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Forex Forum Archive for 01/1/2004

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Memphis Charles 23:24 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
You're welcome and thanks.

GVI john 23:09 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Charles thanks. Change the high to 1.2465. The file has been updated.

Ekaterinburg 23:06 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
I see, bad, bad Jay :)

Memphis Charles 23:00 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Your link is dead.

Ekaterinburg 22:58 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Hello everybody and Happy New Year!
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Memphis Charles 22:39 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Jay, check your data file for 12/25 Eur/$

Glasgow KR 22:17 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Agrees with Biscuit Boy SL 1.2470 trade from the long bias as 1.2640 area will be breached very soon. Roll on 1.30+

USA Biscuit Boy 21:43 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Looks like the usd selloff has been overdone in the very short term but I still don't like trading against the trend. If 1.2470 is broken then the next big supports are 1.2330 then 1.2130 and 1.1980. Below 1.1980 would signal a reversal of the trend.

Melbourne Qindex 21:29 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
EUR/USD : Monthly Cycle Charts

Melbourne Qindex 21:27 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
EUR/USD : Weekly Cycle Charts

Glasgow KR 21:12 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Happy New Year to all the readers.
eur/usd peaked around 1.2640 but dont expect this to hold for long on the way to 1.28 and 1.30.
eur/gbp to .7260 and usd/chf to 1.15 within 4 weeks.

Barcelona Tony 20:46 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
as I said in my previous post.... $ bears will suffer starting today, GT GL to all

MONACO OGA 19:44 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Tks a bunch fxq, and tks for the reference too.
Happy new year!!

Houston KC 19:39 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
dc fxq 19:32 GMT

Thanks dc was off reading somewhere else. Things seem to have paused some. I was watching censored as well but verified it with the FX + Ticker here at GV prior to posting.

dc fxq 19:32 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
as of 14:30 ET I have


for the pairs you noted. these from o*a*n*d*a

MONACO OGA 19:21 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Happy new year!!!
KC would you mind showing me levels in EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and cable pse?

Houston KC 18:23 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Look out $ bears Euro just dropped 40 pips in the first few minutes of trading. CHF up ~35 pips usd/jpy up around 25 pips. Gl & GT to all.

bdg zilfallon 17:27 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   

London Paul_ex trader 17:00 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
charles: It was a joke!

San Juan Lil 16:50 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Holiday Greetings and Happy Trading in 2004 everyone ! ! !

Memphis Charles 16:25 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   

Melbourne Qindex 14:07 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Good night and see you guys tomorrow.

Melbourne Qindex 13:50 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
London Paul_ex trader 13:31 GMT - There is absolutely no guarantee for anything. I can let you see a copy of Nikkei-255 which I provide for Mr. Nobuyuki Nakahara if you are interested.

Melbourne Qindex 13:46 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Memphis Charles 13:44 GMT - I was the highest paid analyst at that time.

Melbourne Qindex 13:44 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Memphis Charles 13:37 GMT - The unit was closed down.

Memphis Charles 13:44 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Interesting - a bank that's made 'enough' money.

Melbourne Qindex 13:41 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Yes, I got your e-mail. The most simplest way to see our weekly cycle analysis is to register with Jay at [email protected] There is a free 2 week sample and one can also access to my page where I post whatever I like to do whenever I have time. In my full service I will provide my clients with regular daily. weekly, monthly and 3-month projection profiles. It is much more expansive as compare with the one in Global-View.

London Paul_ex trader 13:39 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
i guess that in those 2 yrs he made them enough money!

Memphis Charles 13:37 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
If I'm prying, please don't answer this - but why did you work with Citi for only two years?

London Paul_ex trader 13:31 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
i see, i will look again. Do you provide a performance report of the confidence level of the cycle points?

Melbourne Qindex 13:28 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
London Paul_ex trader 12:40 GMT - We do provide services on forex, commodities and stock analyses. We also manage funds.

London Paul_ex trader 13:27 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Q: I sent you an email, but now i understand your site better.

I used to use elliot wave analysis, but it's an art not a science and never very good at decent wave counting.

Melbourne Qindex 13:26 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
London Paul_ex trader 12:41 GMT - Yes. that is my website.

