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27/01/15 0:00 A TUESDAY con: pre:
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Totally unacceptable!!!
HK RF@ 15:47 GMT 01/26/2015

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg dismisses Russian allegations that NATO forces are fighting alongside Ukraine troops as 'nonsense' - @Reuters

HK RF@ 15:39 GMT 01/26/2015

Euro is facing a total destruction on background of current fundamentals.

SaaR KaL 15:27 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Not doing anything with the eurusd at the moment
seems like there is another drop for 1.08 as week close
Might short next day

london red 14:58 GMT 01/26/2015
edit. friday last high 11288

london red 14:54 GMT 01/26/2015
euro. made a lower daily low early on now sitting delicately poised just below friday high. usually one of two things take place here. one, a bull trap is set, where price moves through prev high but reversed back in relatively short time. this is then followed by a quick move under initial support, in this case 11246. secondary support is often tested (here 1.1210) during the same session.
or second, the higher high draws in buyers, enough to run stops and take the price on to nxt res, today at 11310/20. futher res at 11350/70 likely to be seen tomorrow morning in such a case, but there price should offer sellers an opportunity to get involved with success.

london red 14:48 GMT 01/26/2015
yes but high post peg break in early hours of 16th jan was within 4 pips of that fib ie. it was observed. the prior low to this upside test being 9696 when market was approaching orderly again. levels where one or two trades were executed are next to irrelevant. and may yet be repriced.

The s*** hit the fan!!! Worst news for EU
HK RF@ 14:43 GMT 01/26/2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin says NATO is fighting alongside Ukrainian government troops - @Reuters

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:41 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Red, depends on what charting you use. Broker charts may show .96 but using EBS the low was set at .8500

london red 14:20 GMT 01/26/2015
eurchf. 10242 is 23.6 of recent fall from 120/096. mkt stopped just short of that on initial rebound after peg was dropped. a break points to 104/105. support 1.0040 then 50 hour ma.

Can the mob gap the Swiss franc?
HK RF@ 14:11 GMT 01/26/2015

Probably the mob are in this time hehehe.

Ride bottom feeders, ride!!!

GVI Forex 14:11 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Look at EURCHF (other EUR crosses as well) for a hint why EURUSD has bounced. 1.1289 though still untouched

1.1320 = 38.2% of 1.1680-1.1098

GVI Forex john 14:04 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
US 10-yr 1.816% +2.5
S&P +2

DE 10-yr 0.398% +3.3bp
DAX +101

Sanibel Is. Fl sir Ignore 14:03 GMT 01/26/2015
wow Zeus, good how much dollar amount is that $111.00 11K 111K ? cuz those are all way different risk factors….

USA ZEUS 13:05 GMT 01/26/2015
Closed 1/2 at 1.1248 for a +111 pip gain. Remaining at B/E for something greater.


I hope his name is not a sign he will screw the finance.
HK RF@ 12:59 GMT 01/26/2015

Incoming SYRIZA-led Greek government plans to appoint economist Yanis Varoufakis as finance minister - @Reuters

Can the mob gap the Swiss franc?
HK RF@ 12:51 GMT 01/26/2015

Well, if every one will come in and give a shoulder in selling CHF, probably it will gap up strongly:)

USD/CHF next to 0.8960
HK RF@ 12:21 GMT 01/26/2015

This on condition that the relentless intervention will continue.

GVI Forex john 12:10 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
I noticed that in that the Greek 10-yr yield is 8.75% +37. That is LOW relative to levels seen in recent week. Watch this level as a barometer of confidence in upcoming weeks. So far markets are in a wait and see posture.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 12:03 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Pivot 1.4993 (clearly +/- 1.5000 sets the tone)

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 12:00 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
S1 117.30 (117.27 LOD)
Pivot 118.08 (last= 118.22 =Neutrality)
R1 118.57

Global-View Trading Systems
NY JM 12:00 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
John, your pivot point levels still amaze me, even in these volatile markets, S1 held overnight.

