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Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
Dillon AL 22:36 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile
Russia and China sign currency swap agreement to double $100 bln trade

Trump risks being isolated that if so eventually becomes marginalized and then becomes outmaneuvered.
His (Trump's) antagonistic approach could/will/is creat-e-(ing) a united and yet multiple front
As I have said before Trump's poker style is to bully the table at every hand and of course at same time to bluff. Once he is all in especially with China then he may be the one to go visit

Amazing Trader Update
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 22:23 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile
EURUSD 1.1437

Fri high 1.1444

Key AT res 1.1482 and 1.1536

Former highs 1.1433 and 1,1420

AT supports 1.1400-7

The Amazing Trader

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
NY JM 21:43 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile
EURUSD 1.1438

While it wiped out 5 days of shorts on Friday it is still below a 38.2% level of 1.1488 (1.1790-1.1301)

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
Dillon AL 21:26 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile
re : In early August, Washington froze the assets of Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul and Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu over their alleged "leading roles" in Brunson’s imprisonment, as well as other human rights abuses.

What assets???????? Did he have money in US Banks ? Did he have money outside of Turkey?

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
Mtl JP 21:06 GMT 08/19/2018
Trump+munchkin vs Erdogan turkey + Qatar Central Banks Sign Currency Swap Agreement
Even IF erdogan releases the pastor (be it in one piece at once or little piece by piece) President Trump would maybe only NOT increase tariff or apply other kind of pain.

To think that releasing the pastor is a precondition for ending tariffs is a mis-perception and mis-understanding.

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
Mtl JP 20:37 GMT 08/19/2018

COT is useless outdated data set. A waste of time as tea leaves for trading.

Daily chart shows on Wed , the day after COT sum-totals its report, eurdlr established its week low at 1.1298 and thru Wed - Th - Fr went only uP . Only folks who care about COT are those whose positions actually make up the report. Subsequent day price-action for the rest of the week tells substantially more.

The way I read the daily action suggests that players would like Euro uP and USD down some BUT remain as yet more careful than enthusiastic. For eurusd to show uPward leg it will need to see 1.1450 and preferably above 1.15 to heat up player sentiment.

Amazing Trader - which claims to be fresh and actionable signaler - appears to corroborate as it is not yet showing an uP red rung'ed ladder starting.

Bottom Line
Prudence loading long eur/usd
probably the better tactic.


Bali Sja 18:20 GMT 08/19/2018
Since when Korea is in Atlantic?

PAR 18:15 GMT 08/19/2018
A united Korea could become a NATO member ?

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
Bali Sja 18:10 GMT 08/19/2018
Agree with john, need to be careful with that premature hysteria. Just one slide will ruin the whole effort as happened before, we'll see. Good luck with that euphoria.

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
Kl Fs 17:47 GMT 08/19/2018
Spot euro 11392? No way, it closed way above pivot on friday. It should go much higher next. Your bias indicator is lagging and backward looking.

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
GVI Trader john 17:31 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile
Still this far BELOW the 20 day avg (1.1562)
so OBJECTIVE EURUSD bias remains negative. EURUSD has fallen a long way recently. I try to keep my personal sentiment out of this determination...

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
GVI Trader john 17:27 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile

For AT Trading
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Spot EURUSD: 1.1438
Pivot Point: 1.1415

This Week: 1.1301-1.1442
Fri: 1.1366-1.1442
Thu: 1.1301-1.1409
Wed: 1.1301-1.1355
Tue: 1.1330-1.1433

20-day avg: 1.1562
50-day avg: 1.1624
100-day avg: 1.1816
200-day avg: 1.1972

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Fed 25bp hike odds for Sep 26: 94% (92%)

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018
GVI Forex Blog 17:24 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile
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GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Mon 20 Aug 2018
No Major Data
Tue 21 Aug 2018
No Major Data
Wed 22 Aug 2018
AA 12:30 CA- Retail Sales
A 14:00 US- Existing Homes Sales
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
AA 18:00 US- Fed Policy Minutes
Thu 23 Aug 2018
AFlash Service PMIs
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 24 Aug 2018
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods

John M. Bland, MBA
co-founding Partner,

Monday Trading Checklist 20 August 2018

Canada CPI
Kl Fs 16:54 GMT 08/19/2018
John, time to upgrade the euro bias to neutral-positive, real money demand for euro right?

Canada CPI
GVI Trader john 14:37 GMT 08/19/2018  - My Profile
Inflation comes in hot in July, rising to 3.0%

Consumer prices rose 3.0% year-on-year in Canada in July, up from 2.5% in June and well ahead of median expectations for an unchanged print. Prices rose 0.5% month-on-month.

Key Implications Headline inflation jumped unexpectedly in July. The jump in air transportation was a big factor, adding over 0.3 percentage points to price growth over the past year. This looks to be a one-off, reflecting the impact of higher fuel and labour costs on the airline industry.

