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Forex Forum Archive for 03/21/2004

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Brisbane L 23:50 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
St. Louis SAJ True

St. Louis SAJ 23:48 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Brisbane -- Or, he might not be.

It's absolutely appalling what passes for ''news'' these days. How can any sentence containing the word ''might'' be even considered for a headline?

MTL Cain 23:44 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Dr. Qindex. Got it. Thx.


Brisbane L 23:40 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Al-Zawahiri Might Be Already Be Dead - AFP/ /

Montreal elmeer 23:29 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
thank you Dr

Melbourne Qindex 23:25 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
elmeer Montreal 23:17 GMT - EUR/AUD : I need to run more analysis on this pair. In the mean time it is going to vibrate around 1.6452.

Melbourne Qindex 23:22 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
MTL Cain 23:17 GMT - In my page I have posted daily, 3-day, weekly, 22-day and 44-day analyses. Depending on the market movement all of them are important for daily movement. EUR/USD : Current Comment.  Register with [email protected] if you have no access to my page.

I will post them here in an appropriate time.

MTL Cain 23:17 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Qindex, can you please post daily support/res positions of eur/usd?

elmeer Montreal 23:17 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Dr Qindex do you think eur/aud can reach 1.65 thx

Melbourne Qindex 22:59 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Ltn th 22:58 GMT - Yes Harvey, I forgot.

Ltn th 22:58 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Good mornong Q. Ltn=Launceston, The business capital of the south island of Australia.

Melbourne Qindex 22:54 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Ltn th 22:49 GMT - Good morning! What is Ltn stands for?

Ltn th 22:49 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Qindex 22:10 GMT //I concur with your views. At the time of the second rise last year I felt that it was very dangerous, although provided they drop back asap we may avoid many of the serious consequences. In addition to the prospect of recession I also believe that high interest rates are the greatest single threat likely to cause a runaway inflationary spiral. Not a nice combination since the two effects wont cancel out in crucial areas.

Brisbane L 22:47 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Australian Industry Group/PricewaterhouseCoopers survey finds net balance of firms reporting higher production in 1Q slipped to +20%, from +23% in 4Q. Almost 1 in 3 companies reported declining profits.


Brisbane L 22:44 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
(boyant) =buoyant

Madrid CAB 22:39 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
uk growen 22:03 GMT March 21, 2004
Maybe this can help you
Other way go to amazon uk and search forex

Brisbane L 22:38 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Qindex - Yes I have noticed from many articles property in Melbourne has come back considerably also Sydney, however here in Queensland think we were about a year behind the original rise, so the market is still reasonably boyant . Personally I cant see any collapse in housing market due to the RBA's foresight to increases early in the cycle but I dont see them raising again unless inflation really takes hold which I doubt. I can see rate rises in the UK affecting the property market as the property market far more, the Labour party were congratulating themselves with a strong economly - but with rates at 50year low it should be with most living on credit , UK rate will nodoubt reach 5.50% before we do, however Aussie Dollar wont like that, you can see why the RBA was selling so much Aussie during the recent highs building their reserves - as I have said before and agree with BC we will probably see the very low 70's before any real serious buying occurs . Life in the FX world has become far more compilicated since with far more aspect to consider -terrorism has change the landscape.

Melbourne Qindex 22:10 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Brisbane L 22:03 GMT - Good morning! I am afraid we are going to face a recession pretty soon if RBA doesn't cut the rate in time. The down turn in the housing industry has a great effect. Most restrauants in Melbourne are having some trouble in business recently.

Brisbane L 22:03 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Good Morning Qindex.

Aud slightly bearishmarket talk of continued winding down expectations of a rate hike , according to NAB (RBA is now on hold for a long time)

uk growen 22:03 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
can any one tell me a good site to buy the best books for learning to trade (forex) as i have had a look on this site here and it is to expensive to deliver for me as i am in the uk, my local library has nothing and my local book store borders has nothing either

Melbourne Qindex 21:55 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
AUD/USD : Pulling towards 0.7454.

lahore FM 21:52 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
2:50 infact.Nice meeting u here,good night.

Aden PK 21:49 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM, I wish you good luck in your trades and will leave the forum now to have some sleep tomorrow is a working day for me, if get a time may come on forum during European session, I have already requested Mr. Jay to forward you my email. Good night, I believe its almost 02 am in Pakistan too.

lahore FM 21:48 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Thanks,I'll do that.I have asked Jay for ur e=mail and also have requested him to forward u mine.

