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Forex Forum Archive for 06/18/2016

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Dillon AL 23:52 GMT June 18, 2016
Grave threats: Brexit would turn UK into minor trading post: French minister

France should mind its own business before it gets relegated
from an old Daily Telegraph article Dec 26 2015
IMHO The UK will only benefit from Brexit especially if the Pound does weaken. Less Government intervention especially from Brussels can only be a good thing.
Britain will reach the "giddy" heights of the fourth largest economy in the world, leapfrogging Germany and Japan over the next two decades, new analysis shows.

The UK is set to become the best performing economy in the western world over the next 15 years, boosted by its leading position in global software and IT sectors, according to a report by the Centre for Economics Business and Research.

By contrast, the stagnant Italian and French economies are set to be replaced in the world's new economic order by growth giants of the emerging world - India and Brazil.

Britain is currently the world's fifth largest economy based on total Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which currently stands at $3.04 trillion. The UK overtook France in GDP terms in 2014.

Bumper growth will put Britain on course to become the world's fourth largest economic powerhouse ahead of an ageing Japan and Germany in the 2030s, according to the CEBR's latest world economic league table.

The total cash value of the UK economy will grow to around $4.7 trillion by 2031, but is expected to be quickly overtaken by Brazil in fourth spot by the 2040s.

UK economic growth is set to hit 2.9pc this year, the second fastest in the advanced world after the United States. It means the economy is now 6.1pc larger than its pre-financial crisis peak.

The Treasury said the CEBR's analysis was evidence that the Government's long-term economic plan was working, with the deficit reduced by almost two thirds as a share of GDP since its peak in 2009-10 and an average of 1,000 extra people in work each day.
France seems to have learnt little about its position and status in the world and also its relation to the UK.

Mtl JP 22:03 GMT June 18, 2016
Brexit threats

threats they say. I prefer trading opportunities.

headline : Central banks ready to intervene in case of Brexit: ECB's Visco

So what could that mean ?
In the case that the pound starts to go into the toilet, normally that would be a good thing (to some). IF a CB were to deem a brexit-induced crashing gbp not a good thing they might raise the interest rate on the pound.

Trade-wise tactically I have difficulty planning trading the pound around some central bank's intervention: I am NOT In the Circle

Ldn Cashman 20:45 GMT June 18, 2016
Brexit threats

May I refer to an old headline in The Sun newspaper. "Up yours, Delors"

Ldn Cashman 20:43 GMT June 18, 2016
Brexit threats
More threats from Europe. The UK public have had enough of them. The man in the street is standing up to the powers. To me it shows panic at the higher level.

HK RF@ 20:38 GMT June 18, 2016
Grave threats: Brexit would turn UK into minor trading post: French minister

Britain would become a minor trading post no more important on the world stage than the island of Guernsey if it voted to leave the European Union next week, France's economy minister was quoted as saying on Saturday.

In an interview with French newspaper Le Monde, Emmanuel Macron said the EU would also have to send "a very firm message and timetable" to Britain if its voters backed quitting the EU, known as Brexit, in a referendum on Thursday.

"In the interests of the EU, we can't leave any margin of ambiguity or let too much time go by," Macron was quoted as saying. "You're either in or you're out."

"Leaving the EU would mean the 'Guernseyfication' of the UK, which would then be a little country on the world scale. It would isolate itself and become a trading post and arbitration place at Europe's border."

Guernsey is a tiny island in the Channel between Britain and France.

Brexit would turn UK into minor trading post: French minister

nw kw 19:41 GMT June 18, 2016
Commitment Of Traders Report

so verdict is bet big for cad has flow.

nw kw 19:39 GMT June 18, 2016
Commitment Of Traders Report

well gazing in cad unreal specs strength, so can be tied to usa bond cot so turning back to flight to commodity heave rush for placements, but aud looks incisive to flat so EM are in ruble ? or you have a plan can fed hike? or almost cut?

nw kw 19:15 GMT June 18, 2016
Brexit Poll

interesting to find massive ruble and rand strength with a soft peso giving EM in risk of flight never mined gbp?

nw kw 18:54 GMT June 18, 2016
Brexit Poll

gold gazing daily has gbp on out place set up for fast strike to soft side going in to open for kayos with all this gold pairs top in play ,dowdy they drop so pop, than fed to drop.

GVI Trading Room john 18:10 GMT June 18, 2016
Debate Blooms at Fed as Policy Makers Wrestle With �New Normal� --
As the Federal Reserve grapples with an economy that isn�t behaving as expected, policy makers are having a re-think on the public stage.

