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Forex Forum Archive for 05/28/2007

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Syd 23:50 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Japan, non-Japan investors sell USD/JPY, EUR/JPY after Japan April jobless rate, household spending data come in strong, says senior customer dealer at major Japan bank. Tips support at 121.40 for USD/JPY (last 121.66), 163.20 for EUR/JPY (last 163.65); adds breaking above 122 for USD/JPY, 164 for EUR/JPY now looks difficult in Asia. Players' next focus on retail sales due 2350 GMT. Japan April jobless rate at 3.8% vs 4.0% expected, household spending +1.1% on year vs 0.1% expected

Gen dk 23:39 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
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Syd 23:39 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Japan's Apr Jobless Rate 3.8%; Market Expected 4.0%
Japan's jobless rate fell to 3.8% in April from 4.0% in March, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said Tuesday.

The ministry also said the total number of jobless fell for the 17th straight month, decreasing by 160,000 from the same month a year earlier to 2.68 million.

Syd 23:33 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Japan's Apr Jobless Rate 3.8%; Market Expected 4.0%
Japan Apr Wage-Earner Household Spending +0.4% On Yr
Japan Apr All Household Spending +1.1% On Yr
Japan Apr Propensity To Consume 85.7%, +0.7 Pts On Yr

USA Zeus 23:18 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Watchout for the counter contra.

Syd 21:36 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
China's stock market hits record

Wellington, N.Z. 21:24 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Contrarian Market Thoughts :

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London NYAM 21:22 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
I think tension in the MidEast will begin to act as a catalyst for risk aversion. The only thing is how long will it take to filter into mass-market consciousness. It may take a while, so not really a tradeable issue but as global citizens, things look bleak.

RIC fxq 20:30 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Como Perrie 18:27 GMT
... as a contrarian one could take that piece as a flatout buy signal

GVI Jay 19:57 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
If anyone would like to see this weekend's online video presentations produced by Tornbridge Al for the current $/yen and eur/yen charts, send me an EMAIL

Lahore FM 19:57 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Bodrum OEE 19:36 GMT May 28, 2007
getting past and under friday's low on gbpusd over next trading day is important to explore further downside potential.if not we are resuming higher on a serious note.

Wellington, N.Z. 19:53 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
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GVI john 19:49 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
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GVI john 19:48 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
GVI Calendar of selected key economic data, central bank meetings, etc....

Bodrum OEE 19:36 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Lahore FM 17:46 GMT May 28, 2007
AZUSA 4x-ed 17:19 GMT May 28, 2007

Good evening to you both. I am a bit confused. Is your bias towards lower GBP and higher USD/JPY ? Thank you. Regards

Como Perrie 18:27 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
ATI Funding Says Dollar's Freefall
Creates Once-In-Lifetime Opportunity

Friday, May 25, 2007

MIAMI -- ATI Funding is able to finance foreign companies as well as foreign governments on equipment and construction loans originating from the USA without collateral up to 100 percent financing. ATI Funding's new program will also finance US companies exporting US products at rates and conditions never seen before.

When Kuwait unpegged its dinar from the US dollar on Sunday, May 20, it signaled the possible beginning of an accelerated decline in the value of the greenback.

"The massive decline in the dollar's exchange rate against main currencies ... has contributed to the increase in local inflation rates and this step is part of the central bank's efforts to curb inflationary pressure," Sheik Salem Abdul-Aziz al-Sabah" said in a statement published by state news agency KUNA.

"The decreasing dollar pulled down the value of Kuwait's Dinar causing the cost of imports to dramatically increase. Other Gulf states may soon follow," according to Vince Defauwes of ATI Funding. "This will quicken the dollar's fall."

"As more countries unpag their currencies, there will be less demand for the greenback. The trend is definitely lower for the forseenable future."

In fact, many foreign countries can receive a "financial bonus" when borrowing from US lenders.

"With the US dollar falling like a rock, many of our borrowers are realizing significant savings on their loans," commented Defauwes of ATI Funding. "A year ago, one US dollar bought 0.81 Euros. Today it buys .073 Euros. That's almost a 10-percent drop."

"If you borrowed US$1 million (810,000 euros) a year ago, when you went to repay it today, you would be writing a cheque for 730,000 euros", according to Defauwes. "That's a nice 80,000-euro saving."

The long term trend for the US dollar remains downward. A fact which made the cover of a recent Newsweek edition. This downward US dollar trend will likely continue until the US government addresses its trade and budget deficits.

