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Forex Forum Archive for 12/27/2004

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Sydney 23:21 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
San Diego DC according the cycle you mention , we should see the Dollar low in this cycle on Monday 3rd jan or there abouts ?

Sydney 23:17 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
london rb thanks

london rb 23:05 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
tony blair will hold elections when he finds out what members of other eu countries vote on constitution, most will vote no, if not blaire will call for election maybe may june

Colorado Chief 22:55 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
A Question for all...

I have been trying to determine the relationship between the GBPCHF vs. the (USDCHF and GBPUSD). I was interested in trying to see if there was any corresponding rise or fall in GBPCHF using these two charts.

I would be very interested in learning what more experienced traders know about this.

Thanx, I appreciate any and all help on this question...

GT to all


Sydney 22:44 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
When is the next UK general Election held?

London. 22:39 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
UK house prices fall for sixth month
LINKThe Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said last week that their seasonally adjusted house price index fell to -48 in three months to November, from -40 in the previous three months -- the lowest balance since December 1992.

NJ RT 22:34 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Bahrain Within 10 Pips: What is your view on EUR/JPY? Thank you.

london rb 22:32 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
i read once that if a volcano from the canaries exploded we would have same thing but bigger in europe

NJ RT 22:32 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
london rb: Good luck with that .... can you please share with us where did you get the info?

Budapest Daniel 22:32 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
very big LOL for a statement like that...

London. 22:28 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Scientists: Asia Earthquake Disturbed Earth's Rotation
Enzo Boschi, the head of Italy's National Geophysics Institute, likened the quake's power to detonating a million atomic bombs the size of those dropped on Japan during World War II, and said the shaking was so powerful it even disturbed the Earth's rotation. ``All the planet is vibrating'' from the quake, he told Italian state radio. Other scientists said it was early too say whether the rotation was affected by the quake.

london rb 22:15 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
euro will go 140 usa wont help dollar

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 22:13 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Buy 0.7313 0.7042 EURGBP

Gothenburg XON 22:05 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
My opinion is that EUR/USD is a long from 1,3610 and she will hit 1,3750 before this week is over.

Lets see...

GER ad 20:49 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Short EUR/USD,
Out at 1.3614, will resell 1.3630/40 if seen

London. 20:09 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Ukraine Transport Min Found Dead; Gunshot Wound -Interfax

Syd 19:49 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
China Aviation Woes Signal a `Hard Landing,' U.S. Investors Say
Dec. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum hedge fund in 1970 with George Soros, says the trading fiasco that cost state-run China Aviation Oil Holding Co. $550 million is an omen of tougher times ahead for Chinese companies and their investors. ``I can hardly wait,'' he says.
``I expect more problems in the Chinese market,'' says Rogers, who spent a decade at the Quantum Fund. ``There will be more things like this and more bankruptcies, a lot more. The Chinese are first-generation capitalists. It's not as easy as it looks.'' Rogers's index funds include the Diapason fund, a partnership with Lausanne, Switzerland-based Equinoxe Partners.

Rogers saw firsthand the promise of China's economy beginning in 1988 on the first of three trips across the country by motorcycle and car. He says he's stopped investing in Chinese equities for now because of what he calls ``massive speculation'' that has driven up prices of real estate, construction and raw materials.

U.S. Investors Flock

Sydney 19:31 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
According to White House spokesman Trent Duffy ,President George W. Bush is working on two major speeches

Miami OMIL (/;-> 19:30 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
I have new resistance areas calculated for the eur/usd pair but in reality we are in uncharted waters and numbers here are not as accurate as I would like them to be. Resistance for eur/usd pair stands now at 3650-70, 3700-10, 3750-60 and 3800-10. Key target 3560-70 was accomplished and main target is in the 3750-60 area.

Spotforex NY 18:17 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
It is always good to refresh some basic trading notes.

Spotforex NY 17:41 GMT June 4, 2003
the market can remain "illogical" longer than one can remain solvent....The Gartman letter always reminds its subscribers of that observation.

San Diego DC 18:12 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   

Confluence of measured moves in price comes out to be in the 1.3690-1.3710 area and it remains to be seen if we get there by the next minor time cycle period of Dec28-30 or not.

Jkt Rick 18:01 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
dont be scared of the euro, fortune favours the bold keep selling, as these levels are about to be historical.

