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28/08/15 19:30 B US COT Report con: n/a pre: n/a
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Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 18:05 GMT 08/28/2015
unbalanced retail side way over crowded from oil if oil staked in back munts see shift in dow

hk ab 15:39 GMT 08/28/2015
38, 39, 40 longs........

$7, $6, $5 profit each position

18.4%, 15.4%, 12.5%...........

10x margin

184%, 154%, 125% profit!

Am not interested in those "short diick" trades from Kwun.......

exit $40 and $39 keep the $38 for good memory.

nw kw 15:00 GMT 08/28/2015
oil back months se if they are up or long pull back 55 rang

hk ab 14:50 GMT 08/28/2015
arrive 45 soon......

Sell Gold again
HK Kwun 13:56 GMT 08/28/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1128 Target: Stop:

my protective stop was trigger at lucky, suddenly rebound from 1124

Sell Gold again
HK Kwun 10:55 GMT 08/28/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1128 Target: Stop:

Sell now

Sell Gold Immediately
hk ab 05:14 GMT 08/28/2015
What you need to protect yourself last night is a small size con.........

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 03:31 GMT 08/28/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1124 Target: Stop: 1124

read that carefully, stupid ab, my protective stop was executed last night, concentrate on your fake trade/own world instead of barking all the time.

Sour Kwun with his short...........
hk ab 01:37 GMT 08/28/2015
satisfactory now.

Sour Kwun with his short...........
hk ab 00:31 GMT 08/28/2015
We understand your feeling, don't worry.....

Stupid ab who will trust you
HK Kwun 23:36 GMT 08/27/2015
post winning trade after market moved? what the stupid ab

hk ab 23:20 GMT 08/27/2015
10/1150 gain = 0.87% with 10x margin, that is 8.7%

2/40 gain = 5% with 10x margin, that is 50%

An inconvenient truth for Kwun to show his short DIICK.........but please, keep it to yourself and don't show it to us..........

Don't need to be thrilled on those candies, Kwun. Learn how to trade.... with r/r.

I only see oil above 45 being a "good" trade with r/r.

above 43 is "satisfactory" because the r/r is only slightly higher tan 1:1

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 19:44 GMT 08/27/2015
This is call the Fast Ninja hands trading....chased to 16545...covered wait for 16559....last post need to focus on Armada attack on Dow Shorts.....

After profit taking the spare money now need to push it up again to be taken down later.....LOL the Stops train in Relentless mode....

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 19:32 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Dow again 16503...relentless...what a pop from 16323...should have SAR and long there.....Will try to remember this time....long the 200 points drop and sell the 300 point rally.....LOL...just for this session..... DYOR DFM DLTM gt...

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 19:10 GMT 08/27/2015

<<<<< from the other side....covering another 75% of heavy Dow short boat from la la....moving stops now to I cover more 16323..... in Giant Chunks....

Wheels coming off....looks like a nivce 300 point drop from top to low now...

wow as I type reset some position bounce up to take out my biggie...16409 from 16323.....waiting now to sell above 16450 to test the bull power

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 16:21 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1224 Target: Stop: 1224

stupid ab, or low ab, i let you to stop my trade, but you prefer to give me escape or even give me some pocket money, how idiot you are. set a stop stop before sleep.

post your call rather than concentrate on me. otherwise no one knows you are smart than me

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 15:55 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1224 Target: Stop:

stupid ab, stupid ab, super stupid ab, I fully understand your situation, criticize someone's trade is easier than to post his call/admit his fault. RIP

Sell Gold Immediately
hk ab 15:32 GMT 08/27/2015
Someone with the short dicky must have taken too much LSD to short at 1225..... Or that could be his stoploss.

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 14:44 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1224 Target: Stop:

Give me money again

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 14:17 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1122 Target: Stop:

TP at 1119.5, bye

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 14:05 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1122 Target: Stop:

half lot

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 13:06 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1128 Target: Stop:

TP at 1122, yummy

HK RF@ 10:34 GMT 08/27/2015

This part of the forum, has become a SH!T place, so for me, I have nothing to do here anymore!

hk ab 09:44 GMT 08/27/2015
Ala-Kwun, prepare your tissues...... or diapers.

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 09:42 GMT 08/27/2015
TQ.....out 95% of Dow short here..16466 streaming trading........chased to 16509 now TRAILING to 16488....I call it crumbs to entice the bots...... come and get me ....La ala la ...LOL

I think rocket fuel running out in this rally....still problem all over the world.....Suprising Greece is not in the Main news yet.....and we know the Brewing Sham there....just not the time to pull the trick out yet....

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 09:08 GMT 08/27/2015
wow back from dinner and Dow up 200+ choice but to Whack and Short 16500..... asking for to fade it until it does not work stops 16560 set.....lets see.... glgt

hk ab 08:55 GMT 08/27/2015
Hope some idiotic short diick can have a look how oil longs can be played......

