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24/05/17 14:00 AA CA BOC Rates con: 0.50% pre: 0.50%
24/05/17 14:00 A US Existing Homes con: 5.67 pre: 5.71

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Forex Trading Ideas For 24 May 2017
Amazing Trader john bland 11:33 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
Mixed Risk
DAX -24
DJ +1
SP -0.3

10-yr 2.280% +2.6bp

Tallinn viies 11:14 GMT 05/24/2017
Draghi speech today could help eurusd on uptrend again.
it is important today to get above 1,1268 or else more profit taking may kick in. if not able to move above 1,1268 today then tommorow 200 h sma will be tested.

GBPUSD move 80-100 pips
Amman wfakhoury 10:43 GMT 05/24/2017
GBPUSD will rise to 12990.

now 12957 .. with possibility to reach 12940 area.

Buy , add buy if decline

The only one in the world who confirms the next level and every hour movement

GBPUSD move 80-100 pips
Amman wfakhoury 10:34 GMT 05/24/2017
First time return to 12970 from 12963

EURUSD Reversal is near
SaaR KaL 10:12 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
USDJPY will have to be below 110.70 before I buy
Seems like below 110.70 to to 109.40 a good buy for 113 to 116 next week

Forex Trading Ideas For 24 May 2017
Amazing Trader john bland 10:07 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
ADD to Event Risk Today

Board member:Mario Draghi
Event:Keynote speech by the President at First Conference on Financial Stability organised by Banco de España and Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros in Madrid, Spain.
Time:14:45 CET 12:45 GMT

EURUSD Reversal is near
SaaR KaL 09:56 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
Gold reveral is near as well
I doubt goes north more than 1280
Now bullish below 1260 - 1248

GBPUSD move 80-100 pips
Amman wfakhoury 09:48 GMT 05/24/2017
First time return to 12980 from 12998

Amazing Trader Ideas For 24 May 2017
Amazing Trader john bland 09:44 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile

Amazing Trader 5min chart

Amazing Trader Ideas For 24 May 2017
GVI Forex Blog 09:41 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
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EUR symbol The EURUSD is in a broad corrective pattern after topping out at 1.1276. This consolidation had been overdue. To maintain the existing uptrend, the EURUSD would have to establish firm support. Key to USD sentiment could be the latest FOMC policy minutes due early in the U.S. afternoon today.

The EURUSD HOD has been 1.1197, while the LOD is 1.1169. The short term direction on the Amazing Trader charts remains in a downward corrective pattern. On top, the 1.1200 level will set the tone.

Forex trading conditions can change quickly, so use your AT charts to monitor current support (red) and resistance (blue) levels. The technicals can change ahead of the fundamentals. Changing colors on the Amazing Trader (AT) charts will tell you which way the current winds are blowing. Keep an eye on which color lines are being drawn or erased as a leading momentum indicator.

Amazing Trader Ideas For 24 May 2017

Forex Trading Ideas For 24 May 2017
GVI Forex Blog 09:15 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile

Trading Ideas for 24 May 2017

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Amazing Trader EVENT RISK Calendar:

Wed 24 May
14:00 CA- Bank of Canada Decision
14:00 US- Existing Homes Sales
14:00 US- final Univ of Michigan
14:30 US- EIA Crude
19:00 US- FOMC Minutes
Thu 25 May
00:00 EZ- Holiday
8:30 GB- GDP
12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 26 May
12:30 US- GDP
12:30 US- Durable Goods

Forex Trading Outlook

Weekly Event Risk Agenda

  • EVENT RISK: Wednesday-- 14:00 US- Existing Homes Sales: Housing is a top jobs producer. This is the top US housing report. Can be a major market mover. It is seen coming in softer.

  • EVENT RISK: Wednesday-- 19:00 US- FOMC Policy Minutes: Major market mover. Fed revises this report after meeting (three weeks ago) to reflect their current thinking. Hold onto yours seats!

  • EVENT RISK: Thursday-- 08:30 GB- 1Q17 GDP Revision: The GBP can react strongly to U.K. data. GDP is a major market mover.

  • EVENT RISK: Friday-- 08:30 US- 1Q17 GDP Revision and Durable Goods: GDP can be a market mover. Durable Goods are also a followed economic indicator.

