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Forex Forum Archive for 08/29/2010

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singapore td 23:59 GMT August 29, 2010
Trade Ideas

followed you FM, audusd looks toppish
sell 0.9014, stop 0.9072

Richland QC Mailman 23:51 GMT August 29, 2010
Gbp/Usd - Inverted HS Pattern
Good morning folks! Anyone seeing the pattern? This may reinforce buying for as long as it is above 1.5500. Positioning our troops already.

Ath. L.K. 23:50 GMT August 29, 2010
Entry: 85.50 Target: 92.00 Stop: 84.80

Dolls time...

Good Luck!

jerusalem kb 23:34 GMT August 29, 2010
GBPUSD(buy a break of 1.5625
Entry: Target: Stop:

break of last week high may push the pair to 1.5735 where a clear break may target 1.5963 and a break of 1.6025 ,... no downside out look for now , i will be in hold unless a break of 1.5625

Syd 23:13 GMT August 29, 2010
NZ July Trade Deficit Wider Than Market Expected
July trade deficit NZ$186 million vs expectations for NZ$22 million deficit.

OECD's White Interview About Global Economy

UK Economy To Slow Sharply Over Medium Term - BCC
The pace of the U.K.'s economic growth will slow sharply over the medium term as the coalition government's tough measures to reduce the deficit set in, The BCC said it expects unemployment to increase over the next 18 months, forecasting it to peak at 2.65 million--the equivalent of 8.3% of the work force--in the first half of 2012. British Chambers of Commerce said Sunday.

Syd 22:33 GMT August 29, 2010
BoJ May Opt For More Quantitative Easing - NAB
Bank of Japan will likely opt for an expansion in its quantitative easing, possibly by increasing size of its three month facility from Y20 trillion or extending its duration to six months, say NAB FX Strategist John Kyriakopoulos. USD/JPY last 85.59, touched a high of 85.735 from 85.38 early.

GVI Forex john 22:15 GMT August 29, 2010
GVI Forex Trading Support

Emergency policy ease expected from the BOJ. and special loan program for businesses.

Lahore FM 22:13 GMT August 29, 2010
GVI Forex Trading Support

there is a possibility that all this ado about nothing WILL come come to nothing.

Syd 22:12 GMT August 29, 2010
BOJ Intervention Would Face Powerful Cross Currents
TORONTO (Dow Jones)--If the Bank of Japan does dive into foreign-exchange markets to try to quell strength in the yen, it will find itself struggling against some strong cross currents.
Intervention is viewed as the most powerful weapon in a central bank's arsenal, but considering the forces pushing the yen higher, classic intervention through selling the yen and buying the dollar may not pack enough of a punch to hold the yen down. Should the BOJ intervene, it will have to contend with a number of powerful market forces that are keeping the currency buoyant. The significance of those forces is reflected in one telling fact: In the week ending Aug. 20, total capital exports from Japan totaled Y1241.4 billon yen, according to a report from Jessica Hoversen, fixed-income and foreign exchange analyst at MF Global in Chicago.
Chinese interest in the yen could be a powerful force supporting the Japanese currency, Hoversen said in an interview. "China has very deep pockets," she said.

Currency hedging by Japanese investors buying foreign bonds is another factor that offsets the impact of capital outflows from Japan on the yen, Hoversen said.

There are other potential flows that could provide support to the yen and offset the impact of intervention.

One is the likelihood of further Japanese divestment of bonds from troubled economies in the periphery of the euro zone, a factor identified in a report from UBS.

"Japanese institutional investors are clearly conscious of the unfolding debt crisis in the Eurozone and have not been slow to rebalance their portfolios away from fiscally challenged sovereigns," UBS said.

"Portfolio adjustment flows have already been sizable, and cumulative net sales of Greek debt since January have totalled Y0.7 trillion," UBS said.

"Approximately Y1.5 trillion of peripheral sovereign debt remains in Japanese hands, two-thirds of which is of Irish origin," it said. "That makes S&P's downgrade of Ireland's credit rating especially significant," UBS added.

