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21/10/14 0:30 A JP Trade JPYb con: n/a pre: -924.2
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PAR 11:14 GMT 10/20/2014
IBM so obsessed with buying back it own shares that they forgot to look after their real business .

One of the problems of zero rates, extreme financial engineering .

Central Bankers became Stocbrokers
PAR 11:10 GMT 10/20/2014
Sell USD .

GVI Forex 11:05 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
USDJPY trying to fill the gap to 106.89

GVI Forex john 11:00 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
Pushing on a string

Mtl JP 10:53 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
GVI Forex john 10:41 - watch the FED's balance sheet and for

"The Federal Reserve, consistent with its responsibilities as the Nation's central bank, affirmed today its readiness to serve as a source of liquidity to support the economic and financial system"

style headline(s)

Central Bankers became Stocbrokers
London Chris 10:43 GMT 10/20/2014
PAR How can we turn your posts into a trade or an idea for trading?

GVI Forex john 10:41 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
By this point in time, monthly bond purchases have tapered to almost nothing, plus overnight rates are still near zero. What difference would it make if they delay the final tranche of tapering? Who would even know?

Central Bankers became Stocbrokers
PAR 10:19 GMT 10/20/2014
Central bankers have become stockbrokers obsessed with " The stock of the week " and any minor movement in the stockmarket.

Yellen thinks she is the " Wolf of Wallstreet " and the markets needs all pep talk she can give .

And ... it seems to be working .

GVI Forex 10:11 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
Fed's Bullard suggestion to continue bond purchases unlikely to gain traction

Quotes from Standard Chartered:

-Turning to our expectation for the 28-29 October FOMC meeting, we do not think that James Bullard's suggestion to continue bond purchases, rather than cease them as the Fed had previously telegraphed, will gain traction.

-QE tapering will probably come to an end as expected and we do not foresee any dissention among the doves. Bullard does not vote on the FOMC this year, but we cannot rule out the possibility of a "dissenting statement" to be released shortly after the meeting, a practice increasingly common among dissatisfied non-voters.

Source: FXWire Pro - Research & Analysis

20-October-2014 06:00:26

AceTrader Oct 20: Intra-Day News and Views (USD/JPY)
Hong Kong AceTrader 10:06 GMT 10/20/2014
Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views

20 Oct 2014 08:43GMT

USD/JPY - ...... BoJ Nagoya branch manager was quoted saying 'many firms in Tokai central Japan region feel rapid fx moves, whether it's yen rise or fall, are undesirable; hard to judge now how recent choppy yen moves affect economy in Tokai region.'

Earlier, comments by Japan's junior coalition party Komeito official, quote:
don't expect gov't to resort to FX manipulation to correct yen weakening; excessive yen weakness wud be unwelcome, nagtive eefects emerging in economy; extra budget needed to deal with stalling economy regardless of decision on next sales tax hike.

Dlr finally pares intra-day gain after opening high abv Fri's 106.95 top to 107.27 in NZ, then climbing to session high of 107.39 in Tokyo as a sharp rally in the Nikkei boosted risk sentiment (Nikke closed up by 578 points at 15111). However, present retreat in the Nikkei futures in Europe (down 80 points at 14040) triggered broad-based buying of yen, price retreated to 107.05, suggesting sideways trading is in store.
Offers are tipped at 107.30/40 n more abv with stops abv 107.50. Initial bids are noted at 107.00/106.90 with some stops below there, however, more buying interest is touted at 106.70/60, suggesting buying dlr on dips is still favoured.

Prague viktor 09:57 GMT 10/20/2014
Entry: Target: Stop:

Q4 its just a dream the FED will not take a risk with Q4

PAR 09:54 GMT 10/20/2014
Looks like FED James Bullard created a bottom in the world stock markets.

With hyperdovish Yellen new highs are coming . Every FED meeting Yellen managed to be more dovish than expected . More worried about USA than about Europe .

RISK-OFF: Dealers in a Cautious Posture Leading Up to Important Key Fed Meeting Next Week
GVI Forex Blog 09:32 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile

The markets are already starting to set up for the Fed meeting in just over a week's time. As a result, this is an important period for confidence in the financial markets. Those who bought the mid-week dip are hoping that the worst of the correction is in the rear-view mirror. We will be watching how fixed income markets trade as well.

