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21/09/18 7:00 A FR flash Mfg PMI con: 53.3 pre: 53.5
21/09/18 7:00 A FR flash SVC PMI con: 55.4 pre: 55.4

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Sell usd
Jkt Abel 16:28 GMT 09/20/2018
Buy euro 11740ish stop 1710, should test high

GVI 14:59 GMT 09/20/2018
British and French military jets reportedly were scrambled to respond to potential Russian jets over the North Sea - UK press - Source

GVI Trader john 14:33 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
EIA U.S. Natural Gas
U.S. Data Charts

(BCF) +86 vs: +83 expected

TTN: Live News Special Offer

lkwd jj 14:14 GMT 09/20/2018
lkwd jj 14:18 GMT September 14, 2018
euro: Reply
1.1661 long. gbp 1.3085

lkwd jj 13:50 GMT September 14, 2018
euro: Reply
ditto for gbp as it nears 50ma

lkwd jj 13:48 GMT September 14, 2018
euro: Reply
looking for entry long euro as it nears 50ma on 1hr chart. only issue is where to put stops

kaching see ya !!!

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Existing Homes Sales Miss In August 2018
GVI Forex Blog 14:09 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
U.S., Existing Homes Sales
Most significant housing statistic. Data worse than expected in August, 2018.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Existing Homes Sales Miss In August 2018

gbpusd 13280
Amman wfakhoury 14:01 GMT 09/20/2018
13280 reached >.that is all talk.
Have a nice week end

GVI Trader john 14:01 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
U.S. Existing Homes Sales (mln) August 2018


p.a. s.a.: 5.340 vs. 5.380 exp. vs 5.340 (r. ) prev.

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U.S. Leading Indicators August 2018
U.S. Data Charts

+0.40% vs. +0.50% exp. vs. +0.60% (r) prev.

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gbpusd 13280
Livingston nh 13:54 GMT 09/20/2018
Cable had an outside down day yesterday but no joy for me yet -- Maybe PM May can save my day

GVI 13:54 GMT 09/20/2018
Prime Min May: we had a productive summit; EU's Tusk confirmed commitment to reach a deal - post Salzburg meeting comments - UK's white paper is the only serious proposal on the table; I am confident we will reach a deal- Reiterates can be no withdrawal agreement with backstop in Ireland; backstop cannot divide UK into two separate parts - Source

gbpusd 13280
Amman wfakhoury 13:37 GMT 09/20/2018
scalp 13280 buy now 13266

EU Summit
Livingston nh 13:33 GMT 09/20/2018
Seems clear participants are moving to the Lifeboats -- no negotiation can survive the introduction of Principles as an issue

EU Summit
GVI Forex 13:24 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
09:20 (UK) EU President Tusk: Chequers plan won't work; reiterates there will be no Brexit agreement without an Irish backstop; Oct 18th is the moment of truth - Salzburg press conf
- PM May's Chequers framework for economic cooperation will not work
- Maximum progress is needed in Oct; In Oct we'll decide whether to call summit for Nov

- Source

GVI 13:21 GMT 09/20/2018
EU President Tusk: reiterates there will be no Brexit agreement without an Irish backstop - Salzburg press conf - PM May's Chequers framework for economic cooperation will not work- Oct 18th summit will be a moment of truth for Brexit; maximum progress is needed in Oct - Source

EU Summit
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:18 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile

summit press coinference

Livingston nh 13:13 GMT 09/20/2018
The EU kicked the can on Presser to 2pm UK time - but Merkel speaks -- Merkel says substantial progress needed on Brexit by October "Thank you Captain Obvious"

EU Summit
GVI Forex 13:12 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
EU Summit press conference starting now

gbpusd 13280
Amman wfakhoury 13:02 GMT 09/20/2018

13280 reached ..this is the scalping

Thursday Trading Checklist 20 September 2018
Mtl JP 12:46 GMT 09/20/2018
USDCAD 1.2890
sits at aug low
break lower should see another 100 - 200 pips

GVI Trader john 12:30 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Philly Fed Index September 2018


+22 vs. +16.0 exp. vs. +11.0 prev.

