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26/02/18 15:00 A US New Home Sales con: 650 pre: 625
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USD rebound
Central Kwun 02:30 GMT 02/26/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1336 Target: Stop: 1345

add another lot

USD rebound
Central Kwun 05:54 GMT 02/22/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1324 Target: Stop: 1336


Herds of specs. bought gold at 1325; So let's see the market action.
HK [email protected] 10:21 GMT 02/21/2018
So banksters may sharpen their teeth.

Gold outside bearish day what else do we have to ask for.
HK [email protected] 19:03 GMT 02/20/2018
Probably I was not yet spotted by the banksters.

Or maybe the majority didn't agree with my view at that moment.
Just chart gazing, no need for top-wonder spitting-numbers programs:)

HK [email protected] 05:19 GMT 02/20/2018
Banksters do not need to read GV, they know about your stops from their records.
They will also communicate with each other asking about the stops of their clients.
Dirty business no doubt. Losses guaranteed. haha

PK Kwun continues with PK trades.
hk ab 03:07 GMT 02/20/2018
Now, the hallucinogen is too strong for him to claim a sell at $1350.
Your reservation at Castle Peak is confirmed.

Stupid ab is really an Otaku
Central Kwun 02:10 GMT 02/20/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1350 Target: Stop: 1360

Stupid ab is definitely an Otaku. Barking all the day during this Chinese New Year. Really make us sick. Maybe your mom is not here, so this doggy is so lonely.

Hk Ab 16:41 GMT 02/19/2018

The mkt volume is huge. However, a spike down/up $30 is just a piece of cake for them to touch your stop.

And these spikes would just be submerged in the daily and weekly chart.

Especially for someone who likes using $10 stop, finding tasty stops are always the Bangsters’ Dim sum.

Few days ago, news media mentioned some probes are going on in VIX, I think metals mkt are even more obvious, LOL

as they are not spotted by bangsters..........
HK [email protected] 08:36 GMT 02/19/2018
What do you think that you are in this multibillion market that you are being wathched by the banksters?
A whale or an elephant?
You are less than a fly here.
You remind me an old joke about a fly which decided to have an intercourse with an elephant.
At that time it so happened, she trumpeted her trunk loud.
So the fly told her: "Ok dear elephant; Relax!
I know that my dick is very big so I'll pull back a bit".

hk ab 01:19 GMT 02/19/2018
One thing we learn from GVI after staying on this forum for nearly 20 years is that, trades are good as long as they are not spotted by bangsters..........

Happy trades. Oil found support and yen seems to diip further.......

yen down channel is established..... what else is needed? An avalanche.

Gold outside bearish day what else do we have to ask for.
HK [email protected] 04:27 GMT 02/18/2018
Gold excellent support at 1085: Read my lips and we shall be there!!!!

All computed and staged well. Yen to the toilet too!!!

Gold outside bearish day what else do we have to ask for.
HK [email protected] 04:19 GMT 02/18/2018
Gold will be sacrificed for propping stox. No inflation, no crisis no, nothing,,, all as usual:)

hk ab 17:03 GMT 02/16/2018
will buy gold relentless under 1350 now as long as yen doesn't break 106.80

hk ab 16:34 GMT 02/16/2018
time to take profit from shorts and see what's next

not bad for a red packet money in the year of dog.

Hk Ab 10:20 GMT 02/16/2018
Yen seems weaken,

Gold SAR and short from 1361, every $3 up SAR 1383.5 s/l

Hk Ab 05:07 GMT 02/16/2018
Still holding 255 from 1310 will see when to do the SAR

Hk Ab 05:05 GMT 02/16/2018
Kitco is the most famous gold bangster.

With yen breaks and gold doesn’t follow, I prefer to sell 1363 and every $3 up

Rare opinion(OCBC) and contradictory to the majority but...
HK [email protected] 04:35 GMT 02/16/2018
Most banksters say buy!!!

Rare opinion(OCBC) and contradictory to the majority but...
hk ab 03:56 GMT 02/16/2018
The more the bangsters said SELL, you know what you SHOULD do.....

They must be sweating like no tomorrow.

Rare opinion(OCBC) and contradictory to the majority but...
HK [email protected] 01:15 GMT 02/16/2018

I suspect it has some footing per my long time observations.
I think the active neckline may put a limit to gold price rise(chart).
My target is 1080$/Oz.

(Kitco News) - From here on out, gold prices will be on a downward trajectory until they hit $1,100 in Q4 of 2018, OCBC Bank said in its 2018 Commodities Outlook.

“The yellow metal should continue to fade lower into the year as interest rates gradually rise amid a positive global growth backdrop. We keep our outlook at $1,100/oz at year-end,” OCBC’s economist Barnabas Gan wrote in a report released on Wednesday.

Gold To Head Lower After This Rally, Dropping To $1,100 By Year-End - OCBC

hk ab 01:25 GMT 02/15/2018
fastest $30 move profit!!

