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Do the mid-terms matter for stocks or the USD?
Livingston nh 12:44 GMT 11/06/2018
One of the purely political effects of today's election will be the confirmation of further party disintegration -- if this happens it will expand the populist agenda and bolster the influence of the extreme wings in both major parties -- this extreme realignment was last seen in the conversion of the Solid South from Democrats to Republicans

On the economic front a change in Congress will have little impact on the Trump regulatory rollback - if these policies are accelerated over the next two years it will have a greater impact than the income tax cuts (regulation is a burdensome non productive TAX) // But regardless of the possible change in party control of Congress the two industries that will come under fire in the next two years are education and healthcare (insurance/pharma/hospital TROIKA) // Trump the Builder may emerge if Infrastructure Needs are put on a democrat Congressional agenda -- The Deficit will rise to the chagrin of the shrinking ranks of the Republican deficit "hawks"

Do the mid-terms matter for stocks or the USD?
GVI Forex 16:24 GMT 11/05/2018  - My Profile

haifa ac 16:19 GMT 11/05/2018 - My Profile
Some Relief for IRAN:

LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leads Chants of “Death to America!” in Tehran — Refers to America as “Great Satan” (VIDEO)

Dillon AL 16:49 GMT 10/26/2018  - My Profile
One of the men named by pro-government Turkish media as one of 15 suspects in the alleged murder of Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi has reportedly died in a car accident.
Mashal Saad al-Bostani of the Saudi Royal Air Forces had reportedly been en route to Saudi Arabia.
The report comes from a pro-Turkish government source that has had a lot of scoops from anonymous Turkish officials on the Khashoggi case.
Turkish officials have leaked intelligence to Turkish and US publications, but have apparently not provided key evidence to US intelligence services.
how convenient AND will we eventually find that the other 14 mysteriously die/disappear as well ??

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civil war
Livingston nh 14:26 GMT 10/16/2018
jp - this case has ben proceeding since 2015 - a sad comment on the judge but asbestos litigation proceeded against private companies (johns Manville) for years to the point where gas stations were being sued for asbestos lined brakes - government mandated the use of asbestos but government was exempt // same thing w/ this case - if you do enough forum shopping you can always find a judge who was promoted from the village idiot to the bench

civil war
Mtl JP 21:09 GMT 10/15/2018
.. Twenty-one children and young adults, ... climate change .... and govt...

scheduled to go to trial in federal court on Oct. 29

GVI 10:59 GMT 10/09/2018

civil war
Livingston nh 13:38 GMT 10/03/2018
jp - the plebes are alive and well // socialism dogooderism gives HOPE to the status Quo folks

Formating text for clarity
Mtl JP 18:47 GMT 06/26/2018
Suggest use the <pre> tag to display content that is preformatted. This means that the content will appear in the browser just the way you entered it.

The Golden Acorn
Livingston nh 21:17 GMT 06/20/2018
JP - the IMF is desperate to inject itself into the competition for the Golden Acorn awarded by the Chicken Little School of Dubious Science (Bird FLU, Y2K, Global Warming emeritus, but believers now use Climate Change) -- economists and their theories have been excluded because of the inherently dubious and non-scientific nature of the profession

The IMF "studies" about the wonderfulness of refugees is truly a crock of sunshine but the Awards Committee is not so easily fooled -- no ACORN!!

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haifa ac 07:38 GMT 09/21/2017  - My Profile
Pat Condell:

"Europe is Killing itself"

Powerful. The comment about Thomas Jefferson's education about Islam is interesting.

Haifa ac 10:14 GMT 08/26/2017  - My Profile

the phrase was first given prominent circulation in English by Bernard Lewis in the form: 'First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People,' in an article written for Commentary in early 1976. Lewis claimed that the phrase was heard in the Arab world on the eve of the Six Day War (1967), and argued that recent developments in Lebanon suggested that the Arabs had reversed their priorities....