Eilat Dolphin 17:55 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
GEP/ Hi! I concur. Fuel should be running low.

PARIS HB 17:55 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   


Spotforex NY 17:49 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
mother nature or disaster does not discriminate:

'Spotforex NY 17:33 GMT December 27, 2004
Thailand King's grandson killed in the Tsunami

Dallas GEP 17:48 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Obviously it is bullish now but w/i next 24 hours, gbp should print 1.9250. Now where it will top is anyone's guess but I am GUESSING HERE or around 1.9390-1.9400

Eilat Dolphin 17:44 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Looks like a tsunami just took out the $...

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 17:27 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   

mysore forexveda 17:21 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Makassar alimin, My timing was very right about euro and it may touch 1.37 before weekend.
If euro corrects only 200 pips from 1.37** we may see 1.4120/50 by mid jan where I will add more lots to my dollar/swiss long which i am planning to enter around 1.12
Mysore forexveda 17:20 GMT December 1, 2004
Alimin, yes I do expect a rally to 1.3750 but not within next 10 to 15 days. I expect a U turn sometime in Mid January.

River Falls_USA_ PB 17:19 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
GOES B747 17:06 GMT December 27, 2004 ///read it...totally unaware of that capability. It is a devastating situation! Thanks for setting me straight. gt

Dallas GEP 17:11 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
The way you can generally tell if a retracement is imminent is buy looking at all the pairs in general and seeing whether the all or most are retracing. back from their lows or highs. The most difficult thing is to tell how IF retracement may continue of if CONTINUATIONS may continue. For instance CAD is 10 pips off it's LOW, CHF is 20 pips off it's low and EURO is 6 pips off it's high and GBP is 6 pips off it's high so retracements have NOT been that significant so it is MORE likely we will see some more USD selling especially with EURO and GBP.

jkt-aye 17:09 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
at least lets pray for those victims of this disaster.

GOES B747 17:06 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
River Falls_USA_ PB 17:04 GMT // here is the link:,4057,11796284%255E401,00.html


River Falls_USA_ PB 17:04 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
GOES B747 16:53 GMT December 27, 2004 ///must be a rumour - unfortunately there are no active seismic or ocean buoy monitors in that part of Indian Ocean - was never funded. gt

London. 17:02 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
The affect of this can slow the economies in Asia - set them back years.

UN Warns of Possible Epidemics in Quake-Hit Asia

knoxville dan-k 17:02 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
i think its kinda like in the movie armageddon, well its coming! who do u warn to evacuate 2 hours notice--not enough time just cause mass panic - just as bad

knoxville dan-k 17:00 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
keep in mind that a tidal wave travels around mach 1, also china, russia, and japan all have the same ability to detect earthquakes, or even blasts as small a dynomite blasting away a mountian side fwiw

Ldn 16:58 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
China Army Will 'Crush' Any Taiwan Independence Move

EU ZORRO 16:54 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   

...For 2005....please see my 22 of October....

...hope to see 1,40/1,45 in March....

Happy new year NK and Spot...!!!!

GOES B747 16:53 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
tensions between China and Taiwan going towards very dangerous levels; roumors that USA did not informed countries about the tsunami (they could provide 2HRS warning) makes situation very risky to man's kind.

gt all

Boca Raton 16:53 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
How about that EURO/STG price action! Never double up on a losing position friends. Only double up when in the money.

Ldn 16:52 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Exaggerated movements in technically-driven trading in thin markets behind most of USD's slide.

Miami OMIL (/;-> 16:47 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
I see support for gbp/usd pair around the 9300-10 area (resistance before the breakout) as this pair is riding a bullish channel looking to test 9380-9400 and 9450-60 area for now IMHO.

Dallas GEP 16:41 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Euro looks to be a buy again upon approach of 1.36. That now is roughly a 38% retracement FIB point based on possible high of 1.3650 and low of 1.3513

saloniko 2004 nk...1.4088 16:40 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
1.46 =233 grd....

Very..Very... possible..IMHO

next year...
For 200 4 ....1.4088 is good enough ..


NY NY 16:37 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
I wonder if this guy is not too overleveraged - I hope not!

