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Forex Forum Archive for 07/11/2014

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GVI Forex john 19:53 GMT July 11, 2014
Chart Points - Free FX Database

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

dc CB 18:44 GMT July 11, 2014

matters not because STOX will close green on low volume.

Market Top? Meet The $1 Billion Company With Zero Revenues
warning can save people determined to grow suddenly rich.” Case in point - CYNK Technology Corp,
Story - Tyler Durden - 07/07/2014 - 17:50

eu pat 18:39 GMT July 11, 2014

This direst should continue on Monday. But there is a negative interest rate .. and I do not like let my position on the crazy Chinese seance .. Yes, Chinese, more precisely the Chinese-Russian. Forget the economic model ... nothing is properly in the current period.
China: feudal--socialism-maximum capitalism model ... and where they is China now .. the biggest banks in the world .. and not only that ..
Now everywhere only valid economic model: evil-devil-Gred-feeling of power = chaos.
Have a nice weekend.

GVI Forex john 18:34 GMT July 11, 2014

I somehow think the SEC suspension of trading in Cynk is a case of too little too late. If you got suckered into buying the stock, now it is illiquid and probably worthless. They did not react until CNBC did a story on it yesterday.

Thanks for looking out for the little guy!

eu pat 18:29 GMT July 11, 2014

Closed short NZD/[email protected] at 0.7860
I still holding long gbp/nzd (I did not post trade is on my FB page Forex and live)
NZD is down against eur, chf , gbp, usd as I mentioned in the European morning..)
Today it was all about strenght USD, less about crosses
Everythink was correct but there was again low volatility on the market ..only move on CAD was solid ( I wasnt at PC at CAD datas time, I missed it)
RBA Stevns change with his interview picture about NZD ( they started selling more AUD as NZD-change day set-up on AUD/NZD- thanks Jay for link)
Peter Sagn again did not win TDF, missed a few milimeters...

GVI Forex john 18:07 GMT July 11, 2014
EURUSD vs. 10-yr Spread
This chart suggests to be that EURUSD has further south to travel. Interest spreads matter, but the forex is not as responsive as I thought it might be.

GVI Forex john 17:49 GMT July 11, 2014
Risk On/Off Heat Map

  • Yields in prime Eurozone fixed income markets are mostly steady at the lower levels established on Thursday  Yields on the European periphery are now lower. The German 10-yr bund is 1.21%, 0bp.
  • The U.K.10-yr gilt  yield is 2.60%  -3bp. Odds still favor a +25bp BOE short-term rate hike by yearend.
  • U.S.10-yr  yield  is 2.52%,  -1bp.
  • Equities closed mixed in the Far East. Bourses in Europe ended the week mixed. U.S. shares are trading mixed.

    The heat map color scheme of interest rates reflects yields. This aligns all the colors in the chart to reflect risk-on (green) and risk-off(red).

Paris ib 17:49 GMT July 11, 2014

nh - go ahead sell all the EUR/USD and buy all the USD/JPY you want. Don't bother me at all.

Paris ib 17:48 GMT July 11, 2014

And the money that nominally U.S. corporations could hypothetically repatriate to the U.S. (but don't and haven't) is in the realms of possibilities but doesn't impact on flows till there are actual flows associated with that cash. And please don't tell me what I do and don't know. You just sound like a red neck patriot who can't come to terms with the diminished status of the United States, which could, if attitudes were adjusted even be a positive for those living in the United States.

Livingston nh 17:47 GMT July 11, 2014

ib - not a problem - haven't done this in a while but like the others you have become invisible, an exclusive club

Paris ib 17:45 GMT July 11, 2014

nh - there you go. Taking this discussion as a personal insult. Give it a rest.

Livingston nh 17:42 GMT July 11, 2014

ib - you didn't even know what the US corps held overseas - But you think TIC is somehow important - do you have a clue about flows?? Why does money come to the US??

you are not alone - there are a lot of fkin guys here that base their trades on political bias

Paris ib 17:36 GMT July 11, 2014

nh - give me a break. The U.S. has this huge foreign debt. A current account deficit, a trade deficit... if the Chinese and the Japanese repatriated their capital it would be curtains. The U.S. has lived off foreign capital inflows for the better part of four decades. That you don't know that doesn't surprise me.