THAT WAS LONG AGO. Now it comes to Switzerland:

Swiss Guard admits it is 'only a matter of time' before Rome is hit by a terrorist attack but declares the Pope will be safe if Vatican is targeted

Swiss Guard chief Christoph Graf said his force is prepared for a terrorist attack
Comes amid worries Rome could be targeted in a Barcelona-style mass murder
ISIS has repeatedly threatened to attack Rome and even threatened the Pope

Read more:

It is Andalusia and then CHRISTIANITY--back to Muhammed and SALADIN!
We need another Richard the LION HEART!

haifa ac 05:21 GMT 08/25/2017  - My Profile

Poland Refuses to Take Any Muslim Migrants After Latest Terror Attacks
Paweł Soloch, head of the Polish National Security Office, made the comments in reaction to the recent terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils last week. “We are convinced by the latest attacks that there is a natural base for terrorists where a large number of poorly integrated Muslims live,” Soloch said according to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

“I see a growing number of Muslim refugees and a surge of terrorism,” Soloch said and added that there was evidence of a potential migrant wave headed for Poland.

The comments from the security office chief are in line with the general sentiment expressed by other nations in the Visegrád Group – Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia – who have all resisted the redistribution of migrants by the European Union.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło made similar comments in 2016 when she said: “I see no possibility that refugees will come to Poland.”

Now we can expect some migration of West Europeans to the east.
Ever asked yourself why is it that the CONTRIBUTION of 1.2 Billion Muslims to the world of science in the last 400 years is ZILCH? (hint: Blind Faith and Science cannot exist in the same room! revelation society and doubt society cannot co-exist!)

haifa ac 16:38 GMT 08/20/2017  - My Profile
In Israel, today, a terror expert suggested that in his opinion the next mega terror attack by Islam will be CHEMICAL MASS ATTACK.
Who knows.

Haifa ac 10:29 GMT 08/20/2017  - My Profile
Barcelona,, Paris, London, Berlin, Turkey, Jerusalem.
What do they have in common?
The are soft belly of the WEST
Islam is a MURDEROUS IDEOLOGY that believes it should rule the world (DAR EL HARB or DAR EL ISLAM).
Why do they succeed in their vile terrorist attacks?
The real question is what is common to : Pearl Harbor, Yom Kippur war, 9/11, Paris?---ONE WORD:
COMPLACENCY (tranquility, smugness, apathy)
The Americans did not expect a Japanese attack or Al Qaida attack. The Jews did not expect Yom Kippur. The Tourists in Barcelona did not expect a terror attack.
The enemy is vile, coward and murderous. He relishes on this weakness of the Western world.
And he uses whatever means (knives, machines guns, trucks, missiles, suicide bombers....) to scare the West.
The trouble? the west does not wake up UNTIL it is getting badly hit (Pearl harbor, Twin towers, Passover massacre in Netanya...just a few clear examples)
moral of this analysis?
1. Islam will continues to use this (stupid) weakness of the West--because it is easy (life has no value in Islam-- it is the culture that adores death) and almost inviting,
2. The only thing that will wake up the world to destroy Islem is a TERRIBLE ATTACK-- most likely an atom bomb (that will come from North Korea or Pakistan, or Iran).
3. The longer this war on Western Civilization goes on-- the odds for a horrendous attack are growing
4. So--expect a very bad attack in the next few years that will WAKE UP THE WEST FROM ITS IDIOTIC DORMANT COMPLACENCY. It is almost inevitable
5. There is one other alternative-- Islam will vanish the day that OIL will really be replaced by alternative sources of energy-- but that may take years.

