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Forex Forum Archive for 01/30/2005

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Eilat Dolphin 23:46 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Again! OK, bye!
BTW/ Jay, following you magnificent colored add asking again what could be done to "make any world a better place", possibly, if on the page I presently write there was an idication of the forum I am on, I wouldn't have troubled the Fx concentration of the presents, which I regret.

Rio CV 23:43 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Good Night to all from the tropics!

Martin, do you have an updated view for Monday?



Bahrain within 10 pips 23:42 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
eur/cad shorting around 1.62 till us close monday..maybe shot for 150 points

Eilat Dolphin 23:41 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
I hope they dared a giant party in Irak tonight, ending on the first lights or dawn by going arresting all their terrorists still in bed.

I lived in Arab coutries: Marakesh Arab city only in the early seventies, those people know their neghbors, and track newcomers.
The terrorists are at risk from a counterpunch.

(OK, May be it's mainly wishfull thinking.)

London. 23:37 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
USD Attains Bid Tone After Iraq Elections Hailed As Success

Bahrain within 10 pips 23:33 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
if GBP/USD = Cable
and USD/JPY = Yen
Then You're right!!!.

Singapore Sfx 23:27 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Bahrain within 10 pips - Good luck with your trade - but just fyi - in market terminology / slang - "cable" is a term for gbp/usd. lots of stuff abt the origin in the archives.
cable/yen is a misnomer. Gbp/Yen is what you mean ...

Bahrain within 10 pips 23:22 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
short cable/yen here
GM all

Eilat Dolphin 23:18 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Sorry guys!! I thought I was on Political!!!!!!!!

Eilat Dolphin 23:16 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
JP and whomever feels concerned:

Imagine Bush writes YOU, this, and now the following on GVI:

Fellow north american JP, would you aknowledge now and for history that for the better of Mankind, I succeeded in my undertakings in Irak by giving them this free election, first one ever in an Arab or Muslim country; and even Roosevelt, or the Playboy Liberal from Boston everybody loves never came close achieving anything like that.

Today, history will judge, I liberated the Arabs.

GEORGES II, Khalif de Bagdad.

Rio K 22:03 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
open orders
GBP/JPY long @ 194.09, stop @ 193.89, t/p @ 197.33
USD/CAD long @ 1.2250, stop 1.2212, t/p 1.25
GBP/USD long @ 1.8808, stop 1.8790, t/p 1.9080
AUD/USD short @ .7746, stop .7761, t/p .7511
AUD/JPY short @ .8020, stop 80.35, t/p 77.75

subject to change as targets get closer, can't hang at desk so much so am altering approach tempering with more discipline, planning, and patience

Halifax CB 21:21 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Reeds Dino - If you are still up: re the weighting and/or exponential - if you could explain your indicator in more detail I'll be happy to help - but do it on the Help Forum.

THE REEDS DINO 20:36 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
and i'm not a programming fundi ,i'm as thick as a brick with programming.

THE REEDS DINO 20:34 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
not gonna help me much i'm trying new indicator but need to have it weigted.

Haifa ac 20:34 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Amman wfakhoury 18:57 //I see you already got it. Brisbaine gave you the English version.
It is a Lousy exchange. No stoploss, no shorts allowed. Commissions are horrible and liquidity stinks...but it will change!

Auckland 20:27 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
auckland newbie, check if your current broker is not working you should consider someboduelse

THE REEDS DINO 20:22 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Anyone able to supply me with formula to add weighted or exponential to a indicator. thanks.

auckland newbie 20:22 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
sorry to sound stupid, but who is it open to ? i thought when it closed it closed

Auckland 20:19 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
auckland newbie , market is open for trade but it's not moving too much...

auckland newbie 20:17 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
your kidding? so the rates i had could be miles out today when it opens, i thought everything stopped how dumb

Auckland 20:15 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
auckland newbie ... What rates you are talking about (if currency rates- answer is yes)

auckland newbie 20:11 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
um i know this may be a dumb question, but do the rates change over the weekend?

brisbane sunstate 19:17 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Amman wfakhoury 18:57

Amman wfakhoury 18:57 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Haifa Ac
can you give me site of israeli stock market,

Eilat Dolphin 17:14 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Haifa 14:32/ Obviously out rabbis ancestors were blind and/or ignorant if they couldn't see three stars in mid day many a saturday a year, as Venus, Jupiter and the sun are perfectly visible for he who knows how to seek the Light...

