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20/07/18 17:00 B US B-H Rig Count con: n/a pre: n/a

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If Trump can'tt provide fuel for the 2nd stage rocket...
HK [email protected] 14:07 GMT 07/20/2018
Then 1.1740 will make a top tonite.

Friday Trading Checklist For 20 July 2018
dc CB 13:56 GMT 07/20/2018
GVI Trader john 09:38 GMT
My initial response to the Trump comments was that he "misspoke", but now I think I can see what he was up to.
as seen on ZeroHedge:

""It really is quite simple. Everyone is smart except Donald J. Trump. That’s why they all are billionaires and all got elected President. Only Trump does not know what he is doing."""

HK [email protected] 13:55 GMT 07/20/2018


HK [email protected] 13:55 GMT 07/20/2018


Japan PM Abe; Indeed Abe is good friend to Trump.
Bali Sja 13:47 GMT 07/20/2018
How about the new NK fatso friend

PAR 13:41 GMT 07/20/2018
Stocks recover from earlier lows after Trumps comments .

Japan PM Abe; Indeed Abe is good friend to Trump.
HK [email protected] 13:22 GMT 07/20/2018
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
May be the next is Netanyahooo.
Does the US have more friends?
Ah Yes how about the Bank of England?
Commo'n say somting!

PAR 13:22 GMT 07/20/2018
Trump has a point . Only reason Draghi keeps blowing up the ECB balance sheet and keeps European real rates at a negative 2.5% is MANIPULATION .

There are no economic fundamentals for this policy . Just PURE MANIPULATION .

GVI 13:17 GMT 07/20/2018
Japan PM Abe: economy is moving towards escaping deflation - parliamentary end press conf - Japan's two lost decades are almost a thing of the past - Source

HK [email protected] 13:15 GMT 07/20/2018
The US is not manipulating the USD, but does what it wants in the markets.
Watch the 1.1750 per my previous suggestion.

Soon Trumpushke, will tell you to buy gold hehehe, just to bring down the pressure from the USD.
Now Trump is in control of the market.
Trump= Captain FX America!!!

Bali Sja 13:09 GMT 07/20/2018
Watch the close mate

GVI 13:05 GMT 07/20/2018
ECB says "no comment" on President Trump's remarks about currency manipulation in Europe and China - press

- Source

Singapore SC 13:01 GMT 07/20/2018
Bali is it time to give uo the buy usd on dips strategy?

BREAKING NEWS: Canada CPI And Retail Sales Beat big in June/May 2018
GVI Forex Blog 13:00 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
Canada: CPI Beats expectations.

Canada: Retail Sales stronger vs. expectations

BREAKING NEWS: Canada CPI And Retail Sales Beat big in June/May 2018

Trumpushke created a situation which makes USD strong so...
HK [email protected] 12:58 GMT 07/20/2018
Now he has to face the consequences, not only to blame China and others.
BTW; Verbal intervention is also an attempt to manipulate a currency:)

From a recent post:
Gold at the gate of the abyss.
HK [email protected] 08:46 GMT 07/20/2018
A 1210-support breach means an openning to a further big fall, which means a stronger USD to the dismay of Trump, and maybe other businesses in exports.
One thus can expect another verbal intervention(Friday) to slow the strengthening of the USD.

GVI Trader john 12:55 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
We used to call this "Verbal Intervention".

GVI Trader john 12:54 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
Bullard is a lightweight. Don't pay much attention to him.

Bali Sja 12:49 GMT 07/20/2018
Whats Bullard gonna say later?Trump just killed Bullard's chance to be today's star

GVI 12:47 GMT 07/20/2018
Pres Trump reiterates his comments on rate policy and FX markets, says China and the EU have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates - Tweets: "China, the European Union and others have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower, while the U.S. is raising rates while the dollars gets stronger and stronger with each passing day - taking away our big competitive edge. As usual, not a level playing field...

- Source

GVI Trader john 12:34 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
Strong CAD data.

GVI Trader john 12:33 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
Canada: CPI (June) Retail Sales (May) 2018

Headline CPI
0.10% vs. +0.10% exp. vs. -0.10% prev.
yy: +2.50% vs. +2.40% exp. vs. +2.20% prev.

Retail Sales
Headline: +2.0% vs. +1.10% exp. vs. -1.20% prev.
X-Autos: +1.40% vs. +0.70% exp. vs. -0.10% prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

HK [email protected] 12:16 GMT 07/20/2018
To make sure euro(which currently looks to rebound) will continue it's decline against the USD, it is good to see if there will a failure at retest of 1.1750 Res.

PAR 12:04 GMT 07/20/2018
I am addicted to POWER .

