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Forex Forum Archive for 10/23/2016

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Mtl JP 23:57 GMT October 23, 2016
How the US election will change Australia

tx ACC 23:48 - any ideas where / on what all that spending will be / what stock should benefit ? tia

Sydney ACC 23:48 GMT October 23, 2016
How the US election will change Australia
Peter Hartcher who is the Herald's Political and International Editor has published an article where he foresees major changes in the relationship between Australia and the US regardless who wins the presidential election.
In a nutshell he sees the likelihood Australian defence spending will double from AUD 23 billion in the years ahead. That would increase defence spending to 4% of GDP. A major negative for AUD.


Mtl JP 21:43 GMT October 23, 2016
A suggestion

nh I agree... lets try to make mega filthy posipips off the human pig show on parade.

usdcad continues to be BoD. Unless janet decides to pollute the airwaves with hints of more than 2 more rate hikes in 2017. and then her other half of the cretin crews comes out and disses that idea and some start to squawk about 3-4 rate hikes and other wow not so fast.

Livingston nh 21:10 GMT October 23, 2016
A suggestion
Jay set up a POLITICAL forum some years ago because of the heated responses by members here to international conflict -- it is a good place to vent or express controversial opinions

As we get closer to the END of The World maybe we could shift the conversation to the CRAZY forum

Livingston nh 20:53 GMT October 23, 2016
It's becoming unavoidable for MSM

I reiterate NOTHING matters to the electorate this year -- this is a "voter personality" based election the candidates are insignificant // very surprising that the politically correct "anti-profiling" Americans are so supportive of the Democrats (who believe that black Americans will vote overwhelmingly for Clinton or that Spanish speaking citizens will reject Trump) -- but even worse is the Republican reaction to the candidate who endured the crucible of the idiotic PRIMARY and WON

Why should Trump be criticized over the response to a litmus test of whether he would ACCEPT the election results - the cowardly disavowment by the elites in the Republican Party of the candidate illustrate how fast they will abandon "loyalty"// this happened with Goldwater in 1964 with the assistance of the MSM (daisies anyone??)

dc CB 20:40 GMT October 23, 2016
It's becoming unavoidable for MSM
Dump Number 16 Podesta Emails.
And a promised Part 3 of the Veritas "dirty tricks" videos tom.

Chris Wallace seems to have scored the best one-liner of the morning after Hillary campaign manager, Robby Mook, denied the authenticity of the WikiLeaks emails:

Mook: "I can't even verify any of the information that you have there. We simply don't have enough time as a campaign to sort through all the documents.

Wallace: "I promise you, if these were not true, you would tell us."

Dems Squirm On Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Sydney ACC 20:38 GMT October 23, 2016
Only sex scandals of Trump matters!!! That of Clinton NO!!!

A small Australian perspective.
Over the last month I've asked the same question to approx 30 people in Sydney all of voting age.
Not one would vote for Trump, both male and female. But most striking is that all those under 25 would vote for either candidate.

Livingston nh 20:33 GMT October 23, 2016
Only sex scandals of Trump matters!!! That of Clinton NO!!!

RF - rarely does it matter who gets elected President based on the individual's prior beliefs or actions -- I think based on reaction of a small sample of women (1 wife, 5 daughters, 4 granddaughters (over 18)) that women think Clinton is either weak, scheming or both -- they have no use for men in general and dismiss TRUMP as typical vulgar, useless (or worse) etc. // none would admit to vote, no vote (except one who always LIES because her father is too stupid to know)

HK [email protected] 19:50 GMT October 23, 2016
Only sex scandals of Trump matters!!! That of Clinton NO!!!

“But normal people with important things on their minds don't give a rats ass about [Monica] Lewinsky,” Budowsky continues. “And I have offered a dozen people to bet with me if they think Donald will be elected and not one will take the bet because they know these issues help and do not hurt Hillary with women.”

'People don't give a rat's ass about Lewinsky': Bill Clinton sex scandals played down in #Podesta16

GVI Trading Jay Meisler 19:09 GMT October 23, 2016
Exclusive: GBPUSD and USDCAD Patterns Revealed

There is a GBPUSD trading pattern I have uncovered that is repeating daily and should continue to do so. There have only been three days that it did not repeat since the June 23 vote to Brexit.

There is a similar pattern in USDCAD that has repeated 89% of the days so far this year.

Recognizing this pattern can create high probability trading opportunities on a daily basis and you can now get access to it.

Send me an EMAIL for details.

GVI Trading john bland 19:04 GMT October 23, 2016
Monday Trading

24-Oct Mon
All Day flash Mfg PMIs
25-Oct Tue
08:00 DE- IFO
14:00 US- CB Consumer Confidence
26-Oct Wed
All Day flash SVC PMI
00:30 AU- CPI
14:00 US- New Homes Sales
14:00 US- Pending Homes Sales
14:30 US- EIA Crude
27-Oct Thu
08:30 GB- GDP
12:30 US- Weekly Jobs
12:30 US- Durable Goods
23:30 JP- CPI
28-Oct Fri
12:30 US- GDP
14:00 US- University of Michigan
30-Oct Sun
00:00 RZ/GB Clocks turn back one hour

Trading Themes--
  • Markets are still trying to reconcile the prospects for a Fed policy tightening in December with Yellen's new notion of a high-pressure economy. In either case, the USD has been moving to a higher level, perhaps because the markets are finally seeing one country considering new things finally to break out of the global low growth malaise.