The relative stability of core inflation measures may give the Bank of Canada some solace. Still, with an economy beating expectations and a range of indicators pointing to limited excess capacity, maintaining stable inflation is likely to require further rate hikes by the central bank with the next one likely coming in October.

Canada CPI July 2018 TD Economics

Winners and Losers
Fukuoka joyya 12:51 GMT 08/19/2018
Putin, Merkel meet amid rift with US

Winners and Losers
Kl Fs 11:30 GMT 08/19/2018
Joyya, sell usd at market open, may gap down.

Winners and Losers
Fukuoka joyya 04:50 GMT 08/19/2018
Trump is Pushing US Into Scripted and Pre-Planned World War III

Amazing Trader Trading System
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:27 GMT 08/18/2018  - My Profile
Dear Fellow Trader,

I firnly believe trading on the strong side of the market is more than half the battle in becoming a successful trader.

In this regard, we have completed a trading system for the average trader designed to be used with the Amazing Trader (AT) that allows for better market timing and better decisions on which side of the market to trade.

It is a system that comes free with the Amazing Trader and one that anyone can put into practice immediately. It is based on logic that we explain so traders will understand why it works.

If this perks your interest (which it should), contact me by Email


Jay Meisler

Commitment Of Traders Report For 14 August 2018
GVI Forex Blog 12:00 GMT 08/18/2018  - My Profile
Tells you a lot about the current state of the market...

EURUSD longs gone
GBPUSD shorts steadily growing
USDCAD shorts declining
AUDUSD shorts expanding

Commitment Of Traders Report For 14 August 2018

Winners and Losers
Fukuoka joyya 11:12 GMT 08/18/2018
Trumped Up Prophecies: How Kabbalah Wizards & Christian Zionists Are Trying to Build a Third Temple

reason behind turkish lira selling must watch video...

Winners and Losers
Fukuoka joyya 05:18 GMT 08/18/2018
China bombers are training to strike US targets in the Pacific, Pentagon claims

Winners and Losers
dc CB 01:47 GMT 08/18/2018
Mtl JP 15:07 GMT August 17, 2018
that GAP .... I ve been yapping about
one of the nicest I have ever played !

TSLA Dude --- U R crowing about UR win shorting TSLA What nerve.


Mtl JP 20:29:34 GMT - 07/16/2018
GV is foreX orientated
why should foreX players care if tesla or facebook or catterpillar or some other non-bank entity reports posi or nega earnings
tia 4 light

dc CB 20:13:40 GMT - 07/16/2018
it is earnings season...but then this is GV and noOneCares.

Winners and Losers
Kl Fs 00:50 GMT 08/18/2018
Tide has turned for usd IMO. Sell usd from now on.

Turkey Political and Currency Crisis Dominates Late Summer Trade
GVI Trader john 00:10 GMT 08/18/2018  - My Profile

John M. Bland, MBA, co-founder,

Turkey Crisis Dominates Trading Activity The political and currency crisis in Turkey dominated trade at the end of last week and in the first part of the current week. There are many dimensions to the problem. Markets were most worried about the risk of contagion, however, only a handful of European banks were exposed to Turkey. Furthermore, the risks of significant problems in the European banking system were seen as minimal...MORE...

Turkey Political and Currency Crisis Dominates Late Summer Trade

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 21:07 GMT 08/17/2018
Feel free to take a position:

"Turkey's incomplete policy response to the lira's depreciation is unlikely on its own to sustainably stabilise the currency and the economy," Fitch Ratings

and to load heavy or not is a personal decision

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:35 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile
markets have been running in equilibrium... this is not good for the world. Equilibrium predates sudden wars... uncertainty is what makes us our money nothing else... so trum being certain to cut the deficit with china is not a sabre rattling announcement, they are gonna sign documents to make that a reality...

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:31 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile
welfare of the people has to be discounted too...

Mtl JP 20:22 GMT 08/17/2018
u see , for u and me who trade FX and /or other instuments is not about what fundamentally should or not happen.

Out task is to make preferably posi-pips off how the market is or will react to reports about some low-level trade meeting that - allegedly - are preparatory steps towards a Xi and Trump november meeting as current market mood demostrated.

Seeing as who is giving orders Trump however and imo would be a fool to give audience to Xi in november.

Feel free to take a position.

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:13 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile
JP// Referring to me mate..

Mtl JP 20:08 GMT 08/17/2018
The only way possible .... only way for what: __ ?

GVI 20:08 GMT 08/17/2018
S&P cuts Turkey sovereign rating one notch to B+ from BB-; outlook stable

- Source

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:01 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile
The only way possible is to trade with south america and mexico, but then the spanish speaking countries in the western hemisphere are in problems, mexico has a massive drug problem and venezuela is faced with high inflation... it will take them about 10 years I feel before they will be ready to do decent business according to "the standard", brazil etc... well will they be able to supply US economic demands that may reduce china supplies?. Maybe just a little, however, I doubt... Maybe the real money folks are way ahead of the curve but that is to be seen what they do with their cash... besides that, I don't think the US government would be able to cope with assigning countless squadrons of people each allocated to ensuring exports from a specific country are up to their mark... that's a just polygamous deficit in the making, better to have a monagamous trade deficit and the chinese on top.