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 11:57 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
S1 1.1099 (1.1098 LOD)
PIVOT 1.1237 (last 1.1229 =NEUTRALITY)
R1 1.1358

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 11:41 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile

USD Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point tables. Chart icon stores in browser tab.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

Global Markets News
GVI Forex Blog 11:35 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Market Focal Points/Key Themes: Equity markets open lower amid focus on Greek elections; Athens Stock Exchange trades lower by over 5%, then pares losses; Banks mixed after Greek election results; Lower commodity prices weigh on mining sector; German IFO data mixed; Markets pare losses amid IFO data release, DAX briefly trades at fresh record high; Event risks for the week include Fed decision (Jan 28th), US Q4 advance GDP (Jan 30th), Germany Prelim Jan CPI (Jan 29th), UK Q4 advance GDP (Jan 27th) EU Mid-Market Update: Greece turns a new page on austerity after Syriza party steps into power; German IFO Survey continues to improve

Into week 1 Feb/2015
SaaR KaL 11:33 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
even though eurusd tgt < 1.06
but i do not think you should short
1.16 would nice
but could even hit 1.18 to the very bad odds of 1.20
Just saying do not let the trend fool you

The Euro bandwagon is ready, all on board. Let's try for a change:::
HK RF@ 10:50 GMT 01/26/2015

1.1000 as the next target.

Video: Forex Trading Outlook for January 26, 2015
GVI Forex Jay Meislerp 10:35 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Addendum: As noted in my video there was a buy the rumor sell the fact reaction risk following the Greek vote although this happened despite a better than expected showing by Syriza.

I also pointed out how Mondays can be counter intuitive days and so far working out that way as a typical Monday.

EURUSD 1.1289 was the rebound high on Friday following the 1.1115 low so a key level on top.

There is also 1.1315 but not as important a level as it was on Friday. The key level is not until 1.1460

Meanwhile 1.1250 sets the tone when within 1.12-1.13 but 1.12 is more important setting the tone going forwards.

Key event week lies ahead

Video: Forex Trading Outlook for January 26, 2015

GVI Forex john 10:19 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile

26 January-- 10:15 GMT- Current Market Conditions
. Markets are in a  MIXED RISK posture at this hour as they digest the implications of the Syriza Party Victory in Greece and continue to react to the ECB QE decision on Thursday. Today has seen a better than expected German January IFO Survey. Forex Markets have seen considerable  volatlity today. The USD is mixed, while the EUR is mostly higher on its crosses. In Europe, 10-yr bond yields are mixed and equities have rallied. U.S., equity futures are lower and bond yields are down.In Far East trade, equities closed up and JGB yields fell.

The heat map color scheme of interest rates reflects yields.

Into week 1 Feb/2015
SaaR KaL 10:11 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
AUDUSD will short only above 0.8400
seems bullish for 2 weeks

Into week 1 Feb/2015
SaaR KaL 10:08 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Planing to short eurusd this above 1.16
tops seems around 1.18ish
TGT < 1.06 this time

Into week 1 Feb/2015
SaaR KaL 09:52 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Gold Longs till 1270
tgt 1340

Into week 1 Feb/2015
SaaR KaL 09:37 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
Gold Looks like time to buy for 1340

london red 09:29 GMT 01/26/2015
easier to defend a turret near top of the mountain than from the base.
snb let the chf go to its own level. that it actually had no choice, as fighting ebc would mean snb balance sheet overtakes swiss economy, is a moot point.
so because of ecb and european recession, the focus is made on usa/china and so usdchf becomes paramount. usa has better fundamentals and it looks like they expect rate rises in usa or at least the expectation of rate rises, which will support the dollar. they could of course be wrong, but better to side with the strongest economy in western world and most liquid asset, usd. there are worse ways to go. the situation for them was far from ideal, but they did the right thing. some poor traders on the wrong end of a hiding may complain, but there was no option otherwise.

GVI Forex john 09:23 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile

German Ifo data: German data mostly better than expected.