  • John M. Bland, MBA
    co-founding Partner,

    Forex Trading Ideas For 24 May 2017

Amazing Trader Wednesday Trading Items
Amazing Trader john bland 09:07 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
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The Amazing Trader charts generate precise color coded Support and Resistance levels for major currencies in multiple time frames to YOUR Charts.

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Tallinn viies 08:49 GMT 05/24/2017
eurusd hourly close above 1,1185 positive and would open up 1,1250/60 level. if close above 1,1185 moving take profit order to 1,1240.

EURUSD Reversal is near
SaaR KaL 08:46 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
IMO on average above 1.1250 to 1.1310 is good entry to target
Into Mid Next Month

Declining gold price these critical moments, clearly bankers squeeze manipulation.
SaaR KaL 08:11 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile

I agree
NY time on Chart x-axis
Light green is mean low
Dark Green is Min Low
Buy Between

From a connoisseur .
HK RF@ 07:48 GMT 05/24/2017

GEORGE FRIEDMAN: A US attack on North Korea is imminent

The US is preparing to attack North Korea, according to Geopolitical Futures founder George Friedman — setting the stage for a difficult, messy war with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Speaking Monday to a rapt audience at the 2017 Strategic Investment Conference in Orlando, Friedman said that while it was unlikely the US would take action before President Donald Trump returns home at the weekend, North Korea's actions appeared to have "offered the US no alternative" to a clash.

According to Geopolitical Futures analysis, evidence is mounting that the enmity between the two is escalating to a point where war is inevitable.

Friedman said that on May 20, the USS Carl Vinson supercarrier and USS Ronald Reagan were both within striking distance of North Korea.

Additionally, more than 100 F-16 aircraft are conducting daily exercises in the area, a tactic that foreshadowed the beginning of Desert Storm in 1991.

F-35 aircraft have also been deployed to the area, and US government representatives are expected to brief Guam on civil defense, terrorism, and Korea on May 31.

All of these strategic moves telegraph one outcome — conflict.

GEORGE FRIEDMAN: A US attack on North Korea is imminent

GBPUSD move 80-100 pips
Amman wfakhoury 07:36 GMT 05/24/2017
Ready to move 80-100 pips
Mag area 12970-80. any rise or decline will return to it.
Sell above it...Buy below it.

My rank in world cup award 6 profit 150%

The only one in the world who confirms the next level and every hour movement

Duterte places Mindanao under Martial Law
HK RF@ 07:34 GMT 05/24/2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday martial law in the southern region of Mindanao could last a year, as he vowed it would be similar to the late Ferdinand Marcos’s dictatorship.

Duterte thinks this guy is crazy too!!!
Paris ib 07:04 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
Trump's phone calls are still being monitored and LEAKED !!

Far out. He needs to work his way through the administration, firing people until he weeds all this illegal activity OUT.

Deep State v Trump and the American People

The match is still on.

Day Levels
SaaR KaL 06:56 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
USDJPY shorts from 111.92 to 112.16

Day Levels
SaaR KaL 06:44 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
Cable Longs from 1.2961 to 1.2951

EURUSD 1.1172 to 1.1153 tgt 1.1130

Tallinn viies 06:42 GMT 05/24/2017
euro droped below previous day low but no stop loss selling seen. as long as market is trading above weekly lows Im still bullish.
take profit order now at 1,1215. trailing stop at 1,1152

Deep Thoughts
haifa ac 05:38 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
This graph is total bonkers. Those 1000 terrorist acts in 1979 had nothing to do with ISLAMIC JIHAD
To compare the terror acts of the IRA with JIHAD is idiotic or vile.
This is a CULTURE that wants to DESTROY THE WORLD (DAR EL HARB).
This is like comparing the Nazis with the crusaders.

when will the world wake up?!

AceTrader May 24: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD
Singapore 05:25 GMT 05/24/2017

The EUR/USD pair failed several attempts to regain 1.12 handle and traded almost unchanged throughout the Asian session, as markets await ECB Draghi’s speech for next direction.

The major has entered a phase of downside consolidation, after having dipped to 1.1170 levels in the overnight trades, in response to a broad bid in the US dollar.

Currently EUR/USD is trading at 1.1181, down -0.02%, having posted a daily high at 1.1192 and low at 1.1177.

Forex Signals

Duterte thinks this guy is crazy too!!!
haifa ac 05:23 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
Duterte is one important leader in today's world.
Let us hope he shows the world the right way to handle Islamic Jihad. Mindanao is his birth place.