When Bullies Collide
Livingston nh 19:17 GMT 08/13/2017
One more thing - all this BS game theory or negotiation doesn't apply to unbalanced nuclear opponents - Conventional warfare between Nuclear adversaries ALWAYS degenerates to nuclear destruction of the weaker party

All the buzz words 'limited war", "proportional response", "collateral damage" have no place in GAMES between nuclear powers

When Bullies Collide
Livingston nh 19:00 GMT 08/13/2017
jp - CHINA MAY NOT UNDERSTAND what the Soviets did - there are no winners w/ second strike capable opponents // none of the commentariat is considering that the only way to ensure the dual mandate of elimination of the NK dynasty and protect the hostages is a FIRST STRIKE by the US the requirements are 1) moving US killer subs into proximity of NK subs, 2) moving US missile subs w/i 200 mi or less of NK, 3) launch clean-up B52 and B1 w/ nuke cruise missile
4) secrecy (no ally) attack late evening on ALL TARGETS

This is Pre-emptive war - justified by threat and capability of NK (really STUPID since victory is the only justification)

Fait accompli by dawn

US does not have conventional war capacity to achieve twin goals SO MASSAVE FIRST STRIKE satisfies VICTORY conditions

When Bullies Collide
Mtl JP 23:51 GMT 08/11/2017
nh - I am sceptical the NKorean's is an independent , original action.

china put on a military show aug4-8 during which it let rip a few dozen missiles to attempt to demonstrate the local top dogs disenchantment with the intruder.

from an earlier Mtl JP 01:18 GMT August 11 FF post:
Judging from the reuters piece it seems like the real pi$$ed off party is China at the American smelling up the neighbourhood with his presence there with his harsh diplomacy meddling toys.

When Bullies Collide
Livingston nh 12:29 GMT 08/11/2017
Jp - The destruction of the Mafia family rule in NK would be beneficial in two ways and reunification would be beneficial to Chinese interests -- it reduces the likelihood that Japan would expand its nuclear development; many SKs would be appalled by the US action and the removal of Kim threat would result in a neutral KOREA w/ no need for US troops; the rebuilding of the north would involve a great investment opportunity for many Chinese firms

The alleged fear of NK folks rushing to China would not materialize if SK was an option - Viet Nam is a bent analogy but useful
The GREAT risk is the mob boss stays in power w/ thermonuclear capability in 18 mos - SK, Japan, the Philippines are hostages now BUT 18 mos from now China might be in the position of the US today

Return of the Prodigal
Mtl JP 22:56 GMT 07/26/2017
goremoron is back.... and fired up more than ever
with a sequel
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

haifa ac 07:16 GMT 07/13/2017  - My Profile
Living conditions in Gaza 'more and more wretched' over past decade, UN finds

11 July 2017 – A decade after Hamas seized the Gaza Strip, the living conditions for two million people in the Palestinian enclave are deteriorating “further and faster” than the prediction made in 2012 that the enclave would become “unlivable” by 2020, a new United Nations report has found.

“Gaza has continued on its trajectory of 'de-development', in many cases even faster than we had originally projected,” said Robert Piper, the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities, in a press release on the new report, “Gaza – 10 years later.”

In an intra-Palestinian conflict, Hamas took over Gaza in 2007. Israel has sought to isolate the group by restricting the movements of goods and people in and out of the strip. It was also administratively separated from the West Bank.

Remember our long discussions? How you praised Hamas and predicted that Israel will be gone by now?
You have 3 years to flee your hell hole.
2 millions people who surrendered to HAMAS and now are paying with their life. KUDOS!

The French Election
Livingston nh 11:53 GMT 04/26/2017
One rule of elections is that folks are more likely to turnout to cast a negative vote, ignoring sickness or weather that would deter a trip to vote for an overwhelming favorite or for a party hack

The election is being touted by the Groupthink media as important to reject Le Pen - voters in the traditional parties have joined before to reject the National front // BUT this election has TWO negatives, Le Pen and politics as usual - the task is to determine how many voters say a plague on both your houses and stay home (low turnout), how many perceive politics as usual as the greater evil and reject the call from traditional party leaders to vote for Macron AND the Wild Card of the Far Left and Socialist voters who perceive Macron as the candidate of the Elites

The voters rejected the traditional parties and this is a problem for Macron who is a candidate without a Party - how much organization can/will the party leaders provide for the Maverick into the election day?

