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Forex Forum Archive for 01/1/2013

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GVI Forex john bland 22:36 GMT January 1, 2013

AU PMI. Better but still very weak.

GVI Forex john bland 22:32 GMT January 1, 2013

-- ALERT --
Australia PMI December 2012
44.3 vs. n/a exp. vs. 43.5 prev.

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Lebanon 22:31 GMT January 1, 2013
Dow Jones

Dear Cambridge Joe ,
thanks ..

Cambridge Joe 22:22 GMT January 1, 2013
Dow Jones


If you are already short, then I suggest that you protect entry as most I have suggests that after immediate / initial softness, then firming will prevail. That is for the next session or two.

The best I have..... been wrong before tho ... !

Peace out and good night.

ed kw 22:11 GMT January 1, 2013
Dow Jones

30min chart is the only indikator in a unknown

Lebanon 22:07 GMT January 1, 2013
Dow Jones

Dear ed kw ,
do u mean buy or sell ?

ed kw 22:01 GMT January 1, 2013
Dow Jones

this week i will trade off 30min charts and run

Lebanon 21:54 GMT January 1, 2013
Dow Jones
happy hew year friends ,

is there any idea about dow jones ? to where .. ?
if short where's SL and Profit ?


ed kw 21:53 GMT January 1, 2013
Badass of the week.

commodities are lagging for a bit but can get legs in a big risk on

Cambridge Joe 21:07 GMT January 1, 2013
Badass of the week.

ACC. Yeah..... sorry, you are right.

But we all have our faults and weakness'.

He was a Warrior worthy of respect, a man who selflessly rendered great service and leadership when it was needed.

BTW If it had been ready in time, Berlin would have got it before Nagasaki and or Hiroshima.

Cambridge Joe 20:57 GMT January 1, 2013
Badass of the week.

Cable looking to soften during Asia and more. Time to make safe if you're long IMO

02:00.... 03:30 looking likely to see lower levels begin. IMO. GL

Sydney ACC 20:56 GMT January 1, 2013
Badass of the week.

I love this quote from the Wikipedia connection:
As the Pacific War was still on, Churchill was sent to Burma, where the largest land battles against Japan were being fought. By the time Churchill reached India, Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been bombed and the war ended. Churchill was said to be unhappy with the sudden end of the war, saying: "If it wasn't for those censored Yanks, we could have kept the war going another 10 years."[

Cambridge Joe 20:44 GMT January 1, 2013
Badass of the week.

kw. He was a 'dude' ! Longbow and Broadsword.... !

In the newspaper article it describes how he took out an enemy machine-gun-nest from 200 m with his bow alone !

Now that is a tale to inspire the young.... not these spineless half-lings that fill the TV screens.

IMO of course ! :)

ps. I've Cable looking softer short term atm.

ed kw 20:30 GMT January 1, 2013
Badass of the week.

Joe that is the way we must approach the market gb

London Misha 20:10 GMT January 1, 2013
Early prices
Early indications of prices
EURUSD 1.3191-95
USDJPY 86.76-78
GBPUSD 1.6242-47
USDCHF 0.9154-63
AUDUSD 1.0384-94

Cambridge Joe 19:44 GMT January 1, 2013
Badass of the week.
Happy New Year one and all.

Caught this story in the papers today. Thought that some might find it of interest.

Apologies to those disinterested or offended.


"Mad Jack" Churchill
Nickname Mad Jack
Born 16 September 1906
Hong Kong
Died 8 March 1996 (aged 89)
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch British Army
Years of service 1926�1936
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Awards Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross

Lieutenant Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming "Jack" Churchill, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar (16 September 1906 � 8 March 1996), nicknamed Fighting Jack Churchill and Mad Jack, was a British soldier who fought throughout World War II armed with a longbow, arrows, and a Scottish broadsword. He is known for the motto "any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly armed."

Born in Hong Kong to English parents and educated at King William's College on the Isle of Man, Churchill graduated from Sandhurst in 1926 and served in Burma with the Manchester Regiment. He left the army in 1936 and worked as a newspaper editor. He used his archery and bagpipe talents to play a small role in the film The Thief of Bagdad.
[edit]Second World War

Churchill resumed his commission after Poland was invaded. In May 1940 Churchill and his unit, the Manchester Regiment, ambushed a German patrol near L'Epinette, France.