Jkt Rick 11:05 GMT

NJ RT 16:35 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Tallinn viies : Where do you see eur/usd today? Thank you

GENEVA FHR 16:34 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
1.46 is in sight FWIW

Ldn 16:30 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Red Cross: Quake, Tidal Wave Death Toll At 23,700 - Kyodo

Dallas GEP 16:29 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Suggestion...if you want to BUY usd trying to pick a sure you use a realtively tight stop as market is thin. Safer to wait IMO tho because USD is taking a beating and usd bulls seem to be a little more cautious about buying usd at this time. 1.9360 short on GBP for instance is a decent short but I wouldn't put stop more than say 15 pips above.

saloniko 2004 nk...1.4088 16:26 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Good Evening...

Dear Zorro..

Once again will offer 1.4088 to my father...

Have a nice year ..ALL!


Spotforex NY 16:14 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Miami OMIL (/;-> 16:08 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Gold has reached key target 443.60-70 and also running on the bullish channel to test the main target (466.95) for this bullish move. The key target for gold in the long run still remains (468.91) with main target at (493.50-60) IMHO. Happy Holidays

GOES B747 16:06 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
did I miss something?
Does Chinese factories start making carpets from USD notes?


GER ad 16:00 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Short at 1.3622 (50 pips S/L, T/P 1.3530 area)

EU ZORRO 15:59 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Hi all...!!!!

Hope everyone had a good christmas...

...NK...we still have time to see your 1,4088 this year.....!!!!

Dallas GEP 15:54 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Well these are VERY strong candles and almost all pairs are at resistance or support levels. But I would looke for more USD selling

LONDON e 15:52 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Sell Euro here @ 1.3595-1.36.

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 15:52 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
If my post don't intrest U...why where watching so closely.
Conflict of speech here buddy?

Brussels ML 15:50 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Tallinn viies 12:10 GMT December 27, 2004
hourly stochastic crossed hgigher from oversold levels,.
suggestring to buy euros here at 1,3530/35 area and keep stop at 1,3474/79 area.
target at least 1,3615/20

Excellent call ! Thanks, took 70pips profit.

London Tokky 15:49 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Bahrain Within 10 Pips AND Dallas GEP

Compliments of the season. What do you think about EUR/USD (1.3598) and GBP/USD (1.9298) now at the market - long or short?


Miami OMIL (/;-> 15:48 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
The last comment was for the eur/usd pair.

GOES B747 15:47 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Miami OMIL (/;-> 15:46 GMT // 1.3601 is done ... looks not good for EUR shorters.


Miami OMIL (/;-> 15:46 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
It has not failed for the past 2 years these thin markets have been great opportunities to sell $. Key number has been reached and resistance is being tested now. 1.3600 barriers are rumored being protected now, dealers note (IFR).

sydney gvm 15:45 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Bahrain Within 10 Pips - mate I have been watching your calls intermittantly over the last few weeks and all I can say is take a break buddy. Go on holiday; save some money

Hong Kong Qindex 15:45 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Hong Kong Qindex 15:44 GMT December 27, 2004
EUR/USD : The congested area of my daily cycle is projected at 1.3517 - 1.3610 and the mid-point reference is 1.3564.

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 15:40 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Seems like heading for 1.9060 area in a few days...
Just using Basic chart for that though...not sure

Dallas GEP 15:39 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
USD getting beat up pretty good across the board. I agree that GBP is certainly capable of being MORE bullish than euro

GOES B747 15:39 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
FHR GENEVA /// Unfortunately, I took the lesson by the hard way (very painful); you were right. don't feel to see you are right in full (joking) so I placed a take hit @ 1.3607 (if seen); but does not make you less right if not seen.


San Diego DC 15:34 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   

Cable is very long and not short. You will profit more buying @ dips IMHO.

