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Forex Forum Archive for 11/06/2016

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tokyo ginko 23:54 GMT November 6, 2016
Chicken Little

usdjpy close 103.20 NY close, currently up 1 yen at 104.27 , after Clinton cleared by FBI

Provo John 23:44 GMT November 6, 2016
Chicken Little
After so many years of all the conspiracy talk here and NOTHING ever comes of it, For 50 years I have heard "the sky is falling." I would think my fellow traders would know better. As this is a forex forum and we are concerned with trade opportunities, the only thing we should be talking about is trade concerns. This is $ positive, especially regard jpy.

Please friends stick to forex and take the rest to the political forum.

Israel Dil 22:47 GMT November 6, 2016
Internecine Washington

John, that's for your eyes only ;-)

Trump is right about rigged elections, but what difference does it make?
Hillary to get 146 seats, that's the outcome as leaked to me. I am joking about everything except the 146 seats - don't forget to remind me if official outcome comes other....

stocks to PLUNGE Tuesday... ;-)

dc CB 22:42 GMT November 6, 2016

" He should have threaten to resign and then follow thru is she still refused."

He should have threated to resig, and then followed thru if she still refused.

He would have been an American Hero

dc CB 22:39 GMT November 6, 2016

Comey destroyed his career when he caved to Loretta Lynch's refusal to empanel a grand jury back in July. He should have threaten to resign and then follow thru is she still refused.
Now he'll be used as a punching bag by the democrats to keep attention away from the fact that Obama's Justice Dept - headed by Lynch, who was a Bill Clinton appointee to the Eastern District of NY, never intended to purse Hillary Clinton.

If HRC, et al, and this includes the State Dept, hadn't been so LAME in the way they set up her Pvt server, it would never have been hacked and they would have gotten away with the entire scam. If Only...encryption, secure servers, firewalls...apparently that was beyond them.

HK [email protected] 22:27 GMT November 6, 2016
I get the feeling that governance by either of the candidates will be chaotic.

Any idea how to translate it into a successful FX/gold investment?

GVI Trading john bland 21:59 GMT November 6, 2016

Comey committed career suicide a week ago. He just wanted to make sure it was dead...

GVI Trading john bland 21:57 GMT November 6, 2016

-- S&P to cut Australia AAA credit rating as soon as December

Source: TTN

Brisbane Flip 21:39 GMT November 6, 2016

Some thing tells me Comey has committed career suicide.
Neither Clinton nor Trump could support him now.

Mtl JP 21:22 GMT November 6, 2016
Monday Trading

IF you think players will perceive that Trump is winning:
short crude
short stocks
short cad$
short mxn
buy yen
conversely same price moves in the above could be used to gage that market smells Trump victory IF that matters to u.

GVI Trading john bland 21:19 GMT November 6, 2016
FBI Director Comey: Review of Hillary Clinton's email has NOT changed the conclusion that Clinton should not face criminal charges - press - Comey says the FBI has gone through the emails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, Clinton aide Abedin's husband.

- Source

Livingston nh 21:18 GMT November 6, 2016
Internecine Washington

This is a bitter election and no matter the outcome there will continue to be BIGOTS on both sides -- the election is about CHANGE but that will have to await the off-year of 2016 /// but the APOCALYPSE is not upon us

Rather than take up space w/ my long reply I post a copy of my notes on various topics that have been raised here -- we'll see

Mtl JP 21:12 GMT November 6, 2016
Monday Trading

some friday closes VS EARLY INDICATIONS
eurdlr -1.11387 VS 1.1060
usdcad - 1.33991 VS 1.3318
usdyen - 103.075 VS 104.164
gbpusd - 1.25192 VS 1.24526

NY JM 21:09 GMT November 6, 2016
Monday Trading

Gaps = bet on Hillary?

