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Forex Forum Archive for 01/25/2015

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HK [email protected] 23:55 GMT January 25, 2015

HK [email protected] 02:50 GMT 01/25/2015

To make it clearer:

Entry: Around Friday close Target: 0.9000 Stop: 0.8740
REMEMBER: Those who are in worse situation and in heavy losses, are the big institutions, with losses on short CHF by the billions(the small specs. have mostly closed positions or wiped out).

They will do everything to manipulate USD/CHF upward as possible.
Now keep on watching the action as close as possible.
Jump on their back and let them take you for a ride to profits.

0.89 target is almost sure!!!
Jump on their back!!! Ye bottom feeders!

Syd 22:58 GMT January 25, 2015
DJ Syriza's Big Post-Election Challenge: an Empty Greek Treasury
The clock is ticking for Syriza--the victorious antiausterity party in Greece's elections--to strike a deal with creditors to keep the country solvent and in the euro.

It wasn't clear yet on Sunday evening whether the left-wing party had won more than half of the 300 seats in Greece's parliament. If it falls short, Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras's first test will be to form a pact with another party, to guarantee his government a majority. But the bigger challenge lies in Greece's empty treasury, and in a game of chicken with Europe.

Greece--one of 19 countries that use the euro--needs billions of euros in coming months from other eurozone governments and the International Monetary Fund to avoid defaulting on public debts. Greek banks also need continual liquidity from the European Central Bank. Europe's current bailout plan for Greece expires on Feb. 28. A successor can't wait too long.

Syriza says it wants to replace the bailout plan, with its tough requirements on budget rigor and economic overhauls, with a new agreement that relaxes austerity, reverses free-market reforms, and relieves some of Greece's debt burden. Officials in Berlin and other key eurozone capitals say Greece must stick to the agreed path of rigor and reform if it wants further financing.

The stated positions are miles apart. A deal on the budget and debt looks difficult but possible. Syriza wants to run a primary budget surplus (excluding interest) of 2% of gross domestic product, instead of the current target of 4.5%.

A budget compromise would probably entail some restructuring of European bailout loans, to make Greece's debt trajectory look sustainable. Eurozone governments could promise to further extend loan maturities while further reducing and postponing interest payments. They have done it before.

Structural reforms could be thornier still. Syriza wants to reverse steps already taken to deregulate and privatize parts of Greece's economy. Germany and other creditors want such overhauls taken further: They see them as essential for making Greece's economy more viable inside the euro. An about-face by Syriza could test its internal unity.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Europe's most powerful leader, wants to avoid a Greek exit from the common currency, which would risk inflicting heavy losses on eurozone taxpayers and could hurt Germany's reputation, people familiar with her thinking say. But she needs a counterparty in Athens, these people say: a government that is willing to make Greece more frugal and competitive.

Unless Syriza caves in, and is helped by face-saving concessions by Europe, Greece risks running out of money by summer or earlier. That looming prospect would have the potential to trigger bank runs and capital controls. If Greece can't finance its government or banks in euros, it would be forced to print drachmas.

Greece lacks the cash to repay bonds held by the ECB that fall due in July and August. Eurozone officials say that they fear Greece might even run short of cash to repay its IMF loans that are falling due in March, because this winter's Greek political turmoil has hurt the economy and tax revenues.

Even before those deadlines, rising anxiety that Syriza won't be able to meet Europe's terms for new credits could spook Greeks into accelerating their recent withdrawals of bank deposits.

If deposit flight were to take off and talks with creditors got stuck, the ECB could find it increasingly hard to justify financial support for Greek banks--even in the form of so-called Emergency Liquidity Assistance from Greece's central bank. The ECB would need at least the prospect of a likely deal on a new Greek bailout program, or it would likely have to pull the plug at some point, analysts say.

Finding agreement looks "extraordinarily difficult," but the costs of failure would be huge for everyone, said Gabriel Sterne, head of global research at Oxford Economics. "Someone has to blink quickly."