Until then, local and national governments, state run businesses such as hospitals, airports, universities, or ports, along with residential and commercial developers and other well-run businesses should review their borrowing needs and where they finance their projects in the US and abroad.

Major factors to consider when financing or refinancing your projects are whether you are overpaying interest annually, if your payments are monthly or bi-annual, and how much collateral is required if any.

About ATI Funding:

ATI Funding is a private domestic and international lender that specializes in loans from US$3 million to $50 million and above for commercial and residential real estate developments.

Contact Information:
Vince Defauwes
ATI Funding
One Turnberry Place
19495 Biscayne Blvd.
Suite 708
FL 33180

Lahore FM 17:46 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
AZUSA 4x-ed 17:19 GMT May 28, 2007
yes i noted the Blachflower comments earlier in the day,aimed at keeping his and bank's options open and that he voted for the rise out of solidarity.recent data out of uk also have shown some weakness compared with consensus.gtgl.

dc CB 17:42 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Melbourne Qindex 04:39 GMT May 28, 2007
dc CB 03:14 GMT - Thank you, can you tell me a little bit more on that subject.

Q, wasn't ignoring you, had a big storm last night so I shut down the computer.

In Nov, Canada changed the rules on taxing income and energy trusts. The result seems to be:
Energy trusts up for grabs"

AZUSA 4x-ed 17:19 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Lahore FM 17:04 GMT May 28, 2007 || As Zeus pointed out last week, GBP is the perfect candidate for a change in volatility. I'm showing significant tick volume in most GBP crosses (as compared to most other pairs) on a very slow day. Also, worth noting the following:

UK PRESS: David Blanchflower, one of the leading doves on the Bank of England's monetary policy committee, has reportedly insisted further interest rates rises are "not a foregone conclusion" according to comments in an interview with the Observer. Blanchflower was reported as saying that a further rate rise to 5.75% was not inevitable. "I don't think the MPC has backed itself into a corner," said Blanchflower, who called for a rates cut in March. "I think it's important for people to get the right balance; we're on the case. We cannot forecast from meeting to meeting what the MPC's going to do." Blanchflower also reportedly said if inflationary pressures continued, the Bank would act. However, he said cheaper labour due to immigration from eastern Europe could help keep inflation under control by keeping a lid on wage rises. "If there is pressure which pushes up inflation, we'll do something about it - I'm as hawkish as everyone on that fact," he said. "But if the data aren't supportive and we see the labour market is weak, there's an effect on consumption, and the housing market is slow, then we'll act." Explaining why he backed the rate rise this month, Blanchflower cited rising food prices, more robust world growth and British inflation hitting 3.1% in March."I felt it was important to let people know that we were on the case and that inflation expectations have to remain anchored," he said. GL/GT

Lahore FM 17:04 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
the weight of overall trend will overtake gbp and contis if further downside is not seen next 24 hours.1.9820 and 1.3420/30 to support then for a complete resumption.wildcard is usdjpy.

Bodrum OEE 15:51 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Sofia Kaprikorn 15:41 GMT May 28, 2007

Mind you, we are higher less than 1% on JPY crosses compared to end February, 2007.

I meanwhile agree that most technicals look bullish on them. In fact very bullish.

China too.

Good day.

Sofia Kaprikorn 15:41 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
OEE and DS //
actually I don't have a clear idea in the moment - pls do not hold to the term contrarian to rigidly - I just noticed DS calls when I was short E/Y from 162.90 and missed my exit at 160 because I was too complacent with the down move...
then I started paying attention to his rationalizations...

.. to me its rather difficult in the moment as those 2 pairs (EURJPY & EURCHF) both need some correction and at the same time they are in quite good shape to go furhter up...

I also like Oil man's calls which seem to be too much in advance and some can't digest them in the present moment..

not to mention FM's calls which one have to wait for some time before being surprised how everything turns the way he called it...
so right now I just watch and try to learn from those here who have established their names ... appreciate they all are very generous to share their knowledge here for free

GENEVA DS 15:31 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Anybody in this forum has some future price vision 3 to 6 month on AUDUSD ?? Seems to me , that as well here we start seeing all the short termers becoming very bearish...? thanks...

Bodrum OEE 15:30 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Mtl JP

Sofia Kaprikorn 14:24 GMT May 28, 2007

hello - well I like your views as they are a bit contrarian in the moment
when all scream for a reversal...
Hello. I hope all is well dear komsu.

