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Forex Forum Archive for 12/24/2007

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USA BAY 19:29 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Gvi John and Jay

Thanks for the website and Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


To all Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year.

USA BAY 19:27 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   

DR Q, Thanks for all the analysis that you gave us throughout this year. Have a wonderful Merry Xmas and a profitable New year.

Global-View 17:33 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   

As the market winds down here, our best wishes to all our Global-View members for a happy holiday.

Santa _ N. Pole 16:20 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Just a little HO HO HO to get you set for tomorrow. Cute, eh? Have a good 'un.

~*~*~* Valdez *~*~*~

PAR 15:14 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply

isr jweb 15:02 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
zeus the gr8 - ok weve arrived - now get the second hammer in full force...

madrid 14:51 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply

madrid mm 14:49 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   

Ficci asks govt to set up $1.4bn SME fund
BS Reporter / New Delhi December 24, 2007
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (Ficci) has asked the government to set up a $1.4 billion Global Technology Acquisition Fund (GTAF) out of forex reserves to help support small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In a representation to the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC), Ficci said such a fund would help in optimally utilising the forex reserves, and also help in managing the "growing problem of forex inflows."

As per Ficci's proposal, a special purpose vehicle created for the proposed fund will borrow rupees from the Reserve Bank of India by issuing securities and then buy dollars to lend it to SMEs. "Such a mechanism would be inflation- and liquidity-neutral as it would help in taking out some dollars thereby easing pressure on the rupee," a Ficci release said.

A similar proposal for the infrastructure sector is already under discussion between the government and the RBI.

According to Ficci, many countries are operating funds in which they allocate their excess forex reserves. "The accumulation of official reserves far beyond established benchmarks of reserves adequacy has led to an increasing number of countries to allocate their excess reserves to Sovereign Funds. Currently, the size of these funds is valued somewhere in the range of $2.2-3.2 trillion, and is expected to soar to $10 trillion in the next 10 years," the release said.

The industry body estimated that if 2% of SME production is earmarked for investment to acquire new technology, the proposed fund would be worth Rs 5,400 crore, which is roughly $1.4 billion or 1% of the total foreign reserves.

The industry body further proposed that the fund could support 50% of the technology acquisition involving know-how, patent, proto-type and design with a maximum limit of $2 million per deal.

USA Zeus 14:37 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
USA Zeus 12:03 GMT December 20, 2007
Will be exciting to see how my friend BC shares my trading strategy when GBP/USD hits 1.9777!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Haifa ac 13:47 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Makassar Alimin 13:46 GMT //Yup

They switched from sterling to silver.

Makassar Alimin 13:46 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
looks like no one wants sterling for xmas, sterling has been offered all day

Mtl JP 13:44 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Global-View Forex Blog 12:40 / The Economist eloquently put some possibilities on the table: Bankruptcies, recession, litigation, protectionism

Global-View Forex Blog 12:40 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Worth a read:

2008 promises to be another interesting year. With significant variance in the range of forecasts on offer and fast changing perceptions of risk, financial markets could be in for a prolonged period of volatility.

December manufacturing & services surveys and US non-farm payrolls launch the New Year

St. Annaland Bob 12:39 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   

Merry XMAS and great 2008 to all

Sofia mik 12:35 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Wish you to all you Merry X'mas and a Happy2008!

GVI john 11:57 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
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Spotforex NY 11:42 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
and notice the Congress foresight on this

Spotforex NY 00:24 GMT September 29, 2005
FWIW...Sept 30th is the last day to file for bankruptcy under the old laws...the 'tougher' laws that sends more poeple into reorg (chapter 11) will be used before chapter 7 (liquidation and a fresh start).

PAR 11:35 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply

Manchester st 10:27 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Spotforex NY 09:57 GMT December 24, 2007
Santa is visiting Solomon islands right nowbut he is heading for a pittstop in

Spotforex NY 09:57 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Tracking Santa

Amman wfakhoury 09:38 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
wish all members a lot fof spicy pips and more profit with good health...merry chrismas and happy new year

Singapore fs 09:21 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Wish everyone Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year...

isr jweb 08:35 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
wish you all good holidays, & especially to jay, thank you all!

Mumbai NS 08:30 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Yu Yu tks for the info gl gt

Brunei Yu Yu 08:28 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Mumbai NS

FM will be probably back on the 27th

madrid mm 07:22 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
* FT has named ECB Pres Jean Claude Trichet as FT Person of the year - Cultivated polymath with a sure hand on the financial tiller of Europe: ...
* .....His actions in 2007 - the year of the euro's rise - have left the ECB with credibility and helmsmanship skills that will long outlast the current financial storms.
* ECB Pres Jean-Claude Trichet, in FT interview on Dec 13, says a drive to keep a lid on inflation means ECB will not be distracted by the repeated rate cuts of its US and UK counterparts, saying "other colleagues are in a different situation." Trichet says what would be "decisive" for ECB is whether the surge in inflation become longer lasting thru "second-round effects."
* PBoC set USD/CNY mid rate at new all time lows of 7.3315, down from Friday's closing of 7.3696.
* Vietnam widens Dong trading band to 0.75% from 0.50%.
* WSJ on Sat: Banks abandon Effort to Set Up Big Rescue Fund (Super SIV): 1 of the federal govt's signature efforts to ease financial instability caused by the subprime-mortgage crisis collapsed as US's 3 biggest banks gave up on a fund intended to rescue tens of billions of USD in troubled investments. Instead of the fund, the biggest boost to Wall Street's confidence in recent weeks has come from govt-linked investors in Asia, M.E. who have poured money into big financial firms.
* WSJ: The final weekend of the holiday shopping season will likely bring a sigh of relief from many retailers who feared that sales would be weak.
* Quiet markets today on Christmas Eve, with Japan away as well on Emperor's Birthday, but will be back tom on Christmas Day.
* USD/JPY still above 114, but unable to head above Friday's 6 week highs of 114.21.

