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Forex Forum Archive for 01/05/2013

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ed kw 23:43 GMT January 5, 2013


ed kw 23:40 GMT January 5, 2013
all i do is pick key words and search google/for fx i pick the last 24 hour op


msa nsm 22:43 GMT January 5, 2013
managed accounts
hi, hny to all. kindly need advice or insights on best fund managers. thnkx

Lebanon 20:59 GMT January 5, 2013

Dear ed kw ,
thank you for the informations ..

sheffiled Mak 20:48 GMT January 5, 2013
Aussies dollar forcast
Entry: Target: Stop:

has anyone any idea where "AUD/JPY" is going and why JPY is going badly down against Aussies dollar, where do you see it next week

dc CB 20:31 GMT January 5, 2013
Secret and Lies of the Bailout
It has been four long winters since the federal government, in the hulking, shaven-skulled, Alien Nation-esque form of then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, committed $700 billion in taxpayer money to rescue Wall Street from its own chicanery and greed.

We were told that the taxpayer was stepping in � only temporarily, mind you � to prop up the economy and save the world from financial catastrophe.

What we actually ended up doing was the exact opposite: committing American taxpayers to permanent, blind support of an ungovernable, unregulatable, hyperconcentrated new financial system that exacerbates the greed and inequality that caused the crash, and forces Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup to increase risk rather than reduce it.

We thought we were just letting a friend crash at the house for a few days; we ended up with a family of hillbillies who moved in forever, sleeping nine to a bed and building a meth lab on the front lawn.

By Matt Taibbi

Mtl JP 17:49 GMT January 5, 2013
Dear SEC, This Is HFT

dc CB 16:05 - by now it should be patently obvious to all but those living under a rock that there is wide and deep state of bad governance featuring corporatism, fascism, corruption, mendacity and deep mistrust of things official.
Right out of 2013's gate players appear to have to tossed away fear of risk and wildly piled on to make Wall Street hits 5-year high on data rtrs, enthusiastically responding to fiscal stimulii and wildly accomodative monetary policy.

A rtrs piece claims that Central banks still hold all the cards, something I currently tend to agree with as a dominant trading theme: players are likely to minimize if not ignore negative date / event headlines. Until, one day, the market becomes so piled on to one side that it self-corrects in a blow-off of excess.

Bottom line: the trick is and will be to spot and act on blow-off catalysts ahead of the crowd. Untill then it is hop on the party-waggon.

dc CB 16:05 GMT January 5, 2013
Dear SEC, This Is HFT "Cheating"
While prosecuting the wrongdoers is clearly not part of the new normal (see Sokol et al.), what Nanex found this morning beggars belief - both in its method of manipulation and clarity that our regulators are clueless.

As they note, the high frequency traders (HFT) are at it again. Contorting the spirit of the rules, because those who wrote the rules aren't technically savvy. On January 4, 2013, we found another instance of HFT morphing their manipulative and illegal quote stuffing strategy in an effort to fly under the radar. Why they don't just stop this manipulative practice altogether tells us a few things.

First, this isn't some coding error, this is sophisticated cheating.

Which mean a disadvantage to everyone trading against them.


PS: and to put this into perspective, I'll repost this from friday:

Jan. 3, 2013
A 34-year-old Terra Alta, W.Va., man was sentenced in Garrett County District Court to four years in the Division of Corrections for one count of writing a bad check with insufficient funds.

He was arrested and charged in July by the Garrett Bureau of Investigation following reports of bad checks totaling nearly $3,000 that were written to an Oakland area business.

"Cheating" At Its Most Obvious. Regards, Everyone Else

Haifa ac 14:59 GMT January 5, 2013

kl fs 04:26 GMT January 5, 2013
trading: Reply
ed kw, maybe time for Soros to repeat what he did to BOE, now to SNB? //
another urban legend.
Sorros did NOTHING to the BP.
when asked how did he know to short the BP against the Deutch mark (he played the spread , NOT naked BP) the SOB said:
"I tried it 4 times (over the last 4 years) and on the 4th I got lucky!"

