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Forex Forum Archive for 04/09/2004

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Quito Valdez 22:45 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Riyad Khalid//
You the same amigo. I hope tranquility reins this w/e for all of our sakes.

dc fxq 22:10 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Riyad Khalid 21:55

My platform was up today. at 04:10 GMT I had a low of 120.66 and at 16:55 at 120.82. These are generally in the range of +/- .02 pips of EBS quotes.

Riyad Khalid 21:55 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Quito Valdez
Thank you
Have a nice weekend

Quito Valdez 21:45 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
To know levels, click on right side bar FX Charts or click below that under Free Forums FX + Ticker. Investigate the various services and options on this page thoroughly, they're quite helpful.

Riyad Khalid 21:36 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
I would like to know the lowest level eur/usd reached coz I shorted eur/usd and set a limit at 1.2077.
My platform not working.
Many thanks.

London Misha 17:53 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Dallas - Thanks. I wish some of the custy's would acknowledge that as well and then I wouldn't need to be here.

Montréal elmeer 17:44 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montréal Taro 15:47 GMT April 9, 2004
an e-mail is sent to u thank u.

Dallas GEP 17:40 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Misha, The reason I say that is that even over here is U.S. I had someone ask another if they celebrated Good Friday, and the comment was "No, he wasn't Catholic". Please take no offense to my comment as that was not my intent.

London Misha 17:33 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Thank you for your comment Dallas - I am duly enlightened!

Dallas GEP 17:28 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Misha, Easter is not simply a Catholic holiday, It is a Christian holiday in general.

London Misha 16:59 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
I am trading - filled some client paper today. By the way, it is not a US Federal Holiday. Neither is it an official holiday in Italy which I find somehow more surprising!

Miami OMIL (/;-> 16:55 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Have a happy and safe weekend everyone see you on the other side.

sf mike 16:53 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Who's trading? US is closed today.

Quito Valdez 16:38 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Pertaining to EUR/USD "mystery":
I posted something on the Political Forum you might want to flyspeck and defang (or defame!) :^)
Political Forum:
Quito Valdez 13:24 GMT April 9, 2004
Regards to EUR/AUD:...

London. 16:36 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
NEWS: Four Italians, Two Americans Taken Hostage Near Baghdad
)--Two Americans were seized by Iraqi insurgents on the western edge of Baghdad, the Reuters news service reported Friday.

The Americans were said to have been taken to a mosque, where four Italians who were also reported seized in a separate incident were being held, Reuters

Riyad Khalid 16:03 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   

many thanks;appreciated.
Good luck

Riyad Khalid 15:59 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
GVI john
Thank you;appreciated
Happy weekend

or 15:58 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Khalid you can launch this forum with a ticker which will show you the current rates. Launch fx forum + ticker instead of just the fx forum when logging in. But its 97-02 at the moment.

GVI john 15:57 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Accoording to my screen 1.2099-03

Riyad Khalid 15:51 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Any one would tell what's the rate of eur/usd now? my platform not working.

Montréal Taro 15:47 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montréal elmeer 15:26 GMT April 9, 2004

In hotmail, my username is ttaro27

Montréal elmeer 15:26 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montréal Taro thank you.

Montréal Taro 15:20 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montreal elmeer 14:01 GMT April 9, 2004

Yes you can

Dallas GEP 15:01 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Have a great weekend guys. I have just entered a USD/CASD short from 1.3278 with stop @ 1.3317 and TP at 1.3231. NOTE: my platform honors stops over the weekend so keep that in mind. Will catch you guys on the other side of the weekend.

SG Jay 14:58 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
hi guys , any view on gbp/$ ?

Houston ST 14:52 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
A safe holiday weekend to all on the list.

OK SZ 14:49 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
I heard a rumor that china may announce a change in there currency policy this weekend..seeing that the markets will be watered down with the holiday this weekend plus monday it could be interesting..Like I said it's just a rumor and please take it for what it is..everyone have a great & safe weekend see ya all next week..

or 14:37 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Dallas I think the market is flat right now not wanting to carry risk either way over the holiday weekend. So no reason to buy or sell dollars. Hence we are in neutral territory for now.