PAR 11:54 GMT 07/20/2018
Bullard coming soon. Algos ready ,buy, buy...

Forex Traders: Beware of the News
GVI Forex Blog 10:46 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile

For as long as I can remember the forex market has had tendency to react (often overreact) to news. However, times have changed with liquidity providers replacing bank dealers and the main source of forex pricing, leaving the market without true market makers.

Forex Traders: Beware of the News

GVI Trader john 10:45 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
May rules out any notion of a "hard border" between the rest of the UK and Northern Ireland.

GVI 10:40 GMT 07/20/2018
PM May: Her duty to serve the whole of the UK; need a Brexit agreement for the whole country; EU needs to respond to the White papper - comments from Belfast

- Source

GVI Trader john 10:26 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
The story here is not the interview. The story is HOW, WHEN and IF the Trump statements impact the Fed, other governments and the markets. My view is this is not over.

GVI Trader john 10:18 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
interview over nothing new.

Friday Trading Checklist For 20 July 2018
GVI Trader john 09:50 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
Complete Trump interview will be broadcast for the first time at the top of the hour 10:00 GMT on CNBC (15min in duration).

Mtl JP 09:49 GMT 07/20/2018
Dillon AL 22:17 consider anti-lock breaks (ABS)
sampling and reacting to conditions 100s of times per second

vs you pressing manual breaks in a curve on icy road

Friday Trading Checklist For 20 July 2018
GVI Trader john 09:38 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile

When trading forex, you will do best to leave your political views at the door. It took me a while (overnight) to figure out what happened yesterday, and on reflection it has become clear to me what was going on.

My initial response to the Trump comments was that he "misspoke", but now I think I can see what he was up to.

He is looking ahead to November elections. He wants a strong economy and strong stock prices when there is voting underway.

He does not want the Fed slowing down the economy at that time (higher rates). Also, he does not want to see China and others (Europe, UK, etc.) with weaker currencies depressing U.S. exports and stock prices. Recall the Mnuchin "currency gaffe" earlier this year. Well I think Mnuchin just took the fall for a similar situation. People like Navarro (Rasputin?) were watching what was going on and told Trump he had to take action yesterday just as the USD was about to gather some serious upward momentum.

Notice China and India both intervened in support of their currencies today. The big question is Powell and the Fed. There is only one more "actionable" Fed meeting between now and the election (September 26). Market odds in favor of a rate hike at that meeting are now a dead certain 98% in favor of a hike. Lets see how Powell responds to the Trump pressure in the next week or so. Watch those odds like a hawk...

As I said initially, mine is not a political post, to get by in this business you will always do better to leave your political opinions at home and deal with things as they are not as you might wish they were.

Gold at the gate of the abyss.
HK [email protected] 09:23 GMT 07/20/2018
manila tom 09:05
If the price of the product you need is right, and if the quality is right and if it is will buy it:) unless banned.

Friday Trading Checklist For 20 July 2018
GVI Trader john 09:12 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
For AT Trading
See the Amazing Trader Live!


Spot EURUSD: 1.1645
Pivot Point: 1.1632

This Week: 1.1575-1.1745
Fri: 1.1626-1.1674
Thu: 1.1575-1.1678
Wed: 1.1607-1.1665
Tue: 1.1649-1.1745
Mon: 1.1675-1.1725

20-day avg: 1.1666
50-day avg: 1.1698
100-day avg: 1.1975
200-day avg: 1.1984

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Fed 25bp hike odds for Sep 26: 96% (98%)

10-yr Bonds
US: 2.853% -0.3bp
DE: 0.335% +0.3bp
GB: 1.185% +0.1bp

DAX: +4
Implied Open
DJ: -31
SP: +2.1

See the Amazing Trader Live!

Gold at the gate of the abyss.
manila tom 09:05 GMT 07/20/2018
exports? what to export when you go into a trade war?

Gold at the gate of the abyss.
HK [email protected] 08:54 GMT 07/20/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1210 Target: 1250 Stop: 1195

A contrarian trader, can expect a retest of 1250 B4 resumption of price decline.

Gold at the gate of the abyss.
HK [email protected] 08:46 GMT 07/20/2018
A 1210-support breach means an openning to a further big fall, which means a stronger USD to the dismay of Trump, and maybe other businesses in exports.

One thus can expect another verbal intervention(Friday) to slow the strengthening of the USD.

It is clear, that a too strong USD, will lead at last to big job losses by closures and/or moving production overseas, a process which if gains momentum will not be easy to reverse.

