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Forex Forum Archive for 10/23/2004

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Bern 23:11 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Heads UP - US Market/Dollar Collapse

Russia dumping dollars, china next heard it hear first.

Halifax CB 22:34 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Just been looking over charts - and seeing on USDCAD the next target of around 1.19 if/when it clears 1.233 ( early next week ? ). The 1.19 target is maybe 3 weeks away. The tragedy is that that seems to point towards Kerry winning the election. If so I'm just glad I live in Canada - maybe I can set up in the US as a consultant on how to survive ineffective soft-leftish governments :) Oh well - I'm off to supper (if not out to lunch..)

tulsa st 22:33 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   

yes OK, Go Sooners!

OK SZ 21:47 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
sorry that should read JP

OK SZ 21:46 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
MP..agree whole heartedly..good weekend to you

Halifax CB 21:19 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Ina co'z - I'd say the next target is around 1.2746 - by the elections? Anyway, if it clears that, then the next is perhaps 1.2928. (Caveat - I have been known to be wrong before - just look up CAD & my name in recent archives...:)

Mtl JP 21:08 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
OK SZ 20:39 / There is one born every minute. People complain about the cost of education. Perhaps they have not concidered the cost of ignorance. Typicaly the best learnt lessons are those that cost the most. Live and let live. Learn and let learn. *-^

OK SZ 20:39 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
I just saw the most amazing infomercial on how to make thousands trading the stock market..from what all the people on the commercial say you cannot lose. it's called wise trade and you just follow the red/green indicators and make money. and i thought trading was harder than that. These people made me feel bad because they had found the holly grail and were living the dream life we strive for..well I am kidding about feeling bad the only people I feel bad for are the fools that fall for this crap..can you imagine people paying for this? it's a shame so many have and end up losing all of there money..shame on those people for telling individuals that trading can't be any simplier than this and you can beat all the big boys on wall always when you hear or see people talking like that lock your wallet and run..have a good weekend all..Go Sooners!

Ina co'z 19:52 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Sorry for reply my last posted...but if i'm could be right...wheres the eur/usd will be going ??....thx for your opinions...GL/GT !...

Ina'z 04:33 GMT May 17, 2004
friends...what is your opinions with the theory "repeat it self " at graph of monthly eur/usd..?
eur/usd down from the level 1.1929 (05/31/03) to 1.0765 (09/30/03) = 1.164 pips , ...and 1.2925 ( 02/29/04) to 1.1764 ( 04/30/04) = 1.161 pips...thx !

GVI john 15:05 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
It is against the rules of the forum to post email addresses without the prior permission of global-view

UK honyx 14:19 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
columbia 11:41 GMT October 23, 2004
Forex trade signals,

hello columbia, that will be a great idea, how would the system work. Have you ever tried using any of the advertised ones around.

columbia 11:41 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Forex trade signals.

Been working on a Trading system would like some feedback, these are for short term trades. Will give out my trades via instant messenger. If you would like to follow along I would love to have your feedback on this.

Global-View Research 11:32 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Weekly dollar analysis 25/10/04 INVESTICA Ltd

Dollar confidence crumbles
Concerns over the US economy will continue in the short term, primarily due to speculation that high oil prices will curb spending and increase the trade deficit. The Federal Reserve is still likely to increase interest rates in November, but will find it difficult to justify a move beyond 2.0%. The decline in capital flows and a significant erosion of private inflows will increase underlying dollar vulnerability... See full story in our research section CLICK HERE

Haifa ac 10:51 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Good for you. Here it was reported as a major one and an after quake. GL

Chicago JMI 10:51 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
HK [email protected] 07:46 GMT October 23, 2004
It's no secret, and it might be more than just a pullback. It could be a reversal. There's a huge Andrew's pitchfork on the weekly chart that shows major resistance at about 1.28 and it should be hit sometime next week. It's the same fork that price bounced off of at 1.1750 back in April. Everyone is exptecting this uptrend to continue, but if that line isn't cleanly broken it's unlikely that it will.

Tokyo IM 10:46 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Not really, just a minor damages.

Haifa ac 09:13 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Any Damage in Tokyo Earthqake? 6.8 Richter.

hk ab 08:08 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
I seldom have time to read gvi recently due to the daily work.
For cad, I think gecko is the winner.
Your suggest agree with his temp. bottom at 1.22. GT.

HK [email protected] 07:46 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
I want ro tell you a secret I heard from few sources.
And the secret(SHHHHHH), which I am sure all of you are hearing here for the first time is, that an imminent pullback will occur at USDX=85.
Currently USDX=85.69. and the Euro is at 1.2681, and one can expect the pivot point at about 1.278X... indeed 1.2770/80 looks quiet exhaustive price-target from the present timeframe hmmmm.
Volume on gold futures looks decreasing and dull, so maybe one can get some pullback from 427/28$ range, or even from 432.
One can assume that some US market makers would like to see a nice preelection pullback, but if ,85-index will not prove a Res. and a pullback will not happen, another set of Calculation will be needed.GL/GT to all

hong kong nt 07:23 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
AB -- what do you think of buying usd/cad at 1.2260/70? good trades to you..

sofia anmart 06:59 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
11:57 GMT October 22, 2004
GBP/CHF -2.2245. We sold for 2.1880
Current level-2.2141.