RISK-OFF: Dealers in a Cautious Posture Leading Up to Important Key Fed Meeting Next Week

PAR 09:18 GMT 10/20/2014
What you say depends on where you sit . Yellen sitting on Blankfeins lap .

GVI Forex john 09:17 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
09:15 GMT- Current Market Conditions:
Early in European trading equity markets remain the focus with no major data set for release today. Equities in Far East trade ended broadly higher on the back of the Friday U.S. stock rebound. The key this week could be if we get through the week unscathed. Bourses in Europe are trading weaker. U.S. share futures are higher. .

The U.S. 10-yr yields steady. 10-yr yields in the bund are lower while gilt yields are down as well. Peripheral bond yields are up, Greek yields remain close to 8.00%

The heat map color scheme of interest rates reflects yields.

Mtl JP 09:10 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
PAR 07:47 - according to Blankfein: Fed 'wise and courageous' - cnbc

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sd sf 08:31 GMT 10/20/2014
the China Data is the most crucial for Commodity and Stock Markets tomorrow ... so yeah today's move is important --> but tomorrows can either crush it or extend it.

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sd sf 08:26 GMT 10/20/2014
$yen isn't going to trade on its own - its going to be xxx/jpy - so I'm not too bearish on $yen at the moment - despite some initial selling on Europe Open.

Gold as well this 1245 is tough - so that plays a role in $yen as well.

Do You Want to be a Successful Forex Trader?
Kolkata 08:22 GMT 10/20/2014
Of course everyone wants to do.

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london red 08:18 GMT 10/20/2014
gap has just about been filled on usdjpy. res at 107.50 going to take some beating but important to stay abv 106.76 to keep momentum otherwise you can see it tail off pretty fast below there.

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Belgrade Knez 08:17 GMT 10/20/2014

London London

why do you require broker name and MT4 account number for registering to your signals?!?

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London London 08:05 GMT 10/20/2014
Entry: 107.026 Target: 106.400 Stop: 107.350

Vist us for more signals in 8 days free trial.

Posted with permission of

forex signals

USD Pivot Points
GVI Forex 08:04 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile

Coincidence or does this system dork?

Early Europe
london red 07:49 GMT 10/20/2014
eurgbp. multiple supports (ma's fibs trendline) in 7912-17 region. possible inverse shs. pair has bounced well initially off this support and is keeping cable capped under 16130. while eurgbp stays firm euro stays firm and cable under 16130, its a cross play, but if abv 16130 then i suspect dollar will by then by weakening across the board and cable could stretch its legs to 16185.
s&p? surely bull trap at 200 day ma?

PAR 07:47 GMT 10/20/2014
Expectations of QE4 supporting US futures and putting pressure on USD .

Early Europe
sd sf 07:29 GMT 10/20/2014
just some of these early stock markets are 0.5%-0.7% weaker

offering $yen some and pushing up Gold a couple of dollars -- this contrasts to the Asia Session where Nikkei was up almost 4%

Williams Says Fed Faces Greater Downside Risks -- Market Talk
Mtl JP 07:08 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
according to the nikkei (up 4%) risk has disappeared
Is Williams or Nikkei the joke ?

Williams Says Fed Faces Greater Downside Risks -- Market Talk
Syd 06:06 GMT 10/20/2014
The Federal Reserve has said it believes the risks to the economic outlook are generally balanced. But recent experience clearly makes some policy makers more worried about a renewed deterioration in economic growth than some sudden boom. San Francisco Fed President John Williams said in an interview: "The risks are somewhat asymmetric. Not only are there downside risks that are obvious and we're thinking about them a lot, but they are also asymmetric because of the zero lower bound [referring to short-term nominal interest rates being at or near zero]. I take the downside risk very seriously and I think about them very carefully in thinking about the appropriate time for liftoff."

American Businesses Are Worried About Europe, Again -- Market Talk
Syd 05:58 GMT 10/20/2014
Faltering growth, double-digit unemployment and a looming threat of deflation in Europe are causing American businesses to worry--again--about the eurozone's economic woes. According to a survey of corporate economists released Monday by the National Association for Business Economics, 51% of respondents believed the eurozone slowdown would have a "significant" or "minor" negative impact on their businesses. It found that 46% of respondents thought Europe's woes would have no impact, and 3% thought it would have a "minor" positive effect.

