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Forex Forum Archive for 09/23/2022

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GVI Forex 23:42 GMT September 23, 2022
Sept 23 (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs has cut its year-end 2022 target for the benchmark S&P 500 (.SPX) index by about 16% to 3,600 points, as the U.S. Federal Reserve shows little signs of stepping back from its aggressive rate-hike stance.

Goldman Sachs cuts 2022 target for S&P 500 by 16%

Mtl JP 23:33 GMT September 23, 2022
The economic war.

CB 18:18 it is heartwarming to see how a flake was able to find her station, escape ridicule, get revered and get rewarded

GVI Forex 22:34 GMT September 23, 2022

LONDON, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Britain's new finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng unleashed historic tax cuts and huge increases in borrowing on Friday in an economic agenda that floored financial markets, sending sterling and British government bonds into freefall.

Britain sends investors fleeing with historic tax cuts and borrowing

dc CB 21:54 GMT September 23, 2022


Weekend funnies

dc CB 21:53 GMT September 23, 2022

You were warned. ht/RMalone

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:15 GMT September 23, 2022

USD/JPY:- Strong possibilities of USD/JPY touching 160.43 to the dollar in October. The buying volumes are just so heavy. Skirmishes on the short side might be profitable, but bear in mind it's advisable to play the right side of the trend, at least for the next few weeks.

dc CB 18:22 GMT September 23, 2022

“This Sucker Is Going Down”......GWB

dc CB 18:18 GMT September 23, 2022
The economic war.

Stony Brook Experts
Stephanie KeltonProfessorEconomics and Public PolicyCollege of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. New School for Social Research, 2001
MPhil, Cambridge University, 1997
BA/BS, California State University, Sacramento, 1995

New York Times:
Modern Monetary Theory, the buzziest economic idea in decades, got a pandemic tryout of sorts. Now inflation is testing its limits.

"The sun was sinking low over Long Island Sound as Stephanie Kelton, wearing the bright red suit jacket she had donned to give a virtual guest lecture to university students in London ...... a MarketWatch production called the “Best New Ideas in Money.” The room was hushed except for Ms. Kelton, who bantered energetically with the producers .........

Stephanie Kelton, circa early 2022, is the star architect of a movement that is on something of a victory lap. A victory lap with an asterisk.

Ms. Kelton, 52, is the most familiar public face of Modern Monetary Theory, which posits that if a government controls its own currency and needs money — to make sure its citizens have food and places to live when, say, a global pandemic pushes many out of work — it can just print it......

Is This What Winning Looks Like?

dc CB 18:09 GMT September 23, 2022

Bank Of England Must Do A "Large" Emergency Rate Hike To Avoid Total Disaster, DB Warns

GVI Forex 18:04 GMT September 23, 2022
I am posting this info just in case.

On the BOE: Deutsche Bank says "a large inter-meeting rate hike from the BOE as soon as next week to regain credibility with the market.. And a strong signal rthat it is willing to do "whatever it takes"... according to The Tomes Khan citing DN


PAR 16:45 GMT September 23, 2022
The economic war.
Biden 0 - Putin 1

PAR 16:40 GMT September 23, 2022
Another Black Friday.

Powell is no longer invested in the stock market I assume.

The revenge from the Fed governors who can no longer engage in insider trading?

HongKongSAR Ahe 15:11 GMT September 23, 2022

Entry: Target: Stop:

The free fall of GBPUSD before reaching 1.0520/30, at 1.0755 will stay a minor support, keep an eye on. Good trades to all.

Hk Ab 15:02 GMT September 23, 2022
Ahe, if gbp parity, eur to .85-.80

HongKongSAR Ahe 14:54 GMT September 23, 2022

Entry: Target: Stop:

Parity not far away.

Hk Ab 14:53 GMT September 23, 2022
Put a very heavy limit 1.0530 buy for “unbelievable” dip

dc CB 14:24 GMT September 23, 2022

GVI Forex 09:52 GMT 09/23/2022 - My Profile
GBPUSD air pocket, no news,
UK Markets Implode After Truss Unveils Historic Tax Cuts As Economy Slides Into Recession Amid Soaring Prices

Mtl JP 14:23 GMT September 23, 2022

getting epiphany (or "clarity"): story of a political whore
saving the cushion for his donkey
"I'm not a denier," Malpass told CNN International.

"It's clear that greenhouse gas emissions are coming from manmade sources, including fossil fuels, methane, the agricultural uses, the industrial uses, so we're working hard to change that," Malpass said

Facing calls to resign, World Bank's Malpass changes answer on climate crisis

Mtl JP 14:18 GMT September 23, 2022

EURO 9735
puppy s got a negative tilt while under 9750

in the grand scheme of things euro is a down-slump
rallies - to 9850 - are , imo, currently opps to sell

Mtl JP 14:11 GMT September 23, 2022

DLRx 112.17
must be multi-decade high for this puppy

also "risk" players finally appear to take FED's inflation fight at face value.
everyone seems happy now

Hk Ab 14:03 GMT September 23, 2022
Keep collecting victims

Bangkok KC 13:54 GMT September 23, 2022
BUY EUR/USD on dips

Add [email protected]

Mtl JP 12:35 GMT September 23, 2022

unsustainable ... therefore self-correcting
Sheryl Crow to Europe (or wonder lion) "A Change Would Do You Good"
“If we look at the gas pipeline, Germany is an independent country where energy supply is concerned, we diversify, but the main overarching topic is the summit — we want a summit that sends out the message of unity.”