Sydney Alimin 02:51 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
charts are telling me that dollar is in a very bad shape and it is just the beginning, all weekly charts suggesting that major pairs are taking off against the dollar and could accelerate further starting next week, dollar index is not helping either

i won't bet on any retracements, it would be shallow if any...i might have missed the train but it is better than standing in front of the oncoming train and run by it

good luck everyone

Juneau CAR 02:36 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Man, I must be losing it-lol. I do not see any blue frame?

boston mpd004 02:02 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Okay, good night all, have a great weekend and good luck first of the week!

Ltn th 01:58 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Car. If you are taking a forum feed from a broker without the sidebars you can log into Main Global View Portal and navigate from there. Plenty of other good stuff including research etc.

Boston mpd004 01:45 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Any other new people (I hate the word 'newbie' makes it sound like some 12 year old kid on a demo) have any questions? Nows the time! Markets closed and I'm sure there are very knowledgble people still here. :o)

Rye, NY et 01:33 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Juneau CAR 01:26 GMT October 23, 2004
Hey, CAR...How are you?
There should be a blue frame on the right of your screen.
Click "login forums"...

Boston mpd004 01:30 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
the pip spreads depends on the platform that you are trading. Some platforms, the spread changes and some have a straight pip spread. I'm not gonna mention who, but you have to shop around. Some are 3, some are 4, some are 5 and of course as said, some are variable.

Juneau CAR 01:26 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Could someone tell me how to access the help forum?


Sapporo Koishi 01:25 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
welcome from another new member to the board, i often trade the YEN, i also have a good alert subcription that is above water, but best advice is trawl the web, there are lots of free resources for learning out there, and don't be in a rush, I rushed in and went bust in under 2 mths when i first started, lots of lessons learned there. biggest one don't take any views on forums as gospel, make your own decision, i lost the most following others advice but on the same hand don't discount it completely thru the noise you will finf the odd gem. good luck

Medford, OR sm 01:23 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
A question, when going into a trade you have the buy vs ask and a set amount such as 5 pips for many us/xxx or xxx/us

Is this ALWAYS the same for each pair or does it change with the fluidity of the market.

If this seems like a simple question, sorry but my friend isn't the best source since he is still learning so I ask you guys.

It seems in my trading I try to stick more with the USD pairs and think that has done well for me.

Boston mpd004 01:17 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Miami//also welcome to the forum. I myself rarely trade the usd/jpy, however, there are several traders here that do on a regular basis and I hesitate to give you their nicks because of fear of leaving someone out or recommending that you should follow anyone in particular. However, my advice is to follow the forum, watch and learn, and contribute when you feel you are confortable to do so. Don't be afraid, we all were once new to the forex also. Good luck and Good trading.

Sapporo Koishi 01:15 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
I lived in Nth Conway nice place spent the summer travelling around New England including Boston, (go the Sox!) Next week could be crazy, i am tempted to stay out but will try the CHF, I haven't forgotten the October surprise and with the Dow spiralling out of control i wouldn't be surprised to see an attempt to push gold down in a last ditch effort to save a crash. Net commercial gold shorts are at extreme levels, so we might see a plunge "profit taking" (don't believe a word of it) to save the Dow, if this does happen put 20% of your wealth into physical gold/silver immediately, it won't ever get this cheap again. If you haven't already, get the censored out of equities!!! The safest thing to do is stand on the side lines, so what if you miss a small post election rally? the market will still be there enter when things are clearer. take care, p.s i don't want to take credit for the CHF play, got this from someone else but would like other views to get a better take on it all. gl and take care

Miami O.F 01:05 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Hello, I am new to FX, but very addicted already, I usually trade the pairs USD/ JPY and look to get some advise and resources of news on the Market in Japan.
I will appreciate soem help and advise from someone who have time to give to a new FX want to be Trader.

Boston mpd004 01:00 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Sapporo//BTW, I spent the day in New Hampshire today, and it is a great time of year!

Boson mpd004 00:57 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Sapporo// Am I wrong?? I think it's a great play! I may jump on the train myself!

Sapporo Koishi 00:40 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
thanx mpd004, I spent 6 mths in New Hampshire a while back, beautiful place this time of the year, Anyhow USD/CHF its approaching a multi year support band btwn 1.2050/85, if 1.2050 is solidly broken it should be straight down from there. if not we could see a BIG bounce out of this area, I'm currently long CHF so will move my S/L closer as we approach this target and will look to add if it is decisively broken. I'd appreciate any other views on this.

Boston mpd004 00:34 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
For the last 34 years, I have worked in an enviroment that believed that 'it's us against them'. Thats not true of course, but in the forex, it is. 1.5 trillion goes through the forex every day and for you and I, we're just trying to get a very small piece of it to take care of us and/or our families. There are new traders out there that join these forums all the time and because they are new, they are reluctant to post their trades or research or ideas for fear of being rediculed. To not encourage this input I think is wrong because, information is everything! To make informed decisions involving real money, one has to have every bit of information or opinions available to them. We need to make sure that a forum is just that, an on-going discussion of what is happening from as many informed or opinionated people as possible. 'they' meaning the big shots in the know, have many resouces that we don't. So, it is 'us against them'.

Boston mpd004 00:00 GMT October 23, 2004 Reply   
Sapporo//welcome to the forum, and speaking for myself anyway, I'll look forward to any input that you may consider helpful to us. Gl and gt


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