Aden PK 21:44 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM thats good trades, move your protective stop to 1.3285, I hope if stopped out you can buy dollars at a slightly lower levels, any how its your trades and you obviously know better than any one how to protect your equity and at what levels add to the position or take profits.

Bahawalpur , Punjab Imran 21:42 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
any one have any idea about eur/jpy?

lahore FM 21:40 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
I am quite comfortable with u having my e-mail.It was a bad day when my boss Shahzad Saigol left and there were left only some Hong Kong Omni bus runners here For whom i never wanted to work.I still wish i could work for some bank.I worked with Shahzad saigol from 93 to end 97.

lahore FM 21:37 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
"how" read "now".

lahore FM 21:35 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
I am long anyways,one at 1.3170 another at 1.3230 and yet another at 1.3280.Let's us see how what groove it is in!!!

Aden PK 21:33 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM, good to know so you have worked for Saigols, I will ask Jay to forward you my email, presently I am in Yemen.
You can ask my email from Mr. Jay and forward yours if feel comfortable

Aden PK 21:29 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM, I agree with you on Euro it will be difficult to surpass 1.2350 but lets see on USD/Cad as I believe Canadian will not move much and should not follow the Euro move.

Juneau CAR 21:26 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Thank you London!

lahore FM 21:25 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Aden,I did Law for my dad insisted.Did English masters to satisfy myself .Traded currencies with Kohinoor Finanacial Services Private Limited for four years and later taught English at Beaconhouse for sometime.I hate the courts and litigation practices here.So i presently trade for myself.Which bank do u trade for and at which city?

lahore FM 21:21 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
The spring is all wound up.The times of breakouts are always crucial and until the point of actual breakout the buying of the Cad does make sense.But a failure at 1.3365 can happen only if euro goes above 1.2330 and stays there which interestingly i don't see happening at the moment.

Aden PK 21:21 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM, so are you doing practice and attend courts etc and how come you have an interet in FX markets,I am trading for myself and for my bank for last 8 years almost

Aden PK 21:18 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM, I do not see move above 1.3365, sellers are sitting at 1.3345-55 level and buyers are at 1.3290-1.33
I am short from 1.3336 wit stop at 1.3365 bid still expecting to see 1.32

lahore FM 21:16 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
I myself have studied Law at Punjab University Law College and did Masters in English Literature as well.

lahore FM 21:13 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Trade of The Day:Sell Canadian Dollar at market with stop at 1.3280 for break and close above 200 SMA at 1.3345 and u might very well take profit in higher 1.30s.The last minute move on friday above 1.3305-20 is pointing to underlying weakness in the Canadian Dollar.

Aden PK 21:09 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM, just to mention you I am originally from Lahore and have graduated from Hailey College

Aden PK 21:07 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore, yes, I can imagine the 5th match of the series will be full of thrill Lahories will keep their liveliness, my prayers are for Pak team, I wish I may have a chance to see live at Qaddafi stadium, both teams are in their best form

Aden PK 21:04 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Freinds, Euro has failed to capitalize the short term uptrend and close below 1.23 shows the weakness therefore, sell on rallies near 1.2335 with stop at 1.2360 add to short position on break of 1.2255 for test of 1.22

Aden PK 21:04 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Freinds, Euro has failed to capitalize the short term uptrend and close below 1.23 shows the weakness therefore, sell on rallies near 1.2335 with stop at 1.2360 add to short position on break of 1.2255 for test of 1.22

Aden PK 21:03 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Freinds, Euro has failed to capitalize the short term uptrend and close below 1.23 shows the weakness therefore, sell on rallies near 1.2335 with stop at 1.2360 add to short position on break of 1.2255 for test of 1.22

Lahore FM 21:03 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
I wuould say the match's result has put some enthusiasm into the last one of the series and it could now be really called the final.

Aden PK 20:58 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Lahore FM, Good morning, How was the cricket match today I hope you have enjoyed Inzamam century.

Bahawalpur , Punjab Imran 20:58 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
yes lahore?

London Misha 20:57 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Market is already open friend!

Juneau CAR 20:56 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Can anyone tell me when the market opens today/tonnight?


Lahore FM 20:53 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
hello imran.

Bahawalpur , Punjab Imran 20:31 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Gep where r u?

