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01/07/16 7:55 A DE final MFG PMI con: 54.4 pre: 54.4
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Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 07:17 GMT 06/30/2016
aud caves with gbp fares

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 23:22 GMT 06/29/2016
Covering Dow Futures short here 93% at 17751 and ftse 6377....

Ninja thinks more Upside funny bizness as Asia Margin call Top up comes into play...... No need to be greedy....Make take profit King and Build Super Starship Armada account... for tonight.....the mother of all Crash...LOL...who knows ninja just self-frightening...... gl gt...need to sleep until Asx200 opens and then Short more at open... have some in the bag 5212...

remember Aussie land is End of Financial Year Financial year starts 1 July......lots of squaring will be happening..... chaos...Sham..etc...

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 22:24 GMT 06/29/2016
or go to bonds so see

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 22:23 GMT 06/29/2016
u/j flips gold pivot, under 100.0? so two overt see if big.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 22:20 GMT 06/29/2016
still biggest pivot all x,s and audgold new tops yearly chart. so is xaucad trailing aud but no yengold yet.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 21:15 GMT 06/29/2016

Covering Dow Long from Brexit days and Short Now 17786....relentless

Short Snp 2082.4 - semi relentless

FTSE is so funny as I have long since brexit days and short 2 days ago and they both cancel each out here to BE.... the beauty of multiple Armada accounts...sometimes can ignore how poorly one is and log in 2-3 days see how good/ bad.... starting short FTSE again 6388.... relentless

Keeping Gold long from under 1310.. robot covered 40% 1322-1324

End of Financial year trading down Under ASX would be interesting.....short ASX200 futures 5211....relentless and ready to Whack these Super Short Covering.....but there is a limit of how high they can go like How low on Brexit....the Extreme is in and Ninja is committed again....SHORT Bias now on indices!!!

DYOR DFM DLTM imvho and Gl gt

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 19:59 GMT 06/29/2016
jpy stops week

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 19:59 GMT 06/29/2016
will jpy be gullible to fed.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 19:57 GMT 06/29/2016
FTSE or gullible cheap at u/g 1. 30 / finally QE.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 09:55 GMT 06/28/2016
Short FTSE 6132

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 09:34 GMT 06/28/2016

Buy 1 lot gold of my 1,000,000 before my margin is 50%.....LOL.....who knows what is the margin tonight...just have to trade stingyly.......never know what prodcut disclosure and new rules can appear in 24 these super crazy days....

in 1212.03...then 2 - 1208.6...then 3 -1206.5...then xx relentless 1202.5...1197.20....1193.7..... then xxx...xxxx....xxxxxx.....xxxxxxx...LOL

who knows...DYOR DFM DLTM gt.... let robot trade for Ninja tonight...come on Gold Bears......Bombs waiting.....LOL....then Long SAR 116x???? who knows.....

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 08:42 GMT 06/27/2016
nice....wake up and covered remaining FTSE 45% here or sell?.....

wait for Europe to all Exit Euro Zone...and keep those most debt nations.....Collapse of EURUSD coming...... Wonder if Euro Colapse will Eurusd = zero?? or infinity??

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 03:29 GMT 06/27/2016
covering Dow and FTSE long here 12286 and 5960.....long near days futures low again.... no problem....

looks like indices day for me......time to avoid over trading... off to siesta....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 00:07 GMT 06/27/2016
Short asx200 AT Open 5100 and Long DOW almost 200 points drop...looks like weakness creeping in.... 17244....what is happening....cover 80 % when 10-20 points seen or chase it lower and cover at entry or BE point...... this is call the Who knows trade and + better than -ve pips....always.... or Sero Gain better than Loss trade.....DYOR DFM DLTM imvho ...glgt ...busy...busy day...last post!!