GVI Forex Blog 05:50 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
(NZ) NEW ZEALAND SEPT PERFORMANCE SERVICES INDEX: 58.0 V 57.7 PRIOR - (NZ) NEW ZEALAND OCT ANZ CONSUMER CONFIDENCE INDEX: 123.4 V 127.7 PRIOR (1-year low) - (KR) SOUTH KOREA SEPT PPI Y/Y: -0.4% (2nd Asian Market Update: Rally led by Nikkei225 on GPIF reallocation chatter - Source

meta trade station
Cape Town LV 04:25 GMT 10/20/2014
HK REVDAX 02:01 GMT 10/20/2014
Is the Metatrade station down today?
With which broker are you?

GVI Forex Blog 03:40 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
Friday turned out to be a boom day for the global equities just as expected, with the Asian

Morning Briefing : 20-Oct-2014 -0339 GMT

WEEKLY LOOK AHEAD: Stock Correction - October 20, 2014
Mtl JP 03:14 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
john 16:19 re "One problem this week was that recent government regulations, which were well-intended but not well thought out, removed needed liquidity from the markets..."
Lack of liquidity ... a very very important notion, impressive market reaction to it when players become suddenly gripped by it. The fact that "they" sent out Bullard speaks volumes about many things, not least how fragile and dependent not only the market but the entire US bubble economy is on the QE teet. MSM was quick with assuaging messages of how the correction was necessary and good and that now is yet again time to stop the panic and buy again.

The current rout in oil pricing has been variously bandied about as a political effort to injure Putin to prediction of darkening global economic prospects. But the price rout is not limited to just crude: other commodities are undergoing similar dynamic. FED's overdue tightening of the liquidity tap is bound to reveal the extent of mal-investments .

Me thinks you have touched a very important fundamental point. Odds are we will see a lot more of blood-letting induced by FED's policies - presenting some good profit generating trading opportunities.

meta trade station
HK REVDAX 02:01 GMT 10/20/2014
Is the Metatrade station down today?

AceTrader Oct 20: Intra-Day News and Views (USD/JPY)
Hong Kong AceTrader 01:44 GMT 10/20/2014

Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views

20 Oct 2014

USD/JPY .......Statement at a quarterly meeting of the central bank's regional branch managers BoJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said, quote:
-Japan's economy continues to recover moderately as a trend
- effect of sales tax hike on economy likely to gradually ease
-Japan banking system maintaining stability
-QQE exerting intended effects
-BOJ will maintain qqe for as long as needed to achieve 2 pct inflation in stable manner
-BOJ will adjust policy as needed, looking at upside, downside risks to economy, prices
-some weakness seen in output

The main driver of today's gap-up open on the dlr in NZ was a w/end report by Bloomberg citing source from the Nikkei.

Bloomberg reported Japan's $ 1.2 tln retirement fund will increase its allocation target for shares to about 25% from 12%, the Nikkei newspaper reported today without attribution.

Nikkei also said GPIF will also boost its holdings of foreign bonds n stocks to about a combined 30% from 23%, while reducing domestic notes to the 40% level from 60%.

Takatoshi Ito, a member of the panel said that the GPIF would be "stupid? to announce its new investment strategy before adjusting asset allocations. Publishing targeted weightings in advance would move markets, forcing the fund to buy at highs and sell at lows, he said in an interview on Oct. 14.

The fund's asset review could come as late as December, as GPIF officials, members of its investment committee n the health ministry have different views on the best timing and approach, Ito said.

History Flash Blast From the Past
Mtl JP 01:38 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
October 19, 1987 (aka "Black Monday")
DJIA dropped 508 points to 1738.74 (22.61%)
srce.: wikipedia
It does not mention that US Treasury bond rallied 11 points

GVI Forex 00:47 GMT 10/20/2014  - My Profile
... The greenback got a further lift against the yen after reports that Japan's $1.2 trillion Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) could boost foreign asset holdings, seen spurring demand for foreign currencies....RTRS

Ebola in the USA
dc CB 23:07 GMT 10/19/2014
Mtl JP 20:30 GMT 10/18/2014 -
Obama says U.S. can prevent Ebola outbreak

President Barack Obamaís new Ebola "czar" Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis, a readout of who attended a Saturday meeting with Obama shows

Obama Golfs For 4 Hours, 40 Minutes On Saturday, Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting--Which New Ebola Czar Skips!

sd sf 22:51 GMT 10/19/2014
given Asia's recent record on Monday's I'm not sure there is going to be a lot of follow through .. unless some new factor comes along.