London Misha 20:04 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
NYC Has - I think there is still a Saturday morning session in Japan though it is a purely locals market. There is (or used to be) a Saturday morning session in Bahrain - I traded it back in the 80's but I think it has all but died off now!

Miami OMIL (/;-> 19:41 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Singapore Sfx 19:28 GMT March 21, 2004
Thanks I appreciate it.

NYC Has 19:35 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
The market does not trade over the weekend friends. How much clearer does it have to be made?

Singapore Sfx 19:28 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Omil ..1.2290/1.2315 traded on ebs so far past 87 mins of trade .. but thats just interbank...

Miami OMIL (/;-> 19:22 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Does anybody have the high and low for eur/usd over the weekend. tia

London Misha 19:19 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Hearing high so far on the EUR$ of 1.2315. Light weekend stops taken out!

Dallas GEP 18:57 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Raksh, Euro view right now is uncertain. See earlier post Im made RE; this. Back in Asia or sooner.

Dallas GEP 18:55 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Interesting CNN story. If true then solution to this problem may be not immediately forthcoming. (pakistan).

hyd rakesh 18:26 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
hello dallas..
wat is opinion about euro..where do u see its heading from here north or south...

LHR B747 18:15 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
FX pairs trading: Be careful, take care and stay away if deep pockets are not something you already have.

In case that your positions cannot get into the total capital establishment within two weeks, then STAY AWAY.

USD will get some shots of injections, target: keeping the USD currency alive.

Stay away from USD if you are not sure that China will be able to inject/BUY non-stop USD – in case that China will not be able to keep buying USD as long as Japan did it means that we all are watching a historic moment – the sinking of USD followed by the sinking of the American empire.

USD needs a lifeguard as the current lifeguard (Japan) asks to leave; does the only available (China) can do the job the previous did?

Do let the Iraq/Afghanistan pro-US propaganda/news to mislead you, keep on economical facts – the conclusion is available to anyone who wants to see the truth.

hyd rakesh 18:10 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
hello GEP can i have ur mail id plzz and wats ur view on euro/usd plzz post

sar jf 18:10 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
that was jf for gep apols

sar gep 18:09 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
selling or buying breaks is always hard without getting whipped on the retest - my personal view is its easier to anticipate a move than to react to a move - if you dont see it before it occurs give it a miss - pd cumino had a very good point place a spot position with option protection if you believe in a position so you dont get whipped out ay a high or low point - it may cost you an extra 10-20 points in equivalent premium but you still have your original position and dont hesitate and miss the move - something for all to think about - gt today

Bahawalpur , Punjab 17:47 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
hyd rakesh

please send me invitation on yahoo msger again

Bahawalpur , Punjab 17:45 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
The censored dealing desk is open continuously from Sunday at 2:00 PM New York time until Friday at 4:00 PM New York time.
censored FX: This is about 1 hour and 15 minutes

Bahawalpur , Punjab 17:42 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
[email protected]

Lndn Frnd 17:39 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
fast typing
austrialian = australian
tow = two

Lndn Frnd 17:38 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Dallas GEP 17:31
as i know first opening austrialian mrkt opens around 22.00 GMT, so what is this mrkt that opens 19.30 GMT according to your post in tow hours

hyd rakesh 17:36 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
hi punjab do u trade currency?i am from south india..wats ur yahoo?id

Bahawalpur , Punjab 17:34 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
my plate form will open on 4pm eastren time

come on yahoo?

UB Tulga 17:32 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Bahawalpur , Punjab 17:25 GMT March 21, 2004

What is happeining in Pakistan? Are they fighting for to capture al-Zawahiri or he is not there? Thank you

Dallas GEP 17:31 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Punjab, it depnds on your platform. Mine opens in about 2 hours.

Bahawalpur , Punjab 17:25 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Gep im here in Pakistan i guess still 3.5 more hours remaing to open the market!

Dallas GEP 17:20 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Punjab, not sure yet but rest assured I will post it when taken!! LOL

Bahawalpur , Punjab 17:17 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
well come back my friend
How r u Gep

whast position for today?

Nassau QF 16:41 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
There are rumors on Fox News that Ayman al-Zawahri might have been killed and that they are performing DNA tests on a body to find out if it really is him.

It's still very much a rumor at this point though.
There's nothing on Reuters yet.

UB Tulga 16:40 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Dallas GEP 16:34 GMT March 21, 2004

Thank you very much as always!

