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18/12/17 10:00 A EZ final core HICP y con: 0.90% pre: 0.90%
18/12/17 10:00 A EZ final HICP y con: 1.50% pre: 1.50%

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Mtl JP 22:50 GMT 12/16/2017
PAR 20:09 / CB do not have same value set like you or I might. Just as one consideration: they MAKE rules and laws unlike you or I who only either obey or break them.

"Money" to them is very clearly defined along line of value (or utility) vs price. I dare suggest that utility - serving a purpose like for example enslaving you to their dictates- is infinitely more important to them than price. They use price to merely deflect your attention from their bigger scheme. They wont care if you gag n choke or your indignation.

Truth or Dare
dc CB 22:36 GMT 12/16/2017
following the moves of previous presidents...make those anncmnts when no one is paying that much attention. 4th of July (intv Hillary), Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Years Eve.

Then this is a very probable event...what better time than the Friday before the very long Christmas Weekend/ Week to New Years.

Place your bets ladies and gents, Red or Black

Rumor Is That Trump Will Fire Mueller Before Christmas

everything is possible between Israel and 1the Palestinians
Independence 21:00 GMT 12/16/2017
Is the crisis between Israel and Palestine likely to affect US towing business?


PAR 20:09 GMT 12/16/2017
Draghi said ECB earned € 1.6 billion in interest /year on its bond portfolio.

With a balance sheet of € 4.4 trillion that comes to a return of 0.36 %.

With inflation running at 1.7 % it means that in real term the ECB lost

1.34 % on its portfolio or aproximately € 60 billion.

ECB in real terms losing € 60 billions a year can never be good for the European economy .

Once a TinFoil Hat Theory - but today?
dc CB 14:40 GMT 12/16/2017
the California doc


Once a TinFoil Hat Theory - but today?
dc CB 14:36 GMT 12/16/2017
So what will this do to the enitre Cellular Wireless business?
Coming G5 networks --- which critics have noted is more dangerous.
Also, the telecoms for the past ten years have dismantaled Land based services and Told Us that Wireless Broadband is the Way To Go.

Back in the early days, there were "wackos" who worried about cell phone towers being put up too close to elementary schools. But they were dismissed as loons.

California Health Officials Release Guidelines To Avoid Cellphone Radiation

Commitment Of Traders Report for 12 December 2017 Data
GVI Forex Blog 13:06 GMT 12/16/2017  - My Profile
Register To Test Your Amazing Trader


Forex trading is all about stops. The Commitment of Traders Report (COT) is an imperfect, but useful, "sampling" of market positioning. I would prefer more frequent and precise readings, but we have to live with what we get. The data work for the purpose of getting an idea if traders are positioned long or short and if they in big or small.

EUR symbol EURUSD net long positions have been fluctuating up and down for months around a rough 80K contracts level. The heavy blue line (once a week spots) provides a useful perspective on the price action. In the latest week the market has recovered to a rough 1.1750 EURUSD level.

As the alternative reserve currency to the USD, keep in mind EUR positions are not just against the USD. EUR crosses vs. the JPY and GBP are critical. The European economy continues to improve and that should remain a EUR positive... MORE

Commitment Of Traders Report for12 December 2017 Data

Beirut Abb 10:55 GMT 12/16/2017
..the structure chart of last 20 days say 1.3172 is coming for usdcad..

everything is possible between Israel and 1the Palestinians
Israel Dil 22:14 GMT 12/15/2017
jp - Chinese are masters of reversed engineering, did quite impressive job in copy/paste of the defective imperial DNA into their culture, what a monster they developed in just two decades.

China's 'night tigers' deployed in Syria

everything is possible between Israel and 1the Palestinians
Mtl JP 21:31 GMT 12/15/2017
Dil look at the bigger picture:

...China supports the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty on the basis of the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Commitment Of Traders Report for 12 December 2017 Data
AT Amazing Trader john bland 20:48 GMT 12/15/2017  - My Profile

Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP

Net EUR JPY COT Positions

Click on chart for EUR COT Details

Click on chart forJPY COT Details

Net GBP and CHF COT Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Net AUD and CAD COT Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details


Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: CAD, AUD, Gold, Oil

Net Crude, Gold, S&P and 10-yr Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 15 December 2017
GVI Forex Blog 20:27 GMT 12/15/2017  - My Profile

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 15 December 2017

Trade Off The Cretins Corner
Mtl JP 20:20 GMT 12/15/2017
nh u still trading the "peripheries" pairs ?