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US Weekly Jobless Claims


201K vs. 210K exp vs. 204K (r. n/a ) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

gbpusd 13280
Amman wfakhoury 12:25 GMT 09/20/2018
scalp sell 13280

sell usd
jkt abel 12:14 GMT 09/20/2018
not bad!!

jkt abel 07:14 GMT 09/20/2018
UK data later will help us to see wfak's 13213 en route to 13290 target this week

Mtl JP 11:41 GMT 09/20/2018
alternately, he could stop "protecting" them.
and how are they supposed to pay for all the personnel and toys that "protect" them with 10-40 dlr barrel ?

GVI 11:29 GMT 09/20/2018
US President Trump tweets "We protect the countries of the Middle East, they would not be safe for very long without us, and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices! We will remember. The OPEC monopoly must get prices down now! - Source

Beograd Knez 11:21 GMT 09/20/2018


thank you very much for your share

Livingston nh 11:16 GMT 09/20/2018
knez (twitter via Guardian)

2h ago
This is from the official account of the Austrian presidency of the EU.


Update: The press conference with
will start at +/-

#SalzburgSummit18 #eu2018at
5:25 AM · Sep 20, 2018 from Salzburg, Austria

usdcad and oil
jkt abel 11:15 GMT 09/20/2018
wow, Trump just tweeted about oil price and mid east

Livingston nh 11:05 GMT 09/20/2018
knez -- 2 pm your time (Salzburg) 1 pm London

Beograd Knez 11:03 GMT 09/20/2018
Livingston nh 11:01 GMT 09/20/2018


thank you, just can't find that info and at what time please?

Livingston nh 11:01 GMT 09/20/2018
pre- set, I believe

Beograd Knez 10:59 GMT 09/20/2018
Livingston nh 10:53 GMT 09/20/2018


is that pre-set conference or new one added today, please?

GVI 10:55 GMT 09/20/2018
UK PM May said to indicate no backstop deal in time for October deadline - press - Source

GVI 10:55 GMT 09/20/2018
UK PM May said to indicate no backstop deal in time for October deadline - press - Source

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 10:54 GMT 09/20/2018
Winners and Losers
FWIW here is my take on Jay's Amazing Trader's epiphany:
(lest you think I get an endorsement fee: perish the thought)

A Brief Summary About Amazing Trader and
about trading opps (quotes pulled from Archive):
> AT not only gives you a strategy and patterns to trade but its trading lines give you levels to trade in all types of market conditions.
> AT always gives you a level and pattern to trade, no matter what the trend or market condition
> AT gives you trading opportunities all the time for all types of traders, whether a scalper, daytrader, swing trader or position trader. We even have a strategy for trading binary options.
> AT charts often presage market momentum shifts. AT support (red) and resistance (blue) levels can change before sentiment.
> Note how the news algos and CB speak are driving air pocket trading. This is where the Amazing Trader can be invaluable as it gives levels to trade against in what would otherwise seem like a black hole.
> the Amazing Trader is dynamic and gives you a clear picture of the structure of the market at any time.
> Take a look at the blue resistance line and how it checked the upside. It was drawn well in advance as a key level and is an example how Amazing Trader levels are amazing across all time frames.
> "The Amazing Trader if used correctly is one of the best tools one can use to trade. It truly gives you an idea of the different levels the market may hit in a bearish or bullish market when sometimes we have no clue. Most important it gives great entry and exit points."

The last point is , chronologically in the Archive, is one of the earlier ones Jay made.
I think, from my experience with AT, it is the best one.

It is a tuff offer to beat: comes with 30 day moneyback

Livingston nh 10:53 GMT 09/20/2018
About an hour to go before Juncker presser w/ the EU position // hmmm, all the EU folks in front of camera and media quotes - except MERKEL

Amazing Trader Update
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 10:32 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
EURUSD 1,.1714

EURUSD 1.17 has traded 3 days in a row so clearly the bias setter going forward. 1.1715/1.1724/33/45-50/90 on top.

