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10/02/16 15:30 A US EIA Crude mn con: 3.9 pre: 7.79
10/02/16 15:30 B US EIA Gasoline mn con: 0.4 pre: 5.9
10/02/16 15:30 B US EIA Distillate mn con: -1.4 pre: 0.78
10/02/16 15:30 B US EIA Cap Util con: n/a pre: 86.60%
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EURUSD 100pips move 1.1222 confirmed
Amman wfakhoury 15:24 GMT 02/10/2016
EURUSD moved 100 pips to down as I confirmed 11222

The only one in the world who confirms the next level

My Wednesday's Trade
GVI Jay 15:14 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
As I posted on GVI Forex earlier -- EURUSD coming into my initial target zone

While below 1.1250, EURUSD risk is for 1.12125 (50%) and 1.1200-05 (100 hour mva) with 1.1162 key support below it. If not tested, then 1.1250 has potential to be a magnet.

Dow is rebouding
'HK' 'Kwun' 14:48 GMT 02/10/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1183 Target: Stop: 1193

yellen is playing me, stopped

'dc' 'CB' 14:46 GMT 02/10/2016
On Wednesday, BP CEO Robert Dudley - who earlier this month reported the worst annual loss in company history - is out warning that storage tanks will be completely full by the end of H1. "We are very bearish for the first half of the year," Dudley said at the IP Week conference in London Wednesday. "In the second half, every tank and swimming pool in the world is going to fill and fundamentals are going to kick in," ZH

'Livingston' 'nh' 14:38 GMT 02/10/2016
WTI making new lows may be more influential than yellen

'Livingston' 'nh' 14:17 GMT 02/10/2016
John - Yellen represents the CASE for Truman's one handed economists // leaders with some starch and a plan are usually more successful than 'wait and see' types

How to Test an Algo, System or Signals Service
GVI Forex Blog 14:06 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile

I remember many years ago a new trader came to be asking for guidance after subscribing to a signals service and losing 80-% of his capital in one month. I never forgot this and why I ask anyone selling a forex algo, system or signals service whether the results are from a live or demo account. This does not mean that there may not be value in this product but that performance will vary between live and demo trading.

How to Test an Algo, System or Signals Service

GVI john 13:56 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Yellen plays both sides of the street. She gives a rationale for further rate hikes, but gives the FOMC an excuse for possible delays.

Markets never seem to grasp that the Fed Chair cannot front-run the FOMC. She cannot make policy on her own.

This time markets will salute Yellen, for she was truthful.
HK RF@ 13:54 GMT 02/10/2016

Ya we are well screwed!

'dc' 'CB' 13:54 GMT 02/10/2016
Cud be some fireworks during the Q&A.
But that aside, she passed the ball to Draggi.

Mostly expected not to expect too much:(
london red 13:50 GMT 02/10/2016
yes unless 60/70 pips outside from 115/11250 then disinterest. fireworks if option related sup/res broken as then bigger fish to fry.

london red 13:48 GMT 02/10/2016
euro. 11340 11302 (stops abv) 11280 11252/46/35 119/11190 11180/67 and yest low 11162 stops likely below here, then 11120/09.

'Livingston' 'nh' 13:47 GMT 02/10/2016
She is still on about the "neutral rate" which means she will not disavow NIRP and indicates there is no chance that the Fed will move to release its balance sheet to productive purposes

Still making it up as they go along

Mostly expected not to expect too much:(
HK RF@ 13:46 GMT 02/10/2016

And the market knew it ahead and priced it.

It may turn into a yawn.

london red 13:44 GMT 02/10/2016
yen. 11629/33 11580/85 11547/52 115 11420 114/11393.

'Belgrade' 'TD' 13:41 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
WASHINGTON--Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen flagged risks to the economic outlook that could delay the central bank's plans for raising short-term interest rates, in prepared remarks for her semiannual testimony to Congress on U.S. monetary policy.
Financial conditions have become less supportive of economic growth, stresses in China and other foreign economies could weigh further on the U.S., and market expectations for inflation are sinking, Ms. Yellen said, kicking off two days of testimony before House and Senate committees.

Without explicitly pointing to the prospect of delayed rate increases, her recitation of these risks gave her comments a downbeat undertone. That in turn underscored the Fed's cautiousness about following through with additional short-term interest-rate increases after pushing them up in December. Before that move, the Fed had kept rates near zero for seven years.
"Financial conditions in the United States have recently become less supportive of growth, with declines in broad measures of equity prices, higher borrowing rates for riskier borrowers, and a further appreciation of the dollar," Ms. Yellen said. "These developments, if they persist, could weigh on the outlook for economic activity and the labor market, although declines in longer-term interest rates and oil prices provide some offset."
When the Fed pushed short-term interest rates higher in December, officials penciled in four quarter-percentage- point rate increases for 2016. Investors have been skeptical of those projections, increasingly so in recent weeks.

The Fed's next policy meeting is March 15-16 . Traders in futures markets see virtually no chance of a move then and just a 19% chance the Fed will move at all again this year, according to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange . The Fed's target for its benchmark federal-funds rate is between 0.25% and 0.5%.

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
london red 13:40 GMT 02/10/2016
yen for today nothing but thursday lrg 116 and friday lrg 11350. there is no other downside cover for yen below 115. so if goes goes big.

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
london red 13:39 GMT 02/10/2016
a squeeze to 113 is prob a fade. no hourly close abv a poss since options showing v little vols.

