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Forex Forum Archive for 01/29/2012

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Boston eFX 23:35 GMT January 29, 2012
Gold Remains In Strong Uptrend -ScotiaMocatta
(Dow Jones via eFXnews) Spot gold loses 60 cents to $1,737.80/oz, but holds most of Friday's tidy gain, which Commonwealth Bank of Australia attributed to the impact of a weaker USD in response to softer-than-expected U.S. economic growth data. Friday's rise extended a 13% rally from a recent low on Dec. 29 of $1,544.50.

Technically, ScotiaMocatta says gold .....

Gold Remains In Strong Uptrend -ScotiaMocatta (full story)

hk ab 23:20 GMT January 29, 2012
ninja KL, don't forget to short more gold in Asian morning session.

la la 22:59 GMT January 29, 2012
No gap openings this week.

Boston eFX 22:46 GMT January 29, 2012
AUD/USD In Slightly Overbought Territory - Westpac
(Dow Jones via eFXnews) The AUD/USD is now "slightly overbought," but no technical reversal signals are evident and momentum remains positive, says Westpac Currency Strategist Imre Speizer in a note, adding local data calendars are empty.

The Greek bondholder ......

AUD/USD In Slightly Overbought Territory - Westpac (full story)

JERUSALEM KB 22:19 GMT January 29, 2012
Forex Trading Plan

Entry: 0.8450 Target: 0.8330-0.8140 Stop: 0.8490

sell limit

GVI Forex john 21:32 GMT January 29, 2012
Trade Talk- Whats Moving Markets

  • Key Items EZ- Sentiment  US- Personal Income Data.

  • The  markets should return to full volume this week with Asian markets finally all back after the Lunar New Year

  • It might seem like old news but the Fed policy surprise announced last week continues to impact trading. One aspect of that announcement is a new inflation target (2.0% y/y) in Personal Consumption Expenditures deflator (PCE) due Monday. November saw 2.5% y/y.

  • The announcement of an easy monetary policy for three more years runs the risk of turning the USD into a funding currency for carry trades. If such an eventuality develops, the USD could weaken.

  • We have no reason not to believe that some sort of agreement will be reached on Greek sovereign bond haircuts, but have no idea when. An accord should be priced into the markets. By now, the surprise would be no accord.

  • End of fiscal year Japanese life insurance investment adjustment activity coming into focus? 

GVI Forex Blog 21:31 GMT January 29, 2012 Reply   
Key Items EZ- Sentiment US- Personal Income Data. The markets should return to full volume this week with Asian markets finally all back after the Lunar New Year It might seem like old news but the Fed policy surprise announced last week continues to impact trading. One aspect of that announcement is a new inflation target (2.0% y/y) in Personal Consumption Expenditures deflator (PCE) due Monday. November saw 2.5% y/y.

Forex Trade Talk 00:00 GMT 30 January 2012

Syd 21:24 GMT January 29, 2012
U.S. Dollar Forecast: What Everyone Needs To Know
With so much attention justifiably focused on the EU sovereign debt and banking crisis,

it’s worth taking break from Europe and considering the USD’s prospects for 2012.

Syd 21:19 GMT January 29, 2012
China's Copper Buying Frenzy Is Not Over Yet

Syd 21:06 GMT January 29, 2012
It's Official: German Economy Minister Demands Surrender Of Greek Budget Policy, Says It Is First Of
It's Official: German Economy Minister Demands Surrender Of Greek Budget Policy, Says It Is First Of Many Such Sovereign "Requests


Syd 21:00 GMT January 29, 2012
Is Sarkozy about to throw in the towel?
France's leader addresses nation as speculation grows he may not run again. By John Lichfield

Syd 20:51 GMT January 29, 2012
Spain unemployment tops 5.3m and set to get worseThe conservative government of Mariano Rajoy has st
conservative government of Mariano Rajoy has started to quietly beg the EU to ease up on deficit targets which require savage spending cuts


GVI Forex john 20:49 GMT January 29, 2012

January 29 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, January 30. Updated: Trading Events Calendar:

  • Far East: No Major Data.
  • Europe: EZ- Consumer Sentiment, Business Climate, Economic Sentiment.
  • North America: US- Personal Income, PCE deflator, Core PCE.

