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Amazing Trader  Subscriber feedback  14:08:26 GMT - 03/18/2021  
This was sent to me by a new AT subscriber

FYI beautiful short eur trade this morning using AT 😄

Amazing Trader  AT Forum post  09:43:58 GMT - 03/12/2021  
This was posted by a subscriber on the AT Forum

I'm giving credit to AT rather than to myself. I watch the AT ladder lines and make manual trades off of them. In a market where price bounces around all the time, AT has worked very well in telling what the market is doing at any moment.

Amazing Trader Subscriber Feedbacllk  14:57:54 GMT - 02/27/2021  
As posted on the AT forum

Minneapolis DRS2 16:12 GMT 02/26/2021 - My Profile
AT did very well today IMHO on both the down and up moves. The key thing IMHO is to maintain discipline regarding stops, and not expecting a follow through. Note the drop from 2160 to 2090, and then price goes up from 2090 to 2140. That has been the story of EUR/USD for quite some time, and it fits well with the thing you mentioned earlier in the week about two opposing forces (USD down vs EUR carry trade). Just follow the AT ladder lines as indicators of market activity, and don't try to overrule them with your own thinking.

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Amazing Trader Feednack  12:14:31 GMT - 01/29/2021  
I received the following feedback from a long time member for my latest Proof of Concept video (see link below)

"I took some time to consider and watched the video again not just send a quick feedback reply It does exactly what it is intended to do and does it very well Not sure what else you could do to attempt to improve it even if you wanted to all the best "

Proof of Concept

Amazing Trader 15:46:24 GMT - 01/28/2021  
From a trialist and soon to be subscriber:

"I have been watching your proof of concept videos and am anxious to get started trading with your program. The logic makes sense to me."

Amazing Trader Subscriber feedback  10:26:12 GMT - 01/13/2021  
From an AT subscriber:

Thank you for this e-mail and the "proof of concept" - what more can I say, IT WORKS.

Proof of Concept Jan 12, 2021

Amazing Trader Subscriber feedback  14:45:06 GMT - 12/19/2020  
Here is another feedback from an exclusive video on identifying when there are imbalances in the market sent to subscribers:

Well, I certainly love it.

I will be listening to this a couple of more times and be on the lookout for such imbalances this next week.

I realize the enormity of such a task, but if you create a library for all these valuable videos, it will be great.

Thank you for having shared it with me.

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Amazing Trader  Subscriber Feedback  10:28:11 GMT - 12/18/2020  
As part of ongoing support, AT subscribers receive my exclusive videos with unique insights that also further enhance use if the Amazing Trader for trading.

Hi Jay,

Yes, your videos are helpful. Sometimes you can watch/read/ listen a number of times about the same subject and still not understand, until one day it just clicks and you get it Maybe it was presented differently or you just had to go through the prosses of learning and put in the time. So Jay keep sending the information through it all helps and is appreciated.

Amazing Trader Subscriber Feedback  00:16:35 GMT - 12/17/2020  
Hi jay,

I find find your video's very educational in the world of trading and also think you are a gentleman for sharing your vast knowledge and experience in the field of such. They give me more insight and a deeper thought process in my future embarkation in trading the forex as a career, please keep them coming.

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Amazing Trader  Feedback  12:47:52 GMT - 12/11/2020  
Hi Jay,

It never stops to amaze me how powerful this AT is.
Thank you for the runaway markets video which is clear and to the point.

Amazing Trader Subscriber Feedback  00:26:33 GMT - 12/11/2020  
Hi Jay

What I really like about AT is that it shows you where to place your stops

Amazing Trader  Subscriber feedback  10:09:22 GMT - 11/29/2020  
From an AT subscriber

Good morning Jay, Thank you for this incredible, to the point explanation (3 W’s) of how to use the Amazing Trader. Everybody should see this even if one had been trading for years as you mentioned in the video. It sharpens your mind and your awareness improves. Continued success to you.

Three W's of Trading

Amazing Trader Subscriber feedback  00:54:57 GMT - 11/14/2020  
Looking to improve your trading performance?

