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22/06/18 7:30 A DE flash MFG PMI con: 56.2 pre: 56.9
22/06/18 7:30 A DE flash SVC PMI con: 52.2 pre: 52.1
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Friday Trading Checklist For 22 June 2018
GVI Forex Blog 17:40 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
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GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Fri 22 June 2018
A Flash PMIs
A 12:30 CA- CPI/Retail Sales

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Mon 25 June 2018
A 08:00 DE IFO Survey
A 14:00 US- New Homes Sales
Tue 26 Jun 2018
A 14:00 US- CB Consumer Confidence
Wed 27 Jun 2018
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods
A 14:00 US- Pending Homes Sales
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 28 June 2018
A 06:00 DE- Retail Sales
AA 12:30 US- GDP
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 29 Jun 2018
AA 07:55 DE- Jobless
AA 09:00 EZ- HICP
A 12:30 US- PCE Deflator
A 14:00 US- Final University of Michigan

John M. Bland, MBA
co-founding Partner,

Friday Trading Checklist For 22 June 2018

GLBR stock
lkwd jj 17:03 GMT 06/21/2018
FXCM theyre the ones who had issue with swissy when it broke eurchf 1.2 which the swiss banks said " we wont let it go below". they were on the hook for the margin money.

GLBR stock
SaaR KaL 16:50 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
I just the stock data here
seem to get to zero by the end of the month

GLBR stock
GVI Trader john 16:48 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
I have no information on that. As traders we all must be aware of the fact that when we open an account that in essence we are LENDING THEM money...

GLBR stock
GVI Trader john 16:48 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
/i have no information on that. As traders we all must be aware of the fact that when we open an account that in essence we are LENDING THEM money...

GLBR stock
SaaR KaL 16:41 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Hi John... you think they will be shut down?

AT Forex Trading Tips: Canadian Data Friday
GVI Trader john 16:40 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
AT Trading Tip: Canadian CPI and Retail Sales. Friday @ 12:30 GMT. As with U.K. data, Reactions to Canadian news can be very strong. Canadian CPI is running a bit above target, but headline Retail Sales (m/m) are expected to be on the soft side. So look be wary of a possible split verdict. USDCAD has been strong recently, so the market bias has could lean for a weaker CAD. This could be upset by better than expected data.

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GLBR stock
SaaR KaL 16:36 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
GLBR use to be called FX CM
I think will close down by the end of this month
I suggest you close your account and take out your money... until it gets bailed out by US Tax payers

EURUSD Needs another month
SaaR KaL 16:17 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Now generally Bullish into next week from below 1.150
Into 1.1700 maybe 1.1800
dives again into possible 1.1340 to 1.12
takes off for 1.27 to 1.30

Bank Of England Decision More Hawkish Than Expected
Mtl JP 16:02 GMT 06/21/2018
and if I look at his GS almamatter what is his interest in keeping UK under the heel of the EU ? The simple fact is that his ex-banking buddies will be collecting fees on trades they "put together" be UK in or out of EU anyway.

Bank Of England Decision More Hawkish Than Expected
Mtl JP 15:57 GMT 06/21/2018
For some unfathomable reason to me carney the globalist is rabidly opposed to the brexiters and extremely biased towards the remainers peddling as vigorously as possible fear of recession and everything nefarious with it into the hearts (of patriots) and minds (of the less washed's wallets) that otherwise darkness will descend upon the British nation.

PAR 15:50 GMT 06/21/2018
Short VIX futures 14.40 . Stop 15.05 .

Long DJ30
SaaR KaL 15:35 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Short Above Long Below
24,963.2873 24,557.5319

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
GVI TRADER Jay Meisler 15:33 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Out of the office so posting from.memory. EURUSD, high was dead on AT 1.1633 resistance.

Bank Of England Decision More Hawkish Than Expected
Mtl JP 15:32 GMT 06/21/2018

..."the central bank appears to feel that the economy now is on a path that will support monetary policy normalization. That path should be GBP constructive if it is sustained." claims the central bankeeze babble whisperer.

In the meantime players have now retraced to 61% their initial kneejerk now sitting at 8756 or 50% as the trading collective awaits carney the rockstar turneth clown.

It is interesting that "normalization" is something that is waiting for permission from the economy rather than a hot economy being in need of higher rates from the meddlers to mitigate overheating. It is a subtle nuance but it implies that the meddling crowd is desperate to elevate the interest rate so as to have some room from which to interfere in the next economico-financial disaster. And try to obey BIS' earlier directive.

SaaR KaL 15:23 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Gdax buy
Short Above Long Below
12,963.0522 12,595.7771

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
Mtl JP 15:17 GMT 06/21/2018
DLRX at 94.47, off 95, suggest usd's is oompf somewhat on back heel
needs to confirm if developing trend or temporary
for now I am buying usdcad on dips as posted earlier

Bank Of England Decision More Hawkish Than Expected
GVI Forex Blog 15:04 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile

John M. Bland, MBA, co-founder,

BOE Decision Sends Hints Higher Rates Could be In Store For Future The closely-followed Bank Of England policy decision Thursday saw no change in the Repo Rate of 0.50% as widely expected. Also as forecast, there was a unanimous vote to keep total asset purchases (QE) steady at GBP435bn per month. As for the rate decision, three members voted for an immediate 25bp rate hike. The Previous vote had been 7-2. The new dissenter was Chief Economist Andy Haldane, who dissented for the first time. This marked the first dissenting vote for a hike by a Bank insider since 2011... more...

