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Forex Forum Archive for 08/08/2004

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nyc tony 23:59 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
thx i have followed qindex's postings for a long time and value his posts tremendously. However, I have seen qindex's numbers miss but it's usually a timing problem as his "points" get hit a few sessions, days later.

Brooklyn mhi 23:57 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
nyc tony 23:50 GMT August 8, 2004
Follow "Qindex". But i suggest you go thru the archive to understand better how to use his numbers.

nyc tony 23:50 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
I am really interested in those posting about mathematical systems and books. Honestly has anyone found a "system" that works? To me there is none as individual identification of opprotunities, experience, intuition, etc... are the best ways to grind out a return in this market. responses appreciated and honesty counts lol

Ldn 23:42 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
EUR rallied strongly on Friday night to 122.90 after unexpectedly weak
Employment data in the U.S. Euro is sustaining prices this morning and a close
above 1.2290 would indicate genuine strength has returned. Suggest to buy any
dips back toward 1.2220 with stops at 1.2180 , or go with the break of

View IFR Asia

Melbourne Qindex 23:41 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
CA Clouy 23:36 GMT - On Monday and Friday we should follow closely the weekly cycle analysis. It is a time that we have to concentrate on bigger time cycle.

CA Clouy 23:36 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Evening, guys.

Melbourne Qindex 23:31 GMT August 8

Dr. Q. are you having a bearish view on eur/usd on today's session? Can you please tell us the critical point of ur daily circle for today? TIA.

Melbourne Qindex 23:31 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Mla Evan 23:30 GMT - EUR/USD : It is too boring and I am looking forward to see that number soon.

Mla Evan 23:30 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Melbourne Qindex 23:14 GMT August 8, 2004
EUR/USD : 1.2246

Any significance? Pls explain further.

GOLD COAST MARTIN 23:27 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
DALLAS GEP...aud has a little more downside to 7105 in this mini wave...whatever you possie is cut before 1.30 australian time as the RBA STATEMENTmay produce a little surge that may push aud back to 7145 therefore erasing any gains..fwiw i am short 7141 from friday looking to play above scenario and re-enter...g/t

Brooklyn mhi 23:27 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Dallas GEP 23:22 GMT August 8, 2004
Just bear in mind SYD post @ 22:52 because this may effect the market. So maybe you move your Stop to BE

Dallas GEP 23:22 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
MHI, thanks but NO way am I letting this go to 7200 before stopping possie size is too large for that

Syd 23:20 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Gold futures traded on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange are expected to rise this week as surging crude oil prices help restore gold's role as a traditional inflation hedge.
Tocom gold could move quickly higher with spot gold prices jumping more than $7 in New York last Friday to briefly top the key $400 line after disappointing U.S. employment data knocked the dollar lower. Expectations for growing demand for platinum in Japan and tighter supply from South Africa should keep investors bullish on this metal.
Kyoei Bussan

Brooklyn mhi 23:14 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Dallas GEP 22:55 GMT August 8, 2004
Am not trading . The upper Bollinger band on the 8 hour is @ .7126 Also .72 looks like a better Stop.

Melbourne Qindex 23:14 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
EUR/USD : 1.2246

Dallas GEP 22:55 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Aussie short from 7140 from Friday starting to work a little. Stop @ .7165

Caribbean! Rafe... 22:55 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   

USD/JPY UPPER BANDS 110.57 110.70 110.86 110.99 111.12 111.28 111.54
LOWER BANDS 110.31 110.18 110.02 109.89 109.76 109.60 109.34

syd 22:52 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
All eyes to be on RBA monetary policy statement due for release 0130 GMT, clear signs of stronger economic activity, expected to leave window open for possible future hikes

Dallas GEP 22:42 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Well USD/JPY is a decent long from 110.35. I like 110.00 better naturally. The only thing is if we get a MAJOR sell down on Eur/JPY the rest of the yen pairs could short some with it as well.

Melbourne Qindex 22:36 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
EUR/USD : Current Comment.  Register with [email protected] if you have no access to my page.

houston st 22:32 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
west hills dg 22:28 GMT - do yourself a favor and go into the Help Forum and search the archives. There's at least one case that I know of there where one person bought and returned it...good trades to you.