GVI Trading john bland 20:17 GMT November 6, 2016
Monday Trading

Register for the Amazing Trader


Sydney ACC 19:28 GMT November 6, 2016
Internecine Washington

The rest of the world once looked to the USA as setting a benchmark in democracy that everyone alluded to. That is no longer the case. American democracy is sick. The Economist Intelligence Unit rated the USA at 20 of the 20 countries it rated as having full democratic rights.
Over the last 20 years the brawling taking place in Congress between both parties over spending bills dismays onlookers from overseas.
Americans benefit from the USD being used as a reserve currency. While it may otherwise trade at a lower level its reserve status enables all Americans to borrow at at discounted rate. With every benefit comes an equal level of responsibility.
For the good of all Americans and the rest of the world it is time both sides of Congress work together for the benefit of ALL their constituents and not just their own political beliefs.
Furthermore the efforts taken by state legislatures to restrict the voters exercising their fundamental right to vote is a national disgrace.
China and Russia must be laughing the internecine warfare that continues to dog American politics.
While the same may be said for other democracies in the western world it does not exist to the same extent.

dc CB 19:24 GMT November 6, 2016
Winter is coming
maps from my fav Weather guy

plus a bonus politcan cmmt from same.

Joe Bastardi ‏@BigJoeBastardi
So let me get this straight. She lets her maid see classified documents ( to make copies) but Congress was not allowed to seem them?

GVI Trading john bland 18:25 GMT November 6, 2016
Internecine Washington

I agree, after the initial euphoria, there is no "positive" outcome for this election.

I get the feeling that governance by either of the candidates will be chaotic.

dc CB 17:57 GMT November 6, 2016
Internecine Washington
"Under a Trump victory, all bets are off," warns former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, David Stockman. "I like [Trump] because he's against the establishment, but he has no economic program. Yes, he's a disruptor, but has nothing to disrupt with," Stockman told CNBC, "if elected, it will be partisan warfare and a total disaster."

As CNBC details, Stockman posits that, under a Clinton administration, official investigations and new hacked email disclosures from Wikileaks will be non-stop. Furthermore, he reasoned that the "house will become a killing field" for anything Clinton is trying to do.

"The markets are hideously inflated... If you don't sell before the election, certainly do it afterwards. Government is going to be totally paralyzed regardless of who wins... There could be a 25 percent draw down on markets."

"Sell Everything Now" David Stockman Warns, America Faces "Total Disaster...Partisan Warfare"

SaaR KaL 17:41 GMT November 6, 2016
The week ahead

The Link


SaaR KaL 17:39 GMT November 6, 2016
The week ahead
Should an interesting week coming up
Planning to be Bullish Cable and EURUSD
Targets in 2 weeks 1.3000 ...eurusd tgt 1.145

while bearish USDJPY till 100

USDCAD I want to buy it near 1.3200 area
Maybe 1.33 next week
Bearish Oil till 37 area

For Monday..I placed these orders…/1qAdF6fDWuZRY6BrnrTsATIFmRf…/edit…
Does not such much...but not if you

dc CB 17:28 GMT November 6, 2016
Democrats Attack FBI
Sunday on CNN’s “State Of The Union,” while discussing the FBI reopening the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said “I think we’ll have hearing and I think we’ll get into the rogue element of the FBI, trying to affect the election.”

Franken said, “I think what’s troubling, we’ve heard out of the FBI, I think it was troubling that he put that vague letter out days before the election, even more troubling is what we’ve heard from sort of the rogue elements within the FBI, seemingly tipping off former Mayor Giuliani that something was up and also — I mean, it just seems like — that’s not the FBI. That’s not what the FBI supposed to do. So I’m on the Judiciary Committee. I’m sure we’ll have hearing and I’m sure FBI Director Comey will be before us. And I think he should answer questions about this. He should be able to control the FBI. He is the director. What has been happening there has been a little hinckey, I think.”

He continued, “I think we’ll have hearing and I think we’ll get into the rogue element of the FBI, trying to affect the election and seems to be responding to just right wing books and starting investigations based on that kind of — you know, that kind of propaganda that we’ve seen before. If you’re director of the FBI, that’s disturbing. You should be able to prevent that from happening. that’s part of being a leading organization, is to keep that organization on its mission. This is so apart and separate. Very, very important questions to be asking Director Comey.”

He added, “I think there should be hearings. I’m certain there will be hearings in the judiciary committee in this matter.”