In regards to eur/aud the aussie is much more favored over the euro at the moment simply due to the yield differential. Plus factored in is a good chance of a rate cut for the euro and at least one more hike for the aussie sometime this year. Add in gold's very strong performance and chinese demand the aussie will be outperforming for sometime to come in my opinion. But you are right its definately not cheap at these levels and provides excellent opportunities to fade its gains against usd at the moment.

Euro has been hammered across the board but I expect euro demand to pick up again next week. Good luck and have a great holiday guys.

Montreal elmeer 14:01 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montréal Taro 06:47 GMT
can i ask Jay for your email thank u.

ThaiLand BW 14:00 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   

yes, but the entire population is already in party mode...

most don't have to work at all next week, so it's 9 days off...

TelAviv DOR 13:56 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
fewdays ,till 04/13

ThaiLand BW 13:53 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   

the locals here are more concerned about drunk driving during the holidays than muslim activity during Songkran (Thai New Year) or more commonly called among foreigners, the water festival..

i'm gonna be sitting in our house, with short visits to the beach ten kilos away, but outside that, i'm avoiding the hiways.

ThaiLand BW 13:48 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   

looks to me like the market has been stalled for a few hours...

Riyad Khalid 13:22 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
I've short eur/usd " 1.2094" :(

Thank you IST Sez
Have a nice weekend

IST Sez 13:20 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Take a rest Khalid...take a rest.!!

Riyad Khalid 13:16 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Hello there
Any suggestion for trade?
thank you

Spotforex NY 12:25 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
ways around the firewall is to contact YOUR inhouse tech staff and them to 'punch' a hole for the port associated with the online ttrdaing application.

The online shop will tell you of their port. Then give that info to your techies.

x xxx 12:18 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
the problem is that my corporate firewall doesn't allow me to contact with the platform using the downloaded system

KNOXVILLE TN. Dan-k 12:08 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
need to search web for forex, and contact the dealer of your choice direct for tech help on firewalls in my opnion they generally design is to keep unwanteds out

x XXX 12:04 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
I'm looking for some on-line broker for FX BUT with a platform that works with corporate firewalls? If you can pls help me, send a mail to [email protected]

Shg 11:58 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Japan Plans To Evacuate Japan Nationals From Iraq - Kyodo
BANGKOK (AP)--Britain has warned its citizens that tourist areas in Thailand could be targeted by terrorists while the U.S and Australia cautioned travelers about visiting the country's south following a string of attacks by Islamic separatists.

Shg 10:13 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP)--U.S. Marines briefly halted offensive operations in Fallujah Friday, but the suspension ended after only an hour and a half, a Marine commander said, apparently after negotiations with a city delegation fell through.

Lt. Col. Brennan Byrne, commander of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, said his forces were given the go-ahead to resume offensive operations.

Gold Coast martin 10:10 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply is a is following the forthcoming trend of japanese assett relocation out of australia with 30% of these assetts been tranferred to countries where the common currency is the euro.....i posted this emerging trend yesterday....g/l

Gold Coast martin 10:06 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
CAIRO..instead of questioning it i think we should take an opportunity and trade it...who knows there may be a good trade there......

LTN th 10:04 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Martin// May it have anything to do with a 4 letter word beginning with N Ltd. or a 7 letter word beginning with M.
Could be extremely AUD positive for a while.

CAIRO AG 10:01 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Martin// I agree with u.... COULDNT FIND ANY RAESON FOR ITS REACENT MOVES!!!!!!!

Was looking at the weekly, daily, 4h and it should have bounced BIG TIME....

GEP was looking to his charts as well and was having the same comment....

FRANKLY, i can see why Q suggested to long it ( cause ALL the charts`say so) WHILE i cannot find any reason it shorted, except that the Euro RECENTLY started to be like its siter currency; it started to became BEASTY !!!!!!!!


