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Forex Forum Archive for 10/22/2016

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GVI Trading Jay Meisler 22:59 GMT October 22, 2016
Why Stops Are the Key to Trading

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dc CB 22:34 GMT October 22, 2016
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of Yellin' "Who's your Daddy"
John Podesta served as co-chair of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. The email came from Michael Froman, a former Citibank executive, who single-handedly built the entire cabinet of what was supposed to be the "main street" President.

How Wall Street Built The Obama Cabinet in Oct 2008

dc CB 20:56 GMT October 22, 2016
The Daily Dump
Part 15 today

Wikileaks 15

dc CB 20:31 GMT October 22, 2016
Mega Consolidation
the WSJ confirmed that AT&T has agreed to buy Time Warner in a deal worth more than $80 billion, or between $105 and $110 per share, with the transaction set to be announced "as soon as Saturday evening." The transaction brings together millions of AT&T wireless and pay-TV subscribers - recall AT&T's most recent mega deal was its $50 billion acquisition of DirectTV - with Time Warner’s dep content and media lineup, including networks such as CNN, TNT, the cash cash that is HBO and Warner Bros. film and TV studio.

To be sure, the deal may quickly become a no deal should Trump get elected on November 8.

As he warned moments ago, "as an example of the power structure I'm fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few."

Ma Bell is back - Big TIME

dc CB 20:17 GMT October 22, 2016
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a 'civil war' at the Fed

Mullen complains to Podesta that attorney Bob Glennon “won’t stop assuring Sens Brown and Heitkamp (at dinner now) that HRC has personally told Tim Kaine he’s the veep.” The email was sent on July 15, 2015 — over one full year before the campaign’s official announcement.

Clinton announced Kaine's selection on July 22, 2016. The Clinton campaign behaved as if it were still sifting through possible VP picks until practically that very day.

Kaine suggested at one point that he only knew of his selection 48 hours before the official announcement.
FYI imho

PS: all of you keep on believing that the FOMC "decisions" are made based on "data" or "feelings about the world" or whatever the BS du jour is, and that these things have an effect on EACH MEETING. Just pay a little attention to these Wikileaked Emails to see how far in advance the decisions at the presidential level are made and Who makes them.

The Members of the FED work for the same people who are/have controlled the election, and you think that Rates on decided on a monthly basis. This is the BS they want you to believe.

Of particular interest was the "choosing" of Obama's Cabinet in 2008, by an GS alum who was currently at CitiBank. This was decided Before the Voting. This was at the height of the so called "economic crisis". This was a candidate who ran on Hope and Change and "making the Bankers Pay" and a top banker choose his Cabinet.

Hillary is in. No Doubt. But what will be the backlash, now that the behind the scenes workings of the power brokers has been exposed. That is the gift that Wikileaks has given.

Clinton-Kaine Even Lied About Timing of Veep Pick

dc CB 19:57 GMT October 22, 2016
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a 'civil war' at the Fed

We all know the BLS artificially suppresses the CPI through bullsheet substitution adjustments, quality adjustments, and various other incomprehensible hedonic adjustments made by government apparatchiks at the behest of their politician bosses. Some obscure theoretical academic calculation called owners equivalent rent accounts for almost a quarter of the CPI weighting.

It has no relation to reality as it has increased by only 12% since 2012, while the Case Shiller Housing Price Index is up 52% over the same time frame. The median price of existing home sales is up 30% over the same time frame. It also has no relation to rent increases, as they have gone up 22% nationally since 2012. It’s essentially a made up number by goal seeking bureaucrats doing the bidding of their establishment masters.

Prior to Greenspan and his cronies getting their grubby little non-callused academic hands on it in the 1980s, CPI reflected measuring the cost of maintaining a constant standard of living, as measured by a fixed-basket of goods. The purpose of all these adjustments and calculations has been to systematically repress the reported level of inflation as a way to keep the Social Security system solvent, allow the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates falsely lower for their banking cartel owners and the biggest debtor on the planet – the U.S. government, and to conceal from the average American how far their standard of living has fallen. It ain’t working.

Standard Of Living Continues To Plunge As 'Not So Hidden' Inflation Soars

dc CB 19:55 GMT October 22, 2016
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a 'civil war' at the Fed

In an email to Hillary Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta from February 2016, released Friday by WikiLeaks, now-acting chair of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile gave a frank and honest assessment of the Obama economy — and it wasn’t good.