Duterte thinks this guy is crazy too!!!
HK RF@ 05:21 GMT 05/24/2017

“He is not stable, Mr. President, as he keeps on smiling when he explodes a rocket,” Duterte responded.

“He is playing with his bombs, his toys and from the looks of it, his mind is not working and he might just go crazy one moment,” he added.

“madman with nuclear weapons”
HK RF@ 05:17 GMT 05/24/2017



“madman with nuclear weapons”
HK RF@ 05:16 GMT 05/24/2017

U.S. President Donald Trump labeled North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a “madman with nuclear weapons” — just days before he said he would be “honored” to meet him — during a telephone call with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, a report said Wednesday.

The report, by The Intercept website and Philippine-based Rappler news organization, cited an official Philippine government transcript of the Trump-Duterte phone call from April 29.

In a readout after the call with the irascible Philippine leader, the White House described it as a “very friendly conversation.”

But the transcript showed a more fraught tone in the talks, especially on the subject of Kim and his nation’s progressing nuclear and missile programs.

“We can’t let a madman with nuclear weapons let on the loose like that,” Trump was quoted as telling Duterte. “We have a lot of firepower, more than he has, times 20 — but we don’t want to use it.”

Limassol MW 04:59 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
Hey, just wanted your input on this (full disclosure: the startup where I work built the index and is integrating the feed with interested brokers).

For more info, our CEO is conducting a webinar next week with a Q&A.

I really want to hear your input on this.

The Hidden Gems of Trading Webinar

Shares in Europe mixed after Manchester explosion
New Delhi Sanjit 03:20 GMT 05/24/2017
Despite the Manchester explosion incident, European stocks still manage to gain a few points high

Shares in Europe mixed after Manchester explosion

AceTrader May 24: Intra-Day Market Moving News and Views -EUR/USD
Hong Kong 03:16 GMT 05/24/2017
24 May 2017 03:02GMT

EUR/USD - 1.1187.. Euro is nursing loss in subdued Asian trading after tumbling from Tuesday's fresh 6-month peak of 1.1268 to as low as 1.1176. Although upbeat German Ifo data pushed euro to said yesterday's high, broad-based profit taking in the euro pressured the pair and usd's rally near New York midday finally forced euro bulls to capitulate and sent price falling below 1.1200/10, tripping stops below there.

It is plain to see that the single ccy has made a temporary top and sideways consolidation is seen until European open before further corrective fall resumes, so selling euro on further recovery is favoured.
Offers have been lowered to 1.1215/25 and more above with stops above 1.1270.
Some bids are noted at 1.1180-70 with more stops reported below 1.1160.

Germany will release Gfk consumer confidence n then later Italy's trade balance.
Pay attention to speech by ECB's Praet at 08:30GMT and then at 12:45GMT, ECB President Draghi will make a keynote speec

Bitcoin above 2200. Just does not make sense
Dillon AL 01:19 GMT 05/24/2017  - My Profile
can someone explain this to me?

the Ethereum Blockchain is immutable. The community voted to override this “immutability” in order to return stolen funds. ($53 mln)

Deep Thoughts
Sydney ACC 01:12 GMT 05/24/2017
An interesting graph.
It would appear that the IRA's terrorist acts in Northern Ireland comprise the bulk of the UK's figures. Although one should not forget there were incidents on the mainland too.

I was reading one blog which included a reference to the father of one of two boys killed by an IRA bomb in Warrington in 1993. He was 13 years old when he died. His father helped establish a peace lobby and assists parents who now suffer the same tragedy that befell him back then.

We seem to forget Warrington and the bombing of Omagh that killed 29 in August 1998 carried out by the Provisional IRA.

Deep Thoughts
nw kw 00:36 GMT 05/24/2017
cad had cheap cargas for weekend but chatter full up before gas is up, cad goss soft from bank chatter.

Bitcoin above 2200. Just does not make sense
dc CB 21:48 GMT 05/23/2017
find it odd that this site uses cartoon-like illustrations

Bitcoin? Ethereum? Ripple? Three Reasons to Consider Investing in Cryptocurrency

GVI Trading 21:42 GMT 05/23/2017
Breaking News: The threat level in Britain has been raised to critical, its highest level, indicating that another terrorist attack may be imminent

>> NYT >>

Deep Thoughts
dc CB 21:28 GMT 05/23/2017
"Europe is getting used to attacks like this...we have to because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out... as ISIS gets squeezed in Syria and Iraq we're going to see more of these kinds of attacks taking place in Europe... and Europe is starting to get used to that..."