Montreal Hesham 17:33 GMT July 11, 2014

Entry: 1.0639 Target: 1.08 and higher Stop: 1.05

I will add more on dips

I closed 1/4 at 1.0735 and the rest at the previously mentioned targets.
I raised the stop loss to be at 1.065.

It is sunny today in Montreal. I will go to the swimming pool

Have a nice week end to all.

Livingston nh 17:28 GMT July 11, 2014

ib - oh just as an aside - the last time we needed foreign inflows was when we built out the rail system (circa 1870) and mostly british cash --- we don't need foreign investment any more --- put that in your model

Livingston nh 17:23 GMT July 11, 2014

ib - ok - it's different this time

Paris ib 17:18 GMT July 11, 2014

nh - whatever. IMO there is a pro USD bias pretty much everywhere but things have changed. My view is based on my analysis of the facts, which you can agree or disagree with. It strikes me that those resident in the U.S. take as a personal insult any view that suggests that the U.S. can no longer rely on endless, virtually free foreign finance. It might be time for you guys to give up this idea that yours is an exceptional nation with an exceptional currency. In my view that is a very unhealthy idea. Call it bias if you will but IMVHO it would be useful if those in the U.S. could take a reality check to deal with the new economic circumstances which are before us.

Livingston nh 16:41 GMT July 11, 2014

ib - your bias against USD is obvious so I rest my case //
it is dangerous to trade bias against reality

fyi - I didn't learn the phrase from some meatball afternoon drama

dc CB 16:27 GMT July 11, 2014

For all the drama and comedy surrounding the epic idiocy in which a bunch of "investors" took the price of non-existent company CYNK from essentially zero to a market cap of over $5 billion in under a week, most people missed the key message here: the stock is a harbinger of what is happening to the entire market. Because while those defending what is clear irrational exuberance, scratch that, irrational idiocy are quick to point out that CYNK's epic surge took place on less than 0.1% of its outstanding shares, these are the same people to say precisely the opposite about the S&P 500. "Ignore the collapsing volumes sending the stock market to all time high - it's perfectly normal"

Perhaps ironically, it was the concurrent most recent crisis in Europe, that involving Portugal's cryptic Espirito Santo group, whose top-most HoldCo is largely shrouded in secrecy yet which somehow is not a deterrent to the sellside community to issue one after another "all is clear; don't pull your deposits please" note, that confirmed not only that nobody has any idea what the real situation of European banks is, but how the entire capital market has now become nothing more than one glorified CYNK penny-stock turning into a mid-cap.

In other words, just like the CEO of CYNK who promptly "made" a few billion in paper profits, it feels great to "make" money on virtually no volume. The problem arises when one tries to cash out of paper and into all too real profits.

How The Market Is Like CYNK (Which Was Just Halted)

GVI Forex Blog 16:23 GMT July 11, 2014 Reply   
July 11, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, July 14. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: JP- Industrial Output, EZ- Industrial Production, Draghi

GVI Forex Data Outlook for July 14, 2014

GVI Forex john 16:21 GMT July 11, 2014
Calendar -- Daily Forex Data News

July 11, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, July 14. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: JP- Industrial Output, EZ- Industrial Production, Draghi

  • Far East: JP- Industrial Output.
  • Europe: EZ- Industrial Production, Draghi.
  • North America: No Major Data.

Paris ib 16:11 GMT July 11, 2014

nh - you have obviously watched too many afternoon court cases on television. I didn't know you had a case to rest. And I have no idea what that case might be. :-)

Paris ib 16:10 GMT July 11, 2014

Google what?

Livingston nh 16:09 GMT July 11, 2014

ib -- google it

Paris ib 16:07 GMT July 11, 2014

You do? Right. Whatever that means.

Livingston nh 16:06 GMT July 11, 2014

I rest my case

Paris ib 16:05 GMT July 11, 2014

Livingston nh 15:28 GMT 07/11/2014 "And can we stop w/ the USD as a whipping boy"

No idea what that means.

dc CB 15:51 GMT July 11, 2014

cynkal halt

SEC On the Job

GVI Forex Blog 15:38 GMT July 11, 2014
Global Markets News
In Europe, both Portuguese and EU officials have rushed in to reassure markets that the Banco Espirito Santo situation is a one-off and that contagion would result from a limited situation. US Market Update: Volatility Gains on Choppy Trading

GVI Forex Blog 15:34 GMT July 11, 2014
Week Ahead
•Soft UK inflation and earnings growth to signal little need for an early rate move