Cable weighed by the Hometrack house price inflation fall, falling from 1.9845 toward 4-m lows of 1.9814, EUR/GBP Hit fresh all time highs of 0.72645 on expectation BoE will cut Repo Rate to 5.25% on Jan9-10 next year.
AUD, AUD/JPY near 1-week highs, as JPY carry trades, Cross/JPY supported by firmer stock markets, after US stocks rally, and to see Christmas and New Year rally, as markets want to put worst of CDOs, subprime, writedowns in 2007 behind for 2008, for a fresh strong start to the New Year.

Nikkei and JGBs are closed for Emperor's Birthday holiday.

Gold remains supported around $809.20/ 811.00, while Crude oil prices steady remain firm around $93.20.

Mumbai NS 07:08 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Alaska Moon 06:57 GMT December 24, 2007

Yeah Moon he is too gud to be missing for so long .....but then it does mean he has been off for sometime ....hope to see him soon and a Merry Xmas to u mate cheers gl gt

madrid mm 07:07 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   

How do you know Santa has to be a man?
No woman is going to wear the same outfit year after year.


madrid mm 07:05 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
hello and GM FX Jedi from Planet earth and maybe beyond

Alaska Moon 06:57 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Mumbai NS 06:53 GMT December 24, 2007
Let's hope Lahore FM is off for the holidays..... He is really a good poster/trader...I hope he will return !!!

Mumbai NS 06:53 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Does anyone know if Lahore FM is there on the forum or not .....not seen him arnd for a long time ty in advance gl gt

HK RF@ 02:21 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
That one looks like a sleepy market he he, so it is time to greet everyone for a nice and a pleasant holiday and most, for a prosperous new year.

Hyderabad Srini 02:14 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Wish you all "Forum members" a merry christmas & Happy New Year...My special greetings to Jay(Global-View)..

Beijing hoho 02:05 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Thanks, and we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

shanghai bc 01:17 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Hong Kong Qindex 01:08 GMT December 24, 2007

Thanks for your help for the year..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

austin mw 01:14 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
A very Merry Christmas to you all and a prosperous
New Year..

Hong Kong Qindex 01:08 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
shanghai bc 23:51 GMT - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

philadelphia caba 01:06 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
added eur/gbp short at 7257

shanghai bc 01:03 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
Alaska Moon 00:22 GMT December 24, 2007

Season's greetings..Healthy and prosperous new year to you..That Gorges project has been a dream of many generations like the Railway project to the Himalayas and the Moon mining project..The Gorges project and Railway project are done..The Moon mining project for a completely new energy sources is in progress now..

Alaska Moon 00:24 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
oops !!!! "China's Mega Dam""

Alaska Moon 00:22 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
shanghai bc 23:51 GMT December 23, 2007
Same...Holidays greeting to you also.... I just saw a real good program on Discovery Channel named "Chani's Mega Dam".
It was a very good tv show on the 3 gorges, and the Chang river...
I realize this is off topic, but the forum is really slow today !!

Syd 00:03 GMT December 24, 2007 Reply   
U.K. house prices recorded the largest monthly decline in nearly three years in December, as uncertainty about interest rates and the fallout from the credit crunch combined to quash demand, a survey by Hometrack showed Monday.

The average U.K. house price fell for the third straight month in December, declining 0.3% from November, the largest monthly drop since January 2005, 35 months ago, Hometrack said.

On the year, the rate of growth slipped back to 3.0%, its lowest rate since June 2006 and about half the rate of growth that was achieved just a year earlier.

"The second half of the year has seen a major reversal in confidence on the back of higher interest rates and concerns over the outlook for the financial markets," said Richard Donnell, Hometrack's director of research.

"The greatest turnaround in market conditions has been seen in southern England where the market is slowing off a high base. Many would-be buyers have stepped back from the market and the greatest short-term casualty has been lower levels of market activity with sales volumes down by 18% over the last six months."

The average time that it takes to sell a house reached its highest level since the survey began in 2001, Hometrack said, rising to 8.3 weeks, up from 8.0 in November and 7.4 in October.

And Hometrack's director of research warned that the U.K. housing market could face liquidity problems in the coming year.

"Despite the recent cut in interest rates, levels of market activity are likely to remain subdued over the course of 2008, especially over the first half of the year," Donnell said.

"Just as the financial markets have faced a liquidity squeeze so the housing market is in danger of facing its own liquidity squeeze in the first half of next year. High transaction costs, a weak outlook for prices and continued uncertainty among vendors creates the potential for a major lack of housing coming to the market in the first quarter of the year," he said.

The survey is broadly in line with other house price surveys reporting a weaker housing market outlook. Online estate agency Rightmove reported a 3.2% monthly drop in house prices in the early weeks of December and said the annual increase had declined to a 21-month low of 4.8%.

Hometrack said the housing market slowdown was affecting different regions in a variety of ways.

It said growth had been limited throughout 2007 in areas such as South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and North Lincolnshire, while strong growth was seen in central London, where values were up 9.4% over 2007.

Over the three months to December, values in central London have fallen by 1.1%, the data showed, while in Oxfordshire values fell 1.5% over the same period.

The average U.K. house price now stands at GBP175,200, compared with GBP175,700 in November, the data showed.


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