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 23:19 GMT 06/26/2016
Dooommmssshhh....happy days are here again.....

covering 50% of long gold 1312.5 and 1335...move 12%stop profit to 1330.16
... rest still pondering.....where to lay them to max the profit....just want to be a bit greedy but knowing me....will 99% not be good for me than this point of take profit... $5 is a lot to sacrifice for "poor" trader like sticking to TP as King.....its still a Crazy week coming where relentless Sham and Scam by brokers hedge funds...wants to whack New money poured in for Margin call from last trade accordingly......its just the beginning.....the CRASH!!!....LOL....who knows.... CB helicopter will come in and change the course of history again......Being and thinking like Buffet or Soros trading is the BIGGEST Mistake!!....imvho......DYOR..DFM DLTM....

Commitment Of Traders Report
GVI Trading Room john 20:05 GMT 06/24/2016  - My Profile

Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP

Net EUR JPY COT Positions

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Net AUD and CAD COT Positions

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Click on chart for COT Details


Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: CAD, AUD, Gold, Oil

Net Crude, Gold, S&P and 10-yr Positions

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Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

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Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 16:35 GMT 06/24/2016
kl- tks for sharing new top in audgold il have look at aud bond levels for further weakness, xaugbp not to crazy to top side see iff bund gets it rejections of masses, or not. gt and g w end. new trading theme.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 12:08 GMT 06/24/2016
covering 25% FTSE long here stops neat 6030 and lower...

So tired trading today....TOO Happy.....good night...Baring Flash Crash....hope my stops works....otherwise I am doomed!!...Its a more memorable day than the GFC of 2008 or much easier to trade......maybe because of Super Armada Account!!...DYOR DFM DLTM and imvho...tomorrow is another big deal....

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 07:18 GMT 06/24/2016
covering FTSE 50% here 5944...chased to in nice stop profit....cannot lose now same for Dow GBPUSD and Every thing....what a day!!

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 06:39 GMT 06/24/2016
next yen gold///?????????????????????????????????????
red flag$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 06:19 GMT 06/24/2016
long FTSE,DOW..GBPUSD........5750....17340...1.145 earlier...and still adding 20 minutes later....

Helicopter Yellen, IMF, EU, BOJ..... Have arrived... to clear out those weak stops...

Wait to ,long gold 1312.5 and lower....wait for the trigger then under here relentless

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 04:06 GMT 06/24/2016
long gold here again from the account that shorted gold relentless above 1349...chased to 1358...covering 80% here.... 1330.59

This is madness..... gold to play 1330 to 1349..all day I will play it.... BREXIT!!

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 03:55 GMT 06/24/2016
Short Gold here on another account 1348.6...1349....relentless wow stop profit taken on the other gold account..... left 10% stops at 1229.... busy...busy...busy.... last post final...... Need to focus again...

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 03:48 GMT 06/24/2016
out another 5% gold here 1349.8..this is Crazy....... don't want to boast but Armada super starship account almost doubled.......

move stops to 1335... Sooner or later I will SAR and Short gold hard to do it now....

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 03:31 GMT 06/24/2016
covering more gold long here 1311.18.....remaining 55%... move stops up 1305 for 20% and the rest for memories 1289......will keep covering 7% every $8-15 move....

so nice playing the indices and GBPUSD.....have to be quick its a range they are in now......

Seniors Traders who went out on late dinner in Europe - sweating as junior traders trying to call the shots via Whatsapp, Line, Facebook good if the server for these messaging go down.....LOL

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 03:00 GMT 06/24/2016
la la la la la....

gold long is fields of Gold stuff.... covering another 5% here from the remaining 67%.....1297.... $44 move is the best ever for less than 4 hours move......

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 02:58 GMT 06/24/2016
Not bad this Dip... margin Call stuff....LOL

Keep adding Dow 17472 and FTSE 5859

And making some small long on GBPUSD 1.3589 and every 50 pip lower....LOL

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 02:40 GMT 06/24/2016
long again DOW 17559 and FTSE 5907.9....adding as fast as I can.... lower higher...who knows .......what I get when my trade hit sham broker platform...>SLOOOOWWWWW!!!

