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Fukuoka joyya  15:32:48 GMT - 03/09/2018  
eurjpy res zone 132/135/ gbpjpy 148/153 audjpy 84/86 usdjpy 107/109...i do not think reach last res in march...

Fukuoka joyya  15:21:13 GMT - 03/09/2018  
one secret trade when audjpy over 84 short maximum stop 85 make alot of money...happy trade,

Fukuoka joyya  15:19:55 GMT - 03/09/2018  
UK JY 15:16 GMT 03/09/2018
JY san i think no problem buy more jpy for next week no worry love that....jpy will come harder....

UK JY  15:16:50 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Joyva your beloved JPY is being sold against everything as risk on dominates.

Fukuoka joyya  14:47:53 GMT - 03/09/2018  
boring price action keep long into next week jpy usd and try...

sleep now good night and and weekend to all,

Mtl JP  13:44:40 GMT - 03/09/2018  
107 dlryen likely bloody battle zone between whales and orcas
red what is your take

Fukuoka joyya  13:42:23 GMT - 03/09/2018  
i sold heavly eurtry taken nice gain....

Fukuoka joyya  13:39:23 GMT - 03/09/2018  
my eurtry doing best...

PAR 13:35:14 GMT - 03/09/2018  
More people working harder for lower salaries . Working doesn't pay .

Mtl JP  13:26:04 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Pivot 1.2348
Sup 1 1.2250

Fukuoka joyya  13:23:46 GMT - 03/09/2018  
expecting very power move of jpy...

Mtl JP  13:20:30 GMT - 03/09/2018  
SGFXTrader 11:22 u over-rate me
plz be aware that here in the west an "expert" is someone with recognized credentials in a court of law whose sayso trumps that of a layperson

On the forum here I am only lucky with some of my trade ideas - no CTA or similar "expert" derivation. It is a good idea to try the Amazing Trader. I use it and have incorporated it into my trading.

Fukuoka joyya  13:17:10 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Livingston nh 13:14 GMT 03/09/2018
No Sir the eurtry looks good for buy....

Livingston nh  13:14:17 GMT - 03/09/2018  
joya - do you ever trade JPY/KRW?

Fukuoka joyya  12:44:12 GMT - 03/09/2018  
drop from 106.85 area...

Fukuoka joyya  12:43:51 GMT - 03/09/2018  
look like usdjpy from 106.85 and jpy fly from current levels...

Fukuoka joyya  12:27:13 GMT - 03/09/2018  
love to buy my jpy on low...i love jpy...

Fukuoka joyya  11:43:05 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Entry: 1.3825 Target: Stop: 30pips
seems this baby go down from here...

Fukuoka joyya  11:27:05 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Singapore SGFXTrader 11:22 GMT 03/09/2018
Thanx for kind post but i do not make much money in forex its just my hobby i am basicly cars trader....

Singapore SGFXTrader  11:22:33 GMT - 03/09/2018  
JP, GV has many experts.

For example, you are one of the experts here.

Joyya is another expert.

The experts are who are attracting me.

I might try out the AMAZING Trader soon.

Fukuoka joyya  11:05:51 GMT - 03/09/2018  
long term eurtry looks good...

Fukuoka joyya  10:58:49 GMT - 03/09/2018  
looks to me euro lower vs majors...

Fukuoka joyya  10:57:19 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Entry: now Target: 877/88 Stop: 50pips
just sold....happy trade,

Mtl JP  10:50:01 GMT - 03/09/2018  
SGFXTrader Archie says u been coming to GV since 2010
pray tell what is GVs attraction 2 u
it appears singapore td's 08:14 is for naught as u seek to team up with a ...Promoting a competitor is just BS. (Ithaca sjm 17:32) peddler to who u d be willing to pay 10% of profits - but no word on sharing in your losses

I see a big neon sign on your forehead (says "pigeon")
U r a dealer's - "what does not hurt - maim - or kill u disappoints me" - wet dream.

Fukuoka joyya  10:23:08 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Singapore SGFXTrader 09:58 GMT 03/09/2018

no problem...

your girl right?

i know i think...

Singapore SGFXTrader  09:58:45 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Thanks td, joyya for the advice.

I am determined to make my Forex trading a success.

Make > 1 million from forex previously but that was solely trading on Eurusd.

Once I start to turn greedy and move to trade GBPJPY and GBPUSD and due to inexperience in handling BrEXIT, I lost 1 million singapore dollars and then as what mentioned by TD, i lost my touch gradually as my mindset and emotions are all in wrong place.

Now in 2018, I am slowly calibrating my mindset, attitude and emotions and hope to slow claw back 1.5 million singapore dollars (losses to date) from the market.

Fukuoka joyya  09:02:38 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Zues san safe but do not see him yet on gv he will come soon cadjpy around 83...