•Fed Chair Yellen testifies to Congress
•Zew survey provides first signal on Germany for Q3


Livingston nh 15:28 GMT July 11, 2014

ib - nobody is expecting QE by the ECB - the ECB is now a non-factor /// QE is a deflationary policy because it buys gov't debt which is MONEY (aka Hoarding) -- US does not have pipe dreams merely economists

Notwithstanding Mr. Krugman rates need to rise so that bank loans in EU go up -- this is what screwed Japan, simple misunderstanding

And can we stop w/ the USD as a whipping boy - it is merely a transmission device

Paris ib 15:08 GMT July 11, 2014

There will be no QE in Europe. This is the American pipe dream: that everyone else on the planet follows their lead: prints money and by embarking on global devaluation of paper money somehow manages to save the USD from its inevitable decline. Now why would Europe embrace QE ? What exactly is it expected to achieve. It didn't work in the U.S. and it hasn't worked in Japan, although it did give the Japanese a better exchange rate with which to repatriate funds. Weimer was GERMANY remember. Been there, done that got the post card.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:07 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

By the way, USDCAD shorts still caught out by the surprise jobs report. Note how 1.0695+ maintained the bid.

Paris ib 15:06 GMT July 11, 2014

nh - please

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:05 GMT July 11, 2014

How about some QE, that would get the ball rolling.

Germany still holds the cards.

Livingston nh 15:02 GMT July 11, 2014
jay - there's a structural problem in Europe - the Palace Revolt is in progress - France is probably going to be the leader (history suggests) because the periphery can't

Austerity as a path to growth is an OXYMORON

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:59 GMT July 11, 2014
10:34 (AU) RBA Governor Stephens: There is no specific rate cut expectations direction; US Fed changing policy likely to move AUD lower - press interview

- Notes that a failure to address the budget deficit could hurt confidence and leave Australia open to risks; need to deal with budget deficit as we may see a downturn within the coming 10 years for some reason of some depth. are maybe under the probability of a material decline at some point, but cant say when that might be.
- Likelihood of disruption in the markets could be high, as it usually is when the US Fed changes course, which would likely lead the AUD to be less high

- Source


Livingston nh 14:56 GMT July 11, 2014

red - will Carney sandbag dissent w/ a loose comment?

1.6930 looks like a target on a break of 21 dma

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:56 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

red, this has been the case with the EUR for as long as i can remember - Germany gets its cake and eats it too. I am surprised there has not been a palace revolt by the periphery. The best optiopn would be currency devaluation but that is not an option. So it is years of slow growth under the weight of deflation and austerity to try and become competitive.

london red 14:48 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

exchange rate is a tricky one as on one hand you have the periphery leaning on the ecb to do more the reduce the rate while the german element sits quietly knowing it would be 50% higher if they were dem based. it always surprises me that the various parties agreed to give away their competitive advantage (ex-rate) and yet gained no benefit when it came to borrowing rates. having your cake and eating it germany.
cable seems to have left the station finally but sadly re-entry level wasnt reached so will concentrate on buying dip sub 17070 (65/45). last low of 16950 should not be reached in this cycle so we are looking of a low no lower than 1.6980 max next week.

Livingston nh 14:23 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

John - Krugman has a piece in NYT about depressions and policy LINK // I spend most of my time reading opinions I disagree with // imo the impact of interest rates is ONLY on inflation, employment is not affected at all by interest rates (altho lo rates tends to favor capital investment (productivity) over labor)

Banks as intermediaries make money on interest - financial repression does not favor banks // Lombard Street == liquidity but with a high rate (NOT ZIRP)

GVI Forex john 14:21 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

red- fair points. I just worry that its going to be a long time before we see sustainable growth anywhere. I notice ECB officials made some oblique positive comments about the stabilization of the EUR exchange rate.

london red 14:15 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

john, i think its important to take everything into context. the recent data out of the uk points to a slight readjustment to gdp down to 0.8% q/q which is still pretty good and the pmis are still at v high levels. the US seems to have lukewarm growth with slight signs of inflations, while the eurozone has neither although inflation and pmis seem to have bottomed at v low levels.
fwiw usdjpy was v close to 55 week ma yesterday not seen since 80. you do wonder whether there is a real want for 110 plus from japan, or whether talk of such is just to keep the pair from retracing significantly under 100.