GVI Forex john 22:52 GMT January 25, 2015
Laying off 100K or 25% of its global payroll.

gc sf 22:50 GMT January 25, 2015

Zeus - what did you do with all the 1.15 + 1.16 buys ? what sort of stop are you looking at for all your positions ?

HK [email protected] 22:35 GMT January 25, 2015

Euro will probably touch 1.1090 before bouncing(if will bounce at all) and not continue deteriorating.

HK [email protected] 22:35 GMT January 25, 2015

Euro will probably touch 1.1090 before bouncing(if will bounce at all) and not continue deteriorating.

USA ZEUS 22:20 GMT January 25, 2015
Low buy point at 1.1137 offer for a scalp or possibly smth more if you prefer.

Syd 21:43 GMT January 25, 2015
U.S. Stocks Could Be In For A Rough Ride--Market Talk
A first-place finish for Greece's left-wing Syriza party was widely expected, but investors will be looking to see whether party leader Alexis Tsipras strikes a conciliatory tone in the days after the vote, said Sam Stovall, U.S. equity strategist at S&P Capital IQ. If not, "I think it would instantly create uncertainty," Stovall says. Stocks ended lower Friday after four sessions of gains, indicating some concern among investors. "Investors just decided to take gains from Thursday, pocket them because who knows what's going to happen on Sunday," says Stovall.


GVI Forex john 21:23 GMT January 25, 2015

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Paris ib 20:53 GMT January 25, 2015
Strong Dollar Policy
"The Strong Dollar Is Always Good, Except When It Isnít".... starting to notice some concern about exchange rates creeping into the 'narrative'.


Sydney ACC 20:21 GMT January 25, 2015
The last resort of the CHEATERS: SOCIALISM!!!

I do not agree with Syriza's plans for the Greek economy, nevertheless there us a need for drastic action. Youth unemployment is stuck at 50%, unemployment overall is at 27%, by 2018 it is projected to decline to 16%, this was the rate that was predicted two years ago for this year.

I read that families are living off the pension of elderly relatives. In one case quoted five persons are living off the monthly pension of EUR 400. I have a family of four we spend AUD 7,000 per month on food, utilities etc. That's before such things as rates, insurance and school fees.

You can't blame the people for wanting a way out. The government will have to default on iys debt and leave the euro.

A third of Greece's exports is refined petroleum, which is imported in the raw form. After that packaged medicaments (3.1%), aluminiem plating (1.9%), Fresh fish (1.7%) Raw Cotton (1.7%).

Bu comparison 22.5 million visit Greece each year. Tourism is worth 18% of GDP. Most of these. however, come from the EU. Reintroduction of the GRD will make it cheaper for European tourists especially boosting Greece's major foreign exchange earner.

HK [email protected] 19:56 GMT January 25, 2015
The last resort of the CHEATERS: SOCIALISM!!!

I can just guess, that if Greece, will push through with their plan to act as they want...The situation in Greece will become even worse.

PAR 19:40 GMT January 25, 2015
BREAKING: Greek election: Official projection shows Syriza governing majority too close to call

GVI Forex john 18:22 GMT January 25, 2015
U.S. Weather
It looks like the Northeast corridor of the U.S. will be getting "significant" snow Monday through Tuesday. Expected totals range form one to two feet from Philly to Boston. NYC should get hit very heavily. This could adversely impact trading participation Monday and Tuesday.

GVI Forex 17:44 GMT January 25, 2015
Syriza Defeats Samaras to Win Greek Election: Exit Poll
Alexis Tsiprasís Syriza party defeated Prime Minister Antonis Samarasís New Democracy to place first in Greek elections, exit polls showed, after a backlash against years of budget cuts demanded by international creditors.

