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Learn Forex: Getting Started

Forex Guide: Steps In Becoming a Forex Trader
Getting Started In Currency Trading
Forex Training: Free Forex Trading Course
Online Forex Trading Handbook
Forex Trading Education
Forex Help Forum

Steps In Becoming a Forex Trader:

Learn Forex: Currency Trading Learning Center:
If you are new to forex, please understand that forex trading is a complex activity. Before you get started, use the following as your forex guide:

1) Educate yourself. One place you can start your forex training is in the Global-View Forex Learning Center. Here you will find a rich collection of education materials and trading tips from a number of sources. There is also a wealth of information on the Global-View forums that can be accessed using the archives links on the forums.

2) Carefully select a forex broker. All brokers are not the same. Start with a demo account. Global-View offers a directory of selected brokers, see Compare Forex Brokers.

If you would like some advice on which broker might best fit your special needs, feel free to contact us about our forex brokers list.

3) A forex guide: Before you trade, even if you think you have finished your forex training, line up ongoing trading support. Global-View offers a wide range of trading support services, ranging from our free trading forums (e.g. Forex Forum) to the free Help Forum where you can get peer support from traders like you to professional forex traders who provide ongoing trading support.

Forex Training - Free Online Forex Trading Education:

Free forex trading courses present in a video and module format.

Basics of Trading Video Course

Forex Trading Video Course

Online GVI Forex Trading Handbook:

Global-View handbook for foreign exchange trading, This is a great resource for traders of all levels of experience (coming soon).

Forex Trading Education:

GVI Forex Learning Center. Visit the FREE global-view forex trading education center, which has a wealth of free educational material, including the Tips From the Pros reports GVI Learning Forex.

Forex Help Forum:

GVI Forex Help Forum This is a great place to learn forex. Currency trading questions, no matter how basic or sophisticated, can be asked here and one of our members will provide an answer. Click on the Help Forum link in the Forums category in the navigation bar at the top of this page or Click Here .