A very sad but awfully truthful 30-second reality check from a female BBC host speaking on MSNBC...

as the US moves toward nationwide concealed will be interesting to see how this line works "across the pond".

"Europe Has To Get Used To Bombings"

Tallinn viies 21:23 GMT 05/23/2017
eurusd made higher high and higher low again. not so clearly bullish anumore as last week as euro closed in NYC near the lows of the day.
but will try to keep my long euro positions as long as this week low contains downside attempts. target 1.1300 first. stop at 1,1152

Mild Risk On Trade In North American Equities Late. 10yr Yield Higher. USD Up
dc CB 20:41 GMT 05/23/2017
where has this been seen before?
will these be offered as a 10 Anivs Celebratory Issue. (aka LTML (Long Term Memory Lapse...10y is a long time)

With an Asset-Backed Debt ETF, the Bet Is If You Can Pay What You Owe

BlackRock Inc.’s liShares Consumer Asset-Backed Securities ETF

dc CB 20:35 GMT 05/23/2017
Crude draw -1.5mmb
Gasoline -3.15mmb
Distillates -1.85mmb
Cushing -0.21mmb

Trump is finished
dc CB 20:06 GMT 05/23/2017
The man who Blew Up the Harvard Endowment. Sooo Credible about budgets.

Trump is finished
Amazing Trader john bland 20:02 GMT 05/23/2017  - My Profile
nh- too true lol

Trump is finished
dc CB 20:00 GMT 05/23/2017
Mark Carney is the next Fed Head.
He'll have then made the full round English Speaking Banks (Northern Hemisphere). Canada, UK, USA

Trump is finished
Livingston nh 19:57 GMT 05/23/2017
The Summers' link LINK

At least he won't be the next Fed Head

Amazing Trader Wednesday Trading Items
Amazing Trader john bland 19:55 GMT 05/23/2017  - My Profile
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GVI Trading Statistical Market BIAS Indicators--

EUR symbol The Fed Funds Market Sentiment Barometer reflects current sentiment about a future change in Fed policy.
Odds for one 25bp rate hike as of the June 14, 2017 meeting are now 80% (74%).

EURUSD MACRO statistical Bias: HIGHER
Spot EURUSD: 1.1188

Pivot Point: 1.1213

20-day avg: 1.0990
50-day avg: 1.0833
200-day avg: 1.0824

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 23 May 2017
GVI Forex Blog 19:32 GMT 05/23/2017  - My Profile

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 23 May 2017

Trump is finished
Livingston nh 19:24 GMT 05/23/2017
Larry Summers continues to be finished -- not as bright as he pretends

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Sell Here
Singapore 05:33 GMT 05/24/2017
Gold eased as the USD bounced off recent lows as expectations about a Fed tightening firmed.

Currently, Gold is trading at 1,251.86, up +0.05%, having posted a daily high at 1,253.88 and low at 1,250.34.

A break below $1245.36 could yield a sell-off to $1239.88 and $1233.53. On the other hand, a break above $1253 would open up upside towards $1264.50 and $1270.94.

Gold Tips

Singapore 05:29 GMT 05/23/2017

The Manchester explosion and the resulting risk-off pushed gold to a three-day high of $1263.46 levels.

The session high almost coincides with the critical 61.8% fib retracement of the April low and the March high - $1264. 50.

The metal may remain well bid and could jump above $1264.50 (61.8% Fib R) if the European stock markets react negatively to Manchester incident.

Gold Trading Tips

Crude Oil Update
Singapore 06:20 GMT 05/22/2017

Crude oil rates persisted to trend higher as the market turns into an increasingly confident that OPEC members will commit to a rollover in the production cut agreement. Azerbaijan joined the refrain of requires an extension; but it favors continuing to the cease of 2017 (instead of Q1 2018). Charges have been also supported with the aid of the broad weak point in the USD. Sentiment was also buoyed via signs of strong demand.

Qatari oil minister Mohammad al-Sada joined a growing number of major oil producers calling for an extension to the OPEC and non-OPEC output cut deal to the end of March 2018, Platts reports.