Wien GD 22:29 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
GEP: hi, what about a long USD/JPY? Very often saw USD/JPY (because of interventions?!) going up (and preparing bad USD-news ... same happend last week) ... imho we might see bad news: no rate hike ... means further USD losses.
Also agree with your "USD will come back" ... imho because of gap and pending rate hike expections.

west hills dg 22:28 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Has anyone had any experience with 4X MADE EASY. I just purchased the software and would like to know if anyone has used it and if it works. I am brand new to forex and would love the advice.

Caribbean! Rafe... 22:21 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Como// if your last sentence refers to books on trading. No use in buying those as it's just as good a burning money, you see for the main reason they talk about the same thing in a different way and well most of the topics have been beaten to death over the years.. same shiit(censored?) but a different way.

I can't believe my eyes that each writer uses 200-300 pages of filler material to bring forth 2 or 3 points that could have been summarised in 4-5 paragraphs, it's the easiest way to make millions without forex risk exposure.

90% of the books are the same.

With math systems i agree that they are only as good as the men behind them.. but if a man uses 1) his own intellect to think outside the box, 2) create something from scratch without copying pieces from other trading systems then he got something super and way ahead of the rest of the pack

math systems concentrate on replicating winning results consistently objectively instead of the techs who may sometimes be more subjective rather than be objective in their conclusions/projections.. or anticipations, with technical analysis the actual analysis it's only as good as a man's mind but at times as man's mind faces mental & emotional pressure it becomes rather a game of the monkey mind...

perrie como 09:54 GMT August 8, 2004
commorcial software are usually very danger machines
those working are staying private, while the others are usually a bunch of tech. analysis and math formulas at It's best....
human behind machines are important as farmers riding their agrcultural machines

life is simple

just a smaller warning for newbies, better buy good books instead

Dallas GEP 21:25 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Stops now on EUR/YEN 135.92 and stop on Eur/GBP short is .6590. My view is Dollar WILL come back some today. GBP/JPY shorts could be tried @ 203.80 area in my view

Dallas GEP 21:20 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Early platform action not yet idicative of intial direction yet. USD/CAD has pulled back fron Friday close. Eur/GBP pulled back 14 pips, and others have moved just slightly for the most part.

nyc tony 21:18 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Friday indeed was a brutal day. Anyone playing the tight ranges was indeed set up for an slaughter. However, I still don't believe that an aberation reverses the trend. This is an excellent opprotunity to buy the dollar with a fairly tight stop. Let the market decide if a base is in place. gl/gt

Syd 20:49 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
The market is not yet trending but appears to be just holding on to the uptrend and key support is identified at 1.1980 and more critically at 1.1760/80. For position takers, we would advocate watching the market action over the coming days but we may well have seen the base for this pair for several weeks to come.

Eilat Dolphin 20:40 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Bahrain I/ 6673 for a few minutes and three hits at 6674 bids.

Singapore Sfx 20:09 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Bahrain -

Eurgbp high Friday 6668
Eurjpy high Friday 135.62.

But those are interbank traded EBS/ D3 highs - no clue abt the online platforms.

Bah Bahrain1 20:02 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Hi Frnds, good day to u all............
Lppking for the high EURGBP and EURYEN on Friday's, Any one can help please.
Good luck to u all and wish you a good start this week.

Eilat Dolphin 19:26 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Hi GEP/ For the USD/CAD: the CAD employment report should be enough to explain the smaller $ downward move, as for the others, it looks ""sane" to me that the euro and Swissy caught up faster than the GBP or Kiwi, especially when looking at the daily trends of the last year: a chatchup.

As for the question of what's next, my "hopefully educated" guess is that the Euro/GBP will keep climbing ( after a dozen of hours rest or so), especially that it was at the bottom of yet another downleg.

The E/$ should not descent much, and I expect a flaggish construction before the next up leg.

Dallas GEP 18:49 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
On Friday we were having some discussion about whether or not USD buying may occurr either LATE Friday or early Sunday or not at all at this time.

USD/CAD was the only pair it seemd on Friday where some dollar bullishness appeared on Friday. The pair to me that seems MOST likely to retrace at least some on Sunday COULD be Eur/JPY. Now if the bad data on Friday is truly trend breaking as some beleive we COULD see new ranges develop which put in danger those shorts that were taken at much lower levels.

Presently I have Eur/jpy shorts and Eur/gbp shprts and I close some Eur shorts I had at 1.2090 at -35 pips just prior to Friday's close. Not sure what TODAY will bring but STOPS certainly need to be in place as a precautionary measure.

