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The best chart pattern for forex trading signals
egypt best forex 15:53 GMT 09/22/2018

The best chart pattern for forex trading signals
Elliott Wave pattern
A zigzag is a sharp, three-wave corrective pattern, labeled A-B-C. Wave A is always an impulse or leading diagonal, and wave C is always an impulse or ending diagonal.
Wave B is always a corrective wave, that is zigzag, flat, triangle or combination. Therefore, we call the zigzag a 5-3-5 structure
In a zigzag, wave B can never go beyond the start of wave A, and wave C almost always goes beyond the end of wave A. If wave C does not go beyond the end of wave A, it is called a truncated wave C. Zigzag corrections can take the form of one, two, or three zigzags. Three zigzags appear to be the limit.
[img] [/img] zigzags A zigzag is a simple three-wave correction that subdivides into wave A (five waves), wave B (three waves), and wave C (five waves)

Measured Move
The best forex signals provider [url][/url] based on the Measured Move pattern to send forex signals because it easy and popular
Measured Move Up : Prices move up, retrace, and then move up Again.
The Measured Move is a three-part formation. The Bullish Measured Move consists of a first leg uptrend , bearish correction/consolidation, and second bullish leg or wave.

First leg
Most times prices follow a trend channel upward before entering
the corrective phase.
Corrective phase
Prices decline, usually between 40% to 60% of the first leg move .
Second leg
Prices rise, loosely following the slope of the trend line set by the
first leg. Prices commonly fit inside a channel as they rise, but this
behavior is not a prerequisite
Measure rule
Calculate the height of the first leg from highest high to lowest
low. Add the difference to the lowest low in the corrective
phase. The result is the expected target price. For a more
conservative measure, use half the first leg height. Decide if the
predicted move is worth the risk of a trade.

in classic technical analysis patterns called The AB=CD pattern

the zigzag pattern is the most important pattern we used in best forex signals to generate forex signals

best forex

How Stops Drive the Forex Market
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 09:53 GMT 09/22/2018  - My Profile

Stops are the key to forex trading and understanding what I am going to tell you can make the difference between success or failure. Scroll below to get your free report.

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Very nice fall to make big profit 13195 and 13213 still active
Amman wfakhoury 09:51 GMT 09/22/2018
Amman wfakhoury 14:14 GMT September 19, 2018

Possible to drop the price to 13100 again.
The price dropped on Friday below 13100 after it rose to 13300

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 07:28 GMT 09/22/2018
Winners and Losers
From: President Trump
To: President Jinping

We’re going to go $200 billion at 25 percent on Chinese made goods. And we will come back with more if they retaliate. We have a lot more to come back with. We are cracking down on the unfair trade practices of China… We have rebuilt China. We have given them such wealth. And we are changing it. So we charged 25 percent on $50 billion worth of merchandise tariffs coming in. And then they said, 'We're going to do the same thing'. And I've said: 'That is okay. We have far more bullets'.” - Trump at a packed rally in Missouri for Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley. Sept 21, 2018
source: most MSM

China Cancels Trade Talks With U.S. Amid Escalation in Tariff Threats - WSJ

China scotched trade talks with the U.S. that were planned for the coming days, according to people briefed on the matter, further dimming prospects for resolving a trade battle between the world’s two largest economies.

Dillon AL 23:56 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile
something they should have done 2 years ago. All my posts both sides of The Forum have been about how The EU were not negotiating and now its out in the open. Whats crazy is the total silence. Silence comes from fear. The UK will not just be better off being outside the club but clearly the club feels stabbed in the back however they forget one thing ....The People requested this when they were asked the question....IE The peasants revolted. More fool The EU for around the corner there are a couple of former Eastern Bloc countries who may get fed up with Brussels and then there s always that thorny question..... Italy....They are right to be afraid but they are wrong to blame The UK

Mtl JP 23:33 GMT 09/21/2018
U.K.’s Theresa May Says Brexit Negotiations Have Reached ‘an Impasse’ - wsj

The prime minister said it was now up to the European Union to provide an alternative Brexit deal

Trading the FED for profit
Mtl JP 22:38 GMT 09/21/2018
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
what does the TOP-est Fed watcher of them all
predict ?

Market Probability Tracker

Commitment Of Traders Report For 18 September 2018
GVI Trader john 20:55 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile
For Amazing Traders monitoring levels on stops for trading strategies... COT report position highlights:
EURUSD positions gone
USDJPY longs incresing
GBPUSD shorts persist
USDCAD longs steady
AUDUSD shorts higher

EURUSD Commitment of Traders Chart

USDJPY Commitment of Traders Chart

GBPUSD Commitment of Traders Chart

USDCAD Commitment of Traders Chart

AUDUSD Commitment of Traders Chart

Livingston nh 20:50 GMT 09/21/2018
Currencies (FOREX) are a function of Governments - sometimes when you scratch a politician you find a bit of STEEL -- my view on Cable has not been guided by techs but on politics -- MAY has not shown the Steel but her political adversaries have failed as well

Context - EU has more problems than Britain -- Brexit keeps Britain away from the BLOWUP - don't bet the bigger horse

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 21 September 2018
GVI Forex Blog 20:33 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 21 September 2018