Exclusibe Master Class video: Proof of Concept

The following are feedback replies from Amazing Trader subscribers to my exclusive trading videos and tutorials sent to them as part of ongoing support. The comments speak for themselves; ;

“That was remarkable”

“Jay, all I can say is AMAZING.
Thank you for sharing this with me.”

“Hi, Jay,

It is an excellent tutorial; clear as a bell and drilling in on the value of selecting your stop position BEFORE you enter the trade.

Could not have asked for a better explanation than this.

All the very best,”

“ I saw it in action today and it is literally an awesome concept”

“Re AT tutorial ... this one is good. Makes trading common sense,”

“ I rather liked the "how professionals do it" note from this week. Instead of trying to hit 100% home runs all the time, a lot of singles and doubles really helps the bottom line.”

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Amazing Trader Subscriber  19:32:00 GMT - 10/20/2020  
Posted on the Forex Forum by an AT subscriber

This is actually real good advice even when you are not in a political situation. Overstaying one's welcome is a good way to lose your a**.

There once was a time when you could let a trade sit for a while and it would eventually be profitable. In the modern world, buys and sells are occuring at what seems to be all price points. Letting a trade sit will most likely see it go underwater, possibly by quite a bit.

AT subscribers have it real easy (this is not a commercial, by the way...I'm just saying). You use the ladder lines as both your welcomes and your stops, and when price hits those ladder lines YOU HAVE OVERSTAYED YOUR WELCOME. The market is telling you to get the hell out of your now-losing trade. Act fast and don't lose your a**.

Amazing Trader 10:25:46 GMT - 10/09/2020  

AT Ladder Strategy Trade

The following was posted by a Global-View member in response to a chart showing an AT Ladder on the forex forum.

This EURGBP "ladders" looks nice in hindsight, but question is where was the price at the time when first/highest blue line was printed? Also do you wait for second one to be printed so you can say ladders are building and then looking for entering trade? or how many lines to be printed before trade can be taken?

The video below answers his questions and illustrates how you can trade using the AT Ladder Strategy.

AT Ladder Strategy Trade

Amazing Trader 13:15:23 GMT - 10/07/2020  
As posted on the Forex Forum


Israel MacroMicro 12:09:22 GMT - 10/07/2020
jkt abel 11:50

you must learn to control your anger during trading. I am highly certain that subscription to AT will help you to save some questions at public forums. try to avoid using sewage language.

AT subscription worth the money, do it!

good luck and all the best.


Israel MacroMicro 11:43:47 GMT - 10/07/2020

for further information and wider range of instruments contact [email protected] to purchase AT subscription.

AHT highly recommends on AT subscription!

Amazing Trader Subscriber  13:43:54 GMT - 10/01/2020  
From an AT subscriber

AT is really helping in times like these, where the movements are tiny and fast.


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Amazing Trader Subscriber  10:51:08 GMT - 09/22/2020  
This is from a trader who just signed up for the AT Ladder Strategy (includes 2 months Amazing Trader access)

I am already appreciating the elegance of your method. Cheers!

AT Ladder Strategy

Amazing Trader Proof of Concept  12:31:27 GMT - 09/21/2020  
Watch our latest Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept Part 5 (full screen video)

AT Ladder Strategy

Amazing Trader Feedback  11:58:37 GMT - 09/21/2020  
After viewing the Addendum to my Start Trading with Inside Information article, we received the following feedback

It is as plain as daylight now that I understand how you read the markets. I cannot thank you enough.

In all the years of my struggle to be on top of my "game", this lesson has put me into a new class and I thank you for that.

AT Ladder Strategy

Amazing Trader Subscriber  14:25:17 GMT - 09/18/2020  
AT works by breaking down price action into separate "episodes", and then tailoring a logical approach to trading each episode. This works very well, as long as you can understand when new episodes begin and end. Understanding episode timing is an ability that is developed with will be easier for the mentally disciplined trader, but for the less disciplined trader, it will help you develop more discipline.