Dallas GEP 16:34 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Tulga, that depends on a large extent on the Pakistani situation. Should the "targets" be NOT OBL or Mr. Z. , that probably would short the usd to a certain extent which then would push euro in 1.2330 - 1.2380 range again or perhaps higher.

UB Tulga 16:27 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Dallas GEP 16:17 GMT March 21, 2004

What is your opinion on EUR/USD for monday? Thank you

Dallas GEP 16:17 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
NEWBIES ---- Selling or Buying on a Break 101

When selling or buying on a break, it is important to PREDETERMINE what your actions might be BECAUSE sometimes you have mere SECONDS to act. Generally, there are three courses of action. ONE, place a stop at your entry point once you are 15-20 pips UP. Two, CLOSE at the stall point which generally is at support (if selling or going short). Three (this is this GREED choice), hold postion open and try for BIG gain.

Using Friday as an example. price action broke DOWN on gbp/usd from the 1.8300 level. I requested a SHORT or SELL on GBP/USD. When price action is moving fast, you may get requoted at a price LESS favaorable than you requested (this is called slippage). So I was REQUOTED at 1.8282 and I accepted and was going short from that point.

It was thought at this time I might add that the Pakistani situation MIGHT be concluding with the capture or death of Ossama Bin Laden or his second in command (Mr. Z). This COULD have resulted in a swing towards the dollar of at least 100 pips. Perhaps 1,8200 on the pound and 1.2200 on the Euro. This factors in to the EMOTIONAL said of trading or GREED factor.

Then price action hit 1.8260 area on gbp/usd and momentarily stalled. Also of note is that HAD the Pakistani situation actually resulted in death or capture of OBL or Mr. Z, the support levels on the gbp/usd would have been easily broken at least on a temporary basis. It was at THIS point in time either a CLOSE for profit or a STOP loss at entry (1.8282) SHOULD have been entered. The emotional CHOICE number THREE was chosen and the postion was held open with a normal stop loss and action PROMPTLY came back and stopped out the positition.

While the loss for me was minimal, I was thinking afterwards how much more careful one must be when buying or selling on a break because of the rapid volatility of the situation, Don't let GREED alter your normal choice of action (which for me would have been to close when action stalled). PRE-DETERMINE what you might do when presented with these type of market conditions.

GL GT WATCH the breaks!!!

Global-View 16:14 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
sa. We do the best we can on recording the ranges but can not guarantee what levels actually traded. This is between you and your broker/bank.

nyc sa 15:46 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
GLobal-View ,do the daily ranges u post are numbers that have actually traded ? I placed an order to buy above the daily low on a currency pair GBP/CHF u are showing ,yet I was told it has not traded or not seen , could the broker be right ?

France Lucky Strike 15:23 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Global-View 15:15 GMT March 21, 2004
Ok, thanx for the link and sorry for any inconveniance...

Global-View 15:15 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
France. We post daily forex ranges each day on LINK

Also, We give more leeway on a weekend but do us a favor and cut out the broker talk.

France Lucky Strike 14:56 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
dc fxq ,
I've got a big difference of price between my broker and the game version of O** for last monday's high. My broker shows 1.8140 on gbp/usd and the game version shows 1.8115... could you tell me what is your highest price for last monday on the real platform of O***? Thx

France Lucky Strike 14:46 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
That's a good thing. I began to compare their datas from last thuesday to see if there is a correlation with the reality, but it's a too short period to make any conclusion. On the ratio long/short, there is a pretty strong willing to short the usd/cad (75%), I'll follow the behaviour of this pair all the week to see if it will collapse.

dc fxq 14:37 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
France Lucky Strike 14:03 since they are updated at regular intervals throughout the trading day I would have to assume they are an accurate reflection of the customer base. They are very "big" on the issue of transparency.

France Lucky Strike 14:19 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Houston KC 14:09 GMT March 21, 2004

Ok, I wait for his reply. I'm very curious to know if those charts give accurate datas. It is written that they only have an entertaiment purpose but if they reflect the reality( if the open positions, open trades and ratios are exactly what the servers of O** had recorded), then doing exactly the opposite could be a good strategy as only 10% of traders make money...

Houston KC 14:09 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
France Lucky Strike 14:03 GMT

dc fxq would probably be better able to answer that question as I am relatively new to o****.