Magic 1.1650 level was the low yesterday and shows the power of the 50 level

The Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader Update
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 10:28 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
EURGBP .8856

Tested a key AT support at .8855. Below it risks .8811/.8787

Expect .8850 (Not a chart level) to be pivotal as well.

For day traders, .8865 is first AT res.

GBP has been the outperformer today and continues to be a driver of GBPUSD and EURUSD.

The Amazing Trader

Livingston nh 10:14 GMT 09/20/2018
Daily dose of Brexit -
Personal wish list now includes the term "EU Summit" be dropped in favor of "EU Meet and Greet"

Very nice fall to make big profit 13195 and 13213 still active
Amman wfakhoury 09:55 GMT 09/20/2018
1.3213 reached

Must See: Think Like Our Algo, Trade Like a Pro
GVI Trader 09:23 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile

I am going to keep this simple and to the point. We have perfected a  system to go along with the Amazing Trader and  are utilizing an education platform to make it available to you.

Watch the following video and then scroll below for a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER

Must See: Think Like Our Algo, Trade Like a Pro

Fed to Hike Rates By 25bps On September 26
GVI Trader john 09:20 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile

John M. Bland, MBA, co-founder,

Futures Markets Running Dead Certain 100% Odds on a +25bp Fed Funds Hike The silence on Fed policy has been deafening for the past month or so. If the central bank had been worried about the markets pricing in with complete certainty a 25bp rate hike at this meeting, it would have been getting the story out in the press that there are serious doubts about this outcome. The current Fed Funds target range of 1.75-2.00% will be raised to 2.00%-2.25% as the central bank attempts to get rates to what they perceive to be market neutrality of 2.50%.

Fed to Hike Rates By 25bps On September 26

Thursday Trading Checklist 20 September 2018
GVI Trader john 09:08 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
For AT Trading
See the Amazing Trader Live!



Spot EURUSD: 1.1690
Pivot Point: 1.1680

This Week: 1.1618-1.1724
Thu: 1.1669-1.1709
Wed: 1.1650-1.1715
Tue: 1.1652-1.1724
Mon: 1.1618-1.1698

20-day avg: 1.1633
50-day avg: 1.1605
100-day avg: 1.1670
200-day avg: 1.1950

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Fed 25bp hike odds for Sep 26: 100% (100%), and for Dec 19 (second 25bp hike): 74% (74%).

10-yr Bonds
US: 3.068% -1.5bp
DE: 0.487% -0.4bp
GB: 1.603% -1.2bp
JP: 0.119% -0.2bp

DAX: +25
Implied Open
DJ: +37
SP: +1.2

See the Amazing Trader Live!

BREAKING NEWS: U.K. Retail Sales Beat In August 2018
GVI Forex Blog 08:57 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
U.K. Retail Sales chart April 2018 U.K. Retail Sales Data beat m/m street estimates. Nevertheless GBP lower.

BREAKING NEWS: U.K. Retail Sales Beat In August 2018

GVI Trader john 08:42 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile
Retail Sales Better than expected.

GVI Trader john 08:41 GMT 09/20/2018  - My Profile

U.K. Retail Sales August 2018


mm:+0.30% v -0.10% exp. vs. +0.70% (r +0.90%) prev.
x-fuel & autos
mm: +0.30% v -0.40% exp. vs. +0.90% (r +1.10%) prev.

RELEASE: UK Retail Sales

TTN: Live News Special Offer

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Leaving PMs for now
Sydney 06:12 GMT 09/18/2018
Entry: Target: Stop:

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My Assignment Help

Leaving PMs for now
Sydney 06:06 GMT 09/18/2018

Entry: Target: Stop:

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Assignment Help

Leaving PMs for now
lkwd jj 18:53 GMT 06/15/2018
i saw the wedge but didnt take the trade. but i found that theres always a pull back and if you add or dont keep stop moving up you can see it all wash away. only for it to continue 3 days later. coffee was brutal i had it from 121.45 long and got out at 115.5 today.
nat gas is a buy above 3 on a close but again there will be pullback to 295-97 where its a buy. i saw this developing on hourly chart as rejections from 298 were losing steam on the way down. range from 289-295 was good buy low sell highs but had feeling its gonna pop

Leaving PMs for now
wellington am 07:57 GMT 06/12/2018
Coffee was a nice trade for me in the run up from 116 to 124+ recently.