Once you understand (and hopefully accept and appreciate) the methods, you will start to appreciate its value. This is a question that everybody must evaluate for themselves.

In terms of "getting what you pay for", AT consists of three major pieces: Education about the AT "methods", access to customized MT4 charts with detailed price levels, and full access to the Amazing Trader private forum (including the ability to ask questions to professional traders who know what they are talking about).

The Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader 11:01:51 GMT - 09/16/2020  
In our AT Ladder Strategy guide, there is a section entitled Why Markets Move. Here is an excerpt from the chapter (note AT Ladders tell you when and on what side there is an imbalance, suggesting real money flow driving the underlying move).

Markets move, whether forex or other, when there is an imbalance between supply and demand. In these cases, a market will move until it reaches a level that draws in buying or selling to restore the balance. Markets are in a never-ending quest to find equilibrium between supply and demand.

This is an important concept to understand as it is not technical analysis that drives the market but it can fuel a move as it attracts buying or selling that adds to the imbalance. This can be seen across all time frames with the longer ones most widely watched and therefore having the greatest impact on the supply and demand balance when a technical level holds or is breached....

AT Ladder Strategy

Amazing Trader Subscriber  19:26:07 GMT - 09/15/2020  
If you are using a system that identifies trends (Jay refers to them as episodes) like AT, then the market is behaving like it always has. Follow the AT ladder lines and its inclined trendlines and you can see where "real money" is going. Place your entries and exits accordingly.

(Forex Forum post)

Amazing Trader Subscriber Feedback  09:46:14 GMT - 08/21/2020  
I am happy to report that I can finally trust your Amazing Trader levels enough to bounce my trades off of them on a regular basis.

Amazing Trader Subscriber Says  09:27:42 GMT - 08/21/2020  
AT pretty much forces you to follow the market if you're doing it right. So I spend my time watching for ladder lines in either direction, placing entry and exit trades wherever the ladder lines are (or are not), and that's pretty much how I've been spending my time lately.


Contact me at EMAIL or register at The Amazing Trader

My best endoresement is I cannot trade without the Amazing Trader and I am sure you will feel the same way once you spend time using it.(Jay Meisler)

Amazing Trader  Subscriber Feedbavk  11:57:39 GMT - 12/28/2019  
From an Amazing Trader subscriber who has also completed the AT Ladder Strategy program:

“I'm finally entering trades based on the presence (or lack thereof) of that directional indicator thing you talk about. I think I've always done it to some degree or another based on intuition, but the red and blue horizontal ladder lines make go/no go decisions much more on tonight's EUR/USD action for example. When I see a bunch of red lines and a single blue line that keeps on appearing and disappearing as it gets broken, I know that selling in expectation of a reversal is not the way to go.”

Amazing Trader Subscriber Says  18:14:06 GMT - 12/07/2019  
This is from an Amazing Trader (AT) subscriber

Do you know where the stops are?

Neither do I. But AT can help you find them.

When an episode changes, there is often a change in direction.

This is not always the case...for instance during periods of consolidation. Price will move up or down for a while, consolidate in a range, then begin moving in the same direction again as the market continues its prior activity.

HOWEVER...when a change in direction occurs, the prior episode's support or resistance lines are treated by the market as stops to be targeted. The disciplined trader should be aware of this, for they can use it to great advantage.

Consider this example in EUR/USD. In one episode, price went up over three days from 1.1066 to 1.1107 as the market bought non-stop. There were spots of support at 1.1065, 1.1072, 1.1079, 1.1084, and onward up to resistance at 1.1108. AT marked the significant support prices as red horizontal lines (ladder lines) as price went up.

Then at the end of the week, Friday was NFP day. There was already resistance at 1.1108. What did the market do after the NFP announcement?

Yeah, the market decided to slam all the stops and knock price down a bit. All those prior spots of support at 1.1079, 1.1072, 1.1065 and so on were targeted as potential stops and tripped. As price hit each potential stop on its move downward, three days of buying was completely reversed by three hours of selling. In fact, in less than six hours after the NFP announcement, price went all the way down to 1.1040 before buying started up once again.