How this weekend could decide the path of the South African rand

everything is possible between Israel and 1the Palestinians
Israel Dil 20:19 GMT 12/15/2017
Arab Palestinian you man puts on himself fake looks like explosives belt/vest and goes to walk along the streets. while walking je nears an Israeli army post and told to stop upon the explosives belt seen by the soldiers, the man didn't stop and got shot dead.

The Palestinians accuse Israel in murder now, no joke!
walking with explosives belt/vest is the new normal, and Israeli forces must check first of its not a fake one. now go and try to understand Palestinian logics.

Israel Dil 20:11 GMT 12/15/2017

buy it below 10 take profit above 12, just roll between the contracts. you know what is to make, very clear that only 0 is the risk. floating loss? - don't trade VIX (or anything similar) if you don't have what it takes to live with it.

US tax farsa
Israel Dil 20:07 GMT 12/15/2017
when ironic committed suicide, that's how tax "reform" and tax "cuts" look like.


Mtl JP 20:06 GMT 12/15/2017
9.25 -1.24 -11.82%
price getting better (i.e. lower)

8.56 52-week low 17.28 high

Israel Dil 19:58 GMT 12/15/2017
Entry: ~ 1.35 Target: under 1.10 Stop:

that's how the bigger pic looks like :-)))

The Mouth that Roared
Mtl JP 19:47 GMT 12/15/2017

see ? the 4-hr has no red nor blue trend line to suggest which way the wind blows. puppy is now quiet inside the eye of the hurricane waiting

Year end
Livingston nh 19:39 GMT 12/15/2017
It may be that the 30/2 yr may become the new 10/2 spread curve flattening trade this month - sudden pop in 30 yr // I thot 5 would go below 2 but maybe 30 below 10 first

The Mouth that Roared
Mtl JP 19:35 GMT 12/15/2017
Poloz is an exports infused creature.

He no doubt saw the embarrassing spanking our wide-eyed childish selfie-posing justin "nice sox and hair" trudeau received in China recently and got scared how trump is going to use the blunder to crank up pressure on Canada in the NAFTA trade talks.

Poloz is desperately trying to mitigate the foolishly naiive PM's signal to Trump that he has other trading options should NAFTA collapse. Now his patently embarrassing failure is monster-sized nega-signal. Can u c Trump chuckle ? Poloz is trying to help out the fool from getting his feet burned as Trump applies heat. Poloz , thru a lower cad$ is trying the only thing he can to mitigate his young fool's diplomatic blunder that has very high risk costs.

The Mouth that Roared
Livingston nh 19:19 GMT 12/15/2017
Poloz giveth - Poloz taketh away

Appear to be another Friday failure at 1.29 -- this is getting a bit worrisome

The Mouth that Roared
dc CB 19:05 GMT 12/15/2017
I'm using CD futures, which is upside down of that chart. fyi. this ia the roll day to March from Dec. Ole Plotzie's mouth gave those in the know a chance to exit those positons in Dec and overnight sell again. All legal when it comes to MOUTHS and their conectd network of best buddies.

The Mouth that Roared
Mtl JP 19:00 GMT 12/15/2017

forgot the picture

The Mouth that Roared
Mtl JP 19:00 GMT 12/15/2017
dc CB 16:37 all clearly illustrated on the hourly chart

ps / IF you think see some range delimitations you might want to wait for a non-false breakout.

Mtl JP 18:54 GMT 12/15/2017
There is no direct way to play the the CBOE’s VIX index.
not in a same way one can the SnP500 or DJIA

To play the puppy .... (from the long side as a bet that volatility in stox will increase) you have to play some instrument that tries to track VIX. None are straight forward.

IF you do not know the why's and how's of on which pig's back to try to ride over the pigsh!t puddle to glorious profits I d suggest to not bother.

There are easier plays open to you on which to try to add posi-dlrs to your account.