MTL Cain 09:59 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Morning guys. Can somebody kindly post the daily barriers of eur/usd please? TIA GL & GT

Gold Coast martin 09:56 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
RE:On the aud/eur pair i have got NO idea....its like a mystery of the universe may be someone can shed some logic on it...

Gold Coast martin 09:39 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
kalo pasha patrioti...g/l g/t

saloniko 2004 nk 09:37 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Good Morning..

Kalo Pasxa!


Gold Coast martin 09:32 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
interesting in relation to the euro/aud is the strangest thing i have seen on the chart for ages....trying to make sense of it...will keep you posted....g/l g/t

London 09:28 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Dallas GEP ... this IFR report I mean Aud/Euro
selling emerged, with the cross testing 1.5830 for the third time this week.
This cross still targets a move lower to 1.5600.

London 09:23 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Dallas GEP aussie down to say 1.52 is strong aud weak Euro yes
aussie 1.70 weak and strong Euro . just need this clarifying dont normally trade this pair. Ifr confusing report

hk jn 09:23 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Dallas Gep

was it due to closing position due to long holiday?

Miami OMIL (/;-> 09:18 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
No GEP you are not the only one I am also waiting for some bullish moves from eur/usd but I will account these erratic moves to the thin market and long weekend I guess.

Dallas GEP 09:12 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
OMIL I may very well start pushing buttons!!! OK this is what surprises me somewhat right now. EUR/AUD technically should be taking off long and thus far and it hasn't been. It has made some historical lows for no real good reason. Ask ANYONE whether or not they feel the EURO is a stronger currency than the AUSSIE and you would be hard pressed to find someone to say the AUSSIE is stronger. PLUS the AUSSIE at current levels is VASTLY overvalued in my opinion but of course the ONLY opinion that counts is how the market sees value!!! The OTHER thing that surprises me is WHY before a holiday weekend would the market BUY dollars??? It seems contrary to the typical DON"T be long the dollar over the weekend!!! i keep expecting the EURO to make some attempt at higher levels but that DIDN'T happen YET. So I am siiting here thinking it must me ME the one with the screwed up thinking right now!!!

st. pete islander 08:14 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
OMIL, thanks and same back to you. Sleep habits back to haunt me on these dead days. Stayed out of it this week with platform problems. Just as well. Otherwise, a good first qtr. Think I'll try to do the zzzzz thing again. Have a good w/e and see you Sunday nite if not b4. gt

SG Jay 08:13 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
guys , do you think we will see 1.82ish today for gbp/$ ?

Miami OMIL (/;-> 08:09 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Islander I guess we both can’t sleep tonight because the way the market is moving that is what we should be doing lol. I am doing well for the year but this week has been in the red with this range on the market. Have a good weekend buddy it will be a nice one. GL GT

st. pete islander 08:04 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Good Morning, OMIL. He is that, isn't he. Hope you are well. Very quiet with the holiday. gt

Miami OMIL (/;-> 08:01 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Moskow 07:34 GMT April 9, 2004
You are persistent I will give you that lol

jordan joe 07:49 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montréal Taro
thank you again i think there will be no movement in the market today it is realy dead and europe is open

London 07:46 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
sgp sp 06:03 GMT April 9, 2004
Dr Q,

eur/aud...hit new 3 yrs lows....the Mar's mothly high on 12th March was 1.6939 on the dot

By the Euro being 1.6939 agains the aud , you mean the Aussie dollar is the weak one and if the Euro/Aus is say 1.53 this means the Aus is the strong currency,

Not traded this pair and read a report yesterday that was confusing. thanks

Montréal Taro 07:42 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Jordan Joe

The market is open, but where it is a holyday, trading will probably be slow. Right now it moves well, I wonder if it is a holyday in Europe.

Be carefull some broker expends their spread when the volume is not big enough.

jordan joe 07:36 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montréal Taro
thank you my broker is open untill 16gmt

beijing road 07:35 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Any usd index (D,W and M) is avaible to download plz? Thanks.