Friday Trading Checklist For 20 July 2018
GVI Forex Blog 08:43 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
Register To Test Your Amazing Trader

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Fri 20 Jun 2018
A 12:30 CA- CPI/Retail Sales

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Mon 23 July 2018
A 14:00 US- Existing Homes Sales
Tue 24 July 2018
AFlash PMIs
Wed 25 July 2018
AFlash PMIs
A 14:00 US- New Homes Sales
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 26 July 2018
AA 11:45 EZ- European Central Bank Decision
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods
Fri 27 July 2018
AA 12:30 US- GDP
A 14:00 US- Final University of Michigan

John M. Bland, MBA
co-founding Partner,

Friday Trading Checklist For 20 July 2018

manila tom 08:04 GMT 07/20/2018
yes, they continue buying dips in stox and usdjpy, no fear

PAR 07:15 GMT 07/20/2018
Stocks in Asia reversed losses and yuan recovered its drop amid signs of intervention from China authorities looking to stem currency’s weakness. China banks seen buying Yuan after its fall to 1y low. Dollar sags after Trump shows displeasure towards Fed hikes. US 10y ylds <2.85%

PAR 07:06 GMT 07/20/2018
Trump sees huge business opportunities in Russia .

Russia should be Europe s natural trading partner but USA denies us access to the Russian market . Crazy Europe .

Russia is our partner , not our enemy .

PAR 06:42 GMT 07/20/2018
Today’s eco calendar is empty apart from a speech by Fed governor Bullard, one of the most dovish, non-voting, FOMC members.

Global dollar strength started influenced trading on other markets yesterday. Overnight moves suggests the greenback lost momentum. This could also take away bids in the US Note future. Risk sentiment is a wildcard for trading.

sell euro, buy usd
manila tom 03:31 GMT 07/20/2018
sold 11652, stop 11685, it has been the theme the whole week, let's see again today target would be yesterday's low

bali sja 03:29 GMT 07/20/2018
AL, apply for that position to find out ;)

Dillon AL 01:44 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
someone explain to me what is exactly an "International Security Policy program director at the University of Chicago" what does he do apart from spout his views and why is this position or job in existence. I thought a Uni was a place of learning and that professors were teachers of one description or another but this title seems to be something else. Or am I being naive

dc CB 00:46 GMT 07/20/2018
These American scholars say the real threat to the U.S. is Russophobia.

"If he [President Trump] means what he said he was right. It would be great to cooperate with Russia — I would go farther, it's imperative... We are eyeball to eyeball in a new Cold War with Russia," begins Stephen F. Cohen, considered among the world's foremost Russian academic experts, while sitting beside John Mearsheimer in this latest Vice interview, who nods his head in approval.

Mearsheimer, a longtime International Security Policy program director at the University of Chicago, questions the now largely cemented narrative created by those who have least understanding of the history of US-Russia relations: "Why won't people engage in a legitimate debate with people like Steve and me? And I believe the reason they won't is they would lose the debate - I'm fully confident of that."

American Cold War Experts: "The Real Threat Is Russophobia"

Dillon AL 00:22 GMT 07/20/2018  - My Profile
but disaster strikes = before disaster strikes

Dillon AL 22:17 GMT 07/19/2018  - My Profile
Consider this: robotic or automatic cars etc wont be mainstream for imho at least 15 years. GPS cannot distinguish between a floor level nor a lane and is ALWAYS several seconds behind reality.
Consider this: Tesla tried to institute robots for what was considered menial human repetitive tasks however found out 2 things 1. the required programming was too difficult 2. that the human was better at it in the first place so they reverted to using humans.
Consider this: word spell does not know the grammatical difference between there and their and a multitude of other similar.
Consider this: Google translate and similar despite being programmed with the dictionary - by no means a complete version of language it then
- now get this - uses English as on intermediary step language for translations between most language pairs. Now of course there is no way of knowing whether that would be UK US OZ etc versions of what is euphemistically referred to as English. Also the translators whether intentionally or unintentionally often provide sexist translations where, among other things, doctors are men and teachers are women.
Consider this: Google or Siri cannot spell - see previous reference - have difficulty understanding accents in every sense of the word and with their predictive text frequently come up with words 1. that are meaningless to the context and 2. complete and utter different words and on top of every thing think that they know better than I in that they change some of the words that I am typing.
Consider this: we already have people that blindly follow directions on their GPS to the point of going onto trails and up dead ends. IE these people know not how to make a decision for themselves believing everything that they see to be gospel. Well we know how that ends but it starts with.....Have you ever been behind someone in a queue and listened to ..the desk clerk or whomever explain something to these people in front of you and started to get frustrated that they were not actually listening properly and not absorbing the information and requiring everything to be explained several times but then these are the same people to whom one needs to say something like my name is Alex thats aye elle eee x but then for what is a very military nation (The US) very few actually know how to spell using the phonetic language
so it would be pointless saying Alpha Lima Echo Xray.
Consider this: Algos in the financial world make money by virtue of being market makers IE they are all about volume and flow. No volume and no flow they are as dead in the water as any human however ALL Algos have a human behind them whether that be purely a risk manager or just someone who when things gets slow flashes price change. Yep it is illegal but try and catch them especially where the regulatory officers have very little if any market background but being lawyers all think that they can wade through millions of lines of code.