Just remember this traders' creed: What does not severely injure or kill you dis-appoints me.

lkwd jj 18:37 GMT 12/15/2017
futures vx , is that right ?

Mtl JP 18:24 GMT 12/15/2017
lkwd jj 17:28 only one way to find out
which instrument r u looking at "buy VIX" ?

Livingston nh 18:20 GMT 12/15/2017
An interesting aside to rig count is the Tax Devouring state of NY has legislated NO FRACKING - it's neighbor, PA, has no such do-gooder qualms // the new tax bill might motivate the high tax do-gooder states looking for new revenue sources

AT Amazing Trader john bland 18:08 GMT 12/15/2017  - My Profile
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 930 vs. 931 (-1) prev.
Oil: 747 vs. 751 (-4) prev.

Total 238 vs. 219 (+9)

TTN: Live News Special Offer

lkwd jj 17:28 GMT 12/15/2017
is it time to buy vix again as its below 10 ?

The Mouth that Roared
dc CB 17:24 GMT 12/15/2017
the turn of the year will bring a vely vely interesting first month.
What's in your wallet?

"I don’t want to talk about pardons for Michael Flynn yet,” Trump told reporters at the White House. "We'll see what happens. Let's see."

see below --- drawing blood? odds are nothing will happen until they all get back from the holidays. (not your grandfather's Watergate)

FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond What Was Previously Known; Comey, McCabe, Strzok Implicated

Israel Dil 17:21 GMT 12/15/2017
jj - I agree with you. I trade for another test of that level before 1245 is taken, if at all. I still expect monthly close above 1265

lkwd jj 17:15 GMT 12/15/2017
from a chart perspective 1264 was support(in oct, nov, dec) which gave way so before next big leg down a retest was highly probable. triple bottom breakout? maybe so whichever way you slice it(barchart/ p&f) its a major level.

The Mouth that Roared
Israel Dil 17:07 GMT 12/15/2017
Trump asked officially for Russian help to solve the DPRK conflict. bit disconnected as Russia claims that a war in the Korean peninsula is unavoidable. confused, or not yet?

meanwhile in Russia

The Mouth that Roared
dc CB 16:41 GMT 12/15/2017
Ms May...working hard to deny the Brits what they voted for(stupid peasants just don't know what's good for them)

The Mouth that Roared
dc CB 16:37 GMT 12/15/2017
Loonie: Hey Plotzie..."And it's gone"

Amazing Trader (AT) 16:33 GMT 12/15/2017
Germany Chancellor Merkel: ready to take up exploratory talks with the SPD; talks with SPD should lead to a stable German govt - press

-- Source

Israel Dil 16:30 GMT 12/15/2017

we look at the same range, sub 1245 may make me to forget the bullish scenario. yes, $50 above latest low may show as rough nut to crack at first try.

lkwd jj 16:25 GMT 12/15/2017
im looking at gc the futures not xau

lkwd jj 16:24 GMT 12/15/2017
1276 and then 1283 will be tough to push through

lkwd jj 16:23 GMT 12/15/2017
daily or hourly its the 1204-1362 range whichever time frame suits you.

Israel Dil 16:12 GMT 12/15/2017
1245-1295-1320 is the range for the coming three weeks... XAU/USD

EURUSD scalp buy
Mtl JP 16:10 GMT 12/15/2017
it is the 1.1765/60 level that currently preventing a looksee at 1.1715-ish

Israel Dil 16:09 GMT 12/15/2017
jj - you talk 1/4/8 hr charts... can't see it as the ruling hand while approaching weekly close and actually the last day with liquidity for three weeks. I see weekly close around 1260 in the making

lkwd jj 16:04 GMT 12/15/2017
hit the next fib level. overall downtrend so its a hit and run ...

EURUSD scalp buy
Mtl JP 16:01 GMT 12/15/2017
s/t 1.1765 pivotal on the hrly

European Summit
PAR 16:00 GMT 12/15/2017
A complete catastrophe . Have a nice weekend .