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
london red 13:38 GMT 02/10/2016
biggest day is friday with lrg at 108 111 112 and some 110. not much abv 112 til 115. downside v well covered

Dow is rebouding
'HK' 'Kwun' 13:37 GMT 02/10/2016
but market is reacting now, leak out?

GVI john 13:37 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Yellen comments acknowledge current economic risks, but keeps options open.

Dow is rebouding
'Livingston' 'nh' 13:36 GMT 02/10/2016
no - it's just a copy of witten presentation

Dow is rebouding
'HK' 'Kwun' 13:35 GMT 02/10/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1183 Target: Stop: 1193

yellen speech is started?

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
'Livingston' 'nh' 13:35 GMT 02/10/2016
Same old same old --

GVI john 13:34 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
U.S. Prepared Text of Fed Chair Congressional Testimony

-- Foreign Economic Developments Pose Risks
-- Expects gradual Rate rises. Not on a pre-set course
-- Policy remains accomodative
-- Gains in employment and wages should support consumer spending

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
jkt abel 13:31 GMT 02/10/2016
red, do you have options level with 1.11 handle this week?

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
'dc' 'CB' 13:28 GMT 02/10/2016
zerohedge ‏@zerohedge 45s45 seconds ago

Algos will read the Yellen statement in 10 microseconds

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
jkt abel 13:28 GMT 02/10/2016
one would hope euro 1.1250 would be a support instead of resistance pre-Yellen

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
london red 13:26 GMT 02/10/2016
euro and yen daily straddles come in further to 50 and 60 pips respectively and those will be initial sup/res as far as option related concerned. they are not expecting much volatility.

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
'Livingston' 'nh' 13:12 GMT 02/10/2016
Yellen gets the chance today to move out on her own - confidence "the time of crisis has passed" -- questions about a US NIRP should be firmly refuted as inappropriate in our economy but may be OK for others

The advantage of Congressional testimony is the 'strawman' arguments that are posed by the interlocutors -- the data dependent mantra is too vague better to leave no doubt on policy

Take the wind out of the Sanders/Trump camp because they are both coming after the Fed

European banking/financial stocks and not only European
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 12:43 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Well you know me, 20-200 pips and i am out. The 157 handle last night was a good one, sneaky as always the e/c...
usd/c as well, just sell on poppies.
usd/jpy working on the entries...

My Wednesday Trades
\'GVI \'john 12:42 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Nothing to watch until the Q&A. The prepared text will come over the wires at 13:30 GMT.

I watch the Q&A because it gives me a better feel for what the Fed is thinking. It also is unscripted.

European banking/financial stocks and not only European
'Israel' 'Dil' 12:40 GMT 02/10/2016
a huge miss in case I didn't do anything when market went 100+ pips my way.... when you have gain just make sure it will not turn into loss after it, that's all about trading ;-)

European banking/financial stocks and not only European
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 12:37 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
Well but you missed out on the eur/cad trade, LOL

European banking/financial stocks and not only European
'Israel' 'Dil' 12:35 GMT 02/10/2016
so, let's bottom line it as beginners luck ;-)

My Wednesday Trades
'Hillegom' 'Purk' 12:34 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
All we need are cigarettes and Alcohol? Oasis...

My Wednesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 12:31 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
john 12:04 r u going to be watching her on TV ?
if Y - why ?

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
london red 12:31 GMT 02/10/2016
that way todays ny cut gets the speech and tomorrows the q&a. and remember she gets to "correct" any mishap today in tomorrows speech, probably in the q&a session.

Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT
HK RF@ 12:27 GMT 02/10/2016

She reads it to Congress starting at 15:00 GMT.

Why? Not enough 2 hours to read it? FUNNY!!!

'Livingston' 'nh' 12:22 GMT 02/10/2016
from notes - NIRP may be the turnaround, cold water in the face of theorists running CBs -- Japan has now made it impossible to make any money in country - the Nikkei is collapsing, savers after years of punishment are facing he need to save even more, banks won't lend so money can't move, real estate is a losing investment and the yen is rallying encouraging more job outflow by corps

Japan now joins Switzerland as the exception to the rule that you can always weaken your currency

My Wednesday Trades
GVI john 12:04 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
The better tone for equities heading into the Yellen testimony later weighing on the EUR crosses at this hour. Markets seem to have high expectations for her testimony today. I understand the Yellen prepared text is released at 13:30 GMT. She reads it to Congress starting at 15:00 GMT and live questions start subsequently.

buy euro
london 11:27 GMT 02/10/2016
Vols on dailues about avg for a normal day but really no premium built in for yellen. they are expecting much. writers can be wrong but usually they are on the ball.

buy euro
singapore td 11:24 GMT 02/10/2016
better entry is around 1.1240 IMHO

buy euro
perth wtr 11:21 GMT 02/10/2016
try long euro 1.1261, stop 1.1231

My Wednesday Trades
'Mtl' 'JP' 11:20 GMT 02/10/2016  - My Profile
on zh:
I just rec'd a transcript of the speech.
It starts off with the following admission:

Dear parasites,
The host is not yet dead.

buy euro
kl shawn 11:15 GMT 02/10/2016
bought small 1.1260, adding lower before setting stop

buy euro
kl fs 11:09 GMT 02/10/2016
abel, another test of the support coming and I will also buy it

buy euro
jkt abel 11:05 GMT 02/10/2016
euro may be a buy if stay above 1.1250 before Yellen with stop below 1.1210

Dow is rebouding
'HK' 'Kwun' 10:46 GMT 02/10/2016
Sell Gold
Entry: 1183 Target: Stop: 1193

so no risk sentiment changed, sell now

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