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 15:29 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
cable might take day dive from here

Miami OMIL (/;-> 15:09 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Some one asked me about gbp/usd pair last week and I got no response for my troubles so I will bring up the comments for this pair, which are still valid. I have updated some of the numbers as this pair tries to find a breakout of the triangle it has defined this month. Happy Holidays

Miami OMIL (/;-> 04:39 GMT December 24, 2004
Gbp/usd continues struggle inside the triangle with a double top around the 9550 area. Top T/L is around 9570-80 and bottom T/L is 9120-30 and 9070-80. Look for 9280-9310 area as good resistance for now. Intraday indicators are a mix bag and unwinding. Daily indicators are still in a correction mode (bearish). Support 9110-20 defines this pair if broken then look for further correction but a bounce will produce a good buy as well as the break of the resistance to test the top. My style of trading is still buying on a confirmed bounce for this pair with stops under the support and add positions to a break of the resistance or sell on a failure of the resistance IMHO. GL GT

perrie como 15:07 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply

China to foil Taiwan independence ‘at any cost’

New York JT 15:05 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Filled at what price?

Dallas GEP 14:54 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Went short on eur/usd at market, looking for 30 pips. I think we range trade today IMO TIGHTLY

Miami OMIL (/;-> 14:53 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
The eur/usd bulls do not like to give up their positions that easily. Looking for what was once tough resistance (3480-90) to hold for now as good support. Looks like the bulls now will try to test the Key target once again. Intraday indicators are in O/B area and dailies are in no better shape for now so waiting for a retracement at some point. No sell signals on my system yet. Thin markets like these can be challenging for pip raiders so take care out there fellow traders. GL GT

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 14:51 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
1.9180 might be a good close for cable

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 14:45 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
msft still sell
hpq is a major buy

Miami OMIL (/;-> 14:42 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
FWIW I have commented on this before about the triangle breakouts especially for the aud/usd as the key target has been reached. I believe in the long run the bulls will be after the main target. If you did not get on the train this time then wait for the next one no hurries mate another one comes along if you are patient enough IMHO. GL GT

Miami OMIL (/;-> 02:46 GMT December 24, 2004
Triangle breakouts seem to be the theme for this fall/winter and if you follow the market technically you can see them work to a thing of beauty (like the text book shows us). I have some calculated targets from these breakouts and I will share them in the FF with your permission.

Eur/jpy= key target 142.80-90 main target 150.30-40, 152.70-80, and 153.80-90

Aud/usd= key target (7735-45) main target (8140-50)

San Diego DC 14:26 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
From my last post on time cycles...

The minor cycle has ended and going into the main Dec 19-20 cycle we have a bottom @ 1.3201, which means from Dec 19 till the next cycle of 25th,we will have bullish continuation in EUR for short-term position trading.
The next major time cycle date is Jan 3-4. That means until that date the main trend direction is bullish for Euros for short-term position trading.

However, there are 2 minor cycle dates before Jan3-4th time, on Dec25th and Dec29-30th.
The minor cycle of Dec25th has begun with a low in the area of 1.3510 area, that means this is a sign of bullish continuation for EUR/$ until the next minor cycle of 29th or so. So, give plus or minus 1 day there is a possibility of retracement for EUR from 28th to 30th or so and then bullish continuation until the major cycle date of Jan3-4. This major cycle date applies to most trading instruments. In any case, let the market confirm the right direction, just use this as points in time to watch for.

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 14:22 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Dow should be a sell till 10350 area

Beijing Fan 14:21 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Sold my Aud too early this morning at 0.7710. I could have waited, but well good enough..
Hope Jpy will go strong tomorrow, but it seems to have a 103.6 barrier that hard to pass?

guangzhou jianzhu 13:58 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
I think,buy AUD may be a good are you?

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 13:50 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   

london ross 13:36 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
i sold eur and gbp :)

Dallas GEP 13:26 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Aussie going long now. Should have had that stop below 1.3520 Stupid mistake!! LOL

Dallas GEP 13:24 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Figures EURO going a little long now

Dallas GEP 13:16 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Now done. Flat on everything

Dallas GEP 13:15 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
1.3524..almost out now

knoxville dan-k 13:14 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
where r u in at Dallas,

funny to me how i can get stopped out right on the pip i have my stop loss at and then it reverse and come back in my direction, went swimming for some xercize come back and the usdjpy long i had stopped out right on the 65 lol,-15pip

Dallas GEP 13:00 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Funny how US will move more when closed than when London is, Kind of curious thing.

Dallas GEP 12:59 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
stops on eur/usd longs now moved to BE. US now will have to provide direction as London has been so SLOW.

HK Kevin 12:42 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Tallinn viies 12:10 GMT, I can't see it in my chart.