I DO like the eur/gbp shorts with .6690 stop BETTER than the eur/jpy shorts at this time but as long as we don't have a clear trend break based on Firday's events, both those possies will bring money

Dublin Flip 18:23 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
well ac I don't know about the "Jews at Bloomberg" bit but I'd guess they just filed a story thursday that was largely based on the ravings of a drunkard FX "master of the universe" the night before -LOL. I'm not privy to Wazza's dealings but it seems to me when you take into consideration the vast size of Berkshire Hathaway, their FX position would be fairly small in comparison no matter how large it seems to us in isolation. My point was mainly it's ironic that Buffet would be the subject of a mischevious essay when 99% of Wall Street analysts believed last years secular bear rally was actually going to be a precursor to more equity gains. If your in the business of highlighting some bad advise and/or portfolio management you don't have to look far for some pretty awful performances in 2004 YTD.
anyway best of luck this week all, cheers...

Ormond Beach, FL AG 18:18 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
ad, that site indicates GBP at 1.849 and so does reuters! But my platform its trading at 1.8395. Thanks

GER ad 18:12 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
You can find some indication about weekend quotes at

Ormond Beach, FL AG 18:07 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
hi, anyone know, What time does censored start updating the live quotes above on sunday? GL, GT

wisconsin tim 18:06 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
wow ... cool never noticed the -> current history data tab over on data & tools

nm previous post

wisconsin tim 17:47 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
well, platform has been down all weekend would anyone be kind enough to point me to where I can get closing day numbers for Thurs/Fri on the majors



Haifa ac 14:16 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Dublin Flip 14:05 GMT // LOL . one of my boards has many stocks on it. Several sectors. On friday ALL BUT ONE WERE RED. The green was BRK.
Buffet made a fortune on the decline of the dollar from 100-105 to 85.
The things those Jews at Bloomberg write. I am telling you.

Dublin Flip 14:05 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
hk ab lazy 10:37 GMT August 8, 2004
Bloomberg advertising Buffet loses his fortunes on USD bearish bet....

Have you got a link to that piece???
Dollar is up 2.4% agst euro for the year
Dollar is up 1% agst Swissy for the year
Dollar is up 3% agst Yen for the year
Dollar is down 3% agst Steling for the year
We are talking virtually unchanged

And he was bearish USD because he wanted to cash up as much as possible and have much less exposed to the stock market(with the amount Berkshire Hathaway manage it's not the same as a day trader). It wouldn't be the first time Buffet as been considered past his prime and had the economic media citing his trading strategies as flawed. He was also a dinosaur who refused to buy the NASDAQ and had to suffer similar jobes. I think as far as long term trading (not day trader) I'd put Warren Buffet and Richard Russell up against some loser journalist or bank analyst who have never had a position in their life.

perrie como 13:02 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
tks hk rfa

ENNEBUNKPORT, Me., Aug. 7 - American intelligence officials and outside nuclear experts have concluded that the Bush administration's diplomatic efforts with European and Asian allies have barely slowed the nuclear weapons programs in Iran and North Korea over the past year, and that both have made significant progress.

In a tacit acknowledgment that the diplomatic initiatives with European and Asian allies have failed to curtail the programs, senior administration and intelligence officials say they are seeking ways to step up unspecified covert actions intended, in the words of one official, "to disrupt or delay as long as we can" Iran's efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. ....

seen on nytimes today

HK [email protected] 12:48 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Traders should watch with care, the escalating by the hour Iranian nuclear issue in the next few days. Any significant tension may send oil prices higher...Important notice for long Yen holders.

GOLD COAST MARTIN 12:37 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
UAE OILMAN...sorry typo that range should read..12280-12225.....g/ will pullback to 12245 but range for 2 sessions....

Ina co'z 12:08 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Got reristance for cable at 1.8585 and eur/usd at 1.2370...IMO!

UAE Oil man 11:57 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
martin I m pretty sure euro won't stay in a 15 pips range for 2 days..I think there's a problem with your numbers..what did you mean?

HK [email protected] 11:39 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Looks like the display of U.S economic strength is a pre-election propaganda. That is a legitimate position for candidates. The market has already discounted 50% of Greenie's talk in a matter of minutes. Now he can keep on shouting wolf wolf...but no one will believce him anymore.