Trading the FED for profit
Livingston nh 20:13 GMT 09/21/2018
CB - you're right because nobody understands an unprecedented condition - Bernanke screwed the pooch w/ his purchase of Treasurys - he caused the hoarding (an economic phenomenn that RESULTS from lower/nega rates), killed the multiplier effect and created the deflation he feared (n.b., they still don't get it as they bemoan the absence of productivity (deflationary) as they strive for MORE inflation)

Trading the FED for profit
dc CB 19:31 GMT 09/21/2018
I keep postiing about QT and never get a reaction here. I guess you all think it's not impt.
QT - Quantitative Tightening
Well from now until the end of this year Dec 31...the Fed Is NOT rolling over $118Billion in notes and bonds, As they Mature.
(click on the Notes and Bond tab)


Trading the FED for profit
Livingston nh 19:15 GMT 09/21/2018
ALWAYS been that way - again my opinion the Fed is dehoarding which is PRICE stimulative (I can't think of a monetary precedent - fiscally think the elimination of wage/price control and/or rationing) so the Fed is chasing its own shadow

Trading the FED for profit
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 19:09 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile
nh, it is hard to decipher exactly what you are saying but if I read it right, you are saying the Fed will eventually kill the goose. Am I reading you correctly?

Trading the FED for profit
Livingston nh 19:04 GMT 09/21/2018
NO - new highs vs new lows "should" confirm new high value (mathematically not required) - Nasdaq leads coming out of Bear Markets while Dow lags, Nasdaq folds first while DOW hangs on // we aren't in BEAR territory but the Fed is not near stopping -- but every Bear Market starts from NEW highs

The election is seen by the fanatical wings of both parties as a DEATH match so the markets will blame the election rhetoric (or the budget or the alignment of Jupiter) -- RATES RATES RATES focus on what they do not what they say

How Stops Drive the Forex Market
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 19:03 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile

Stops are the key to forex trading and understanding what I am going to tell you can make the difference between success or failure. Scroll below to get your free report.

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dc CB 19:02 GMT 09/21/2018
But the New Yawk Times now sez it happened --- "so it mus' be da trooot"

Mr. Rosenstein made the remarks about secretly recording Mr. Trump and about the 25th Amendment in meetings and conversations with other Justice Department and F.B.I. officials. Several people described the episodes, insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The people were briefed either on the events themselves or on memos written by F.B.I. officials, including Andrew G. McCabe, then the acting bureau director, that documented Mr. Rosenstein’s actions and comments.

None of Mr. Rosenstein’s proposals apparently came to fruition. It is not clear how determined he was about seeing them through, though he did tell Mr. McCabe that he might be able to persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions and John F. Kelly, then the secretary of homeland security and now the White House chief of staff, to mount an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Mr. Rosenstein then raised the idea of wearing a recording device or "wire," as he put it, to secretly tape the president when he visited the White House. One participant asked whether Mr. Rosenstein was serious, and he replied animatedly that he was.

dc CB 18:57 GMT 09/21/2018
yup, anyone calling what has been going on for the last two years "an attempt at a soft coup" is obviously bonkers, crazy, looney tunes and a Conspiracy Wacko, spreadin FAKE NEWS.

Trading the FED for profit
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 18:51 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile
nh, you posted a few times that loser outweighed winners while indicies were marching to new record highs. has your view changed?

Second question is whether markets will shift their focus to the midterms and potential gridlock or more.

Trading the FED for profit
Livingston nh 18:43 GMT 09/21/2018
"Last easy decision" won't be seen for a while imo // last year this time was the Financial Conditions Index (Dudley fav) - now the rising unseeable STARS /// Powell seems more grounded in his opinions than relying on a MODEL or Theory -- more a Facts on the Ground type -- they can believe in PCE Core but CPI is embedded in the economy

GVI 18:06 GMT 09/21/2018
Deputy AG Rosenstein reportedly suggested that he secretly recorded Pres Trump to expose chaos in administration; discussed seeking to recruit cabinet members to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office - NY Times - Rosenstein reportedly talked to other officials about wearing a wire to record the President and discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump in the days after Comey was fired in May 2017- He also reportedly said that Rosenstein thought he was being used by Trump in Trump's reasoning to fire former FBI head Jim Comey

- Source

Trading the FED for profit
Mtl JP 17:45 GMT 09/21/2018
"The economy is strong. Inflation is near our 2 percent objective and most people who want a job are finding one. We are setting policy to do what monetary policy can do to support continued growth, a strong labor market and inflation near 2 percent." Jerome in August.

Apparently something - woooo ... Record High Equities ..... are on fire. apes Greg Robb a senior reporter for MarketWatch Joe Lavorgna, chief economist for Natixis CIB Americas.

With its last easy decision, Fed will try to avoid adding fuel to the fire

Fed widely seen hiking rates to a range between 2% and 2.25%

GVI Trader john 17:14 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 1052 vs. 1055 (-3) prev.
Oil: 866 vs. 867 (-1) prev.
Canada: 197 vs. 226 (-29)

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Free Report: How Stops Drive the Forex Market
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 16:59 GMT 09/21/2018  - My Profile

Stops are the key to forex trading and understanding what I am going to tell you can make the difference between success or failure. Scroll below to get your free report.

Fill out this short form and then check your email for your free report.



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