Bank Of England Decision More Hawkish Than Expected

GVI Trader john 14:34 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) +91 vs: +90 expected

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Watch the news when
SaaR KaL 14:23 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
NDX 100 from 7200 to 7172 (my buy level)
Tgt 7333 to 7366
These people are useless

SaaR KaL 14:13 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
SP500 buy < 2750 to 2740

tgt 2792

Livingston nh 14:08 GMT 06/21/2018
SPX fills yesterday's opening gap - 2740 nxet gap below // 2/10 spread holding @ 36

SaaR KaL 14:05 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
TGT< 1.9063

Next week 1.8600

GVI Trader john 14:01 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
U.S. Leading Indicators May 2018
U.S. Data Charts

-0.50% vs. +0.40% exp. vs. +0.40% (r n/a) prev.

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Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
GVI Trader john 13:50 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Gilts Early Last
2yr 0.725% 0.735%
10y 1.303% 1.298%

What a trump!
Livingston nh 13:39 GMT 06/21/2018
jp - that can be more deadly than driving while impaired

__ Popcorn EURO SUNDAY
Juncker hosting a mini summit to "help" Merkel on immigration woes BUT Turkey has an election that has inflation, monetary policy control and refugee backlash front and center -- EU may be getting a new batch of refugees, Mr. Juncker

SaaR KaL 13:38 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Longing < 109.89
tgt> 110.86

EURNZD shorts
SaaR KaL 13:33 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
tgt< 1.6686

What a trump!
Mtl JP 13:31 GMT 06/21/2018
do u want me to check if trading stoned is somehow regulated ?

NY cut
Belgrade Knez 13:30 GMT 06/21/2018
london red

do you think EU will "gravitate" to expiry levels by NY cut ( 1.1525/50) or .....?

What a trump!
Mtl JP 13:25 GMT 06/21/2018
nh 11:36 addendum: justin now claims marijuana will be legal in canada on oct 17. that much for the marijuana tourist idea this summer.

In the meantime recreational marijuana remains illegal, as is driving while impaired.

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
Livingston nh 13:24 GMT 06/21/2018
John - Carney let traders get too far offsides before reining in expectations - he may want to start earlier, aka today

Extra Extra Read All About It.
Mtl JP 13:18 GMT 06/21/2018
kids ... still wanna trade stocks ??
haha intel CEO poof ... allegedly dipping pen in company ink

beirut abb 13:15 GMT 06/21/2018
Beirut Abb 18:20 GMT June 20, 2018
..: Reply
It is seem eurusd preparing to go above 1.16 about1 163 area..

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
Mtl JP 13:05 GMT 06/21/2018
maybe "In light of my pisspoor record as meddler at the BoE I hereby announce my resignation"
but I give that approx .0000000000000000000000001% chance

Closed all Cable Longs
SaaR KaL 13:04 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
small short Cable 1.3252 ...Might hit 1.3178

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
london red 13:02 GMT 06/21/2018
carney has often used mansion house to alert mkt to being "wrong" in its pricing of uk interest rates. i think after todays meet, there isnt much risk of mkt underpricing uk rates compared to what boe sees, but the meet may throw out a few mkt moving comments.

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
GVI Trader john 13:00 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
BOE Governor Carney speaks at 20:15 GMT (Mansion House Speech) today. Any thoughts on what he might say in light of the market reaction to the BOE today?

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
london red 12:55 GMT 06/21/2018
failure to close abv 100hma and hourly cloud top will mean move exhausted.

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
london red 12:54 GMT 06/21/2018
shorts on euros abv key 11662 fib

london red 12:53 GMT 06/21/2018
yes they are looking at data v glass half full but their window to raise may be disappearing given brexit negs will come to a close by oct. clearly they want to normalise so as to be able to react to a hard brexit if seen. but growth data will need to improve to meet their tgts over summer.

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
Mtl JP 12:52 GMT 06/21/2018
Res 1 1.1610
Pivot 1.1574
Pivot Points by the pros at

Livingston nh 12:48 GMT 06/21/2018
Now the reaction sets in for Cable - most recent example of folks not paying enough attention to "what they do" (nothing) and too much attention to "what they say"

Closed all Cable Longs
SaaR KaL 12:48 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
>1.3240 today
is dangerous area

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Weekly Jobless Low
GVI Forex Blog 12:48 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Lower.
U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Chart
<Click on chart for over seventeen-year history

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Weekly Jobless Low

Thursday Trading Checklist For 21 June 2018
Mtl JP 12:46 GMT 06/21/2018
only low grade data on calendar now till potentially carney's yak in the afternoon
basically nothing has changed to have turned the supporting bias towards USD.
Simple current bottom line: buy dlr dips
in terms of usdcad: BoD 1.33 / 1.3280 / 1.3250 1.32
and plz mind your risk tolerance

Livingston nh 12:44 GMT 06/21/2018
Today EU finance ministers are meeting ahead of Greece's August exit from bailout BUT remember the "debt forgiveness issue" - not a lot of hope for that // IMF seems very quiet about this issue - and Italy likely to stray even farther from the fold over the coming months

GVI Trader john 12:32 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
Phiily Fed big miss

GVI Trader john 12:31 GMT 06/21/2018  - My Profile
US Weekly Jobless Claims


218K vs. 220K exp vs. 218K (r. 221K) prev.

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U.S. Philly Fed Index June 2018


+19.9 vs. +28.2 exp. vs. +34.4 prev.

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GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Tue 19 June 2018
A 12:30 US- House Permits/Starts
Wed 20 June 2018
A 14:00 US- Existing Homes Sales
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 21 June 2018
AA 11:00 GB- Bank of England Decision
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 22 June 2018
AFlash PMIs

John M. Bland, MBA
co-founding Partner,

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