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Sell Gold
Central Kwun 17:14 GMT 04/17/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1302 Target: Stop: 1312

finally TP at 1293.5, happy easter

GOLD Way for Trading
FR 16:55 GMT 04/17/2014
Gold is in the way to 1289.

GOLD Way for Trading
FR 15:21 GMT 04/17/2014
A bullish tone could develop early if traders can hold the market above $1301.40, but there shouldn’t be an acceleration to the upside until $1307.90-1309.40 is taken out with conviction.

A typical West(WHO?)-financed mercenaries for killing own people.
HK RF@ 14:04 GMT 04/17/2014

Kolomoisky(OR WHO ELSE?) promises a reward for fighting against separatists.

Military patriotism among Ukrainians is now being financially rewarded. Dnipropetrovsk Oblast governor and billionaire Igor Kolomoisky is offering cash bonuses for those who fight against pro-Russian separatists.

“We have decided to pay Hr 500,000 to the members of the Mariupol military unit that stood against the attack. We ask the unit commander to contact us. Or by the end of the day we will find you ourselves,” Dnipropetrovsk Deputy Governor Borys Filatov wrote on his Facebook page on April 17.


This will not end good!

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 12:46 GMT 04/17/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1302 Target: Stop: 1312

sold due to good employment data

London Gold Fix
GVI Forex 10:32 GMT 04/17/2014
*DJ London AM Gold Fixing $1299.25 (Prev PM $1301.50)

Buy Gold
Central Kwun 09:10 GMT 04/17/2014
Buy Gold
Entry: 1301 Target: Stop:

stopped at 1298 first, not comfortable, happy easter everyone

Buy Gold
Central Kwun 07:30 GMT 04/17/2014
Buy Gold
Entry: 1301 Target: Stop:

why everytime likes this

BUY - SELL later
KL KL 07:11 GMT 04/17/2014
out 4/5 gold long here need to be greedy slow ninja style trade....chased it to 1297.2.....happy for the 160+ pips on average....

Shhhhhhhh......DFM...DYOR....imvho and TP is King...all others are Noise!!... ...LOL

A sad day Malaysia...Lion Of Jelutong died in car Crash...the man who is King Singh....the one who dare take on the powers of the Sultan/Kings...Despotic government......sad...sad day for Malaysian.... Also Sad is Korean Ferry Disaster.....

BUY - SELL later
KL KL 06:42 GMT 04/17/2014
la la la....

Happy to cover the rest of the Gold Shorts here and now Long Gold.....1298.55.... slow relentless..... Internet slow today.....LOL

A start of a hot Easter weekend:(
HK RF@ 06:19 GMT 04/17/2014

3 dead, 13 injured as anti-govt protesters rally near Ukrainian military base.

Three people were killed and thirteen others injured by gunfire in a confrontation between anti-Maidan protesters and soldiers stationed at a military base in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov says.

Buy Gold
Central Kwun 06:05 GMT 04/17/2014
Buy Gold
Entry: 1301 Target: Stop:

change to buy

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 01:15 GMT 04/17/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1302 Target: Stop: 1310

TP at 1301 first, holding too long

Chart Points Gold, Oil, S&P
GVI Forex john 18:56 GMT 04/16/2014  - My Profile

London Gold Fix
GVI Forex 14:54 GMT 04/16/2014
*DJ London PM Gold Fixing $1301.50 (Prev PM $1298.00)

It's complicating? Another request for annexation with Russia.
HK RF@ 12:27 GMT 04/16/2014

Transdniestrian authorities ask Putin to initiate recognition of republic’s independence

TIRASPOL, April 16./ITAR-TASS/. Transdniestrian authorities ask Russia to recognize the breakaway republic as a sovereign independent state.
The treatment was accepted by the Supreme Council of Transdniestrian State Duma and addressed to the Russian Federation Council and the President of Russia, the press service of the legislature said.
They explained that this decision based on the results of the last referendum in Transdniestria, where the vast majority of the region's residents voted for independence and annexation to Russia. This is not the first call to Moscow authorities for recognition, but now the reason to come back to this issue was the Crimea re-unification with Russia.
"Transdniestria does not legally different from the Crimea, and the process of reunification with Russia should be held on the Crimean scenario," said the lawmaker Vyacheslav Tobuh.
It is assumed that on Thursday a delegation of MPs led by Sseaker Michael Burle will go to Moscow, where they plan to meet with the speaker of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin.