The cultural and economic demographics in France are at play in this election much more so than in the recent Dutch election -- it is very similar to Brexit vote, yes or no -- the demographics and motivations of the electorate have shifted -- the polls may be missing this again

I would say the GAP is likely 7% - Macron's support beyond his First Round vote is lukewarm (broad but shallow) -- any slips and the gap can be filled

The French Election
Livingston nh 19:16 GMT 04/25/2017

dil -
It appears that the commentariat has decided that Macron will be the next President of France. Of course, there are the requisite cautions about the Odds and the tag line that anything can happen. Such comments expose the writers' confusion of IMprobable and IMpossible events. The writers actually believe that a Le Pen victory is impossible but it would be gauche to be so frank. Most of the political analysts understand the HOW of elections but not the WHY. When they err the culprit is often the reliance on the GOOD ANALOGY.
In at least two comments you have put a 3x% cap on the Second Round vote for Le Pen. My limited understanding of multi party Parliamentary systems is always a problem in European elections. I see this as a much closer election because of the cultural and economic issues. BUT rather than bid against myself I would ask you to explain the basis for your 3x% cap.

I attach a chart from NYTimes that shows the vote preferences map of France. I note PARIS (the circle) rebuffed Le Pen. The Election is clearly an elites in the castle vs the pitchfork peasants in the village. I will rely on this map for further discussion (if any).

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How Trump could soon be at war with Yellen
Livingston nh 22:31 GMT 03/12/2017
1982 was a major tax change (correcting some 1974 ERISA benefits) - Volcker was basically fired by 1986 for doing his job // the Dollar rallied dramatically

Context - Sometimes things work - Sometimes not so much // Beware of Good Analogies

How Trump could soon be at war with Yellen
New York NY 13:39 GMT 03/09/2017
The Federal Reserve chair, with one year left in her tenure as the world’s most powerful central banker, is almost certain to announce a hike in interest rates by one-quarter point next Wednesday.

She and her Fed colleagues could boost rates further throughout this year, potentially putting a lid on a stock market rally the president loves to celebrate and taking the punch out of a package of tax cuts and infrastructure spending the White House hopes will juice the economy next year and beyond.

That will be hard to deliver under any circumstances, but particularly if the Fed is pumping the brakes by pushing up rates that will make it more expensive for companies and individuals to spend and invest. “It’s much less fiscal stimulus and much more response to the Fed that drives economic cycles,” said Rosenberg. “Ronald Reagan came in in 1980 and cut taxes but that did not prevent recession. When the recovery started in 1982 it’s because [Fed Chair Paul] Volcker cut rates dramatically.”

Political Updates

Here is what Trump should say
Caribbean! Rafe... 22:13 GMT 02/03/2017  - My Profile
I wonder what Trump is gonna do about the people terrorizing him. If his advice is followed America will be a role model country for the next 100 years. Forget nukes, there wont be nukes, the people of this country will surely reach a consensus that protection policies in other countries are the same policies implemented to protect them in their own countries from their own people rather than worry about being protected from people from other countries in their own country...

too loopy... LOL.

Here is what Trump should say
haifa ac 06:28 GMT 02/02/2017  - My Profile
It is only getting BETTER by the day:

Exclusive: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam - sources

The Trump administration wants to revamp and rename a U.S. government program designed to counter all violent ideologies so that it focuses solely on Islamist extremism, five people briefed on the matter told Reuters.

The program, "Countering Violent Extremism," or CVE, would be changed to "Countering Islamic Extremism" or "Countering Radical Islamic Extremism," the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings and shootings in the United States.

Such a change would reflect Trump's election campaign rhetoric and criticism of former President Barack Obama for being weak in the fight against Islamic State and for refusing to use the phrase "radical Islam" in describing it. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for attacks on civilians in several countries......

F A N T A S T I C !!!!

Haifa ac 09:08 GMT 01/29/2017  - My Profile
CNN Attacks Trump For Keeping Promises

The Left does not know what hit it. They are screaming and kicking like a wounded animal.
Turns out that HONESTY and KEEPING PROMISES are VILE FEATURES in a leader.

haifa ac 08:11 GMT 01/21/2017  - My Profile
So what happened yesterday?