Debate Blooms at Fed as Policy Makers Wrestle With �New Normal�

Mtl JP 18:08 GMT June 18, 2016
Brexit Poll

... "On the evidence of the recent behaviour of the foreign exchange market, it appears increasingly likely that, were the UK to vote to leave the EU, sterling�s exchange rate would fall further, perhaps sharply. ... .. ... The outcome of the referendum continues to be the largest immediate risk facing UK financial markets, and possibly also global financial markets." ...
In light of such warnings from the so-called "experts" dealers will have reset margin requirements over the week-end. I am expecting dealers to have a licence to widen spreads

Bottom Line
forget 20-30 pips stoploss

Bank of England - 16 June 2016

GVI Trading Room john 18:03 GMT June 18, 2016
Implied probability of Remain vote in UK EU referendum falls to 65%: Betfair odds --
The implied probability of UK vote to remain in the European Union on June 23 fell to 65 percent on Saturday, according to Betfair betting odds.

Implied probability of Remain vote in Britain's EU referendum falls to 65 percent: Betfair odds

nw kw 18:03 GMT June 18, 2016
Commitment Of Traders Report

Look at the chart above and think what would happen if we were to get a shift from bonds to gold; 49% of global asset allocations reside in bonds while 1% reside in gold. Now, consider these two facts:
1. Since the 2008 financial crisis, governments have issued $57 TRILLION in new, fresh-off-the-press, paper in order to keep the system afloat.
2. Most of the global banking cartel has made a move toward negative interest rates, which means that there is tremendous risk in carrying a 49% allocation to bonds

GVI Trading Room 16:38 GMT June 18, 2016
Brexit Poll
This may be why GBPUSD spiked higher at week;s end but just one of many polls to come

Final BMG/Herald Result � Remain 53.3%, Leave 46.7%. Remain lead by 7pts after imputed DK/PNTSs.

HK RF@ 12:16 GMT June 18, 2016
Thomas Mair the murderer of Jo cox will become a celebrity and an icon for many in the UK.

This is a crazy world; Nazis and extreme right wingers, or psychopaths created by the digital-world and drugs, are everywhere.

Soon also a metallic band will be singing about the man who killed Jo.

He will be remembered, as the man who in one criminal act, has tilted a referendum to his choice!

A man who made a bit of history.

Indore 08:00 GMT June 18, 2016

Entry: Target: Stop:

I am a Commodity market trader, i use various tips to trade and found beneficial.

Sydney ACC 05:21 GMT June 18, 2016

The FT 'Poll of Polls' summarising the various Brexit published polls shows the Leave campaign increasing its lead by one percentage point - 48% to 43% will 9% undecided.

The latest poll listed Survation published on June 15 revealed the Leave camp leading Remain by five percentage points 45 -42 with 13% undecided.

The Ipsos MORI poll for the Evening Standard newspaper published Thursday shows Leave with 53 per cent of the vote and Remain on 47 per cent cent.

By Monday we might get results of polls taken after Jo Cox's death. Gauge then the magnitude of a sympathy vote.

HK RF@ 01:22 GMT June 18, 2016

After the murder of the MP, I suggested the Brexit will win.


It is human mass psychology after such events.

Only the Fart-Horn Bloomberg, came up immediately with a "common-sense" statement, that now chances will increase for Bremain in sympathy of the murdered MP.

People don't like having troubles like those which lead to the murder, all resulting from being associated with the EU.

So more will want "OUT".

GVI Forex Blog 01:06 GMT June 18, 2016
Too Much To Handle: Fed And Brexit?

John M. Bland, MBA

Finally The Brexit Vote
This week on Thursday, June 23, the U.K. will finally hold its referendum on whether it should leave the EU ("BREXIT"). The vote is non-binding, but if it passes it is expected to put into motion actions to eventually exit the U.K. from the EU. If it passes, it could also see the Cameron Government fall and possibly trigger national elections.

Too Much To Handle: Fed And Brexit?

dc CB 01:01 GMT June 18, 2016
Truth OR Dare
RABID Commitment of USA Gun Owners??

what's that Greek phrase?

Molon labe meaning "come and take [them]" (how did a medicated - mental-Brit get a Handgun?)

The Battle of Thermopylae

And U thot 1968 was.... just wait until 2016 get's Unveiled.

Brexit, Italy???, Sweden? Norway?, USA?


Your Weekend reflection.

Orlando Killer's Father "Knew Obama"? Schmoozed In Washington, Sought Afghan Presidency


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