In case you notice while you define Geneva DS a contrarian (or those who think alike) your statement is in involuntary contradiction, if I may say so. The reason is the fact that market has gone their way. Thereby majority of (and if not people) resources follow their way. I hope it worked for them.

Exception was early March correction. February 12 onwards I tried to frequently underline the possibility of JPY value hike as much as I can as I have seen the signs in the market (besides fundamental valuation reasons). At the time majority of credible analysts were predicting one to take place well into the second half of 2007. Afterwards however (from around GBP/JPY 226s) I was puzzled as to when the major leg down would happen due to the technical picture. That is why I made remarks that excluded timing of correction.

I will not be surprised if there is one soon. I wish not to give you headache with reasons I already laid out.

I think Japanese Finance Minister Koji Omi's statements of (reform and interest rate hikes) today matter. So does US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's over the weekend regarding patience running thin on Yuan and former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's last week (I perefer to take him seriously).

Finally I find minority, meaning contrarian side, in general that is, subtle and silent (i.e. not much screaming or boasting).

I wish you the best.

Sofia Kaprikorn 15:23 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Monaco Oil man //
...When trading via technicals one should use the price as the indicator...

hello - if you have time it will be really interesting to elaborate in a couple more words how this could be done - I have tried trading on clean chart and it didn't work for me but I can see it does very good for you!

GENEVA DS 15:01 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Sofia and HK....

I am not contrarian.... I am 100 percent trend follower and that since ever... Have tried many times to take some scalping points in opposite trend... It has never paid the bills ... but of course, the longer trends go, the more we have to be careful... Just think that on one hand SNB here is very happy with the actual situation... USD very weak for commodity imports and CHF very weak for Chocolate and watches export... no worries before 1.8000 In EURCHF... for JPY... BOJ very happy with this weak JPY situation and most speculators still try to fight against KAMPO and BOJ... they will loose once again.... 185.-- EURJPY there we go... it will take some time..., Chinese Stocks... there is nothing to worry about an economy which will be higher than US in 4 to 10 years... believe in positive future.... gl

Mtl JP 15:00 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
OEE 13:35 & REVDAX 12:32 / talking of "dispensing lectures": Greenspan - the prankster? - has made some pretty doozy calls, viz. his
"irrational exuberance" - (The Challenge of Central Banking in a Democratic Society on December 5, 1996.

Nasdaq Open Dec 1996: 1,299.55,

It flew nearly 4-fold to 5132.52 March 10th, 2000

One could think Greenspan's track record of his statement was a hot buy tip to the Chinese student punters.

Monaco Oil man 15:00 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
We are definitely in front of a bullish inflationary market at this time.

There will be more and more "reasons" to go against the market as it keeps going..

When trading via technicals one should use the price as the indicator..Reasons are not valid unless price follows..

DJIX was at 3600 area in 1992 , we re now well above 10K.
China being definitely not fully developed economically , there is potentially a very long way to go before it is..

Stocks could therefore keep moving higher as the companies in the index keep increasing their revenues , activities etc..

Back in 2002 i posted a DJIX target of 13K for the dow..
The mood was back then with Elliot Waver calling for 1K...(You can find such post in this database.).
We're now at 13K..
The next target is therefore 20K.

UAE oil man 16:33 GMT September 18, 2003
ldn2 16:30 GMT September 18, 2003

On my part I'll be looking for 13000 dow jones....."

UAE Oil man 16:29 GMT April 28, 2004
I m still very bullish on Dow jones(13 000), and believe i will see 40 000 with my own eyes in a decade perhaps..

amman 14:55 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
it's moving too slow !! bad day for trading ..

Lahore FM 14:37 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
mode off 0.6760* area.

Lahore FM 14:37 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
mode off 0.6760* area.

Lahore FM 14:34 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
a very slow day in forex.dollar looking okay on most pairs.usdjpy showing vulnerable position.below 121.50 still can go much lower.favoured scenraio looks for downside foe eurusd and gbpusd with some usdjpy weakness thrown in.usdcad remains weak but interestingly thus far,as slv sam would like,it has not lent any strength to euro or cable.audusd and nzdusd remain depressed and more downside is likely.eurgbp looking for still higher ground in recovery mode off 0.6860 area.

Sofia Kaprikorn 14:24 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
GENEVA DS 12:17 GMT //
hello - well I like your views as they are a bit contrarian in the moment when all scream for a reversal...

can you add a bit more analytical arguements to your position - I'm really interested!

as I pointed earlier I watch Daily EURJPY and EURCHF and they both have decreased the speed of the uptrend but not showing any strong reversal signs either...
appreciate your comments!