But he enjoyed the aura and the laurels very much. Clever ( and very bad ) Jew

ed kw 14:09 GMT January 5, 2013

we all trade oil and no that it can be a good stop buster so most grab pips and run and never us big cash in oil for the usd is allwas a big mover /trending days are over un less you us bigger time frames,you can be right but still get stop out

ed kw 14:04 GMT January 5, 2013

Weekly Fundamentals - WTI to Reconnect to Global Market in 2013The commodity sector was the worst performer in 2012 when compared with other asset classes such as bonds, currencies and stocks. The key reasons were weakness in crude oil prices and strength in precious metals lessened. In 2013, we expect a comeback in bullishness of the sector as global economic growth picks up while interest rates remain low, although performance of individual complexes within the sector vary. Global economic recovery should fare modestly better this year and in 2012. In IMF�s forecasts made in October, the world economy would grow +3.3% in 2012 and +3.6% in 2013 with risks to these estimates being fiscal issues in the US and the ongoing sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone. The IMF also cautions world central bankers to maintain interest rates at low levels. Among the G7 economies, the Canadian central bank has hinted to hike the policy rate in the next move. Yet, the IMF warned that the BOC should leave it as low as it is at least until late 2013. Other major central banks should continue monetary easing stances.

Crude Oil: WTI crude oil lost -7.1% on annual basis last year, ending the 3-year uptrend with cumulative gains of around +101%, while Brent crude extended the rally for the 4th year, gaining +3.5%. Over the past 4 years, Brent crude has gained +109.3%. For several years, the market has been questioning the use of WTI as an international benchmark due to the continuous bottleneck at Cushing. The situation may change this year and would allow WTI futures to be reconnected to the international market. New and enhanced pipeline capacity should allow the new mid- continental crude oil supply streams to reach markets much more easily and at lower costs. We expect WTI crude oil prices to rise relative to Brent and other international benchmarks. Futures curves might also change from contango to backwardation.

Natural Gas: The Nymex contract gained +12.1% in 2012, erasing the poor performance over the past 4 years. In late 2012, gas prices picked up rapidly due to the return of Asian, in particular Japanese, demand together with delay in LNG project. Angola�s project expecting to deliver around 700 MMcf/d will begin operation in 1Q13, a full year later than planned while Algeria�s Skikda project is delayed to 2013 from last year. Other interruptions in deliveries included Nigeria LNG, Yemen LNG and Norway�s Snohvit.

Precious Metals: Gold�s modest gain of +7.0% and its range-bound trading for most of the period in 2012 have raised doubts that the 12-year uptrend of the yellow metal has ended. Gold traders have now divided into 2 camps. One believes that monetary easing in global central banks would lead to inflation and current depreciation, leading to surge in gold price, while the other believes that the global economic outlook would improve, leading to unwinding of monetary easing and increase in risk appetite. These would benefit high-risk commodities, e.g. crude oil and base metals, more than safe haven assets, e.g. gold.

Read the rest here ......

lebanon 14:02 GMT January 5, 2013

Dear Ed kw ,
Sorry I am NT that good in , do u mean oil will be up or down ? If down , if there a limit high before the downside ?

ed kw 13:41 GMT January 5, 2013

Keep in mind also that the ratings agencies are waiting in the winds to downgrade

GVI Forex john bland 13:36 GMT January 5, 2013
Forex Trading Theme for the Week

-- GVI Forex Trading Theme of the Week--

Finally the fiscal cliff is out pf the headlines for the moment. So far the administration and Congress have agreed to generate a token amount of revenue by raising taxes at upper income levels and also by removing a break all taxpayers have been getting in their social Security taxes. Also spending was increased. The next major battle will come in late February or early-March when the debt ceiling will have to ne increased. This could be ugly. Keep in mind also that the ratings agencies are waiting in the winds to downgrade U.S. sovereign debt when it becomes clear the government is not going to do anything to address the long-term structural budget deficit.

U.S. economic data released on Friday were not as strong as hoped but were respectable. Most other non-headline data have been solid. We feel that there might have been an over-reading of the Fed Minutes released on Thursday. Often the markets exist in a more immediate time-frame than the real world. Our reading of the Fed Minutes did not suggest that an end to excessive Fed policy ease was imminent. The economic calendar does not see a lot of major items in the week ahead, although both the Bank of England and European central Baks both have monthly policy board meetings on Thursday, No changes in policy are expected at either meeting. For additional detail (dates, times, data estimates) visit the Global-View Economic Calendar and the Forex Forum as key items are released.

-- John M. Bland,

kl fs 04:26 GMT January 5, 2013

ed kw, maybe time for Soros to repeat what he did to BOE, now to SNB?


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