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15/12/17 13:30 B US Empire PMI con: 18.00% pre: 19.40%

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EURNZD seems Bullish
SaaR KaL 03:38 GMT 12/15/2017  - My Profile
1.6810 seems good entry
Might see 1.7500

Israel Dil 03:27 GMT 12/15/2017
Buy ...
Entry: 13.5190 Target: UP pips Stop: not far from market

that's my holiday season trade for GV members worldwide


* disclaimer: curiosity killed the cat, greed makes money change hands, money runs the world. have a nice day.

Mtl JP 01:21 GMT 12/15/2017
earlier 112.70 long usdyen now poof-stopped
wait for new long signal

dc CB 01:00 GMT 12/15/2017
meanwhile: for those who can afford a Cellphone Trading app....U now live in a Mansion...w/ view of the Potomac.

$ 1 817.28
15.12% day
440.96% week
297.15% month

dc CB 00:52 GMT 12/15/2017
PAR 17:56 GMT December 14, 2017
Something transparant liar Draghi forgot to mention at his press conference.
In consultation with Gammy, who drove past them in her Black SUV caravan. AWE too bad for them. At least they got Co-op REI Tents. I hear they are the Best.
Hey Jeff: Mr. $100bil Man?????? Your City, Your NUZ Paper....trying to figure out how to blame this on Trump?

Tonite 18deg F...Oh Yeh, Winter had been Canceled. It'll be Warm again SOOOOOON...shirts only---no coats required.

The new D.C.: Outside an REI that sells tents, desperate people are living in them

long jpy!
miigun joyya 23:35 GMT 12/14/2017
Entry: Target: Stop:

good mornig,just wake up thing going according to plan...i love my jpy....happy to not trust amman wkhoyry...

SToX R Crashing OH NO Mr Bill
dc CB 20:55 GMT 12/14/2017
Just another TV(Reality? doubtful) Show competing for your limited attention, much less for your limited "thought processes)

Lab Rats R US(A)...Beyond Pavlov

Trumps very First Reality TV Star

EURUSD: ECB heads to determine pair’s movements
Madrid 20:45 GMT 12/14/2017
Entry: 1.1890 Target: 1.1866 Stop: 1.1910

Three central banks have their meetings today. They are the Bank of England, Bank of Switzerland, and the European Central Bank. Traders will mostly be focused on the ECB and President Mario Draghi’s subsequent press conference. I don’t make forecasts on days when central banks meet and I don’t trade. Because of the press conferences with the heads, these days are unpredictable.

Now let’s see what we can expect from the euro from the technical side. Developments led buyers through the TR line (from 1.1812 high), before breaking the TR1 line (from 1.1961 high) after the FOMC meeting. The breakout of the TR1 intensified the W-model, which started forming after the breakout of the A-A channel. The targets for it are 1.1866 and 1.1881.

The EURUSD pair won’t pay any attention to technical factors during Mario Draghi’s press conference. It could rise above the U3 MA line (1.1889) or just as easily return to 1.1765. No one knows what Draghi will say at the press conference and what journalists will ask him. I think that the most likely outcome is that the pair will move towards the 1.1881 mark.

SToX R Crashing OH NO Mr Bill
Israel Dil 20:39 GMT 12/14/2017
made in China unlimited

CRASH of the day

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 14 December 2017
AT Amazing Trader john bland 20:38 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
Register for the Amazing Trader

GVI Trading Statistical Market BIAS Indicators--

EUR symbol The Fed Funds Market Sentiment Barometer reflects current sentiment about a future change in Fed policy.
Odds for one 25bp rate hike on March 21, 2018 are 56% (52%).

EURUSD MACRO statistical Bias: Positive
This Week: 1.1863-1.1701

Spot EURUSD: 1.1791
Pivot Point: 1.1808

20-day avg: 1.1819
50-day avg: 1.1761
100-day avg: 1.1803
200-day avg: 1.1433

SToX R Crashing OH NO Mr Bill
dc CB 20:28 GMT 12/14/2017
Major MOUTH.
Major Calls in 2017

Mar(my words) Kolanovic

SaaR KaL 20:07 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
They both seems fine to buy into asia friday

SToX R Crashing OH NO Mr Bill
dc CB 20:03 GMT 12/14/2017
JPM: "Our price target for S&P 500 at the end of 2018 is 3,000 and our earnings forecast (including tax reform) is $153"

SToX R Crashing OH NO Mr Bill
dc CB 20:01 GMT 12/14/2017
"Eye of newt, and toe of frog. For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."