Bodrum OEE 13:52 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
In fact it is a sad situation in China.

HK [email protected] 13:46 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
GENEVA DS 12:17 GMT May 28, 2007

Many have to thank you for your contributions to the invincibility sentiments of the carry trade.

Just make sure you will not fall victim to your own sentiments.
Because when reversal may happen, many heads will be given to their bodies on a tray.

Bodrum OEE 13:35 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
correction (apologies)

One could look back in time in the future and think China Stock Market was, reversely sticking to former United States Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's famous "Irrational Exuberance" remark, a rational apathy at present levels.

Mtl JP 13:34 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
REVDAX 12:32 / to paraphraze an old and life-wise guru: it is when one is young that one should have $ex with wrong people; same for trading. Can't learn otherwise.

Maybe Wang Xuming is nearing end of career, obviously not paying attention to Cheng Siwei, vice-chairman of the National People’s Congress and an influential figure in Beijing financial circles earlier this year said: “You can’t take administrative measures to change people’s behaviour. The market is based on people’s behaviour. Investors will have to learn their own lessons.”

Bodrum OEE 13:33 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
One could look back in time in the future to call China Stock Market was, reversely sticking to former United States Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's famous "Irrational Exuberance" remark, a rational apathy.

HK REVDAX 12:32 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Mtl JP 12:00//The 'stock god' of China delivered a lecture at the Peking University urging the students to start early in trading.

GENEVA DS 12:17 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
As long as Government agencies and Financial Analysts are all talking about the risks in the Chinese stock market... the biggest risk of all will be a huge long term acceleration of that stock market to 20 000 .... hence carry trades will be the game for the time being... sell JPY and CHF... too many people still hoping and wishing the big turn.... gl

Mtl JP 12:00 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
China Stock Index Breaches 4,000 Points: World's Biggest Mover

..."The CSI 300 is now valued at 46 times earnings, making mainland stocks the most expensive among 14 Asia-Pacific markets tracked by Bloomberg. Japan's Nikkei 225 Stock Average and India's Sensitive Index command the next highest valuations, with each at about 23 times."... - bloomberg

China warns students to stay away from stock market - AFP via yahoo

..."It's inappropriate for college students to invest in stocks because their basic task is to study and establish the foundation for a career," Xinhua quoted ministry spokesman Wang Xuming as saying late Friday."...

That is too funny; why are the bureaucrats bent on denying people practical life lessons ?

Sofia Kaprikorn 08:49 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
not sure if anything will start at all today...

hk ab 08:43 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
cad engine could start again soon.

madrid mm 08:01 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   

BoE MPC "arch-dove" David Blanchflower in UK Observer interview: But as he talks through his reasoning behind his vote, it becomes clear that his vote for a rate rise was more a show of solidarity than a fundamental change of view - and he's ready to switch camps again if he believes data demands it. 'If we have to, we can reverse it."

Blanchflower insists another rate hike to 5.75% is not a foregone conclusion despite the hawkish minutes and market expectation. 'I don't think the MPC has backed itself into a corner. I think it's important for people to get the right balance: we're on the case.

MoF Koji Omi says Japan must be prepared for higher interest rates, when it considers reform.

Japan Farm Minister Toshikatsu Matsuoka committed suicide. Media reports have linked him to political funds scandals.

NKS: The approval rating of PM Shinzo Abe's government plunged 12 points from April to a record low for his cabinet of 41%, according to the latest opinion poll conducted by Nikkei Inc.

French Pres Nicolas Sarkozy is France's most popular new president since General Charles de Gaulle nearly half a century ago, according to Ifop poll for Sunday's Journal du Dimanche on Saturday. 65% of voters are either very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the conservative leader's performance since his May 16 inauguration. - Reuters.

Iran's Hojjatollah Ghanimifard from the state-owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), speaking to Reuters, says Iran now receives about 70% of its oil export earnings in currencies other than the USD, up from the 60% cited in March. "If USD gets weaker, we will increase that percentage." Iran is currently embroiled in a row with US and the international community over its nuclear programme.

Nikkei: U.K. funds are stepping up purchases of Japanese stocks after a lull in share prices made them more attractive.

UK Guardian: Hopes for a breakthrough in US-Iran talks on Iraq diminished last night after Tehran formally complained about alleged US and British spy rings operating in Iran. The two adversaries are due to hold a rare face-to-face meeting in Baghdad today to discuss the future of Iraq.