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 02:08 GMT 06/24/2016
Crazy moves must be attacked, about time right on//1641 held.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 01:14 GMT 06/24/2016
CRAZY!!!....Ding ding ....just take it without thinking LONG the Indices futures!!! 500 points move is Sham!!

Time to long Dow Futeres and FTSE....17679 and 5963 relentless...Crazy 500 Drop on Dow and FTSE........Armada account can sustain another 500 points drop...after Gold trade....LOL

Crazy moves must be attacked..relentlessly.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 01:10 GMT 06/24/2016
la la la... covering slowly gold long using limit...1279.5....1282.9..1283.98.....1285.72.......etc..etc...that way no sham along the 1 second micro second route to brokers platform......looks like Brexit traders are squaring or Bremain???? ...LOL.... i see Japan traders is awake...

truly a fields of dream day for me for gold...$20-31 on some is beautiful... and audusd short...... big chunks too...and still have to lunch now....1284....1285.9...1287.6....for remaining 30%....then 1289....1292....... WOW Muming up too fast to set my limit so covering more ...last post too busy...too good

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 23:30 GMT 06/23/2016

Gbp/Jpy 15-26 ticks....LOL like christmas light...

How is your platform...mine is Sluggish!!....LOL Need to fire up 3 other computer for each Armada Super star ship!!

I am so busy still covering my FTSE and SOW and Audusd can say not immediate....small delay...need to cover bi by bit in case they change the bid/ask along the way my request hits their platform...... last post....Sorry....need to focus on this Indices Futes Drop of 200 point s for FTSE.....and Dow...its Fields of dream....and GOLD a pop $14-16 gain still trying to cover my la la....1268.78.......unbelieveable.... hope to keep 5-10% for memories in case Brexit Wins?? ...still early no need to be too greedy to keep too much... GL Gt

hk ab 23:25 GMT 06/23/2016
Holy censored! Can't type now LOL

hk ab 23:18 GMT 06/23/2016
morning KL san,

I notice this international platform only had e/j widened to its double of the usual spread (not even the most risky gbp or gbp/jp pairs), that's what drew my attention. Maybe some EU info could be out today and they were the early bird on these trades.

What gbp/jpy is painting now? Maybe a inverted huge hammer....

Want to see if a key-reversal is in cards.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 23:13 GMT 06/23/2016

Wow you are early to catch early worm too....LOL

e/ change... hardly notice anything there at the moment..all Majors forex around 2.3-8 ticks apart.....

Sham brokers can change their game to anything this 24hours -4weeks...what if Recount.......50.001 v 49.997.....LOL and after recount 49.998 v 50.002 and either side keep requesting recount....can go on for weeks..... LOL like Gore v Bush Sham.....

Covering FTSE and DOW shorts here 6321 and 18019..........luckilly have more to cover...and also cover AUDUSD shot here .7563.....

Covering 30% gold here 1259.39....leave the rest near 1257.35.... and lower....or cover under 1268....who knows...

DYOR DFM DLTm imvho gl gt

hk ab 22:54 GMT 06/23/2016
KL, btw, do you see usual widening of e/j spread in your platform?

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
hk ab 22:51 GMT 06/23/2016
KL, I just can't agree more.

I placed stop profit several times and every time a "STOP" is placed, the price will tick to that 30-40 pips side and return.....

Seems these ALGOS are very international

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 22:49 GMT 06/23/2016
Today is WIPE Account Day from these Brokers SHAM Margin.... Every 10-15 minutes...these Sham Brokers run a Algo to see how much they can make if some instruments move the spike and sudden drop tells me.... DO NOT OVER LEVERAGE TODAY...