Churchill gave the signal to attack by cutting down the enemy Feldwebel (sergeant) with his barbed arrows, becoming the only British soldier known to have felled an enemy with a longbow in WWII.[1]

After fighting at Dunkirk, he volunteered for the Commandos[citation needed].
Churchill was second in command of No. 3 Commando in Operation Archery, a raid on the German garrison at V�gs�y, Norway on 27 December 1941.[2] As the ramps fell on the first landing craft, Churchill leapt forward from his position and played a tune on his bagpipes, before throwing a grenade and running into battle in the bay. For his actions at Dunkirk and V�gs�y, Churchill received the Military Cross and Bar.
In July 1943, as commanding officer, he led 2 Commando from their landing site at Catania in Sicily with his trademark Scottish broadsword slung around his waist, a longbow and arrows around his neck and his bagpipes under his arm.[3] which he also did in the landings at Salerno. Leading 2 Commando, Churchill was ordered to capture a German observation post outside of the town of La Molina, controlling a pass leading down to the Salerno beach-head. He led the attack by 2 and 41 Commandos, infiltrated the town and captured the post, taking 42 prisoners including a mortar squad. Churchill led the men and prisoners back down the pass, with the wounded being carried on carts pushed by German prisoners. He commented that it was "an image from the Napoleonic Wars."[4] He received the Distinguished Service Order for leading this action at Salerno.[5]
In 1944 he led the Commandos in Yugoslavia, where they supported Josip Broz Tito's Partisans from the Adriatic island of Vis.[6] In May he was ordered to raid the German held island of Brač. He organized a "motley army" of 1,500 Partisans, 43 Commando and one troop from 40 Commando for the raid. The landing was unopposed but on seeing the eyries from which they later encountered German fire, the Partisans decided to defer the attack until the following day. Churchill's bagpipes signalled the remaining Commandos to battle. After being strafed by an RAF Spitfire, Churchill decided to withdraw for the night and to re-launch the attack the following morning.[7] The following morning, one flanking attack was launched by 43 Commando with Churchill leading the elements from 40 Commando. The Partisans remained at the landing area; only Churchill and six others managed to reach the objective. A mortar shell killed or wounded everyone but Churchill, who was playing "Will Ye No Come Back Again?" on his pipes as the Germans advanced. He was knocked unconscious by grenades and captured.[7] He was later flown to Berlin for interrogation and then transferred to Sachsenhausen concentration camp.


What a man. What a life.

Looking forward to the New Year trading. GL to all!

ed kw 18:29 GMT January 1, 2013

Middle East oil out put is down so the usa oil boom is starting to get steam

ed kw 18:25 GMT January 1, 2013

USD Dallas Fed Manufacturing Activity (DEC)
6.8 -0.5 -2.8

this is the driver this week/usd has cheap N gas in part its the competitive advantage that you cant underestimate

hk ooozmeeh 16:26 GMT January 1, 2013
Vice Pres. Biden to meet with House Dems at 12:15pm (CNN)

hk ab 16:16 GMT January 1, 2013
let's wait for the final downgrade of US Ty........

not too far away imvho and that will ignite the real gold rush.

looks like to me another shot up and then deflated to welcome a final wash out in Jan.........GL and GT.

GVI Forex john bland 16:10 GMT January 1, 2013
Forex Analysis-- The fiscal cliff is starting to fade. Japan still needs a weaker JPY. Many markets

HIGH IMPACT ITEMS: EZ- Final Mfg PMI, GB- Mfg PMI, US- Final Markit and ISM Mfg PMIs.

  • As expected, a trimmed down interim fiscal cliff accord before paseed in the Senate eaerly Tuesday. The bill now goes to the House. Nothing was done to address the long-term structural deficit.
  • Many, but not all, markets will reopen on Wednesday.
  • The Japanese economy remains mired in deflation.We feel further JPY weakness is desired. PM Abe has a USDJPY target of about 90.00.
  • The key EURUSD 20-day average is 1.3129. The 10-yr bund was 1.32%, +1 bp Key European bourses are down. U.S. shares up. The U.S. 10-yr is 1.71%, 0 bp.
  • Many Asian centers are on goloday.
  • Asian bourses were mixed Monday. The 10-yr JGB is 0.79%, 0 bp. The USDJPY 20-day average is 83.96. EURJPY 20-day average is 110.24.

hk ooozmeeh 16:04 GMT January 1, 2013
Fiscal crisis measure now heads to the House for approval
The fate of a hard-fought early-morning Senate deal on tax hikes and spending cuts now rests with the House of Representatives where it faces a tough sell.
Members of the GOP-controlled House are scheduled to meet at noon and take up the measure.