London Paul_ex trader 12:41 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
QIndex: Are you

London Paul_ex trader 12:40 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Qindex : Sounds good. Do u use it now only for yourself or are you managing funds for others? Do you licence the TA system or what?


Melbourne Qindex 06:18 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Ldn 00:17 GMT - Happy New Year! All major banks in the world are not doing any trading today.

Melbourne Qindex 06:17 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
London Paul_ex trader 00:16 GMT - The Quantum Index Analysis is a new technical technique that I developed 13 years ago. This technique is used to forecast the movement of currency rates, prices in bonds, stocks and commodities. Using this system I provided exclusive service (USD/DEM, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and GBP/USD) to the Strategic Positioning Unit of Citibank in Hong Kong for two years (1988 - 1990).

TAS 04:15 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
KUALA LUMPUR (AP)--A computer virus is believed to be spreading in Malaysia through a prank e-mail that claims terrorists are plotting attacks in this Southeast Asian country, officials said.

The e-mail, with the subject line "Urgent message to all citizens of Malaysia," was first reported by Malaysians who received it from a German-based e-mail account on Dec. 20, said Solahuddin Shamsuddin of Malaysia's Computer Emergency Response Team, which monitors computer security.

"At this moment, the government of Malaysia knows about at least 5 planned acts of terrorism, and provisional places and time," the e-mail says. "If you think of the future of (your) relatives, go on this site and learn the information which will probably rescue your life."

The e-mail, which is littered with grammatical errors, said details on the attacks came from an anonymous "source in the government (who) agreed to (release) the information ... to minimize the quantity of victims."

Recipients who click on what appears to be a link to another Web site will have "Trojan horse" files deposited in their computers that could enable criminals to steal their personal information while they're hooked up to the Internet, Solahuddin told The Associated Press late Wednesday.

Solahuddin said police in Malaysia and computer security officials in Germany have been informed about the virus, though it was not immediately clear whether the e-mail originated from someone living in Germany.

Under Malaysian laws, people convicted of spreading false statements that might cause public alarm can be jailed for up to one year and fined.

The e-mail virus was "not fast-spreading," but officials have not confirmed how many users have received it or downloaded the virus, and whether it has circulated beyond Malaysia, Solahuddin said.

Authorities in this moderate, mostly Muslim country have arrested dozens of terrorist suspects since mid-2001, including alleged members of the Southeast Asian militant network Jemaah Islamiyah, blamed for carrying out a string of bombings including the attacks in Bali, Indonesia, that killed 202 people last year.

But Malaysia has not recently warned of any local threats.

Ldn 00:27 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
happy new year my precious

Ldn 00:17 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Melbourne Qindex Happy New year is there anyone trading today notice the price movement on some fx sites.

London Paul_ex trader 00:16 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
Qindex: What are your cyclyes I hear yo talk about. Is this a proprietary analytics you have built or standard indicators you are using?


Ldn 00:08 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
New Jobless Claims Lowest of Bush Tenure
WASHINGTON - The number of people filing new claims for jobless benefits last week dropped to the lowest level in nearly three years, a dose of good news for President Bush (news - web sites) who wants the economy on firm footing as he heads into his re-election campaign

Melbourne Qindex 00:06 GMT January 1, 2004 Reply   
EUR/USD : As shown in my weekly cycle charts the market has tested the upper barrier and it is vubrating around 1.2558 with an expected magnitude of +/- 92 pips for the time being, i.e. 1.2466 - 1.2650.

Melbourne Qindex 06:18 GMT December 28, 2003
EUR/USD (Weekly Cycle) : The pattern of my weekly cycle frequency chart indicates that a strong pull-back is imminent. The big difference in the frequency number between 1.2374 - 1.2466 suggests that 1.2374 is a significant supporting quantised level. If the market is trading below 1.2374, it will tackle projected chart points at 1.2238 and1.2191. On the other hand if the market can close above 1.2466 in New York session, EUR/USD has a potential to tackle the projected resistant level at 1.2558 // 1.2650. The market rhythm is represented by 92 pips (k=0.009178) and the weekly cycle normal trading range is 1.2374 - 1.2650. (Suggestion : The odds are in favour of maintaining a short position if the market is trading below 1.2466).

Weekly Cycle Quantised Levels

... 1.2191, 1.2238 // 1.2374, 1.2466, 1.2558 // 1.2650 ...


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