Moskow 07:34 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
morning, sorry to trouble you, but if you need a reliable history data for trading system verification and precise technical analysis visit
it is one of the trustworthiest & effective forex quotes history for intraday trading over net.

Montréal Taro 07:34 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
jordan joe 07:21 GMT April 9, 2004

Forex market is always open, all depends of yur broker. If the broker is open, you can get in.

jordan joe 07:21 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Good morning every body and happy easter
can someone tell which forex markets are opened today or if there is a site to look at such info

Montréal Taro 06:47 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montreal elmeer 03:49 GMT April 9, 2004

I'm back

MONACO OGA 06:46 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Good morning,

EUR/USD (currently 1,2090), 100 pips lower than yesterday's opening. EUR/USD was rejected at 1,2200 and lost all the ground gained the day before with good US employment data and book squaring activity ahead of the long week end. NY closing was around 1,2090. Overnight range was 1,2065-1,2198. This morning, with most of the centers closed, we expect the EUR/USD to hover inside 1,2050-1,2130. Overall we are still neutral on the medium term with a consolidation pattern inside 1,1950-1,2450 still going on since the end of February.

No data out today

Gold around 421.00 , with WTI May at 37,11.

USD/JPY (currently 106,40) grinding higher with the JPY depreciating as Irak kidnapping raises fears about geopolitical implications. USD/JPY stopped a few pips short of 106,80 before retracing down to 106 on BOJ report underlining the improving business conditions currently taking place in Japan.
EUR/JPY (currently 128,70) consolidating inside 127,80-129,20, but still looking offered ahead of 129,50. Support for the day at 128 with resistance kicking in at 129.

Cable (currently 1,8330) as we feared, the BOE did not change rates and most probably will postpone the hike to May 6th meeting. GBP tested 1,8280-1,8300 support where demand looks to be showing up. Support for the day at 1,8280 while key resistance kicks in at 1,8360.
EURGBP (0,6595) rangy and still looking neutral inside 0,6560-0,6625.
Have a nice day,


sgp sp 06:03 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Dr Q,

Was looking at eur/aud...hit new 3 yrs lows....the Mar's mothly high on 12th March was 1.6939 on the dot. Wow

Do you see it going down further? New lows?
10 years low was at 1.44++

Happy Easter 2 u.

Melbourne Qindex 10:30 GMT March 12, 2004
I guess we have seen the top for EUR/GBP and EUR/AUD

Melbourne Qindex 22:36 GMT March 11, 2004
EUR/AUD : The market is pulling towards 1.6939. The current expected trading range from my monthly cycle is 1.6695 - 1.6939.

... // 1.6695* - 1.6756 - 1.6817 - 1.6878 - 1.6939* // ...

LAX-LGB SNP 05:00 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
OMIL - i'm waiting for jpy 'terror' sellers to go away
my gbpjpy/eurjpy shorts have retraced almost all the way
i might have to ditch them @ break-even


Miami OMIL (/;-> 04:51 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Well looks like I might have to start the weekend sooner than expected. Does anybody have any ideas what can move the market before the weekend besides some global catastrophe? GEP start pushing buttons buddy this market needs a jumpstart lol.

sing 04:19 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Official Travel Advice: Canada warns its citizens to be cautious during Songkran in Thailand

01-Apr-2004 11:06:46 PM (GMT)

On March 30, 2004, 1400 kg of ammonium nitrate was reported stolen in Yala province, southern
Thailand. Thai authorities have expressed concern that these chemicals might be used as
explosives in the upcoming Songkran (Water Festival), April 13-15.[Full Story]

ICT ML 04:06 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
sgp sp 03:29 GMT...sounds good.....thanks

Montreal elmeer 03:49 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Montréal Taro are you stll there

sgp sp 03:29 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
ICT ML 02:30 GMT April 9, 2004, nothing was reported in the news here....should be of importance if it is true as I live south of Thailand and sandwiched between 2 Islamic Countries. Will let u know if I hear anything. :0

Btw, it will be Songkran (Thai New Year) soon and it is in the news that the Thai govt is discussing crowd/riot control measures.