I'll take my chances that as a human I can still outwit a machine for the foreseeable future because I can duck and weave and think on my feet and smell when something does not seem right and make an instantaneous decision but disaster strikes. We are a very very long way away from Kit or Hal.

Mtl JP 21:01 GMT 07/19/2018
dc CB 16:09 why good luck ?
market makers / dealers lurk for dissertations by politicians / central bank cretins 24/7
think they do that manually ?
one has to get out of prehistoric cave and smoke signals and leap forward and adopt lurking robots variously programmed to watch for and react to price dynamics impulses . It is 2018 afterall.

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see this links
giza 05:23 GMT 07/11/2018

Entry: Target: Stop:

warning of scam bin bot pro automated robots in binary options

warning of scam bin bot pro automated robots in binary options

Leaving PMs for now
lkwd jj 18:53 GMT 06/15/2018
i saw the wedge but didnt take the trade. but i found that theres always a pull back and if you add or dont keep stop moving up you can see it all wash away. only for it to continue 3 days later. coffee was brutal i had it from 121.45 long and got out at 115.5 today.
nat gas is a buy above 3 on a close but again there will be pullback to 295-97 where its a buy. i saw this developing on hourly chart as rejections from 298 were losing steam on the way down. range from 289-295 was good buy low sell highs but had feeling its gonna pop

Leaving PMs for now
wellington am 07:57 GMT 06/12/2018
Coffee was a nice trade for me in the run up from 116 to 124+ recently.

However the sell off back down to 115 was somewhat brutal, so it's more a watch and see now.

Ag commodities are showing some interesting patterns (the index of softs appears to be breaking out), and have been a little easier to trade than PMs of late.

That said, anyone watching silver recently? Another false break, or is this the real thing? I'm long (perhaps foolishly so) but the steady rise out of a tight wedge may just be the real thing.

Leaving PMs for now
lkwd jj 15:36 GMT 06/11/2018
what in the coffee market are you alluding too ?

The Weekly Pivot is support
Taiwan Tom 10:26 GMT 05/28/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1297 Target: 1360 Stop: 1250

Price respected the weekly pivot and the 50% of the fibo is a good entry

Leaving PMs for now
Melbourne 10:54 GMT 05/24/2018
hello, i am new here and if you want Assignment help then please click on the link.

Australian Assignment Help

bounce of an uptrend is confirmed
Taiwan Tom 08:50 GMT 05/24/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1296 Target: 1360 Stop: 1276

just confirmed a third bounce of an uptrend which is a major bounce

Leaving PMs for now
wellington am 05:36 GMT 05/23/2018
I am tired of PMs. Well let me restate. I am tired of seeing buy recommendations from those who only recommend buy. I am tired of the sharp spikes down for no apparent reason on a Friday. I am tired of the endless macro economic dollar death analysis, and trying to take swing trades based on such "inevitable" recommendations.

Of course we all know that in the long run the gold bulls are right. But we don't live in the long run, we live in the now.

I have emptied my FX account and moved it all the Futures account. And am now entering and exiting trades based on technicals only, and finding my own trades.

It's taken too long to get here. But it feels good.

BTW. Checkout Coffee.

hk ab 16:16 GMT 05/18/2018
Maybe time for selling......

HK [email protected] 11:39 GMT 05/18/2018
Maybe a serious conflict will solve the consolidating gold.

Long 2016 trend line
Taiwan Tom 10:40 GMT 05/17/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1285 Target: 1350 Stop: 1250

Long 2016 trend line

today range 1317-1325
Taiwan Tom 05:44 GMT 05/11/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1318 Target: Stop: 1308

today range 1317-1325, cheers bro!

hk ab 04:12 GMT 05/07/2018
just when we have RF screams 1318......... bangsters immediately moves the stop to 1323.... LOL

No firework.

Add prayers
HK [email protected] 11:54 GMT 05/03/2018
HK [email protected] 10:43 GMT 05/01/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1307-1309 Target: 1321 Stop: *****

hk ab 14:14 GMT 05/02/2018
Finally, it comes to my buy level.......