Tsiprasís Coalition of the Radical Left, known by its Greek acronym, took between 35.5 percent and 39.5 percent compared with 23 percent to 27 percent for New Democracy in Sundayís election, according to the exit poll on state-run Nerit TV. To Potami, a party formed less than a year ago thatís a potential Syriza coalition partner, tied for third place with the far-right Golden Dawn on 6.4 percent to 8 percent.


Syriza Defeats Samaras to Win Greek Election: Exit Poll

GVI Forex john 15:36 GMT January 25, 2015
Global-View Trading Systems

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Ath lk 14:58 GMT January 25, 2015
Greek Elections
Early polls Syriza win 10% plus the difference with N.D.

HK Kevin 13:58 GMT January 25, 2015
Greece update?

Reuters reports the polls close at 7 p.m. (1700 GMT), with 9.8 million Greeks eligible to vote. An exit poll is expected immediately after voting ends, with the first official projections due at 9.30 p.m. with results updated into the night.

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 13:17 GMT January 25, 2015
Video: Forex Trading Outlook for January 26, 2015
Addendum: As noted in my video there was a buy the rumor sell the fact reaction risk following the Greek vote although this happened despite a better than expected showing by Syriza. I also pointed out how Mondays can be counter intuitive days and so far working out that way as a typical Monday. EURUSD 1.1289 was the rebound high on Friday following the 1.1115 low so a key level on top. There is also 1.1315 but not as important a level as it was on Friday. The key level us not until 1.1460 Meanwhile 1.1250 sets the tone when within 1.12-1.13 but 1.12 is more important setting the tone going forwards. < Key event week lies ahead Video: Forex Trading Outlook for January 26, 2015

tokyo ginko 12:42 GMT January 25, 2015
Greece update?
anyone has latest update?

thanks in advance ...

SaaR KaL 10:19 GMT January 25, 2015
Into week 1 Feb/2015

Oil Reversal into next month
Pivot ----------High ---- Low
48.1394 53.9379 42.3410
I doubt goes lower then 39
I know i posted last week
Seems that hourly had turned into sell

NGAS is turning as well into the month

Pivot ----------High ---- Low
3.0032 3.4144 2.5920

SaaR KaL 10:02 GMT January 25, 2015
Into week 1 Feb/2015

Pair Pivot High Low Rec'd
EURUSD 1.1534 1.1865 1.1203 Sell
NZDJPY 90.0293 93.4142 86.6443 Sell
Gold 1,294.74 1,306.54 1,282.95 Buy
Cable 1.5130 1.5318 1.4943 Sell
USDJPY 117.72 119.52 115.93 Sell
EURJPY 135.72 139.44 132.00 Sell
GBPJPY 177.92 180.42 175.42 Sell
USDCHF 0.8668 0.8864 0.8473 Sell
GBPCHF 1.3076 1.3268 1.2883 Sell
USDCAD 1.2151 1.2654 1.1647 Buy
NZDUSD 0.7622 0.7924 0.7320 Sell
GBPAUD 1.8616 1.9062 1.8169 Sell
EURCAD 1.4021 1.4470 1.3572 Buy
AUDCAD 0.9897 1.0096 0.9699 Buy
NGAS 2.9101 3.0323 2.7879 Flat
GBPNZD 1.9854 2.0450 1.9259 Buy
Oil 46.41 48.32 44.51 Sell
AUDUSD 0.8119 0.8379 0.7859 Buy

HK [email protected] 02:50 GMT January 25, 2015
Manipulation and intervention through short squeeze.

To make it clearer:

Entry: Around Friday close Target: 0.9000 Stop: 0.8740

HK [email protected] 02:47 GMT January 25, 2015
Manipulation and intervention through short squeeze.


HK [email protected] 02:40 GMT January 25, 2015
Manipulation and intervention through short squeeze.
Entry: Around Friday close Target: 0.9000 Stop: 0.8740

It is very clear that the USD/CHF, is being upwardly manipulated by several big market elements(probably the Fed is in again giving cheap loans, hehehe).

So if you like it, you may join the wounded lions pack, and benefit:))

Trade proposal above.


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