“I think we can cope with it,” von der Leyen said (JUL 11 2018)

Germany dismisses Trump criticism, says it’s not a captive of Russia

jkt abel 11:42 GMT September 23, 2022
audusd=south pacific peso once again

Belgrade Knez 11:40 GMT September 23, 2022
seems like pair like to give back all gain from yesterday and it's taking eurusd along

hk ab 11:40 GMT September 23, 2022

many are crying now as they are cursing that little Indian Prophet.

hk ab 11:40 GMT September 23, 2022
Chance of free-fall to 180K.

jkt abel 11:40 GMT September 23, 2022

call some c9s, maybe they can help with that target

hk ab 11:22 GMT September 23, 2022
next station 1525.

hk ab 10:46 GMT September 23, 2022

Kevin// the other direction, maybe.

HK Kevin 10:36 GMT September 23, 2022

Today's fx market makes me think of Mar 2020

hk ab 10:26 GMT September 23, 2022
after gbp pocket, let's see if we will see another one from another pair. eur? back to 0.85?

PAR 10:20 GMT September 23, 2022
Europe is facing a tsunami of plant closures, delocalizations, bankruptcies, and nationalizations of energy-consuming companies.

Prices of European electricity and gas are 10 to 12 times higher than in the rest of the world.

This is unsustainable.

Von der Leyen & Co should think twice before deciding on measures that are suicidal for the European economy.

hk ab 10:18 GMT September 23, 2022
I think the gravity comes from gbpjpy real selling more.

btw, short dlrjpy on limit 143. too busy to post up this small position.

HongKongSAR Ahe 10:04 GMT September 23, 2022
Entry: Target: Stop:

GBPUSD has broken 1985 Jan lowest 1.1124, may fall to 1985 Feb historical lowest 1.0520. Take your risk and good trades to all.

Mtl JP 10:00 GMT September 23, 2022

BoJ and FIBs
not a suggestion to game the BoJ w/techs
USDYEN range from BoJ's intervention: 145.84 - 140.35

50% retrace: 143.05
61.8% retrace would have been 143.68

had someone not just sold 143.25 (to 132.25)
- Bangkok KC ? -

GVI Forex 09:52 GMT September 23, 2022

GBPUSD air pocket, no news, seems to be coming out of EURGBP buy order

Mtl JP 09:43 GMT September 23, 2022

USDYEN 143 price line
now POOF !
143.40ish next trgt / res
depending on point of view

Mtl JP 09:37 GMT September 23, 2022

how DO they do it ?
despite OR ... because of ?
courtesy bloomberg:
* UniCredit CEO: 100 basis points in rate hikes earns $1 billion
* Deutsche Bank targeting full year revenue to 27 billion euros

Two of Europe’s largest lenders signaled optimism that surging income from loans would more than offset the negative effect of the region’s energy crisis, as central banks hike interest rates sharply to tackle inflation. .../.

Deutsche Bank, UniCredit Signal Rising Revenue Despite Downturn

Mtl JP 09:28 GMT September 23, 2022

10-YR 3.721%
2-YR 4.164%
making it tough to not like the usd

Mtl JP 09:23 GMT September 23, 2022

USDJPY 142.92-88
looks like a brawl around 143 atm

Bangkok KC 07:55 GMT September 23, 2022
BUY EUR/USD on dips

The EUR/USD is oversold. I expect a price creating a range zone between 0.9700 - 1.0200 in the near-term.

Hold [email protected]

GVI Forex 07:47 GMT September 23, 2022

A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Anshuman Daga

Friday is shaping up as a slow day.

Well, sort of. Equity markets are still licking their wounds, U.S. bond yields are at 11-year highs and the dollar is hovering near a two-decade peak.

Morning Bid: After manic week, TGIF

Bangkok KC 07:37 GMT September 23, 2022
BUY EUR/USD on dips
1st Long @0.9775

PAR 07:26 GMT September 23, 2022
As the EURO keeps falling Lagarde and Lane go into hibernation?

PAR 07:17 GMT September 23, 2022
Italian elections
Like with the election in France, it looks like in Italy the winners of the elections will be the parties on the left and the right. The losers will be the parties in the center.

It will be difficult to form a coalition and like in France and plenty of other European countries we could end up with a government which has no parliamentary majority.

Hk Ab 02:57 GMT September 23, 2022
Seems there will be many forced liquidation soon.

Nt, any particular pair you are interested? 700 is almost $250 again


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