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 07:07 GMT 08/27/2015
IN AGAIN SELL dow 16352...AND ftse AT THE POP 6127.....RELENELESS.......covering 1/2 FTSE short here stops 6120...keep for Crash tonight....just no one knows what will happen....LOL...after all we live in a Ponzi manipulated Financial World....

Sell Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 05:15 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: 1128 Target: Stop:

1128 is 0.382

Stupid ab
HK Kwun 03:01 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

stupid ab, stupid ab, how many times do I need to name of you? response our question of your long trade at 1255 before barking. You claim yourself are a trader? first time to see a trader don't use stop need to comment other people's trade, just focus on your paper/fake trade and live in your own world, stupid ab.

Short diick Kwun
hk ab 02:43 GMT 08/27/2015
With trading frame as short as your diick, Kwun, how can you understand what successful trades are?

Your reward/risk can never go beyond 10............not even maybe not even higher than 3 in most cases.......

Stupid ab
HK Kwun 02:19 GMT 08/27/2015
Sell Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

where is your credibility? don't just talk the other things. we are asking your 1255 long, but you just never admit it and self talk your wining trade. what a jerk you are.

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 00:38 GMT 08/27/2015
Hello how nice ..back down to single digits...16306...covering 99 % wait now to above 16333....lleave the rest at 16336....LOL to feed hungry Bulls....and they get crumbs....LOL

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 00:21 GMT 08/27/2015
aLL GOOD LOOKS LIKE TRYING TOESTABLISH NEW fUTURES RANGE...cOVERED HERE 16335...CHASED TO 16359...NOW WAIT HIGHER to whack or play ping pong with futures traders....LOL..the do the 7-20 points ..700 times....LOL..last post busy shorting and mving higher...

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 00:01 GMT 08/27/2015
SELL AGAIN DOW 16323.3....keep selling here and higher and cover whrn 10-15 points problem playing the OVER BOUGHT.....LOL Buy the OVER SOLD....its OVER -EVERYDAY.....


Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 20:04 GMT 08/26/2015
range game like seconds to in and out 16277 16323.....tomorrow profit taking down 300 points..LOL excuses for up and down.....wondr any more talking head special report like CNBC add to fear type News....just play opposite

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 19:51 GMT 08/26/2015
wheee...started from 16255 chased to 16303...covered 16244....95% and now wait for above 16269...crazy markets but Ninja just like these madness bulls smell blood on those stops above 16300...or 16400...who knows just saying to bring fear to self....self harm...LOL

in again 16274 short

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 19:40 GMT 08/26/2015
Wowo this i s fast finger Short DOW cover lower moment......out 16198....wait now above16240 to whack again relentless.....something is brewing.....maybe another pop higher for wash out of the last few days drop lower ...the cho choo stops TRAIN is working triple over time...

hk ab 16:00 GMT 08/26/2015
Ala-Kwun, you can only report those few bucks gain with max $15. Other than that, you are simply nothing......

See how long you can count on those flukes......

my new collection of oil under $40.... see who can come and push lower again......

Towards the end of summer, the last pair needs a big move could be dlr/jpy and eur......both SOUTH.

Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 14:27 GMT 08/26/2015
13.98 gl

Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 14:24 GMT 08/26/2015
982 need 979 gl

Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 13:37 GMT 08/26/2015
storm risk now gl

Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 10:54 GMT 08/26/2015
if eur/usa mass up past r gold under ground

Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 10:50 GMT 08/26/2015
I no what ab feels like, a tad pole now?

Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 10:43 GMT 08/26/2015
is not eur a commodity like jpy, usa not yet is gbp

Sell DOW Relentless
nw kw 10:18 GMT 08/26/2015
cowman will save xaueur add QE, its protected big time storm approaching side line for ever

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 07:17 GMT 08/26/2015
ok covering 98 % DOW short here 15825...chased it down to 15815.......wait again above 15xxx.....LOL who know last post so many things to play and manage....ALL Fingers on Deck.....

Q is will gold plunge with oil?? if 100 Ninja will go in with both hands again....interesting days ...

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 07:14 GMT 08/26/2015
Sell sell sell....DOW SNP....Cow...Oil Everything under sthe sun...even FTSE nice catch earlier 6045.....this is the type of sell I like each sell and the figure goes effortless..... ala la la

DYOR..DFM DLTM imvho and looks like PBOC rate cut did Ziltch......LOL More Carnage...the Washout!!

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 07:07 GMT 08/26/2015
Sell DOw again 15869....Relentless Incessantly....China and Hong kong giving me courage....the Asian Century.....LOL

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 06:55 GMT 08/26/2015
Covering Relentlessly.......what a chase to 15993....what madness this Futures..... avg 15930.......manage to survive HEAVY shorts.....

Out 95% here 15888... Yippie...... Looks like the Stop train is working overtime...shohuld have SAR and Long......waiting to long ftse near 5955 if seen in the next 45 minutes...things change the next 20 minutes.....LOL

DYOR..DFM..DLTM..imvho and GL GT....take profit is KING!!! as I type remaining DOW short stops taken....ok wait near 15990.....Another Magic day in the making.......maybe 2000Points drop.....

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