GVI Forex john 14:09 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

nh- insightful comments on economies as usual. Yes I have noticed that UK data seems to be slowing a bit. Germany has been underperforming for a while and the U.S. recovery is uneven. What if the the global economy slows when interest rates everywhere are still zero?

Is this what a 21st century depression feel like?

Livingston nh 13:56 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

red - I mentioned to jay yesterday about the jan USD/JPY low -- US STOX went down on a NO NEWS day - we are slipping again (Europe stox didn't bounce much on relief) // so equities may have the lead role rather than the bond market -- in the US only inflation can scare bonds more than "flight to safety" buying -- BUT of course everybody is looking at deflation as the Great Risk

There is always the risk that the majority is right this time

london red 13:51 GMT July 11, 2014
Agree or Disagree? EURUSD

maybe after the options cut (although no real big ones today) we can get some further direction

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:47 GMT July 11, 2014
Agree or Disagree? EURUSD

EURCAD could be giving EURUSD some support.

london red 13:45 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

explain that to the bond market nh. everyone knows its coming, but when.

Livingston nh 13:42 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

fwiw - we may be at the tipping point - interest rate policy EXPECTATIONS has been the driving force for the last year - data has been erratic rather than consistent so folks look to the CB for forward guidance (not usually a good idea) -- ECB, Draghi is done, a non-factor (Private sector events and fiscal attitudes back on Page One) - BoE, Carney keeps changing his tune and UK (not as robust as thought) is probably not going to raise rates despite some expected summer dissents - Fed, Yellen will be forced to move earlier as the bubble implications of the zirp intrude

Expectations are changing -- reality can be held at bay for only so long

nw kw 13:42 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

cad was strong usual is a bad print so up it go's/cat repotted that where is growth going to com from and Lowe inflation

london red 13:38 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

notice the price action quarter of an hour before before the data, that switched my view going into the number.
have covered cable looking to go in again higher.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:25 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

Market has been whipped trying to follow through on data reactions so maybe 1.0710 is the reaction top. One hour breakout level was 1.0695 so needs to stay above it to keep a bid or goes back into its week's range. Price action suggests bids lying below the market by those caught out by the jobs data.

london red 13:22 GMT July 11, 2014

getting close to yest low. this one has potential to nail some stops if we can get thru 10/00

london red 13:20 GMT July 11, 2014
Agree or Disagree? EURUSD

for me while above 3590 still has a chance to keep status quo. below there targets 3575. dxy trying to make a move higher banging on a couple of averages but buck getting no help from 10 year as yet.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:17 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

market remains hyper sensitive to data, especially when the boat is tipping the wrong way.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:17 GMT July 11, 2014
Agree or Disagree? EURUSD

Notice how your mood swings when EURUSD trades below or above 1.36.

Livingston nh 13:13 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

John - too many folks trying to close the barn door -- Fischer last night most recent speaker about the wonderful benefits of "regulation" (aka TAX) - unless you banish fear and greed, markets will always move to the darkside

China has dirigist problems as the political system won't let go, EU banks won't make loans but stocking up on Sovereign debt to meet capital scrutiny and fiscal policies tied to unrealistic budget constraints, EM various problems but economies that are basically corks floating on the tide of DM liquidity --- MONEY like water must move

Most of these problems stem from the application of 19th century economic theory - now you have economists making rules so we don't have "instability"

london red 13:02 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

think there isnt much margin for disappointment in plenty of areas. but thats what happens when too much money chases to few growth stories. financial markets are awash with money and credit, main street isnt and is struggling to catch up.

london red 12:56 GMT July 11, 2014

was mentioned by in the statement with the construction data now i see a couple of comments from the banks on it... gdp may be revised lower unless juner construction registers a v large gain c. 2.5/3% m/m. the revision may be only to 0.8% from 0.9% but might take the froth off sterling. still, needs to break shs neck then 171 to pull some stops.

GVI Forex john 12:53 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

I keep looking for signs of a global economic recovery, but it seems like everyone is starting to run out of steam.


london red 12:52 GMT July 11, 2014

stops abv 107 cad

GVI Forex john 12:42 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

Canada jobs data disappointing.

london red 12:40 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment

poor cad report but can dollar hold on to gains for first time this week. looks like 107 needs to be cleared in order to do that otherwise risk is return to action at lower levels.