I should have loaded trunks!! Then early retirement.

key-day reversal yesterday?

hk ab 15:58 GMT 02/14/2018
Kwun saw me buying and he shorted? .........Gold blasts!

hk ab 14:13 GMT 02/14/2018
one needs to be alert if yen doesn't follow the flock.....

hk ab 13:42 GMT 02/14/2018
something big waiting.......shshsh......

hk ab 13:35 GMT 02/14/2018
small buy and decide later. 1320

hk ab 13:32 GMT 02/14/2018
LOL, bangsters are on GVI as usual.

HK Ab 13:09 GMT 02/14/2018
Exit short here 1331.5, will redshort higher later.

hk ab 23:58 GMT 02/13/2018
Take profit here 1332, sell 1335 then 1345 (if seen) and 1355 next.

Mkt still wants to shake off free rider.

Not bad for 511 positions from 1310

Stupid ab is really stupid ab
Central Kwun 07:19 GMT 02/12/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

Keep barking, stupid ab, we all know your trading record and big mouth. Type bunch of words doesn't mean anything. Play your own book and paper trade

Kwun can't have good positions forever.
hk ab 03:18 GMT 02/12/2018
For sour grape like you, don't want to waste time on the further elaboration.

From initial entry to my last, it's not even more than $30 range yet, double up position till 1307 is only 511 positions. (Maybe it's too large for you as your trades are always those small dick $10 game)

Above 1400 is now likely.

Of course, if you can do us a favour not to buy and sink the boat, life will be easier without free riders.

Embrace your s/l.

Stupid ab is really stupid ab
Central Kwun 01:56 GMT 02/12/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

hk ab 14:59 GMT 02/07/2018
Entered 1331, 1328, 1325, 1322, 1319 with progressive entries.
now you are telling people you have doubled your long position at the lowest at 1307? which is the lowest of last week! you are really a GOD OF GOLD, MASTER OF GOLD, KING OF LIAR

hk ab 12:09 GMT 02/09/2018
Double up bought down till 1307, now avg 1310.

No worry at all, except those big mouth idiots who only knows eating his $10 s/l..........

The only omnious sign would change my mind is crude closes below 55.

I worry idiot Kwun not showing up again on GVI
hk ab 12:06 GMT 02/09/2018
As above.

Stupid ab is really stupid ab
Central Kwun 02:31 GMT 02/09/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1317 Target: Stop:

hk ab 14:59 GMT 02/07/2018
Entered 1331, 1328, 1325, 1322, 1319 with progressive entries.
yesterday lowest was 1307, how much did you loss stupid ab faker

Stupid ab is really stupid ab
Central Kwun 01:06 GMT 02/08/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1328 Target: Stop: 1338

TP at 1314, Bingo
hk ab 14:59 GMT 02/07/2018
Entered 1331, 1328, 1325, 1322, 1319 with progressive entries.

fake trade/paper trade again, without SL,

hk ab 14:59 GMT 02/07/2018
Entered 1331, 1328, 1325, 1322, 1319 with progressive entries.

Kwun get pk by his own trade.
hk ab 14:57 GMT 02/07/2018
No wonder your trades are like your mouth...... dirty trades...........

No, they are dirt trades.

Stupid ab is really stupid ab
Central Kwun 08:01 GMT 02/07/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1328 Target: Stop: 1338

wish this year, your year, the dog of the year, can learn what is intergirty

Stupid ab is really stupid ab
Central Kwun 07:17 GMT 02/07/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1328 Target: Stop: 1338

we all know that you have shorted gold at 13x0 without SL and claimed yourself is making money when gold fell from 136x, no credibility at all. Keep barking doggie

hk ab 05:57 GMT 02/07/2018
LOL. Kwun you have made the funniest joke in the year.

Having 3 successful trades to KO your stupid trades and you called that trader "stupid". Except Congratulations, I don't know any other terms for your great loss, each $10 for proper positions.

GL and your "contra" indicator is always appreciated as always...... stupid.

Now, we can buy up again....... 1339 target?

1340 is support now
Central Kwun 01:07 GMT 02/07/2018
Sell Gold
Entry: 1328 Target: Stop: 1338

although these two days trading are not favour to me, but my trading is fully in discipline, win some loss some,
doesn't like the stupid ab, keep moving the goalposts, tell us he is not losing money with no stop loss for $100

hk ab 15:51 GMT 02/06/2018
to some ppl, everyday is the same.......

hk ab 15:50 GMT 02/06/2018
now we can start reloading again........after shrugging off the free-riders....

$3 rule.

Hk AB 13:48 GMT 02/06/2018
The most valuable pearl on GVI.........Kwun’s contra indicator.......LoL

SAR from longs to short ONCE heard the loser yelling Gold has bottomed.....
Well done as usual, timely and accurate.

We all know the target is 1331

1340 is support now
Central Kwun 09:32 GMT 02/06/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1341 Target: Stop: 1331

Dow are finally correcting themselves which makes this a perfect time to go LONG on gold

1340 is support now
Central Kwun 02:46 GMT 02/06/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1341 Target: Stop: 1331

Previous was stop, admitted, today is another day,

hk ab 20:14 GMT 02/05/2018
very close now.....

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