According to him, after nearly three years of buildup in oil stocks, the process of rebalancing was "finally gaining momentum"

"We are optimistic that the extension of the agreement to the second half of this year will improve market stability, due to the higher expected demand in Q3 and Q4. This is further supported by the fact that the world economic situation is progressively improving"

"We also see merits of extending the agreement further to the first quarter of 2018, when demand is seasonally lower"

Current Crude Oil Status:
Currently, Crude Oil is trading at 50.73, up + 0.79%, having posted a daily high at 50.89 and low at 50.58.

Crude Oil Tips

Gold Update
Singapore 06:13 GMT 05/22/2017

Gold continues to be supported by US political turmoil, with prices threatening to break through USD1260/oz.

US long-term inflation expectations as represented by the 10-year breakeven inflation rate are a big driver of gold prices. The metal being a hedge for inflation usually tracks inflation expectations higher/lower.

The 10-year breakeven inflation rate; the yield difference between 10-year Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) and regular 10-year Treasury notes; dropped to 1.78% last week; the lowest level since November 10.

However, gold remained well bid on rising political tensions in the US. Moreover, the metal has rallied from $1222 (May 10 low) to $1264 (last week’s high) mainly due to the turmoil in Washington.
It also means that once the political uncertainty dissipates, the risk premium would evaporate and the metal would fall back in line with the weakening inflation expectations.

Current Gold Status:
Currently, Gols is trading at 1,253.85, down -0.17%, having posted a daily high at 1,257.79 and low at 1,251.85.

Gold trading tips

Singapore 07:15 GMT 05/20/2017
Gold drivers send mixed signals. The U.S. dollar and credit spreads remain bearish, while the real interest rates have turned to be bullish recently, as the Trump rally has definitely softened. To be clear: it’s too early to herald the end of reflation, as the improving manufacturing sector in China should be enough to support the reflation trade in the medium term. There will be ups and downs, but the trend should be higher. What we are saying is that the macroeconomic outlook for gold has recently improved on the margin, as the reflation trade lost Trump’s leg.


Gold Trading Tips

Singapore 06:25 GMT 05/19/2017
Gold this Friday, noting that the yellow metal is likely to surpass $ 1300 mark, even without ‘safe-haven’ buying.

Key Considerations:

“Safe haven buying has provided strong support to gold prices over the past six months. However rising geopolitical risks in the US and elsewhere are likely to propel prices even higher, despite the spectre of a rate hike in the US next month. We see gold holding above USD1250/oz in the short term, and an increasingly possibility of it breaking through USD1300/oz this year if the political situation in the US worsens.”

“Even without the support of safe haven buying, we still see an environment conducive to higher gold prices. Much has been debated about the impact of rising US interest rates on gold. However, we don't see this as a hindrance over the next 12 months. In fact, over the past seven rate hikes cycles (going back to the 1970s), gold has pushed higher in all but one case. Moreover, gold has outperformed in the cycles where interest rates were increasing relatively slowly.”

“We are also seeing signs of an improvement in the physical market. While coming from a low base, physical demand in India and China have rebounded sharply in recent months. The issues around demonetization in India appear to be abating, while a sharp pickup in gold imports into China suggests previous constraints have also eased.”

Gold Tips

What would be the effect of French Election on Gold?
Reykjavik Sophia 00:47 GMT 05/19/2017
In the previous edition of the Market Overview, we analyzed the potential impact of the European elections on the gold market

effect of French Election on Gold

douglas Stella 00:39 GMT 05/19/2017
The gold price is surging on renewed safe-haven demand as a major crisis engulfing Donald Trump delivers a sizable hit to the stock markets.

Gold News

Gold News
Henritte 07:26 GMT 05/18/2017
Gold futures in the U.S. were marginally higher by 0.04 percent at $1,228.20 per ounce. Spot gold also rose slightly on the day and to finishes at $1,228.32 per ounce, after rising more than 0.3 percent last Friday.

Gold News

Gold notches two-week high
New Delhi Sanjit 03:11 GMT 05/18/2017
Gold futures were traded higher on Monday, clinching its fourth daily gain, to sit at its highest settlement in two weeks as investors turned to safe-havens amid geopolitical tensions created by North Korea.