Tallinn viies 12:10 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
hourly stochastic crossed hgigher from oversold levels,.
suggestring to buy euros here at 1,3530/35 area and keep stop at 1,3474/79 area.
target at least 1,3615/20

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 12:03 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Cad...maybe not a sell anymore
Mon 12/27/04 07:02 AM 1.2567 1.2215
Mon 12/27/04 12:02 PM 1.2570 1.2218
Mon 12/27/04 05:02 PM 1.2573 1.2221
Mon 12/27/04 10:02 PM 1.2576 1.2224
Tue 12/28/04 03:02 AM 1.2580 1.2227
Tue 12/28/04 08:02 AM 1.2583 1.2230
Tue 12/28/04 01:02 PM 1.2586 1.2234
Tue 12/28/04 06:02 PM 1.2589 1.2237
Tue 12/28/04 11:02 PM 1.2592 1.2240
Wed 12/29/04 04:02 AM 1.2596 1.2243
Wed 12/29/04 09:02 AM 1.2599 1.2246
Wed 12/29/04 02:02 PM 1.2602 1.2249
Wed 12/29/04 07:02 PM 1.2605 1.2252
Thu 12/30/04 12:02 AM 1.2608 1.2255
Thu 12/30/04 05:02 AM 1.2611 1.2258
Thu 12/30/04 10:02 AM 1.2615 1.2262
Thu 12/30/04 03:02 PM 1.2618 1.2265
Thu 12/30/04 08:02 PM 1.2621 1.2268
Fri 12/31/04 01:02 AM 1.2624 1.2271
Fri 12/31/04 06:02 AM 1.2627 1.2274
Fri 12/31/04 11:02 AM 1.2630 1.2277
Fri 12/31/04 04:02 PM 1.2634 1.2280
Fri 12/31/04 09:02 PM 1.2637 1.2283

Jkt Rick 11:05 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
sell more euros at 1.3530 massive average shorts now at 1.3510

Los Angeles ss 11:05 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Anyone have any current thoughts on cable at this level now?

Warsaw mach 10:27 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Wait for EU officials and Central Bankers to say "There would be no intervention" and prepare for EUR, GBP and JPY drop as it was in the '90s on GBPUSD. Cental Bank Head and Prime Minister said that and than we had this black wednesday. I don't say it will happen this time but it can.

Sydney gvm 09:19 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Miami OMIL (/;-> 06:45 - mate - seasons greetings - while I sincerely agree with you compassionate comments regarding the loss of life I am angry that early warning systems; available relatively cheap and ready to install - were not installed along the Indian Ocean sea board. Again Japan leads the way by having had these systems installed since the early 70s along with the Americans in the Pacific ocean - pity it ws not available yesterday when it really counted.

All the best to all on this forum for the New Year

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 08:52 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Oil will be less then 33 in two weeks

eur lg 08:51 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Deepest sympathies to those touched by the horrific events in south east asia over the weekend.

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 08:50 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
2.1997 2.1287 GBPCHF
I don't think Cable will go abouve 1.9280 today

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 08:49 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Buy 0.7278 0.7031 EURGBP

Los Angeles ss 08:13 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Thoughts on cable at this time?

London. 07:28 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
A new tax is expected to halve China's aluminum exports next year, with some producers saying they plan to stop exporting the metal altogether. Government officials Monday confirmed months-long market speculation, saying the tax-free status of aluminum exports would end at the start of 2005 with the imposition of a 5%tax. Analysts said the move is part of government efforts this year to cool the Chinese economy by restricting investment in overheating sectors, including the aluminum industry. analysts said the tax could cause China's aluminum exports next year to slide about 50% to 700,000 metric tons, from around 1.5 million tons in 2004, while others said exports could even drop to 600,000 tons.

Syd 07:18 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
China Central Bank: To Maintain Stable Consumer Prices
To Keep Yuan Exchange Rate Basically Stable
Maintain Prudent Monetary Policy
Raise Effectiveness Of Monetary Policy

Miami OMIL (/;-> 06:45 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
My prayers will join others for the victims of nature’s wrath. It makes me think of how helpless and vulnerable we can be at times. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Here are some updated numbers for eur/usd as it continues on its way up the bullish channel. I was expecting some kind of pullback at some time but that has not happened yet and it looks to test the key area before any retracement takes place. Aud/usd has printed (7720) limit area for me so I am out. Both pairs are still running along the bullish channel with no signs of a sell signal yet.