London Gold Fix
GVI Forex 10:33 GMT 04/16/2014
*DJ London AM Gold Fixing $1299.00 (Prev PM $1298.00)

Sell Gold
HK RF@ 10:14 GMT 04/16/2014


Maybe you will be lucky if like yesterday, someone will drop 60 tons of paper gold into the market.

Everything is possible in the USA, even their gold has long time gone.

SELL to BUY Gold...Later...
KL KL 09:20 GMT 04/16/2014
out remaining 1/2 here 1301.45 SAR...that means Stop and Reverse SHORT gold now

la la Ninja can sing......chased it to 1304.4...happry to cover 4/5 here happy with 300+ pips.... no need to be greedy and let the rest run to my stop at 1302.6 or till gold hit 1250 tonight....LOL...I wish.....last post time to sleep and then fight the USA boys later....or join them...

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 09:15 GMT 04/16/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1302 Target: Stop: 1310

the strength is finished? go go goal

Sell Gold
FR 08:41 GMT 04/16/2014
you are having the good trades but you sold your first trade bit early.
After breaking 1300, 1295-1293--and touching the 1285 level is the proof for bearish movement in GOLD further but Gold movement above 1300 level and staying still above 1300 can be risky.

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 08:30 GMT 04/16/2014
thx, FR, hope it can drop back to my level

Sell Gold
FR 08:29 GMT 04/16/2014
we have to watch 1309.40 level. if we cross it and stay above then the possibility to make GOLD bull.
But overall I am neutral in GOLD today.
because yesterday it broke the market sentiments.
So we have to watch today level 1305-1309.40.
have good luck.

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 08:22 GMT 04/16/2014
FR, so you more bullish now? tricky today

Sell Gold
FR 08:20 GMT 04/16/2014
I am looking some strength in GOLD movement..

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 07:56 GMT 04/16/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1302 Target: Stop: 1310

2nd lot in

GOLD Way for Trading
FR 07:54 GMT 04/16/2014

GOLD Way for Trading
FR 07:41 GMT 04/16/2014
Yesterday's price action proved that 1300 is NOT a level to watch in Gold. Far more important technical levels are 1285 and 1305, then 1314 above that.

GOLD Way for Trading
FR 07:39 GMT 04/16/2014
Gold has been on the defensive during Asian trading following a very ugly day yesterday. The news that Ukrainian forces had launched special operations and Putin's warning about a civil war only helped to stabilize the price and not attract new buying. For now the market is back in neutral after the positive sentiment built up over the past week was wiped out in a matter of minutes. The change in sentiment has been driven by improved US economic data this week but also a report from the World Gold Council yesterday did some damage as it estimated that China may have 1,000 tons of gold tied up in trade financing deals. This puts into doubt the future demand from China should the government intensify its attempt to crackdown on using commodities to raise finance. Resistance is today's pivot at 1304.6 followed by 1313. Support at 1293 and 1282.

GOLD and 1300
HK RF@ 07:37 GMT 04/16/2014

What I eye for today a close above 1300.

If above 1300, probably we are on the way to 1345 vicinity.

If after which 1345-vicinity consolidation and possibly 1400/1410 range target.

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 07:07 GMT 04/16/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1297.5 Target: Stop: 1308

what happened?

BUY GOLD>>>> BUY !!!
KL KL 06:40 GMT 04/16/2014
out remaining 1/2 here 1301.45 SAR...that means Stop and Reverse SHORT gold now .....relentless.....looks like I have to wait a few minutes before I eat some food......

BUY GOLD>>>> BUY !!!
KL KL 06:35 GMT 04/16/2014
out 1/2 at +ve profit or wait a bit higher???...ok so i lied...who cares about profit level when Take profit is King.....

la la la....last post unless something dramatic to dinner..relax and watch PAIN in gold bugs....LOL

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 06:34 GMT 04/16/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1297.5 Target: Stop: 1308

sell now, no more buy

BUY GOLD>>>> BUY !!!
KL KL 06:27 GMT 04/16/2014
nice...2nd cherry bite 1294.4 relentless....cover under 1296.6...that is how I management...finger speed and IMVHO.....LOL

BUY GOLD>>>> BUY !!!
KL KL 06:27 GMT 04/16/2014
nice...2nd cherry bite 1294.4 relentless....cover under 1296.6...that is how I management...finger speed and IMVHO.....LOL

SBU: Russian soldiers in Donetsk Oblast are highly trained professionals with combat experience whos
HK RF@ 02:09 GMT 04/16/2014

Hundreds of Russian soldiers are in Donetsk Oblast and their numbers are increasing, said First Deputy head of the Security Service (SBU) and its Anti-Terrorist Center’s chief Vasyl Krutov, cited by UNIAN news agency on April 15 near the Kramatorsk airfield.