Very quiet and range bound markets in holiday thinned conditions with parts of Europe off on Pentecost Monday/ Whit Monday, UK off on Spring Bank Day and US off on Memorial Day.USD/JPY traded a tight range of 121.57-82, while EUR/JPY traded a range of 163.60 to 163.80, as most players are sidelined ahead of the holidays. Interest still to buy USD/JPY, EUR/JPY on dips on back of JPY carry trades, overseas investment trust funds demand.

Hearing selling interest from Japanese exporters/ and options related selling ahead of numerous barriers at 121.95-122.00 handle.

EUR/JPY still in demand,eye all time highs of 164.02. interest still to buy EUR/USD, speculation of more Sovereign interest at 1.34 lows.

GBP/USD seen a touch weighed by dovish comments from BoE MPC Blanchflower that another rate hike to 5.75% is not a certainty, and BoE will reverse (cut rates) if it has too. GBP/USD offers at 1.9850-55, while bids at 1.9820-30. EUR/GBP edging a touch higher at 0.6781-83.

Nikkei +106.38pts, or +0.61% at 17,587, Shanghai stocks continue to make new highs. 10-year JGBs futures ff 7-m lows, 10-yr yield +0.005% at 1.725%. Crude oil -0.36 at $64.84 as Nigeria strikes ends.

Asian FX range: USD/JPY 121.57/121.82, EUR/USD 1.3447/1.3459, GBP/USD 1.9832/1.9850, USD/CHF 1.2266/1.2278, AUD/USD 0.8180/0.8194, NZD/USD 0.7255/0.7273.

Wellington, N.Z. 07:48 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   

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Syd 07:34 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Tony Morriss, senior currency strategist at ANZ, said a firm U.S. dollar continues to cap gains by the Australian currency, but a solid band of support is preventing a capitulation for now.

Near-term, however, the Australian dollar appears set to drift lower to around support at around US$0.8120, with weaker metals prices, and a new round of risk aversion due to Asian share market jitters, sapping confidence, Morriss said.

Sue Trinh, senior currency strategist at RBC Capital has her eye on support at US$0.8170 for the Australian dollar, predicting a break lower would invite a move toward US$0.8055.

The catalyst for a slide could be the release Wednesday of April retail sales data, she added.

According to a survey of 18 economists by Dow Jones Newswires on Friday, retail sales are expected to grow 0.5% in April, compared with growth of 1.1% in March.

A sudden cooling in retail demand would begin to cast doubt over the strength of the economy.

Gen dk 07:24 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
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Sofia Kaprikorn 07:16 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
good morning all!
interesting daily charts in EURJPY and EURCHF..
both look toppish with RSI just above 50 center line - however DM in EURJPY is still pointing lower while EURCHF has a DM maintaining the long position...
both are rotating around their 20 day MA - however 55 day MA is pointing straight up...
>> all in all I guess it is a bit more for the upside in them..
comments are highly welcome!

The Netherlands Purk 07:10 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
CL = Clog Land
There are no free trials today and never will. The day people wont charge money for signals those signals will become profitable....

madrid mm 05:55 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
gm FX Jedi,
The fact of the matter is that trading is a game of probabilities and at any given point in time a move may happen out of nowhere that was totally unforeseeable.

Wellington, N.Z. 05:02 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Today’s FX Trading Forecasts:

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Como Perrie 04:42 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
See political forum

Melbourne Qindex 04:39 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
dc CB 03:14 GMT - Thank you, can you tell me a little bit more on that subject.

Syd 03:47 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Japan Omi: Must Anticipate Rises In L/T Rates

Japan Omi: Fiscal Reform Plans Must Consider L/T Rate Risks

Syd 03:43 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
China ST Shrs Down; Shanghai Bourse Shows Concern Listed companies labeled as "special-treatment", or firms with 2 straight years of losses, falling after Shanghai Stock Exchange requests them to warn investors of investment risks once every 2 weeks. "The move shows that the regulator is concerned about the speculative trading in ST shares recently and sparks profit taking," says Chen Huiqin at Huatai Securities; notes ST shares have risen sharply in recent weeks on hopes of asset restructuring. Adds ST shares may face further selling pressure in coming days, as fundamentals of these companies weak; Dongxin Electrical Carbon (600691.SH) hits 5% downside limit at CNY11.33, plastic maker Hebei Baoshuo (600155.SH) hits 5% downside limit at CNY6.90, drug maker Ginwa Enterprise (Group) (600080.SH) off 4.2% at CNY8.37.

dc CB 03:14 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Melbourne Qindex 23:41 GMT May 26, 2007
Mtl JP 15:28 GMT : Something unusal about USD/CAD when one examine its crosses, like AUD/CAD and EUR/CAD. It seems to me that market makers are doing something funny

IMHO: the twits that changed the Nat Resc Trusts Tax status and thus plumeted the listed bid/ask of those trusts. CHUM in the water...big score for the swift.