  • Momday sees the first rong of global PMIs with flash data due from the EZ, Japan and the U.S. Final PMI data due in about a week, usually only sees minor revisions, which raises the question of why Markit even bothers with a two-release per month model of what are "soft" data.

  • The highlight of trade last week was the Thursday ECB policy board meeting outcome. While the ECB statement included no surprises, markets took the Draghi comments to be dovish. The ECB used its standard rhetoric and said no decision on a "taper" would be announced until the December meeting. Markets reacted by taking out stops above and below the markets in EURUSD.

  • U.S. Bond yields remained depressed following mixed U.S. data and the recent Yellen comments. Both the Fed and BOE have started to make it clear that they would ignore an inflation overshoot to get their economies growing again.

  • John M. Bland, MBA


PAR 18:06 GMT October 23, 2016
Banks preparing to leave UK over Brexit, says banking body chief executive --

Banks moving to Barcelona. Sun, sea, great food ,great beer Estrella,, educated people, better football than in the UK. Why wait for Brexit.

Paris ib 17:49 GMT October 23, 2016
The Yanks won't vote for Nurse Ratched
This sealed it for me. Nurse Ratched just can not pull this off.

I don't see it. We'll see soon enough if I'm wrong. :-)

The Al Smith Dinner

GVI Trading 17:15 GMT October 23, 2016
Banks preparing to leave UK over Brexit, says banking body chief executive --
"Big international banks are preparing to move some of their operations out of Britain in early 2017 due to the uncertainty over the country's future relationship with the European Union, a top banking official said.

Writing in the Observer newspaper, Anthony Browne, the chief executive of lobby group the British Bankers' Association, said the public and political debate was "taking us in the wrong direction" and businesses could not wait until the last minute..."

Banks preparing to leave UK over Brexit, says banking body chief executive --

GVI Trading 16:28 GMT October 23, 2016
Pounds Uncomfortable Truce Cant Mask the Risk of Abrupt Swings --
"The pound may be experiencing a period of relative stability, but the signs are that it’s an uneasy calm that traders shouldn’t get complacent about.

While a measure of anticipated volatility fell this week, sterling is still seen posting the biggest price swings among its Group-of-10 peers over the next six months. And though the pound is little changed over the past five days, it has still whipsawed on particular Brexit-related news, showing it remains vulnerable to the drip-feed of headlines about the U.K. quitting the European Union..."

Pound’s Uncomfortable Truce Can’t Mask the Risk of Abrupt Swings --

GVI Forex Blog 16:16 GMT October 23, 2016
GVI Data Calendar for 24 October 2016

October 23, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, October 24 2016.

  • Far East: JP- Trade, flash PMI
  • Europe: EZ- flash PMIs
  • North America: US- flash Mfg PMI

24-Oct Mon
All Day flash Mfg PMIs
25-Oct Tue
08:00 DE- IFO
14:00 US- CB Consumer Confidence
26-Oct Wed
All Day flash SVC PMI
00:30 AU- CPI
14:00 US- New Homes Sales
14:00 US- Pending Homes Sales
14:30 US- EIA Crude
27-Oct Thu
08:30 GB- GDP
12:30 US- Weekly Jobs
12:30 US- Durable Goods
23:30 JP- CPI
28-Oct Fri
12:30 US- GDP
14:00 US- University of Michigan
30-Oct Sun
00:00 RZ/GB Clocks turn back one hour

GVI Data Calendar for 24 October 2016

Livingston nh 14:10 GMT October 23, 2016

John - AOL??? LINK - note the unprecedented "combo opportunity" hype

Verizon (FIOS) AOL (and soon YAHOO) made no sense but now AT&T tries to bring delivery and content together AGAIN

plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

GVI Trading john bland 13:23 GMT October 23, 2016

This deal is a long shot. This administration has regularly prevented mega-deals of this type. The only question to ask is how much ATT will have to pay for the deal break-up fee, and why are they squandering billions of shareholder dollars?

GVI Trading john bland 13:19 GMT October 23, 2016
Saturday ATT announced an agreement had been reached for it to acquire TWC for USD 86bn.