1. A strong person became the most powerful man on Earth

2. Trump did NOT use PC in his inauguration speech.

3. He means it- He WILL destroy some of Washington D.C. Corruption and cut many fattish/useless positions (if he is not assassinated first)

4. Unlike most presidents, Trump comes from a successful record (failures and victories) in the REAL WORLD--therefore he will be the best negotiator in the white house for decades. He knows that the stronger negotiator wins.

5. The fact that he is old and rich means that he will not kiss a$s to his opponents because of future calculations (like the Clintons and Obamas who preferred to prostrate to Islam because there are 1.3 billions of them and they have oil (thus will offer them return of favors once they leave office) while there are only 14 million Jews who have very little. So it pays to give in to the Iranians and the Saudis.
He will negotiate from a POV of POWER and not personal gains.

6. We have a president that means what he says (although many doubt it). Let us hope congress, media and the trilateral commission :(Brzezinski/Soros/Kissinger/Rothschilds...whoknows) do not stop him first.

7. The meek shall NOT inherit the earth. The world adores strength. From Alexander the Great to Napoleon to Gary Cooper (High Noon) to Putin to Trump. The world disdained Prostrating Obama who will soon be forgotten. In just a few months we will see a world that admires AMERICA again because she has a strong SHERIFF!

8. Trump called the media "the ENEMIES". Since most of the media has become leftist/liberal/sycophantic body--this is calling a spade a spade! Time for more balanced Fourth Estate. This also relates to Hollywood where for every John Voight there are a thousand Barbara Streisands. The Madonas of the world are getting their share with Donald Trump.

9. If he is serious about eradicating Jihadist Islam-- the world will definitely enter a new ERA (much like the Baby Boomers after WWII who enjoyed a very long prosperous time for the middle class)

10. In short--the American People should be given HIGH FIVE for choosing HONESTY, STRENGTH, REAL CHANGE future upon continuation of the OLD POLITICS of the CLINTONS. Washington, Monroe, Adams are saluting the American people from their graves.
I predict the world will soon go back to ADMIRING AMERICA as the SHINING LIGHT ON THE HILL and many countries will again admire the wisdom of the FOUNDING FATHERS who really wante a NEW WORLD.
And if he is successful--then the outrageous GAP between the HAVES and the HAVENOTS will start shrinking again.

GO DON!!!!.

Here is what Trump should say
Haifa ac 17:16 GMT 01/20/2017  - My Profile
Trump read my post and just said (12:13 pm Washington time)

Who said there is no GOD?!

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Post and pre Mortem
Livingston nh 19:37 GMT 01/09/2017
As President Obama winds down his presidency the pundits are taking their free shots based on Party affiliation but he shares something in common with the next president that is not open to criticism by either Party -- Both won the Presidency

It is REMARKABLE - the Greatest HIT of both is that THEY each won - nothing that comes after will surpass that simple FACT

A political novice, President Obama, a man perceived by the media to be a black man, beat Clinton in the Primary (so why did people credit her chance 8 yrs later?) and then the Republican candidate in the General election (imo no Republican had a chance that year because of the worst President in US history) -- he represents the strength of America, his father is black and his mother is white, because we are a nation of racial, religious and political alloys - Irish and Italian, Christian and Jewish, Conservatives and Liberals // More of a political novice even than President Obama, a geriatric President-elect Trump overcame a bevy of professional politicians in the Primary and then defeated the ELITES favorite, CLINTON, by running against the status quo and he did it with Democrats and Republicans (no Virginia, there is no such thing as an INDEPENDENT) -- he, an elite in education, monetary heritage and wealth, ran on the concerns of the Great Unwashed (i.e., Deplorables) and like many educated and/or wealthy leaders he won - whether he disappoints the aspirations of his supporters or affirms the despair of the defeated elitists is irrelevant -- he won