The newly appointed anti-terrorism chief told UNIAN that “two days ago their (Russian soldiers) numbered 150, yesterday there were 300. I’m not including those that were here before that. These are the approximate numbers. Time will tell how many will be here tomorrow.”

Asked how the Russians managed to penetrate Ukrainian territory, Krutov said: “For a professional to cross the border is the same for a child to sneak into a movie theater.”

Sell Gold
nw kw 01:39 GMT 04/16/2014
T-minus 30 minutes until the Chinese 1Q GDP release. Get your coffee and bathroom breaks in now

reshort 96

BUY GOLD>>>> BUY !!!
KL KL 01:33 GMT 04/16/2014
out 4/5 here 1297.37..... the ninja motto no need to be greedy when in Relentless mode.....

I see the drop was due to BLOOD MOON........LOL make sense could drop $100...waiting with 7 Armada fired up .... Gold bugs to feel Mega pain of a Bear trap...... or perhaps pop to 1310.....LOL...then Blue Sky.....LOL...1400

BUY GOLD>>>> BUY !!!
KL KL 01:28 GMT 04/16/2014

la la la....


Long relentless 1296.33....push it to 1299 for bugs are pushing mad Russia-Ukraine, China old news.......LOL .... at 1330 the blue sky 1400.....24 hours later under 1300..... as I used to call it Distant memories 1310....... LOL

as usual DFM...DYOR...imvho and gl gt...and yes LOL......when you set bombs and traps..... Keep justifying blue sky...and I will call it distant memory the next day......LOL

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 01:10 GMT 04/16/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1303.5 Target: Stop: 1308

close all at 1297.5, nice

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 23:43 GMT 04/15/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1303.5 Target: Stop: 1308

still holding 2 shorts

Sell Gold
nw kw 22:39 GMT 04/15/2014
It is interesting to read that China has surpassed India for the purchase of gold but I was unaware that China is also the largest source of mined gold. Over the last decade production has doubled from 217 tonnes to 437 tonnes ( in refined bars) per annum ! Even with this scale of production Chinese demand for the refined bar was at 1066 tonnes (World Gold Council report) however there is approx. 32% difference between Chinese purchases and Chinese consumer purchase thus the difference we have to assume is state buying and in a smaller scale industrial buying. Currently Chinese ore production is increasing but the ore grade is of a lower quality so the volume of finished home produced gold appears to have stalled at current levels. They also have a declining ore reserve base coupled with increased production costs as labour costs more as does the increase of volume of ore required to produce XAU bars

usd/hkd retrace to support or no fear in china

nw kw 22:12 GMT 04/15/2014
Precious metals led by silver are having their own mini "Black Monday" on the anniversary of golds biggest two day sell-off in three decades last April. The whole sector including palladium has succumbed to selling after reaching the highest level since August 2011 yesterday.
The sell-off today in gold was driven by a technical break below trend-line support at 1314 and the stronger than expected CPI did the rest by pushing it through 1300 support. Any renewed escalation in East Ukraine could now receive some fresh buying as many newly established longs has been washed out.
Both crude oils are lower ahead of tomorrows US inventory report which is expected to show a rise in domestic inventories to the highest level since last November.
Arabica Coffee is having another volatile day but remain above 2 USD/lb in New York.
Copper has slumped back below 3 USD/lb and Nickel has dropped the most in nine months as worries about a Chinese slowdown outweighed supply concerns

syd sf 20:53 GMT 04/15/2014
Test of that 08/11 area and if resists - back to a new low

pretty hard to have complete confidence today after yesterday.

Chart Points Gold, Oil, S&P
GVI Forex john 19:20 GMT 04/15/2014  - My Profile

Jerusalem Kb 19:05 GMT 04/15/2014
Want to see at least a weekly close below 1295 followed by a break below 1277 to confirm this move

Sell Gold
Jerusalem Kb 18:52 GMT 04/15/2014
Entry: Target: Stop:

Want to see at least a weekly close below 1295 followed by a break below 1277 to confirm this move

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