By using AT, the disciplined trader can identify all of those significant points of support and resistance IN ADVANCE, and recognize them for what they really are...stops to be targeted when an episode changes direction!

This works on all timeframes, in any market...and why shouldn't it? It is a totally logical market behavior that should be obvious to any trader. Why continue buying or selling at an already-extreme price when you can get a much better price? That IS one of the benefits of stops, after all.

Knowing where those stops are by using AT can really improve your trading game. At the very least, they can save you from making a disastrous trading decision.

Amazing Trader Jay Meisler  21:26:43 GMT - 12/05/2019  
The following Amazing Trader and CST subscriber reviews are posted below.. Either contact me at EMAIL or register at

The Amazing Trader or sign up for CST at the link posted below

My best endoresement is I cannot trade without the Amazing Trader and I am sure you will feel the same way once you spend time using it.

Amazing Trader Subscriber Review  10:16:18 GMT - 11/28/2019  
The following from an Amazing Trader (AT) subscriber shows how our program has impacted his trading

I find that with continued use of AT, my discipline to follow actual market movements is increasing. In other words, AT is in a sense forcing me to trade the market as it actually is, rather than speculate on something that might be. I guess that's what "learning market timing" meant in an earlier time, but in the modern era I just think of it as "learning to follow the market".

I trust that other AT subscribers are finding the same thing.

Register for the Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader Subscriber Review  09:20:24 GMT - 11/27/2019  
From am Amazing Trader subscriber

Prior to learning the CSFT strategy and using the Amazing Trader I used to trade with 50 pip stops. Now I am able to trade with 5, 10 or 15 pip stops because I have learned to trade on the strong side of the market where there is less chance of getting stopped out. This has raised my confidence in trading and has my endorsement

Amazing Trader Subscriber Review  09:58:56 GMT - 11/14/2019  
While not strictly a review this post by an AT subscriber on the AT forum shows how you can use the Amazing Trader to trade.

From the AT Forum:

What IS relevant is what AT can tell you immediately:

1. The strong side to trade (SELL in this case)
2. Suitable entry and stop levels

Nice and simple. Get into a trade. Let it run for a while. Cut it off if it goes bad. No worries about "up or down?" None of this "2 days to go and 70-90 points to go"...imagine seeing price go in the wrong direction after 2 days. That would really suck! No thanks.

AT means "Amazing Trader” , not “Amazing Speculator”

Amazing Trader and CSFT Review  19:21:28 GMT - 09/10/2019  
This is a review from a trader who subsctibes to the Amaingg Trader and completed th CSFT course (name withheld as requested). See prior post to sign up

I am a skeptic by nature but now I am a believer after learning how to use the Amazing Trader to execute the CSFT strategy. Before I felt I needed some luck to make a good trade. Now I open my platform and it all makes sense to me. Highly recommend.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler  13:16:23 GMT - 06/03/2019  
The following Amazing Trader and CST subscriber reviews are posted below.. Either contact me at EMAIL or register at

The Amazing Trader or sign up for CST at the link posted below

Amazing Trader Subscriber Review  09:30:49 GMT - 06/03/2019  
I received this email from someone who just completed the Common Sense Forex Trading (CST) course

Hi Jay,

I just completed the CST course and honestly, it makes so much common sense to my trading now. In the past I studied and attended webinars since I first began learning the hard way to trade some 11 years ago.

I can personally highly recommend the CST and the Amazing Trader[AT] trading algo. I am much more confident now in trading ,using the CST and AT.

Kind regards,

NY JM  12:02:48 GMT - 05/21/2019  
I can only speak from my own experiene and as the creator of the Amazing Trader and Common Sense Forex Trading (CSFT) .

Except for the rare volatile day, daily ranges continue to compress, which means you need to be able to adjust to this new normal for as long as it lasts.

