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21/12/14 15:00 B EZ Cons Conf prelim con: n/a pre: -12
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Commitment of Traders Report
GVI Forex john 20:48 GMT 12/19/2014  - My Profile

Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: CAD, AUD, Gold, Oil

Net Crude, Gold, S&P and 10-yr Positions

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Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Short DOW futures...
nw kw 18:26 GMT 12/19/2014
xauaud up 12 in a rang of 30 so xauusd can test small 1180 for support or resistance

London Gold Fix
GVI Forex 15:20 GMT 12/19/2014
PM 1195.50 vs 1197.50 (AM)

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 14:41 GMT 12/19/2014
Yippie....covering all DOW futures shorts here 17777...on 4/5 of 4 DOW short accounts......trail all to 17820.....Pain for a few 24 hours turns to Exhilaration.....LOL.....Now can sleep and put Bombs above 17899....for 2nd cherry bite.....sometimes one has to wait in Ninja trade too....Need to recalculateposition sixing...again....way over to relax and talk trash....LOL

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 12:59 GMT 12/19/2014  - My Profile

Equity, Oil (wti) and Gold Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point

. Click chart icon to store in browser tab.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

Short DOW futures...
nw kw 07:23 GMT 12/19/2014
Short DOW futures 17879 relentless //my cfd platform 17840 top I must have a clunker

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 06:02 GMT 12/19/2014
Dooomshh...Short DOW futures 17879 relentless ultra.......this is super short covering day.......and all the sham...DYOR...dfm..dltM..IMVHO!!1

nw kw 05:45 GMT 12/19/2014
xaunxd minor, secondary trend potential uptrend in downtrend

nw kw 04:59 GMT 12/19/2014
rf-xaunzd is good chart have look what do you see in it let me no

nw kw 02:42 GMT 12/19/2014
Rockys M has cold air in 2weeks need n gas potions

HK RF@ 02:37 GMT 12/19/2014

If no surprises 1165 is where gold will go.

long gold
nw kw 02:11 GMT 12/19/2014
commodity prices in ny are in the green hide for tax man//sell after xmas

long gold
HK RF@ 01:56 GMT 12/19/2014

Seems now that the biggest winner of the negative CHF rates is the NZD:
Hi interest and far from the turmoil zone.

Where AUD for example is exposed to the commodity prices drop.

long gold
zurich fxtrader 19:58 GMT 12/18/2014
Buy Gold
Entry: 1196.20 Target: poen Stop: 1182 should be big winner of the chf negative rates.

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 18:31 GMT 12/18/2014
Wow....amazing DOW futures.... add more here 17658.....nursing some pain but no problem still within zone of comfort...Sell relentless here....Santa Rally is REAL...LOL

GVI Forex john 17:35 GMT 12/18/2014  - My Profile
Soc Gen saying Russia analysts think Russia might have started to sell some of their gold reserves. Watch the gold price. Im not sure Gold is correlating well with forex values these days. It used to trade very well with AUDUSD.

Sell Gold
Central Kwun 14:25 GMT 12/18/2014
Sell Gold
Entry: 1203 Target: Stop:

bull is short lived

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 11:49 GMT 12/18/2014
chased DOW futures to waiting to cover tomorrow because OMINIOUS SIGNS are seen.......LOL who knows ...robot in there to take more shorts Dow while I slumber above 17588-17640.....hope that will cap this rise and TP set at 17488 and under...lets see how good my HFT robot!!....g'nite gl gt... DYOR...imvho and DFM...DLTM.... Fade this Dow Crap!!?? or will I be Crapped by DOW futures Sham?? we shall see tomorrow

London Gold Fix
GVI Forex 11:00 GMT 12/18/2014
AM: 1210.75 vs 1195.75 (PM)

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 09:40 GMT 12/18/2014
Short Dow again....17514...No Mercy in Shorting the Lies of USA...LOL....DYOR...DFM....DLTm...imvho.....its one of those days...funny bizness.....Battle station...3 Armada Carrier Launched!!!! DOOOOMMMMMSHHH!!

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 08:00 GMT 12/18/2014
covering 4/5 DOW and FTSE shorts here 17448 and 6406 respectively....happy....;-)0

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 07:47 GMT 12/18/2014
Doomsh shorting relentless DOW 17462 and FTSE 6440 ULTRA SUPER Relentless....Wheeee...Funny Biz ness is here again

Global-View Trading Systems
GVI Forex john 21:23 GMT 12/17/2014  - My Profile

Equity, Oil (wti) and Gold Pivot Points, Support and Resistance Levels. Chart Point

. Click chart icon to store in browser tab.

Using Pivot Points in Forex Trading:
A Simple but Effective Trading System

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 20:53 GMT 12/17/2014
Shorting Dow here 17378...and long audusd .81235.....keep adding highr and lower.....lower.....Sooooooo slow and lagging and @!#$%^&*(!!! anyone else have this problem....sham Brokers....relentless becomes slow motion....LOL...still some platform a touch better....

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 20:27 GMT 12/17/2014
stopped out no help from bonds or gold stocks

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 19:35 GMT 12/17/2014
yippie....covering 4/5 of Dow shorts here 17310..... chased it to 17381...crazy frenzy.....LOL now can close shop for the year.......this is Mega Ton shorts and so many la la...happy stops 17333... they can take it or I cover rest under 17250....and move stops lower...either way I beat the Sham brokers....SLOOOOOOOWWWW to get ticket to trade...

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 19:21 GMT 12/17/2014
test longs 1200 xauaud held support hm

Short DOW futures...
KL KL 19:07 GMT 12/17/2014
Dooomsh....short DOW relentless 17356...actually relentless and brokers soooooo slow to refresh...fired up 3-4 accounts on this FED Nothing Crap and Sham news...SELLLLLL!!

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 08:23 GMT 12/17/2014
out 1465 lol getting burnt out need fed now

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 08:10 GMT 12/17/2014
short 1468 u/j looks strong

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:50 GMT 12/17/2014
tks spikey lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:48 GMT 12/17/2014
long 1470 need spike or I quit

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:35 GMT 12/17/2014
short now 1469 o lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:33 GMT 12/17/2014
out 1468 for now lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:28 GMT 12/17/2014
lol test long 1469

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:26 GMT 12/17/2014
lol out at 1467.5

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:11 GMT 12/17/2014
short 1469 lol need the action lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:03 GMT 12/17/2014
all out 1471 lol hm

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 07:02 GMT 12/17/2014
all out 1471 lol hm

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 06:59 GMT 12/17/2014
lol do I add at 1471 no 72 lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 06:27 GMT 12/17/2014
must test long 1468 - be stopped fast lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 06:01 GMT 12/17/2014
timber aud/usa poss .8130 test /add small 1470

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 05:57 GMT 12/17/2014
lol add 1470

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 05:47 GMT 12/17/2014
long 1469 ? lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 04:53 GMT 12/17/2014
1489 is resistance some rom for fed

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 04:51 GMT 12/17/2014
out 1468, looking for profit is king hm

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 03:11 GMT 12/17/2014
off to the bank lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 03:08 GMT 12/17/2014
out 1 more 1466.8 for kl but keep 2 long lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 03:06 GMT 12/17/2014
add 2 at 1466 lol

Trade Gold.....LOL
nw kw 03:05 GMT 12/17/2014
out 2 at 1467 keep 1 for kl or add lol

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