SToX R Crashing OH NO Mr Bill
dc CB 19:56 GMT 12/14/2017
Emergency emergency emergency QE 4 QE4 help help

The Dow is DOWN 50pts, the SnP is DOWN 8
OOOOOO the Humanity

If I were a Rich man.....
dc CB 19:44 GMT 12/14/2017
seems some early Christmas gifts may have been handed out today. (Beeks!)

Canada!, SToX! (but in the US Insider Trading is Legal for the Congress)

Stocks Slammed As Rubio, Lee Spark Tax-Reform-Deal Anxiety

Bitcoin Trading Futures-----"turn those machines back-on. turn those machines back on"
dc CB 19:34 GMT 12/14/2017
and pls 'splain to me the point of trading with GS. Besides getting my trades "reported" to the IRS and paying GS a FEE?

“Margin decisions are based on multiple factors and vary on a case-by-case basis,” Tiffany Galvin, a spokeswoman for New York-based Goldman Sachs, said in a statement.

clients to put up 100% margin on their bitcoin futures positions if they wish to clear them with the bank

Options Clearing Corp.’s 44%, required to clear contracts traded on the Cboe Global Markets Inc., and the 47% to be demanded by CME Group Inc. when it begins trading bitcoin futures next week.

Israel Dil 19:11 GMT 12/14/2017
isn't it since long time we had days in row with really noticeable CHF strength?

tía for your answers


Friday Trading Checklist For 15 December 2017
GVI Forex Blog 19:01 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile

Trading Ideas for 15 December 2017

Register for the Amazing Trader


Amazing Trader EVENT RISK Calendar:

Thu 14 Dec
23:50 JP- Tankan Survey

Mon 18 Dec
10:00 EZ- final HICP
Tue 19 Dec
09:00 DE- IFO Survey
13:30 US- Housing Starts/Permits
13:30 US- Current Account
Wed 20 Dec
15:00 US- Existing Homes Sales
15:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 21 Dec
03:00 JP- BOJ Decision
13:30 CA- CPI & Retail Sales
13:30 US Weely Jobless
13:30 US- GDP
Fri 22 Dec
09:30 US- GB- GDP
13:30 US- core PCE Deflator & Presonal Income
15:00 US- New Homes Sales
15:00 US- final University of Michigan
17:00 US- early Closes
Mon 25 Dec
00:00 Christmas Holidays

Forex Trading Outlook

Potential Trading Opportunities

  • POTENTIAL PRICE RISK: HIGH-Medium- Thu --23:50-- JP- Tankan Survey
John M. Bland, MBA
co-founding Partner,

Friday Trading Checklist For 15 December 2017

dc CB 18:26 GMT 12/14/2017
Sign on Street:
MOUTHS at Work

Gammy. Draggggggiiiiieeeee. and that BOE guy.
My Mouth can move my currency too. Plotz

london red 18:23 GMT 12/14/2017
poloz on wires beefing up loonie

Hillegom Purk 18:21 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
And nobody notices usd cad?

london red 18:20 GMT 12/14/2017
11165/70 and 11185 may hold up yen while more lrg expiries by 118 tomo euro.

AT Amazing Trader john bland 18:15 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
Prepare to pay more to your internet provider. Another monopoly.

dc CB 18:15 GMT 12/14/2017
just before the vote

FCC hearing has been evacuated due to a security threat.

Amazing Trader (AT) 18:13 GMT 12/14/2017

- Source

Thursday Trading Checklist For 14 December 2017
Amazing Trader Jay Meisler 18:11 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
JP look at your AT USDJPY charts and see why you can't ignore a ladder formation.

dc CB 18:01 GMT 12/14/2017
or is put in jail for crimes against European savers .

Why was Gammy Yellen made Fed Head. Recall, that HRC was supposed to be the next Pres AND Yellen wud continue. What better foil for the masses questioning the Rape of the Sabines (Mr and Mrs US middleclass Saver), than to hold forward a Grey(White) haired Grandma. Well, lordy lordy, Gammy has nothing but the best interests of the American Public in her mind as she...............

The Ques for 2018 is, as the MUH Russia attack on the Trump presidency fails, What will be the next move to bring Trump down. "Abusing women" ain't gonna cut it. What is Plan D? and how soon after the NewYear will it be unleashed. You will be given a clue, when you see the trial balloons floated in early Jan.