Gold notches two-week high after gaining fourth-straight win

short gold here for scalping purpose
Taiwan Tom 05:14 GMT 05/17/2017
Sell Gold
Entry: 1243 Target: Stop:

1250 big resistance

Bullish trend gold up 1241
Malaysia 09:24 GMT 05/16/2017
Gold Price Today in Malaysia in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

Ounce 5,324.60 1,234.69
Tola 1,996.72 463.01
Gm 24K 171.21 39.70
Gm 22K 156.93 36.39
Gm 21K 149.78 34.73
Gm 18K 128.37 29.77
Gm 14K 99.90 23.16
Gm 12K 85.60 19.85
Gm 10K 71.34 16.54

Gold Tips

Bullish trend gold up 1241
Taiwan Tom 10:56 GMT 05/15/2017
Buy Gold
Entry: 1230 Target: Stop:

Good afternoon friends

douglas Sophia 02:18 GMT 05/12/2017
The price of gold eases off on Wednesday’s session, same time when chief of FBI James Comey got immediately fired from the office by U.S. President Donald Trump. However the on-going expectations of an interest rate hike by the Fed outperformed the yellow metal’s gains.

price of gold

This was a Bulls trap
Taiwan Tom 14:41 GMT 05/11/2017
Sell Gold
Entry: 1227 Target: Stop: 1233

It is not a rise it is an adjustment a retracement Infact...:)

Singapore 08:55 GMT 05/11/2017
Gold held tepid recovery gains through early European session and is currently placed at session tops near $1221-23 area.

Currently, Gold is trading at 1,221.55, up +0.20%, having posted a daily high at 1,222.74 and low at 1,216.00.

It's all because of geopolitical tensions and french election


Gold Trading Tips

Singapore 09:23 GMT 05/10/2017
Gold struggling to register any meaningful recovery, hangs near 8-week lows.

It's time to keep an eye on gold to invest profitably.

For gold investment tips refer:

Gold Tips

Sell Here
Taiwan Tom 10:20 GMT 05/09/2017
Sell Gold
Entry: 1234 Target: Stop:

Closed all at 1225

What would be the effect of French Election on Gold?
Auckland Mr. 09:24 GMT 05/09/2017
Entry: Target: Stop:

There may not be a huge change! So don't worry!

Stock Market Trading

Singapore 07:08 GMT 05/09/2017
•Commodities’ prices are likely to get affected by Fed rate hikes and Chinese demand growth over the coming year.

•Commodities to perform well over coming year as Fed hikes rates, at full employment, inflation moving toward its 2% target

•Growth in Chinese demand for industrial metals likely to be muted


Commodity Tips

Sell Here
HK RF@ 20:10 GMT 05/08/2017

Best timing for selling gold!!!???

Horacio Villegas reckons World War III will start on May 13 and we're all doomed
[Apr 21st, 2017 by Dannielle Maguire]

Righto guys, better batten down the hatches because yet another self-proclaimed prophet has predicted the beginning of World War III and we don't have much time left.

Horacio Villegas, who refers to himself as a "supernatural being" has told the UK's Daily Star that some serious crap is about to go down.

Apparently, we have until May 13 until a global war breaks out.

"The main message that people need to know in order to be prepared is that between May 13 and October 13 2017, this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death," old mate said.

Supposedly, he predicted that Donald Trump would be the US president waaay back in 2015.

He also apparently knew Trump would attack Syria, which would lead to a big ole' biff with Russia, North Korea and China.


This Texas mystic also had a dream guys.

A dream.

And in this dream, he "saw balls of fire falling from the sky and hitting the Earth".


Sell Here
Taiwan Tom 11:46 GMT 05/08/2017
Sell Gold
Entry: 1234 Target: Stop:

lets see the dollar head north please

What would be the effect of French Election on Gold?
Singapore 07:20 GMT 05/08/2017
Gold prices fell to an 8-week low of $1220.64 before making a quick recovery to $1232 levels. At the time of writing, the metal was trading just above $1229.51 (38.2% Fib of Dec low - Apr high).

In gold’s case, what we are witnessing is a ‘buy the fact’ (Macron wins the election) trade. The safe haven metal has been dumped over the last two weeks as the risk assets rallied on hopes that Macron would win the French Presidential elections.

Gold dropped to $1220.64, before moving back to $1232 levels.

The ‘buy the fact’ trade in gold may gather pace if the profit taking in the stock markets gathers pace during the day ahead.

Gold Trading Tips

What would be the effect of French Election on Gold?
Singapore 07:30 GMT 05/06/2017
As we all know that French elections are trending nowadays. There are two candidates Macron and Le Pen fighting for winning. Winning of both the candidates may have different affect on the gold market.

