probably wouldn't happen as they are in disconnect with humanity anno now.

'Livingston' 'nh' 19:43 GMT 02/11/2016
Testing 26 level again - water drip torture

PAR 19:37 GMT 02/11/2016
Russian boycot are killing French agricultural sector. To be discussed with Angela.

'dc' 'CB' 19:21 GMT 02/11/2016
ZIRP to NIRP...Thru the Looking Glass Scenario.

Banks will have to sell off Assets(assuming Treas, MBS Securites, xxx,) and buy Dollars and obtain these dollars as notes.
The result being a countervailing force in the market to the lowering of Rates to sub Zero and the desired weakening of the USD.

'dc' 'CB' 19:15 GMT 02/11/2016
one of the problems with going to Neg Rates, as noted in the Aug 5, 2010 Fed Memo, will be the strain that will be put on the banking system to come up with the Physical Cash to cover withdrawls.

No only will banks have to convert reserve assets into cash,they were estimated to have on $200Bln of their reserves in Cash, but the Treas will have to Print more bills, which will cost.

FRB Memos

Bank of America
london red 19:12 GMT 02/11/2016
just remember the house never folds. if it does nobody gets paid. always buy goldman on the other side.
last 3 days s&p candle looks suggestive of a close close to opening levels but they look to be out of time to try it.

Bank of America
PAR 19:06 GMT 02/11/2016
BAC down 7.10% ;

PAR 18:53 GMT 02/11/2016
DJ Yellen: US Economy Behind Dollar's Strength -- Market Talk

12:55 ET - During her Senate Banking Committee testimony, Yellen offered some thoughts on the yawning gap between US monetary policy and that of some other advanced economies--which are slashing rates below zero. "We have a global economy in which there is considerable weakness in many parts of the world," singling out Europe and Japan. Although some countries are adopting expansionary monetary policies in order to boost inflation and to address weakness in their economies, Yellen noted the US is in a different position. "The US, with a 4.9% unemployment rate, is far-more advanced in that process of recovery--and the different cyclical positions of our different economies are a factor that is pushing up the dollar." She added the dollar's strength in part reflects "disproportionate" strength in the US economy. (; @HarrietTorry)

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