However the sell off back down to 115 was somewhat brutal, so it's more a watch and see now.

Ag commodities are showing some interesting patterns (the index of softs appears to be breaking out), and have been a little easier to trade than PMs of late.

That said, anyone watching silver recently? Another false break, or is this the real thing? I'm long (perhaps foolishly so) but the steady rise out of a tight wedge may just be the real thing.

Leaving PMs for now
lkwd jj 15:36 GMT 06/11/2018
what in the coffee market are you alluding too ?

The Weekly Pivot is support
Taiwan Tom 10:26 GMT 05/28/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1297 Target: 1360 Stop: 1250

Price respected the weekly pivot and the 50% of the fibo is a good entry

Leaving PMs for now
Melbourne 10:54 GMT 05/24/2018
hello, i am new here and if you want Assignment help then please click on the link.

Australian Assignment Help

bounce of an uptrend is confirmed
Taiwan Tom 08:50 GMT 05/24/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1296 Target: 1360 Stop: 1276

just confirmed a third bounce of an uptrend which is a major bounce

Leaving PMs for now
wellington am 05:36 GMT 05/23/2018
I am tired of PMs. Well let me restate. I am tired of seeing buy recommendations from those who only recommend buy. I am tired of the sharp spikes down for no apparent reason on a Friday. I am tired of the endless macro economic dollar death analysis, and trying to take swing trades based on such "inevitable" recommendations.

Of course we all know that in the long run the gold bulls are right. But we don't live in the long run, we live in the now.

I have emptied my FX account and moved it all the Futures account. And am now entering and exiting trades based on technicals only, and finding my own trades.

It's taken too long to get here. But it feels good.

BTW. Checkout Coffee.

hk ab 16:16 GMT 05/18/2018
Maybe time for selling......

HK [email protected] 11:39 GMT 05/18/2018
Maybe a serious conflict will solve the consolidating gold.

Long 2016 trend line
Taiwan Tom 10:40 GMT 05/17/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1285 Target: 1350 Stop: 1250

Long 2016 trend line

today range 1317-1325
Taiwan Tom 05:44 GMT 05/11/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1318 Target: Stop: 1308

today range 1317-1325, cheers bro!

hk ab 04:12 GMT 05/07/2018
just when we have RF screams 1318......... bangsters immediately moves the stop to 1323.... LOL

No firework.

Seems, banksters are planning double-top at about 1318.
HK [email protected] 11:44 GMT 05/04/2018

1318 Res. If breaks gold may run to 1370 vicinity. STOX look bad.
HK [email protected] 12:14 GMT 05/03/2018

Add prayers
HK [email protected] 11:54 GMT 05/03/2018
HK [email protected] 10:43 GMT 05/01/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1307-1309 Target: 1321 Stop: *****

hk ab 14:14 GMT 05/02/2018
Finally, it comes to my buy level.......

1300, relentless.... every $5 down.

HK [email protected] 10:43 GMT 05/01/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1307-1309 Target: 1321 Stop: *****


It is all about some news.
HK [email protected] 21:42 GMT 04/30/2018
The Iranians are proud people, so likely they will not sit on their hands after Israel has been keeping bombarding their Syria installations, killing many Iranians too.
And the Israelis promised them more of this stuff.

In event of a serious escalation gold will rise fast above 1400.

Gold: Seems the M.E. explosive situation, is no one's concern around.
HK [email protected] 15:42 GMT 04/30/2018
Except a blip in oil prices, and all is O.K.

Gold spikes because RF's 1290.....
HK [email protected] 18:31 GMT 04/24/2018
And that caused the Dow to fall 500 points.

Wow!!! A real Delusional Disorder.