PAR 17:56 GMT 12/14/2017
Something transparant liar Draghi forgot to mention at his press conference .

dc CB 17:21 GMT 12/14/2017
He's not the only one.

... I think when we look at other indicators of financial stability risks, there's nothing flashing red there or possibly even orange. We have a much more resilient, stronger banking system.
the annual report from the Office of Financial Stability issued a very clear and very explicit warning about the vulnerabilities in the financial system, and which warned that the "increase in already-elevated asset prices and the decrease in risk premiums may leave some markets vulnerable to a large correction," a polite government term synonymous with "crash." ....valuations are "high by historical standards.

The cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio of the S&P 500 is at its 97th percentile relative to the last 130 years. Other equity valuation metrics that the OFR monitors are also elevated."

So which is it Janet: "nothing flashing red there or possibly even orange"... or as the OFR explicitly notes, everything flashing red and orange,

Dear Janet Yellen: Here Is Your Own Watchdog Warning About Financial Stability Risks In "Red And Orange"

Amazing Trader (AT) 16:55 GMT 12/14/2017
Atlanta Fed raises Q4 GDP estimate to 3.3% from 2.9% on 12/8

- Source

Amazing Trader (AT) 16:54 GMT 12/14/2017
Selective leak??

They should not need to do this.

Amazing Trader (AT) 16:52 GMT 12/14/2017
ECB sources: a minority of ECB officials sought to signal guidance may change if inflation keeps accelerating -


PAR 16:47 GMT 12/14/2017
Leaves , dies or is put in jail for crimes against European savers .

dc CB 16:41 GMT 12/14/2017
Europe is closing ...Launch time --- SToX r USA

FYI Putin's end of year presser:
"It’s up to the American people to assess Trump, not me. But look at the markets, they are up, indicating investors trust him. We also respect the US opposition. I don’t know if Trump still has the same desire to cooperate closely with us, but I hope we can work closely on a range of issues.”

on MUH Russia:
“That’s been invented by those aiming to de-legitimize Trump. These people don’t understand they are undermining their own country, they aren’t showing respect for Americans that voted for Trump”.

"It is standard practice for diplomats to talk – what’s so strange about this? Why do you have this 'Russia spy hysteria'?"

Hillegom Purk 16:40 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
And a nice X-mas to you too PAR.

PAR 16:38 GMT 12/14/2017
A Ponzi scheme always needs fresh money .

Hence the perpetuum extension of QE , the building of gigantic balance sheet and the reinvestment of interest and maturing bonds .

Imho not much difference between Madoff and Draghi.

PAR 16:13 GMT 12/14/2017
Bad news from Europe , really bad news.

Draghi will never be able to raise rates before he leaves or dies.

Amazing Trader Jay Meisler 16:02 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
JP, it depends on your time perspective.

Ladder gives you the structure of the market at any point in time, directional risk and potential targets. Trading is about probabilities and AT looks for high probability patterns.

EURUSD scalp buy
Amman wfakhoury 15:38 GMT 12/14/2017
this is for more profit

AT Amazing Trader john bland 15:33 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) -69 vs: -60 expected

TTN: Live News Special Offer

EURUSD scalp buy
Ternopil SMV 15:31 GMT 12/14/2017
It seems not enough your power to push it up. It is keep going down!!!!

Mtl JP 15:29 GMT 12/14/2017
Jay it is my observational experience that waiting for the rungs to develop is a behind the ball process that leaves too much on the table before you apply theory on a ticket.

I would be very curious to watch your live - as they happen - trades.
As they happen in the moment.

GVI Data Calendar 15 December 2017
GVI Forex Blog 15:27 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile

Forex Data Calendar For Traders

December 14, 2017 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Friday December 15, 2017

  • Far East: JP- Tankan Survey
  • Europe: No Major Data
  • Americas: US- Empire PMI, Industrial Production, Business Inventories, Rigs, COT, TIC Data

Amazing Trader EVENT RISK Calendar:

23:50 JP- Tankan Survey
Fri 15 Dec
14:15 US- Industrial Production

Mon 18 Dec
10:00 EZ- final HICP
Tue 19 Dec
09:00 DE- IFO Survey
13:30 US- Housing Starts/Permits
13:30 US- Current Account
Wed 20 Dec
15:00 US- Existing HOmes Sales
15:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 21 Dec
03:00 JP- BOJ Decision
13:30 CA- CPI & Retail Sales
13:30 US Weely Jobless
13:30 US- GDP
Fri 22 Dec
09:30 US- GB- GDP
13:30 US- core PCE Deflator & Presonal Income
15:00 US- New Homes Sales
15:00 US- final University of Michigan
17:00 US- early Closes
Mon 25 Dec
00:00 Christmas Holidays

GVI Data Calendar 15 December 2017

Amazing Trader Jay Meisler 15:22 GMT 12/14/2017  - My Profile
JP, I prefer to ride the ladder and take profits when the market runs stops. I can show you or anyone else in real-time how the Amazing Trader can highlight in advance where there are potential stops.