Janet Yellen and The Fed Do Not Disappoint The Markets
GVI Forex Blog 16:00 GMT 12/15/2017  - My Profile

John M. Bland, MBA, co-founder,

Fed Raises Fed Funds Target By 25bps  On Wednesday December 13, the FOMC announced a +25bp hike in its Fed Funds target range to 1.25-1.50% from 1.00-1.25%. This hike was as widely expected, after having been signaled by the Fed. The Fed also released its quarterly “dot plots” forecasts for the Fed Funds rate in 2018. It showed members of the committee as a group were expecting three rate hikes in the new year. Many in the markets had been expecting these forecasts might show four rate hikes. As for the Fed Funds futures markets, even afterwards traders were still expecting only two hikes in the new year. Personally, I have little confidence in these estimates because the Fed professionals have over-estimated inflation and interest rate levels for so many years, they have to be second-guessing themselves by now... MORE

Janet Yellen and The Fed Do Not Disappoint The Markets

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Lexington 21:04 GMT 12/16/2017
here at Lexington, Gold trade is picking well


A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 23:53 GMT 12/09/2017
fed? not priced in gold,s/p cots,,, bitdesater = fastest gold run up 1205 long or stop,,,, allways bugs to work out/?? cina oil to gold to price in gold more valuable for oil fight.

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 20:52 GMT 12/03/2017
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula escalated over the weekend as US stealth fighters moved into the region and official sources from both North Korea and the US said the chances of war are growing.

Korean bitgold at 10% market cap, so jpy that's interesting...

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 22:35 GMT 12/02/2017
well reeeeding the market jpy bitgold, pay for china oil, isent jpy biggest oil needer for its biger xports off seting

yes keep it simpall for wut gov. feeds us---------- heeerding agan its ok ill trade on it,,,, GL

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 18:12 GMT 11/30/2017
xaujpy started to fall from 5 y channel top// I was awaiting for u/j 120.// xauusa gold day channel descends. but looks from xaugbp as king driver so gbp id key.

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 17:53 GMT 11/30/2017

Albert Einstein, was proven right, sometimes even when he thought he made mistakes.

Will his Maxim about the infinite stupidity of mankind will hold for Bitcoin too? Just wait.

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 17:49 GMT 11/30/2017

Now the Japanese are funding their Bitcoin trades, not only with yen, but also by selling gold. All are running to invest in a financial instrument no one knows how it began or where from it came.

Gold bound to lose about 2.5% against the JPY.
HK RF@ 17:41 GMT 11/30/2017

Against the USD not be surprised if 1240/5 range will be reached.

A mad nation goes banana.
nw kw 12:28 GMT 11/29/2017
Japanese yen trading in bitcoin dominates at about 61 percent.

hk ab 04:15 GMT 11/21/2017
collection phase is too obvious.

See how the wash out ends, all gold stocks are being cleared to kill small fishes.

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:37 GMT 10/29/2017
oil stocks

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:36 GMT 10/29/2017
aka stock market driving.prices // not cheap no leverage in stocks./

Just study the monthly chart
nw kw 04:33 GMT 10/29/2017
technical fundamental yearly bond market. swings// 100%

Just study the monthly chart
Taiwan Tom 12:10 GMT 10/27/2017

Entry: 1267 Target: OPen Stop:

November is gold's big fall month. Don't ask me why. It's nothing technical nor fundamental. Just wait and see

hk ab 02:18 GMT 10/17/2017
The coming upswing in gold targets in weeks term 1368
hk win10 16:59 GMT 10/11/2017
hope so, still hoping 10 contracts at 1306

Bangsters must be reading GVI hard......LOL

The coming upswing in gold targets in weeks term 1368
hk win10 16:59 GMT 10/11/2017
hope so, still hoping 10 contracts at 1306

Few hours from now missiles from N.K will be flying.
HK RF@ 20:45 GMT 10/09/2017

Meanwhile, let's talk about Catalooonia.

HK RF@ 12:30 GMT 10/09/2017

Price of gold may culminate around Oct.30

A mad nation goes banana.
HK RF@ 20:27 GMT 10/06/2017

Anton Morozov, a member of the Russian Duma's international affairs committee, and two other Russian lawmakers visited Pyongyang on October 2 to 6, RIA reported.