If Macron will win than as we know that he is a keen supporter of the euro and the EU. He promised to cut corporate taxes and reduce public spending. His victory should cause another relief rally in risky assets and the plunge in the gold prices.

On the contrary part, Le Pen wants to drop the euro and hold a referendum on France's membership in the EU. Her victory would shake certain risky markets, boosting the safe-haven demand for gold.


hk ab 14:46 GMT 05/05/2017
You EXACTLY don't know numbers and have poor memory.

wallstreet bankster 14:42 GMT 05/05/2017
trading is about numbers ab , not wording , and we know your numbers here .

hk ab 14:38 GMT 05/05/2017
for me? LOL.

You know my ratio? or you know my pocket?

Or you don't understand math? nor English?

wallstreet bankster 14:36 GMT 05/05/2017
sure but margin call is always first for ya .

hk ab 14:35 GMT 05/05/2017
sour grapes reappear again, reversal not too far away.

wallstreet bankster 14:29 GMT 05/05/2017
yes we know -30 $ already .

hk ab 14:23 GMT 05/05/2017
Get in slowly and .............quietly.

nw kw 08:43 GMT 05/05/2017
FED lets china have cheap gold in over supplied market with eur as manipulator.

Crude Oil Forecast
Singapore 07:21 GMT 05/05/2017

Crude oil prices maintain to sink – hitting a six-month low in Asian trade – after suffering the largest day by day decline from early March. The drop inside the benchmark WTI futures contract was observed by way of the highest extent in months.

Traders self belief in the capability of an OPEC production reduce scheme to offset swelling swing delivery has been eroding since mid-April. Liquidation extended after EIA reported that, amongst different things, US output rose for an 11th consecutive week. That’s the longest streak of returned-to-returned gains in over four years.

Crude Oil Technical Level:
A break above $ 45 (round number) could yield a test of $ 45.63 (daily top) beyond which $ 46.19 (daily pivot) could be tested. While a breach of $ 43.50 (psychological levels) would expose $ 43.03 (early Nov lows), below which downside opens up for a test of $ 42.20 (mid-Nov lows).

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Gold Forecast
Singapore 07:18 GMT 05/05/2017

Gold charges retreated to a seven-week low as markets endured to reckon with the final results of the FOMC policy announcement. The spotlight now turns to April’s US employment report. This is predicted to show payrolls growth picked up last month after hitting a ten-month low in March.

The Fed has disregarded the first-quarter downturn in US development as “transitory”, signaling that it’s appetite for price hikes is undiminished. Because of this something shy of a dramatic disappointment is unlikely to offer the gold a lot of a lasting lifeline.

Gold Technical Level:
A break above $1229.51 (38.2% fib) would open up upside towards $1241.13 (Mar 24 low) and $1247.31 (Apr 10 low). On the lower side, breach of support at $1225.57 (previous day’s low) would expose $1216.80 (Feb 15 low) and $1209.14 (50% fib).

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Crude Oil Update
Reykjavik Stella 04:49 GMT 05/05/2017
Oil prices have dropped to the lowest level so far in 2017 on Thursday.

latest oil price news

HK RF@ 14:37 GMT 05/04/2017

And sinks and sinks and sinks.....................

New Delhi Sanjit 05:18 GMT 05/04/2017
if there are 5 reasons to rise, there are also 3 reasons that could be a threat to Gold this year and possibly make the yellow commodity not so shiny.

What does 2017 store for the price of gold?

Singapore 04:52 GMT 05/01/2017

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Singapore 04:50 GMT 05/01/2017
The gold market observes a steady charge rise in recent years. Clearly, factors affecting the price of gold involve the basics of aesthetic and precautionary gold demand.

The gold market price has dramatically accelerated during the last decade; the gold price has made this yellow metal an attractive trading asset. The demand for gold has especially increased in the Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong-Kong etc.


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Gold Prices in UK
douglas stella 03:03 GMT 04/28/2017
The price of gold, currently trading at around US$1,165 per ounce, as opposed to a high of over US$1,360[1] for the year would suggest that investors are betting on one key thing: that US interest rates will outpace the rate of US inflation to the benefit of holders of cash, rather than gold.

yellow metal in UK

Crude Oil Update
Caitlin 03:10 GMT 04/27/2017
U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures added 23 cents, or 0.5 percent, closing at $49.85 a barrel; nevertheless, they were still below the $50 mark reached on Friday.