I add that our planet can be added to the list too.
That's four, while three are good enough to light up.

London HB 15:58 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Can someone reccomend a bollinger line and a moving average for 3 month data at 60 min intervals?


London HB 15:46 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Focus: A Warning For USD Bears
We remain long -term bears on the USD owing to the size of
the US economy’s external imbalances and the continuing
trend of central bank foreign exchange reserve
The four clear risks to our view this year are accelerated US
interest rate hikes, unexpectedly tighter fiscal policy, G7
intervention to support the USD and the return of equity
capital inflows into the US.
On the last factor, our censored client data is showing that equity
flows may be returning to the US from Europe for the first
time since September 11 2001. This is a clear short-term risk
to our underlying bearish USD view.
We remain long-term bears on the USD owing to the size of the adjustment needed to help reduce the US current account deficit and the continuing trend of central bank foreign exchange reserve diversification.

The four clear risks to our bearish USD view in 2005 are:-
Firstly, the Fed raises rates at a more aggressive pace without
upsetting domestic asset markets;

Secondly, The second Bush administration shifts stance and
starts to tighten fiscal policy in a credible manner;

Thirdly, the G7 decide to agree to co-ordinated intervention to
stop the USD from falling;

Fourthly, capital inflows especially equity portfolio flows and
foreign direct investment return to the US as foreign investors
decide the weakness of the USD and relative strength of the US economy make it attractive to buy US assets again.
On the last risk factor, there seem to be clear signs that foreign appetite for real US assets finally seems to be picking up five years after the bursting of the US equity bubble. T

The latest quarterly balance of payment data from the US
Commerce Department. This shows inward foreign direct
investment into the US rising in Q3 2004. Similarly the monthly
US Treasury TIC data has shown a resumption of US equity
buying by foreign investors in th e last couple of months to
November 2004. But what intrigues us is our own censored equity client flow data. Every week we track our proprietary cross border flows. As censored sees almost ten per cent of all secondary equity trading globally,our data provides a representative, timely sample of equity flows

Haifa ac 15:40 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
gold coast martin 15:04 // Thanks. I find that mouthing my view aloud tends to have NEGATIVE effects on my judgement at times-- (EGO and such). So I am very careful about what I say. I only post in the direction I am trading-and sometimes it is easier to change direction in mid stream if I did not commit myself to public view. OTOH when I post-- I sometimes use it to TEST myself and my results. I aim to make money, not to talk.

gold coast martin 15:04 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Haifa ac 14:35 GMT January 30, 2005
gold coast martin 14:34 // Sure. The Erotic massage parlor too. hope the establishment is kosher....if do you make it kosher? offer big discounts...seriously .... you need to post more friend on forex..your comments are always read and respected....g/t

Spotforex NY 14:43 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   

Bomb goes off in Spanish hotel

UK transport plane crashes near Baghdad.

Haifa ac 14:39 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
TASE is up 2-1/2% at the close.

Haifa ac 14:35 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
gold coast martin 14:34 // Sure. The Erotic massage parlor too.

gold coast martin 14:34 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   

Haifa ac 14:32 GMT January 30, 2005
LOL....i gather that the felafel stall is a sideline?

Haifa ac 14:32 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
I am a full time trader. Religious sabbath starts with three stars and ends with three stars whereever on the globe you are . The Israeli stock market (TASE- the strongest market in the world today) starts Suday at 10 am Tel Aviv Time -GMT+2)

bkk david 14:23 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Haifa ac
You are full time trader right?
Sabbath day is 18.30 friday to 18.30 saturday right ?

Haifa ac 13:31 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
asia km 13:03 GMT // Yes/ Our holy day is the Sabbath. We have a six day week. But Friday has become a shopping day.

Spotforex NY 13:13 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Countires in the Mid-East 'weekend' is Thursday and Friday......Perhaps Israel also uses that same schedule.....

asia km 13:03 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
Sorry for being ignorant. Israeli stock market is open on a Sunday?

Haifa ac 12:07 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
That, to me, says that the TERROR in IRAQ FAILED!