Quito Valdez 03:21 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Fried rabbit.. same as fried chicken: dry mix: granulate some saltines. Add these crumbs to cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper, dry oatmeal. Dip rabbit pieces in: Worchestershire (L&P), tad of Tobasco, a little white wine, whole egg..beat it all up. Then immerse in dry mix. Deep fry or fry in wok or pan. Uhmm baby.

port jeff ny amc 03:15 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
quito.....put ketchup on that rabbit

hk ab nzd 0.6 03:06 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
nt// I sent you an email, looking forward to seeing you all next Mon.

hk ab nzd 0.6 03:06 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
nt// I sent you an email, looking forward to seeing you all next Mon.

hk ab nzd 0.6 03:05 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
as mentioned yesterday TA will not work on eur/jpy and gbp/jpy these few days.....

the eur/jpy swing is horrible.

Singapore alwaysrespecttheBOJ 03:01 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Good Bids in Eur Yen at 127.80

shanghai bc 02:55 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   

NT -- Happy holiday to you..Good trades..

Quito Valdez 02:44 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Thanks for the reply on volume. I realize that big banks that do a lot of FX have the data on their own bank and maybe affiliates as well...but for the general John Q. Public there ain't no data. What vancouver Thrakos 23:32 GMT April 8 was referring to was volume on specific pairs that would be available to everyone. There'is room for another ticker service which would indicate volume "as such" from say 5 big banks (Union, CreditSuisse, Citi, Chemical, Lloyds.. whatever.) for pairs as they tick through, or chart it. NEW SERVICE = NEW MONEY! Hello. Happy Easter rabbit everyone...and I still can't see how one rabbit can lay all those marshmallow eggs. I think the Easter bunny is a hoax, personally. Think I'll have fried rabbit for lunch on Sunday. GL GT HE (happy Easter)

ICT ML 02:30 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Anyone hearing of an Islamic uprising in Thailand right now?.....thought I heard something on the radio while skipping channels........

Valdez.....there is a kind of volume indicator, if you have a good contact in a decent size FX bank, you can get an idea of the size and quality of bids / offers off their customer order desk. You have to assume that other banks will have similar orders on the books won't get you the volume of the entire market..but a small sampling of the market.......sometimes it helps, sometimes it don't.

Hope you guys are doing well this week.

hong kong nt 02:29 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
BC -- Happy Easter to you. good trades...

shanghai bc 02:29 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   

RYE -- Good morning..Good trades to you..

NYC YIPPEE 02:29 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
A few of the larger banks (UBS, DB, CITI and BOA etc) have done studies, as well as EuroMoney magazine. They seem to have a good handle on the subject. Numbers point to between on average $1.8 Trillion dollars per day.

Quito Valdez 02:22 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
As far as a source for actual trading volume, I asked that same question last week I think, being an old stock man myself and used to volume as an indicator. It was explained to me that since there is no central "clearing house/s" or indexes for FX as there are for equities, no volumes per se are available. Not even to The Almighty, Alah, Bhudda or whom/what ever. :^) About the best you can do is to find options/futures etc. for a handle on volume. In short, there IS no source for volume. Sad.

Rye, NY et 01:52 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Long EUR/USD 1.2090;cut 1.2030;take 1.2240

shanghai bc 01:41 GMT April 9, 2004
Thank you again for your posts.
A nice weekend to you...

shanghai bc 01:41 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   

ALWAYSRESPECT -- BOJ boys must be having a heartattack after reading your motto..They consider interventions under the firm supervision of MoF boys nothing more than demeaning toilet cleaning..

hk revdax 01:02 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
melbourne farmacia//Are you buying Euro today?

melbourne farmacia 00:23 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Pecs Andras 22:33 GMT April 8, 2004
Third broker on left open until 1pm NY friday.

Singapore alwaysrespecttheBOJ 00:10 GMT April 9, 2004 Reply   
Happy easter guys....When the cats away the mice come out to out all you dlr shorties out there


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