GVI Forex Blog 17:21 GMT November 6, 2016
GVI Data Calendar for 7 November 2016

November 6, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, November 7, 2016.

  • Far East: No Major Data
  • Europe: CH- CPI, EZ- Factory Orders, Retail PMI, Retail Sales, GB- Atty General Aticle 50 Statement
  • North America: US- 3-Yr Auction


7-Nov Mon
7:15 CH- CPI
10:00 EZ- Retail Sales
8-Nov Tue
00:00 US- Presidential Election
02:00 CN- Trade
09:30 GB- Industrial/Manufacturing Output
18:00 US- 10-yr Auction
9-Nov Wed
01:30 US- CN- CPI
09:30 GB- Trade
16:00 US- Crude
21:00 NZ- RBNZ Decision
10-Nov Thu
13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
11-Nov Fri
00:00 CA/US Holiday (partial)
15:00 US- Univ of Michigan

GVI Data Calendar for 7 November 2016

dc CB 17:10 GMT November 6, 2016
Those over 25 would vote for Clinton

Fun with Covers

NY Post Sunday

dc CB 17:05 GMT November 6, 2016
Those over 25 would vote for Clinton

“Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a Wikileaks in next two days - it’s probably a fake,” tweeted Jennifer Palmieri, the communications director for the Clinton campaign.

The Clinton campaign has repeatedly declined to say whether any of the emails are authentic. Representatives have, instead, only said the emails were likely the result of Russia trying to use hackers to interfere with the election.

CLINTON CAMPAIGN: If 'whopper' email is published by WikiLeaks in next 2 days, 'it's probably a fake'

dc CB 16:55 GMT November 6, 2016
Those over 25 would vote for Clinton

Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.

In fact, Marina Santos was called on so frequently to receive e-mails that she may hold the secrets to E-mailgate — if only the FBI and Congress would subpoena her and the equipment she used.

“Pls ask Marina to print for me in am,” Clinton e-mailed top aide Huma Abedin regarding a redacted 2011 message marked sensitive but unclassified.

In a classified 2012 e-mail dealing with the new president of Malawi, another Clinton aide, Monica Hanley, advised Clinton, “We can ask Marina to print this.”

“Revisions to the Iran points” was the subject line of a classified April 2012 e-mail to Clinton from Hanley. In it, the text reads, “Marina is trying to print for you.”

Both classified e-mails were marked “confidential,” the tier below “secret” or “top secret.”

Santos also had access to a highly secure room called an SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) that diplomatic security agents set up at Whitehaven, according to FBI notes from an interview with Abedin.

From within the SCIF, Santos — who had no clearance — “collected documents from the secure facsimile machine for Clinton,” the FBI notes revealed.

Just how sensitive were the papers Santos presumably handled? The FBI noted Clinton periodically received the Presidential Daily Brief — a top-secret document prepared by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies — via the secure fax.

NY Post

dc CB 15:29 GMT November 6, 2016
Those over 25 would vote for Clinton

Dump #32 Wikileaks, another 2,073 emails, bringing the total to 52,481.

More on The Clinton Family "Charity" Foundation ---- All in the Family

Chelsea Clinton's Husband Used Clinton Foundation To Raise Cash For His Hedge Fund. January 18, 2012, Doug Band tells John Podesta and Cheryl Mills that "Marc mez[vinsky] had an idea to put together a poker night for the foundation to raise money. His raising money for his own fund hasn't been going well and he has cvc [Chelsea Clinton] making some calls for him to get mtgs with some clinton people." "Marc has invited several potential investors and a few current business ones to the poker night. I assume all are contributing to the foundation, which of course isn't the point. What is the point is that he is doing precisely what he accused me of doing as the entire plan of his has been to use this for his business which he is."

Doug Band Accuses Chelsea Of " getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents....

HK [email protected] 15:04 GMT November 6, 2016
It's all depends, on: For how many American males, Clinton reminds of their wives!

It's Elections Time Baby and I Am Not a Politically Correct Guy: "IT'S ENOUGH HAVING ONE BITCH IN MY LIFE , IT'S REVENGE TIME HONEY!!!