GVI Forex john 12:31 GMT July 11, 2014
June 2014 Canada Employment


Jobs: -9.40 vs. +24.00K exp. vs. -25.80K prev.
Rate: 7.10% vs. 7.00% exp. vs. 7.00% prev.

RELEASE: StatCan Monthy Employment Report

TTN: Live News Special Offer

london red 12:27 GMT July 11, 2014

low so far is neck of shs. we failed at 50 took prev low of 20 and now testing neck. think all things being equal, hourly highs will no be lower and next hour worth shorting blip higher 20-30 with stop over 200 hour or last hour high. think any downside limited to 17170/40 given imp data nxt tues/wed
cad data up next. barriers at 106 weekly trendline at 10616 at risk if number v good given proximity to monetary meet next week. on a bad number plenty of seller exp at 107/10730.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 12:18 GMT July 11, 2014
Does the Forex Market Hate the U.S. Dollar?

Is it hate or mistrust? See my latest article

Does the Forex Market Hate the U.S. Dollar?

GVI Forex john 12:07 GMT July 11, 2014
Agree or Disagree? EURUSD
Portugal worries are fast fading today
DJIA futures +30 S&P +4

US- 10-yr 2.53%, 0bps

We have seen steady bund yields today. I don't know if yields will return quickly to pre-crisis levels or just top falling? The whole episode raises additional questions about the Eurozone.
So far the 1.3600 line is holding.

syd sf 12:03 GMT July 11, 2014

looking at the simple hourly bollingers - 20/45

should be touch weaker imo - given 2 days of sub par data and some profit taking given we have not hit 1.7205 yet.

bots favor the downside --> but with the strangled vol. hard to even pay for a McDonalds Breakfast at this rate.

SaaR KaL 10:11 GMT July 11, 2014
Day's Trades

sell eurusd
1.3613 1.3563
for today

GVI Forex Blog 10:09 GMT July 11, 2014
Global Markets News
Peripheral bond yields are lower with Portuguese yields leading the way (down 10bps) as risk-on sentiment dominates as fears over BES.PT contagion wanes EU Market Update: Risk assets retrace some of Thursday's losses and Portugal's BES remains halted

SaaR KaL 10:07 GMT July 11, 2014
Day's Trades

closed all long GBPJPY and GBPUSD
will buy later

SaaR KaL 10:03 GMT July 11, 2014
Day's Trades

0.7942 0.7924
tgt 0.7904

london red 09:31 GMT July 11, 2014
has shrugged off poor construction data with a return above 45 pre release levels and back over the 200 hour. an hourly close north of 50 suggests a close above last weeks high in order and so a test of 17180/17203 before day is out.

GVI Forex Blog 09:30 GMT July 11, 2014
Worries About European Contagion Dissipate. Canada Jobs Data Next

Today, Canadian employment data are the only major release. Worries about Portugal have abated. We suspect that interest in moving back into the Eurozone periphery will have diminished as the risks involved are now better known..

Worries About European Contagion Dissipate. Canada Jobs Data Next

GVI Forex john 09:20 GMT July 11, 2014
Risk On/Off Heat Map

  • Yields in prime Eurozone fixed income markets are mostly steady at lower levels established yesterday . Yields on the European periphery are now lower. The German 10-yr bund is 1.21%, 0bp.
  • The U.K.10-yr gilt  yield is 2.63%  0bp. Odds still favor a +25bp BOE short-term rate hike by yearend.
  • U.S.10-yr  yield  is 2.53%,  0bp.
  • Equities closed mixed in the Far East. Bourses in Europe have recovered. U.S. share futures are higher.

    The heat map color scheme of interest rates reflects yields. This aligns all the colors in the chart to reflect risk-on (green) and risk-off(red).

