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Mtl JP 19:13 GMT January 16, 2018

dc CB 18:01 it is still not that bad considering that the market cap is still approximately $558 billion and bitcoin's marketcap alone is $194,693,647,223 above zero, respectively

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations

dc CB 19:10 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

in addition to OPEX, Friday is also Guba'mint Shut Down Kabuki Day, Act I: January 2018
Odds on for a democrat induced Shut Down.

Amazing Trader (AT) Jay Meisler 18:57 GMT January 16, 2018
Amazing Trader Update
Amazing Trader up ladder strategies working like a textbook in EURUSD and GBPUSD. You need to see it live to understand its power.

See it live now

dc CB 18:30 GMT January 16, 2018
Fun with Covers
Barron's Roundtable
Noteable in their absence - long time RoundTable members, and bears - Felix Zulauf and Marc Faber.

Bright Outlook for the Economy and Stocks

dc CB 18:17 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

This Week is the First OPEX of 2018 - 1/19.

This morning - ZeroHedge: DOW Opens Above 26,000 After Fastest 1000-Point Surge In History --- 7 trading sessions.

Everybody's long as the Shorts have been murdered and laid in an early grave.

dc CB 18:01 GMT January 16, 2018
amazing how stuff that dosen't physically exist can cause so much pain. worldwide Pain Day.
spukhafte Fernwirkung

dc CB 17:08 GMT January 16, 2018
Dueling Russia Probes
The Big Two "versions" of MUH Russian Influence are moving toward center stage as the the New Year progresses. If you don't think that this is a Risk to the Markets, think again. The "investigators" on one side are being "investigated" by the other.
This won't end well.
Friday's 11-count indictment of former uranium transportation company executive, Mark Lambert, was the latest in a series of DOJ prosecutions involving individuals linked to the Russian nuclear industry and the Uranium One deal.

FBI Probe Into Russian Uranium Bribes Concealed By Obama DOJ; Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein Involved
Bannon Subpoenaed By Mueller In Russia Probe....
And the reason why stocks dipped modestly and the VIX bounced on the news, is that the subpoena marks the first time Mueller is known to have used a grand jury subpoena to seek information from a member of Mr. Trump’s inner circle.

Amazing Trader (AT) Jay Meisler 17:02 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

EURUSD pops on this

11:59 (EU) ECB Weidmann (Germany): would be appropriate to end ECB's asset purchases this year

- Source

Mtl JP 16:43 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

FWIW - on top of the hour
SNB's jordan flaps his gums
could be an opp to lose/make a some pip$

SaaR KaL 16:38 GMT January 16, 2018
USDJPY Estimated Coming Year Low
IMO it is near year low...within a week or so...near 109.6

looking at 115 in March tgt

SaaR KaL 16:27 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

Seems Like EURCAD as a good buy for a few days

Mtl JP 16:13 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

usdcad puppy sitting just above 1.24 support
should it break comes on radar 1.2350-ish, the bottom of the last two-week's range

as always...
trying to keep things real simple

Livingston nh 16:05 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

Fed may be riding a new hobby horse - the Financial Conditions Index from Chicago Fed - of course, some folks don't believe in Asset INFLATION but ... // January meeting has no presser but a hike would give Powell some room AND break the complacency of only Quarter end moves

SaaR KaL 15:53 GMT January 16, 2018
USDCAD So east

Expect it to correct near 1.25ish

AT Amazing Trader john bland 15:30 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

New Chart U.S. interest rates. 2-yr yield (green) continues to reach higher. 10-yr flattening in response to flattening U.S. data. (see 10-y minus 2yr line at bottom in grey). Mixed messages on Fed (2-yr) tightening and L-T economy (10-yr) flattening restraining USD.

SaaR KaL 15:25 GMT January 16, 2018
GBPNZD Bearish into 2 weeks

will short with spikes tgt < 1.86

Amazing Trader (AT) Jay Meisler 15:17 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

Key AT support is at the week's low at 1.2187 so damage not fatal. What has been working today are ladders on both sides, including off the lows of the day. To negate the risk, 1,2240 AT resistance would need to be broken.

If you are struggling with your trading or looking for a way to improve performance, send me an EMAIl

PAR 15:08 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

That can change very quickly . No reliable indicator .

AT Amazing Trader john bland 15:02 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

Odds for Mar 21 Fed hike now 90% from 86% last week and 80% a week earlier. Improving USD sentiment.

Mtl JP 15:02 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

tky london red
looks like my 1.2170-ish bears keeping a watch then

AT Amazing Trader john bland 14:56 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

US 2-yr 2.014% +1.2bp giving USD a boost? Significant move for this maturity.

london red 14:48 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

nothing of note today JP but later in week some lrgr expiries. However todays successful defence of 123 barrier. In order to reload defender needs to cover sales on way down offering some support often ahead of key areas first of which 12160-66.