Some of the funds realized through sales of peripheral bonds would likely be switched into Bunds, but a significant portion of what remains would most likely be repatriated, adding to appreciation pressures on the yen, it said.

Lahore FM 22:12 GMT August 29, 2010
GVI Forex Trading Support

its boj for yen meeting not boj for economy meeting.

GVI Forex john 22:08 GMT August 29, 2010
GVI Forex Trading Support

BOJ Gov Shirakawa Press Conference at 0530 GMT following emergency BOJ meeting @ 00:00 GMT.

jerusalem kb 21:42 GMT August 29, 2010
buy gbpjpy
Entry: 132.60 Target: 133.60/135.10 Stop: 131.60

small long long risky trade

GVI Forex Blog 21:41 GMT August 29, 2010 Reply   
Fed boosts risk appetite. US equities surged after Fed Chairman Bernanke’s closely followed speech at the Jackson Hole symposium, where he pledged to ensure a continuation of the recovery, i

Forex Research - Morning Report (Westpac)

Lahore FM 21:14 GMT August 29, 2010
Trade Ideas

Entry: 1.0501 Target: Stop: none

long here.

Lahore FM 21:13 GMT August 29, 2010
Trade Ideas

Entry: 1.7230 Target: Stop: 1.7080

bought for 1.8000.

Lahore FM 21:12 GMT August 29, 2010
Trade Ideas

Entry: 0.9016 Target: Stop: 0.9090


Syd 20:50 GMT August 29, 2010
EUR/USD Faces Week Of Event Risk -BNZ
EUR/USD to be pushed around by U.S. economic data releases, Fed comments this week, says BNZ FX strategist Mike Jones; "The week ahead is simply chock full of event risk." Pair last 1.2757 vs 1.2734 late Friday. Says August FOMC minutes, Fed speakers to provide some direction "but the two top tier releases on the U.S. data calendar, the ISM manufacturing survey and non-farm payrolls for August will occupy most of the markets' focus." Adds suspects further evidence of a rapid slowing in U.S. activity would undermine U.S. bond yields, USD. Puts support at 1.2705 with resistance not until 1.2880.

HK [email protected] 20:47 GMT August 29, 2010
Warning in metals and tips on forex trading..


Mahendra was several times deadly wrong.

Maybe this time he will come out to be right, not because of astrology, but because of the possibility that large numbers of Specs. have already positioned themselves long-gold in an anticipation that Sep. will be their lucky month.

It is possible that Aug. already did it, and things may not be too rosy for them.

Syd 20:15 GMT August 29, 2010
Investors braced for week of key data
Non-farm payrolls data due on Friday – the most important indicator on the health of the US labour market and the economy – are expected to show that private sector employers created only 42,000 jobs in August and the unemployment rate rose, according to economists surveyed by Reuters.LINK

Gray Matters in Booming China
If having too small a population doesn't seem like a pressing problem for China, think again.LINK

NZD/USD likely to trend higher following potential moves in AUD/USD, says ANZ in its morning briefing; "Expect support for the NZD from across the Tasman as the AUD lines up a bumper economic week." Pair last 0.7145 vs 0.7056 late Friday. Says NZD/USD finished week higher as offshore equity markets were comforted by U.S. Fed Chairman Bernanke promise to do what it takes to support economic recovery.

GVI Forex john 20:10 GMT August 29, 2010
GVI Forex Trading Support

Entry: Target: Stop:

Res 3	1.2886	87.00	1.0397	1.5650	1.0730
Res 2	1.2832	86.24	1.0349	1.5594	1.0689
Res 1	1.2785	85.79	1.0319	1.5556	1.0603
Pivot	1.2731	85.03	1.0271	1.5500	1.0562
Sup 1	1.2684	84.58	1.0241	1.5462	1.0476
Sup 2	1.2630	83.82	1.0193	1.5406	1.0435
Sup 3	1.2583	83.37	1.0163	1.5368	1.0349

Res 3	0.8289	111.36	1.3281	0.9197
Res 2	0.8261	110.15	1.3200	0.9097
Res 1	0.8234	109.43	1.3156	0.9045
Pivot	0.8206	108.22	1.3075	0.8945
Sup 1	0.8179	107.50	1.3031	0.8893
Sup 2	0.8151	106.29	1.2950	0.8793
Sup 3	0.8124	105.57	1.2906	0.8741

GVI Forex john 20:08 GMT August 29, 2010
GVI Forex Trading Support

Entry: Target: Stop:

Haifa ac 15:39 GMT August 29, 2010
Warning in metals and tips on forex trading..