Mtl JP 15:12 GMT 12/14/2017

I am with PAR's long usdyen now that priceaction is above 112.50
and AT is full of promise of rich hunt-n-chomp on the down-wind's rungs (i.e short's S/Ls.)

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A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 23:53 GMT 12/09/2017
fed? not priced in gold,s/p cots,,, bitdesater = fastest gold run up 1205 long or stop,,,, allways bugs to work out/?? cina oil to gold to price in gold more valuable for oil fight.

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 20:52 GMT 12/03/2017
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula escalated over the weekend as US stealth fighters moved into the region and official sources from both North Korea and the US said the chances of war are growing.

Korean bitgold at 10% market cap, so jpy that's interesting...

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 22:35 GMT 12/02/2017
well reeeeding the market jpy bitgold, pay for china oil, isent jpy biggest oil needer for its biger xports off seting

yes keep it simpall for wut gov. feeds us---------- heeerding agan its ok ill trade on it,,,, GL

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 18:12 GMT 11/30/2017
xaujpy started to fall from 5 y channel top// I was awaiting for u/j 120.// xauusa gold day channel descends. but looks from xaugbp as king driver so gbp id key.

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 17:53 GMT 11/30/2017

Albert Einstein, was proven right, sometimes even when he thought he made mistakes.

Will his Maxim about the infinite stupidity of mankind will hold for Bitcoin too? Just wait.

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 17:49 GMT 11/30/2017

Now the Japanese are funding their Bitcoin trades, not only with yen, but also by selling gold. All are running to invest in a financial instrument no one knows how it began or where from it came.

Gold bound to lose about 2.5% against the JPY.
HK RF@ 17:41 GMT 11/30/2017

Against the USD not be surprised if 1240/5 range will be reached.

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 12:28 GMT 11/29/2017
Japanese yen trading in bitcoin dominates at about 61 percent.

hk ab 04:15 GMT 11/21/2017
collection phase is too obvious.

See how the wash out ends, all gold stocks are being cleared to kill small fishes.

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:37 GMT 10/29/2017
oil stocks

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:36 GMT 10/29/2017
aka stock market driving.prices // not cheap no leverage in stocks./

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:33 GMT 10/29/2017
technical fundamental yearly bond market. swings// 100%

Just study the monthly chart
Taiwan Tom 12:10 GMT 10/27/2017

Entry: 1267 Target: OPen Stop:

November is gold's big fall month. Don't ask me why. It's nothing technical nor fundamental. Just wait and see

hk ab 02:18 GMT 10/17/2017
The coming upswing in gold targets in weeks term 1368
hk win10 16:59 GMT 10/11/2017
hope so, still hoping 10 contracts at 1306

Bangsters must be reading GVI hard......LOL

The coming upswing in gold targets in weeks term 1368
hk win10 16:59 GMT 10/11/2017
hope so, still hoping 10 contracts at 1306

Few hours from now missiles from N.K will be flying.
HK RF@ 20:45 GMT 10/09/2017

Meanwhile, let's talk about Catalooonia.

HK RF@ 12:30 GMT 10/09/2017

Price of gold may culminate around Oct.30

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 20:27 GMT 10/06/2017

Anton Morozov, a member of the Russian Duma's international affairs committee, and two other Russian lawmakers visited Pyongyang on October 2 to 6, RIA reported.

Mr Morozov said: "They are preparing for new tests of a long-range missile. They even gave us mathematical calculations that they believe prove that their missile can hit the west coast of the United States.

"As far as we understand, they intend to launch one more long-range missile in the near future. And in general, their mood is rather belligerent."
The provocative move will anger US president Donald Trump who has repeatedly warned the rogue state that he will “totally destroy” the country if the US is threatened.

But the warnings appear to have fallen on deaf ears as the North gets set to test another nuclear missile.

US officials have not yet responded to the claim.