Mtl JP  08:37:37 GMT - 03/09/2018  
USDJPY 106.70
and the Good Bet is ___

Mtl JP  08:28:36 GMT - 03/09/2018  
old proverb
“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”
In Japan “Rice paddies to rice paddies in three generations.”
In China, “Wealth never survives three generations.”

Fukuoka joyya  08:17:10 GMT - 03/09/2018  
in japan cars trading good...

singapore td  08:15:58 GMT - 03/09/2018  
car trading sucks in Singapore lah, singapore so small how to add more cars?

Fukuoka joyya  08:14:43 GMT - 03/09/2018  
cars trading much better then forex contact me...

singapore td  08:14:26 GMT - 03/09/2018  
do something else for a while, get the mentality right then comeback if you are ready
to have that kind of burden will only make you make irrational trading decisions which will lead to bigger and more loss

singapore td  08:10:25 GMT - 03/09/2018  
you should quit lah and do something else
dont waste your life with this burden of losing sgd 1 million

Fukuoka joyya  08:10:04 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Mtl JP 08:06 GMT 03/09/2018

JP san yes i want know....
bcoz love to have 1million $ i do not even have 100000$...

Mtl JP  08:06:17 GMT - 03/09/2018  
joyya 07:52 do u really need to know ? *!*

Fukuoka joyya  07:55:58 GMT - 03/09/2018  
one more thing buy try without leverage....

Fukuoka joyya  07:52:18 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Singapore SGFXTrader 07:13 GMT 03/09/2018
Your so rich where did u got this money?
you can invest in cars too with me...

Fukuoka joyya  07:50:32 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Singapore SGFXTrader 07:13 GMT 03/09/2018
Just buy jpy no other thing....

get my email from Jay san...

Mtl JP  07:47:01 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Krugman’s Taking Your Questions on Trade

Singapore SGFXTrader  07:13:10 GMT - 03/09/2018  
Hi Joyya,

Can you also introduce me to Pear Trading platform - Group platform?

I lose 1 million singapore dollars since BrEXIT. Need to recoup my losses

Appreciate your help please


Fukuoka joyya  02:19:18 GMT - 03/09/2018  
bali sja 02:17 GMT 03/09/2018
No Sir its diffrernt friendly group....

bali sja  02:17:57 GMT - 03/09/2018  
joyya, is it like amazing trader?

Fukuoka joyya  02:15:45 GMT - 03/09/2018  
its group platform...

Fukuoka joyya  02:15:09 GMT - 03/09/2018  
bali sja 02:13 GMT 03/09/2018
SJA san ask jay my email adress...

bali sja  02:14:45 GMT - 03/09/2018  
pear trader platform? why pear? apple? orange?

Fukuoka joyya  02:14:05 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Entry: Target: Stop:
now jpy fire time...

bali sja  02:13:20 GMT - 03/09/2018  
what platform is that? share something

Fukuoka joyya  02:11:38 GMT - 03/09/2018  
bali sja 02:09 GMT 03/09/2018
Thanx mate Dil san helped me alot with pear trader platform...

bali sja  02:09:47 GMT - 03/09/2018  
you are king joyya, on fire lately, cannot go wrong ;)

Fukuoka joyya  02:07:24 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Entry: Target: Stop:
sorry it was cable

Fukuoka joyya  02:06:36 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Entry: Target: Stop: 124/139

bali sja 01:58 GMT 03/09/2018
Thanx mate minimum target 1.2/1.35....


Fukuoka joyya  02:04:18 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Entry: Target: Stop: 1.24now and 1.39
bali sja 01:58 GMT 03/09/2018
Thanx mate minimum target 1.2/1.25....


bali sja  01:58:26 GMT - 03/09/2018  
cheers joyya, hit them hard ;)

Fukuoka joyya  01:58:19 GMT - 03/09/2018  
happly short eurusd 1.2415 and cable 1.3915 this week...long usdcad 1.2888

bali sja  01:57:36 GMT - 03/09/2018  
retails are simply too long on euro, cant blame them, it has been going on for full 2017
1.21 first before any other attempt

Fukuoka joyya  01:57:08 GMT - 03/09/2018  
from here 1.2 atleast i see...cable 1.35

bali sja  01:55:10 GMT - 03/09/2018  
agree austin mw, he will get punished heavily IMO if no stop loss

austin mw  01:53:38 GMT - 03/09/2018  
HK RF is a super bull on EURO!! His target is 1.2535 & a possible hit of 1.2580! might take him a few months but until then his drawdown could be rather large!! chart grazing is like cattle grazing both get slaughtered if not careful

bali sja  01:52:12 GMT - 03/09/2018  
joyya, they bought it yesterday all over the forum, now in loss, so mostly are still in red, market will punish more

Fukuoka joyya  01:43:41 GMT - 03/09/2018  
no one buying eurusd and cable?

Fukuoka joyya  01:06:32 GMT - 03/09/2018  

Entry: Target: Stop:
good morning to all,

short from 106.8...

happy trade,

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