-- wire services

Amsterdam NordFX 10:12 GMT October 23, 2016
Forex Forecast for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF for 24 – 28 October 2016
First, a review of last week’s forecast:

– predicting the future of EUR/USD, most experts (60%), backed by 100% of indicators on H4 and D1, expected the pair to go down to the lows of February-March - 1.0800-1.0825. It was just a question of time this process would take. The level of 1.0900 was indicated as the short-term support. Indeed, that support was a short-term one, and the pair got over it on Friday easily, than having declined to the level of 1.0860. It was followed by a small rebound, and the pair ended the week at the level of

– as a reminder, giving the forecast for GBP/USD 70% of analysts, backed by the graphical analysis on H4, reckoned that in the near future the pair would not fall below the level of 1.2100 and it would move in a sideways channel of 1.2100-1.2330. That forecast was 100% fulfilled. The low of the week was recorded at the level of 1.2135 on Monday. Several attempts the pair made on Tuesday and Wednesday to break through the resistance failed, and it wrapped up the week almost in the middle of the specified side channel - at the level of 1.2230;

– USD/JPY. Here, the graphical analysis provided the most accurate forecast, it predicted that the pair would go down and transit to the sideways trend within 102.80–104.30. Indeed, the pair started declining since the very first moment of opening of the week session and during all five days it kept within the side channel within 103.16–104.35;

– USD/CHF pair continues moving insistently towards its main target – the high of 1.0100. With this, last week the part of analysts reckoned that the pair was in for a temporary rebound. But 40%of them were adamant that before going down it should reach the mark of 0.9950 for sure. The pair not only met the target, but also beat it a little bit, moving up to the level of 0.9962 within a week.

Forecast for the Upcoming Week:
Summing up the opinions of several dozen analysts from world leading banks and broker companies as well as forecasts based on different methods of technical and graphical analysis, the following can be suggested:

– talking about the future of EUR/USD 70% of experts reckon that the pair will continue its declining at least to the level of 1.0800. 100% of indicators on H4 and D1 agree with this scenario. The decline can be even greater if forecast on state of economy of the USA will be proved true. Some readings for September will be announced on Thursday, October 27, and annual data on GDP – on Friday, October 28. The analysts expect them to be rather positive for US dollar, which can drop the pair further. As a reminder, last year the pair fell below the level of 1.0500 repeatedly. Around 30% of experts and the graphical analysis on H4, which draws in first a sideways movement of the pair within 1.0855–1.0915 and then upswing to the level of 1.0960, hold an alternative view. The next resistance will be at 1.1100;

– GBP/USD. Here, around 80% of analysts, backed by 70% of indicators, reckon that in the near future the pair will start declining first to the level of 1.2100, and then – to 1.2000. As for the graphical analysis, according to its readings early week the pair will keep within 1.2135–1.2300 for some time, and then its volatility will increase up to 1.2000–1.2430. The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and president of the ECB, Mario Draghi, will speak on Tuesday, their speeches can influence forming of a new trend, as well as the aforesaid data on the US economy. It should be noted that in a longer term opinion of analysts is changing, and over 55% of them expect the pair to rise to the area of 1.2800–1.3000 by the New Year;

– USD/JPY. For the fourth week in a row the opinions of experts in respect of the future of this pair split almost equally: 40% vote for its rise, 40% - for its fall, 20% - for a sideways trend with the pivot point of 103.45. If we add readings of 70% of indicators and the graphical analysis to this variety of opinions, in the near future we can expect the pair to upswing first to the level of 105.00, and then fall to the support in the area of 103.20. The next support will be at 102.80. Coming back to the opinions of the experts, it may be noted that in the medium term already 65% of them reckon that the pair will surely reach the high of 105.00;

– as for the forecast for USD/CHF, here everything is unchanged: around 60% of analysts, 90% of indicators and the graphical analysis on H4 vote for another breakthrough of the pair to the north – this time to the high of 1.0000, and then bouncing off to the area of 0.9700-0.9800. The remaining 40% of experts believe that the pair will reverse southwards, failing to reach this benchmark level. The nearest support levels will be at 0.9855 and 0.9820, then – at 0.9765 and 0.9695

Roman Butko, NordFX

Notice: These materials should not be deemed as a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets and they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and it can lead to loss of money deposited.

#forex #forex_forecast #eurusd #signals_forex #binary_options

Haifa ac 07:31 GMT October 23, 2016
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of Yellin' "Who's your Daddy"

I thought I understoond manipulation--but that shows me what a gullilble idiot I am.
And to think that they now want HILLARY to continue this sham rage.
We need the bring the guillotine back.

dc CB 02:05 GMT October 23, 2016
Who's on Hillary's List for the Cabinet
Max Keiser .....oooooo on RT.....The Putin Network....

This show is ILLEGAL to View inside the borders of XXXXXX

[KR983] Keiser Report: Double Government

dc CB 01:07 GMT October 23, 2016
Janet Yellen could be on the verge of Yellin' "Who's your Daddy"

So trading off this.

If you had known that the O was a banker set up in 2008, when all that Sheit was hitting the fan...and when he took office and all the Theatricals of hauling bankers in front of committees and Levin and Eliz Warren and all the rest screamed... you'd of been laughing at the circus and buying SToX hand over fist. Because it was all show...the O...El Presidentee of the Peons, was all along going to make sure, as his handlers wanted, that the skids would be greased and that SToX would be the buy of the Decade.....if you had any money left to InVest during the "Great Recession"

Deep Thoughts: it's coming round again. Sheep shearing time in the valley.


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