Watch the opposite happening!

Richland QC Mailman 15:39 GMT August 29, 2010
EUR/CHF - found a bottom;
Entry: 1.3080 Target: 1.3180 Stop: 1.3053

Mailman Trading Envelope (MTE) contains Eur/Chf and dollar/yen for delivery.

We think planting seeds on the pair is a HIGH Probability trade - first 1.3180 then 1.3450.

GVI Forex Blog 15:32 GMT August 29, 2010 Reply   
Here are some key forex support and resistance levels for the upcoming trading week.

Key Forex Technical Trading Levels

Mumbai 13:51 GMT August 29, 2010
Warning in metals and tips on forex trading..
An article from the famous man Mahendra Sharma warning metal traders to trade carefully as planetary position is indicating huge up move in metals from mid October but current time is still indicating weak... also wrote on how to trade in Dollar, Oil, Copper, Silver,etc.... just read and thought to share with you may be helpful.

NG Cfanfx 13:34 GMT August 29, 2010

Entry: Target: Stop:

quit agreed follow the price action on AUDUSD the weekly chart find its support at lower band of bollinger 20 sma and the top of ichimoku cloud with the spining top formation and consequent doji day close that lead to the jump to the 20 sma as res. (50 % fib)

will need to wait for further price action for a slight pullback on 4 hr chart to watch for a relong entry to 0.9050 61.8% of the current fall retracement.

really i see gaining more strength to the upside.

Richland QC Mailman 11:20 GMT August 29, 2010

The 4-Hr charts are speaking for themselves. Aussie could be gathering more strength on Monday. However, it has touched already 8998 which is 50% fibo (9220 - 8769). Break-out traders better be cautious.

We would like to see 9050 (61.8% fibo) and confluence of events to prove the rally is on its final stages before considering shorting.

We would like to look more at eur/yen and dlr/yen for trading opportunities this time the LONG side.

Syd 08:29 GMT August 29, 2010
Time to Grab "A Fistful of Dollars"?
Evidence That "Following the Crowd" Is Almost Always the Wrong Move
Explainer: Why the Fed's Hands are Tied When it Comes to Deflation
PBOC Advisor: China Should Launch Deposit-rate Floating System-Xinhua
People's Bank of China advisor Xia Bin suggested China to launch a system that could allow the deposit interest rate to float in response to the rising consumer price index in China, the state-run Xinhua News Agency said Sunday

Business Council of Australia warns of risks if reform stalls
BIG business has warned independent MPs that the stalling of policy reform could send the economy into a downward spiral
The Business Council of Australia wrote yesterday to Tony Windsor, Bob Katter and Rob Oakeshott as they consider which party to back, outlining a five-point plan for urgent reform that includes the creation of an independent commission of budget integrity modelled on similar bodies under the Greiner and Kennett state governments.
In an exclusive round-table discussion with The Weekend Australian, senior BCA members demanded the new government start again on Julia Gillard's mining tax truce, shelve infrastructure promises made during the election campaign and put the National Broadbank Network on hold pending a proper cost-benefit study and because of fears it would strangle competition.

HK [email protected] 01:49 GMT August 29, 2010
Daily RSI for AUD/USD has breached the 50-equator, an event not seen since July 6 2010.

That worth a second look .

On top daily Stoch. and MACD have enough space to be generous to an upside move.

Next target for AUD/USD is ~90.50, a breach of which may give place for some more up move.

Analysts whom expected a decline to ~0.8600 and failed to predict the sudden Friday-upward reaction for the currency, are now trying to find hope in a limited upmove as of not losing too much face.

K.I.S: Make your own analysis!!!


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