SaaR KaL 09:17 GMT July 11, 2014
Day's Trades

accoring to this till July/18/2014
On avg ..eurgbp short
and Long USDJPY
is what should be on menu now

EUR/USD 1.3683 1.3468
XAU/USD 1,353.7191 1,298.1518
GBP/USD 1.7363 1.7078
XAG/USD 21.8628 20.5104
EUR/JPY 140.2673 137.6951
USD/JPY 103.3170 101.4190
GBP/JPY 178.4565 174.1423
USD/CHF 0.9042 0.8862
GBP/CHF 1.5567 1.5265
AUD/USD 0.9512 0.9204
EUR/AUD 1.4741 1.4280
EUR/CAD 1.4635 1.4240
EUR/GBP 0.7954 0.7810
NZD/USD 0.8877 0.8657
USD/CAD 1.0751 1.0517
GBP/AUD 1.8696 1.8116
GBP/CAD 1.8551 1.8078
GBP/NZD 1.9912 1.9374
AUD/NZD 1.0825 1.0516
NAS100 4,046.4905 3,872.0710

eupat 09:14 GMT July 11, 2014
Entry: Target: Stop:

sold nzd/[email protected] sl 40 pips

sell nzd against usd, gbp, eur....

Paris ib 09:10 GMT July 11, 2014
After Portugal - Bulgaria

Ooops correction PAR. :-)

Paris ib 09:10 GMT July 11, 2014
After Portugal - Bulgaria

[email protected] I would expect nothing less from the geniuses at the IMF.

PAR 09:06 GMT July 11, 2014
After Portugal - Bulgaria
IMF pronounces Bulgaria’s banks safe just two weeks before Bank Run

Friday, 11 July 2014

Earlier this summer, IMF bureaucrats went to Sofia, Bulgaria to study the country’s economic progress.

And roughly a month ago, they released an official report which stated, among other things, that Bulgarian banks are “stable and liquid.”

Talk about epic timing. Because less than two weeks later, Bulgaria’s banking system was in the throes of a full-blown crisis.

There was a run on two of the nation’s largest banks—several hundred million dollars had been withdrawn in a matter of hours.


Well done IMF

HK [email protected] 08:50 GMT July 11, 2014
The only one in the world who confirms the next level

Amman wfakhoury

With such a talent, I am sure that soon you will become a Wazir in the court of the Khalif of Baghdad.

london red 08:50 GMT July 11, 2014
EURUSD 13630 confirmed

i would say weak constructions numbers not in with order of days trend. jay often talks about strong and weak sides and think before prints think most were looking for cable to close week with another run at 1.7203. similarly eurgbp to cement below 7936. hence lack of follow thru so far. levels to watch are pre data at 45 and 26/20 down side. into the end of current hour and beginning of next will tell a lot.

Paris ib 08:37 GMT July 11, 2014
Foreign Debt - the risk
Historical parallels...

Weimar and parallels

london red 08:31 GMT July 11, 2014
EURUSD 13630 confirmed

-1.1m/m +3.5y/y.cable ran from 20 pre data, needs to give that back now.

london red 08:25 GMT July 11, 2014
EURUSD 13630 confirmed

f/c uk may construction +0.9 m/m +5.6 y/y
pmi for may dipped also european construction data lower for may. more anecdotal, some firms reporting lower building materials sales during may. suggests bar is high for figures due shortly.

london red 07:33 GMT July 11, 2014
EURUSD 13630 confirmed

poss its a move on uk construction. month of may was pretty poor across europe.

london red 07:30 GMT July 11, 2014
EURUSD 13630 confirmed

eurgbp on the move again. if above 50 then 75/80 highly poss today. cable setting up for a shs of sorts seen on hourlies, might be victim of any eurgbp strength.

SaaR KaL 07:30 GMT July 11, 2014
Day's Trades

Equity Account is doing great
Will run daily and report in below page

My Auto System

Amman wfakhoury 07:28 GMT July 11, 2014
EURUSD 13630 confirmed
13630 confirmed will be reached ,any deline below 13600 will return to it if 13630 did not reach.

The only one in the world who confirms the next level

Paris ib 07:24 GMT July 11, 2014
Forex News

Why is the USD failing to rally? Because "Washington reeks of evil. And the world is beginning to realize it."

That'll do as an explanation.

Dr Roberts

london red 07:17 GMT July 11, 2014
Forex News

nh, i have found that media make up a story to fit the move. you'll always find a negative or positive story to fit any move and thats all they do.
yesterday was interesting as moments after the release of the strong initial claims, the dollar was hit and had everyone reaching for the sell button. it couldnt rally on the good news, thats the story for me. that was yesterday. today the 10 year either confirms the breakout or puts in a multiday top. so pick your news to fit.