In this environment I find the Amazing Trader, its trading lines and the patterns they form to be invaluable. It has allowed me to adjust my trading and take advantage of what the market is giving you.

Part of successful trading is the ability to adapt and the Amazing Trading (and CST) is proving to be flexible as I intended when I created the program.... Jay Meisler .

The Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  15:31:16 GMT - 04/26/2019  
I have just finished your new Common Sense Trading course. It is clear and concise without all the bs you see elsewhere. Great course, great strategy, easy to put into practice and would recommend it to anyone looking to become a better trader.... USA John April 26, 2019

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:35:36 GMT - 04/26/2019  
If the disciplined trader can accept and understand those ideas explained in the course, they will become better traders...Midwest trader April 26, 2019

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:33:03 GMT - 04/26/2019  
BTW my AUDNZD possie is still there doing well Thanks AT as I would have closed it 100 pips ago.... Athens DB Apr 7 2019

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:31:46 GMT - 04/26/2019  
I am going thru the course slowly. It explains past supports and resistance very well and has improved my entry levels.

In the past I used it to find exit points and stop but now seeing the entry side with the Directional indicator. Looks great! Athens DB Mar 18, 2019

Amazing Trader Subscrber review  14:29:32 GMT - 04/26/2019  
I have been using the AT and it’s strategies for about one year, and have now made it part of my trading tool belt. It allows me to run through my currency pairs on various timelines, honing in to entry and exits. This has lead to an increase in profitability in my trading.

Jay does supply a number of useful videos that help train you using the system which once the concept has been grasped will limit your silly mistakes and be used to find road maps in situations.

Though there is a fee that is small in comparison to the savings in losses and growth in profits it brings... London D Nov 28 2018

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:26:17 GMT - 04/26/2019  
The Review statement by Minneapolis is a complete accurate well worded statement of fact for your AT trading system. I could not word it better.

Wishing you all the best results and great reviews. I fully endorse his excellent review for AT!

Kind Regards,
Barry... Gold Coast Barry Nov 25, 2019

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:23:54 GMT - 04/26/2019  
I'll put the bottom line at the top: The Amazing Trader works great. To effectively utilize it and hence gain value from it, you need to appreciate the AT "methods" and employ them in your everyday trading..

AT works by breaking down price action into separate "episodes", and then tailoring a logical approach to trading each episode. This works very well, as long as you can understand when new episodes begin and end. Understanding episode timing is an ability that is developed with will be easier for the mentally disciplined trader, but for the less disciplined trader, it will help you develop more discipline.

Once you understand (and hopefully accept and appreciate) the methods, you will start to appreciate its value. This is a question that everybody must evaluate for themselves.

In terms of "getting what you pay for", AT consists of three major pieces: Education about the AT "methods", access to customized MT4 charts with detailed price levels, and full access to the Amazing Trader private forum (including the ability to ask questions to professional traders who know what they are talking about).

My own opinion is that if you utilize AT in your trading and participate in the Amazing Trader private forum, then you can easily justify an extended AT subscription...Minneapolis DRS2 Nov 20, 2018

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:18:36 GMT - 04/26/2019  
After my extended evaluation, I have concluded that AT (Amazing Trader) is worthy of my time and money, and I will continue to be a subscriber.

I especially appreciate that slanted red line that tells me as much, if not more than the horizontal lines that people take to mean support and resistance.

I don't know what algorithm(s) you are using to draw all that stuff, but it works for me and I'm glad to have it.... USA SP April 9, 2018

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:12:31 GMT - 04/26/2019  
The Amazing trader system shows support and resistance levels clearly over different time frames in many fx pairs, so you can develop a plan of action whether bull or bear !! Lakewood JJ Feb 6, 2018

Amazing Trader Subscriber review  14:11:37 GMT - 04/26/2019  
Even better than a quality trading system is the quality of support. With Jay and the amazing trader both are offered. Jay provides his many years of experience and genuinely wants a trader to succeed trading and succeed in using a proven trading system.. Canada ws...Feb 2, 2018

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