HK RF@ 09:17 GMT 01/26/2015


If all will agree to our opinion, do you think the SNB, will take us for a free ride to profits?

london red 09:12 GMT 01/26/2015
stops abv lt fib of 46 now done. initial res likely 11310/20. v good res expected at 11450/60. good spot to enter mt short if seen. will not return to pre qe (abv 11640) unless things dramatically change for eu or usa.

london red 09:09 GMT 01/26/2015
close abv 8699 for january avoids close below prev major low.

london red 20:28 GMT January 16, 2015
its important to get this clear. snb was on a hiding to nothing defending eurchf. but now they will concentrate on usdchf and the chf index. they do a third of business in US and this proportion along with china trade will grow. with austerity in europe and the likelyhood of recession, they are betting on growth outside of europe to help them out. from here, trade of the year could be usdchf, thats the one they will be defending if necessary.

london red 18:43 GMT January 16, 2015
USD/CHF: Reply
agree, when dust settles trajectory of swissy should be higher. in a perfect storm for dollar (q2 us inflation pickup/wages/fed action) the pair can move to parity again eventually. also it should be a cleaner risk on/off trade now that eurchf peg gone as will be free of euro woes. for eurchf ive seen projections of 95-parity range for this quarter.

HK RF@ 09:07 GMT 01/26/2015

Again a reminder:

HK RF@ 23:55 GMT 01/25/2015

HK RF@ 02:50 GMT 01/25/2015

To make it clearer:

Entry: Around Friday close Target: 0.9000 Stop: 0.8740
REMEMBER: Those who are in worse situation and in heavy losses, are the big institutions, with losses on short CHF by the billions(the small specs. have mostly closed positions or wiped out).

They will do everything to manipulate USD/CHF upward as possible.
Now keep on watching the action as close as possible.
Jump on their back and let them take you for a ride to profits.

0.89 target is almost sure!!!
Jump on their back!!! Ye bottom feeders!

HK RF@ 09:03 GMT 01/26/2015

My call to all bottom feeders to ride the CHF devaluation were very correct.
No analyst will ever tell you, that the distressed institutions will join to minimize their losses.
Read back all my post about the Swiss frank coming weakness, since weekend.

This is an intervention as I suggested since last week!!!

GVI Forex john 09:03 GMT 01/26/2015  - My Profile
German IFO Survey January 2015
Global-VIew EZ and German Charts


Climate: 106.7 vs. 106.5 exp. vs. 105.5 prev
Conditions: 111.7 vs. 110.0 exp. vs. 109.8 prev.
Expectations: 102.0 vs. 102.5 exp. vs. 101.4 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

hk ab 08:52 GMT 01/26/2015

hk ab 08:42 GMT 01/26/2015
Time to exit those XAU/EUR for m/t correction..... on the next spike, maybe.

hk ab 07:47 GMT 01/26/2015
candles are all telling you the eur has bottomed.....

Bangsters may do otherwise......

jkt abel 06:57 GMT 01/26/2015
Zeus, gap is filled, if we continue up from here then you are right, looks like a swing trade is developing and temp bottom is in

USA ZEUS 06:50 GMT 01/26/2015
EUR/USD Stop now at B/E. Objective upgraded to a swing from scalp.

USA ZEUS 06:40 GMT 01/26/2015
Long GBP/USD at 1.5012. Poised for a nice surge higher.

HK RF@ 06:16 GMT 01/26/2015

Seems large resources are being pumped in to devalue the CHF.
Up to now moderate range bound movements.

But an inner week could bring 2 more weeks of higher prices.

USA ZEUS 03:54 GMT 01/26/2015
At present, am fully convinced EUR/USD will NOT trade below 1.11 before 1.12+. Will look to take profits at 100+ pips gain on this scalp.


USA ZEUS 03:50 GMT 01/26/2015
gc sf 22:50 GMT 01/25/2015

Were bought on the swing low and sold into the rally.


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