GOLD COAST MARTIN 11:32 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
HK...AB..the same question was asked of me last month when the payrolls came in at answer is still the same....despite weak payrolls the overriding fundamentals for the usd are on an upward path and so is the usd...expect 2 sessions of the 12280-12295 range until the euphoria is gone and come tuesday it is back to business..usd to resume its downward trend although the rate of de-acceleration i was expecting will not be as fast as i thought...still look for levels of 1250-60 by end of the week....g/t

hk ab lazy 10:37 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Bloomberg advertising Buffet loses his fortunes on USD bearish bet....

seldom see bloomberg promoting strong USD, this piece is rare.

hk ab lazy 10:35 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
nt// eur/jpy looks dying hard for the upside break.....
earlier or later? or strong dive after exhaustion? v. v. interesting indeed.

hk ab lazy 10:30 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
nt//bearish on USd till Sept.
If Sept continues, then till the election.

perrie como 09:54 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
commorcial software are usually very danger machines
those working are staying private, while the others are usually a bunch of tech. analysis and math formulas at It's best....
human behind machines are important as farmers riding their agrcultural machines

life is simple

just a smaller warning for newbies, better buy good books instead

jerusalem 09:35 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
If anyone interested in getting a free trial to a new system that provides forex signal with 99% accuracy please e-mail me : [email protected]

pd cumino 09:21 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
I have a problem described in HELP FORUM. Could someone help me? TIA.

perrie como 09:13 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
to me things are now v. simple

FED will not move this time and the Dollar will touch It's yearly lows....

so far this for the main picture only

hong kong nt 07:55 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
hk ab lazy 04:10 -- how about you?

Haifa ac 06:35 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
quito_ecuador_valdez 18:08 GMT August 7, 2004

"... An attack would kill Bush's election as well. "//
I disagree. The American people can be the nicest people on earth. Until you irk them. THen they can be the most ruthless on earth. Woe to anyone who stands in front of angry America. THe Movie HIGH NOON symbolized it well.
One more attack on the US--and BUSH SURELY WILL BE ELECTED and the transfomation of ISLAM will be ACCELERATED a thousand times.
Think RAMBO!

hk ab lazy 04:10 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
martin, do you still hold the bearish tone on eur and see it will reverse after Tuesday decision?

广东 01:48 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   

序 货 币 可能低点 可能高点 天图趋势 操作参考 预测本周高低点
0 DINIW 87.80 89.00 空 87.00 / 89.40
1 RUD/USD 1.2180 1.2380 多 1.2180多 1.2130/ 1.2500
2 GBP/USD 1.8330 1.8530 多 1.8330多 1.8300 / 1.8670
3 AUD/USD 0.7080 0.7220 多 0.7080多 0.7050 / 0.7297
4 USD/CHF 1.2420 1.2660 空 1.2660多朗 1.2320/ 1.2680
5 USD/CAD 1.3000 1.3250 空 1.3200多加 1.3100 / 1.3400
6 USD/JPY 109.50 111.00 空 111.00多日 109.00/111.30

茵子 QQ:30963505

Information of Aug 9h, 2004
NO Currency Low point possible High point possible Trend of daily graph Reference for operation The lowest and highest point of this week’s forecast.
0 DINIW 87.80 89.00 Down 87.00/89.40
1 RUD/USD 1.2180 1.2380 Up Buy at 1.2180 1.2130/ 1.2500
2 GBP/USD 1.8330 1.8530 Up Buy at 18330 1.8300 / 1.8670
3 AUD/USD 0.7080 0.7220 Up Buy at 0.7080 0.7050 / 0.7297
4 USD/CHF 1.2420 1.2660 Down Sell CHF at 1.2660 1.2320/ 1.2680
5 USD/CAD 1.3000 1.3250 Down Sell CAD at 1.3200 1.3100 / 1.3400
6 USD/JPY 109.50 111.00 Down Sell JPY at 110.00 109.00/111.30

This chart is only for reference. Please be resposible with your own operation. Be sure to set a lowest cut point that you can afford!
In order to prevent lose, after you buy it, when the price increases by 30 points, you can set the lowest cut point to the price you buy. This operation is just for reference. You can do your own operation.
My QQ number is : 30963505,. Please feel free to contact me.
Good luck to everybody!!

Yours sincerely,

CA Clouy 01:38 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Beijing Laowen 02:47 GMT August 7
To Laowen:
I am using censored censored, censored FX.

I second your opinion about closing open positions before big numbers out, at least for day-trading. See u monday.

UAE Oil man 01:05 GMT August 8, 2004 Reply   
Ya I think so rye ny, my guess is the panic will subside.


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