GVI Forex john 21:10 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile
Nothing major is set for release on Monday but the data calendar picks up on Tuesday.

Mtl JP 21:08 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile
speaking for me and not wanting to sound highbrow-ed
gap worth under 20 pips is not much of a good RR play

NY JM 20:47 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile
GBPJPY gap as well.

Suggests RISK ON start to the week.

GVI Forex 20:46 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

Gap in USDJPY (Fri high 106.89)?

GVI Forex john 20:44 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile
Weekly Trading Planner Top Items (GMT):
05:00 JP Lead Indicators-- forecast of economy
00:30 JP Trade-- key economic sector
02:00 CN GDP-- critical economic measure
14:00 US Existing Homes-- top housing measure

01:30 AU CPI -- RBA target   
08:30 GB BOE Minutes-- key part of policy
12:30 CA Retail Sales--  key demand measure  
12:30 US CPI -- Fed targets inflation
14:00 CA BOC Rates+MPR -- policy seen steady
23:45 NZ 3Q CPI RBNZ-- targets inflation
01:45 CN HSBC flash PM-- universal economic survey
07:28 DE MFG PMI flash-- universal economic survey
07:28 DE SVC PMI flash -- universal economic survey
07:58 EZ flash MFG PMI -- universal economic survey
07:58 EZ flash SVC PMI -- universal economic survey
08:30 GB Ret Sls --key demand measures
12:30 US Initial Claims--freshest jobs data  
13:45 US Mfg MKt PMI flash-- universal economic survey
08:30 GB GDP-- broadest measure of economy
14:00 US New Homes Sales-- housing measure

CALENDAR-- Daily Forex Data News
GVI Forex john 20:01 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile

October 17, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, October 20. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS: JP- Leading Indicators
  • Far East: JP- Leading Indicators
  • Europe: No Major Data
  • Noth America: No Major Data

Yellen herself created the inequality about which she is supposed to be worried ;
PAR 19:17 GMT 10/19/2014
A second area in which monetary policy interacts with inequality ó and which Ms. Yellen also leaves unaddressed ó is the role of the Fedís easy money policies in encouraging inequality.

For the last five years of economic expansion, Congress has been unwilling to use fiscal policy to try to encourage faster growth. That has left the Fed as the only game in town, and the Bernanke Fed again and again turned to quantitative easing and ultralow interest rate policies to try to shock the economy into speedier expansion. (Ms. Yellen was the No. 2 official at the Fed for most of this time, and helped engineer the policies).

But this has contributed to an imbalanced form of growth in the United States. Many of the first-order effects of the Fedís bond buying have been, for example, to drive up the stock market and to help lower mortgage rates. Because stocks are disproportionately owned by the wealthy and the upper middle class have been in best position to refinance their mortgages, the benefits of Fed policy for middle and low-income workers have been more indirect.

AUD and a bit of geopolitics
Paris ib 18:44 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile
"3% to 6% tariff to be imposed on coal imports to China, commencing on October 15. Australia, the largest supplier of coal to China, will take the largest hit in its trade"

China, Coal and Australia

Markets Hoping The Worst of the Equity Price Adjustment is Over
PAR 18:34 GMT 10/19/2014
Central bankers hoping the worst is over .

Markets dont care , markets like creative destruction and that has Always been the strength of the free capital world system .

That was, till the world became governed by central bankers who think, like the "Central Plan Bureau", that they are better at alocating capital than the markets . And that imho is a huge mistake which will lead to the ultimate collaps .

Markets Hoping The Worst of the Equity Price Adjustment is Over
GVI Forex Blog 16:01 GMT 10/19/2014  - My Profile

This will be an important week for confidence in the financial markets, as those who bought the mid-week dip will be hoping that the worst of the correction is in the rear-view mirror. We will be watching howfixed income markets trade as well. After quiet Monday, Tuesday sees Chinese GDP and U.S. Existing Homes Sales.

Markets Hoping The Worst of the Equity Price Adjustment is Over

Another cold winter to hit US economy ?
PAR 15:38 GMT 10/19/2014
Sudden Blast of Chill to Shock Northeast This Weekend

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