  • Indo jak 20:39 GMT January 29, 2012
    Short 1.3247/56/70 Tp 1.3003.Buylevel tp 1.3431 end of week

    GVI Forex john 20:29 GMT January 29, 2012
    Trade Talk- Whats Moving Markets
    Early levels...
    EURUSD 1.3220 -5
    USDJPY 76.67 0
    USDCHF 9120 +3
    GBPUSD 1.5725 -13

    GVI Forex john 19:38 GMT January 29, 2012
    News of the Day Forum

    Just checked in? Visit the G-V
    News of the Day Forum

    for key posts from the Forex Forum and GVI Forex. ALSO periodic bond yield updates from GVI Forex. Link in the Forum Directory under the "FORUMS" or "Today's News" at the top of forums.

    Boston eFX 18:47 GMT January 29, 2012
    Euro/Dollar: A Pair Of Casualties
    (Dow Jones via eFXnews) The euro/dollar pair is moving higher, but determining a future direction poses a problem: Both the euro and the dollar have a lot of baggage.

    I anticipate that the euro could be going for ......

    Euro/Dollar: A Pair Of Casualties (full story)

    Boston eFX 18:42 GMT January 29, 2012
    Speculators Set New $28.1 Billion Record In Net Euro Shorts - CFTC
    (Dow Jones via eFXnews) Speculators, rejecting European leaders' assurances that they are close to a framework for solving the euro zone's sovereign-debt problems, piled into pessimistic wagers that the euro will lose value, setting a new record as of Jan. 24, government data showed Friday.

    Traders held a net $28.1 billion in bets against the euro, 10% more than the previous week. That represents a ....

    Speculators Set New $28.1 Billion Record In Net Euro Shorts - CFTC (full story)

    Minneapolis DRS2 18:03 GMT January 29, 2012
    More shorts for EUR/USD?
    I see on ZH that Stolper (GS) is shorting the USD again.

    I guess that means it's time to start adding some more EUR/USD shorts.


    dc CB 17:55 GMT January 29, 2012
    It Has a Fancy Name, but Will It Get Tough?
    PRESIDENT OBAMA told the nation last week that he was convening a task force to investigate the abusive practices in the mortgage industry that led to our economic woes. Both lending and the practice of bundling loans into securities will come under scrutiny, he said, adding: “This new unit will hold accountable those who broke the law, speed assistance to homeowners and help turn the page on an era of recklessness that hurt so many Americans.”

    Some greeted this new task force — its unwieldy name is the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group — with skepticism. It is an election year, after all, and many might wonder if this is just a public-relations response to the outrage against the institutions and executives that almost wrecked the economy.

    If this task force nailed some big names, and soon, it would help to allay deep suspicions that the authorities have given powerful people and institutions a pass during this awful episode.


    dc CB 17:48 GMT January 29, 2012
    Goldman's Tom Stolper Conducts Sunday Hitfest On The USD
    It is one thing for Tom Stolper to release precious tidbits about what is not going to happen in the future on a weekday - for those we are very grateful. But doing so on god's (or is that Goldman's) day is truly a first.

    In a note just blasted out, it would appear there is no rest for the Stolper, and according to the world's most admired FX strategist (remember: batting 0.000 is just as useful as batting 1.000), "Dollar downside forces on the rise" and that Goldman is positioned "short the USD again"...

    And to think it was only three weeks ago that the same strategist saw downside risks for the EURUSD to 1.20...