Resistance for eur/usd pair stands now at 3580-3600. Key target 3560-70 and main target is in the 3750-60 area.
Immediate retracement numbers are 3500-10, 3470-80, 3445-55, 3415-3425 and 3385-3395.
Retracement numbers are 3450-60, 3390-3400, 3340-50, 3290-3300 and 3230-40.
Second wave retracement numbers are 3400-10, 3310-3320, 3235-45, 3170-80, and 3080-90 for now key retracement number is 3390-3400.
Support T/L 3410-20 and 3320-30.
Support is around the 3520-40, 3480-90, 3440-50, 3380-3400, 3340-50, 3310-20, 3250-3280, 3210-30, 3170-80, and 3130-40 for now key support is around the 3380-3400 area IMHO. GL GT

Calcutta Vikram 06:43 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Merry X'mas to you, PipPirate.
LOL is right.....the irony and the absurdity

And this is to the Indians on this Forum......consider, on the other hand, the facts that India had, in 1991, pawned its gold to save itself from the ignominy of a sovereign debt default and that it has been PRE-paying its sovereign debt in the last 2-3 years. WHO is rich and who is poor? Which is the THIRLD world? Wake up, g

Rivonia PipPirate 06:36 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Calcutta Vikram 06:00 LOL No Low-blows, it's Christmas.

Bahrain Within 10 Pips 06:29 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Just sold GBP/Chf
and Longed Eur/GBP

Calcutta Vikram 06:00 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Chapter 11 (isn't that what it is called) for the whole country? Its business as usual after all

Calcutta Vikram 05:58 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
london 19:45 GMT December 26, 2004
America's Asian creditors should forgive a portion of the debts owed to them by the U.S. government

Calcutta Vikram 13:04 GMT March 19, 2003
To my mind, US Treasuries are today only as good as Junk Bonds, especially for foreign investors. What prevents Pres Bush from issuing an edict banning repayment to, say, French investors? He needs $100 bln (and more) for the war and after. With the UN not likely to be willing to foot the bill, what prevents Pres Bush from freezing US Bank Accounts of Foreign Investors? Think about it.

When I'd hinted at the chances of a sovereign debt default by the USA (even earlier than 2003), I was asked if I'd been sniffing/drinking something. Today PIMCO hints at the same thing. Please do not forget that the USA HAS a history of debt default. The world going off the Gold Standard was just that about 3 decades ago

Calcutta Vikram 05:39 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
PRAYERS for all victims and their families in yesterday's tsunami. May relief reach all fast and some semblance of normalcy be restored as fast as possible.

Syd 04:58 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Sri Lanka Tourist Board says 40 foreign visitors among thousands killed in yesterday's tidal wave disaster; "we have received information so far of 15 tourist deaths in Yala and 25 in Arugam Bay," S.Kalaiselvam, board's director general tells Dow Jones; says mostly Japanese among killed, still trying to check others' nationalities; adds "we are still in touch with hotels and resorts across the country to see if there are any more casualties." South, East among worst-hit areas

Los Angeles ss 04:50 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Any thoughts on cable's high for the asian session?

London. 03:59 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
BEIJING (AP)--China said Monday it would crush any efforts to make Taiwan independent and accused the island's president of using a referendum on constitutional reform to incite hostility between the two sides.

"Should the Taiwan authorities go so far as to make a reckless attempt that constitutes a major incident of 'Taiwan independence,' the Chinese people and armed forces will resolutely and thoroughly crush it at any cost," the State Council, or Cabinet, said in a white paper on China's military.

Syd 03:52 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
City Index see Dow rally over 12.000 - 05 also see USD reversal imminent ..
U.S. stock futures up in Asia screen trade; Nasdaq futures + 3.0 points at 1616.0, S&P +1.4 points at 1213.1, DJIA + 11.0 points at 10843.0. Strategists say U.S. markets poised to rise this week even if volume is light (Dow +3.5% so far in 2004, Nasdaq +8%, S&P +9%); Dow has risen on first trading day after Christmas in 11 of last 13 years; also, January traditionally strong month for stocks.