FTSE Futures Spread from various brokers Ninja have is 10 - 16...Super Crazy....Normally 3-5.......only gold is normal 30 cents....LOL......

hello dropping now the indices....Bremain or Brexit result...Brexit seems to be winning after 3% counted.....LOL......

covering my FTSE shorts here 6416... & Dow 18077 ...90%....ha ha ...leave some for memories or Stop Profit gets taken.... does not need to move much.... ok last post need to go for breakfast....LOL

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 22:21 GMT 06/23/2016
This is too good short FTSE 6451.3.... slowly relentless if you know what that means...LOL...and watching margin....... and every 15-25 points higher....

also Dow Futures 18112 slowly relentless if you know what that means....and then every 30-55 points above for Dow

Long Gold again 1254.35 mid relentless ...again who know what that means
...bring it on Bremain!!....LOL

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 20:25 GMT 06/23/2016
covering 90% of aususd short here ....07596... chased to .76117..... and heavy loads happy

and 35% gold long here 1257.52

Just to make my armada ready for a massive 50% move.....LOL....

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 20:04 GMT 06/23/2016
Dooomsh...Top of the morning....

long gold again 1255.96..... again bit by bit then relentless lower near 1253...and bombs galore under 1240 ...set a few days ago

also short AUDUSD - .76109 Relentless Despite Barclays Refusing to accept ALL STOPS Orders....Reports.... Scary...

Wow DOW Crack 18000...but I will short near 18068...later when result of Brexit known.....LOL who knows what is going to happen maybe short 18289....anything can just drop or pop.....pointless to predict.... DYOR DFm DLTm...imvho and its going to be Painful or FUN 29 Hours.....LOL

any view re usd/jpy vs brexit
Kaunas DP 19:11 GMT 06/23/2016
what it wants? more upside?

hk ab 17:49 GMT 06/23/2016
in again 1260

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 13:57 GMT 06/23/2016
1659 still 1638 if markets interested for it day ? 1800 to 1659 / gold shorted by bank they smart,power fx or st.

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 13:28 GMT 06/23/2016
howitzered g/a, and with spi versus ftse, interesting

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 10:49 GMT 06/23/2016
Hello ...Gold again reminded me to buy here in bit by by.....again........ then relenless lower hope to cover $5-7 higher of if keeps going down cover slightly below entry point........watching the margin as I take each entry...rather hard to relentless....LOL

Last post so many instrument....need to focus and type less...also shorted AUDUSD .75904....agains slowly...watching the margin and see if sudden nice to have Super Armada Account for days like this....Good nite...Its Brexit..... Sell 1 lot gbpusd.....LOL....unlikely to pop 10000 pips ...I hope ......Like SNB BOMB 16 months ago......Wonder how are the Litigation still going???

Will there be Sham of today's forex in GBP?????? what if BOE raise rates to 8% short term....will Soros be wiped?? and some CB?????

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 10:07 GMT 06/23/2016
Wow....all stop profit taken in FTSE and DOw..... Bullish or Funny Bizness.....

Wait now to short FTSE above 6380....and relentless above 6412...and bombs all over .... same for Dow above 17987.... margin Requirement playing Havoc to so many obvious....... Whack hard 2nd Cherry bite on indices.....

Today is a day of Extreme so Take profit QUICKLY is King......its going to be all a bouncing ball.......Sharks infested waters.....wear Titanium scuba

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 09:51 GMT 06/23/2016
out 80% here FTSE 6336.3...... rest @ 6357 scary chased to increasing power...and Might..... then watching Margin dwindle bit more this time than normally..... Looks like the first round of raid by the Brokers scammers......Bremain Winning....?? Remain and be slaves to Middle East Islamic 2034

out DOW 90% 17940 chased to 17974

Now need to get heart Examine .......these are the REAL Panic Heart attack type trade..... Just Keep a look out at the Margin Requirement and FIRE Power...... Lots of Changes Lately in the last 24 hours by ALL Brokers...... BEWARE..Make take profit KING!!


Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
KL KL 09:20 GMT 06/23/2016

Shorting FTSE 6369 and Dow 17963.>>Relentless

Gold, Crude, Indices, Forex....
nw kw 05:23 GMT 06/23/2016
gold's thinned this week. gl.

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