Read more:

hk ooozmeeh 16:02 GMT January 1, 2013
In last-minute vote, Senate approves fiscal deal
In a frantic rush of negotiations on New Year's Eve, the Senate moved the nation away from the "fiscal cliff." NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports and NBC political director Chuck Todd offers analysis. By NBC News staff and wire reports. The U.S. narrowly avoided

GVI Forex Free FX Database 15:13 GMT January 1, 2013
Chart Points

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:05 GMT January 1, 2013
currency prediction

I just posted this USDJPY weekly chart on GVI Forex

While above 85.54 risk is for 95.00 although I prefer to use 85.00 as the key (bias setting) level.

singapore 14:58 GMT January 1, 2013
currency prediction
Hi friends,
what is your dollaryen target in 2013?

hk nij 14:26 GMT January 1, 2013
Gold : Current Comments

thank you Dr Quinn

GVI Forex john bland 14:13 GMT January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Wednesday, January 2. Updated: Trading Events Calendar


  • Far East: AU- Holiday. CN- Holiday. JP- Holiday.
  • Europe: CH- Holiday. EZ- final Mfg PMIs, GB- Mfg PMI.
  • Americas: US- Mortgage Statistics, Markit/ISM PMIs, Construction Spending.

GVI Forex john bland 13:57 GMT January 1, 2013

China NBS PMI December 2012 below estimates..

GVI Forex john bland 13:50 GMT January 1, 2013

-- Earlier --
China NBS PMI December 2012
NBS: 50.6 vs. 50.6 exp. vs. 50.6 prev.

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GVI Forex Jay Meisler 12:24 GMT January 1, 2013
Fiscal Cliff
Details of the deal

Senate Passes Legislation to Allow Taxes on Affluent to Rise

Melbourne Qindex 11:27 GMT January 1, 2013
Gold : Current Comments

Entry: Target: Stop:

Gold : Weekly Cycle Projected Series :

... 1559.2 - 1572.5 - 1585.8 - 1592.5 // 1599.1* - 1605.8 - 1612.4 - 1619.1 - 1625.8* - 1632.4 - [1639.1] - 1645.7 - 1652.4* - 1659.0 - 1665.7 - 1672.3 - 1679.0* // 1685.6 - 1692.3 - 1705.6* - 1718.9 ...

Gold : Monthly Cycle Charts

lebanon 11:11 GMT January 1, 2013
Happy New year..>Short Dow

Happy new year . Whats ur sl plz ? And tp ?

Fx Trading Discussion 11:04 GMT January 1, 2013 Reply   


hk ab 10:46 GMT January 1, 2013
Kwun, if you need a promising system for gold, then humbly learn the silly bank indicator as it has an 80% hit rate for m/t (at most 1 month) accuracy on direction.

HK RF@ 09:54 GMT January 1, 2013
Gold : Current Comments


Not correct?.... There is a S/L for this purpose

Except that, recently gold is a bit hard to predict using T.A. :)

And always make independently your own analysis.

Porto Cubriclas 09:08 GMT January 1, 2013
Gold : Current Comments

QINDEX keep the good work.

Central Kwun 08:18 GMT January 1, 2013
Gold : Current Comments

hk ooozmeeh 04:45 GMT January 1, 2013 - My Profile
Gold : Current Comments : Reply
kwun, its normal that we are not always correct, QINDEX is a very respected here at gvi eversince.. gt to u

ooozmeeh, you are right, respect is important, but i know he got pay when providing FX service. So more demanding will be on him. Happy New Year

HK Kevin 07:50 GMT January 1, 2013
Happy New Year
Wish you all another profitable and fruitful year in 2013.

hk ooozmeeh 04:45 GMT January 1, 2013
Gold : Current Comments

kwun, its normal that we are not always correct, QINDEX is a very respected here at gvi eversince.. gt to u

GVI Forex Blog 04:00 GMT January 1, 2013 Reply   

Morning Briefing : 01-Jan-2013 -0356 GMT


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Wed 29 May 2019
A 08:55 DE- Employment
AA 18:00 US- BOC Decision
A 18:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 30 Mar 2019
AAEZ/CH- Holiday
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 31 Mar 2019
AA 10:00 EZ- Flash HICP
A 12:30 US- Personal Income, Spending, Deflator
AA 14:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan

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