    We are Positioned Short the USD Again

    GVI Forex john 16:56 GMT January 29, 2012
    USD Pivot Points
    many more chart points

    Refresh Forum MANUALLY to update table

    JERUSALEM KB 16:28 GMT January 29, 2012
    Forex Trading Plan

    Entry: Target: Stop:

    we can have an early entry using daily chart

    JERUSALEM KB 16:27 GMT January 29, 2012
    Forex Trading Plan

    Entry: Target: Stop:

    remember this weekly chart

    JERUSALEM KB 16:26 GMT January 29, 2012
    Forex Trading Plan

    Entry: Target: Stop:

    San DIego LC 21:15:35 GMT - 01/27/2012
    nice gold chart, KB. There's some wood to chop from 1750-1800 but after that I think we accelerate past the all time highs to test 2000 fairly soon, and then...

    From right here lots of people are expecting a pullback, but I'm not so sure. It's logical and prudent to expect one, but a bigger surprise, and therefore the greater pain might be for a strong continuation next week. China is back after Chinese New Years and I'm eager to see if they fade the strong weekly move up or jump on board and send it higher to test the 1750-70 area first.
    thanks LC
    gold is very choppy in this area and pull back is highly expected but will be limited above 1700 ,regarding 2000$. i think gold may face a strong ress. levels at 1762-1802-1827 at & too early to say we may see another high

    Saar KaL 15:44 GMT January 29, 2012
    Lop-sided reporting.. or What ?

    This sort of stuff only happens here is what i thought...LOL

    philadelphia caba 15:38 GMT January 29, 2012
    Jordan May Become SNB President in February, Sonntag Reports
    Thomas Jordan may be confirmed as the permanent president of the Swiss National Bank in February, Der Sonntag reported, citing unidentified people close to the government.Bloomberg.

    GVI Forex john 15:11 GMT January 29, 2012

    Friday was the final day of Lunar New Year observances in China.

    ny cn 15:03 GMT January 29, 2012
    Is the Lunar new year holiday over in China?

    GVI Forex Technicals 13:44 GMT January 29, 2012
    USD Moving Averages/Bollinger Bands
    many more chart points

    Refresh Forum MANUALLY to update table

    About Moving Averages
    About Bollinger Bands

    Cambridge Joe 13:30 GMT January 29, 2012
    Lop-sided reporting.. or What ?
    Police fire tear gas at Oakland, 200 arrested

    By Laird Harrison and Emmett Burg - Reuters – 2 hrs 18 mins ago

    "Officers were pelted with bottles, metal pipe, rocks, spray cans,....... improvised explosive devices ....and burning flares," the Oakland Police Department said in a statement. "Oakland Police Department deployed smoke and tear gas."

    Meanwhile.... the police ..... " swung batons at protesters."

    Fx Trading Discussion 13:14 GMT January 29, 2012 Reply   

    Trader of the Month Contest

    Saar KaL 08:33 GMT January 29, 2012
    KaL's Trend and Level

    Updated data
    + More pairs for close on feb 3rd close range
    lots of crosses are northbound

    NZD/USD 0.8443 0.8288
    EUR/GBP 0.8556 0.842
    USD/CHF 0.8999 0.876
    USD/CAD 0.9976 0.9827
    AUD/USD 1.0904 1.068
    EUR/CHF 1.2081 1.2019
    EUR/AUD 1.2614 1.2366
    EUR/CAD 1.3462 1.3217
    EUR/USD 1.3709 1.3369
    GBP/CHF 1.4321 1.4048
    GBP/AUD 1.4916 1.4678
    GBP/CAD 1.5942 1.566
    GBP/USD 1.6138 1.5773
    GBP/NZD 1.9259 1.8823
    Silver 37.6098 35.166
    USD/JPY 78.8952 77.7174
    CAD/JPY 79.6525 78.5137
    AUD/JPY 85.2028 83.7049
    CHF/JPY 88.8362 86.858
    EUR/JPY 107.2252 104.6666
    GBP/JPY 126.3352 123.446
    Gold 1824.5084 1745.5091

    hk ab 03:36 GMT January 29, 2012

    CB, thanks million.

    If metal guards well on Monday, we should see 19xx in Feb


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