Mtl JP 13:42 GMT November 6, 2016
Trade Off The Cretins Corner

a good time to prepare a trade plan to try to skin some posi-pips off the "election" process (currently odds favour the crooked one):
- off polls (open 5-6-7am?)
- off incoming headlines state polls (Fl around 7pm for ex., Nevada much later)

And then just before networks make the call that the crooked one should win:
buy _____ and sell ____
IF Trump should be declared winner: buy _____ and sell ____

GVI Trading 13:42 GMT November 6, 2016
Pounds Best Week Since 2009 Declared a Blip by Top Forecasters --
"Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security on the pound. That’s the advice of the currency’s most-accurate forecasters after sterling posted its best week since 2009. The pound surged after a court ruled the U.K. can’t start the process of leaving the European Union without lawmakers’ approval, stoking speculation Brexit will be delayed or watered down.

Yet with the government due to appeal the Nov. 3 verdict, and the terms of divorce remaining as murky as ever, strategists urge caution. Svenska Handelsbanken AB, which topped Bloomberg’s latest pound-forecaster rankings, predicts an almost 3 percent drop to $1.22 by the end of March -- the deadline Prime Minister Theresa May has set for triggering the nation’s departure..."

Pound’s Best Week Since 2009 Declared a Blip by Top Forecasters --

GVI Trading john bland 12:52 GMT November 6, 2016
Monday Trading

7-Nov Mon
7:15 CH- CPI
10:00 EZ- Retail Sales
8-Nov Tue
00:00 US- Presidential Election
02:00 CN- Trade
09:30 GB- Industrial/Manufacturing Output
18:00 US- 10-yr Auction
9-Nov Wed
01:30 US- CN- CPI
09:30 GB- Trade
16:00 US- Crude
21:00 NZ- RBNZ Decision
10-Nov Thu
13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
11-Nov Fri
00:00 CA/US Holiday (partial)
15:00 US- Univ of Michigan

Trading Themes--
  • Finally, the U.S. Presidential election will take place on Tuesday. The Main Street Media (MSM) is shamelessly biased in favor of Hillary Clinton, so it is hard to get an objective view on what is likely to happen. They continue to report that she will win. I am not saying she is not ahead. I am just saying there is no reliable way to know until the actual results start to come in.

  • A Clinton victory is the working assumption of the markets. Since she is the candidate of the Wall Street establishment, equities should do well if she wins. A Trump victory would be a cause of uncertainty and likely be a weight on equities. Nevertheless, Hillary will likely have difficult time pulling the country back together after the vote. She is unlikely to have the usual honeymoon period after the election.

  • I have heard that the outcome should be known early with many of the critical swing states the the Eastern and Central time zones.

  • Nothing in the October U.S. employment data on Freiday should have derailed the intentions of the Fed to hike U.S. interest rates at their December meeting. However, before then we will have seen the U.S. Presidential election results and one more set of jobs data.

  • Markets are still digesting the U.K. three judge high court panel decision that the May government does not have the power to trigger Article 50 for Brexit without consulting Parliament. The government is appealing the decision and it has permission to go straight to the Supreme Court. That court has set aside time for a four-day hearing starting on December 7.