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 19:53 GMT 08/17/2018
Livingston nh jerome is scheduled to yak in jackson hole
10:00 a.m.
Speech - Chairman Jerome H. Powell
Monetary Policy in a Changing Economy
At the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Policy Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Sofar he is on record being ambivalent what happens to the likes of turkey (EMs). I think regardless of his poetry, he is watching w/accute interest.

I suspect his 2nd point of focus has to be interest -- nterest as a FED tool to fight next econ downturn. It makes me rofl just thinking about it and how "they" / he is worried about having or not the ammunition for their (his) tool to "fight" (haha) the next econ downturn as night follows day.

They (he jerome) ONLY have/has not even 2% to play with atm in light of their / his benchmark interest in 1.75% to 2% range.

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 17 August 2018
GVI Trader john 19:41 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile
COT report position highlights:
EURUSD longs gone
GBPUSD shorts steadily growing
USDCAD shorts declining
AUDUSD shorts expanding

EURUSD Commitment of Traders Chart

USDJPY Commitment of Traders Chart

GBPUSD Commitment of Traders Chart

USDCAD Commitment of Traders Chart

AUDUSD Commitment of Traders Chart

Mtl JP 19:28 GMT 08/17/2018

... nine-member delegation from Beijing, led by Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen, will hold meetings with U.S. officials led by the Treasury undersecretary, David Malpass, on Aug. 22 and Aug. 23. ....

who wants to be courts jester ?

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:19 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile
Sorry I meant to say, how are they gonna reduce trade levels with china whilst other countries close the supply gap with what they need to import. China is a great part of the world economy, and if china collapses then so will a major part of the world economy, anything that happens in this side of the world has repercussions on that side of the world too.

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 19:19 GMT 08/17/2018
looking today at Donald J. TrumpVerified account

I can not help thinking about “Banning Donald Trump From Twitter Is a Misguided Liberal Fantasy,” Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey's possible change of mind.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:16 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile
I don't think slashing the deficit is possible and it's not worth it to change their relationship unless of course USA wants to go begging the whole world for financing an overburdened economy on the brink of another collapse, in other words big brother now has to face the big stick. The reason to say that is while the USA touted their relationship with china as their trading partner, the USA simply started depending too heavily on them and snubbed other smaller economies: The result was was economic stagnation for many countries that had good employment levels and income from exporting to the USA. Now how they gonna restart production without a world econmic collapse taking place.

Winners and Losers
Livingston nh 19:12 GMT 08/17/2018
jp- CB types might worry that rates (weapon of choice) will be ineffective in the event of recession // disruptive is the uncoordinated retreat from the Money Swamp

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 17 August 2018
GVI Forex Blog 19:02 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 17 August 2018

Mtl JP 18:57 GMT 08/17/2018
there is only ONE thing that matters
and that is President Trump getting Xi to HEEL
( to heel. (transitive, idiomatic) To compel someone to obey; to force someone into a submissive condition.)

To heel means to "stop the theft of intellectual property and to stop the forced transfer of technology” and
to improve market access for US firms and slash a $375 billion trade deficit with China

Mtl JP 18:42 GMT 08/17/2018
what a KROK-O-SH!T about talks announced with China

nothing but a f-king joke
giving time to a very low level / grade delegation
see Mtl JP 21:17 GMT August 16

"with China" ... as IF some low level / grade puppets ... arrgghhh

GVI 18:29 GMT 08/17/2018
White House Chief Economist Hassett: we are very close to trade deal with Mexico - television interview

- Still a few sticking points in trade discussions with Mexico
- Says talks announced with China schedule for next week a 'positive sign'
- Looking forward to what SEC will find on company reporting study

- Source

GVI Trader john 17:04 GMT 08/17/2018  - My Profile

Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1057 vs. 1057 (0) prev.
Oil: 869 vs. 869 (0) prev.

Canada: 212 vs. 209 (+3)

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Winners and Losers
Kl Fs 16:56 GMT 08/17/2018
I was betting on short the puppy from 13150ish down to 12950, protected at BE now and taking some off for weekend. Hoping to see target early next week

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 16:52 GMT 08/17/2018
Fs 16:31 what exxatly is ur bet ?

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 16:47 GMT 08/17/2018
yes... a very very warm feeling indeed
Livingston nh earlier Jamie suggested "You better be prepared to deal with rates 5 percent or higher."

yesty rba's lowe allowed that he is not relaxed about ... "possibly disruptive consequences in financial markets."

Can u please explain what is wrong with "possibly disruptive consequences in financial markets" -- what is the(ir) fear ?

Winners and Losers
Kl Fs 16:31 GMT 08/17/2018
JP, puppy seems to be heading to 12940-50

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A 15:00 US- EIA Crude
AA 18:00 US- Federal Reserve Decision
Thu 2 Aug 2018
AA 11:00 GB- Bank of England Decision
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Fri 3 Aug 2018
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