(29 dead so far)

Syd 10:16 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
UN Iraq Election Adviser: Good Turnout In Most Areas
BAGHDAD (AP)--The U.N.'s chief adviser to Iraq's election commission, Carlos Valenzuela, said Sunday that turnout seems to be good in most places, although he warned that it was too early to know for sure.
He said there were lines at polls in Mosul, and some voters in Fallujah and Ramadi.
"There have been a number of attacks of course, as expected," Valenzuela said. But, he said: "These attacks have not stopped the operations."
Iraqis turned out to vote Sunday in their country's first free election in a half-century, defying insurgents who launched deadly suicide bombings and heavy mortar strikes at polling stations.

Hong Kong Qindex 10:08 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
USD/JPY : Current Comment    Register with Jay at [email protected] if you have no access to my page.

HK Loo 09:57 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
censored am using local bank for forex with spread of 8pips, looking for online broker....any sugestion?? how about G*C*censored* or F*X*C*M?? Please share your view, thanks!

Syd 09:49 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
The coming Australian dollar collapse believe the Australian dollar is going to collapse to 64-66 cents in the next six months and therefore recommend Aussie shorts in the spot FX market, sale of Aussie futures and long put option contracts on the Chicago IMM. If I am right (and I may well be wrong - FX is the mother of all treacherous leveraged financial casinos!); investors in the UAE who agree with my Aussie dollar view can well earn 200 to 400 per cent on strategic option trades.

Syd 09:47 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
IMM speculators trim net yen long position-US CFTC
JAPANESE YEN (Contracts of 12,500,000 yen)

1/25/05 week 1/18/05 week

Long 33,608 39,872

Short 32,684 31,993

Net 924 7,879

EURO (Contracts of 125,000 euros)

1/25/05 week 1/18/05 week

Long 25,401 28,380

Short 24,633 18,467

Net 768 9,913

POUND STERLING (Contracts of 62,000 pounds sterling)

1/25/05 week 1/18/05 week

Long 18,616 21,007

Short 2,626 2,292

Net 15,990 18,715

SWISS FRANC (Contracts of 125,000 Swiss francs)

1/25/05 week 1/18/05 week

Long 8,043 11,217

Short 13,224 12,317

Net -5,181 -1,100

CANADIAN DOLLAR (Contracts of 100,000 Canadian dollars)

1/25/05 week 1/18/05 week

Long 17,352 19,773

Short 14,699 14,273

Net 2,653 5,500

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR (Contracts of 100,000 Aussie dollars)

1/25/05 week 1/18/05 week

Long 31,905 27,749

Short 1,002 534

Net 30,903 27,215

Sydney 09:30 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
AUD/USD needed a daily close above 0.7760 to confirm resumption of its uptrend

Haifa ac 07:30 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
So now Buffet AND Gates are trying to cover their huge short positions?

Time to long the dollar heavily!

Hong Kong Qindex 03:05 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
USD/CHF : Current Comment.  Register with Jay at  [email protected] if you have no access to my page.

HK [email protected] 02:52 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   

Microsoft's Gates, World's Richest Man, Bets Against the Dollar
Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bill Gates, the world's richest person with a net worth of $46.6 billion, is betting against the U.S. dollar.

``I'm short the dollar,'' Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp., told Charlie Rose in an interview in front of an audience of about 200 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. ``The ol' dollar, it's gonna go down.''

Gates's comments reflect the same view as his friend Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor who has bet against the currency since 2002. Buffett said last week that the country's trade gap will probably further weaken the dollar, which fell 21 percent against a basket of six major currencies between January 2002 and the end of last year.

``It is a bit scary,'' Gates said. ``We're in uncharted territory when the world's reserve currency has so much outstanding debt.''

The U.S. is borrowing to finance record budget and trade deficits. Total U.S. government debt stood at $7.62 trillion as of Jan. 27, up 8.7 percent from a year earlier.

Forbes magazine's list of billionaires ranks Gates, 49, No. 1. Buffett, 74, is second, with more than $30 billion. Almost all of it is in Berkshire stock.

The two have been friends for years, taking vacations together and playing online bridge. Gates in December joined the board of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the investment company that Buffett runs.


Hong Kong Qindex 01:33 GMT January 30, 2005 Reply   
GBP/USD : Current Comment.  Register with Jay at [email protected] if you have no access to my page.


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