1300, relentless.... every $5 down.

HK [email protected] 10:43 GMT 05/01/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1307-1309 Target: 1321 Stop: *****


It is all about some news.
HK [email protected] 21:42 GMT 04/30/2018
The Iranians are proud people, so likely they will not sit on their hands after Israel has been keeping bombarding their Syria installations, killing many Iranians too.
And the Israelis promised them more of this stuff.

In event of a serious escalation gold will rise fast above 1400.

Gold: Seems the M.E. explosive situation, is no one's concern around.
HK [email protected] 15:42 GMT 04/30/2018
Except a blip in oil prices, and all is O.K.

Gold spikes because RF's 1290.....
HK [email protected] 18:31 GMT 04/24/2018
And that caused the Dow to fall 500 points.

Wow!!! A real Delusional Disorder.

So; [email protected] is responsible,,, go out and get hiiiim!!!!!
He is dangerous!

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/24/2018
Gold dips because Tom screams, Gold spikes because RF's 1290.....

Stubborn gold longs didn't give up yet.
HK [email protected] 04:26 GMT 04/24/2018
The battle is still on.

hk ab 00:46 GMT 04/24/2018
Tom can't break the curse.......

Bangsters change to sell immediately whenever Tom screams "buy"

Gold Rock'n roll: Sing it following the white ball:
HK [email protected] 16:03 GMT 04/20/2018
" I am on my way to 1290 "

hk ab 15:46 GMT 04/19/2018
repeating the dlrjpy 80 story?

hk ab 12:40 GMT 04/19/2018
How long can FED strangle paper gold?......

With XAG blast up, Gold accumulated momentum will be "surprising".

Gold Rock
HK [email protected] 12:25 GMT 04/19/2018
Hanging by a thin hair; Not so rocky:(

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 02:43 GMT 04/19/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1348 Target: Stop: 1340

Buy Gold -0.01% further at 1348+ --1349+ at any point in the range. Place SL at 1340. Target 1374.9--1390. Longer Term 1420--1470--1700--1860. Gold-will BULL higher. Trade safely and Gd 1.84% Luck. Gold-Rock.

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/18/2018
Silver the watch dog of gold?

Bangsters said big blast 2 days ago, actually......

hk ab 13:51 GMT 04/18/2018
very close.....

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 06:39 GMT 04/18/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1342 Target: Stop: 1335

Buy Gold -0.16% further at 1341+--1342+ at any point in this range and hold for higher targets towards 1374.9--1390. Place SL at 1335. Trade safely and Gd-Luck. Gold-Rock.

hk ab 14:34 GMT 04/17/2018
Oh no..... Bangsters will change mind when they see Tom.......

Let's wait for the pop.....

A reminder AB style.
HK [email protected] 12:43 GMT 04/17/2018
hk ab 15:21 GMT 04/04/2018
Whenever Tom screams, it means the opposite trade MUST be taken..... LOL

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 10:25 GMT 04/17/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1345 Target: Stop: 1335

((( Buy further at 1344--1345 at any point in this range. Place SL at 1335 and Hold for target 1374.9--1390 ))) Gold-will Bull Higher. Trade safely and Gd-Luck. Gold-Rock.

HK AB 16:37 GMT 04/16/2018
bangsters said, the net needs to move much much higher now......

Hk Ab 02:21 GMT 04/16/2018
Bangsters will be mad if they find it out......

Net from 1360.......shshshs

hk ab 16:51 GMT 04/13/2018
Very interesting divergence on gold and yen.

Bangsters told me to perform the action quietly, after that 1 lot I posted up, they were unhappy........

So, I have no choice but to load quietly........

Anyway, don't want to brag on sth I haven't told the novice traders....

hk ab 15:10 GMT 04/12/2018
secret mission from bangsters again.....

1338 1 lot.

Hk Ab 17:39 GMT 04/11/2018
Exit nuke sell at 1355, more sell opportunities are coming

Hk Ab 17:37 GMT 04/11/2018
I work for bankster lately.......

1366..... Too precise

hk ab 16:18 GMT 04/11/2018
sinks with my nuke......

Bangster's retreat.

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/11/2018
LOL caught some on 1 platform and missed on another.....1366 SOLD!

hk ab 15:20 GMT 04/11/2018
almost here......1366.

hk ab 14:33 GMT 04/11/2018
Good 1353 caught........4 lots.

next station 1366, 16 lots.

May exhaust to 1370.......

Hk Ab 11:50 GMT 04/11/2018
Haha, bankster LISTENs!!

hk ab 17:22 GMT 04/10/2018
My 2nd net at 1353, 4 lots.

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