France Lucky Strike 14:03 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Houston KC 13:43 GMT March 21, 2004
All right, so it's not a huge selling of dollars....
By the way, as you know 'censored', do you know if the charts of open position, open orders and ratio of long/short positions are reliable ? Thank you.

dc fxq 14:01 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
I would add that the "Trade" platform is not subject to the continual tweaking and tinkering the "Game" platform is and has on other occasions shown dispairty in pricing. If it isn't on the "Trade" version forget it.

Houston KC 13:43 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
The o**** prices that you are seeing are only on the Game platform. The actual trading platform still shows Friday prices normal prices. Interesting though.

France Lucky Strike 13:26 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Moscow Dap 08:01 GMT March 21, 2004
It's quite interesting that o**da shows EUR/USD at 1.2434/44.

I saw that as well, I thought it was a bug. Indeed, if it's not a bug it is very interesting...sterling also made a strong rebound but there are no changes on usd/chf

Moscow Dap 11:56 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
DAK tk 10:50 GMT March 21, 2004

Unfortunately, I don’t use it also, but surely will think about.
As forex market tends to be highly dependable by a number of
unexpected events which tend to be numerous, ability to
trade (maybe with some limits) on Saturday or Sunday adds
traders much more flexibility.


DAK tk 10:50 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Moscow Dap
I don't use that platform. But if you are right you can nearly 150pips. I hope you have done 10-20 lots already! has the px change after your trades (if you have taken this golden opportunity, that is)? I'd be interested to know.

Moscow Dap 09:06 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Also, interesting enough that if o**da prices are tradeable, right now there is a good opportunity to
make a kind of arbitrage. For example, sell EUR/USD @1.2435, buy EUR/JPY @131,11, sell USD/JPY @106,64.

sgp sp 08:34 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   

Just one final word b4 I shut up.....the word *gamble* may not be a good choice of word. :(

Now I will shut up.

sgp sp 08:26 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Hi Athens,

Of a had not advocate any calls that is risky in nature.....I had always read your posts carefully. It was only on that particular day that I decided to do so....a deed I will not care to repeat, not great for nerves nor pocket. If I had not tried I will not learn any lessons. As for trading styles, I am still in the learning process....I believe that I will never stop learning in life and anybody who can assist me is my respected teacher.

Your views, Moscow Hawk's, Shanghai bc's plus Dr Qindex's posts are thoroughly read besides GEP, ML, Nottingham, hk ab, omil, carribbean rafe etc etc........and greatly appreciated.

All in all, this is a great forum and I am glad to be part of it.
:) :) :)

HK [email protected] 08:12 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Last week trading atmospher on all exchanges was much influenced by the fear of the existing terror. It looked like the world has developed a kind of focal-fear-fixation mechanism; Thus all the fears and phobias of the common minds were thrown in a simple way on what is going in Waziristan. It seemed the eyes on all exhanges were hooked on the the news ticker, just looking for news fron Waziristan. Early I was convinced that it is all out B.S., and so it came out to be . Now that we all intelligent traders know that it was all B.S about, our mental situation will definitely aggrevate as that fixation is no more relevant and things are suppose to become more obscure or uncertain with no fear-focal-point. That is something one has to take into account. But do not worry...We have a new fear-focal-point for next week....So read again what we read before.

20 Mar 2004 23:34 GMT DJ Al-Zawahri Claims To Have Nuclear Bombs, Says Biographer

Copyright © 2004, Dow Jones Newswires

SYDNEY (AP)--Osama bin Laden's terror network claims to have bought ready-made nuclear weapons on a central Asian black market, the biographer of al-Qaida's No.2 leader was quoted as telling an Australian television station.

In an interview scheduled to be televised on Monday, Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir said that Ayman al-Zawahri claimed that "smart briefcase bombs" were available on the black market.

It was not clear when the interview between Mir and al-Zawahri took place.

U.S. intelligence agencies have long believed that al-Qaida attempted to acquire a nuclear device on the black market, but say there is no evidence they ever succeeded.

In the interview with Australian Broadcasting Corp. television, parts of which were released Sunday, Mir recalled telling al-Zawahri it was difficult to believe that al-Qaida had nuclear weapons when the terror network didn't have the equipment to maintain or use them.

"Dr. Ayman al-Zawahri laughed and he said `Mr. Mir, if you have US$30 million, go to the black market in central Asia, contact any disgruntled Soviet scientist, and a lot of ... smart briefcase bombs are available,"' Mir said in the interview.