History will judge their respective administrations but cannot deny the testament of their attainment of the Presidency

Here is what Trump should say
Haifa ac 18:33 GMT 01/08/2017  - My Profile
I hope that on his inauguration day or speech Trump will have the gumption to say this:

"For 8 years we had a leader that refused to utter the words "ISLAMIC TERROR". This was a terrible mistake.
Fanatic Islam (Jihad) is not any different than the Nazis. They want to destroy anyone who is not like them. They feel they have the divine right to murder any human being wherever they are. In towers, in airports, in churches, in market places, in stadiums, in restaurants, in synagogues, in name it. Using guns, bombs, chemicals, name it... The new enemy does not fight armies but kills innocent civilians. This is not acceptable by Western Civilization which I represent and I am going to stop them.
In the same way that we declared war on Nazi Germany (and later Japan) and defeated them completely--I hereby declare war against FANATIC ISLAM. The next terror act will bring upon Fanatic Islam the WRATH OF THE AMERICAN TIGER (ala Tora Tora Tora).
We will destroy anyone who is preaching, supporting, harboring , communicating their murderous belief. We will eradicate them from the face of the Earth in the same way that we eradicated Nazism and the Japanese Harakiri and all forces of evil in history. (Amalek if you wish).

This is NOT a war against ISLAM, only against JIHAD. This is a great opportunity for millions of Muslims who feel that FANATIC ISLAM is their enemy too to join us in this total war against this faction which represents nothing but the highest EVIL on earth today.

If they join us and report every member of FANATIC ISLAM to us-- they will be a most welcome part of our world. If they do not--they should not be surprised if we suspect them.
Fanatic Islam WILL BE ERADICATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH as long as I am president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-- so help me GOD.

Something like this will change terror in the world very fast.

nw kw 05:52 GMT 12/16/2016
did this in 1980s, oil

nw kw 05:49 GMT 12/16/2016
trump in cad reversed from bad oil, for immigration hunt gon, so will gbp it started hear first at oil 100.00 in Alberta ca.
oil 55. not 30.

Change is in the Air
Mtl JP 14:16 GMT 12/14/2016
When will the Chinese bitch show some balls ?

Wed Dec 14, 2016 -
U.S. ready to confront Beijing on South China Sea: admiral

USA Election
Tradertown 10:11 GMT 11/22/2016
wtf is thissss!!! ? ? ? ?

USA Election
KL KL 01:26 GMT 11/08/2016
Somehow its ok

if women cheat in debate with Leaked question to Clinton...

if she lies about Bengazhi..... First ever USA diplomat death....

somehow told the world, Paid Media and Financial Banks that she was NOT aware that private email server was Not Ok......and forgiven..... seriously.... How many companies you know with the Chairman-CEO having a private server if it is not for QUICK Cover up.....all well thought off and planned...... EVIL as far as Ninja is concern!! For a moment just imagine Trump did all those.......??? how is it that we have lowered our standards of morality for women??

This women resemble Julia Gillard of Australia said there will not be any Carbon Tax......Global warming, NBN, Paid Child care, Education revolution Australia looking at $750 + billion debt......lets print more money like USA!!...and property EPIC collapse coming...across Australia and Asia...coming soon!!

Minority President
Livingston nh 20:48 GMT 10/24/2016
Much of the Presidential election commentary over the past 30 years is the failure of candidates to reach 50% of the "popular" vote -- there is a reason the Electoral college was set up this way (much like my personal objection to the popular election of Senate) -- SO Trump loses by YUUGE majority in CA and NY but wins in close elections elsewhere

52% for Clinton 47.2 for TRUMP -- whining starts immediately

Change is in the Air
Livingston nh 00:06 GMT 10/24/2016
As War is too important to be left to the Generals so are most political/economic/social issues for the respective elites -- where it all went PEAR SHAPED LINK

Cycle of Life
Livingston nh 23:24 GMT 10/23/2016
50 years ago the baby boomers were sure the system was rigged, the WAR was screwed up and they would fix it --- hahhe// and now the baby boomers are the candidates