Sell gold
HK RF@ 00:49 GMT 10/06/2017

This trade is already profitable. Short term traders may take their profits. The risk is tonite data.
Be suspicious that Mkts. may be manipulated against the direction data may move them.

Sell gold
HK RF@ 13:26 GMT 10/05/2017
Sell Gold
Entry: 1275 Target: 1242 Stop: 1285


HK RF@ 13:25 GMT 10/05/2017

Very hi chances for gold to drop to 1242/3.

Only a black sawn event may prevent it.

The final target for gold is 1187.

money flow of gold
Taiwan Tom 06:01 GMT 10/03/2017
I did follow you to boy gold since 1298!!!

money flow of gold
Solo Raden 06:03 GMT 09/28/2017

lock all if show 1275 and wait at 1252 to open lock.

money flow of gold
Solo Raden 14:27 GMT 09/27/2017

keep buy for profit target 1315

money flow of gold
Solo Raden 10:50 GMT 09/27/2017

Entry: Target: Stop:

show me newest promise level must be touched 1295.90

gold keep buy
Solo Raden 08:40 GMT 09/27/2017

be patient for 1315

gold for 1315 target profit
Solo Raden 06:03 GMT 09/27/2017

first buy position 1298
second buy position 1294

money flow of eurusd
Solo Raden 04:26 GMT 09/27/2017

have a nice profit

money flow of gbpusd
Solo Raden Mas 04:20 GMT 09/27/2017

have a nice profit

keep sell eurusd
Solo Raden Mas 03:15 GMT 09/27/2017

1.1744 must be done

keep buy position gold for 1315
Solo Raden Mas 02:39 GMT 09/27/2017

nearest promise level is 1315 for the first profit target

simple profit from gold
Solo Raden 11:04 GMT 09/26/2017

Buy Gold
Entry: 1302 Target: 1315 Stop:

have a nice profit

gold sell again at 1312
Solo Raden Mas 05:04 GMT 09/26/2017

Sell Gold
Entry: 1312 Target: Stop:

have a nice trade

gold scenario
Solo Raden Mas 21:16 GMT 09/25/2017

have a nice trade

gold sell power at 1308
HK RF@ 16:49 GMT 09/25/2017

If anyone wants to sell than at 1311/12 will be more reasonable.

gold sell power at 1308
Solo Raden 16:28 GMT 09/25/2017

Sell Gold
Entry: 1308 Target: Stop:

have a nice trade

warning gold arround 1308
Solo Raden Mas 15:21 GMT 09/25/2017

corection will come when 1308 be done

hk win10 03:31 GMT 09/24/2017
Kim is just a joke. What is the threat of firing grandfather grade missile? not to mention NK still lack the tech to miniature nuclear bomb into missile.

keep buy
Solo Raden Mas 17:29 GMT 09/23/2017

Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

1315 must be touched.

hk ab 14:30 GMT 09/22/2017
They highly anticipate Mr. Kim help your gold position, nt.

HK Win10 07:02 GMT 09/22/2017
Added 20 contracts of call options last night

Hk Win10 16:50 GMT 09/21/2017
Using 20% margin, ok to buy and hold for a good while,.

hk ab 06:02 GMT 09/21/2017
boat was heavy after you load it, NT.

Did you sell instead?

hk win10 08:07 GMT 09/19/2017
loaded 15 contracts at 1306, may load more tmr night

hk ab 08:02 GMT 09/19/2017
add some more.

hk ab 14:03 GMT 09/14/2017
Gold will blast off after all those virtual money vanish.........

hk ab 13:16 GMT 09/14/2017
wonder how many have loaded more on this dip.

hk ab 13:16 GMT 09/14/2017
wonder how many have loaded more on this dip.

Time to revisit Kwun's pain. I once detailed out.
hk ab 06:35 GMT 09/08/2017
If anyone needs to have a look, try the archive on the posts around this period.

I am not trying to embarrass him......
He likes the exposure of all his poor records.

hk ab 23:20 GMT August 27, 2015
mkt: Reply
10/1150 gain = 0.87% with 10x margin, that is 8.7%

2/40 gain = 5% with 10x margin, that is 50%

An inconvenient truth for Kwun to show his short DIICK.........but please, keep it to yourself and don't show it to us..........

Don't need to be thrilled on those candies, Kwun. Learn how to trade.... with r/r.

I only see oil above 45 being a "good" trade with r/r.

above 43 is "satisfactory" because the r/r is only slightly higher tan 1:1

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