Mtl JP 14:21 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

a couple of non-trade-able funnies:

Looks like time’s up for New Jersey’s pension fund
...Garden State now boasts America’s most underwater pension fund, with a mind-blowing $124 billion in debt...
Canada and United States to co-host Vancouver Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Security and Stability on Korean Peninsula in Vancouver, British Columbia, on January 16, 2018

Notably missing from the Participating Countries: China and Russia
Looks like justin "pretty hair and sox" trudeau has not learned anything from his disaster visit to China last year

Amazing Trader (AT) 14:04 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

Just the mention of the EUR had the news algos selling just now

09:00 (FR) ECB's Villeroy (France): Must monitor Euro movements on prices; recent rise is a source of uncertainty
- Policy is not driven by market expectations
- Confident that ECB will manage a smooth exit

- Source

Mtl JP 13:50 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

with nothing worth trading attention left on the global-view Forex Calendar soon be time for London red - the options circus master - to step into the rink with some pricelevel magnets

Mtl JP 13:37 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

in other words ... no trade worth getting excited about.
just keeps economists busy revising and rationalizing
euryen looking like it wants do some more puking

AT Amazing Trader john bland 13:31 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

Headline Empire PMI misses estimates, but prior month data was revised higher. Mixed report

AT Amazing Trader john bland 13:30 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

Empire PMI January 2017

U.S. Data Charts

17.7 vs. 18.0 exp. vs. 18.0 (r 19.6) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Mtl JP 13:29 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

I ll be needing to see priceaction below 1.2170-ish for bulls to have gine up

AT Amazing Trader john bland 12:52 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

Take a look at this new chart (updated today). Compare the rise in the 2- and 10-yr German Yields from mid-December to EURUSD spots starting that time. The sharp rise in EURUSD was coincident with the start of the start of the increase in German (EZ benchmark) rates.

AT Amazing Trader john bland 12:05 GMT January 16, 2018
Tuesday Trading Checklist 16 January 2018

DAX +124
DJ +210
SP +11.5

10-yr 2.530% -2.0bp

SaaR KaL 11:56 GMT January 16, 2018
Trend/ Levels and Error

NZDUSD Bullish

SaaR KaL 11:52 GMT January 16, 2018
Trend/ Levels and Error

I suggest you long Oil

SaaR KaL 11:49 GMT January 16, 2018
Trend/ Levels and Error

Gold Bullish

SaaR KaL 11:47 GMT January 16, 2018
Trend/ Levels and Error


SaaR KaL 11:46 GMT January 16, 2018
Trend/ Levels and Error

This is EURUSD Expected Levels with Error (1 to 2 Standard Deviations) of the expected estimates

PAR 11:20 GMT January 16, 2018

Short EURUSD 1.2180 on Stop .

PAR 11:15 GMT January 16, 2018
After Trump and Brexit, Italy Falls for Nostalgia
Don't blame only the politicians. Italian voters are also fed up with "reform."

Amman wfakhoury 11:03 GMT January 16, 2018

I did not recommend
error in typing

Amman wfakhoury 11:02 GMT January 16, 2018

London Red
I did recommend to sell if breaks yesterday low 13787 confirmed
also 13774 .. just take care.

london red 10:54 GMT January 16, 2018

euro. initial bids likely by 12160/66. stronger 12089-121. cable support by 13670 if yest low broken.

bali sja 10:47 GMT January 16, 2018
meanwhile stox looks very comfortable
dow 26k, or is it getting too comfortable?

Amman wfakhoury 10:46 GMT January 16, 2018

GBPUSD scalp levels 13755 .65, 74,87

bali sja 10:46 GMT January 16, 2018

below 1.2240 it is under pressure

Amman wfakhoury 10:45 GMT January 16, 2018

Also you can use scalp trading till target reached

Amman wfakhoury 10:43 GMT January 16, 2018

GBPUSD and EUR in buy mood ..add buy instead of use SL

bali sja 10:43 GMT January 16, 2018

yes, usd is fighting back

Amazing Trader 10:42 GMT January 16, 2018
Breaking News

05:37(EU) ECB unlikely to drop its pledge of keeping to purchase bonds until inflation heads to target at next week's policy meeting- financial press-

-Reminder: On Jan 11th ECB ACCOUNT OF THE MONETARY POLICY MEETING (Dec Minutes) noted that it co more... (related EUR/USD EUR/GBP EUR/JPY GBP/EUR JPY/EUR EUECB EZU)

- Source

Amman wfakhoury 10:37 GMT January 16, 2018

no sl just add buy if decline , or use your own

Mtl JP 10:33 GMT January 16, 2018

wfakhoury with what sls ?

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