Syd 02:29 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
TOKYO (Dow Jones)--Japanese corporate service prices rose at their fastest pace of growth in almost 14 years in April on the back of increased labor and fuel costs in the transportation sector, the Bank of Japan said Monday.

The central bank's corporate service price index, which gauges the overall level of prices that companies pay for transportation, advertising, communications and services provided by other firms, stood at 94.2 in April, a 0.1% increase from March and up 1.1% on year. Excluding the effects of consumption tax hike in 1997, that was its fastest pace of on-year growth since January 1993.

The index is being closely watched in April by both the BOJ and market participants as it may serve as an indicator of future developments in Japan's consumer price index, which is the central bank's preferred gauge of inflation. On top of that, the CSPI for last month is of interest because many Japanese companies adjusted their service prices at the start of the fiscal year in April.

ABHA FXS 02:23 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
1 postion At 163.24
1 postion At 163.02
1 postion At 162.91
Weekly Target 165.00

Syd 02:22 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Australia PM Howard's recent forecast that center-right coalition will be annihilated at next election (due by year-end) takes a step closer as latest ACNielsen poll suggests government will lose 46 of its 87 seats in House of Representatives; follows a separate weekend survey showing voters think opposition Labor Party will be returned to power after 11 years in political wilderness

ABHA FXS 02:20 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
1 postion At 240.84
1 postion At 240.51
1 postion At 240.32
Weekly Target 244.00

Syd 01:09 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Deterioration in NZ consumer confidence supports view RBNZ likely to stay on hold next week, says Goldman Sachs JBWere; senior economist Shamubeel Eaqub notes after confidence rose through 2H06 into early 2007, One News Colmar Brunton consumer confidence indicator weakened in past 3 months to show net 10% of respondents were pessimistic about economic outlook. "This suggests the recent interest rate increases by the RBNZ and rising petrol prices may be gaining traction."

BULGARIA KK 00:58 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Halifax CB
Day have to now eventualy volume of the trade in withouth UK and USA on the marcet and capacity of the market for today.

The Netherlands N.G. 00:53 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Wellington, N.Z. 23:35 GMT May 27, 2007

free trial that costs $30, what a misleading post

Halifax CB 00:51 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
KK - Aus & Japan are at work, but expect trading to be light as tomorrow is a holiday for the UK and US, which still dominate the FX markets.

BULGARIA KK 00:45 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
We will wait for Hong Kong and Singapur.

Syd 00:34 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
The Bank of Japan's corporate service price index for April stood at 94.2, up 0.1% from March and up 1.1% from a year earlier, the central bank said Monday.

It was the ninth straight month of on-year growth in the CSPI and followed a 0.6% increase for March. The rise also marked the highest on-year rise since January 1993.

The CSPI gauges the overall level of prices that companies pay for transportation, advertising, communications and services provided by other firms.

BULGARIA KK 00:22 GMT May 28, 2007 Reply   
Somebody nows Australia and Japan trading or thay hase hollyday today too,and what will be the wolume.


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Global-View Affiliate Program

We are starting an affiliate program to market some of our products.

Send me an email if you would be interested or if you know someone who would like to be an affiliate. Generous commissions payout for those accepted.

Put the word "affiliate" in the email subject line.

Contact us

Start trading with forex broker Markets Cube


Retail Forex Brokerage Changing!

Are you looking for your first broker or do you need of a new one? There are more critical things to consider than you might have thought.

We were trading long before there were online brokers. Global-View has been directly involved with the industry since its infancy. We've seen everything and are up-to-data with recent regulatory changes.

Our Best Brokers listing section includes:Forex Broker Reviews, Forex Broker Directory, Forex Broker Comparisons and advice on How to Choose a Forex Broker

If would like guidance, advice, or have any concerns at all ASK US. We are here to help you.

SEE Our Best Brokers List

Currency Trading Tools

  • Live rates, currency news, fx charts. 

  • Research reports and currency forecasts.

  • Foreign Exchange database and history.

  • Weekly economic calendar.

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