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09/10/15 12:30 A CA Jobless % con: 7.00% pre: 7.00%
09/10/15 12:30 A CA Payrolls con: 10.4 pre: 12
09/10/15 12:30 C US Imp Prices con: -0.50% pre: -1.80%
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When Putin will begin to sell the gold of Russia...
HK RF@ 10:07 GMT 10/09/2015

To finance the expensive war in Syria, THEN.................................

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hk ab 08:42 GMT 10/09/2015
Naive people not aware of all the banksters are from "wallshit" timezone.......

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HK Kwun 07:53 GMT 10/09/2015
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Entry: 1143 Target: 1156 Stop: 1133

TP here at 1150, already said no GVI effect

hk ab 06:32 GMT 10/09/2015

make it plain simple: You just come and want to save the poor Kwun's face.

Don't know if you are seek/nt? but I would not be so interested to respond your post like the miracle Wfavoursky san. :)

"The only ONE in the world, who can drive you to the limbo with a 100% successful rate."

The entry I got 1107 was "unwillingly" placed here.

If more entries post making you sweat and sour-graped, yes, it's my fault.... LOL.

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HK Kwun 04:14 GMT 10/09/2015
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Entry: 1143 Target: 1156 Stop: 1133

try one more time, GVI is no watching here after they separate the forum from FX side. Not much people here, not worth to fishing

wallstreet bankster 00:48 GMT 10/09/2015
ab , the " whole experiment " shows us that when you give the real numbers for SL and TP your trades are even more piece of crap . Blaming wallstret watching gvi for your SL , ahahahah , you are small cocrache , always remember that .

wallstret bankster 00:27 GMT 10/09/2015
bla , bla , bla , super rocket , super fall , you are still where you were , - 182 000 000 if your trade could be real , keep posting your wannabetrader bs .

hk ab 00:11 GMT 10/09/2015
wallshit is really S.......

how could I lose? if my entry was 1140? and didn't you see the super rocket to 1150?

The whole thing was just an experiment to show Kwun why his trades always fail and why I started not to place specific numbers for stops on gvi any more since 3 years ago........

Afterall, you are another sour grape added on top of Kwun......

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 20:07 GMT 10/08/2015
sold a bit of DOW ...just a bit Dow Futures 17067.42...base on Alcoa MISS!!....that is all....... no other reason....Maybe China can give the west another lesson of who is Boss....maybe China will trap more Bulls from the west...who knows....

FYI.... China have NOT lifted Short Selling......that means this Rally is like steel on sand stone legs........LOL

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 19:43 GMT 10/08/2015
double rats ...should have waited...out 1% here 17020...still some nice crumbs....LOL

Sell DOW Relentless
KL KL 19:26 GMT 10/08/2015
Short DOW relentless 17042

Getting out here 17045..... 99 %...chased to 17081 on bigger and bigger position sizing...... got it wrong as a start happy to wait higher 17070....bring it on!! the shorts must be panicking.....the no position Ninja takes the Bulls by the horn....and ride the Tiger...LOL

wallstreet bankster 17:54 GMT 10/08/2015
ab , you lost , blinking first .

hk ab 17:27 GMT 10/08/2015
Let's test the wallshit bankster

place a stop for this new add entry near 1140.......

Good night.

hk ab 14:13 GMT 10/08/2015
oops......inconvenient truth.

hk ab 13:00 GMT 10/08/2015
finally, the limits hit.

another 1/3 from 1140.

hk ab 02:18 GMT 10/08/2015
with the e/j giving clearer picture, large weekly SHS and daily triangle tightening, keep an eye on which side the breakout will take later.

hk ab 02:12 GMT 10/08/2015
don't mind to place buy at 1140 again.......

but unlike someone's stops being kicked by the "wallshit banksters"....

gold, yen
hk ab 02:09 GMT 10/08/2015
Time for a closer look from day to week charts.......

Who "cares" those tiny %?

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HK Kwun 23:39 GMT 10/07/2015
Buy Gold
Entry: 1148 Target: 1159 Stop: 1142

no luck, just touched 1153.5

hk ab 15:19 GMT 10/07/2015
just touched 1142 and rebound....... too greedy.

hk ab 14:02 GMT 10/07/2015
Place "buy" order 1140.... LOL
Thanks, Kwun.

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NW KW 08:49 GMT 10/07/2015
xau in the dally, big pivot this years cart worth wtf move.