And still -- RIGGED, NO MORE WAR, EQUALITY are the issues -- SOME FIX

Orientation for the West – the main and unsurpassable obstacle for the entity of Romanian people
Denver D.G. 04:05 GMT 10/14/2016
The modern huge ‘spot’ of Romania in Europe is the consequence of rather fortunate coincidence of events in the 20th century. Even the Eastern border was lined along the river Prut quiet reasonably: under the conditions of 1944 year Moldavian SSR could include not only Bessarabia, but also Moldova itself up to the river Siret, and even up to the Carpathian Mountains. And if the king Mihai had been thinking more and if it had been Hungary, not Romania, to join Anti-Hitler coalition, it would have been possible for Bucharest to own only ‘the old kingdom’, i. e. Wallaсhia. And Budapest, n the contrary, could have been luckier – with its largely desired Transylvania and alongside with separating from it the Danube valley Banat.

It is absolutely obvious that in 1990s Romania could state that national entity is the main priority and it was eager to sacrifice much for the sake of it. Moreover they had to sacrifice not people or land, bur what one can’t feel sorry for – dependence. It means that Romania ought to have become a neutral country, equally friendly to all distant and close neighbors. First of all, towards Russia taking into account long-rooted relationship of Moldova and Russia, and inclination of former part of Moldavian SSR to Russia. And if Romania had stated that its desire was to be home for all nations historically inhabiting the place between Danube and Dniester, it would have been impossible for Transnistria to appear, for it was violent nationalism of Romanian politicians and absolute intolerance to Slavonic people that made split of Moldova inevitable.

Of course, one couldn’t say whether this policy would bring a merger with Moldova or not, but at least they could say: “We did our best”. At least the neutrality guaranteed by Constitution and anti-block status of Romania would be a good base for solving of Transnistria conflict and reuniting of Moldova itself. In current state the split of Moldova makes it very problematic to integrate into Romania.

But here it makes little sense to presuppose, because we all knew that in spite of hysterical union declarations of right politicians the ruling head of Romania has been betraying for a quarter of the century the national entity of all Romanians – all people speaking limba noastra. They preferred the West, which really doesn’t need it, to the East. And not to some incomprehensible East – but to their own East – Republic of Moldova, including historical Bessarabia.

Some politicians were cunning in claiming that Romania as EU and NATO member was more favorable for Moldova than a country that didn’t have such a status. And they could reach a merger in united Europe where there were no state borders.

We can argue with it, bit let us suppose that it is really so. But Romanians didn’t consider sucha trifle as a position of the West – the real master of the situation. Yes, the USA today would be happy to have Moldova merged by Romania, but it isn’t made out in Washington, because Romania isn’t the state of USA. It is made out in Brussels. And Europe, mixing with their own unsuccessful South and problematic Balkan states, including Romania, doesn’t seek to get another one – the most backward and corrupted country of Europe – Moldova.

So, the outer border of EU for many years has divided the Romanian people by the river Prut. And the reason is the avidity of Romanian politicians who have exchanged entity with Moldova for mythical attractions of EU, where the place of Romania is the most disgraceful.

Figuratively speaking Romanians didn’t even become the last among the equal. Well, the last they have become, but not even formally equal, because they still can’t enter Schengen area. And even if they could, they wouldn’t stop being there ‘aliens’, because real Europe is Catholic and Protestant, but not Orthodox. Proverbial ‘European prospects’ are only for Transylvania, which now has more opportunities to move apart from Romania towards Hungary. That is why European prospects for Moldova are very vague and at this point have no real gound.

Odds of Tennessee attorney David French passing for a Donkey
manumanos 15:43 GMT 10/11/2016
ok, you're definitely crazy my friend

bcn 10:40 GMT 10/07/2016
still sounds weird

best one barcelona 11:53 GMT 10/06/2016
wtffff,,, hey men i think you don't like muslims

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