"They have contacted us, we sent our people to Moscow, to Tashkent, to other central Asian states and they negotiated, and we purchased some suitcase bombs," Mir quoted al-Zawahri as saying.

Al-Zawahri's boast would not in itself prove the al-Qaida has actually succeeded in acquiring nuclear weapons.

Al-Qaida has never hidden its interest in acquiring nuclear weapons.

The U.S. federal indictment of bin Laden charges that as far back as 1992 he "and others known and unknown, made efforts to obtain the components of nuclear weapons."

Bin Laden, in a November 2001 interview with a Pakistani journalist, boasted of having hidden such components "as a deterrent." And in 1998, a Russian nuclear weapons design expert was investigated for allegedly working with bin Laden's Taliban allies.

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

March 20, 2004 18:34 ET (23:34 GMT)

Moscow Dap 08:01 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
It's quite interesting that o**da shows EUR/USD at 1.2434/44.

Athens 06:53 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
sgp sp 02:56, I certainly didn't say that tou blamed me or anybody for nursing all night your position. But you called my trading suggestion a gamble repeating in your latest posting the word in capital letters. I consider it as the kind of trading suggestion that has consistently yielded a profit, hence I posted it here at the time. You know, I don't give gambling tips nor do I personally gamble in any form. If pn the other hand you consider Forex trading as a form of gamble, then our views differ and each one with his own.

sgp sp 02:56 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Good morning Athens,

I read of your concern over one of the contra trades I picked up based on your reccommendations......don't worry abt it...notice I used the word : GAMBLE? It is exactly that.

The reason why I had to nurse it was I missed the spike up and later I added on at a lower level, put up a s/l and c whether I can catch the bounce up, which it finally did. So I exited the trade with a small profit. Lucky me.

Please note, whatever profits/losses I incurred based on others' reccommendations occurred becos it was MY DECISIONS to enter the trade.......nobody the blame lies with me.

If you read thru the archive, u will notice that I have never put blame on anybody for bad trades nor will I start.....ever.

So I so hope to see more of your posts in GV u had been posting less and less and I missed it more and more.
:) :) :)

GL & GT 2 U.

Melb mpfx 02:36 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Interesting to note that eur/usd has had 2 consecutive inside weeks, ( failure to break previous weeks high or low ), like a spring being wound up too tight at some point it will have to release. I am slightly bias to the downside but this is fx and anything possible....... gt

Previous weekly Close ~ 1.2275
Range in Pips ~ 258

Previous weekly High ~ 1.2433
Fib Retrace 25% ~ 1.2369
Fib Retrace 33.3% ~ 1.2347
Fib Retrace 38.2% ~ 1.2334
Fib / Pivot 50% ~ 1.2304
Fib Retrace 61.8% ~ 1.2274
Fib Retrace 66.6% ~ 1.2261
Fib Retrace 75% ~ 1.2240
Previous weekly Low ~ 1.2175

hk ab nzd 0.6 01:00 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
shanghai bc 23:48 GMT March 20, 2004

bc// thanks and appreciated. I will post subsequent comments on the PF.

pd cumino 00:47 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
A very nice w/e to you Athens and good luck, mate!

Athens 00:44 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
pd cumino, a mortal sin? no, not at all. Have a good weekend and a profitable trading week..

pd cumino 00:35 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
Athens to say the true not only I didn't make judgements, doubts, or different views about the contra trades per se, but I found sincerly interesting your posts, expecially regard the concepts.
The only thing that I didn't agree was only about the possible ways to trade. I see possible (and even better in my wrong view) options combined with spot. That's all. It doesn't seem to me a mortal sin.

Melbourne Qindex 00:08 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
AUD/USD : Current Comment.  Register with [email protected] if you have no access to my page.

Athens 00:07 GMT March 21, 2004 Reply   
pd cumino, re your "If am not permitted to have a different view let me know", I believe in my earlier comment I wrote explicitly that you (and, of course, everyone here) can have as many doubts (and views) as you like about my comments and anything else. As you see, I am not dictatorial...


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Forex chart points are in a currency trading table that includes; latest fx tradinghigh-low-close range, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci retracement levels, daily forex pivot points support and resistance levels, average daily forex range, MACD for the different currency trading pairs. You can look on the forex forum for updates when one of the fx trading tools is updated.

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