Crude Oil Update
Singapore 06:53 GMT 04/24/2017
WTI spot has rallied at 0.5% this morning, partially unwinding Friday’s 2% sell-off in both it and Brent. A Macron victory in France has reduced uncertainty, but an OPEC/non-OPEC working group recommending an extension to the production cut deal has probably had the greater influence.

The reality is though that the world is awash in oil, and the Baker-Hugh’s Rig Count’s mandatory rise on Friday for the 14th consecutive week shows that U.S. shale isn’t going away at these levels. Barring supply disruptions or geopolitical events, and with shale producers still heavy futures sellers on any rally, sustained rallies could be difficult ahead of late May’s OPEC/Non-OPEC meeting.

Today WTI spot trades at 49.88 with resistance at 50.00 and support at 48.50, its 200-day moving average.

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Gold Forecast
Singapore 06:17 GMT 04/24/2017
Asia’s open saw gold drop $20 on safe haven liquidation, following Macron’s win in the 1st round French presidential voting. Gold traded as low as 1265.50 from a 1284 close before rallying back to the 1272 level.

With geopolitical uncertainty now subsiding globally, at a rate of knots for now, the way lies clear for a possible deeper correction in gold after multiple failures in the 1285/1295 region. Barring a massive surprise from Ms Le Pen in the 2nd round, the intricacies of the French presidency and legislature elections will fade from meaningfully affecting the price of precious metals going forward.

Gold’s present level is 1270 with 1272 nearby a daily support and an intraday pivot. Resistance lies at 1284 with support at 1260 below and then 1255, the 200-day moving average.

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Crude Oil Analysis For 24th April 2017:
Singapore 08:13 GMT 04/22/2017
The WTI Crude Oil market fell significantly during the session on Friday, cracking below the $50 level. If we can continue lower, and break below the bottom of the daily range, oil markets could find themselves dropping somewhat significantly. Ultimately, this market looks as if it is going to continue dropping, and because of that bearish.

There’s a lot of noise near the $47.50 level, so not necessarily that were going to break down drastically. Rallies this point in time should be selling opportunities, and with that being the case it’s only a matter of time before you short of the market. As far as buying is concerned, you would need to see some type of impulsive candle to convince that the market is going to go higher. Right now, we don’t see it.

Crude oil tips

Gold Prediction For 24 April 2017
Singapore 07:09 GMT 04/22/2017
Gold prices broke out and are forming a bull flag pattern ahead of Sunday’s Presidential Election. The moved toward safe-haven assets continue to drive gold prices higher. It appears that the elections are a binary event that will drive prices. If Le Pen performs better than expected, gold will likely benefit.

Support is seen near the 10-day moving average at 1,280. Resistance is seen near the November 8, US Election Day highs at 1,337. Momentum has turned neutral as the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) index prints near the zero-index level with a flat trajectory that reflects consolidation.

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Gold Analaysis
Singapore 06:32 GMT 04/20/2017

Gold Chart

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Gold Analaysis
Singapore 06:31 GMT 04/20/2017
Yesterday we expected bearish movement with minimum target 1271.Market move lower and bounce from 1274 zone.Current gold price is 1279, It seems bearish bias is still not over and we are still expecting a more bearish move towards minimum 1271 and maximum 1263.




Gold Tips

There is some strength in that gold alright!
Taiwan Tom 14:13 GMT 04/19/2017
Gold Slammed For Second Day In A Row As 'Someone' Panic Dumps $3 Billion Notional Ahead Of London Fix

There is some strength in that gold alright!
Taiwan Tom 13:26 GMT 04/19/2017
Buy Gold
Entry: 1284 Target: Stop: 1279

1292 Shortly..........

Gold hits 5-month high on rising geopolitical risks
New Delhi Sanjit 06:30 GMT 04/19/2017
Gold hit a five-month high on Monday as investors took refuge in safe-haven assets in the wake of rising geopolitical tensions over North Korea.

Spot gold was up 0.3 per cent at $1,288.50 per ounce as of 0720 GMT, after hitting its highest since early November – $1,295.42 earlier in the session.

The yellow metal gave up some gains as the dollar rebounded against the yen from a five-month low of 108.11 hit earlier in the day.

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