“I think people are more in despair about how things are — yes new jobs but they are low wage jobs,” she admits. “HOUSING is a huge issue. Most people pay half of what they make to rent,” she continued.

Donna Brazile Shreds Obama Economy

GVI Trading 17:46 GMT October 22, 2016
U.S. Stocks Almost Erase Drop on Deals, Microsoft; Dollar Gains --
"U.S. stocks almost erased their losses amid deal talks while Microsoft Corp. surged to a record after its earnings topped estimates. The dollar rose to a seven-month high.

Consumer shares climbed after British American Tobacco Plc’s $47-billion bid for Reynolds American Inc. and reports that AT&T Inc. is pushing to clinch an agreement to buy Time Warner Inc. The rally offset disappointing outlooks from General Electric Co. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and concern that a stronger greenback will damp corporate earnings. Oil held above $50 a barrel as investors assessed the likelihood of a deal to reduce supply...

U.S. Stocks Almost Erase Drop on Deals, Microsoft; Dollar Gains --

GVI Trading 17:39 GMT October 22, 2016
Dollar hits eight-month high; stocks post weekly gain --
"The dollar rose to its highest since early February against a basket of currencies on Friday as investors increased bets on higher U.S. interest rates, while a measure of world stocks posted its first weekly gain in four weeks despite some soft U.S. corporate results.

On Wall Street, energy and healthcare stocks weighed on the S&P 500 and Dow, but Microsoft touching an all-time high moved the Nasdaq to positive territory. A potential merger between AT&T and Time Warner lifted the latter's shares to their highest in 15 years..."

Dollar hits eight-month high; stocks post weekly gain --

GVI Trading john bland 17:32 GMT October 22, 2016
Commitment Of Traders Report

Heavy shorts in EURUSD

Market still long JPY but less so.

GBP positions still heavily short

Mtl JP 15:19 GMT October 22, 2016
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a 'civil war' at the Fed
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a 'civil war' at the Fed
Jeff CoX - cnbc
First: setting aside Janet's gang of good cop bad cop bullsh1t theater about y/n rate hike.

secundo: setting aside discussion about economic support or not of some alleged rate hike.

Taking from G-V's rate hike odds posts:
GVI Trading john bland 19:15 GMT 10/21/2016 - My Profile
Looks like the S&P will close above key support levels once again also Fed Funds futures odds on a December rate hike are higher at 67% vs. 64% late Thursday.
GVI Trading john bland 11:44 GMT October 14, 2016

Rosengren says Fed Funds Futures ~70% odds on a December rate hike are "about right".

GVI Trading john bland 15:08 GMT October 7, 2016
Friday Trading: Reply
Odds for a December rate hike 67% unchanged from Late Thursday.

Bottom Line
My bet on Janet is not as direct on Janet as it is on player perception and pricing of they, the players. think what Janet will or not do.

Essentially players are, I think, setting themselves up to be played by Janet and her gang. They have been convincing themselves that the odds of a janet hike are - variously - between approx 60 and 70 percent.

There should be a nice trade set up if players raise odds past the recent 70-ish odds of a Janet hike. Of course could try screw my trade plan by sending out more of her hot/cold theater group's cast members to try to keep players from piling up on one side of the betting boat. There is always that qtn of janet probably being paranoid about losing control and that for good reason.

Personally currently I think Janet will not be hiking rate in december, but this is not a bet on which I am currently trying to make pips. Currently am I betting on player sentiment which I think is / will be supporting the dollar for a while or unless something shows up and negates it.

Trading views appreciated.

Janet Yellen could be on the verge of starting a 'civil war' at the Fed

Mtl JP 11:48 GMT October 22, 2016
Many sites including Twitter, Shopify and Spotify suffering outage

dc CB 23:05 makes no diff beyond just whine whine IF IT DOES TRANSLATE INTO INDITEMENT OR VOTES for Donald.

Donald will be needing - an absolute must - to have people on the ground verifying every vote cast. Without it he is toast.

Mtl JP 11:46 GMT October 22, 2016

or increase leverage...
at your risk tho

Haifa ac 07:46 GMT October 22, 2016

That is How Buffett and Soros made their billions, by trading 24/7.
Nothing can be more sinister than what you said!
80% of the time the market is random!

jkt abel 05:15 GMT October 22, 2016
how I wish forex market is 24/7 or at least 24/6, 24/5 is too short to make money
productivity productivity productivity...

nw kw 02:02 GMT October 22, 2016
Many sites including Twitter, Shopify and Spotify suffering outage

trumper has target for his knocker bo.m.


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