Kwun's indicator revisit
HK AB 07:42 GMT 10/07/2015
hk ab 15:11 GMT October 2, 2015
Kwun's indicator: Reply
exit and entry are simple......
When there are more than 3 dickless post from Kwun on any day, that's a signal to watch. more than 5, almost certain that the direction is "confirmed'

If you hear his "WTF Yawn", then, it's time to take 1/2 profit off....

If you hear he said trend change above/below "something", that's the time you need to seriously take most profit off the table.....

ISN'T that SIMPLE? LOL.......

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nw kw 07:07 GMT 10/07/2015
Daly xauaud trapped right on big one pop

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nw kw 06:56 GMT 10/07/2015
oil stock takeover in cad big poss lead

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HK Kwun 04:23 GMT 10/07/2015
Buy Gold
Entry: 1148 Target: 1159 Stop: 1142

try try

nw kw 15:46 GMT 10/06/2015
still on ftse looks run from fed

nw kw 15:12 GMT 10/06/2015
still eur,---aud

wallstreet bankster 15:05 GMT 10/06/2015
ab ,exercising improving your EQ ? you are so funny cucarachas .

hk ab 14:58 GMT 10/06/2015
seek's English is not that proficient, this should be our memorable "nt" or........ another HK trader(not to be named) using the 2nd handle

wallstreet bankster 14:56 GMT 10/06/2015
ab, the lack of arguments from your side is accepted . Just do not miss chance at least close your silly tiny pos with some profit .

hk ab 14:54 GMT 10/06/2015
Can't resist but to say, I LOVE to see if Ala-Kwun can do us a favour to say he is selling now against the 1150 line.... LOL

hk ab 14:52 GMT 10/06/2015
wallshit bankster is finally here.

Don't bother with this kind of sour grapes with the failure traders who can only celebrate on a tiny % gain.

Of course, they can always be selective and NOT to mention the other tools on the protection side. Don't even want to continue the "wallshit" style dialogues with these ppl.

Keep posting and I will celebrate the entry from 1107 tomorrow morning.

wallstreet bankster 14:18 GMT 10/06/2015
numbers tell truth : 1260 - 182 = - 18200 $ , 1143 -38 -3800 $ on relentless times 10(20) and 1107 +40 on JUST 1/3 4000 = times 1/3 JUST 1200 $ .

ab with your so called 20 years experience we must admit you have shitty r/r , read more bc to improve it before bs ..t idiots paying for your service .

HK Kwun 14:02 GMT 10/06/2015
Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

maybe you can also post your 1260 short, stupid ab

hk ab 14:01 GMT 10/06/2015
The following is for the blind one.......oops.....
hk ab 09:06 GMT October 2, 2015
gold: Reply
bought 1/3 entry 1107

next 1100, 1093.

GL Kwun.

Buy Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 13:58 GMT 10/06/2015
Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

stupid ab, post your trade rather than barking again, i know you are hungry, doggy

Buy Gold Immediately
hk ab 13:56 GMT 10/06/2015
Don't needs your lines of excuses, Kwun. Simply you are watched by "wallshit banksters"...

After 1150 breaks, your trades are just a shame.

And mine? LOL...........

With this strength in oil and most importantly XAG, you exited your position, thanks GOD!

Buy Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 13:50 GMT 10/06/2015
Buy Gold
Entry: 1137 Target: Stop:

you can see this stupid ab, only know how to criticize people's trade, but never post his trade, i closed my long because don't know 1140-43 can break through or not, it is just gambling, you doggy will never understand, you come out to ask for can food? your mom didn't give you mike? stupid ab

Buy Gold Immediately
hk ab 13:09 GMT 10/06/2015

Yes!!! Lucky you CLOSED your long, now Gold can fly without free rider, Ala-Kwun!

Buy Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 11:01 GMT 10/06/2015
Buy Gold
Entry: 1137 Target: Stop:

lucky i closed my long

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 07:14 GMT 10/06/2015
stakes are on cowman, aud

Buy Gold Immediately
HK Kwun 07:01 GMT 10/06/2015
Buy Gold
Entry: 1137 Target: Stop:

TP at 1139 first, re enter later

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 06:42 GMT 10/06/2015
strange cow whit rocket gbp flag hit gbp

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 06:29 GMT 10/06/2015
will someone put that cow down

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 06:27 GMT 10/06/2015
but stubborn xjpy cow must be mad sat down keeping strong jpy,

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 06:24 GMT 10/06/2015
gold dont need no cow now united move
frisk eur/gbp

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 06:20 GMT 10/06/2015
xcow kicking need to lay down and pump eur up

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 05:52 GMT 10/06/2015

Buy Gold Immediately
nw kw 05:50 GMT 10/06/2015
keep I on cowman eur to save gold

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