John M. Bland, MBA


Amsterdam NordFX 11:56 GMT November 6, 2016
Forex Forecast for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF for November 07 - 11, 2016
First, a review of last week’s forecast:
- Giving our forecast for EUR/USD, we warned that it will be the political rather than economic situation that would determine all dollar pair trends in the run up to the presidential elections in the United States. That is what has been happening. Any shift of the American electorate in favour of Donald Trump played against the dollar. As a result, surprisingly, the most accurate forecast was given not by experts, but... by graphical analysis, which predicted the growth of the pair to the resistance level of 1.1100, which was reached on Wednesday, November 2. Then, turning this resistance into a Pivot level, the pair moved to a sideways trend and finished the week at 1.1140;
- GBP/USD. The situation with this pair proved to be similar to what happened to EUR/USD. In this case an additional bullish hand was played by the UK High Court ruling, which said that Prime Minister Theresa May cannot start the process of the UK leaving the EU without a vote in Parliament. As a result, the pair broke all expected resistance levels and rose to the level of 1.2517;
- With regard to the forecast for USD/JPY, technical analysis also proved to be as accurate as can realistically be expected. As a reminder, indicator and graphical analysis suggested that the pair would again try to move closer to the resistance level of 105.50, after which it would literally collapse - first to the support level of 104.00 and then even lower - to the 102.40-102.80 zone. If we look at the chart, we see that this prediction came true by almost 100% - the pair started Monday by moving northwards, but after reaching 105.22 it turned around. On Tuesday it flew down, slowed down for a few hours in the 104.00 area and reached its low point at the level of 102.54 on Thursday. Then, after a small correction, the pair settled down and moved to a sideways trend, moving in the 102.82-103.35 channel;
- Graphical analysis turned out to be 100% correct in its forecast for USD/CHF as well. It clearly pointed out that the pair would reach the bottom at the level of 0.9680: at the end of the week-long session it obediently stopped with this precise value being displayed on the monitor.
Forecast for the Upcoming week:
Summing up the opinions of several dozen analysts from world leading banks and brokerage companies as well as forecasts based on different methods of technical and graphical analysis, the following can be suggested:
- In anticipation of the upcoming Presidential election in the United States on Tuesday November 8, it is a fruitless task to make any forecasts on dollar pairs. That is why more than 60% of the experts just shrug when speaking about the near future of EUR/USD. As for the indicators, they almost unanimously insist on the growth of the pair in agreement with those analysts who predict a fall of the dollar by more than 1000 points in the event Donald Trump wins the election. But, judging by the fact that 85% of experts suggest growth of the dollar in the medium-term, they are inclined to believe that Hillary Clinton will be elected new US President. In this case, according to them, the pair can go down about 500 points and reach the mark of 1.0600;
- The opinion of analysts on the future of GBP/USD is also quite vague. About 50% of them, together with indicators, look to the north, 35% look to the south and the remaining 15%, supported by graphical analysis on D1, look to the east. It is worth mentioning that there is no consensus in the medium term either – a certain clarity will only emerge following the results of the American election. However, there may be serious corrections of trends depending on the situation with the UK exit from the European Union;
- USD/JPY. The experts are split in their forecast exactly halfway, with one half of them expecting growth and the other a fall. The reasons for this are clear and have been described above. As for a longer term forecast, almost 70% of analysts believe the dollar will strengthen and the pair will grow at least to the 106.00-107.00 zone;
- And finally the last pair of our review - USD/CHF. Here the opinion of the experts is almost unanimous: more than 90% of them believe that the pair will certainly go back to 1.0000-1.0100 marks. Graphical analysis agrees with this opinion as well, naming 0.9820 as the first target.
In conclusion, let me mention the opinion of NordFX senior analyst John Gordon. "Analysis of previous presidential elections in the United States shows,” stresses the NordFX expert, “that a bounce always takes place, regardless of who wins, be it the Republicans or the Democrats. Most likely, the post-election trend, as before, will last for 2-3 months, ie for as long as investors take to figure out which out which of their electoral promises the new President will fulfil and which will merely remain words on paper. This is a very good period for traders, giving one the opportunity to earn good money. In this situation, traders should manage their financial assets very wisely and should remain alert, so as not to miss the chance to utilise 100% of these new trade opportunities."
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed as a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets - they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and it can lead to loss of money deposited.
#forex #forex_forecast #eurusd #signals_forex #binary_options

haifa ac 07:59 GMT November 6, 2016
Those over 25 would vote for Clinton

It is sad that one of the most important themes of this elections: "The fight to KILL PC" --has disappeared from the horizon due to shift to pu**y groping.
If there is one great value to Trump is his fresh war on PC
if that is gone- we all lose.

dc CB 01:06 GMT November 6, 2016
Those over 25 would vote for Clinton

look at ZeroHedge to see what has come oout since Friday, from Wikileaks and FOIA releases from the State Depart.

Hillary Accepted Qatar Money Without Notifying Government, While She Was Head Of State Dept


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