Paris ib 07:06 GMT July 11, 2014
The Repo Man Fails to Deliver

CB - ZeroHedge has been bearish on stocks for ages. It's always major doom and gloom on that site. Either the Euro is going to collapse and everyone living here is going to emigrate to Zimbabwe forever or Americans are going to be living in tents, gathering wood and eating out of dumpsters. I wonder how Soros's billion dollar stock put is doing? Not so well I would imagine. And to think of all the money he put into the Ukraine revolution...... Geopolitics was supposed to cause markets to tank, not to hit new highs. I guess Mr. Zero is working to help the old man out.

GVI Forex Blog 06:51 GMT July 11, 2014 Reply   
***Index Snapshot (as of 02:30 GMT)*** - Nikkei225 -0.3%, S&P/ASX +0.5%, Kospi -0.5%, Shanghai Composite +0.5%, Hang Seng +0.2%, Sept S&P500 +0.1% at 1,958 ***Commodities/Fixed Income/Currencies*** - Asian Market Update: Equities mixed as investors assess Portugal contagion risks - Source

HK [email protected] 04:23 GMT July 11, 2014
Take no position in this market.

Uncertainty is the only thing clear in this market.

Big accounts know, that speculators will not wait long time(greed) before entering any position. So the crocodiles will appear then. The ability to move now the Mkts. on both sides is equal. So find something else to do:)

Hong Kong AceTrader 02:24 GMT July 11, 2014
AceTrader Jul 11: Intra-Day Maket Moving News & Views & data to be released today

Intra-Day Market Moving New and Views

11 Jul 2014 01:57GMT

USD/JPY - ... Japan FinMin Aso said "Japan long-term interest rates at 0.54% are abnormal".
The greenback remained under pressure on Thursday and intra-day decline gathered momentum after penetrating 101.45 support to a fresh 7-week low at 101.07 due to active cross buying in jpy on renewed risk aversion before staging a recovery to 101.39 in Asian morning.
Offers are now tipped at 101.45-50 n more at 101.60 with stops only seen above 101.70.
On the downside, some bids are located at 101.15-10 with mixture of bids n stops seen at 101.00.

Wraping up from last night, Fed's George said 'concerned about effects of higher food prices on lower-income households; formulas that guide interest rate changes point to liftoff from 0 as early as this year; anxious to work twd process of policy normalization.'
The single currency Euro had finally gained some respite in NY session after intra-day sharp retreat from 1.3650 to 1.3589 in NY morning on risk aversion due to growing concerns over Portuguese bank BES.
Offers were now seen at 1.3615/20 n more above at 1.3630/40 with stops building up above there whilst initial bids were noted at 1.3580/90, suggesting selling on any recovery was still the favored strategy.

Data to be released on Friday:

Australia new home loans, Germany CPI, HICP, WPI, France current account, Canada employment change, unemployment rate and U.S. Fed budget.

nw kw 02:17 GMT July 11, 2014

cad change the import worker rules from abuse, did cut back timing is about right for this weeks print--poss

Livingston nh 01:58 GMT July 11, 2014
Forex News

Maybe there is an absence of fear because the CBs are on guard BUT the Portugal Bank news was in the market late on TUES - in all major mkt news early on WEDS (popped up on this forum) - so it didn't affect mkts until THURS ??

Whenever the media wrap-ups jump on this kind of "old news" story to explain a market move I suspect either 1) there is more to the story (second shoe theory) or 2) some other game is afoot

FOMC Minutes was the dominant news WEDS NY afternoon - mkts celebrated because the Minutes disclosed that the individual Members were either confused or comatose - so Party On - yields down, stox up, USD weaker (all the right moves) -- Portugal wasn't on the worry list anywhere

Hmmm, so what really happened on THURS ??

syd sf 01:53 GMT July 11, 2014

we spent 3-4 days testing 1.4540-50

only today with the CAD number it has become more unstable at the lows.

@40 bot generated sell @80 it is saying buy -- but obviously the CAD Number has made it unstable at the lows.

hard to say now with eur aud and gbp having had morning weakness but not alot of follow through .. so maybe better head out and see what London brings.

nw kw 01:25 GMT July 11, 2014

strong cad fast

nw kw 01:24 GMT July 11, 2014

xjpy might return to gold poss soft jpy

GVI Forex Blog 00:40 GMT July 11, 2014
Forex News
* Yen hits multi-month and multi-week highs against peers

* Worries about some Portuguese banks knock equities lower

* Safety bids seen keeping yen supported

FOREX-Yen in demand as Portugal bank woes unsettle stocks


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