So; [email protected] is responsible,,, go out and get hiiiim!!!!!
He is dangerous!

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/24/2018
Gold dips because Tom screams, Gold spikes because RF's 1290.....

Stubborn gold longs didn't give up yet.
HK [email protected] 04:26 GMT 04/24/2018
The battle is still on.

hk ab 00:46 GMT 04/24/2018
Tom can't break the curse.......

Bangsters change to sell immediately whenever Tom screams "buy"

Waiting for gold to make a commodity=Sharp fall too
HK [email protected] 16:17 GMT 04/23/2018

Gold Rock'n roll: Sing it following the white ball:
HK [email protected] 16:03 GMT 04/20/2018
" I am on my way to 1290 "

Gold ready for a voyage to 1290.
HK [email protected] 01:23 GMT 04/20/2018

hk ab 15:46 GMT 04/19/2018
repeating the dlrjpy 80 story?

hk ab 12:40 GMT 04/19/2018
How long can FED strangle paper gold?......

With XAG blast up, Gold accumulated momentum will be "surprising".

Gold Rock
HK [email protected] 12:25 GMT 04/19/2018
Hanging by a thin hair; Not so rocky:(

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 02:43 GMT 04/19/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1348 Target: Stop: 1340

Buy Gold -0.01% further at 1348+ --1349+ at any point in the range. Place SL at 1340. Target 1374.9--1390. Longer Term 1420--1470--1700--1860. Gold-will BULL higher. Trade safely and Gd 1.84% Luck. Gold-Rock.

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/18/2018
Silver the watch dog of gold?

Bangsters said big blast 2 days ago, actually......

hk ab 13:51 GMT 04/18/2018
very close.....

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 06:39 GMT 04/18/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1342 Target: Stop: 1335

Buy Gold -0.16% further at 1341+--1342+ at any point in this range and hold for higher targets towards 1374.9--1390. Place SL at 1335. Trade safely and Gd-Luck. Gold-Rock.

hk ab 14:34 GMT 04/17/2018
Oh no..... Bangsters will change mind when they see Tom.......

Let's wait for the pop.....

A reminder AB style.
HK [email protected] 12:43 GMT 04/17/2018
hk ab 15:21 GMT 04/04/2018
Whenever Tom screams, it means the opposite trade MUST be taken..... LOL

Gold Rock
Taiwan Tom 10:25 GMT 04/17/2018
Buy Gold
Entry: 1345 Target: Stop: 1335

((( Buy further at 1344--1345 at any point in this range. Place SL at 1335 and Hold for target 1374.9--1390 ))) Gold-will Bull Higher. Trade safely and Gd-Luck. Gold-Rock.

HK AB 16:37 GMT 04/16/2018
bangsters said, the net needs to move much much higher now......

Hk Ab 02:21 GMT 04/16/2018
Bangsters will be mad if they find it out......

Net from 1360.......shshshs

hk ab 16:51 GMT 04/13/2018
Very interesting divergence on gold and yen.

Bangsters told me to perform the action quietly, after that 1 lot I posted up, they were unhappy........

So, I have no choice but to load quietly........

Anyway, don't want to brag on sth I haven't told the novice traders....

hk ab 15:10 GMT 04/12/2018
secret mission from bangsters again.....

1338 1 lot.

Hk Ab 17:39 GMT 04/11/2018
Exit nuke sell at 1355, more sell opportunities are coming

Hk Ab 17:37 GMT 04/11/2018
I work for bankster lately.......

1366..... Too precise

hk ab 16:18 GMT 04/11/2018
sinks with my nuke......

Bangster's retreat.

hk ab 16:01 GMT 04/11/2018
LOL caught some on 1 platform and missed on another.....1366 SOLD!

hk ab 15:20 GMT 04/11/2018
almost here......1366.

hk ab 14:33 GMT 04/11/2018
Good 1353 caught........4 lots.

next station 1366, 16 lots.

May exhaust to 1370.......

Hk Ab 11:50 GMT 04/11/2018
Haha, bankster LISTENs!!

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