Mr Morozov said: "They are preparing for new tests of a long-range missile. They even gave us mathematical calculations that they believe prove that their missile can hit the west coast of the United States.

"As far as we understand, they intend to launch one more long-range missile in the near future. And in general, their mood is rather belligerent."
The provocative move will anger US president Donald Trump who has repeatedly warned the rogue state that he will “totally destroy” the country if the US is threatened.

But the warnings appear to have fallen on deaf ears as the North gets set to test another nuclear missile.

US officials have not yet responded to the claim.

Sell gold
HK RF@ 00:49 GMT 10/06/2017

This trade is already profitable. Short term traders may take their profits. The risk is tonite data.
Be suspicious that Mkts. may be manipulated against the direction data may move them.

Sell gold
HK RF@ 13:26 GMT 10/05/2017
Sell Gold
Entry: 1275 Target: 1242 Stop: 1285


HK RF@ 13:25 GMT 10/05/2017

Very hi chances for gold to drop to 1242/3.

Only a black sawn event may prevent it.

The final target for gold is 1187.

money flow of gold
Taiwan Tom 06:01 GMT 10/03/2017
I did follow you to boy gold since 1298!!!

money flow of gold
Solo Raden 06:03 GMT 09/28/2017

lock all if show 1275 and wait at 1252 to open lock.

money flow of gold
Solo Raden 14:27 GMT 09/27/2017

keep buy for profit target 1315

money flow of gold
Solo Raden 10:50 GMT 09/27/2017

Entry: Target: Stop:

show me newest promise level must be touched 1295.90

gold keep buy
Solo Raden 08:40 GMT 09/27/2017

be patient for 1315

gold for 1315 target profit
Solo Raden 06:03 GMT 09/27/2017

first buy position 1298
second buy position 1294

money flow of eurusd
Solo Raden 04:26 GMT 09/27/2017

have a nice profit

money flow of gbpusd
Solo Raden Mas 04:20 GMT 09/27/2017

have a nice profit

keep sell eurusd
Solo Raden Mas 03:15 GMT 09/27/2017

1.1744 must be done

keep buy position gold for 1315
Solo Raden Mas 02:39 GMT 09/27/2017

nearest promise level is 1315 for the first profit target

simple profit from gold
Solo Raden 11:04 GMT 09/26/2017

Buy Gold
Entry: 1302 Target: 1315 Stop:

have a nice profit

gold sell again at 1312
Solo Raden Mas 05:04 GMT 09/26/2017

Sell Gold
Entry: 1312 Target: Stop:

have a nice trade

gold scenario
Solo Raden Mas 21:16 GMT 09/25/2017

have a nice trade

gold sell power at 1308
HK RF@ 16:49 GMT 09/25/2017

If anyone wants to sell than at 1311/12 will be more reasonable.

gold sell power at 1308
Solo Raden 16:28 GMT 09/25/2017

Sell Gold
Entry: 1308 Target: Stop:

have a nice trade

warning gold arround 1308
Solo Raden Mas 15:21 GMT 09/25/2017

corection will come when 1308 be done

hk win10 03:31 GMT 09/24/2017
Kim is just a joke. What is the threat of firing grandfather grade missile? not to mention NK still lack the tech to miniature nuclear bomb into missile.

keep buy
Solo Raden Mas 17:29 GMT 09/23/2017

Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

1315 must be touched.

hk ab 14:30 GMT 09/22/2017
They highly anticipate Mr. Kim help your gold position, nt.

HK Win10 07:02 GMT 09/22/2017
Added 20 contracts of call options last night

Hk Win10 16:50 GMT 09/21/2017
Using 20% margin, ok to buy and hold for a good while,.

hk ab 06:02 GMT 09/21/2017
boat was heavy after you load it, NT.

Did you sell instead?

hk win10 08:07 GMT 09/19/2017
loaded 15 contracts at 1306, may load more tmr night

hk ab 08:02 GMT 09/19/2017
add some more.

hk ab 14:03 GMT 09/14/2017
Gold will blast off after all those virtual money vanish.........

hk ab 13:16 GMT 09/14/2017
wonder how many have loaded more on this dip.

hk ab 13:16 GMT 09/14/2017
wonder how many have loaded more on this dip.

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