Dallas GEP 03:43 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Have trailing stop on Eur longs at BE now...looking for break to 1.3570

LA fxnew 03:33 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
what do you guys think?
will the market move a lot today??? since london market is closed????

and any view for cable pls ? THanks ^_^

gz 03:26 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
I think,thistime is good to sell EUR!
What are you think?

Syd 02:51 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Fresh Tremor Hits Andaman Islands

knoxville dan-k 02:20 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
interesting how it was on the eur and the jpy both

knoxville dan-k 02:18 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
ouch! i would have shorted it, i took the jpy long off the spike down, i could not beleive my charts til i got a fill, hit on the tic, 5 and 15, 30 all at once suprize suprize suprize as gomer would say, i just call it a gift lol, gl gt,

Dallas GEP 02:02 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
WEll Dan, I didn't get that eur long closed Wasn't quick enough

Los Angeles ss 02:00 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Thanks, GEP

knoxville dan-k 01:59 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
yep same here, jumped long on usd jpy @ 103.60 got filled, and closed it right out few sec later, fast move but good

Dallas GEP 01:58 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Well I think GBP will hold support at 1.9200 or at LEAST 1.9180 I see MORE volatility during London tho

Los Angeles ss 01:51 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Gep -- your thoughts on cable at these levels?

Dallas GEP 01:49 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Dan got a spike up to 1.3532 on BOTH GGGFFFTTT and SAXXXO then back down

knoxville dan-k 01:43 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
oh well they filled me on it oh well, + 40 pts in 45sec long at 103.61

sf mike 01:41 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
really illiquid trading today. Tip, sell EUR at censored and buy at censored. Good for 20 pips, close when they come together.

knoxville dan-k 01:41 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
hay Dallas did u get a hugh bar down on the eur/usd, and usd/jpy ?

Dallas GEP 01:31 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Well euro has support here at 1.3514...but technically macd's mostly are DOWN

Syd 01:29 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
SGD falls about 35 pips to 1.6436 vs USD in aftermath of huge earthquake in Asian region at weekend, disaster has sparked some negative sentiment toward SGD, other Asian FX and selling of those currencies, especially given fears of more aftershocks
Singapore dealer

london rb 01:06 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
thought you was off to la lol happy new year

Dallas GEP 00:55 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
All yen pairs being bid up some now. Eur/jpy longs are providing some downside support for eur/usd even with usd/jpy longing.

fla bil 00:50 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Hi..first posting..juat heard on 7PM EST news on NBC that quake has been raised to 9.0 magnitude...12,000 passed,many thousands missing..tsunami wave was moving at 500 to 600 miles per hour or 375 k/hr...hit in 3 waves,each larger than previous,traveled from Sumatra across Indian Ocean to hit India,Thailand,Myanmar and other areas..epicenter was Aceh in northern tip of Sumatra,around 6:47am...poor people...they expect aftershocks for months..

Dallas GEP 00:38 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Well ESPN was wrong I Philly guys should know tho no doubt

philadelphia 24kt 00:37 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Age 43, correction

Dallas GEP 00:35 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
For those that might not be aware, Reggie White a GREAT former Eagles and Packer football player passed away this morning at age 41. A even BETTER person than a football player and that is saying a great deal about the man.

Also very tragic about the Indodesia eartquake victims.

Tallinn viies 00:33 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
good late night,
just came to see if here are posted views how tsunami influences fx business...
anyway, euro is still strong buy against usd.
1,3480/85 shouldnt be touched before NYC starts, my upside target for today is 1,3620/25.
no way we can touch downside level is 1,3310/15.
keep buying buying and take this money what makrets offers you so easily.
good night

Philadelphia Caba 00:32 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Hi GEP, may I know your eurgbp view for this week, please? Thanks.

philadelphia 24kt 00:26 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
PA is well represented!!

Philadelphia Caba 00:25 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
downingtown JB 00:22 GMT December 27, 2004

Yep, nice to meet you here!

downingtown JB 00:22 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
l did not know that i have traders next do!

Dallas GEP 00:22 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   
Well, Friday we had some bidders at 1.3520. Probably still there since we closed above that so I took Eur/usd long here at market with 15 pip stop looking for 1.3570 and maybe 1.36

dc fxq 00:16 GMT December 27, 2004 Reply   


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